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Pigeon training has become a fea
ture of the new Army of the United
States. Pigeon lofts are maintained
at many of the Army camps and
aviation fields throughout the coun
try. Jhe birds are taken over by the
government before they are even old
enough for raw recruits: are fed and
conditioned, and then have a course
of training just as has the recruit in
the regular establishment.
When training completed the
pigeons go overseas. They play their
part on the bhttle line, are killed
and wounded, and some are taken
prisoners. The Committee on Public
Information has prepared this ac
count of their training:
Two of the flying centers where
pigeons are specially trained are
Kelly and CarruthersFields in Texas.
No fewer than seventy-live pigeons
are sent overseas from Kelly Fiehl
every six weeks. They come to the
Kelly lofts when about three months
old, and are trained by experts over
a period of six to eight weeks before
they are considered fit for duty.
Early morning and late evening are
the best exercise periods during the
hot summer months, tho rlan being
to send the birds up for a sixty-min
ute flight in the morning and a forty,
minute flight in tho evening. This
time in minutes in the air represents
for training purposes tho distance In
miles the pigeons are expected to
cover. When the young birds begin
to show the proper physical condi
tion they are taken out in a trailer
behind a motorcycle and liberated at
distances varying from two to twen
ty miles from their loft.
The first period of their advanced
training comes with flock tossing.
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Yon nave the
the pigeons being liberated in this
manner in groups so as to prevent
their being confused and lost. Each
pigeon has a number, and by bell
devices at the entrance of the coop
their arrivals and the time of their
flights are kept on record. Thus the
progress of each is closely watched,
and as soon as a bird shows unfail
ing ability to get home quickly he is
ready for service overseas.
A w|ite flag is the signal most
commonly used for training these
messenger birds. They soon learn
that when this white flag is raised
' over their lofts they are to stay away
! for exercise, and that when the white
; flag comes down they may return
for their food. On some fields, when
! birds stray a considerable distance
j from their loft, they are called back
by the rattling of a tin pan.
Speed is a feature in the training
jof pigeons at Carruthers Fieid
, though in many cases they are de-
I layed and sometimes wounded. Re
cently one bird was shot and so ser
iously wounded that it could not fly.
It returned to the loft two days aft
erward. having fluttered along the
ground, or walked, the entire dis
tance. So far, the greatest speed
attained by any bird there is a little
less than sixty miles an hour.
Carruthers Field also has a pigeon
hospital, where sick and injured
birds receive treatment, hut at pres
ent there are only two patients, one
j being treated for gunshot wounds
and tho other, too fleshy for flight,
is being dieted in an effort to reduce
its weight and increase its speed.
The longest flight nade by any
, pigeon at Kelly Field is eighty miles.
| One flew this distance in two and
one-half hours.
Rnid on Plant in Henry Street
Leads to Willett Street
Now York.—Three queer looking
boilers nestled snugly on top of the ;
triple burners of a gas stove in 'he
basement apartment of the big tene- i
nient at 312 Henry street when tnei
door to the apartment was crashed]
in' by a squad of detectives from
Police Headquarters. The place w-'s
empty of occupants, but the bubbling'
contents of the boilers were adzed
and internal revenue agents who ex
amined the stun later said the police j
had stumbled upon the biggest illicit t
still the revenue agents ever had t
seen in .his part of the country. j
As the detectives got into the place I
a rear window slammed, so several!
;of them hurried to the yard. Half!
way up the fire escape they saw
a man. who refused to heed their
summons to halt. Two of the detec-;
tives drew revolvers and fired. The!
shots brought the man to a stop'
quickly and he was placed under
arrest, charged with operating the
still. At Police Headquarters later'
he said he was Louis Knell, a labor
er. and gave his address as 85 Wal
nut street.
Without waiting to take their;
prisoner back to headquarters the
\ detectives led him around to the.
Willett street address. There they :
reported finding dozens of bottles;
•ot alleged illicitly distilled whisky i
kimmel and other liquors which the j
police said were the product of the,
Henry street distillery. In the Wil- .
let street address they put Knell to
i a long period of questioning and ob
tained from him. they said, infor-.
■nation that led them to go to the'
dingy three story building in the
rear of 130 Ridge street.
The windows of the Ridge street;
place were covered with boards and j
burlap when the detectives got there. I
and the doors were fitted with locks j
on both the outside and inside.
One of the floors, the detectives;
charged, was fitted out elaborately;
as a bottling works, while the rest!
of the building apparently was used !
as a supply house, except for the'
upper floor, where the detectives'said '
they found another complete still j
set up. but not in operation.
'Between the Henry street apart
ment ar.d the Ridge street building,
the police confiscated 600 pounds of
sugar, 500 bags of corn meal ami
TOO cans of molasses. Thirteen bar-i
rels of mash were carted out of the
tenement apartment and twelve more
i barrels were found in the Ilidge
street still. Hundreds of bottles..
, some of them'full and some appar- i
ently ready to be filled were found;
in both places.
Discovery of the Henry street still j
was purely accidental. Detectives!
Oliver, Finn, Hoffman and Cooper;
went to the house hoping to find:
there 'race of a man for whom they j
were looking in connection with an!
entirely different matter. When'
they entered the basement hallway 1
they heard several persons walking!
about in the apartment and knocked j
on the door.
Immediately the place became j
quiet. The detectives waited a few j
moments and when their rapping
was not answered knocked again on
I the door. Still no answer came and
the door was crashed in. The bar
rtls of fermenting mash stood all I
about and the flame in the gas let 1
beneath the boilers apparently na<! j
jest been extinguished, for the:
liquid in the boilers still was steam-i
ir.g hot.
Iaiell denied at first that he ever
hid beqn in the basement apart-]
n.ent, but the janitor of the place]
tedd the police he had been a tenant
there for several months. Persons:
ir. the neighborhood said they
thought the men who occupied tjie
apartment, as well as those who fre
quented the Ridge street building,
ware peddlers of nuts, because push
carts were seen by the neighbors be
ing trundled away from the both
plices late at night. But the neigh
bors also told the police that they
htd seen boxes and bottles that bore
nc labels also placed on the push
; carts before the nuts were thrown
While the police were on their
way out of the Willett street place
\.-th Louis Knell he set up the cry
■ of "Thief:" and caused a big crowd
Ito collect. In the mixup that fol-
I rowed several of the bottles filled
with liquid which the police allege
contained old of kimmel were brok
en and their contents spilled. As
thj police reached the street with
th;ir prisoner one of the men in the
1 crtwd is alleged to have Interfered
i wth the detectives and he was plac
(ed under arrest. He proved to be
! Btnjamln Knell, brother of Louis,
ani'at first the police made a charge
agilnst htm of operating the alleged
Illicit still. When the Federal uu
i t>rltles were summoned, however,
th*y suld Benjamin would be charged
|j purely with Interfering with the de
ll lettlves.
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