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Watermelons, Cantaloupes
and Cucumbers Not Grow
ing on Clemson's Island
Visitors Being Entertained in
Many Hospitable Halifax
Homes During Week
Halifax, Pa., Sept. 7.— J. W.
Clemson, the well-known islund
crucker, who for years has supplied
the town with home-grown water
melons and vuntaloupes, on Wednes
day stated that he did not attempt
to grow either watermelons, canta
loupes or cucumbers this year on
account of a shortage of laborers on
his island.— Harvest Home services
will be held in the Halifax United
Brethren Church to-morrow. —The
home of Alfred Bowman, in Third
stret, has been' quarantined on ac
count of his little daughter, Rosalie,
having an attack gt whooping cough.
—Mrs. Harvey Boyer and daughter,
Grace, of Middletown, are paying a
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John H. Lentz. —Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward H. Welgel and two children, of
Johnstown, spent the weekend at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Bressler. —Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.
Rutter and daughter, Elmira, were j
week-end guests at the home of Mr. i
and Mrs. W. A. Riland. near Speece
ville. —Mrs. Alfred Clemson on Sun
day accompanied her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. W. Ryan, of Harrisburg,
to Exntoie, Va., to pay a visit to
Captain and Mrs. It. M. Lewis and
spend a week fishing in the Chesa
peake Bay. Williams Huggins,
Misses Susan Bair, Daisy Stephens
und Bertha Witmer, of Harrisburg,
and Mrs. Harry Critland, of Phila
delphia, spent Sunday at the home
of Mrs. Mary Albright.—Mrs. Sarah
Pike is critically ill at her home in
Second street.—Professor and Mrs.
J. Dale Diehl and little son. Harry,
of White Plains, N. J., are guests at
the home of Mrs. Diehl's grandfa
ther. Harry Brubaker. Charles
Hawk, of Philadelphia, spent several
days at the home of his sister, Mrs.
Frank Kitchen. —Mary Fauber, of
Harrisburg, visited Beulah Fauber
on Sunday.—Mrs. Amos Sweigard,
of Third street, has raised a sweet
pepper in her garden that weighs
one pound.—Miss Susan Baxter is
spending some time with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bower, at
Millersburg.—Coroporal Charles H.
Hoffman, of Washington, D. C.,
spent Sunday with his wife at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin Scholl. —Charles D. Bowman,
of Aitoona, spent Monday visiting
his sister, Mrs. W. H. Arnold.—
Roy A. Smith, of Nesquelioning, is
spending the week at the Methodist
parsonage.—W. L. Buckland and
little daughter, Grace, of Springfield,
Mass., are spending a ten-day vaca
tion with Mr. und Mrs. G. M. Smith.
—Miss Mary Buser is spending sev
eral weeks at Philadelphia and At
lantic City.—Elmer E. Daugherty
•spent several days with friends at
Mechanicsburg.—Mrs. Robert Wit
. mer and little daughter, Olive, of
Philadelphia, are spending the week
with Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Zimmer
man.—Aaron Sultzbaugh and son,
Elmer, have returned to their home
in Philadelphia after spending a
vacation with his father, Jeremiah
Lcwisberry Sunday School
Holds Outing in Wods
l.'-wisberry. Pa.. Sept. 7.—On Sat
urday afternoon the M. E. Sunday
school held an outing in Park's
woods. The supper of chicken corn
soup could not be served in the
woods on account of the storm and
rain but was later taken to the home
of Mrs. Ella M. Sutton, who lives
in the borough, where it was served
to a large number of persons. The
refreshments, consisting of ice cream,
candies, peanuts and pop, were sold
in Mrs. Sutton's blacksmith shop. On
uccount of the storm only three of
the contests were held by the com
mittee, D. L. Snavely and the Rev.
1.. L. Owens. The potato race was
won by Levi Smith, prize, baseball;
Glenn Straley, toothbrush; nail
scramble, winners, Stuart Wise, tie
holder; Beulah Walker, handkerchief
and Blanche Straley, a handker
chief: wheelbarrow race, winners,
Blanche Straley, mirror; Mary Fet
row, spool of crochet cotton and
Ethel Krone, box of tooth paste.—
The school teachers of Fairview
township will hold their first insti
tute at the Pinetown schoolhouse on
Saturday, September 21.—The Rev.
and Mrs. J. McKendree Reily and
son, of York, were guests of the Rev.
and Mrs. L. L. Owens, at the Metho
dist parsonage.—Frederick, son of
Mr. and Mrs. James Rudisill, of
York, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
G. J. Strayer.—Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Hammond, of Washington, were
Sunday guests of the latter's uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sut
ton.—The Rev. and Mrs. A. M.
Jenkins and daughter, Clara, of
Brooklyn, Md., were guests of Mrs.
S. E. Millard and Mrs. F. S. Kirk.
The Rev. Mr. Jenkins, who was a
former school teacher in the bor
ough, will serve as a chaplain in
the National Army.
Miss Prudence Wingard
Bride of Prof. Etzweiler
Millersburg, Pa., Sept. 7.—Profes
sor William H. Etzweiler and Miss
Prudence Wingard, well-known Mil
lersburg young people, were mar
ried Monday morning at St. Paul's
Lutheran Church. The Rev. Mr.
Musselman performed the cere
mony. The young couple are now
enjoying a honeymoon trip to Wat
kins Glenn and Niagara Falls.—Mrs.
R. J. Day has returned from a visit
to her sister at Philadelphia.—Mr.
and Mrs. W. Peck have returned
from an outing at Ocean Grove.—
The condition of N. M. Warfe, who
underwent a serious operation at the
Harrisburg Hospital early in the
week ,is slightly improved.—H. G.
Bogar, for many years chief clerk
in tho shipping office of the Susque
hanna Coal Company, has resigned
his position and has purchased the
C. G. Shetron grocery store, in Mar
ket Square.—l. T. Miller, a railway
mail clerk living in East Ualon
street who had been employed at the
New York terminal, has been trans
ferred to the Buffalo and Washing
ton.—A decision has been reached
by the Millersburg School Board on
the teaching of German lanuguago
in the public schols of the borough.
Xt has ben cut out.—Miss Ruth
Rickert has returned to Haddenfleld,
N. J., to resume as a teacher in
kintergarten work
Elizdbetlitown Will Have a
Complete Gamewell Plant
Installed in Short Time
Kreider Shoe Company Erect
ing Large Brick Building
on Site of Axle Works
Elizabeth town, Pa., Sept. 7.
Equipment for the installation of the
Gamewell fire alarm system in the
borough has been received and will
be put in operation as soon as pos
sible. It is limited to twenty-five fire
alarm boxes. This will be a great
convenience in case of fire and will
give the exact location at once there
by affording quick movement of the
fire department.—The Kreider Shoe
Company is making arrangements for
the erection of a large brick building,
135 feet square on the old axle work
site in West High street. It will be
two stories high with a basement and
all the latest improved machinery
will be installed. It will give employ
ment to a large number of hands.—
Roy S. Wormley and Millard M.
Galebach, left for Lancaster on
Thursday morning where they joined
the rest of the young men that left
that city for Camp Greenleaf, Ga.—
H. H. Seiders, president of the
Friendship Fire Company No. 1, was
taken to the General Hospital at
Lancaster on Wednesday evening
with typhoid fever.—Miss Eileen
Hess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.
G. Hess, held an entertainment at
her home on Park street on Tuesday
for the benefit of the Red Cross. —
Mrs. Barbara Ober, Mrs. Mary
Boyle and Miss Mary Wilson spent a
day at Hershey.—Misses Ruth Meck
ley and Delia Shank spent several
days at Mount Gretna.—Bartin Seid
ers, Sr., and his son, Harvey Seiders,
are seriously ill at their homes at
East High and South Market streets.
Both are employes of the Kreider
shoe factory.—Miss Gene Clover
dale, a clerk at the Kreider shoe fac
tory is ill at her home in South
Poplar street. —Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
Crozier are the guests of relatives
at West Chester. —J. H. Fishel, of
York, spent several days with friends
Social Held by Epworth
League at Mechanicsburg
Mecluinicsburg, Pa., Sept. 7. —On
Thursday evening a successful so
cial was held by the Epworth
League of the Methodist Episcopal
Church on the lawn at the parson
age in South Market stret. Ice cream
and pretzels wei-e on sale.—Yester
day an enjoyable picnic was held
by the Woman's Organized Bible
class of Trinity Lutheran Sunday
school at Boiling Springs Park.
Oeorge B. Hoover is the teacher and
the guests included husbands and
friends.—Miss M. Pauline Mininger
left on Wednesday for a visit of two
months with her cousin, Mrs. Marian
Burners, in St. Paul, Minn. —Miss
Mary Myers returned on Tuesday
evening after spending a week in
Philadelphia.—Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mohler, of Mexico City, Mex., are
the guests of the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Mohler, West
Main street. —Miss Ruth Lloyd left
on Tuesday for Philadelphia, where
she has accepted a position.—Mrs.
E. C. Grunder sold a double frame
dwelling house in West Coover
street, to George H. Eckerd, of
East Locust street.—The Bible and
Tract Society met on Wednesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Ross, South Broad street. —
A pleasant session of the Ladies' Aid
Society of the Grace Evangelical
Church, was held last evening at
the home of Mrs. Frank Wolf, a
short distance east of town. An in
teresting program was given.—Miss
Clara Kast left on Monday for
1 Mahanoy City, where she will teach
in the township High school.—Miss
Margaret Moser, of Upper Allen
township, spent several days this
week in Philadelphia attending a
conference of the county chairmen
of the National Woman's Liberty
Loan committee.—The Rev. Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ellis Bell and daughters,
Miss Marion and Miss Lois, returned
on Monday from an outing at Ocean
Grove. —Mrs. David Brindle and
children, of Renovo, are spending
some time with the Misses Margaret
and Eleanor Brindle, West Main
street.—George E. Lloyd was at
Philadelphia this week in interest
of the Fourth Liberty Loan cam
paign.—Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mercer
and Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Mercer mo
tored to Union connty on Tuesday
for a visit.—The Rev. George Ful
ton, pastor of the Presbyterian
Church, was one of the speakers to
the boys leaving for camp on
Thursday evening at Carlisle.—Miss
Elizabeth Mumper left for Chicago,
111., where she accepted a position
in a bank.
Juniata County Committee
Ready For Bond Campaign
Miflllntown, Pa., Sept. 7.—Max
well Manbeck has been appointed
chairman of the Juniata county Lib
erty Loan committee which have
charge of selling the county's quota
of bonds in the loan about to be
floated. No changes will be made
in the personnel of the district chair
men, as all who served during the
last loan have been reappointed.—
London Todd and his bride have re
turned home after a honeymoon trip
to the Western States. —Mr. and Mrs.
Noah Suloff and sons Jack and Rob
ert, and the Misses Edith and Carrie
Van Swerigin, of Cleveland, Ohio, ate
guests at the home of the Misses
Jane and Matilda Loudon.—Mr and
Mrs. Frank Sahn and two children,
of Wilkes-Earre, spent several days
the guests of the Misses Clara and
Belle Rothrock. —Mrs. John Watts,
of Belleville, and nephew, Jack Jun
kin, are spending some time with
Mrs. Martha Junkin—Colonel Henrv
Watts, of Johnstown, is spending
several weeks with his mother, Mrs.
Katherine Watts. —M. P. Crawford,
income tax collector, now stationed
at Johnstown snd his cousin, George
Gore, spent Sunday at the Crawford
home he.-e.—Mr. and Mrs. Carl F.
Espenshade, son Frederick and
daughter Anna motored to their
home at Pittsburgh on Sunday after
a visit with her parents, Mrs. H. S.
Seholl and Frederick Espenshade.—
Mr. and Mrs. R. Boyd Pabker and
son, Bobby and George Parker and
Miss Sara Parker have returned to
their home from Atlantic City after
a week's automobile trip.—Mr. and
Mrs. William Roberts and son Wil
liam returned to their home at
Philadelphia after a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Hackenberger.
Teller ant] Clerk at Green
castle First National Induct
ed For Special Service
Mrs. Alexander Urquhart Be
comes Teacher at Moody
Bible Institute
Greencnstle, Pa., Sept. 7.—Wal
ter K. Minnlch, a teller in the First
National Bank, and Arthur G. Fair,
a clerk, have been inducted into
service and have been sent to Dela
ware College, Newark, Del., for spe
cial . training. The Greencastle
branch of the Landis Tool Com
pany's nlant, is being enlarged in or
der to get out the extra amount of
war work.—Mrs. Alexander Urqu
hart, widow of Dr. Urquhart, a for
mer pastor of the Presbyterian
Church, has been appointed a teach
er in the Moody Bible Institute at
Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Langdon
Kerney spent thd" weekend at Har
risburg.—Miss Kathryn Helfrick,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hel
rick, has returned from the Cham
bersburg hospital, where she has
been undergoing .treatment, greatly
improved in health.—C. K. White
and family have returned from a
camping trip.—Greencastle has had
its second death from infantile
paralysis. Anna Elizabeth Cordell
died from the disease after an ill
ness of three days.—Miss Marie B.
Hussong, daughter of Mr. and Mis.
Z. S. Hussong, has ben appointed
Cumberland Valley ticket agent at
Kauffman's. She is the first woman
agent in this section.—Mix and Mrs.
Elmer Hessler, Philadelphia, were
visitors with Mrs. Hessler's parents.
—Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Sowell are
home from Cape May.—Mr. and
Mrs. John Jones, son and daughter,
and Miss Elizabeth Warner have re
turned to Lewistown after an ex
tended visit with Greencastle rela
tives.—Mrs. Cornelia Snively has re
turned from an extended visit with
her daughter at Franklin, W. Va.
She was accompanied home by her
granddaughter. Miss Katharine
Johnson.—Miss Anna Barr li.ls gone
to Pittsburgh to take up her medical
work. Miss Louise Fisher left
Tuesday for North Carolina, where
she has been elected a teacher. —At
a business meeting of the Travelers'
Club, it was decided to take up the
study of Modern American litera
ture this winter.—The Mission Guild
of Grace Reformed Sunday school
has sent a generous donation to the
Hoffman Orphnage.—Yeoman W.
Morgan Cross and Mrs. Cross have
returned to Philadelphia after a visit
with the parents of Mr. Cross. Yeo
man Cross has been doing subma
rine duty the past month. —Misses
j Mary and Sidney Nill are spending
two weeks at Asbury Park.—Mrs.
Edgar Frownfelter and son, of Phil
adelphia, are guests at the home of
IW. A. Lesher.
Millerstown. Charles Hocken
smith and son, of Chambersburg, vis
ited his uncle, D. L. Farner, over Sun
day. Mrs. C. C. Page and sister.
Miss Daisy Walker, left on Sunday
for Altoona where they will visit rel
atives. Miss Margaret Garman, of
Harrisburg. was the guest of her
aunt, Mrs. Oliver Wright. The Rev.
Victor Nearhof, after spending a tw.o
wees' vacation at >is home at War
rior's Mark, has returned to his work ,
here. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parson, of
Port Royal, spent Sunday with Mrs.
William Moore and her sisters, the
Misses Sarah and Lois Kipp. Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Kipp left on Saturday
for Harrisburg where they are visit
ing their children. Miss Margaret
Cook, of Harrisburg, spent several
days with her aunt, Miss Ella Tyson.
—Miss Emma McCoy, who had been
visiting at the home of D. M. Ricka
baugh and family this week, return
ed home to-day. Mrs. D. L. Farner
and daughter, Mrs. Roy Coates, were
ut Harrisburg, Wednesday, receiving
instructions in Red Cross work.
Miss Imelda Maloney, of Johnstown.
N. Y„ was the guest of William D.
Bollinger over the weekend. Mrs.
J. I. Crane, accompanied by her little
grandson, "Jack" Lent, has arrived
home after spending several days with
her daughter, Mrs. George Lent, at
Perkasie. Harry Kepner and son,
Charles Kepner, of Allentown, spent
over Sunday with his father, Levi
Kepner. James Snyder, who had
been visiting W. D. Boiling and fam
ily for several days, returned to his
home at Philadelphia, Monday. He
was accompanied home by his mother,
Mrs. D. H. Snyder, who will visit
her son for several weeks. Mrs.
George McDonald, of Altoona, was the
guest of D. M. Rick'abaugh and fam
ily, Wednesday. Mrs. Anna Eckels
visited her niece. Miss Anna McDon
ald at Harrisburg. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Mace, of West Chester, and
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Fry, of State
College, were Sunday guests at the
home of George Fry. Miss Helen
Dtffenderfer, who had been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robison at
Lewistown the past two weeks, re
turned home on Sunday. Mrs. Ed
ward Rumple and son, Harold Rum
ple, accompanied by her sister, Mrs.
Laura Carter, left Tuesday for her
home at Cardiff. Md.. after spending
several weeks with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. William Rounsley. Miss
Margaret Alexander spent several
days at Philadelphia in the interest
of the Liberty Loan campaign. H.
W. Beck, of Mtnersville, spent several
days with his family here. Mrs.
William Gregg and sister, Miss Cora
Brandt were visitors at Newport,
Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey Brandt and children, of Har
risburg, visited Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Ulsh. on Monday.
ITnloit Deposit. Raymond Knigh
ton and William Clark, of Camp Dix,
Wrightstown, N. J., visited the form
er's grandfather, Jacob Espenshade.—
Mr. and Mrs. C. Groft and children,
Leroy and Hilda Groff, spent Sunday
at Palmyra visiting Mrs. Groff's moth
er, Mrs. John Batdorf. Mrs. Sadie
Girfin, of Columbia, is spending the
week with Mr. and Mrs. William
Phfeils. Miss Leo Reager spent
Sunday at Harrisburg visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Rebecca Albright. The
Rev. Harry Nye, of Elizabethtown,
after spending some time with Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Kuhns returned home
on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin
Hughes and daughter, Eva Hughes,
spent Monday at Grantville visiting
Hughes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Neidig. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yingst
and daughter, Esther Yingst, spent
Tuesday at Pinegrove. Mrs. Henry
Miller and son, Harry Miller, spent
Sunday at Palmyra visiting tho form
er's brother. Edward Spangler.
Philip Kettering and daughter. Cora
Kettering, of Annville; Miss Ruth
Patrick, and Edgar Zern, of Campbell
town, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Etter, on Sunday. Mr.
and Mrs. John Wagner spent. Sunday
at Palmyra visiting the former's sis
ter, Mrs. Snyder. Mr. and Mrs.
Henry P. PeifTer entertained as guests
on Monday Mr. andJMrs. Frank Zim
merman. daughters Kathryn amd Sa
lome, and son, Derrick; and George
Lloyd, of Philadelphia; Earl Stauffer
and sisterß. Miss Edith Stauffer and
Miss Elva Stauffer. of Harrisburg.
v HR9B £1 , '*-•**>• \ WWaBIH ,
\ aBilH8W—BBIi iß&yjaßr'
Mrs. Leah Miller Celebrates
Her Eighty-third Birthday
Mount Joy, Pa., Sept. 7.—Mrs.
Leah K. Miller, of North Barbara
street, celebrated her eighty-third
birthday anniversary by entertain
ing a number of friends at her
home. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Amos Stauffer and daughters,
Mary and Leah, and son, David; Mr.
and Mrs. Lehman ,-Kraybill, Mr. and
Mrs. Milton Miller and daughter,
Barbara; Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Hoffer
and two daughters, Elsie and Velma,
and son, Mcrl; Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Stauffer and two sons. Wayno and
Henry, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mil
ler and daughter, Annie.—A birth
day party, was held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Geistweit, in
honor of their daughter. Miss Mil
dred, who celebrated her eleventh
birthday. Those in attendance were:
Mrs. George Myers, Mrs. H. M. Sea
man, Misses Alta Gingrich, Mary
Kramer, Frances Garber, Mildred
Way, Hazel, Ruth, Dorothy. Almeda
Kaylor, Elizabeth Yahm, Mabel and
Marie Carson, Catherine Seeman and
Alice Espenshade.—Mrs. Amos Kay
lor and daughter, Miss Florence,
and son, Trvin; Miss Helen Seholtz
hauer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaylor
and daughter. Dorothy. Mabel Geist
weit and daughter, Bernice, were
Sunday guests of Neria Kaylor at
Beverly.—The Rev. Elisha Safford,
of Decatur, 111., will occupy the pul
pit in the Presbyterian Church on
Sunday morning. In the evening he
will preach at Donegal Church, and
there will be no service at the
church here.
Elizahrthvllle. After upending a
two weeks' vacation with Charles
Dei bier and family, the Rev. H. B.
Ernest and family have returned to
their home at Brie. John Byerly
and Stanley Snyder, who are employ
ed at Hog Island, spent Sunday with
relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Beard und children are spending sev
eral weeks here. Miss Anna Woyer
has returned to Harrisburg after
spending a week with Miss Mabelle
Weaver. Charles Bahney, of Pal
myra, spent several days with his
mother in Broad street. The Rev.
Artz, the new Lutheran minister, has
moved here and taken up the duties
of the former minister, the Rev. H. J.
Heilman. Miss Annie Matter, of
Washington, D. C., spent several days
with her parents here. Salome
Sponsler, of Philadelphia, is visiting
at J. U. Hokes, in Main street. Pro
fessor R. C. Hertzler and family, of
Harrisburg, are visiting Murgerums
at their bungalow on Acacia Hill.
Miss Bather Kerstetter is taking up
a business course at Harrisburg.
Mrs. Meryl Meckley and two children,
of West Milton, are spending a few
weeks with relatives here. Miss
Florence Miller and Miss Faye Rom
berger have returned home after
spending a week at Atlantic City.
Roy Smeltzer, of Allentown. visited
his parents over Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Rewin Bechtel spent several days
with their daughter. Mrs. Charles
H. Lehman, of Philadelphia, is visit
ing at her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Fickinger. Miss Cora Bonawitz, em
ployed at the Domestic Science Kitch
en at Harrisburg, spent Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bon
awitz. Isaac Miller, of Millersburg,
spent a day with his father, Adam
Blain. Miss Josephine D. Sheaffer
has returned from a visit to friends
at Landisburg. She left Thursday to
attend Pierce's Business College, at
Philadelphia. Roscoe Flickinger
was thrown from a motorcycle, caus
ing a badly sprained ankle. Miss
Annie Cromleigh, of Carlisle, is the
guest of Harry Kitner. Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Shumaker, of Washing
ton D. C., are visiting the former's
father, J. A. Shumaker. Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Livezly and son, James
Livezly of Philadelphia, and Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Spolm, of Haddon Heights,
N. J. motored here on a visit to A. C.
Hollenbaugh. Postmaster and Mrs.
D. P. Stokes, accompanied by Pro
fessar and Mrs. B. H. Rhinesmith, of
Ridgway, and Mr. and Mrs. I. L.
Smith and daughter. Miss Evelyn
Smith, of Harrisburg, paid a visit to
William Stokes, in Lancaster county.
—Professor A 3s Shumaker, Frank
Shumaker. Miss Sara Shumaker, the
Rev. and Mrs. David Roth, attended
the annual love feast at Mount Olivet
Church, near Newport. Loy Shu
maker, a clerk in the accounting de
-partment of the Pennsylvania Rail
road freight office, at Philadelphia,
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.
F. Shumaker. Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Bower and son, Guy Bower, of Belj
wood, were guests of the former's
brother. C. M. Bower.
Florin. Mr. and Mrs. Emery
Inners, of Lancaster, visited relatives
here on Sunday. George Flowers
and Mrs. Martin Liggins are ill.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Garber spent a day
at Hershey. James McKlnley, of
Philadelphia, spent Sunday at his
parents' home. here. Mrs. Christian
Shatz visited relatives at Lancaster
on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Paul, of New York City, spent several
days as guests of the latter's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wittel.—
Mrs. Abram Butzer of Rheems, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eich
ler. N. S. Grim, employed at Co
lumbus, Ohio, motored to Elizabeth
town. Mrs. Grim is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wittel, of Florin,
and fpr many years was the. organist
at the United Brethren Church.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Ferree and two
sons. Donnely and Lawrence Ferree,
of Harrisburg, spent a day here.
Misses Ethel and Nora Hertzler, of
Middletown, visited friends here on
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grim,
of Mlliersville, spent Sunday with
William Henry. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Arthur Rife and daughters, Lenora
and Ruth Rife; Mr. and Mrs. S. A.
Rife, all of Duncannon, spent Satur
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas McKinley.
Patriotic Mother Proud of
Boys Who Are in Army
Newville, Pa., Sept. 7.—Although
a widow aince 1896, when her hus
band was caught In a blizzard and
killed, Mrs. Howard Koser, of New
ville, aged CO ,years, is again called
upon to make further sacrifices, this
time for the cause of liberty and
justice. She has brought up a fam
ily of seven children, three of thorn
being now in the Army and one in
the draft, l'JlB class.
Reading from left to right in the
above illustration are:
John McCrea Koser, aged 23, ooe
of the first to go to France with
Pershing's Expeditionary Forces. He
is a private in Company D, First
Telephone Battalion, Signal Corps,
United States Reserves, and when
last heard from he was a motorcycle
dispatch lider.
Virginia Koser, at home. She
never misses an opportunity in what
ever way she can.
Harry Koser, aged 30, a private at
Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg,
S. C.
Clover (Mrs. Andrew McElwein),
living at Newville.
Ned Koser, aged 25, a sergeant at
Camp Dlx, Wrightstown, N. J.
Ellena Koser, at home. She. also,
Is very enthusiastic and ever will
ing to do her bit.
Walter Koser, aged 21, In the 1918
class of the draft and is anxious to
join the ranks with his brothers.
Mrs. Howard Koser, aged 60, the
mother of this patriotic family and
who says she is sorry she has no more
to offer.
Holmes Koser, married and iiving
in Newville. He does his bit in agri
cultural pcrsuits.
New Bloomflcld. Edgar Garber'
and Paul N. Fox in training in a t
school of motor mechaniacs, at State c
College, spent Sunday at their homes
here. Miss Mary Prisler, of New
York City, leaves for France this
week where she will engage in Red
Cross work. Word has been recetv- t
ed here by Dr. and Mrs. A. R. John
ston, that, their son, John Johnston,
has arrived in France. Harry Kell
has returned to his home here to
await call to service in the United
States Navy. Lieutenant John A.
Magee, of Camp Upton. Long Island,
spent Sunday and Monday with his |
parents, here. Corporal William F.I
Hall, who has been in training at. the I
Officers Training School at Camp Gor- I
don, Atlunta, Ga„ has been commis- I
sioned a second lieutenant. He is aj
son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Hall,
of Blain. Mrs. John Onslager and |
son, Williard Onslager, of Harrisburg,
were the guests of Mrs. Charles H.
Smiley. Griscoin Harper, son of Mr.
and Mrs. James Harper, of Washing
ton, D. C., spent Monday and Tues
day here with his aunt, Mrs. William
Harper. Miss Mary Pressler, form
erly of this place, leaves New York
City this week for France, where she
will, serve as a stenographer in Y. M.
C. A. work. Banks Lohr, of Phila
delphia, is visiting his sister, Mrs.
15. L. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Jeftord, of Philadelphia, are guests of
Mrs. Jefford's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. P. Nickel. William Gussler and
family, and sister, Mae Gussler, of
Harrisburg, spent the weekend at
home. Miss Annie I. Kell, on Mon
day returned to Highstown, N. J.,
where she teaches. Miss Catharine
Johnson left Saturday to resume her
duties as teacher at Templeton, Pa.—
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Clark and son, of
Altoona, spent the weekend at Hotel
Rhinesmlth. Mrs. John G. Baker
and daughter, of Washington, D. C ,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Luke
Baker. Mrs. DeSailles Wheeler,
who spent the summer with her
mother, Mrs. William Harper, return
ed to her home at Phoenix, Arizona,
on Tuesday.
lilngleNtown, Herbert Cooke, of
Philadelphia, was the weekend guest
of Miss Jennie Forester. The Rev.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lynch and chil
dren, of Harrisburg, on Sunday were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Zim
merman. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin, Jr., 1
and daughter, of Pleasant View, on .
Sunday were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. John Nagle. Mr. and Mrs. W. 1
C. Good spent several days at At- 1
lantic City. Mrs. John Linebach
visited her sister, Mrs. Levi Care, at
Lebanon. Mrs. Jennie Wilson, of
Camp Hill, spent several days with
Miss Mary Seller. Mr. and Mrs.
John Buck and daughter, Ruth Buck, 1
'of Harrisburg, on Sunday visited c
friends here. Miss Annie Schaner f
spent several days as th guest of ,
Mrs. John Guyer, at Mlddletown. ;
Mrs. John Hetrick was the weekend *
guest of friends at Lebanon. Miss >
Elizabeth Kramer, of Harrisburg, was 1
the weekend guest of Miss Seller.—Mr. J
and Mrs. Robert Hocker announce the <
birth of a son, Tuesday, September 3. ,
—Professor Stewart Oyler, of Fay- '
etteville, has returned to take charge ]
of our schools. Dr. E. Victor Light, '
of Lebanon, has opened an office in •
the late J. L. Bolton's rooms. Mr. 1
and Mrs. Brooke Care and Mr. and i
Mrs. Ezra Care spent Thursday at ■
Gettysburg. Mrs. J. F. Hicks spent
Thursday at Harrisburg. Captain '
George Hench, of Camp Jackson. S. C„ 1
spent a furlough with his parents, Mr. "
and Mrs. McCaleb Hench. Mrs. 1
Hannah Seller, of Harrisburg; and ;
Miss Mildred Smith, of Pittsburgh,
are spending several days with Mr.
and Mrs. Hench. Mrs. Gardner and
Mrs. George Thompson and small
daughter spent Thursday as the
guests of Mrs. Annie Buck. Mr. and
Mrs. Adam Walmer, of Steelstown,
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
O. B. Leese. Mrs. McAllister, of
Harrisburg. spent Wednesday with
Mrs. Fannie Care. Miss Grace. !
Smith spent Wednesday with friends'
at Harrisburg.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets. Adv. 1
Enjoyable Party Given For
Teacher at Tower City
Tower City, Pa., Sept. 7.—A fare
well party was held for Miss Emma
Lewis at the home of Mrs. Harry
Houtz. Miss Lewis is going to Tama
qu to teach school. The evening
was spent in games and music and
refreshments were served. Those
present were: Misses Elsie Biley,
Kathryn Thompson, Lily Houtz,
Ethel Kniley, Grace Kuntzleman,
Irene Klinger, Emma, Lewis, John
Murray, Edward Kline, Paul Schrien
er, Martz Schoffstall, of Tower City;
Ira Beehtel, Fred Bohner, of Eliza
bethvllle; Mr. and Mrs. William
English and Mr. and Mrs. Houtz. —
Miss Emma Lawlcr accompanied her
sister, Mrs. James Fallon, to St. Jo
seph's Hospital, Philadelphia, where
the latter will undergo an operation.
—Mr. and Mrs. Samuel CJTiod and
children returned from a visit to
relatives at Harrisburg—Mrs. Ed
ward Harris, of Harfisburg, is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Dando. William Perkins while at
work at West Brookside colliery had
his arm cut off by a car. He was
taken to the Ashland Hospital.
Mrs. Arthur Meyers while getting out
of an automobile had her foot badly
hurt, —Miss Dorothy Risbe went to
Lebanon where she will attend busi
ness college.—Mrs. Baier, of Leb
anon, is visiting her son here.—Miss
Florence Lewis has returned to Har
risburg from a vacation spent here
with her mother. —Mrs. Robert Lud
wig, of South Bethlehem, is visiting
relatives here.
Wiconisco. Miss Amelia Seip re
turned home Tuesday after a ten-day
camping trip at Rolling Green Park,
near Sunbqry. Cora Krdman spent
several days at Klizabethville. Mrs.
Ammon Witmer and children have
returned home after spending several
days at Halifax. John H. Seip and
family motored to Kefter's on Labor
Day. Mrs. Sara Jane Powell spent
several days at Philadelphia and At
lantic City. Clara Rowe is home
from a visit at Enhaut. George
Witmer has returned to Philadelphia
after visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. W. Witmer. Mrs. Morgan
Thomas and children, of Nanticoke,
are spending several days at the
homo of Mrs. Harry Watkins. Mr.
and Mrs. William Seiburt and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Miller, of Harrisburg,
motored here Labor Day and visited
at the home of George S. J. Keen. —
Miss Ethel E. Coles, of Philadelphia,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Isaac Coles. Peter Boddoft and
family have returned to their home
at Philadelphia after visiting Mrs.
Emily Buckley. Misses Anna, lies
and Mary Davis spent part of the
week at Lewistown. John Coleman,
of Philadelphia, visited his parents
over the weekend. ■— Florence Bate
man has returned to Allentown after
visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clay
Keen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster
und Robert Koppenhaver spent sev
eral days at Philadelphia. Charles
W. Thomas and son, of Bethlehem,
are visiting at the home of J. H.
Thomas. Lewis Stuppy and family
spent part of the week at Donaldson.
—Mrs. Carrie Slace, of Harrisburg, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matter.
Berrysburg. Miss Elizabeth
Henne, of Philadelphia,* is spending
vacation with Miss Ella Snyder. St.
John's Lutheran Sunday School mem
bers had an outing at Hershey Park,
on Saturday. James Weaver, of
Philadelphia, is spending some time
with his mother, Mrs. Martin Weaver.
—Francis Stroup, of Harrisburg, vis
ited his parents on Sunday before go
ing to camp. Miles Lehman, of Sun
bury, visited his family over Sunday.
—Mr. and Mrs. Wlllidm Walters, of
Lykens, visited friends here over Sun
day. Ola Weaver is home after a
visit to Philadelphia and Steelton.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Daniel spent a day
at Harrisburg and at Hershey Indus
trial School. Elmer Sausers, of
Reading, spent two weeks in this vi
cinity visiting friends. Waldson
Lebo has been sent to camp for the
second time.
New Troop of Boy Scouts
Formed at Thompsontown
Thom psontown, Pa., Sept. 7.
The Rev. Walter Brown organized
a troop of Boy Scouts on Thursday
evening.—Miss Cora Thompson, of
Philadelphia, was a recent guest of
Mrs. E. S. Thomson.—Misses Mar
guerite Vanormer, of Buffalo, and
Miss Mary Weiser were guests of
Miss Marguerite Duncan. Mrs.
George Krug and Mrs. Edward Fry
spent a day at Altoona.—Dr. Wood
ruff, of Susquehanna University,
Selinsgrove, represented the Anti-
Saloon League Sunday morning in
the Lutheran Church and Mrs. Wil
son, of Clearfield, represented the
W. C. T. U. on Sunday evening.—
J. C. Muller. of Philadelphia, spent
the weekend with his family here.
—W. I. Hibbs, of Pittston, is spend
ing some time with his sister, Miss
Maggie Hibbs.—Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Spicher, of Bethlehem, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Spich
er. —Mrs. E. E. Thomson and little
daughter, of Waco, Texas, are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Shippen Thomson. —Mrs. Israel Ten
nis is visiting Mrs. J. Frank Pat
terson, at Mifflintown. Schools
opened Monday with Mrs. Isabella
Lantz, principal of the High school.
—B. W. Portzline is teacher of the
grammar school, and Miss Mabel
j Cunningham the primary school.
Residents of Town Will Be
Asked to Pay $550 as Share
of Cost of Improvement
Simon Stock, of Gettysburg,
in Aviation Corps, Meets
Brother in England
Gettysburg, Pa., Sept. 7.—The
town council of the borough of New
Oxford has been petitioned by a
number of the residents of that bor
ough to treat the portion of the Lin
coln Highway within the borough
limits with a light covering of
stones and Ugite for a width of
twenty feet. A committee represent
ing the residents told the council
that $3OO had already been sub
scribed by the citizens and that fifty
dollars more could be secured. Coun
cil estimated that the work will cost
twelve hundred dollars and agreed
to have the work done if the people
will raise $550 —Robert Mishler, of
Gettysburg, has been accepted" for
the Marine Flying Corps and is now
taking technical training at the Mas
j sachusetts Instittue of Technology,
j After ten weeks there he will go to
a ground school. Mr. Mishler was
I formerly with the Royal Flying
Corps and more recently has been in
the transport service.—William Eck
ert, who was inducted by the local
draft board into the veterinary corps
of the army and went to Camp Lee
some weeks ago. has now been ap
pointed a first sergeant.—Wilbur
Currens, who lives in the Taney
town section, was out driving and
had his right leg hanging out of
the buggy. Jn some manner the leg
was caught in a wheel which drew
him out of the bugy, breaking both
bones in the leg.—Ray Williams has
been accepted for the officers train
ing school which will open at Camp
Lee, Petersburg, Virginia, Septem
ber 13.—Fred Tate, a native of Get
tysburg, who is now head of the
United Slates Sercret Service in
Kansas City, is being earnestly be
sought by many of the influential
citizens of that city to take the po
sition of chief of police.—Mrs.
George E. Stock has received a let
ter from her son. Simon Stock, who
is with an 'aviation squadron some?
where in England, in which he tells
of seeing his brother, the Rev. Mark
Stock, who had just landed in that
country as a chaplain with the Unit
ed States forces, and of the great
joy in meeting each other, although
they were together only a few hours.
—Horace Stewart, son of Dr. and
Mrs. Henry Stewart, has received a
commission as a lieutenant in the
navy. He has been in the American
Merchant Marine service for some
years. In his new work he is sta
tioned at New York for the present.
Pleasant Party Held in
Honor of Virginia Guest
Allen, Pa., Sept. 7.—A pleasant
gathering was held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Souders in honor
of their niece, Miss Annetta Souder,
of Virginia. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. John Souder, Miss
Annetta Souder, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Diller, of Mechanicsburg; Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Arnold and sons, Rus
sell and Robert, of Mechanicsburg;
Mrs. Amy Boozer and daughter,
Amelia, of Highspire: Miss Lena
Herman and John Herman, of New
Kingston; Mrs. Jessie Smith and
children, Paul and Olive, Mr. and
Mrs. Crist Hertzler and daughter,
also Emeline Basehore, Frank Wei
gel, and Elizabeth Weigel, Gertrude
Kreamer, Maude Burtner, Dorothy
Bowman, Miss Cora Nicked, Miss
Alma Nickey and Harry Zcigler.
Mr. and Mrs. John Donnelly and<
children, visited Mrs. Donnelly's sis
ter, Mrs. Brose Yiengst, of near Get
tysburg on Sunday.—Mr. and Mrs.
John Trimmer, of Newville, visited
Mr. Trimmer's mother, Mrs. Mary
Trimmer.—Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gross,
of Philadelphia, spent several days
with Mr. Gross's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Elias Gross.—Miss Ruth Zell
returned home Wednesday, after
spending two weeks among friends
in Philadelphia.—Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Leib spent Sunday at Cham
bersburg.—The Misses Cora Nickey
and Alma Nickey, Romayne Brandt
and Romano Enck spent Thursday
afternoon with Miss Edna Straw at
Carlisle.—Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Landis and daughter, Mabel, ,of
Enola, spent the weekend with Mr.
Landis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Landis.—Wilbur Brandon, of Phila
delphia, is visiting his mother, Mrs.
Mary Brandon. —Lloyd Baker and
David Stambaugh, of Mechanicsburg,
spent Sunday with their uncle, Willis
Pillow, Pa., Sept. 7.—The Pillow
Cornet Band took part in the pa
rade at Wiconlsco on Labor Day.—
Carrol and Mark Snyder, of Free
burg, spent a with their aunt,
Mrs. Samuel Leitzel. —Misses Mabel
and Rosie Schreffler, who are em
ployed at Dalmatia, spent several
days with their parents here.—
Abram F. Snyder left Tuesday
morning to resume his studies at the
State Forestry Academy at Mont
Alto.—Mr. and Mrs. John Bufflngton
and sons spent several days at the
home of her parents at Hepler.—
Mrs. Dunbar and son, of Philadel
phia, are spending a few weeks with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Willner. —Mrs. Andrew Catherman
and son, of Philadelphia, and Mrs.
Mervine and grandson, of Frack
ville, spent several days at Thomas
Two Separate Night Schools
One on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.
The other on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Same amount of work in either school
Absolutely Individual Promotion
Beckley's Business College
THE Office Training School
121 Market St. Bell 601-lt ' Dial 4016
Capt. McKinney Notified That
U. S. Government Will .
Send Eight Animals
Service Flag With 50 Stars
Dedicated at St. Matthew's
Catholic Church, Tyrone
Tyrone, Pa., Sept. 7.—Captain Ed
ward McKinney, commander of
Troop C, of the Pennsylvania Re
serve Militia, has been notified by
the War Department at Washington,
that eight cavalry horses have been
assigned to the troop and that they
will be shipped to Tyrone in the
near future. This is following out
the pluns of the government. The
intention is that the local men may
receive the proper drill and practice
in horse maneuvers. The War De
partment intimates that horses-will
be shipped here from time to time
until a full quota is on hand for the
troop. These horses will be fed and
taken care of at the expense of the
government. One or two men will
have to be detailed to care foi; the
animals at all times.—St. Matthew's
Roman Catholic Church, with ap
propriate ceremonies this week, ded
icated a service flag that contained
fifty stars, representing the young
men of that parish who have gone
to war. Father Woods, of Philadel
phia, preached the dedicatory ser
mon.—The High school faculty for
the new term has several additions
to the corps that are new to Ty
rone in Miss Ruth Walters, of
Clarion; Miss Marie Kealey, of
Jeannette; Miss Ida Reed, of Hunt
ingdon; M. E. Meily, of Connells
ville, and O. V. Swonger. of Ship
pensburg. The schools opened with
the largest enrollment in the history
of the town. The High school alone
showed a slight decrease. On
Thursday of this week, sixty-two
men were forwarded by the local
draft board to Camp Greenleaf,
Ogclthorpe, Ga., and to-day eight
limited service men were forwarded
to Camp Dlx, N. J. This makes a
total of 105 men sent from this dis
trict within two weeks, and thirty
five of them were from Tyrone prop
er. This Alls all the demands and
quotas the local board has on the
docket, and it is not likely that an
other general call will be received
until the first of October. The class
No. 1 is not exhausted and it will
be further increased by the registra
tion on the 12th inst.—Miss Ella
Dysart departed this week for an ex
tended visit with friends at Wil
mington, Del.—Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Bouse and daughter. Miss Gertrude,
enjoyed a vacation jaunt to Atlantic
City.—Dr. and Mrs. Lynford L.
Cooper and young daughter were
guests several days of R. T. Gar- ,
man and family. Dr. Cooper was the ♦
former railroad doctor at this place,
but is now stationed at Wilmington.
Del.—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goheen,
of Ardmore, motored to Tyrone and
visited his sister at the latter place,
Mrs. Charles Bateman.—Mrs. Jo
seph Hand is spending this week
with relatives att Pittsburgh.—Mrs.
J. has as her guest her
sister, Mrs. Strong, at Philadelphia.
—James W. Johnston spent several
days at Jersey Shoi'e.—Miss Nell C.
Graham Is spending her vacation
with her parents at Newton Ham
ilton. Miss Mary Musser left
this week for Philadelphia, where
she entered the Jefferson Hospital to
tajie up a course in nursing.—Miss
Marion Wilson is visiting with
friends at Akron, Ohio.—Miss Eliza
beth Earnest, accompanied by her
! brother, John Paul Earnest, of
Washington, were guests this week
| of G. C. Boecking and family.—Mr.
Mrs. John Loughery are enjoy
ing vacation at Buffalo and Niagara
Falls.—Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Hoffman
and son, James, of Lewistown, spent
a day with relatives here. —Mrs.
John A. Reiley and four children
were visitors at Lewistown during
i the week. —Private William Miller,
of Washington, attached to the Gen
eral War Office, is enjoying a vaca
i tion at home.—Mrs. Annie Cuneo, of
, Pittsburgh, is spending the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles DeFerle. —J. W. Shauble, of
Cleveland, Ohio spent the week in
Farmers Convey Product
to Harrisburg Markets
Enders, Pa., Sept. 7.—A numbes
of farmers In this section are usint
their automobiles to take their prod
uce to Harrisburg and other largt
markets where they have a read:
sale for their vegetables and fruits
at attractive prices.—On account o'
being unable to secure a teacher foi
Zimmerman's school, the directors
are negotiating for a conveyance tc
bring the pupils of that school to th<
one in town. Several vacancies stil
remain unfilled.—Harry Knouff, o:
Bearmont, and Laßoss Seiders am
George Reubendall, of Williamstown
were visitors here on Monday.—Mr
and Mrs. James Gipple and Galet
Gipple and family, of Lancaster
were visitors at the home of C. E
Sweigard, on Sunday.—Harry ant
Edgar Warfel, of Harrisburg; Misi
Katie Warfel, of Williamston, ant
Miss Hilda Warfel, of Halifax, wert
entertained at the home of their par
ents on Sunday.—The Rev. E. E
Bender and family, who spent theii
vacation at the home of Mr. anc
Mrs. James O. Miller, returned tt
their home at Annville, on Wednes
day.—John E. Enders, who was crit
ically ill for several days, is agait
at work.