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What the Sad World Needs
Copyright. 1914. by Star Company.
"Will you be kind
.enough to tell mo
|how a young girl is
•to get acquainted In
•the city? I go to
business every day
and always try to
conduct myself as a
lady should. 1 dress
neath . but not flash
ily. I see the girls
around me who are
not always choice in
their language hav
ing beaux galore,
while 1 sit at home.
Why is it? At one
[Episcopal church I
even asked if there
was a society for
young people, and
was told it was only
for the poorer classes
and street girls, to
lead them to better things. Where is
o decent, respectable business girl to
pet acquainted?
This question ought to make all our
excellent Christian people and our
philanthropists pause and ponder.
The land is filled with working girls
and women who are trying to live
respectable lives and who are craving
liuman companionship.
In our large cities there are innu
merable opportunities for both men and
■women who are not anxious to walk
the path of discretion to And amuse
th an Amusement for lleM|ieetal>le Rlrln
Is Needed.
Dance halls and cabarets and cheap
shows are holding out inducements
Itched and Burned. After Shaving,
Face a Sight, Scratched During
Sleep. Tried Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Entirely Cured.
110 West 102 nd St.. New York City.—
" About a year ago my face began to break
out with large red pimples which Itched and
y—burned constantly causing
ms much uneasiness day
A and night. They festered
At 54 and came to a head and
I were]full of matter, and after
Y j shaving my face would be a
~jL sight. T scratched them
/ during my sleep and they
A. N*T|V\ became large sores gradu
ally disfiguring my face.
"I then saw an advertisement of Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment and decided to try
them which I did. In addition to the sam
ple sent me I used two cakes of Cuticura
Soap and one box of Cuticura Ointment.
T bathed ray face thoroughly three or four
times a day with hot water and Cuticura
fioap and then appliod the Cuticura Oint
ment also used the Cuticura Soap to make
a lather for shavlnpf. In two weeks' time I
began to see signs of improvement and in
leas than two months I was entirely cured
of the eczema." (Signed) H. M. Burt,
Sept. 15, 1913.
Every skin trouble that distresses or dis
figures la successfully troated in most cases
by warm baths with Cuticura Soap and
gentle applications of Cuticura Ointment
when all else fails. Cuticura Soap (25c.) and
Cuticura Ointment (50c.) are »c'd through
out the world. Liberal sample of each
mallod free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston."
Ef Men who shave and shampoo with Ci>-
tic lira Soap will llud it best for skin and scalp.
Flush your Kidneys occasionally
if you eat meat
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by flush
ing the kidneys occasionally, says a
well-known authority. Meat forms
\iric acid, which clogs the kidney pores
so they sluggishly filter or strain only
part of the waste and poisons from
the blood; then you get sick. Nearly
jill rheumatism, headaches, liver
trouble, nervousness, constipation, diz
ziness. sleeplesness, bladder disorders
come from sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache In
the kidneys or your back hurts, or if
the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment. Irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensatlori of scalding, get
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
nny reliable pharmacy and take a
tablespoonful In a glass of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This famous
*alts is made from the acid of grapes
und lemon Juice, combined with llthla,
and has been used for generations to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to activity, also to neutralize the
acid in urine so It. no longer causes
irritation, thus ending bladder dis
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes a delightful effervescent
llthia-water drink which all regular
meat eaters should take now and then
to keep the kidneys clean and the
Mood pure, thereby avoiding serious
kidney complications.—Advertisement.
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect November 30. 1913
TRAINS leave HarrUburg—
For Winchester and Martlnsburg at
6:03 *7 62 a m *3.40 p m
For hagerstown, C.hambersburg, Car
lisle, Mechanicsburg and intermediate
stations at 5:03. *7:52, *11:53 a m
•3:40. 6.32. *7:40 *11:15 p m.
Additional trains for Carlisle and
Mechanlcsburg at 9:48 a m 2:18 3:27.
6:30, 9:30 a. m.
For Dillsburg at 6:03, *7:62 and
*11:63 a. m.. 2:18. *3:40. 6:32 and 6:30
p. m
•Dally All other trains dally except
Sunday H A RIDDLE.
day and ntoht rfsstons
Enroll Next MnnHnv
HarrUburg Business College
Day and Night. Business,
Shorthand and Gtfvil Service. In
dividual Instruction. 28th year.
>329 Market St* _ Pa,
continually for new recruits to their
already crowded ranks.
The Salvation Army and the people
interested In rescue work are doing all
in their power to entertain and amuse
and instruct, the reformed men and
women who have been reclaimed from
evil ways.
Hut there seems to be a dearth of
benevolent and kindly hearted citizens
who ore making any efforts to give
tions to the large class of worthy men
wholesome pleasures and social recrea
and women represented by the writer
of the letter quoted above.
There should be a committee in every
church in America, composed of good
women, for the purpose of looking af
ter the needs o'f respectable and self
respecting working girls and young
This committee should employ a pub
licity man, or woman, to exploit its
purposes and its methods.
In every shop or factory or other
place of employment where there are
many tollers a notice should be posted,
giving the place and hour where such
committees in every church can be
addressed or found.
Then, no matter what the religious
denomination of a working man or
woman, a door will be open to social
life if the applicant proves to bo hon
est and respectable.
It should be the work of these com
mittees to investigate to a reasonable
extent the statements of the applicant
for social privileges.
Naturally in these days of corrupt
political White Slave organizations too
great care cannot be excvrclsed before
strange men or women are Introduced
into the society of their fellows.
Suffrage Day to Be
Widely Celebrated
Throughout the State
Pennsylvania leads with sixty
places where demonstations favoring
a national woman's suffrage bill will
take place next .Saturday. Among the
places where demonstrations will take
place are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Pottsville, Somerset, Mercer, Couders
port, Chester, Mechanicsburg, Cham
bersburg, Johnstown, Wilkes-Barre,
Bloomsburg, Bristle, Bedford, Frank
lin, Minersville, Doylestown, Titus
villc, Harrisburg, Norristown, Lana
downe, Dußola, Heading, York, Nar
berth, Sayre, Washington, Wellsboro,
Warren, Huntingdon, Media, New
town, Carlisle, Williamsport, Hones
dalo„ Erie, Mercer, Towanda, Lancas
ter, Windber. Nottingham, Knoxvllle,
Mansfield, Dorrancetown, Bradford,
Oil City, Ulysses, Beaver, Moncssen,
Scranton, Bristol, Meadviile, Shlppens
burg, New Milford, Norristown, In
diana and West Newton.
Funeral services for Marion Hoyler,
9-months-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Hoyler, 542 Race street,
who died Monday at the home of the
parents, were held this afternoon. Ser
vices were conducted by the Rev.
Robert W. Runyan, pastor of the St.
Paul's Episcopal Church:
Funeral services for Richard Tagg,
the Civil war veteran and retired em
ploye of the Pennsylvania railroad,
who died Sunday night at his home,
343 Reily street, were held this after
noon. Burial was made in the East
Harrisburg Cemetery.
Thousands Experience Bad After
Effects From This Danger
ous Drug
A <«fc Vegetable Sulmtllulr In Dr.
Edward*' Olive Tablet* for tbe Liver.
Dr. F. M. Edwards, a prominent phy
sician of Ohio, has discovered a laxa
tive and liver toner in a combination
of vegetable materials mixed with olive
oil. which is in effect almost exactly
like calomel, except that there are
none of the bad after effects.
L)r. Edwards has long been a foo of
calomel, though he recognized its value
along with its dangers.
Hia distrust of the uncertain drug
eventually started him. years ago,
towards experiments with the view ot
discovering a substitute, and he has
been for several years in possession of
the long-souglit-for combination,
which is in the shape of a little sugar
coated. olive-colored tablet.
The results of 17 ''ears' experience
and practice are embodied in these
marvelous little tablets.
The.v are called Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets. And their effect on the liver
has been the means of relief to many
of Dr. Edwards' regular patients as
well as to thousands of others who
have suffered and were afraid of calo
There is no necessity, when you take
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, by follow
ing them up with nasty, sickening,
griping salts, or castor oil, as you do
after taking calomel. Try them. 10c
and 25c per box The Olive Tablet Com
pany, Columbus. O. At all druggists.—
Business Locals
If you are going to paint this year.
It is just as cheap to buy good paint
as an Inferior brand. We handle a
line of prepared paints that we can
personally guarantee, a quality that is
especially adapted to this climate. All
shades and colors. Painting supplies.
Get our prices. William \y. Zeiders &
Son, 14 36 Derry street.
Why not be well? The Health
Studio is here for that purpose. They
have natural methods which thev em
ploy to restore health and are having
wonderful success. Perhaps your
trouble will respond to our special
treatments. They surety will do no
harm. If you are In ill health try
nature's remedy. The Health Studio,,
207 Walnut street, 8 to 10 p. m., or
by special appointment
We have an idea that we can please
you with our custom clothes making.
W T e do know we have handsome Brit
ish, Scotch and domestic suitings. We
are expert in cutting and draping and
have master tailors and a correct con
ception of prevailing styles, both Eng
lish and American. Why not be bet
ter groomed? Prices are reasonable.
A. J. Simms, 24 North Fourth street.
If you are looking for a ear that has
speed, beauty and endurance and all
the modernism known in motor car
building, see the Abbott-Oetroit Bull
dog Roadster—six cylinder, six horse
power two passenger. An ideal car
for a small family or physician. Other
models. Let us tell you more about
this line before yon choose. The Ab
bott .Motor f'ar Company, 106 South
[Second street.
Why Dwtow All of Our Time l"pon the
, Fallen t
This very necessity to be worthy of
passing before the searchlight of an
Investigating committee would make
such a social organization desirable.
All this would necessitate the ex
penditure of time, money and effort.
But why not be willing to expend
all these things in preventing evil and
in giving pleasure td the worthy and
the clean-minded and the industrious,
instead of bestowing all our labors
upon reclaiming the fallen?
Why not be as willing to work for
the pleasure and happiness and en
couragement of our own earnest-mind
ed young women who are obliged to
toil for a livelihood as to devote so
much effort to raise money for the
conversion of heathens in foreign
It is less incumbent upon us to con
vince the South Sea lsander that his
nudity is indecent and to provide him
with clothing than it Is to provide our
good young women with right com
Wo need a more practical religion in
our own country more than other coun
tries need our religion.
Tlie Religion Which IN ItenponNlblr fop
The religion of kindness and sym
pathy and fellowship, the religion
which makes us consider the rights,
the needs, and the best interests, social,
financial and spiritual, of every human
being in our midst, whether Gentile,
Jew. orthodox or unorthodox. old
school or new school, old thought or
new thought, that is the religion which
makes for progress and a higher hu
So many gods, so many creeds.
So many ways that wind and wind:
While just the art of being kind
Is all the sad world needs.
They Don't Seem to Add to
Avoirdupois After
8239 One-Piece Skirt, 22 to 32 waist.
Broad hips are essential to prevailing
styles and even the simplest skirt must
produce the effect in one way or another.
This one is straight with circular
gathered ruffles applied over it and, as
a matter of course, any number of ruf
fles can be used that may be liked or, if
a very simple skirt is needed, they
can be omitted altogether. In the illus
tration, cotton crC-pe is trimmed with
circular ruffles of the same and with
straight ruffles of lace but the trimming
can be varied in many ways. The model
is appropriate for any seasonable ma
terial but the straight sJdrt seems to lend
itself to washable fabrics with peculiar
For the medium size, the skirt will
require 2% yds. of material 27, 36 or 44
in. wide with yds- an Y width for
the circular flounces. 4P2 yds. of lace 314
in. wide for the gathered ruffles. The
width at the lower edge is I yd. and 16
The pattern 8239 is cut in sizes from 22
to 32 inches waist measure. It will be
mailed to any address by the Fashion
Department of this paper, on receipt of
ten cents.
Bowman's sell May Manton Patterns.
To-morrow, Friday and Saturday, with
daily matinee—"Little Lost Sister."
Friday night, May B—"Within the
Saturday, matinee and night, May 9
Julia Sanderson in "The Sunshine
Keith Vaudeville—Every afternoon and
Vaudeville and Pictures—Every after
noon and evening.
Virginian Brooks' great white-slave
play, "Little Lost Sister," Is the offer
ing at the Majestic Theater, to-morrow,
Friday and Saturday, with dally mati
nee. Perhaps there Is no girl In the
country who has had such vast experi
ence in the underworld of a big city as
Miss Brooke. She has depleted what
she has seen with the kindly aid of Mr
Rose. The play has been lauded by
press, pulpit and public. It has achiev
ed natlon-mlde plaudits. One Chicago
minister declared every person should
see the play, Let it be hoped that every
person shall have this chance. The play
deals with the curse of the nation,
white slavery, and prescribes a possible
remedy. At least it points out condi
tions and directs the public into the
lurid byways of the underworld.—Ad
Ralph Dunbar and his great singing
band of nine White Hussars, heading
the Orpheum's farewell bill of the sea
son, present the best musical offering
ever seen In this city. Nine fine-looking
young men. dressed in white I-lussar
costumes, play and sing many delight
ful musical selections that are at each
performance taking the houso by storm.
A beautiful black velvet curtain and
tho white settings tnako the act a beau
tiful "sight" act. Several patriotic
numbers are contained in their pro
gram. and the rendition of the "Amerl
i-an Patrol" is especially well done.
Their phrasing and shading stamp
them above the usual run of musicians,
and they play together with InteUi-l
When the Ice Man Conies Around
What Will You Say to Him About the Refrigerator?
1 Will you tell him that it is an old and leaky and eat-up-the-ice refrigerator and he'd better fill it up every day,
I or are you going to tell him that it is a new WHITE MOUNTAIN REFRIGERATOR—fine and solid and sani-
I tary and always cool, and that this hundred pounds will last us several days, thank you?
I B He knows all about refrigerators and he will tell you
the kind of refrigerators that he sees the most of and that
g k est service.
Preserving the appetizing flavor and healthfulness of food is essential and depends not only upon tempera
ture, but upon proper air circulation. THE WHITE MOUNTAIN REFRIGERATORS are in over a MIL
LION homes. They are known the world over. None better. Few near as good. They cost no more than cheap
| iceboxes you see priced elsewhere.
; Hardwood Refrigerators that hold 40 lbs. of ice; gal- s ial porcelain , ined side Icers $J9. 98
vanized lining $4.98 .
" Side Icers—special sl-4.98 Special Ice Chests $3.98
When you are housecleaning and rearranging your home, perhaps you will see the need of one of these useful,
almost indispensable articles.
A Sofa and a Bed combined, the rent-reducing piece 0 , .
of furniture. A Sofa in the day, a Bed at nigljt. Better put those Furs and Woolens in a Cedar
y° u want them to be safe.
We show a large range of Cedar Chests, ranging
$9.98 to $27.00
The Kindel the World's best. Nothing
TO 7 C Some very handsome ones indeed. Compare the
. .Complete in Oak or Mahogany finish... <2/ values with other stores.
You of Course Know You Can Have Your Bill Charged With Nothing Extra Added.
Three Great Specials-Just What You Need & Great Values.
A $3.75 Lawn or Porch The Great 5-in-l Kettle made of pure "Wear Eter-
Bench For $1.98 Garden Tool, 19c
f A pure ran "Wear
Ihr If a trowel and a dibber, all in * F . ~, ri HMrflr r
* one tool. Quickly changed Aluminum
This is a 48-inch green Set- from one to the other. A r QVJ. W*
tee and a great value at $1.98. great value at 190.
Advertised Articles Are Only Examples of the Thousands of Great Bargains to Be Found in
These Four Great Stores Outside the High Rent, High Price District.
Home Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co. Fami| y
Furnishers 29-31-33 &35 South Second Street | Clothier*
gence and reading that never once |
lapse froni unison or harmony. Then i
there Is "Butch" McDevltt, of "A mil
lionaire for a day" fame, who Is cer
tainly doing an Interesting little stunt.
Mr. McDevitt has a (low of repartee
that is quite as original as the several
stunts that have attracted him nation
wide publicity, and he is entertaining
to sav the least. Pretty Thea LeLight
ner, the well-known Harrlsburg girl,
and Dolly Jordon, a dainty songstress,
also are offering one of the niftiest
girl features we have seen for some
time. —Advertisement.
Chief of the Interesting stunts that
are to come off at the Colonial's ama
teur performance to-night, will be the
"Oooselets" doing the tango. Ask me
what "gooselets are, and I'll tell you.
They're the sweet and youthful play
ers presenting "Mother Goose," a
mighty clever musical comedy that la
enjoying immense prosperity at the
Busy Corner. A comedy playlet full of
fjood laughs, and a clever monologist
round out the vaudeville roster. —Ad-
At the l'alace to-morrow, Robert
Leonard and Hazel Buckham will be
featured in "The Rub" Circle," a Rex
two-reel drama of love and intrigue .
entering into the realms of the mys- |
teries of the Nihilists, and in which a i
girl's love proves superior to the blood- |
oath which binds her to the secret
order. Robert Leonard has produced
the play and enacted the leading role.
That he has made a success of it is ob
vious on witnessing the play. J. VV.
Johnston. Edna Payne and Hal Wilson
will also bo shown in Eclair three-reel
drama, "The Cabalero's Way." As for
the action of the pieoe—it starts off
with a bang and the grip It holds on
one Is not slackened during the whole
three reels. In other words, there is
something doing every moment. The
Cisco Kid, a young Mexican desperado,
Is the central figure. He terrlfles the
country.side—murders and cheats and
loves with a calmness usual to an
noon tea. As the character has t>e«a
interpreted, it is one of the most strl»«
ing and interesting ever witnessed in
this kind of a play. Then, there is tilGu*
tenant Sandrlge, who goes out to get
the Pisco Kid, only to fall In love with
the Kid's sweetheart. The fighting, the
matching of wits between these two
men, the remarkable heart-hreaklng
eliase into the dry hills, all helps to
APRIL 29,1914.
make the picture the greatest drama
of this nature ever released by the Unl
| versal-Eclalr. *
I Ethel Orandln and Hobart Henley
I will conclude the bill In an Imp com-
I fdy, "Where There's a Will There's a
! Way," in which Ethel is unable to ex
! platn her presence in a stranger's home
, who thinks her a burglar—then mar
ries her and wins fortune.—Advertise
Marietta, Pa., April 29.—0n May 11
and 10 the grand castle ot the Knights
of Golden Eagle will meet In Lancas
ter, and great preparations are being
made for the event. The second day
a public meeting will be held and a
street parade will be a feature. Valu
able pripe* will be awarded common
derles for different entries. In the
evening a grahd bait will be held.
CA STO RIA Forlnf«ntsanil Children. //lT7r7~"~~
, The Kind You Havt Always Bought of
To music lovers of this city. The EdU
son Diamond Disc- Phonograph
the Stoddard Anipico Electric player
piano—an evening of music at Techni
cal high school auditorium, Thursday
evening, April 30. Tickets may ba
had free of charge at the J. H. Troup
Music House, IS South Market Square.
Special to The Telegraph
Quarryville, Pa, April 29.— Harvey
T. E. Seiple, 7 3 y<jars old, died sudden
ly from Bright's disease. He served
In the savalry service during the Civil
war with distinction. His wife and two
children survive.