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Jeff Seems to Have Tough Luck in Getting an Unbreakable
* "|
' l © ij'JJ «3mAC2——
Four Pitchers Were Bumped Hard
in White Rose Camp
Cocklll's crew started a four-day i
trip at home to-day, playing Allen
town. Harrisburg Is in fourth place,
but winning to-day would put the Sen
ators tie with the Teutons. Four vic
tories would give the local Crusaders
an advantage in the race for a finish
at the head on July 4.
The game at York yesterday was a
stick battle. Both teams used two
twirlers. Harrisburg won by a score
of 7to 4. All pitchers were hit hard.
Rain stopped the game in the eighth.
York chased Sheridan to the bench
in the very first inning, scoring three
runs. With only one out, O'Neill was
sent to the mound and stopped the
Owens, who started for York, was
also hit hard in the opening round!
and was given miserable support.
Keyes was safe on Ritter's error. Crist
hit safely and Cockill bunted to Pos
ter, who fumbled the ball and with the
bases filled Miller hit safely and two I
runners crossed the plate.
Harrisburg took the lead in the
third inning by timely hits. Cockill
and Miller singled and Cruiksha.nk I
tripled. It was at this stage of the
game that Owens was yanked from
the box and Milliman substituted.
Whalen hit safely and Cruikshank
Doubles in succession by Crist and
H| fiw> Prince Albert everywhere; the JMHHB
MB red baga , sc; reef trn«, /0c; flß^Hs^V
I pound and half'pound humidor I
Cockill scored a run for the Senators
in the fourth inning. The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Keyes, rf 6 1 1 1 0 0
Crist, 3b 5 2 2 3 0 0
Cockill, lb 4 1 2 4 1 0
Miller, c 5 1 2 1 1 0
Cruikshank, cf .. 4 1 1 1 0 0
Whalen, ss 4 1 1 4 7 0
McCarthy, 2b ... 4 0 1 7 2 1
Emerson, If 3 0 2 3 0 0
Sheridan, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
O'Neill, p 4 0 1 0 2 0
Totals 38 7 13 24 13 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
ISwayne, cf 5 1,4 2 0 0
Dundon, 2b 3 11 4 4 0
Hooper, If 4 0 0 0 1 0
Poster, lb 3 1 2 9 3 1
Clay, rf 4 1 1 1 0 0
Hopke, 3b 4 0 2 0 5 0
Ritter, ss 4 0 0 3 3 3
Jarosick, c 3 0 2 5 0 0
Owens, p 1 0 0 0 1 0
Milliman, p 3 0 0 0 3 0
Totals 34 4 12 24 20 4
Harrisburg 2 0 3 1 1 0 0 x—7
York 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 o—4
Left on bases, York, 6; Harrisburg,;
7. First base on errors, Harrisburg, j
3. Pitcher losing game, Owens. Hits, |
off Sheridan, 3 in 1-2 inning; off
O'Neill, 9 in 7 2-3 innings; off Owens,
|6 in' 2 1-3 innings; off Milliman, 7in
5 2-3 innings. Two-base hits, Crist,
Cockill, ONeill, Poster. Three-base
hits, Foster, Cruikshank. Douhle play,
Whalen to McCarthy to Cockill. Struck
lout, Milliman, 2; Owens, 2; O'Neill, 1.
Bases on balls, Milliman, 2; O'Neill, 2.
Umpire, Glatts. Time, 1.45.
The annual meeting of the Pennsyl
vania State Bankers' Association will
be held to-morrow and Friday at Red
ford Springs. Local bankers who will
attend are: George W. Reily, Donald
McCormiok. James Brady and Robert
M. Rutherford, of Steelton.
Record Price Is Paid
For One Ball Game
Special to The Telegraph
Toledo, Ohio, June 24.—1n one of
the most remarkable events in the his
tory of organized baseball, the Ath
letics lost to the Chicago Cubs here
yesterday, score 8-7.
This was perhaps the first occasion
on record where two major league
clubs played without any admission
charge. The entire expenses of the
day, $2,000 to each club, were borne
by John North Willys, president of the
Willys-Overland Automobile Company.
It was his desire to give a great out
ing to all the employes of the great
Overland factory, and 12,000 persons
saw the contest between the two clubs
that in 1910 battled for the world's
Home Run Baker lived true to his
reputation, lining out a. home run over
the right field fence on his first trip
to the plate.
Xat Goodwin as "Kagin" in "Oliver
Twist"—« reels at the Photoplay to
! day.—Advertisement.
By Associated Press
Indianapolis. Ind., June 24. —Tom
Seaton, pitcher of the Brooklyn Fed
erals, who drew a three days' suspen
sion, along with Manager Bradley, for
aiguing with the umpires, said last
night that he would quit the Federal
League unless his suspension should
be lifted by President James A. Gil
"The umpires had absolutely no
right to suspend me," said Seaton. "I
merely asked them about the way one
of the pitchers was standing on the
mound, and now I have been notified
that I have been suspended for three
days. This kind of stuff will not go
with me."
Resolute Wins Again;
Finished Far Ahead
Special to The Telegraph
Rye, N. Y., June 24.—A1l three of
the cup defense aspirants, the Reso
lute, Vanitie and Definance, met yes
terday for the first time in a com
pleted race and finished in the order
named, with the flax officer's yacht a
winner by many minutes. It was her
sixth and lonncst victory over the
Vanitie, which seemed slower than
usual, while the Defiance, which had
a chance for the first time to show her
worth, proved a disappointment. The
Resolute finished in 4 hours 54 7-10
Hoffman's Triple Wins Game
Special to The Telegraph
Reading, Fa., June 2 4. —One clean
hit by Izzy Hoffman won the game
yesterday for Reading. The Teutons
put up a hard battle. The score by
Allentown .. 00201020 o—s 11 1
Reading 000 3 4000 jc—7 12 2
Ratteries: Teal and Monroe; Boher
and Roelzle.
Chicks Divide With Tigers
Special to The Telegraph
Wilmington. Del., June 24. The
Chicks lost to Trenton in the first game
of a double-header yesterday, score
7 to 5. and won the second, score 3
to 0. Timely hits counted in each con
test. The score by innings:
First game— R. H. E.
Trenton 00011301 I—7 11 2
Wilmington . 1001 02 1 0 o—s 7 5
Ratteries: Williams, Meehan and
Smith; Jannan, Mehaffey and Shollen
Second game— R.H.E.
Trenton 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—o 2 2
Wilmington ..0 0 1 1 0 1 x —3 4 0
Ratteries: Meehan and Cassell;
Swallow and Fry.
George Cockill, Bucknell Coach;
Hears Good News Early Today
Harrisburg Manager Will Not Quit His Present Job Until
Close of Baseball Season
George Cockill was last night elect-,
ed head coach at Bucknell University.
This good news reached the baseball
manager through the Harrisburg Tele
graph to-day. He had been expecting
it but not so soon. Being head coach
will not take Manager Cockill away
from Harrisburg at this time, but does
mean that Tech high school will have
to look after another football coach
for next season.
As head coach at Bucknell George
Cockill succeeds "By" Dickson who
had charge of the baseball, basketball
and football teams at Bucknell, and
resigned to accept a similar position
with the University of Pennsylvania.
The election of Cockill is for two years.
His home is at Lewisburg and he has
been identified with Bucknell .for a
long time.
Cockill assisted Dickson last season
and was very popular with the play
ers and students. Cockill had the rare
distinction of earning four Bs in one
year, having made the football, bas
ketball, baseball and track teams In
his senior year at Bucknell. The Ath
letic Advisory Board awarded track
Bs to Yowen, Evans, Butt, Smith, Wel-
Baseball Today;
Scores of Yesterday
Trl-State Leacue
Allentown at Harrisburg.
Trenton »< Reading.
'Wilmington n't York.
National I.WKUf
Brooklyn nt Philadelphia <2 gamed).
New York nt Ronton <2 game"*.
Chicago nt Cincinnati.
St. Louis at Pittsburgh.
American League
Philadelphia at Washington.
Boston nt New York.
Cleveland nt St. Louis.
Detroit at Chicago.
Federal League
Kansns City at Indianapolis.
Chicago at St. Loula.
Trl-State League
Allentown at Harrisburg.
Wilmington nt York.
Trenton nt Reading.
National Lengue
Brooklyn nt Philadelphia <2 games).
New Y'ork at Honton (2 games).
Chicago nt ClnclnnHtl.
St. Louis at Pittsburgh.
American Leasrue
Philadelphia nt Washington.
Boston at New Y'ork.
Detroit at Chicago.
Cleveland at St. I,outs. |
Federal League
Kaunas City nt Indlnnapolls.
Chicago ut St. i.ouln.
Brooklyn at Baltimore.
Pittsburgh at Buffalo, j
Trl-State I.eague
llnrriahurK, 7; York, 4.
Trenton. 7i Wilmington, 5.
W ilmington. 3; Trenton, O (2d game) ;
Reading, 7* Allentown, .1.
National Leant
St. Louis, 71 Philadelphia, .1.
Brooklyn, 2i Pittsburgh, 1. :
Other cluhn not scheduled.
American Lengue
Cleveland, Si Detroit, 4.
Other clulin not scheduled. |
Federal League
Buffalo, 4< Chicago, 2.
Knnnan City, Si Pittsburgh, 2.
Baltimore. 8| St. I.ouln, S.
Indlannpolin, 12) Brooklyn, 3. |
Trl-State League
W. L P.C.
Reading 23 16 .MM) i
Allentown 25 18 .581 I
YY'iimlngton 22 17 .564 !
Harrlaburg 24 10 .558 |
Trenton 17 24 .415 .
York 12 20 .203 I
National I.eague I
W. L. P.C. I
New York 32 10 .627 !
Clnclnnntl ... . ..... 31 26 .544 !
St. I.ouls 31 20 5W
Pittsburgh 2«l 27 .401
Chicago 28 30 . 483
Philadelphia 24 37 .471
Brooklyn "1 SS .411
Boston 22 31 .415
American League
W. L. p.c,
Philadelphia 35 22 .1114
Detroit 3<( 27 . 571
St. Louis 32 27 .542
YVashlngton 31 27 . 534
Boston Mao 500
Chicago 2S 31 .475
New York -'O 33 .377
Cleveland 21 36 .368
Federal League
W. L. p.c. !
Indianapolis 32 23 . 582
Chicago 32 26 . 552
Baltimore 30 25 . 545
Buffalo 28 25 .528
Kansas Cttj 20 32 .475
Pittsburgh 25 30 .455
Brooklyn 23 28 .451
St. Louis 26 36 .410
He who loves God and His law
must hate the foes of God.— 1
George Elliot.
JUNE 24,1914.
.chance, Hasan and Glass, and T B Ta
to Aleshouckas, Walters and Yon.
Baseball Bs were awarded to Man
ager Reading, Crulkshank, Seaman,
Warrilow, Storer, Soxe, Leibensberger,
Buffington, Miller, Topham, Brenner
and Qdanlec. Five won their Bs for
the first time.
George Cockill started his profes
sional baseball career as a manager
of the old Villiamsport Tri-State
team. He has played with Montreal,
Scranton and other teams. He was
manager w'th Bill Coughlin of the
Reading team three years ago and has
been leader of the Harrisburg team
for two years, now being on his third
year. Last season he had charge of
the Technical high school football
squad and brought out a strong eleven,
the best Tech has ever had. George
Cockill has made good in basketball,
baseball and football. He played on
the famous Steelton team at one time.
During one season he was the leading
hitter in the Tri-State and has lead
the league as first baseman for sev
eral seasons. His friends in Harris
burg, Steelton and everywhere were
glad to hear of Manager Cockill's good
Tigers Defeat Yale;
Takes Championship
Special to The Telegraph
New York, June 24.—Princeton de
feated Yale in the deciding contest of
their series on the Polo Grounds yes
terday in a well-played game. The
score was 1 to 0. Deyo and Way had
a sensational pitchers' battle and the
little Princeton star won by a shade.
He permitted only three hits, all of
them going to Hanes, who had a per
fect hatting average. Princeton scored
the only run of the game in the fourth
Both teams fielded in sensational
style. Gill made two pretty one
handed pickups at third for Prince
ton, while Outfielders Falsey, Green
and Laird made good catches.
35 Fishermen Drowned
in Lake During Storm
By Associated Press
Friedrichshafen, Germany, Juije 24.
■—The bodies of ten fishermen were
recovered this morning from Lake
Constance and at least twenty-five
are missing, believed to have
been drowned in a sudden storm
which broke over this region yester
! day. The storm came so quickly that
| the fishermen were unable to reach
land, only a mile or so away.
Many were rescued by lake steamers
j and other craft after their light boats
| had capsized.
At Chambersburg yesterday Middle
town was blanked by Clay Hemming
! er's champs, score 2 to 0. Kling was
I hit in a bunch in two innings. The
I score by innings:
i Middletown ... 00000000 o—o 4 1
! Chambersburg 10000010 x—2 8 1
Batteries: Kling and Hippensteel;
I Washinger and Moore.
| Two local troops of Boy Scouts are in
I camp this week. Troop 4 Is camping
|on the Gettysburg Battlefield, and
| Troop 18 Is stationed at Cat's Bye View.
| '
j L
The Allison Shoe Repairing Company will have fallen prices of ladles',
gentlemen's and children s shoe repairing.
Men's—whole soles and heels—sewed $1.15
Men's—half soles and heels—sewed 0«e
Men's —half soles and heels—tacked 05c
Ladies'—half soles and heels—sewed 65c
Ladles'—half soles and heels—tacked 50c
Boys'—half soles and heels—tacked 50c
Men's rubber heels 40c
Ladies' rubber heels } 85c
Men's leather heels 20c
Ladies' leather heels 15e
Boys' leather heels » 15c
Heelplates and shoes stretched free of charge. The best white oak leather
used. The best Cat's Paw rubber heels. The best workmanship. Give us a
trial. Work will be called for and delivered free. Yours truly.
TONY DISCIASCIO 171 S. Summit St., City
* 1 Cumberland Valley Telephone 543 Z.
"A man without a wife is but half
a man." —Franklin.
For that trip, or for any
trip, here are the necessary
traveling bags and every
thing in the line of clothing
excepting the boutonniere.
For S2O, a traveling suit
that looks as quiet as a de
feated candidate.
320 Market Street
Buckhorn Wins the
Brooklyn Handicap
Special to The Telegraph
New York, June 24.—Buckhorn, R.
J. MacKenzie's 6-year-old bay horse,
by Broomstick, out of Thirty Third,
won the Brooklyn Handicap at the
Aqueduct track yesterday afternoon
before a crowd of 12,000 persons, af
ter one of the most thrilling finishes
that has ever marked this classic.
Buckhorn was 9 to 1 in the betting.
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