Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 07, 1914, Page 7, Image 7

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    I ■ i |
300 persons will each save s lol^
, (101 dollars and 25 cents) by obtaining
rtheir piano through this co-operative sale BH
* 1a no ,°f CJ UR*PRICE t n \ l l</ I
hundred fortJ-eijtht dollars and sevehty- UULclin. o \»-v/ '
hundred a'^ more hi' 'm usi ca T t C m or en lin eJs a s
BBHMMBBBBBBIMBH But through this Association plan; by the c °py«"iKht, i 9X2, by stone & Mccarrick, inc. A" f
closest co-operation of the manufacturer and ourselves and a further co-operation between our- i—— ——————"""i -1 m
selves and our customers, we can now sell these reliable pianos—which have been on the market lerms, advantages ana unu
for 15 years—for two hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents.. Or, at a clean cut W® I-» - • *■ - _ _ _
saving (irrespective of every other advantage) of one hundred and one dollars and twenty-five SllOI DriVItCQCS IO DC ltclCl OIIIV
cents.. The real vaiue of these pianos is apparent the moment you see them. When you put your M/KL *m_ g m • -• *
fingers on the keys, what was apparent to the eye only, becomes a welcome surprise to the ear ltlPOllQ[tl lOIS ASSOCIdtIOII
«/i « *i_ . «. , ■ Week Everything than can suggest itself as being
Value ol these pianos; how they are made, of benefit to those who want to buy a good
t and care taken in their selection piano, has been put into this co-operative plan
, These pianos are made with uncommon care, from good *° ma^e P e
, . * i * . . jf_»u • / i i INTEREST or further payments of First. Every effort has been put forth to bring the price down
materials, by long experienced builders, in one of the largest and —"• t0 the very last dollar .
best equipped factories in the piano indus- ' _ 1 — ... Second. Every weeks' extra time that is po'ssible to add to regular piano terms has been j
trv And while there is a hi£h uniformity ITOI.EYanSWII* added—the time being stretched out to one hundred and ninety-five weeks (or forty-five
~ ._ c . ~ s ... (. as Secretary tor months) as against thirty-two months regular time. j
among tnem, yet, as IS trie case Willi ail . n,t e |j|g sa j e inspecting Third. The usual form of piano guarantees has been entirely dropped, and, in its stead, a
pianos, there is a choice as to tone and and passing upon ea«b guarantee as strong as can be written in the English language, is jointly signed by both the manu-
J and every Instrument facturer and ourselves and given to the purchaser of each and every instrument.
Mr T II Trou i of the T Fourth. It has been thought that of- 1
It is thus for the purpose of this most unusual sale that
H 1 Troup has I fering to give the purchaser his money I ThOSC Who Wlsli may a | j
our Mr. J. H. Troup personally selected each and every indi- asked me to test and inspect back would best assure him that he was player-plailO il they prefer
vidual instrument which will be sold on this co-operative plan. the pianos and plaver-pianos getting a "square deal,", and this also has
, i . . . . . , r * / i, ' One Hundred player-pianos will also be sold on this co-operative
The tone, the regulation, the voicing of each and every one of which he proposes to sell at been included in the plan. So to every . plan.
these instruments can therefore be vouched for as being way special prices and upon certain purchaser under this co-operative plan we The £Xrs P each.° f thCße player - planoa ' ,s flva hundred an<J
above the average. special conditions. I have sa "Trv this piano for thirty days in The co-operative price Win be three hundred and ninety-five dol
agreed to do this work, and , J Tf .i . t i. lars, with NO INTEREST to be added.
But so proud are we of this magnificent lot of instru- so that it will be known that I your iiome. it you are not sa lstiect, Your I Tlie p] ayer .pi ano w j i a i so b e delivered immediately upon the I |
ments; in fact, so convinced are we that this is absolutely the 1 have inspected these instru- Mone y Back—and no questions asked." n ta°tw"°a o ii„. . w, sk - B w„ s y™ h„„.
best lot Of pianos ever broughtto this city, at within One ments Mr J. H Troup has Fifth. The idea was also advanced that SKTLrIK {SK.'^SU'JSSWSS
Hundred Dolla.rS Ol the price, End SO determined cire we that agreed to furnish a certificate with the tliirtv rlavQ* trtnl nf vk win q hnrHlv guarantee that is given on the piano is given on the player
fVlic chall h#» en that wn hive amncrwl with Prnf T T number of the instrument written a tllirty UayS trial 01 a piaHO Was Hardly piano
nrAnist Ridp-e' \ venue Methodist Eniseoml Chiirrh tn It « thereon 8 ° that 1 ca " Btgn U and at " sufficient—so that objection has been met You ran also get your money back at any tlme wlthln thlrty
organist Kicige xv\enue luetiiociist episcopal Cnurch, to act as tach it to each piano or piayer-piano [jy agreeing to exchange the piano for any days.
Secretary of this sale, and to personally test and inspect so inspected. Mr. J. H. Troup tells nthpr npw niann snia -hv „c nf pni.pl' nr You set the same privilege of exchanging within a year, as that
p V prv instrument to he offered unon this ro-onpntivp nlnn me that he hlmself has already tried oinci new pidiio t>uiu uy us ui equal ur glVen on the piano
V, r T X T , i i opeiative plan. th?Be lnßtruments at the factory so J greater value Without the loss of a Single All of the unpaid balances will be voluntarily cancelled in event
x rot. L. 1. Jivans does not nave to be introduced to you do not anticipate that there is much penny at any time up to within one year death.
by us. His ability in music is thoroughly established - his £ irom the day.it was purchased. "■VU'STtSXcKS °l™"° <,our ow °
reputation is be> ond question,an we feel that we, in com- . Booa plano . Sixth And finally the fear of losinsr A " T"""* 1 "• made »uii each puroiuu»r wheret, new
llion with those who obtain these pianos, are
be congratulated upon having someone who is fW & f) u '
eminently fitted to assure us of the high stand- u v&urdhh- ft? —case oi aeatn Deioie tne piano is entirely they piay every note on the piano when the music roii is in mo
ard of these instruments. Here are Prof. L. I. Evans' own paid for, has been overcome by our pro- ££u£ mSu
«rorrlc • posing to voluntarily cancel all further from two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars mort than
WOTUb. r o J these will not play perfecUy. These player-pianos have lead tub
w._.___payments. ing. Most player-pianos have rubber tubing. The life of rubber
v \ Is one year—at most. Lead lasts forever. It cannot wear out
Hnur frk tsiup ilfll/nnltmo nf _ ? nd , the tubing in these player-pianos is so placed it cannot be
twrco-onerative rlan what 11 has taken in time ' monc y and energy " ok °
to make ttiis Co-operative sale possible |]i
jt in offering the player-pianos, with the single excep- j li
To take advantage of this unusual sale, all you have to do is to , . - , . . . CMAOOAn llion that the terms on the player-piano are two dollars ■
send or bring in five dollars, for which we will at once give you a re- The retail Value of the pianOS and player-pianOS tor tnis sale IS SiOU,UUU. -U il week instead of —as on the piano—one dollar and ■
,i . . tl They will be sold for sll4/125. I
This fl\ p dollars is orpdited to vour account on the co-ODeratlve J . .9 . . . , , , r , i • ■
books —leaving two hundred and forty-three dollars and seventy-five I he total Saving to the/TOUr hundred persons WllO take advantage Ot tniS Op- ■
cents to be paid. portunity is $45,875. rp Utl> s T
?^Vy h tSis a, irolnr\rt n h d e re r d ate an o of a f SK? It has taken nearly seven months to build these pianos, to the point where IHC POWCF OI 5 GOUaTS j
they were ready to box and ship to us. . ' . . { Upon the payment of a single five-dollar bill, /
You can s«ieci vour piano at once—to-morrow—next day—next ft takes ten weeks atone to varnish tliese pianos, hach piano gets hye coats ot your choice of these pianos or plaver-pianos A
week or any other time convenient to you. It will be delivered imme- varnish and one COat of filler makingf six COatS in all. Each COat requires seven * ji| 1 -- nf t VinniA
\ uiutciv -h. XI Ol liixt month, 'the lime you select your piano , , , ' wnvi , lutvniug ?' , . , . ... , Will l)e Seilt 10 yOUT Home lmmeaiately. jT
and the date or delivery is wholly optional with you. days to dry and each coat gets a rub-down with oil and pumice stone to make it liarti You can make your selection now.. A CJK/A
If not convenient for you to personally select your piano, w« will SlllOOth. fivp Hollar rach invoclmont ct-irto ▼
make the selection for you under your Instructions, with the under- rr , f , . ■ live tiOlltll CaSll investment Starts yOU -O^)
standing that, if nt the end of a thirty days-tnai the piano is not satis- the manufacturers and ourselves ar2 paying spot casn tor e\ erytmng pertain- in the ownership of a valuable prop-
factory, we will refund your money. i n g to this co-operative sale in order to eliminate every possible cent of expense. ertVj wort j l seV eral hundred dol-
By giving each and every purchaser under this plan sixty-nine weeks longer i ars _ t h e pleasure and comfort «s>/(*>
fTT layer-piano than usual terms, the four hundred persons who purchase these instruments get in of which you begin tQ expe .
*ordiai e iy e i I nvite f d 0m 830 to 9 ' 3 ° o ' clock, t0 whlch you are 27,600 weeks longer in which to pay for their instruments than if they were to r j ence at once. You do not
buv them in the resmlar wav. hov e t^i; c t.,rKyn„ec^.
ings or any invest- Jy £<< <9 / /
The J. H. Troup Music House,
of music in " " / •/ # ' / % /
Alio 36 North Hknover Street, Carlisle, Pa. home / .•*' ,/
I / *
—i 1— m
MAY 7, 1914.