Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 07, 1914, Page 6, Image 6

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TTTTT▼T ▼TTT "T ▼ ▼TT▼ T▼ W ■»»y^y'F^IPTTTT'y»TT , w~¥ r W~¥ *********** *•'+<* I
Baby Week Begins To-morrow, Friday, at Bowman's:
Most Important W j 4
For one week tbe little Sovereign of the home will hold full sway at Bowman's. Treat of the year for the little folks. A Wonderland of pretty
\ Our entire store has put on a Holiday appearance in honor of the "Future Greats" of Harrisburg and vicinity. Fun for all. Baby weighed free. Big balloons 4
► free. Bring the Babies to see Stork Land and the Maypole. Attractive displays of all kinds. Every department that has children's goods is ready with just \
\ the things they want to wear, use and play with, at special prices. . 4
\\ Dainty Lace and Embroideries ' =? Special Great Feature J
I: Fiouncin g s and yolZ X such pretty patterns. Meet Have Baby's Photo Taken Free ;
!► Only a short time required to make garments from these ma- /T Every baby who attends Baby Week will be given a
► terials. m i n _ _ photograph of himself or herself Free, on condition that you 4
► 75c 27-inch ruffled baby flouncing, yard 590 VI IV /I * present a cash sales check —from any department in the store. *
27-inch hemstitched and scalloped flouncing, yard, _ ■ • IVIG 111 Do not miss having baby's picture taken. 4
y 290, 390 and 500 WjujXfy * ~ r\ <
Embroidered baby yokes, each 290 and 450 («s. \| Dill ri _ , _ , _ <
: p.Ma.n Floor—bowman's. & J\- V ttabyland Furniture For tke Little Tots ;
► I) rrii . $5.00 Child's White Enamel Crib $3.09 <
► ▼ A 1 TTV \.®b I I hie $7.50 Child's White Enamel Crib $.1,98 '
► I |£| T G \Af IT 'tj. J A lllS $9.00 Child's White Enamel Crib $7.75
, » vWI $15.00 Child's White Enamel Crib $10.50 H
► t n„<r VA/ia/alr f SPECIAL in a white cotton crib mattress- QC
►oi 6n* b„^ g i —- —i / week at $3 -°° an 51,95 ;:
► anl silk, with vokes or fajS W, W \ s \ n $3.50 Child's High Chair with large tray $2.95
: SiLSunr ks anrt Miii / W \ Bowmans * US c " nd ' s " ig " •; «♦:;
: Wfcmjri /\ \ Have Baby Weighed •
y flannel and nainsook, a Him \ / \ X. "* ° < I
| b Shirtef t0 #2.98 i Of course you want your baby
► 250, and Jfc§tf | months of age will be given a 4
► Infants. Flannel Ab- I L aM|l $ 3-50 CaP- <
' 150 to 250 «■■■m Vy\ The heaviest Baby up to 1 year <
Stork and Bonita Moccasins for baby, in pink, blue and °1 ( 1 will be given $5.00 Coat. 4! I
y white 250 and 500 V'^ WT \\ \ 4 ti ». u • .r> u -i
* Stork and Bonita Baby Shoes, 3ft''soles', and strapped The next heaviest Baby up to 6 111
*■ sandals, in white, pink, blue, champagne and tan, 1 LJ months of age will be given a
► 250 and 500 \ H $2.98 Dress. , I
► Infants' Long Coats in cashmere, bedford cord .ind crepe -n. X , • -n , ,
, propella $1.50 to #9.98 '■ y \ The next heaviest Baby up to 1 <
y Infants' Knitted Booties in wool and silk, blue and white I y eai * given a $3.50
and all white 120 to $1.50 Dress.
Infants' Cashmere Sacques in cream with pink and blue em- "" 1 _ _ M
broidered edges ................ x V fgi Childrens' straw, lace and embroidery hats, ribbon trimmed, * ,
Baby Bonnets in plain and figured bwiss and allover em- . \ w M to
► broidery, puffed back and beautifully trimmed in lace and fine . B - aud ir , s< wash hat 3in ratine i w chambray, white - |
" embroidery, ribbon rosettes and ties. Ito 3 year sizes, and co , ors 6 * 330 tQ 98<i ,
T f , ■»» *. . , , i o oni°* rt'cL V * Boys'straw hats in white and colors 250 to $2.75
Infants Veils, chiffon, silk and wool veils 200 to 980 Children's rompers in chambray, gingham, crepe and per- ,
" ~ Baby Stockings in cotton, wool and silk, white, pink and cale, white and colors, 2to 6 year sizes .. 250 to 980 1
► ' l,c T ' ': ' C V ''' 01 . !"•" Vi •••••••• • • to .>Uf* ___________________________— ✓ Girls' dresses in gingham, percale, lawn and linen, 4to 14 .
► , Infants Short Skirts in flannel and nainsook with lace V year sizes 390 to $4.50 ' !
" 3nd e "l b . r ,T de 7 ; ri . mm,ng cf l . ;•••/*•: •••■*->*«> 1 - 9 » . Children's creepers in chambray, gingham and crepe, sizes < j
Children s Princess Slips, made of nainsook with lace and (*• 1 f\ ( nnntln tn 2 vears tn 98<*
[ embroidery trimmings, buttoned on shoulders, 500 to $2.50 Uingham UfeSSCS At\A rrA-HatH-Q ' BABY NOVELTIES, PARISIAN IVORY
Infants Short Dresses in nainsook and batiste with yokes ——— , vaiildgCO ClilU. VJU VCll I/O Rattl • 210 to *590 *
[ «" m J cr °r I,a ? d en i roi ? er ''j f inty lacc "±" nb Serviceable garments for OIVE BABY PLENTY OF FRESH AIR Teething rings' i'.'.'.! to M* 11
► tnnimed. Sizes 6 month..l and 2 years .. to sb.oO 5 Reed Pullman, at $13.80, . Comb aid brush sets So(t to 98* <
Baby Bibs, pique quilted, very fancy. Also every day wear. #14.!»8, $17..",0, $19.98! WEBB&r*T 4-piece toilet sets $1.50 to $2.30 .
' . . v t" $ .i,» $21.50 and uo to $32.50. I Soap and puff boxes 50f to 7.">e .
l. Baby Caps in fine lawn, lace and Swiss, fine lace, em- _ ~ dUU lu f KnL; n »tt„c C fa,wi «t oa *ui
. broidery and ribbon trimmings 190 to $3.25 Dresses in long and Wood Body Pullmans at I Baby bassinettes with o ithout stand, $1.98 to SB.oO
► . r ' . o •> , s j i jr , , ci »i« «i*t «u W Baby toilet baskets, with or without stand, trimmed and ,
► . Infants Capes in cashmere, and bedford cord, silk hncd short waist effects, em- untrimmcd 500 to $5.98 "
► ,fMI( $ ..» to $0 98 broider)'and lace trimmed, s2s*oo* ' ' "f Baby hampers $3.75 to $5.50
Infant s Short Coats in pique, cashmere and serge, plain . " r ' V«*>.UU. </ BOWMAN S— second Floor. i \
v and hand embroidered. Sizes Ito 4 vears 980 to s(>.9B sizes Zto O years, Collapsible Go-carts at IBi_ . . . ... , . 4
Infants' Diaper, in Bird's Eye. doz Tsf and 89f SO* to ."K2.98 W.»«, $5.00, $0.98, $9.50 Children s Sweaters m white, red, blue and grey; meal to
► Kleinert Baby Pants, small, medium and large sizes. and $12.50. hml> n C £u-iV" •' V*/u-V' i?"" ut> •"g i 1 ... , "
nt?l i T-, i ,t- , , ,r- , )l Children s White French Dresses m fine white batiste beau- <
RqKt/ 5 a m,.« • .i,j. •i. ~1 i '/i i • .o} 800- Vtf tifullv trimmed with embruidery and lacc; some have ribbons
Knitted Baby Sacques 111 white, pink aud white and blue 1 t «\ kies at # V/S\i i , • r . nrc in
!► and white 25f to $1.98 Glib DkSM} $4.*5. $5.",; $6.50. W W sasl,Cs^ ' 2 '° C to ST.9B ,
► * —Baby Yards, square and round at $2.69 and $3.50 ———
I China ware Specially Priced for Babv All the season s best Swinging and Rocking Ilorses, skin covered, at sl ' lß Footwear For Baby II
► Cup, saucer and plate sets 150 and 250 styles. $1.98, $2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $5.50, $6.98 and Dainty, carefully made, soft, smoothly finished footwear *
► Baby plates, each ;«)£ ——- a>y th. Thl'rd'Floor—bow'MAN'-S. '' for that wonderful baby, in white, tan, champagne and in "
y Plain white china sets, consisting of tea pot, sutrar, creamer r- black. Sizes 1 to 5 000 to SI.OO *■
, 6 cups and saucers and 6 plates, set <>B« FaUC y and P lam eff ectS. ; " FOR THE LITTLE TODDLERS <
Decorated ehina sets, consisting of tea pot, sugar, creamery Sizes 6to 14 years. Prices, ura | waists , trimmed with ' a „j' embroidiry;'siSs "to UrgCT * l -*° "
► 6 C " PS a " d L a m. #l - 85 to W. 98 14 years *IM to $5.98 J
. ± A A A AA A A A A A A, AAA A A A
Convention Called to Meet in
Washington to Point Out Evils of
Anti-Trade Legislation
Special lo The Telegraph
Philadelphia. May 7. Prominent
men representing large investments In
banking, railroads, shipping, manufac
turing and other nation-wide enter
prises have arranged for a convention
In all the numerous ailmenta caused
by defective or irregular action of
the organs of digestion and elimi
nation—ctrtain to prevent suffering
■nd to improve the general health—
ItU ererrwhere. la twMi 10c* Us*
I to be held In Washington to Impress
i upon the national administration the
! great harm that they predict will come
i to business should the extension of fed-
I crnl Interference, contemplated in pro
| posed anti-trade legislation, be en
acted. The convention plan as the
j best means to show the government
; the great alarm with which business
views anti-trade legislation is the re
sult of wide correspondence between
I the controlling elements of the large
I and powerful export trade bodies of
i the country.
It also was announced yesterday
I that conferences have been held be
tween representatives of these trade
I bodies and chairmen of committees of
'Congress, including the Senate com
mittee on interstate commerce, which
prepared the bill providing for the
Interstate Trade Commission, incident
to the completion of the convention
It generally is considered the bold
est step ever conceived by business to
halt the enactment of legislation that
it feared would destroy it. The final
act in this campaign against federal
intrusion on business was the selection
of men of world-wide weight in finan
cial and business progress to compOM
a committee to carry out the plan.
Members of the Committee
The members of the committee as
announced yesterday are:
Lloyd C. Griscom, chairman, New
York, former ambassador to Brazil
and Italy.
Alba B. Johnson, Philadelphia, presi
dent Baldwin Locomotive Works and
vice-president American Manufactur
ers' Export Association.
James A. Farrell. New York, presl
i dent United States Steel Corporation.
Charles M. Muchnlc. New York,
i American Locomotive Company.
I Wlllard Dirkernian Straight, New I
York, of J, P. Morgan A Co., and for-
mer consul general at Mukden.
Eugene B. Thomas, New York, man
ufacturing interests.
Frederick Brown, New York, secre
tary Pan-American Society.
Henry White, Washington, delegate
In 1910 to Pan-American Congress in
Buenps Ayres. ambassador to France,
Chill and Italy.
Charles E. Jennings, Connecticut,
■ ■ ' )
•. >•: : •••.; ' ' •
manufacturing Interests.
John Foord, New York, secretary
American Asiatic Association.
Ellison H. Smythe. New York, man
ufacturing Interests.
Charles A. Schieren, New York,
head of extensive tannery and belting
manufactory bearing hts name in
Brooklyn, vice-president German 6av- /
Ingß Bank, Brooklyn, and formerly of
that city.
Edward V. Douxlasa, New York,
secretary American Manufacturers'
Export Association.
The convention will meet in Wash
ington on the 27th and 2 Bth of this
month. It will convene In the Hotel
Ji Raleieh.
MAY 7. 1914.
Special to The Telegraph
Sellnsgrove, Pa., May 7.—Another
positive indication of Sellnsgrove's In
dustrial growth is shown by the break
ing of ground for an addition to the
William F. Gross silk mill. The new
structure will be 127 feet long and
40 feet wide, and when It la completed
the silk mill will occupy a building
227 feet deep. Fifty-five hands are
employed at this time, and the num
ber will be rapidly increased as soon
as the additional machinery can be
Sore Bunions, Quick Cure
Also All Kinds Sore Feet
"Dissolve two tablespoonfuls of Calo
cide compound in a basin of warm
water; soak the feet in this for full
fifteen minutes, gently rubbing the sore
parts." All pain and ln
| flammation is drawn out
1 Instantly and the bunion
! soon is reduced to normai
I size. Corns and callouses
/ can be peeled right off and
/ will stay off. Sore, tender
m feet and smelly, sweaty
m. feet need but a few treat
v""Vl ments. A twenty-flv* cent
\ v-\ i package of Caloclde is usu
•MIV ally sufficient to put the
if worst feet In fine condl
vgv tlon. Caloclde Is no longer
confined only to doctor's
use. Any druggist has It In stock or
will quickly get It from his wholesale
house. This will prove a welcome Item
to persons who have been vainly try
ing to cure their foot troubles with in
effectual tablets and foot powders,
("slocide prepared only by Medical
Formula Co., Dayton, Ohio.
That Noon-hour Luncheon that Is
specially prepared for the busy men of
Harrlsburg at the Columbys Cafe is
surely a delicious luncheon for 40
cents. The food Is nicely cooked and
faultlessly served. Try one of these
luncheons *o-morrow noon. Hotel Co«
lumbus. Third and Walnut streets.
When reading at night by artificial
light do the different letters ever run
into each other and confuse you? ii
so It is the proper time to give us aj
call and try the most modern
known to our profession to locate the
trouble and by proper fitting glasses
we make reading at all times a com
fort and pleasure. Ralph D. Pratt,
Eye Specialist. 807 North Third street.
To see the wonderful display we carry
In automobile supplies. There is noth
ing of any particular importance you
will not find here, and we want you
!to know our prices are right down
j where you like to see them. We have
[ only the best and, we believe, we can
j fill your wants satisfactorily. E,
Mather & Con, ?04 Walnut street.
Have you seen the people atop and
look in Yohn Brother*' window at 8
North Market Square? If not, take
a look and you will see a piano finish
ed in 22»karat gold. It i. a beautiful
instrument made to order for t1,200,
No matter whether you wish the mosl
elaborate piano and player, or thi
most modest-priced one in plain finish
Tohn Brothers can meet your require