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tffcfej At Mr. & Mrs. Castle
~sP/ 7^ ropolitan Society Dancers ™&-W^
/y l use Remick publicationsWJ
' , fflrf/tim for exhibitions and teach- .4<98
■ ing. These are the sea- ' '■■
Most Popular
Dance Numbers'Jpp*
I J 1 Pot sate by music dealers every
/■ where. Played by all up-to-date f^W
lm. IVAJI ■■ bands and orchestras. ™
Tangos, Maxixe, Etc.
Dream Tango 25c |js\
Hesitation Waltzes One Steps, Trots, Etc.
Adele Waltzes 30c Adele (Trot One-step) . ,30c »ft .
First Love . 25c At the Ball 30c ;KjJ=i|f
Midnight Girl. ..... ,30c Jamais Trop 25c Tj^f
Love's Hesitation 30c Pass the Pickles 25c jil^^
}t.tt a Moment ...25c Notorietr 25c fiWw*
Tardin d'Am0ur..........25c Tickle tne Ivories 25c \J 1 \
Avec Moi (With Me). ..25c The Whip ...25c J
ba Rose N0ire..........25c Some Baby 25c .
Henrietta ... 25c Horse Trot . 25c ** IV
Hungarian Rag 25c
If rornr deefer ewit rapf*? 7 Beaux Esprit* (Oaj Spirit*). 25c Tf-''
with vbemc frrst denee number!. Ws_yJ
•end roor order and remittance, n per »bi» price list, te JEROME.H. A;JMk
REMICK It CO., Muric Publiehen, Iti Lthranr Ave., Detroit. Mich. jtyL\
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formally receives his guests at White
House receptions. In recent years, its
furnishings and appointments have
been changed entirely. Its oval form
has been retained but the scheme of
decoration and furnishing has been
modernized. The color plan is blue,
hut not the blue of a robin's egg as of
old, but a dark shade of French blue.
The walls are paneled in rich corded
silk of the same shade, affording an
artistic background for the wonder
ful Spring flower decorations which
are a feature of to-day's wedding.
The massive furniture of days gone
by has been replaced with furniture of
lighter, if not more artistic design.
The floral decorations of the room—
in fact of the entire mansion on the
ilrat floor—will be marvelously beau
tiful. Slender vases, of graceful de
signs in cut glass and rare porcelain,
will be filled with cut flowers, includ-
I '
I Harrisbvrg Light
1 S.pOWER.^O,
Are You Enjoying All
the Comforts of a Modern
Illuminated Home?-
Everybody is coming to realize that Electric
Light is not a luxury they want but a necessity
they must have.
There are just two suitable lights in which
to sew, read or work by.
One of these is daylight and the other is day
light's only substitute—Edison Mazda Electric
Mazda Electric Light is the most efficient
and most economical light known.
If your house is not wired let us quote you
prices at once.
Electric Irons $1.87 cash.
"Lucille Love, the
Girl of Mystery"
Now Appearing Exclusively in This Paper
And See the Beautifu
as produced by the Universal Film Manufacturing
Company and is now on exhibition at leading
moving picture theaters in this city and vicinity
ins: masses of lilies and white orchids,
products of the White House conser
vatories. The south side will be bank
ed with palms, to form a background
for great bunches of Spring blossoms
of cherry, peach and apple.
Marine Band to Play
In the main lobby of the mansion,
the Marine Band orchestra of fifty
pieces, under the direction of Lieuten
ant William H. Santleman, will ren
der a program of music specially se
lected by Miss Wilson.
To the strains of Wagner's Inspiring
wedding march from Lohengrin, the
wedding party will descend the main
staircase from the apartments above.
Miss Margaret Wilson and Mrs. Sayre,
the bride's sisters, t.ll be maid and
matron of honor. Two charming lit
tle maids, Miss Sallie McAdoo, ♦*%» 12-
year-old daughter of the
and Miss Nancy Lane, tl_<» dainty
daughter of Secretary and VJ.'s. Frank
lin K. Lane, will attend the bride as
flower girls. They will be attired in
exquisite white frocks, exactly match
Kscorted by President
The bride will be escorted to the
blue room by her father, the Presi
dent of the United States. At the
beautiful extemporized altar of white
satin and cut flowers, she will be join
ed by the bridegroom, Mr. McAdoo,
r^w^^MEHP l H^^^KZ.... «H«> w J
jl? ■■
- h
* ii ii lm mm ■■II
• ■-'•• JMMpnn^p
and his best man, Dr. Cary T. Gray
son, U. S. N., an intimate friend alike
of the Secretary and of the President.
An informal reception will follow
the ceremony, after which the bridal
party and assembled guests sit down
to the wedding supper to be served in
the State dining room. Both the room
itself and the great dining table will
be superbly decorated, and the latter
particularly, will be a vision in sparkl
ing cut glass, silverware and rare
Uacer in the evening. Secretary Mc
i.d»o an 1 his bride will leave Wash
ington for a brief honeymoon trip. It
is not expected they will remain long
away frun Washington, as it is known
that the Secretary's official duties par
ticularly with reference to the Fede
ral Reserve Board, will demand his
presence in the national capital.
The Bride's Gown
The bride's gown is a superb crea
tion of ivory satin, adorned with many
yards of Empress Eugenia lace, of soft
and elegant design. The gown has a
sweeping train, several yards in length.
The satin which softly drapes the
bodice, Is drawn into a point below
the shoulders, leaving a V-shaped
opening both back and front. Soft
folds of tulle finish this opening, and
there is a tunic of tulle made on the
new, long lines and the sleeves, which
are long, are made of tulle mousque
taired. The lace is applied with ex
quisite grace. It is draped over the
right shoulder and crosses the bodice
In a sweeping line to the left side
of the waist, where it is caught with
a spray of orange blossoms. Below
the waist line It falls AS a border to
the tulle tunic. A novel feature of
the lovely costume will be the bridal
wreath of orange blossoms in cap
effect from which the long tulle veil
will be draped.
Practically the sole ornament to be
Prevent Falling Hair and End
Itching Scalp
There is one sure way that has never
failed to remove dandruff at once, and
that is to dissolve it, then you de
stroy it entirely. To do this, just
get about four ounces of plain, com
mon liquid arvon from any drug
store (this is all you will need) ap
ply it at night when retiring; use
enough to moisten the scalp and rub
It in gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve, and entirely destroy, every
single sign and trace of It, no mat
ter how much dandruff you may have.
You will find all itching and digging
of the scalp will stop instantly and
yotir hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy,
silky and soft, and look and feel a
hundred times better.
If you value your hair, you should
get rid of dandruff at once, for noth
ing destroys the hair so quickly. It
not only starves the hair and makes
lit fall out, but it makes it stringy
straggly, dull, dry, brittle and lifeless!
and everybody notices it. —Advertise-
worn by the bride will be a necklace
of diamonds, the gift of the bride
Miss Wilson will carry a wonderful
shower bouquet of lilies of the valley,
white orchids and fern fronds.
Is Fourteentli liride
More than a century of romantic
White House history will form a
fitting halo for the bridal couple in
the ceremony of to-day. According
to accepted authorities, Miss Eleanor
Wilson will be the fourteenth bride
to plight her troth within the his
toric walls of the famous mansion.
In the identical room where she to
day will take the husband of her
choice, "for better, for worse," beau
tiful Frances Folsom became the wife,
twenty-eight years ago, of the then
President of the Lnited States, Gro
ver Cleveland; and only a few months
ago, the sister of the bride of to-day,
Miss Jessie Wilson, was united in mar
riage, in the magnificent east room of
the White House, to Francis B. Sayre.
The White House Is hallowed in the
memory of one other May bride, be
loved Nellie Grant, who, forty years
ago was married in the east room to
I an English gentleman, Algernon C. F.
Sartoris. To-day's wedding will be
unique in respect of the principals, as
Miss Wilson will be the first daughter
of a President of the United States to
be joined in marriage to a member of
the Cabinet.
-Mr. McAdoo is 50 years old and
Miss Wilson 24.
Pretty Gowns to Be
Seen in Blue Room
By dssociaud Press
Washington, May 7.—The wedding
at the White House late this aternoon, 1
when Miss Eleanor Randolph Wilson,
youngest daughter of the President,
will be married to William Gibbs
McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury,
will bring together many handsome
gowns and toilettes of the bridal
party and the limited number of
guests who are to attend, chiefly the
wives of the Vice-President and cab
inet officers.
While it has been known for some
time that the arrangements for the
wedding would be simple, and in con
tract with some of the brilliant func
tions of the past, yet this has not af
fected the desire of the limited few
who had reason to believe they would
witness the event f«—n making early |
preparations for gowns suitable to a j
function of this character. One I
troublesome question has been the I
hour of the ceremony, six o'clock,
midway between the usual require
ments of an afternoon or an evening
gown, and also raising the question of
whether a hat was suitable to be
worn at a six o'clock wedding func
Details Are Solved
But these details have not been
solved by the two score or more mat
rons and maids who are to witness the
j marriage. Nearly all of them will
wear gowns not seen here before this
season, and taffetas in light shades,
with cream and white laces, have been
the more generally chosen material.
Mrs. Marshall, wife of the Vice-
President. selected a costume of white
net and lace, made in the urevailing
ruffled style, the skirt partly draped,
with broad embroidered flounces of
net, and narrower ones with lace
edges. The bodice has the lace and
net in a soft kimono blouse effect,
Mrs. Bryan, wife of the Secretary of
State, will wear a very modish gown
of taupe taffeta, which has a large
flowered pattern of roses in deep
shades all over it.The draped skirt
shows a petticoat in front of embroi
dered old rose chiffon.The chiffon is
also inserted in the softly draped
\ . ist but a line of nearly white and
very fine lace, edged the V-shaped
neck opening. Mrs. Tiryan selected
one of her small toques to wear with
this dress, n becoming model in
black tulle and jet.
Mrs llouMton Wears White
Mrs. Houston, wife of the Secretary
of Agriculture, will wear white, a very
pretty model in lace, with touches of
jet and made over white. The sash
and girdle are of old gold satin.
Mrs. Lane, wife of the Secretary of
the Interior, has chosen from among
her new frocks, a stylish but simply
made one of black flowered tissue
over lavander chiffon. Both these
gauzy materials from the bodice,
with ivory-tinted lace around the V
•shaped opening at the neck.
Mr.j. Daniels, wife of the Secretary
of the Navy, has chosen a becoming
dress of pansy colored charmeuse
with over draperies of blue chiffon,
which is embroidered in pansies. The
purple straw hat she is to wear with
jit is wreathed with pansies.
Mrs. Garrison, wife of the Secre
: tary of War, is to wear black and
| white chiffon draped over white
j satin, with smart touches achieved
I by French blue ribbon holding the
I puff of the skirt drapery and also
j showing on the brodice, where
; rhinestone buckles hold the soft
I lace frills around the V-shaped
I neck.
j Mrs. Uedfield. wife of the Secre-
I tary of Commerce, is to wear a sum
j mer silk costume, white "with hair
jstripes in mauve. It is trimmed with
'silver lace.
Mrs. Wilson,- wife of the Secretary
of I.ahor, will wear grey crepe-de
chtne, and Miss Agnes Hart Wilson
hap a blue satin costume with tou
ches of orange velvet and lace in
. tlie trimming.
Seniors of Susquehanna Township
High School to Get Diplomas
The second annual commencement
exercises of the Susquehanna township
High School, Nineteenth and Forster
streets, will take place to-night in the
United Brethren Church, Eighteenth
and State streets. Exercises will be
gin at 8 o'clock. The Rev. Clyde
Lynch will open the meeting with
prayer. Miss Annie G. Smith will de
liver the salutatory. Wlllia/m C. Fry
will follow in a reading. Emma M.
Rauch will read "The Pilot's Story.''
Olive M. Aucker will discuss the lit
erary character of Dr. Samuel John
son. Earl J. Sherk will read a patri
otic incident of the Rebellion. The
valedictory will be said by Mildred G.
Dunkle. R. B. Teitrick,' deputy State
superintendent, will address the
school. A. F. Henry, president of the
board of directors, will present di
plomas. The graduates are:
Violet Stoner, Mildred Dunkle, Anna
Smith, Emma Rauch, Amelia Conrad,
Mary I.ongneckei> Vera Runkle, Ruth
Fackler, Ruth Runkle, Verna Zimmer
man, Paul Whitmer, John Longnecker,
Earl Sherk, Howard Whitmer, William
Fry, Russel Sturtevant, Mead Henry,
Olive Aucher and Clyde Gunivan.
[Continued From First I'age]
the Galileans clubbed their victims
with their guns and a stout shepherd's
"After satisfying themselves that no
more valuables were to be had, the
robbers left and returned to their
flocks on the hillside, while the young
Englishmen pressed on as fast as pos
sible with their wounded friend, who
{ was in great distress. It was felt nec
| essary to proceed as far as possible
I from the scene of the robbery for the
sake of further safety, but the advisa
bility of advancing was made exceed
ingly doubtful by the fact that the
injured man had been shot in the left
shoulder at close range, and to go on
might be fatal.
Spend Night In Open
"It was finally decided to spend the
night near the ridge of the range of
hills upon which the robbery had oc
curred and do ail that was possible to
relieve the sufferings of the wounded
man as well as make provision for de
fense in case of a second assault. Two
or the young men were dispatched to
Mt. Tabor, fifteen miles away, for as
sistance, while the rest made a bed
and covering for their unfortunate
friend with their coats. As the nights
on the highlands of Galilee are very
cold, all of the party suffered extreme
ly from exposure and lack cf clothing.
The long night wore away and the in
tensely hot Syrian sun poured down
Its rays upon the bare hill. Ten hours
elapsed and no slgli of relief came.
The light of day showed that the night
had been spent very close to a num
ber of the black tents of nomadic
Arabs, whose presence made the sit
uation still more precarious. To make
matters worse, the patient grew
weaker and numerous shots, together
with the barking of dogs, led to the
fear that the long absent messengers
had themselves been killed or in
"Early in the forenoon the two
Englishmen of the party left for Ti
berias, about ten miles distant, for
medical assistance and to inform the
local government of the assault. Five
When food lies undigested in the
stomach it ferments and gas forms
This gas distends the stomach an<'-
presses on the heart, causing a pain
that sometimes arouses fear of heart
trouble. The condition in which gas
forms is caused by a low tone of the
digestive organs and a lack of rich
red blood resulting in deficient nerve
force. It is a condition that calls for
ia tonic.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, a tonic for
[the blood and nerves, have been used
with great sftccess in the treatment of
this form of stomach trouble. Cold
baths In the morning followed by brisk
friction with a rough towel will help
as they stimulate the circulation but a
tonic treatment with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills by building up the blood,
restoring the nerve force and making
the stomach able to do its work gives
the most lasting benefit. With their
use the appetite increases, digestion
becomes normal and improvement in
the general health follows with cer
You are trying no experiment when
you take Dr. Williams' Fink Fills. They
cannot harm the most delicate sys
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
at the nearest drug store. A copy of
the diet book "What to Eat and How
to Eat" will be sent free by the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y.—Advertisement.
MAY 7, 1914.
hours spent in the burninK sun wait
ing for help from this direction (this
made twenty-four hours during which
the men had neither food nor water),
caused those on the ridge to fear that
no help was coming and that the two
remaining men would have to get the
injured man to civilization themselves
or run tho risk of spending another
night in the wilds. Thsy carried him
part of the way down the hill on an
improvised stretcher and helped him
to walk a short distance h'inself. An
hour of this and the plain below was
"Only a few rods had been covered
on the plain when a dozen horsemen
were seen galloping toward the three,
who felt that this time they would be
ilnished. To their relief It proved to
be the Governor of Tiberias and an
armed posse of Turkish gendarmes,
including two doctors. A brief ex
amination of the wounded man
showed that the bullet was buried deep
In his left shoulder and probably not
far from the heart. He was con
ducted to the Scottish Hospital in Ti
berias while the Governed and the
gendarmes went out to search for the
Robberies Xot Unusual
"That this was in no way an un
usual occurrence In the hills and plains
of Galilee is shown by the fact that
on the same afternoon a Scotch mis
sionary from Tiberias was accosted by
a burly peasant, who was plowing
with the rude implements used In
Palestine. He was armed, as every
peasant is here, and he prepared to
use his gun on the Scot, who quickly
dismounted and, though he was armed
with only a heavy stick, he charged
on the peasant before he had a chance
to shoot and beat him severely about
the head. He then mounted his horse
and rode away, leaving the injured
man behind, but before he had gone
thirty yards a shot rang out and a
bullet narrowly missed his head.
"At 3 a. m. Tuesday the Governor of
Nazareth arrived in Tiberias with
more gendarmes. On their way they
met a shepherd who was, contrary to
the law, carrying a Martini rifle. When
he was ordered to give it up he re
fused and ran away, but was followed
by a gendarme. He exchanged shots
with the soldier and was killed.
"Later in the day thirteen Turkish
cavalrymen came into Tiberias to join
in seeking the robbers.
"The American who was shot seems
to be Improving since the bullet, a
large homemade one, has been re
moved. Both the American and the
British Consuls of Beirut, Syria, are
doing all they can to punish the rob
bers. Ambassador Morgenthau, from
Constantinople, who Is visiting here,
is using his influence to insure an in
The stutement is made that thou
sands wear eyeglasses who do not
really need them. If you are one of
these unfortunates, then these glasses
may be ruining your eyes instead of
helping them. Thousands who wear
these "windows" may prove for them
selves that they can dispense with
glasses if they will get the following
prescription filled a once: Go to any
active drug store and get a bottle of
Optona; fill a two-ounce bottle with
warm water and drop in one Optona
tablet. With this harmless liquid solu
tion bathe the eyes two to four times
daily, and you are likely to be aston
ished at the results right from the
start. Many who have been told that
they have astigmatism. eye-strain,
cataract, sore eyelids, weak eyes, con
junctivities and other eye disorders,
report wonderful benefits from the use
of this prescription. Get this prescrip
tion filled and use it; you may so
I strengthen your eyes that glasses will
I not be necessary. Thousands who are
I blind, or nearly so, or who wear glass
es would never have required them if
they had cared for their eyes in time.
Save your eyes before it is to late!
Do not become one of these victims
of neglect. Eyeglasses are only like
crutches and every few years .hey
must be changed to fit the ever-in
creasing weakened condition, so
better see if you can, like many oth
ers, get clear, healthy, strong mag
netic eyes through the prescription
here given.—Advertisement.
This old time skin healer is used
just like any cold
With the first application of bold
sulphur cream the angry itching at
tending any eczema eruption ceases
and its remarkable healing powers be
gin. Sulphur, says a renowned der
matologist, just common bold-sulphur,
made into a thick cream will soothe
and heal the skin when irritated and
broken out with Eczema or any form
of eruption. The moment it is ap
plied all itching ceases and after two
or three applications the Eczema dis
appears. leaving the skin clear and
He tells Eczema sufferers to get
from any good jiharmacy an ounce of
hold-sulphur cream and apply It to
the irritated. Inflamed skin, the same
as you would any cold cream.
For many years this soothing, heal
ing sulphur has occupied a secure po
sition In the treatment of cutaneous
affections by reason of its parasite
destroying property. It Is not only
parasiticidal, hut also antipruritic,
I antiseptic and remarkably healing in
| all irritable and inflammatory con
l di'tions of the skin. While not always
I establishing a permanent cure, it never
fails to instantly subdue the irritation
I and heal the Eczema right up and it
is often years later before any erup
tion again appears on the skin.
This is published for Walter Luther
Dodge Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Business Locals
First of all have your office equipped
I with modern furniture. That makes
your office comfortable and attractive.
A desk with a place for everything,
comfortable chairs, roomy filing cabi
nets. We have all these things and
lots of others to lessen the drudgery
of office work. David W. Cotterei,
105 North Second street.
Business locals
That was as far as the schoolboy
ever got in his composition. We
know that more than that is true,
that all folks are queer, and to suit
the fussiest and most complex of them
and the varying taste of all the good
folk between we carry a large variety
of Ice cream flavors. Hershey's Cream
ery Co., 409 South Cameron street.
Is our business. We have spent years
In study and preparation to enable us,
In a modern and systematic way, to
relieve, and In some cases, cure those
In 11! health. If you are distressed
and worn out through hard work and
other causes, you will find our Health
Studio will bring relief tand comfort.
John Henry Peters, 207 Walnut street,
8 a. m. to 10 p. m. ;
To Have Pretty Hair
If your hair is not as soft and pretty
or as fresh and full as that of sorm
friend, do as she does—give it daily at
tention, just the same care you wouli 1
give a plant to make it healthy and
beautiful. Luxuriant hair—soft, fluffv,
thick and lustrous—is really a matter
of care. If it is too thin, make It grow.
If it Is too dry and brittle, soften it up—
lubricate It. If you have dandruff |p
because the scalp Is too drv and
oft. Freshen up tho scalp
dandruff disappears.
Parisian Sage, an Inexpensive ton*
which you can get from any <*
toilet counter, or from H. C
Is just what you need—it softeJßfc>c
scalp, nourishes the hair roots, imme
diately removes dandruff, and makei
the hair fluffy, lustrous and abundant
One application will Btop Itching heac'
and cleanse the hair of dust and ex
cessive oil. Parisian Sage takes awa>
the dryness and brittleness, makes thi
hair twice as abundant and beautttiei
it until it is soft and lustrous.
By the use of this helpful tonic am
woman can easily make her hair soft
fluffy and abundant. Pretty hair wll
surely increase her charm and beauty
Office of the Board or Commissioner
of Public Grounas and Buildings o
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Harrlsburg, Pa.
JOHN K. TKNER, Governor;
A. W. POWELL. Auditor General;
R. K. YOUNG. Treasurer.
IN compliance with the Constltutloi
and the Laws of the Commonwealth o
Pennsylvania, the Board of Commls
sloners of Public Grounds and Build
ings invites sealed proposals for con
tracts for furnishing such supplies fo
the Executive Mansion, the Luglslatun
the several Departments, Boards an
Commissions of the State Governmen
as described, and below such maxlmur
prices as are fixed in the followini
schedules, for the year ending the 31s
day of May, A. D. 1915; Schedule A, fo
furnishing all Paper and Envelopes; I
for furnishing Typewriters, Addins
Addressing and Duplicating Machine
and Supplies; C, for furnishing Genera
Stationery. Mahogany. Oak and Metalll
furniture and Ofiice Supplies; r fo
furnishing Engineering Instrument!
Blue Print Paper, .ind Labratory an
Engineering Supplies; E, for furnish
Ing all Books; F. for furnlshln
Brushes. Glassware, Brooms, Mopi
Buckets, Toilet and Cleaning Soaps
lowels. Rugs, Fuel, Uniforms, Rubbe
Goods. Chemicals and Mtscellaneou
Supplies; G, for furnishing Hose an
Sittings, Awnings. Carpenter Suppliei
I pho.stering. Painting and all Hard
ware Supplies; H, for furnishing Sup
plies for the care of the Conserve
tories and Grounds; I, for furnlshln
Lumber, General Repairs, and Remo«£
of Dirt and Refuse; J, for furnishin
Light, Heat and Power Supplies.
As the various classifications of th
schedule will be bound in pamphl<
form for the convenience of the Blc
ders. It is therefore desired that in r«
questing pamphlets the bidders ind
cate those desired by using the lettei
set forth above.
No proposal for any contract sha
be considered unless such proposal t
accompanied by a certified check t
the order of the State Treasurer, i
one-fourth the amount of the estimate
contract; or by a bond, in such fori
and amount as may be prescribed b
the Board of Public Grounds and Builc
intra. Such bond shall be londitlone
for the faithful performance of tl
terms of the contract, if awarded, an
shall have as surety two tndividui
sureties, approved by a judge of tl:
Court of Common Pleas of the count
in which the person or persons makin
such proposal may reside or of tl
county wherein shall be located tl
principal place of business of the pel
son, firm or corporation making sue
i proposal, or one surety company »<
I thorlzed to act as surety in this Cofl
monwealth. A bidder who shall Hal
accompanied his proposal with a O/fl
Ified check, as aforesaid, and to wVofl
contract shall have been awardetli/JB
within ten days after such award, PR
stitute for said check a bond as here
prescribed; otherwise said check sha
be retained in lieu of a bond. No bor
to be in less sum than Five Hundr«
($500.00) dollars, conditioned for tl
faithful performance of the contrac
and addressed and delivered to the Si
perintendent ot Public Grounds ar
Building.* on or before 12 o'clock, mer
dian. Tuesday, the 12th day of May, .
D. 1914, at which time tne proposa
will be opened and published in 11
Reception Rooms of the Executiv* Di
partment, at Harrisburg, and the coi
tracts awarded as soon thereafter i
Blank Bends and Schedules contali
ing all necessary Information may I
obtained by communicating with San
uel B. Rambo. Superintendent, Publ
Grounds and Buildings, Harrisburg, P
By order of the Board.
Office of the Superintendent of Publ
Ground* and Building*, Hnrrlnbur
SEALED PROPOSALS will be recel
ed at the Office of the Superlntende
of Public Grounds and Buildings. Ha
rlsburg. Pa., until twelve (12) o'cloc
noon, Tuesday, May 19. 1914, for fu
nishing all labor and materials nece
sary for the construction of a subws
connecting the new Main Building wi
the Tent Manufacturing and Storai
Building on the State Arsenal Grounr
Eighteenth and Herr Streets, in tl
Citv of Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, i
called for in specifications and drat
ings prepared by Board of Publ
Grounds and Buildings.
Specifications and drawings may 1
obtained upon application to this offic
Superintendent of Public Giounds ai
Offlee of the Superintendent of Publ
Ground* and Building*. Ilarriibui
SEALED PROPOSALS will be recel
ed at the Office of the Suuerlntende
of Public Grounds and Buildings, Ha
rlsburg. Pa., until twelve (12) o'cloc
noon, Tuesday, May 19. 1914, for fu
nishing all labor and materials nece
sarv for the construction of a N(
One'-Story Brick Garage on the Sta
Arsenal Grounds, Eighteenth and He
Streets, In the City of Harrisbui
Pennsylvania, as called for in specific
tions and drawings prepared by Boa
of Public Grounds and Buildings. t
Specifications and drawings may
obtained upon application to this offli
Superintendent of Public Grounds a
In the Estate of Alvin I. Miller, d
NOTICE is hereby given that lett«
testamentary have been duly grant
by the Register of Wills, of Daupfc
County, Commonwealth »of Pennsylv
nia. upon the estate of Alvin I. Mill
late of Harrisburg. said county, decei
ed, to Elizabeth J. Miller, of Harr
burg, said county and Commonweal
and all persons who are indebted
said estate aro requested to make pd
ment without delay, and all perso
who have lawful claims against t
same are required to make the sai
kn<own without delay to the undi
15 South Third Street.
Or to her attorney,
333 Market Street.
Offlee of the Superintendent of Pub
Ground* and Bulldlnga, Harrlabu
ed at the Office of the Superintend*
of Public Grounds and Buildings in t
Capitol Building, Harrisburg, Pa., i
til 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, May
1914, for furnishing all labor and n
terials necessary to replace pier a
repair damages to bridge across t
Shenango River at Silver Street in l
city of Sharon, Meaer County, Pa.
called for In specifications and dra
ings prepared by Edwlr. K. Mora*. C
Specifications, drawings and bla
forms may be obtained upon BDDIII
tlon to this office.
Superintendent Public Grounds a