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Cumberland Valley
Cumberland County Growers
to Inspect Methods and
Conditions on Trip
Carlisle. Pa.. Aug. 12. Arrange
ments have been completed by the
Cumberland County Farm Bureau for
an extensive automobile tour for
Cumberland county growers, to give
them an insight into conditions and
methods used in other sections. It is
the first of a number of educational
plans fostered by the Farm Bureau.
The route will be through parts of
Pennsylvania. Maryland. West Vir
g.i a and Virginia, and the tour will
open on Monday. August 19. conclud
ing August 21. On Monday orchards
in the neighborhood of Waynesboro
and in the Smithburg belt will be vis
it.'! and the night spent at Waynes
boro., On Tuesday Adams county will
be vfsited. with trip over the Get
tysburg battlefield in the morning and
d parture for Winchester. Va„ byway
of Harper's Ferry, in the afternoon.
Thursday will he given over to tours
in Frederick county. Va., and on Fri
day the route will be to Hancock,
Md. Members of the Virginia State
Horticultural Association will accom
pany the Cumberland countians on the
return trip on Saturday.
Wnynesboro. Pa.. Aug. 12. Victor
C. Martin, son of X. B. Martin, edi
tor of the Daily Herald, came near be
ing killed while at work in one of
the munition factories at Hagers
town. Md. He was assisting in get
ting a large boring tool from the bar
rel of a rifle or cannon that had he
come fast. While holding on to the
tool another man was striking it with
a sledge, when the barrel turned.
That caused the sledge to glance and
Mr. Martin received the force of the
blow on his forehead, which knocked
him three feet and rendered him un
conscious for one-half hour. A deep
sca'.p wound was inflicted.
Carlisle. Pa . Aug. 12.—Quick work
with sand and mud saved from com
plete destruction, on Saturday, a large
delivery truck of the Schmidt Bakery,
of Harrisburg, which caught tire at
New Kingston while coining to Car
lisle. Residents of the section aided
the driver in extinguishing the blaze.
The truck was damages considerably.
If He Drinks
POWDERS Secretly
Any mother, wife or sister can
stop the Drink Habit, if she wants
to do so. Thousands of women are
happy today because they gave their
husbands, sons or brothers "Tescum
Powers." The powders are taste
less and harmless and can be given
in either liquid or solid food.
You take no risk as Tescum Pow
ders are sold under a steel-bound
money-refund guarantee by J. Nel
son Clark at SI.OO per box, or six
boxes for 15.00.
Day And
Open all Year
a your course NOW. We save I
■ you time and make you
I more thorough.
§ Several prominent educa- g
H tors recently said, "It's the ■
a only really modern Business I
a School in Harrisburg."
Charles R. Beckley,
1 Principal
121 Market Street
Emphatically Asserts Worn
\ Out, Lagging Men Can
Quickly Become Vigorous
and Full of Ambition
t>on't blamo the man who Is perpet
ually tired; his blood needs more red
.■orpuscles and his brain and nerves
are craving for food.
Given the right kind of medicine,
• any tired-out. inactive, lagging fel
low can quickly be made into a real
live, energetic and even ambitious
So says a student of the nervons
system who advises all men and
women who feel worn out and who
find it hard to get up ambition
enough to take a regular job to get a
package of Bio-feren at any druggist.
This 1 s the new discovery that
pharmacists are recommending be
cause it is not expensive and speedily
puts vigor and ambition into people
who despaired of ever amounting to
anything in life.
People whose nerves have been
wrecked by too rapid living, too much
tobacco or alcohol, have regained their
S. S. S. Clears Skin of Erup
tions, Drives Poisons From
the System
Get it fixed in your mind that skin
eruptions. Scrofula, Eczema, burn
ing. itching skin, and all skin dis
eases are due entirely to impure and
infected blood. If the trouble was
on the outside of the skin, by sim
ply washing and keeping it clean
you could obtain relief—not even
ointments, lotions, and salves would
be necessary. Agree with us in this
belief, and your trouble can be re
lieved—you can be entirely restored
to health. S. S. S. is a purely vege
table treatment that you can secure
from your own druggist—it is a
blood tonic that will purify your
blood and cause a most decided
Residents of Buena Vista and
Cascade Region Excited
Over Yellow Metal
Waynesboro, Pa., Aug. 12.—Some
| residents of the Buena Vista and
l Cascade region claim to have found
! something which if not gold looks
I for all the world like it. In a little
mountain brook that leaps out of
; the high cliff overlooking the Cas
j cades they found sundry small frag
, ments of metal that have all the
j appearance of real gold nuggets.
i They are having them assayed, and.
j if found to be the real thing, a gold
j fever will break out on South Jloun-
I tain compared to which the copper
; epidemic of a few years ago was
| but a mild influenza.
The finders of the precious metal
! aer carefully guarding their finds
I and will make no definite move to
consolidate their claims, by grub
| staking and otherwise, till they have
i the real thing. .
Waynesboro. Pa., Aug. 12.—Re-'
• markable occurrences and unusual
j sounds coming from the mountains
| between Mt. Quirauk observatory
j and the section around Cascade and
! Lake Royer are shrouded in mys
; tery. and residents of that vicinity
: have called on the sheriff of Wash
ington county, Md., to have the
' mountain searched for a woman.
; who it is believed is demented, held
I captive or lost in the mountains.
! and whose cries have been heard at
j intervals the past several days.
i Waynesboro, Pa.. Aug. 12. —■ Sev
, enty students from the United States
Army Training School, at Camp Hola
■ bird. Baltimore, under the command of
■ Major Lewis and Lieutenant Couch
man. passed through Waynesboro on
Saturday on motorcycles. A total of
| ion men comprised the unit, counting
' the occupants of the commanding of
ficers' cars, service and kitchen ear
and the two occupants of each of the
thfrty-ftve motorcycles.
Waynesboro, Pa., Aug. 12. All
Waynesboro employes in the local fac
tories will, for the first time in the
history of this city, observe Labor
Day. Slonday. September 2. as a holi
! day. The local union committees at a
meeting Saturday took the flrst steps
in planning for a hie celebration here
on that holiday. The event will start
i with a monster parade in the morn
, mg. at 9 o'clock
Liverpool. Pa., Aug. 12. —Rev. G.
:C. Cramer, pastor of the United
; Evangelical church of this borough.
has raised a prize pumpkin measur
! ing fifty-four inches in circumfer
ence in his'war garden this season.
Hummelstown. Pa.. Aug. 12.
John Yingst who lives south of town.'
received a helmet which was taken
from the Germans by his son Chaun
i cey, 'who is serving in the United
States Army in France. Mr. Yingst
has three sons who are overseas.
Dillsburg. Pa., Aug. 12.—Miriam
' Phultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.
E. Shultz, broke her arm on Thurs
day evening. She had accompanied
! her parents to the home of her
grandfather, who had died during the
afternoon, and while there slipped on
the single tree of a wagon and fell.
Marietta, Pa., Aug. 12.—The par
-1 ents of Albertus Abel, of Wrights
: ville, received a letter from a nurse
i in a French hospital, in which she
says that their son was wounded in
an engagement during July, and is in
| a serious condition.
Marietta. Pa., Aug. 12.—The Rev.
, I. W .Taylor assumed his new duties
as treasurer and manager of the
i Eiizabethtown College. For ten years
;he was the superintendent of the
1 Xeffsville Brethren Home.
old-time confidence and energy in lesa
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nerves went back on you: no matter
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then one after each meal till all ara
Then if you still lack ambition: it
your nerves are not steady and yoih
haven't the energy that red-blooded,
keen-minded men possess, your pur
chase money will be gladly returned.
Note to Physicians: There is no
secret about the formula of Bio-feren,
it is printed on every package. Hero
it is: Lecithin; Calcium Glycero
phosphate; Iron Peptonate; Manga
nese Peptonate; Ext. Nux Vomica;
Powdered Gentian; Phenolphtbalein;
Olearesin Capsicum-; Kola.
abatement of your trouble, and
finally make you entirely well. Fifty
years ago S. S. S. was discovered
and given to suffering mankind.
During this period it has proven its
remarkable curative properties as a
blood purifier and tonic, and has re
lieved thousands of cases of disease
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chronic or inherited blood diseases.
You can be relieved, but you must
take S. S. S. Take it if only pim
ples appear, for they denote bad
blood, and may be followed by the
sufferings from torturing skin erup
tions. Therefore be sure. Don't
take chances, don't use lotions. Get
S. S. S. from your druggist. If yours
Is a special case, write for expert
medical advice. Address Medical
Director, 43 8 Swift Laboratory. At
tanta, Ga.
Cups Awarded to Successful
Competitors at Child Wel
fare Exhibit
Meeluiulesburg. Pa., Aug. 12.
! Interest to a marked degree was
manifested by the Mechanicsburg
people and those of the vicinity in j
the baby saving show and child wel- i
fare exhibit under the chairman
ship of Mrs. N. W. Hershner. and!
held afternoons and evenings of j
Friday and Saturday in the high!
school building.
The heavy downpour of rain.
' howover, Saturday prevented what [
would probably have been the larg
est attendance, as many people from |
nearby towns' and country had >
planned to attend that evening.
Until that time, seventy-nine i
babies had been weighed and meas- J
ured. with the result that Vance j
Stanley Moyer, the 18-months-old |
son of Dr. and Mrs. William G.
Moyer, South Market street, and |
Ada V. Martin, the 20-months-old j
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Foster |
Martin, West Main street, came j
nearest the standard measurements i
and won the silver cups. To the i
former was presented the cup given j
by the Thomas Printing House and
to the latter that by the Woman's;
Other babies coming near the
standard were Jean Davis. Elva
Mary Getz. Samuel Zufall Jr., Al
bert Stahl. Henry William Ford, of
Mechanicsburg. and Keith Zerbe, of
Shiremanstown. , - |
Among the speakers were Dr. |
Harvey B. Bashore, Dr. Karl Shaffle
and the Rev. Dr. T. J. Ferguson.,
Pasteurized milk samples were dis-1
triublted by Ryder Brothers West j
Shore Dairy, of L;moyne, and a'
I short talk given as to the benefits j
i cf its use.
Mrs. C. E. Walters, Philadelphia,
! is here taking care of her mother- '
i in-law, Mrs. Nettie Thompson, who
has been il! for several weeks.
Miss Cqrrie Brown of Harrisburg'
is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. j
; Frank Brown.
Prof, and Mrs. A. E. Deckard ofj
Marysviile are visiting relatives here.
Mr. and ?>Tr. E. J. Kirtz wero at j
New York Isst week to bid good-by;
1 to their son. Edward, who is now on.
! his way to France; another son is!
ir. France.
Miss Nellie Shuler, of Girard Col
lege. Philadelphia, is visiting here,
i with her mother Mrs. Caroline!
Shuler. i
Mr. and Mrs. Abner Demmy, and
i two children of Oberlin. spent yes- ;
terday with Mrs. Demmy's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deimler.
Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Kilmer spent
the weekend at Mt. Gretna.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hartz. of Pal-:
myra. spent yesterday with Mrs. '•
Hartz's mother. Mrs. Christian Bals-j
Mrs. Ossman. of Goldsboro, is
spending several weeks at the home
, of D. E. Mack.
i' Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cassel, Harris
fburg, spent yesterday with Mrs.
I Cassel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
. uel Allwine.
Mr. and Mrs. John Leibig. of Leb- 1
anon, are spending several days with
the family of Frank Keller,
i Harvey Buch and family, of
I Eiizabethtown. are visiting at the;
, home of M. F. Nissley.
Miss Barbara E. Kline spent yes- j
; terday at Lemoyne the guests of
Mrs. Rebecca Rltner.
f John Reaser visited friends in
Harrisburg on Saturday.
Mrs. Darius Mack and daughter.
Miss Annie, left on Saturday for
Pittsburgh, where they will spend
the week with Mrs. Mack's son 1
Homer Mack.
Miss Mabel Updegrove. of Harris-!
; burg, spent yesterday with Mrs. Sam- !
uel Hartz.
! Gilbert Killough, of Baltimore, is l
: visiting his mother.
R. R. Deimler and family of Har-i
risburg, spent yesterday with rela-•
tives in town.
Dauphin Girl Goes to
Army Camp as Nurse
■ 9
ft L JO
Dauphin, Pa.. August 12.—Another
star to be added to Dauphin's ser
vice is that of Miss Mary Kath
arine Long, oaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
I. Lane Long, who left last week for
Camp Wheeler. Macon, Georgia, as
' a Red Cross Army nurse. Miss Long:
is an alumna of the Dauphin High
I school, and in 1917 graduated from!
the Memorial Hospital at Mount!
| Pleasant, Pa She was head night!
! nurse at a private hospital at Gale-!
| ton. and at the time of her enlist
ment was nursing at the Lewistownj
hospital. Miss Long's brother Ord- j
nance Sergeant Raymond Long, is a'
member of the Twenty-eighth Divi
sion Headquarters, now in Franca.
Mrs. Raymond Gilbert Hostess
For Big Party of Young
Folks at Stoverdale
Stovprtlale, Pa., Aug. 12. —Mrs. j
Raymond Gilbert entertained the D. |
F. Club, of Mlddletown, at her cot- j
tage, Kamp Komfort. A supper was
served to Misses Martha Swartz. Ro- j
maine Kennard, Ruth.McNair, Oma j
Lutz, Charlene Fissel, Agnes Mark- I
ley, Verona Keiper, Mrs. John Kei- j
per, Mrs. Lloyd Lindemuth, Erma ,
Brenneman and Mrs. Raymond Gil- ,
Mrs. Emory Fisher, Sr., of Emory |
Villa, is spending some time at her
Harrisburg home.
Mrs. Harry Barnard, of Plainfiald, j
X. J., is spending some time at the ;
Fern Cliffe.
Miss K. E. Landis, of the Poly- !
clinic Hospital, Harrisburg; Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Stauft'er and son, Robert I
Lee Stauft'er, of Harrisburg; Mr. and j
Mrs. Xeal Miller, Miss Helen Mfani
fold and Herbert Brown, of Pal- '
myra, are occupying Wood Haven j
Misses Emma Smith, Eliza Buck, |
Mildred Rupp, Xora Wolf, Emma |
Wolf, Mrs. M. R. Swartz. Claude i
Rupp and Harry Wolf, of Chamber j
Hill, are occupying the Hill Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Beard, of High
spire, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Dift'enderfer, at the Idylwyld.
Dr. W, B. Kirkpatrick, of High
spire, spent Friday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Kiefer, and family.
Dr. and Mrs. Frapk Kitzmiller, |
sons, Frank, Jr., Robert and Jack !
Kitzmiller, and daughter, Janet
Kitzmiller, of Harrisburg, are oc- •
cupying their cottage, Creek View.
Miss Elmira Weaver left on Fri- [
day for her home in Harrisburg aft- i
er spending three weeks with her j
aunt, Mrs. Nelson Johnson, at Sel- j
dorn Inn.
Frank H. Knisely, of Harrisburg, j
and Elwood George Ruth, of High
spire, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. I
Edwin J. Knisely, at Sweet Rest. i
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Yingst and :
daughters, Dorothy and Evelyn '
Yingst, of Harrisburg; Mr. and Mrs. j
Raymond Gilbert and Earl Geyer, of j
Mlddletown, are spending two weeks i
at Kamp Komfort.
Master Edward Benson and Pier-, I
son Jones, of Harrisburg, spent a ;
day with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Can- J
ning at The Edgewood.
Mrs. Harry Horner and son, j
Bruce, of Baltimore; Misses Grace j
and Pearl Horner, of Hummelstown, .
spent a day with their aunt, Mrs. J. I
L. Cole, at the Georgeanidn.
Misses Jane Bomgardner, Ruth
Light. Katherine Brinser, Mary Brin
ser, Annie Burkholder, /Josephine !
Burkholder and Mary Light, of Hunt- j
nielstown, are accupying the Hillside
during camp.
Mrs. Lillie Stover and daughter, j
Pauline Stover, of Hummelstown,
are occupying The Acorn.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Habbyshaw, Jr.,
and daughter, Dorothy, of Hum- |
melstown, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. [
Ed Habbyshaw, Sr., at Happy Inn.
Mrs. Walter Sides entertained Mrs. j
John Hoke, of Camden, X. J.; Mrs. |
Lloyd Lehman and son, Bruce, and j
daughter, Erma Lehman, and Rus- |
sell Workman, of Highspire, at her j
cottage, Zowie, on Friday.
George Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- J
thur Henry and daughters, Lila and j
Marion Henry; Mrs. EUf.er Draw
baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
Brown and son, Marshall Brown,
Jr., of Harrisburg. were guests of
Mrs. G. E. Henry at the Wohelo.
Ralph Diehl, of Paxtang. and Miss
Bertha Wise, of the Harrisburg Hos
pital, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. j
Frank Witmer, at the Clyfrest.
Mr. and Mrs. John Keefer and j
sons, Howard and Donald Keefer, of |
Highspire, are occupying the Wetzel j
Mrs. Ella Glatfelter. Mr. and Mrs. j
W. J. Albright and daughter, Marie ;
Albright, and George Reed, of Mid
dlesex, motored to the grove and
spent a day with Mr. and Mrs. V al
ter DifTend'erfer, at the Idylwyld-
I/O wis town. Pa., Aug. 12.—A Red
Cross carnival was held on Friday
and Saturday in Xorth Main and East
and West Third strets. There were
about a hundred different kinds ot
amusements and the fire department
took a big interest in the event. The j
Lewistown drum corps, the Burnham j
community band and the Frederick
Wicke Concert Company, helped to
enliven the occasion.
Canton. Ohio. —"I suffered from
n trouble which caused me
11111111111111111 l much suffering, j
UUfJll I and two doctors'
decided that I
would have to
go through an
-BtTB operation before j
WC| ~ IE I could get well,
fewe' mother.'
116"* who had been
j helped by Lydia \
IjMr _iyj E. Pinkham'a
JiU IF"'. Vegetable Com-
I . pound advised
f ' me to try it be
' * fore shbmitting
an operation.
It relieved me from my troubles so j
I can do my housework without any j
difficulty. I advise any woman who i
is afflicted with female troubles to j
give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable i
Compound a trial, and it will do as
much for them."—Mrs. MARIE j
BOYD. 1421 sth St. X. E„ Canton, O. I
Sometimes there are serious con- !
ditions where a hospital operation
is the only alternative, but on the'
other "hand so many women have;
been cured by this famous rbot and I
■herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's;
Vegetable Compound, after doctors
have said that an operation was nec
essary—every woman who wants to
avoid an operation sHuld give it a
fair trial before submitting to such a
trying ordeal.
If complications exist, write to j
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., |
Lynn, Mass., for advice. The result'
of many years' experience Is at your .
For Sldn Soreness
of infants and children you can find
nothing that heals like
Sykes Comfort Powder j
Leading physicians and nurses have used
and endorsed it for more than 25 years.
25c at the Vlnol and other drug stores
The Comfort PowderCo,, Boston, Mass.
York County Camps Send
Representatives to Big
Dillsburg, Pa., Aug. 12.—The York
County P. O. S. of A. convention was
held here on Saturday in the Dills
burg opera house. There were thirty
five camps represented and an at
tendance of ono hundred and six
members and a number of visitors.
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: 215 Market Street Opposite Courthouse ;
The convention was called to order
by J. J. Klugh, president. W. S.
Ylngllng acted as secretary on ac
count of the regular secretary, A. D.
Swarts, having been called into war
service, fc. L. Oberland was treas
urer; H. J. Giadfelter, vice-presi
dent, and D. L. Hoke, master of
The president made the following
appointments: S. P. Shearer, con
ductor; W. C. Reever, inspector; O.
E. Prick, guard; H. A. Ingelfritz, as
sistant secretary, and the Rev. J. N.
Foust, chaplain. C. E. Cook, of the
local camp, and representative of the
York county Second legislative dis
trict, made the address of welcome.
W. A. Sinnes. president of district
No. 5, made the response.-The Rev.
AUGUST 12, 1918.
| H. E. Crow, pastor of the Dillsburg
I Methodist Episcopal Church, offered
i the opening prayer.
The president announced the fol
lowing committees:
i Credentials. A. J. Hershey, B. A.
: Shrener and Fred Aldinger.
Committee on district presidents'
I report, C. A. Hlbner, F. B. Heilland,
I C. C. Bair. E. F. Six, J. W. Reieker
I and H. E. Jenkins.
Auditing committee, Charles F.
Pomeraning, Steward Miller and C.
I E. Klinedinst.
Appropriation. E. E. Houseman, J.
; W. Sflyder and O. E. Frick.
I Resolution committee, J. G. Glad
j felter, B. E. Myers and H. E. Erhart.
j The Ladles' Aid Society of the
i Dillsburg Lutheran Church furnish
ed the noon meal.
The election pf officers, resulted as
follows: President, H. J. Giadfelter: i
■ vice-president, D. L. Hoke; master oft
forms, A. J. Hershey; secretary, W.
S, Yingling; treasurer, K. L>. Ober
lander; district president, first dis
trict. L. Mercer; second. C. J.
Shelter; third, "W. C. Reever: fourth,
C. A. Wentz; fifth, B. L,. Resh; sixth,
W. H. Lorbet.
West York was chosen for the next
place of meeting. During the after
noon addresses were made by E. S.
Brooks, J. Calvin Strayer and the
Rev. J. N. Faust.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
; refund money if it fails. 25c