Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 06, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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Complication Arises in Fight
Over Food-Production
Washington, Spt, 6.—A bar that
Senator Kellogg, of Minnesota, de
clared was nine miles long and
which, he said, was making the mu
nition workers of Duluth, Minn., less
sfficlent in their work, as well as al
laying the thirsts of the two dry
cities of Duluth and Superior, Wis..'
caused the Senate yesterday to adopt
a resolution empowering President
Wilson to establish dry rones of any
sire he wishes around munition
This bar of record sire is located,
at Oliver. Wis., midway between Du
luth and Superior, said Senator Kel
logg. He said that it was established ,
to supply the dry cities and the mu-|
nttlon workers from nearby plants.
The laws of the state of Wisconsin.,
he explained, permit one bar to be
established in a new town of 250 in
habitants. So the town of Oliver was
created and a bar opened. The bar.
he said, now virtually extends for j
nine miles between the two cities.
Among other facilities it has at least
seven wholesale liquor establishments
connected with it to supply whisky;
for the munition workers of Duluth.:
All of the liquor traffic between
Duluth and Superior, said Senator:
Kellogg, is being conducted under the
license of the bar established at
Oliver and there is no way under the
laws of Wisconsin to stop it.
He introduced a resolution em-j
powering the President to establish
dry zones of any size around coal;
mines, munition factories, shipbuild-;
ing plants and any other war ma- i
terlal factories. It was adopted im- j
mediately and now goes to the;
In offering his resolution, which;
contained the same provisions as'
part of the "bone dry" prohibition |
amendment recently addeil to the:
food production bill by the Senate, i
Senator Kellogg intimated that the;
food production bill, which the Sen-;
ate has been considering all week. :
may be held up indeiiniteely in con- j
ference, and that the fate of the war;
time national prohibition amend
ment is not cdTtain. Senator Kellogg's
resolution now goes to the House for'
passage. If it is adopted in that j
branch of Congress dry zones can j
be established anywhere in thej
country where there are munition ]
Romano!! Family Is
Reported Assassinated
Madrid, Sept. 6.—.4 dispatch from !
London reported the assassination of !
the former Russian Empress and her 1
daughters, but in view of steps taken '
by King Alfonso to obtain the trans- j
fer to Spain of the family of ex- '
Czar Nicholas, the report was treated
with reserve.
r El Sol says the Spanish ambas
sador at Berlin conferred on the
question of removing the ex-Empress
and her daughters from Russia with
M. Joffe, the Bolshevik ambassador
at Berlin. At the same time a Span
ish military medical mission, which :
was in Germany in connection with •
the exchange of prisoners, left for j
Russia and is now said to be with the ;
ex-Empress and daughters. El Sol
says the ex-Empress and her chil- j
dren will come to Spain on a yacht
flying the Papal colors and will re- j
side in the Magdalena palace at (
Santander. The newspaper adds that j
it seems difficult to believe the nego
tiations could be continued without
the Spanish government learning of
the death of the ex-Empress.
150 Hon U-Boats Have
Been Destroyed; U-20
and U-44 Among Them
London, Sept. 6.—Although the
British government does not intend
to adopt the practice of giving proof
of official utterances made by Its ;
ministers, it has been thought de
sirable to print in to-day's news
papers the names of the command
ing officers of 150 German subma
rines which have been disposed of
in order to substantiate the state
ment of Premier Lloyd George in the
House of Commons that "at least
150 of these ocean pests have been
Among the officers named are:
Kapitan Lieutenant Schweiger,
who. while In command of the U-20,
torpedoed the Lusitanla In May,
1915. The U-20 was lost on the Dan
ish coast in 1916, but Schweiger sur
vived and was in command of the
U-80, which was lost with all hands
In September, 1917.
Kapitan Lieutenant Paul Wagen
fukr, who sank the steamer Belgian
Prince. July 31, 1917. and drowned
forty of the crew, whom he had or
dered to line up on the submarine's i
deck when the U-boat was about to
submerge. His submarine, the U-44, I
was sunk with all hands about a
fortnight later.
Hun Executioner, Enemy
Alien, to Be Interned;
Pleads "Law of Country"
New York. Sept. B.—Gustave
Kordes, an official German execu- :
tloner, told officers of the Enemy
Allen Bureau here that he had not
registered as an enemy alien because !
he would have had to submit several '
photographs and "in Germany an i
executioner is not permitted to have t
his photograph taken." His intern
ment was recommended, despite his ;
plea that "a man should not be com- !
pelled to violate what is the law of !
his country."
Posters will be distributed to doc- '
tors who call at the mayor's office j
to-morrow or thereafter to be pasted !
on the windshields of doctors' au
tomobiles in order that the traffic i
officers will be able to distinguish
them and facilitate their passage
through crowded traffic. A green:
cross will be the symbol of the doc- I
tors' cars. It is pionted out that >
the green cross will also serve to!
distinguish a doctor's car from that'
of a slacker on "gasoiineless Sun- I
days." They physicians will be ex
pected to remove the symbol of I
their profession when not on pro
fessional calls.
Howard David Schwarz. 719 North
Sixth street, was called by City I
Board. No. 1. for immediate military I
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SEPTEMBER 6, 1918.