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We Want You to See Our
Ladies' Summer Apparel
Many pretty garments for summer wear are ready for inspection
Acre now. As an incentive to bring you liore to-morrow we offer as a
special for Friday and Saturday only.
$5.00 SUMMER DRESSES, $2.98
Two styles to choose from —one a pretty flowered crepe with silk
collar cuffs." girdle and buttons, the other a tine quality of striped lawn
with lace vest, six velvet loops and buttons and velvet girdle, full *o
values ; Friday and Saturday only. Choice $2.98
for *
Then there are other summer dresses in linen, lingerie, voile, etc.,
in many styles which under our pricing policy you may buy at about a
third less than actual $3.98 to $12.98
values T
Beautiful shepherd check and shepherd plaid skirts, the
in large designs, new models and the most popular skirt QR
this Spring; worth $5.00. Our price •
*■ X
Don't Overlook Our Spring Suit Sale
•v. (7 QQ gives you your choice
Oft gives you the choice $7.9$ „f all our best suits,
of a " our lo i worth $18.98 to $24.98 in pop
-514.98 Spring suits in serges, ij ns crepes, shepherd checks,
diagonals, Bedford cords, etc. etc.
10-12 South Fourth Street
■tf" Headquarters for Human Hair Braids at Lower
Prices Than You'll Find Elsewhere.
—Mil win M— \ ;| w*—* mmmmm —
Lunch With Mrs Wallis
at the Country Club
Luncheon guests of Mrs. Alice M.
Wallis. of 1717 North Second street, at
the Country Club of Harrisburg yes
terday afternoon. included Mrs.
Thomas Earle, Mrs. Frank Delbert
Carney. Mrs. Walter P. Maguire. Miss
Elise Haldeman. Mrs. John V. W.
Mrs. Frank Payne. Mrs. Ed
gar Z. Wallower, Mrs. Lesley McCreath
and Mrs. Robert M. Rutherford.
The table appointments were of
lavender and yellow with iris and tu
lips predominating in the flowers. Af
ter luncheon the guests enjoyed cards
and tennis.
j Something New in Harrisburg
IA Daily Market
I 502 and 504 Market St.
Opens Tuesday Morning, May 26
Farmers, truckers, butchers, bakers, grocers, southern fruit
and vegetable dealers, egg and poultry dealers, fish market,
etc. In fact, every line of goods found in any city market.
Fresh Goods Every Morning
Also Saturday Evening
Special attention will be given towards cleanliness and
fair dealing. We believe the citizens will assist in promoting
a longfelt need in Harrisburg by a liberal patronage.
[Harrisbvrg Light
| &.pOWER.QO. |
Only 7 More Days Left
And then our special Iron Sale will expire.
Purchase one of our $1.87 irons to-day and do
your ironing by wire.
We make all the smoke and dirt in our plant,
and all you have to do is connect the iron plug to any
electric light socket in any room in your house and
proceed to iron.
Irons guaranteed for five years.
■ • •
i Mrs. Ray P. Yoye, of 162 South Sec
ond street, Steelton, served tea to the
members of a Wednesday Sewing Club
meeting yesterday afternoon at her
| home. Lilacs und iris brightened tho
rooms and the guests included Mrs.
| George M. Kulp, Mrs. James Stevens.
• ] Mrs. Elwood Mrs. Walker A.
; Drawbaugh, Mrs. John Dugan, Mrs.
Edward Schell and Mrs. Marry Elder,
j all of this city.
Mrs. E. A. Riegle. of 1826* Park
street, is attending the Woman's Mis
sionary convention at Allentown as
; delegate of the Park Street United
Evangelical Church.
Students Throughout the City
Anxiously Await Production
of "Jedbury, Jr.,"
' T " l
These two young people of the Cen
tral high school will take prominent
parts in the senior play, "Jedbury
Junior." to be given Wednesday even
ing. June 10, in Chestnut street audi
Miss Kathryn Harris is ".Mrs. <'hris
topher Jedbury Senior," the mother of
"Jedbury Junior," the hero of the
story, Boas Sites. She never addresses
her husband directly, but always com
municates with him through their
man-servant, "Whimper," John White
side, which is provocative of much
laughter. Miss lL.rris excels in the
haughty and superior air of a woman
of wealth.
Roland Renn, "Mr. Christopher Jed
bury Senior," is an unrelenting father
to his son, "Jedbury," and takes his
part in a highly commendable way.
This play which had a most suc
cessful tour under Maude Adams and
John Drew, contains twelve principles
and four ac ts. The scenes of the play
are laid in England and in Bombay.
A meeting of the East Harrisburg
Women'sVhristian Temperance Union j
will be held Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock, at the home of Mrs. P. J. j
Schuyler, 1622 Derry street. Mrs.
Louise Xolan will lead on the subject |
"Why Should a Church Member Be- j
long to the W. C. T. U.?"
"It looks like new"
(you will say, when you
a piece of discarded furniture
and give it a coat of
Beautiful shades that give
a rich, glossy finish to furni
ture, floors, wainscoting,
doors and screens. Try it L
for yourself—you can get the
most beautiful results.
Let us give you a card of
109-111 Market Street,
Thurndajr, Friday find Saturday
The Wizard of Electricity.
An Electric Chair That Kill* the
A Scientific Cyclone of Laughter
and 40 Horitepower Hit.
Tito Other Act* and Picture*.
"A Fight for ■ Birthright," 3 reel*.
"Tke My»tery of Koom 643," 2
"Bonn)' In Disgrace."
Has moved his office* to the
Third and Market Streets
(Fifth Floor.)
Suit Sale of Our
Friday and Saturday^
TVT■- 7 C a ( J4- None Over 90 Day* Old a* We
,' 'i .V "• ♦ * Linen Suits will not be in demand this summer—Cloth and Silk Suits are light
I * weight and more serviceable and will sell all summer for tourists and vacationists,
JBa" but 300 are too many, and we are going to allow you to grab at special prices for
T'' " x * t " Frida y anc * Saturday. Your choice of the entire stock of Suits.
■' 30 Suits Values, two and
22 Suits r™
64 Suits $12.50 Tango, Wistaria,
irx a q . #«f r t\f\ Reseda, Copen, Delft
IgPjSjfflk ' ' J I *>.(/(/ Blue, Navy and Black.
t 60 Suits Complete range of
; Far the Beat in the Store J si2es 1610 51 bust '
I J— Come Ea
v V Buy two or three Suits at these prices—The skirts are worth as much as we are
JS.S yl lAwv, askin & for the suit—None sent on approval, nor laid away. Alterations charged
Witmer, Bair & Witmer , WALNUT'STREET
/AI>IIXEZ,VV Frocks, Skirts, Silk Petticoats, Waists, Etc. OH WalnUt St.
Seiler School Primary
Will Present Play
Children of the Seiler School pri
mary department have been preparing
for weeks for the. two little plays they
will present at the school on Saturday
afternoon. "The Little White Flower"
and "Cendrillon." the familiar "Cin
derella" in French, are in charge of
Miss Theo Boone and Miss Margaret
Dale. In the cast of "The Little White
Flower" are: Queen, Nancy Campbell;
fairy queen, Eleanor Bailey; Tom,
Henry Blake Bent, Jr.; Bud, Jane
Olmsted: wind fairies. Helene Martin,
Elaine Hibler, Myrtle Oliver, Elizabeth
Shearer and Elizabeth Mac Donald;
rain fairies, Harriet Witman, Mary
Fager, Hetty Oenslager. Betty Benja
min and Bettina Stine; sunshine
fairies, Margaret Davis, Clementina
Mackenzie, Sarah Ingram and Thelma
"CendriUon" CendriUon, Cecilia
Kunkel; la prince, Susanna Maguire;
la marraine, Mary Louise Hubley;
Jeanne, Soeurs de CendriUon, Mary
Cooper and Sarah Hubley; le page,
Gladys Voorhees; les princes et lea
princesses de la cour, Helene Martin,
Harriet Witman, George Wolf Reily,
Jr.. John Anderson Maguire, Henry
Blake Bent and Henry Hamilton.
Wednesday Card Clab
Meets With Mrs. Seifert
One of the pretty social events of j
yesterday was given by Mrs. William
Seifert, of 232 Kelker street, who en- !
tertained a card club of which she is a j
membet. Mrs. Mary Clark and Mrs. j
Clarence L. Wright won the prizes in |
five hundred.
Enjoying the bu.-.'et supper were
Mrs. Jack Hoffman, Mrs. Milton V.
Wareham, Mrs. Al. Rexroth, Mrs. C.
W. Fry, Mrs. H. C. Hershey, Mrs. Mi- I
nerva Rexroth, Mrs. Elizabeth Ford, |
Mrs. William Windsor, Mrs. Baker, j
Mrs. William Brady, Mrs. Isaiah Reese, !
Mrs. W. A. Stark. Mrs. F. IJ. Mountz, I
Mrs. Clarence L. Wright and Mrs. j
Miss Grace Gohl, of 1003 North!
Second street, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. j
Edgar F. Gohl at Pottstown. Robert J
C. Gohl will Join the party for the |
Mrs. Uling and children, of Pitts
burgh, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
McDowell at 1200 North Fifteenth
street .
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Campbell, of
254 Cumberland street, are guests of
relatives at Johnstown for a few days.
Mrs. Francis Jordan Hall has joined
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer C.
Gilbert, at Atlantic City.
Mercer B. Tate, of 218 North Sec
ond street, is home after a brief trip
to New York.
Mrs. A. Wilson Norrls, of 207 South
Front street, left to-day for her sum
mer place at Bellefonte, to remain for
several months.
Mrs. Joseph A. Thompson, of
"Stoneleigh," Paxtang, has been visit
ing her father, Raymond T. Jones, at
| Staten Island, for several weeks.
j Miss Annette Jameson has gone
| home to Ithaca, N. Y., after a pleas
i ant visit with her cousin. Miss Kath
| ryn Stewart, of Green street.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Carson Stamm,
with the. Misses Julia Stamm and
Katharine Stamm, are home after a
pleasure trip to Europe. The Misses
Stamm, who spent a year abroad with
i the Balderossi Travel School, were
I joined in Brussels by their parents,
| the party touring Holland and Bel
j gium by automobile.
Mrs". Elizabeth S. Quigley, of 263
Boas street, has gone to Cleveland,
Ohio, to visit her daughter, Mrs. H. E.
Gabriel. Mrs. Quigley will attend the
marriage of her son, Fred B. Quigley,
while away. Mr. Quigley, a former
Harrisburgers. Is connected with the
Carnegie Steel Company at Youngs
town. Ohio.
The Meade Women's Christian Tem
perance Union will meet Friday even
ing. May 22, at 7.30 o'clock, at the
: residence of Mrs. Frank K. Fishel,
Twenty-second street and Jonestown,
road. An interesting program has
v '
Bride Elect Receives Household
Articles of Every Sort From
Her Friends
Beautiful household gifts were pre
sented to Miss Ruth Cr?ep, a bride-j
fleet /last evening, at the residence of i
Mrs. Jack Witnier, 91 North Eigh
teenth street, who invited a number
of her friends to participate in a
Lilacs lent their beauty and frag
! ranee to the house decorations and a
buffet supper was served to the follow
ing guests: Miss Creep, Mrs. Charles
Harris, Miss Ethel Bratton, Miss Sue
Williams. Miss Alfarata Horting, Miss
Ethel Marks, Miss Mary Henderson,
Mrs. Fred Andrews, Mrs. Frank Shel
lenberger, Mrs. Warren Weiser, Mrs.
Charles Shaeffer, Mrs. Harry Creep,
Mrs. E. C. Lutz and Mrs. Wltmer.
Linens Galore
to Two Coming Brides
' A heavy gray spider web extending
| through the rooms at Miss Mabel Up
| degrove's home. 1200 Penn street, last
I evening, had hidden in Its meshes gifts
( of linens for two brides of the sum
i mer. Miss Ethel Shaffer, of this city,
1 and Miss Marie E. Loy, of Steelton.
jAt the conclusion of the search the
■ presents were examined and games
'and music entertained the guests.
Supper was served to Mrs. W. B.
Martin, Mrs. F. P. Loy, Mrs. A. Upde
| grove, Miss Sarah E. Updegrove, Mrs.
Clarence Rupp, Miss Mabel Fry, Miss
j Anna German, Miss Mary Scott, Miss
I Clara Lefever, Miss Amy Levan, Miss
i Evelyn Whitcomb, Miss Estelle Smith,
Mrs. J. B. Snyder, Miss Loy, Miss
i Shaffer, Miss Irene Long, Mrs. Ada
j Hopple, Mrs. C. F. Anderson, Mrs.
I Shireman.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonsall an
nounce the birth of a son, Clarence
Edward Bonsall, Wednesday, May 20,
1914. Mrs. Bonsall was formerly Miss
Annie Seesholtz.
Mr. and Mrs. Park Shearer, of 1351
Howard street, announce the birth of
a son, Robert Eugene Shearer, Tues
day, May 19. 1914.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover M. Green, of
122 South Fourteenth street, an
nounce the birth of a daughter, Olive
| Mae Green. Saturday, May 16, 1914.
Mrs. Green was Miss Olive Snyder, of
j this city, prior to her marriage.
Fighting Disease Germs
There is a popular idea that most
sickness is caused by a germ of the
disease finding entrance to our bodies
through the food we eat, the water or
j milk we drink or the air we breathe.
This is true as far as it goes, but it is
, also true that disease germs are enter
| ing our bodies every day without caus
! ing disease.
' The reason for this Is that there are
i forces within the body that are con
stantly fighting these disease germs
and it is only when this defense is
weakened that the germs get the upper
hand and we become ill. One of the
most powerful of these forces that
work for health is rich, re*; blood.
Good, healthy blood increases the re
sistance of the body to the diseases
that are always threatening. It Is
easier to keep up this resistance by
taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, eating
proper food, avoiding articles of food
that do not agree with us and getting
plenty of fresh air day and night,
than it is to cure disease after it gets a
foothold. Keep up the resistance of
your body to disease by these tonic
pills, which you can get at any drug
store, and you will avoid much sick
Two booklets, "Building t : p the
Blood' and "What to Kat and How
. to Eat," will be sent free by the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
< N. Y.—Advertisement. ,
Surprise Mrs. H. 0. Smith
on Birthday Anniversary
A birthday surprise party was held
at the home of Harry O. Smith, in
honor of Mrs. Smith's birthday. Games
music were features of the even
ing and refreshments were servod to
the following guests:
The Misses Helen Garberich, Edith
Rexroth. Mary Jones, Sarah Garber
ich, Sarah Slierbocker, Ethel Hoover,
Catherine Wolf, Ora Lichtenberger,
Ruth Marks, Maude Gilbert, Lillian
McClenathen, Josephine McCabe and
Mary Henney, Mr. and Mrs. H. O.
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Funk, Mr.
and Mrs. C. E. McCabe, Joseph Nov
inger, Ralph Cooper, Charles Patter
son, Ed. Geary, Joseph McCabe, John
til, li NUil i'laUU, i»uMUli iUdlCUtb,
v-iiax ied l). iiieait'i", i uui xu. LufUAi u.
awt-jjar, joiiii i.iauai, r iuuk iuan
icy, vviiiiam nouac, xiowtuu utcney,
j. G. iieuey, Annul' Mvyov, Moms
iiailey, Joe Henney.
Douglass Royal, a Williams College
senior, is spending a brief holiday with
[his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jolin K..
i Royal, of Fine street.
Miss Harriet Wilson and her cou
sin, Miss May Wilson, of Montana,
have gone to Atlantic City to remUn
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bent left for
their home at Cleveland, Ohio, this
I morning after spending ten days
| among old friends In this vicinity.
Miss Margaretta Griffith, of Glyn
[ don, Md., is visiting her aunts, the
[Misses Given, of 121 South street.
Miss Alice R. Eaton, librarian of the
| City Library, came home to-day from
[a trip to Philadelphia.
Mrs. Clayton R. Forney, of 85 North
! Eighteenth street, is visiting in Phila
delphia this week.
Miss Hester Roberts and Miss Mina
J Roberts, of Germantown, are guests
I of their aunt, Mrs. Albert K. Martin,
of Market street.
, Mrs. Martin E. Olmsted is spending
several days in Washington, D. C.
Charles K. Imbrie, of Auburn Theo
logical Seminary, is going to Meriden,
Conn., to take a summer pastorate.
Mrs. Imbrie and small daughters, who
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam
; uel W. Fleming, will join him next
j William P. Denehey, Mrs. William
R. Denehey and Miss Sarah Denehey,
11423 North Front street, have re-
I turned from a trip to New York.
Special a
White and Black hemp hats of modish shapes.
Trimmed to conform to the demands of Fashion, with
imported flowers and ribbons. Until you have seen
them you will never realize how much value you can
get for so little money.
Astrich s
On Monday, May 11, 1914, at the
parsonage of the Curtin Heights
Methodist Episcopal Church, Miss
Annie Margaret Alieman, daughter of
the late Horace Alieman, of Selins
grove. Pa., and the Rev. Richard H.
Colburn, a former pastor of this city,
were united in marriage by the Rev.
A. S. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Colburn
will reside at Cherry Tree. Indiana
county, where Mr. Colburn is engaged
in active work as a pastor of the
I Methodist Episcopal Church at that
i place.
Miss Kathleen Shearer left for Now
vork and Boston this morning expect
ing to remain away for a month.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dalton and
small daughter Mary arrived in the
city to-day for a week's stay with their
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Dal
ton, of State street, enroute from
South Carolina to their home at
To Put On Flesh
And Increase Weight
A Physician's Advice
Most thin people eat from four to six
pounds of good solid fat-making food
every day and still do not increase In
weight tone ounce* while on the other
hand many of the plump, chunky folks
eat very lightly and keep gaining all
the time. It's all bosh to say that this
is the nature of the individual. It isn't
Nature's way at all.
Thin folks stay thin because their
powers of assimilation are defective
They absorb just enough of the food
they eat to maintain life and a sem
blance of health and strength. Stuffing
won't help them. A dozen meals a dav
won't make them gain a single "stay
there" pound. All the fat-pnoducing
elements of their food just stay in the
intestines until they pass from the
body as waste. What such people need
is something that will prepare these
fatty food elements so that their blood
can absorb them and deposit them all
about the body—something, too, that
will multiply their red bhood corpuscles
and increase their blood's carrylnr
For such a condition I always recom
mend eating a Sargoi tablet with every
meal. Sargoi is not, as some believe, a
patented drug, but is a scientific com
bination of six of the most effective
and powerful flesh building elements
known to chemistry. It is absolutely
harmless, yet wionderfully effective and
a single tablet eaten with each meal
often has the effect of increasing the
weight of a thin man or woman from
three to five pounds a week. Sargoi Is
sold by Geo. A. Gorgas and other good
druggists everywhere on a positive
guarantee of weight Increase or money