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Charges of Gross Mismanage- :
ment Made at Hearing in |
Railway Receiver Case
Carllile, Pa., Sept. 7.—Charges of ,
gross mismanagement were made at
the second hearing in the applications
of representatives and bondholders
of the Cumberland Railway Com
pany for the appointment of a receiv
er for the property. The hearing,
which was held until a late hour yes
terday, was adjourned until next
week when Samuel A. Kltzmlller, of
Shlppensburg, the president, could at
tend. it being brought out that his j
testimony was essential on several |
features of the work.
It developed by the examination of j
George A. Plough, general manager j
and treasurer, that more than $-10 - I
000 of the bonds of the company were
held in Pennsylvania. It was also j
contended by the complainants that j
the company owes between $lO,OOO i
and $20,000 In back taxes to the state, il
Testimony was taken to show that j
S. M. Kitzmilier prepared the state
ments for the Auditor General's of- |
flee and that two of the officers, ac- i
cording to Plough, swore to them |
with little investigation. Plough in- i
volved the president of the line in a !
number of the angles of the busl- | ]
It was also brought out that the I
company has sold $17,000 in machin- |
ery since the first hearing a few }
weeks ago. President Kitzmiller, Mr. i
Plough stated, prepared all of the
financial statements, but he did not \
investigate them, although treasurer.
Two men only are employed for |
maintenance work on the eighteen
miles of track, according to Plough, j
Witnesses said that the property is i
rapidly deteriorating.
D. B. Moist, engineer of the Har- |
risburg Railways Company testified j
that the lines and poles of the New- I
vllle line have depreciated 50 per j
cent., and that on a stretch of the j
Mount Holly section ties no longer
have any holding power. James |
Thompson, of the Valley railways,
also testified as to the conditions.
The hearing was adjourned. The j
complaint was also amended to in- i
elude only the Cumberland Railway
Company, the traction holding con- j |
Waynesboro, Pa., Sept. 7.—The 1
County Commissioners have brought | |
suit against a number of persons in j
Franklin county for failing to pay j j
their dog tax. Nine suits have been ! ]
entered against residents of Cham- j <
bersburg, while five others have been )
entered against Guilford township ) j
The Rev. R. L. Briscoe, pastor of j
Harris A. M. E. Zion Church, has I
returned from his home In Mary
land. where he spent some time j
with his parents, relatives and j
friends. He will fill his pulpit morn
ing and evening. The 10.45 subject !
will he. "A Spiritual Life," and 8 j
p. m., "What Is Life?" Many friends'
are welcome.
A Splendid Hair Grower
and Wonderful Beautifier
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Nothing to Pay
and itch like mad. Kennedy or any
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25 cents a package at all Druggists, or
sent to any address postpaid, by the
U. S. ARMY & NAVY TABLET CO. 260 West Broadway, N.Y.
pIRST and Second Liberty Loan 49b
Bonds are convertible before Novem
ber 9th into 4% r r Bonds of the same
B exchange and we will be glad to convert
without charge all bonds put-chased
With Choir and Organist
Familiar authems will be sung at
Market Square Presbyterian Churcli
to-morroiv both morning and even
ing. Barnby's "O How Amiable Are
Thy Dwellings" will be the morning
offering, a worshipful number lor
full choir:. In the evening Tours'
"Lord. Now Lettcst Thou Thy Ser
vant Depart in Peace." will be ihc
offering .it night.
At Messiah Lutheran Church to
morrow evening Mrs. Florence Coop
er Ley will sing, immediately pre
ceding the offertory, Huwley's "Just
As I Am Without One Plea." Since
the retirement of Mrs. Catharine Lee
Izer, Messiah Lutheran choir has
been without a permanent soprano
soloist. Mrs. ,Ley will fill the va
| cancy to-moircw. Neidlinger's "Sa-
I viour. Like a Shepherd Lead Us,"
i and Roberts' "Grant We Beseech
| Thee," will be the choir numbers.
The music at Pine Street Presby
[ terian Church to-morrow will in
| elude the solo for contralto. Geibel's
"O, Jesus, Thou Art Standing," to
Fifty Applicants and Twcntv
! five Able to Meet State's
Pharmacy Board
At the examinations held in YVil- j
liamsport on August 30th and 31st
by the Pensylvania Board of Phar
macy 50 applicants appeared, 27 for
pharmacist and 23 for assistant j
pharmacist certificates. 13 phar- j
macist and 12 assistant pharmacist
certificates were granted. The next
examination will be held in Pitts
burgh and Philadelphia on Novem
ber Bth and 9th.
Those successful were as follows:
Frank A. Murphy, Altoona; Al
fred W. Shoemaker, Allentown;
David Xathanson. Pittsburgh: Peter
Cramer, Edward S. F. Quinn, Ches- j
ter; C. C. Turner and Goldie Gold
berg, all of Philadelphia: Chester)
J. Crowl, Shamokin; Floyd R.
Goodhart, Reading; Vincent A.
Egan, Plymouth: J. W. Sackaloucas,
Scranton; Frederick R. Pritehard,
Kingston: Harold W. Griesing,
Assistant Pharmacists
Anna Ostroff. Norman L. Glenn'
and Stanley F. Kaidasz of Philadel
phia; Ralph C. Forrest, Pittsburgh;
Charles X. Koch, West Hazleton;
Lewis Klein. South Bethlehem; Les
ter F. Widmann. Lock Haven; ;
Walter W. White, Shenandoah.
Gerard S. Meat, Allentown; Frank
M. Coad, Blairsville: Edwin T. j
Brown, Philipsburg; Victor Charles ■
Dettis, Traftord.
be sung by Mrs. James G. Sanders.
The quartet will sing Root's "Soft
Floating on the Air." at the evening
service and there also will be a Tor
renee number, "Lord. 1 Have Loved
tne Habitation of Thy House." The
morning postluile will be Harrison s
"Gloria in Excelis," a titting eon
eluding number. Professor Frank A.
McCarrell, oiganist. and choirmaster,
is back at the keys.
War has taken that splendid basso,
j Charles Cassel, from the choir of
| Reformed Sulem Church. At the
services to-morrow his voice will bo
missed in the choir loft. The spe
cial numbers will be by the female
voices of the choir, Mrs. C. W. My
ers and Miss Cassel singing Schneclc
er's "In His Hands Are All the Cor
ners of the Plarth," at the morning
| service. In the evening Mrs. Heisley
j and Miss Cassel will sing the well
known Lachner "My Faith Looks Up
|to Thee." The organ music includes
i Bartlett's "Festival Hymn," and
I "Pastorale," from Becker's Second
' Sonata.
Colonel Wouldn't Leave Her
One Colony: Break I'p
Austria Also
Now York, Sept. 7. America's
fighting army in France next year
must surpass in numbers either the
French or British armies there, de
clared Theodore Roosevelt yesterday.
He insisted also that the Austrian
and Turkish empires must both be
broken up, all the subject peoples
liberated ar.d the Turk driven from
These assertions were made by
Colonel Roosevelt in an address he
delivered as a part of the exercises
hold in city hall in celebration of
Lafayette day. the anniversary of La
fayette's birth.
Referring to France's services to
America in the revolution. Colonel
Roosevelt declared that in the pres
ent war France. England. Italy and
the other Allies had rendered simi
lar services. The Belgians and the
Sergians, he said, had been fighting
for America when they fought for
"Our Army on the other side is
now repaying part of our debt." con
tinued Colonel Roosevelt, "and next
year we have every reason to hope,
and we must insist, that the fighting
army in Fiance from the United
States shall surpass in numbers the
fighting army in France of either
France or England. It is time, and
it has long been time, for America
to bear her full share of the common
Full reparation for the awful cost
of life and treasure which Germany
has inflicted on the world must be
guaranteed by the peace the Allies
wtr>. he demanded.
"Servia end Rumania must have
restored to them what Bulgaria has
taken from them," he continued.
"The Austrian and Turkish em
pires must both be broken up. all the
subject peoples liberated and the
Turk driven from France. We do
not intend that German or Magyar
should be oppressed by others, but
neither do we intend that they .shall
oppress and domineer others.
"France must receive back Alsace
and Lorraine.
"Belgium must be restored and in
"Italian Austria must be restored
to Italy, and Rumanian Hungary to
"The heroic Czecho-Slovaks must
be made into an independent com
"The southern Slavs must he
united in a great Jugo-Slav com
"Poland, as a genuinely indepen
dent commonwealth, must receive
back Austrian and Prussian Poland,
as well as Russian Poland, and have
her coast iine on the Baltic.
"Lithuania. Livonia and Finland
must be guaranteed their freedom,
and no part of the ancient empire
of Russia left, under the German'
"Northern Schleswig should go
hack to the Danes.
"Britain and Japan should keep
the colonies they have conquered.
"Armenia must be freed, Pales
tine made a Jewish state and the Sy
rian Christians liberated."
Insisting that the United States
must always he ready to defend
themselves. Colonel Roosevelt said:
"Any league of nations would have
to depend for its success upon the
adhesion of the nine nations which
are actually or potentially the most
powerful military nations; and these
nine nations include Germany, Aus
tria, Turkey and Russia. The first
three have recently and repeatedly
violated and are now actively and
continuously violating not only every
treaty but every rule of civilized
warfare and of international good
faith. During the last year Russia,
under the dominion of the Bolshe
vik, has betrayed her Allies, has be
come the tool of the German auto
"What early use is it to pretend
that the safety of the world would be
°ecured by a league in which these
four nations would he among the
nine leading partners? Long years
must pass belore we can again trust
any promises these four nations
make. Any treaty of any kind or
sort which we make with them will
be worthless unless our own pre
pared strength renders it unsafe to
break* it."
Joint Centenary and Sunday
School Training Conference
on September 12 and 19
A joint centenary and Sunday
school training conference will be
held in Grace Methodist Episcopal
Church, State street near Third, on
September 12 and 13. Plans are being
made for the registration of several
hundred out of town delegates and
including the Harrisburg delegates
and those in from the near vicinity,
the registration is expected to run
to at least 800 or 900,
The program as* announced, con
tains some of the most forceful
speakers of the Methodist Church,
and will be full of helpful sugges
tions and inspiration for those Inter
ested In church work. Dr. Morris E.
Swartz, the district superintendent
sent out an invitation to all the pas
tors and their congregations of the
various denominations in Harrisburg,
inviting them to attend this confer
ence as the guests of the Methodist
churches of the city.
During the morning and afternoon
sessions, the conference will be di
vided into three special sections, each
section taking up a specialized line
of work and each delegate or visitor
being allowed to select the section
they desire to attend.
The stereopticon lectures at the
two evening meetings, will be well
worth while, to say the least. Sev
eral months ago a part of these
slides were shown to a group of
prominent Methodist laymen at the
home of E. Z. Wallower, much to
the delight of those present. Tne aim
of this conference is to take all
those interested in church work up
to the mount of vision and show
them the wonderful opportunities
that lie before them in the way of
Christian activity, und to help them,
in a practical way, to achieve these
objectives. '
The following is the program as
planned by the Methodist headquar
ters at Chicago, and will be given
in its entirety in the Huntingdon, Al
toona, Williamsport and Bloomsburg
districts, as well as in the Harris
burg district.
Thursday, September 12
Morning Session —9.30, interces
sion; 10, centenary address. "Making
Democracy Safe for the World," the
Rev. John Watchorn; 10.45, "The
Centenary Working Program," (a)
"In Outline —Vision, Intercession,
Stewardship;" (b) "Stewardship
Training Conference The Four
Weeks' Program in Detail," the Rev.
N. DeMott Darrell.
Afternoon Session—l.4s, interces
sion; 2, address, "The Challenge of
the Present Sunday School Situa
tion," the Rev. William A. Brown;
2.4 5. address, "The Call to Advance,"
the Rev. H. C. Wilson; 3.30, sectional
conferences, elementary—"The Chil
dren in a Growing Sunday School,"
Mrs. Mary Foster Bryner; Young
People—"Organizing the Young Peo
ple," the Rev. H. C. Wilson; Adult—
"Building Up the Bible Class," the
Rev. W. A. Brown; 4,45, address,
"The Teacher's Inner Life," Mrs.
Mary Foster Bryner.
Evening Session—7.3o, interces
sion; S, stereopticon and world pro
gram address, "The Home Survey
and Opportunity," the Rev. John
Friday, September 13
Morning Session—B.3o, interces
sion and testimony; 9.30, address,
"The Evangelistic Opportunity in the
Sunday school," the Rev. H. C. Wil
son; 10.15, sectional conferences,
elementary—"Training the Children
in Worship," Mrs. Mary Foster Bry
ner; Young People—"The Most
Fruitful FMeld for Evangelism," the
Rev. H. C. Wilson; Adult—"Recruit
ing Adults for the Kingdom," the
Rev. W. A. Brown; 11.30, address,
"The Teacher's Task," the Rev. W.
A. Brown.
Afternoon Session—l.3o, interces-l
sion; 1.45, address, "The Foreign
Survey and Opportunity," the Rev.
E. E. Count; 2.30, address, "The
Centenary Program 'in the Sunday
School," the Rev. William A. Brown;
3, address, "The Centenary Plan of
Organization," the Rev. N. DeMott
Darrell; 3.30, training conferences,
(a) Pastors and Representatives of
Local Cen{enary Committee, the Rev.
X. DeMott Darrell; (b) Sunday
School Workers, Messrs. Wilson and
Brown and Mrs. Bryner; 4.30, ad
dress, "The Xew Church for the
New Day," the Rev. E. E. Count;
5, intercession.
Evening Session—7.3o, interces
sion and testimony; 8.15, stereopti
con address, "A Cross Section of the
World," the Rev. E. E. Count.
Pleasant View—'The Rev. George
W. Harper, pastor. Sunday school at
9.45. Preaching at 10.45, "Doing Our
Best." 7.30, "How to Obtain the De
sire of the Heart."
Fourth Street—The Rev. William
X. Yates, pastor, will preach at 11
a. m., "Do Men Need the Church?"
7.30, "Let the Redeemed Say So."
Sunday school at 10.
Maclay Street—The Rev. William
S. Houck, pastor, will preach at 11.
"Buy a Sword," and at 8 p. m.
"Helping Jesus Accomplish Things."
Sunday school at 9.45.
Xagle—The Rev. Elmer E. Kauff
man, pastor, will preach at 11,
"Paul's Prayer For the Collossians."
7.30, "The Third Commandment."
Sunday school at 10.
Penbrook —The Rev. Jay C. Forn
crook, pastor, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30
p. m. Sunday school at 9.30. Mem
orial services for Charles Waltz will
be held in the evening.
Camp Hill —The Rev. Charles O.
Houston, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"Keep the Home Fires Burning,"'and
at 7.30. "Fishing." Sunday school at
9.30. Annual congregational meeting
following morning service at which
time a pastor for the coming year
will be elected.
Green Street—The Rev. *H. S. Her
shey, pastor. 10.45, "The Seven Dis
pensations." 7.30, "The Birthright.
9.45, Sunday schpol.
Morning—"Festival Hymn," Bart
iett- duo, "In His Hands Are All the
Corners of the Earth," Schneckcr,
Mrs. C. W. Myers, Miss Cassel: con
tralto solo, "Rock of Ages, Cleft I*or
Me," Johnson, Miss Cassel.
Evening—Postlude (From 2d So
nata in F), Becker; duet. "My Faith
Looks Up 1O Thee," Lachner, Mrs.
Helsley, Miss Cassel.
Morning—Prelude, "Andante front
Piano Duo," Dussek; offertory, "Two
Part Song," Calkin; anthem,"Saviour
Like a Shepherd Lead Us," Neid
linger; postlude, "Postlude in A,"
Evening—Prelude, (a) "Pilgrims
Chorus," Wagner, (b) "Invocation,"
Maitly; soprano solo. "Just As I Am
Without One Plea," Hawley, Mir.
Florence Cooper Ley: offertory, "An
dante in B Minor," Rheinberger: an
them. "Gwant We Beseech Thee."
Roberts; postlude, "Noel," Guilmant.
Plan Live Program at
Zion Lutheran Church
The Rev. Dr. S. Wintleld Herman
will preach at both services In Zion
Lutheran Church to-morrow. The
morning theme will be "The Expec
tations of God." The evening theme
will be "The Method' God Uses in
Securing the Allegiance of Men."
The discussion of these subjects
ought to bo of special interest and
helpfulness at this time.
Zion cordially invites friends to
worship at all her services. The
doors of Zion will continue to be
open seven days a week for medita
tion, rest and prayer. It is desired
to serve the city. The Sunday school
and men's class will continue to be
held in the morning during Septem
ber. The Missionary Societies will
convene on Wednesday afternoon
and Saturday evening. The Wom
an's Society will be directed by Mrs.
John S. Weaver and the Young Peo
ple's Society by Mrs. John E.
The Boy Scouts have returned
from a most successful camp and
will have the regular meeting on
Monday evening.
The men's religious and patriotic
rally will be held on Friday evening,
September 27, at which time a
speaker of national renown will be
present to make the address. Ar
rangements arc being made for one
of the most intense programs ever
undertaken by the church, to be
carried out during the fall and win
ter months.
Dr. Charles A. Boswell
Will Preach at Grace
Dr. Charles M. Boswell, superin
tendent of the Methodist Episcopal
Hospital, of Philadelphia, will occu
py the pulpit at Grace Methodist
Episcopal Church at 10.30 o'clock
to-morrow morning.
In the evening at 7.30 o'clock Dr.
George Edward Reed will have
charge of the service and will
preach on the topic, "Germany's
Gain and Loss in the Present World
War." Dr. Reed supplied the pulpit
of Grace Church during the month
of July, and his many friends will
be delighted to again have this op
portunity of hearing him preach on
a war topic.
The church chorus choir, under
the leadership of Prof. John W. Phil
lips. will render some especially tine
patriotic choruses at the evening
service, while the quartet will sing
several selesiions at the morning
It is anticipated that Dr. Robert
Bagnell, pastor of the church, who
has been "Over There" for the past
several months, will be home in time
to occupy the pulpit on Sunday, Sep
tember 15. This is not definitely
known as yet. and same will be an
nounced in this paper at a later date.
Will Dedicate Highspire
Church September 15
I The handsome new church editice
which is being erected by the con
gregation of St. Peter's Lutheran
Church, is about completed and will
be dedicated with solemn and appro
priate services, commencing Sunday,
September 15, and continuing until
the Friday evening following.
An extensive and interesting pro
gram is being arranged, which will
be taken part in by prominent Lu
theran clergymen of Harrisburg,
Steelton and Middletpwn.
The new church is located on the
corner of Broad and Paxton streets
and was erected to replace the old
building in Penn street, which was!
destroyed by fire on the morning of I
December 20, 1916.
To Open New Sermon
Series at Messiahj
At the service to-morrow evening]
in Messiah Lutheran Church, Sixth ]
and Forster streets, the pastor, the.
Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson, will begin i
a series of very vital sermons on
"The Ten Commandments and Mod
ern Life." Dr. Hanson regards the
Ten Commandments as absolutely
necessary in the forming of moral
judgments and feels that much of
the evil in our age is due to the fact
the Ten Commandments are not rec-l
ognized in public education as they
should be. The series will begin
with a sermon on "The Vacant
Derry Street —The Rev. J. A. Ly
ter. 11 and 7.30; Sunday school,
First—The Rev. W. E. Daugh
erty. 11, "Through the Command
ments to Christ;" 7.30, "Decisive
Battles in Life;" Sunday school, 10.
Sixth Street —The Rev. Joseph
Daugherty. 10.30, Holy Communion,
baptism and reception of members;
7.30, "The Bride and the Bride
groom;" 1.45, Sunday school.
Otterbein —The Rev. S. Edwin
Rupp. 11, "An Example of Faith;"
7.30, "A Faithful Friend;" Sunday
school, 9.30.
State—The Rev. H. F. Rhoad.
10.45, and 7.30, "The Untouched
Cross;'* Sunday school, 9.30.
Market Street—The Rev. W. S.
Dunlap. 10.30, "The Influence of |
the World on the Church;" 7.30,
"The Most Precious Thing in the
World;" Sunday school. 11.30.
St. Paul's—The Rev. E. Luther
Cunningham. 6, 10.30, 3.30, 7.30,
men's day exercises; Sunday school,
Tabernacle—The Rev. Millard Os
more Pierce. 11, 7.30; Sunday
school, 9.45.
Second —The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene. 10.30, "Satan's Sifting;"
7.30, "Evidences of Genuine Repent
ance;" Sunday school, 12.
First—The Rev. William J. Lock- I
hart. 10.30, 7.30; Sunday school,
Morning—Prelude, "Elegie Ro
mantique," Diggle; antheni, "O How
Amiable," llarnby; offertory, "Song
of the Seraphim." Becker; postlude,
"Toccata in D Major," Kinder.
Evening—Prelude, "Indian Sum
mer Sketch," Brewer; anthem,
"Unc Dimittis," Tours; offertory,
"Pastorale," Bonnet; postlude ."Fu
gue in B Flat Major," Bach.
Morning Prelude, "Andante,"]
Renaud; anthem, "Jesus, Thou Joy;
of Loving Hearts," Herbert Sanders;!
offertory. "Souvenir." Gillette; solo,]
"O Jesus, Thou Art Standing*" Gei- i
bel, by Mrs. Sanders; postlude,
"Gloria in Excelsis." Harrison.
Evening Prelude, "Serenade,"
Mitchell; anthem, "Lord, I have
Loved the Habitation of Thy House,"
Torrence; offertory, "Berceuse,"
Delbruck; quartet, "Soft Floating on
the Aid," Root; postlude. "Allegro
Risoluto," Hcllingham.
Other Churches Page 2
Wormleysburg U. B. Church
to Honor Boys Who Arc
Fighting in France
Wormleysbnrg, Sept. 7.—The fol
lowing program has been announced
in connection with the unfurling
of a service flag und the placing of
an honor roll in St. Paul's United
Brethren Sunday school, Sunday
morning, September 8, at 9.30:
Everybody has been very cordially
invited to attend this service in J
honor of the boys who have left the j
town and church to do service for i
their country.
Song service: prayer, the Rev. A. j
B. Mower; song: Scripture lesson,
led by Russell Hummel: music, se
lected, church choir; unfurling serv
ice flag. Donald and Dorthy Martin;
placing of honor roll, A. J. Wright,
superintendent; presentation of serv
ice flag, Mrs. R. C. Sparrow; accept
ance of flag and honor roll, the Rev.
A. B. Mower; roll call, David Mohn;
song; address, George L. Reed;
song; offering and announcements,
the Rev. A. B. Mower; closing song;
benediction, the Rev. A. B. Mower;
A. J. Wright, superintendent presid
Bethany—The Rev. John M. War
den, pastor. 7.30, "The Secret of En
durance." Sunday school at 9.
Market Square—The Rev. George
Edward Hawes, pastor. Morning and
evening services. Sunday school, at
9.45 a. m.
Covenant—The Rev. Harvey Klaer,
pastor. 11, "Praising God in War
Time." 7.30, "An Adequate Ideal For
the Christian's Life." Sunday school
at 9.45.
Immanuel—The Rev. H. Everett
Hallman. Morning worship, 10. Sun
day school, 11.15. Evening worship,
at 7.30.
Westminster—The Rev. E. E. Cur
tis, pastor. Sunday school at 9.45. 11,
"A Wonderful Story." C. E. at 6.30.
7.30, "Gas Masks."
Olivet—lo, Sunday school. 11,
preaching by the Rev. James B. Mac-
Clure, "The Evangelistic Task of the
Church." 7.30, Pocono night with an
interesting program by C. E. dele
gates with special music.
Camp Hill —The Rev. Paul Martin
registrar of Princeton Seminary, of
Princeton, N. J. Sunday school, 9.45.
No service in evening.
Capita". Street—The Rev. B. M.
Ward, pastor. 10.45, "Joy After Sor
row." 8, "Heed In God's Voice."
Sunday school at 12.15.
Paxton—The Rev. Harry B. King,
pastor, will preach at 11 a. m. and
7.30 p. m. Sunday school at 10.
Pine Street—The Rev. John M.
Warden, assistant pastor. 10.30, "The
Spirit of Christ." 7.30, "If It Had Not
Come," the Rev. H. H. Baldwin.
Memorial services for Charles
Waltz, of Penbrook, who was killed
on the battlefront in France, July
18, will be held at the Church of
God, Penbrook, on Sunday evening.
The Rev. Jay C. Forncrook, the
pastor, will officiate, assisted by the
Rev. J. M. Waggoner.
The Rev. Bruce A. Wentz, Lancas
ter, will preach at St. John's Re
formed Church, morning and even
inf, September 8.
Insists That Frail,
Nervous Women Can
Speedily Become
Strong and Vigorous
A Vigorous Healthy Body,
Sparkling Eyes and Health-
Colored Cheeks Come in Two
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tive and so keen-minded that they
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The vital health building elements
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If you are ambitious, crave success
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■tarted, your money is watting for you.
It belongs to you. for the discoverer
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Note to Physlclanst There Is no
secret about the formula of Bio-feren,
it is printed on every package. Here
It is; Lecithin; Calcium Glycerophos
phate; Iron Peptonate; Manganese
Peptonate; Ext. Nux Vomica: Powd.
Gentian; Phenalphthaleln; Olcoresln
Capsicum; Kolo.
HJ I Promises to keep
• I Teeth clean; to
J help care sen-
V sitive, bleeding
f • gams, - - - -
# Ask your Dentist.
he knows. Onssle
A stall druggists and
DENTISTS toilet counters.
r -
! Character Furniture
! at prices that arc less. None but such a store as ours
with the lowest possible overhead expense could
offer the quality of furniture we sell at our CUT
A Few Specials For the Week
4-piece Walnut Suite in Adam Design as
illustrated. Large cases, (P Y
nicely finished
9-piece Walnut Suite, 60 inch buffet, 48 inch
table, large China cabinet, 5 side chairs and 1 arm
chair, genuine blue leather
covering • UU
3-piece Davenport-bed Suites in oak, fumed oak
or mahogany upholstered in (P O Q *7 /T
brown mulGskin or tapestry .... Zr • / KJ
Floor Lamps |
beautiful silk shades in rose
or gold. Mahogany bases, A
2 lights, I
$17.50 |
If you have a suite of furniture of any kind with
which you are not satisfied, we will dispose of it for
you and deliver a fine, new suite of modern design
at a minimum difference in cost. 'Phone or write
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Our Loiv TjChas. F. Q I
Expense Is ! 1+ OOVe Or
y °" r £!tg Furniture Company, j
Saving r " Credit
— 1415-19 N. Second St. !