Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 21, 1914, Image 10

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    Mercantile Appraiser's List
Of Harrisburg and Boroughs and Townships of Dauphin County For Licenses Due May 1, 1914
HARltlsni Kli
Anderson, T. W„ 700 Race, wall paper
and groceries.
•Acrl. Mrs. Frank. 113 Dock, confection
Blalets, John A.. TIS S. Front, gro
Connor. G. W.. 720 Race, tobacco, oys
ters and confectionery.
Drabenstodt, V. M.. SIS S. Front, pro
Fooster, Geo., 540 Race, groceries.
Filberte, R., 1010 Hemlock, groceries.
Frazler, L. fc., Hanover and 12th, to
bacco and cigars.
Frailer, C. Iv, llanovcr and ISth, pool.
Finney, J W.. 113 Vine, produce.
Haas, Harry W„ 559 Raco. cigars.
1 lamer & Son. Race. meats.
Ilocker. H. W\. 104 Tuscarora. grocer
Heist. Mrs. F. L., 6!5 Race, cigars.
Henry. J. E.. 1018 Hemlock, oysters and
ice cream.
Kennedy, J. W.. 1082 S. Cameron, gro
Keane. R. H.. 167 Paxton. cigars.
Lehr. ,1. XI.. Hemlock, near 9th, coal
and wood.
X.ochiel store Co.. 1405 S. Cameron,
general merchandise.
Mackeson. C. F.. 117 Paxton. groceries.
Mlchlovit* & Co. Paxton. coal and junk.
Michlovitz & Co., Paxton. wholesale
"oa! and junk.
McCreath Bros, 567 Race, coal and
Park. J. H„ 621 Race, drugs.
Price. John Li. 135 Sycamore, produce.
Raine Estate, C. H., 571 Race, grocer-
Rodosky, Anna. 527 Race, cigars.
Roberts, R. L. 1314 S. Cameron, gro
Ross. Edw. C.. 615 Race, groceries.
Reiehert. John A.. 714 Rn e. meats.
Rosenberg. K., 1067 S. !'th. groceries.
Sheesley, John H., Hemlock, feed.
SHeesley, H. F., 901 S. 9th. groceries.
Snyder. J. M., 143 Hanna. cigars.
Snyder. J. M.. 143 Hanna. pool.
Schaeft'er. John, 1u27 Paxton, produce
and milk.
Taubert, Geo.. 1146 S. Cameron, meats.
Wiesman, F. A.. 519 Race, meats.
Wenrlch, \Y. R.. 1049 S. 9th. groceries.
Wllklns, J. \V.. 919 S 9th. cigars.
Wagenheim, H. M.. 1123 S. 9th, grocer-
V. agner, Elmer, 1229 S. 9th. produce.
Young, Geo. G., 1000 Cameron, grocer
Attick, A. T. 1251 Derry. jewelry.
Adelsteln. Henry. 206 S. 2nd, Jewelry.
Brinton, H. A. 1436 Swatara. groceries.
Brenner, Jos. M., 1020 Berrvhill, gro
Bacon. The D . 435 S. Cameron.
Brenner. Sarah. 363 S. 10th. groceries.
Bower. H. H„ 12-17 Mulberry.
B;i ,'keustosF. 1423H Derry. cigars.
Bumgardner. 1307 Derry. candy shop.
«'ooper, A. I*. 1219 Mulberry, pool.
Cooper, A. L., 1129 Mulberry, cigars
and tobacco.
rollover, C. M.. 425 S. 14th. groceries.
Clrillo, Gaetano, 210 S. 2nd. shoes.
t'imono. Angelo, 210 S. 2nd, groceries.
Case Threshing Machine Co., J. 1.. 429
S. 2nd. repairs.
Cohen. Harry 1.. 300 S. Washington,
Carnes F. 8.. 1601 Hunter, groceries.
Castor. R. C., 14th and Derry. cigars
and tobacco.
Castor. R C.. 14th and Derry. pool.
Crispen Motor ("ar Co.. 413-417 S. Cam
eron. automobiles.
Dagostlne. G.. 201 s. 2nd. shoes.
Dean. .1. W.. 1253 Mulberry, meats.
Dannwitz. Samuel. 416 S. Cameron, gro
Dill. 1. W.. E. end Mulberry st. bridge,
Demina, Michael. 310 S. 2nd. bananas.
Evans, Burtnett Co.. 21S S. 2nd. whole
sale groceries.
Emanuel. Jos. D.. 2nd and Washington,
Fisher, Wesley, 1500 Berryhill, gro
Falheim, Horace, 123* Mulberry, sad
Gout-ley. M. 8.. 1231 Swatara. groceries.
Gernet. Wm. A.. 235 Crescent, grocer
Guiles, Christie. 215 Hummel, milk.
Gangi, M. 1... 213 S. 13th, confectioner;.'.
• Saldino, E., 20? Mulberry, groceries.
ltershey Creamery Co.. 401 S. 2nd. pre
d uce.
Hershey Creamery Co.. 401 S. 2nd.
wholesale produce.
Hess, E. S.. 1259 Derry, pool.
Hess. E. S., 1259 Derry. cigars and to
Hughes. I. 0.. 347 S. 13th. wholesale
HotTnian, W. H.. 1331 Derry, groceries.
Hepperle, John, S. Cameron, meats.
.Tauss, Wm. L. 131 Mulberry, furnaces.
Kingan Provision Co., 421 S. 2nd, whole
sale meats.
Ivocher, W. L. 1420 Xaudain, meats.
Kitzmiller, Frank. 1320 Derry. drugs.
Krentzman, A.. 239 S. Cameron, gro
Lehman, Mrs. A.. 355 S. l*th. Ice cream.
Landis. Jos. H.. 13th and Derry, coal.
Landis, E.-D.. 221 S. 2nd. produce.
Lutz, R. L.. 10th and Mulberry, lime
and cement.
Lr-idicli, P. D.. Front and Vine, drugs.
Meyers, Geo. \V.. 223 Hummel, rubber
Mongel. H.. H0!» Derry - . cigars.
Munn Bros., 1657 Swatara. groceries.
Mercurlo & Bra., 121-123 Washington,
Mercurios & Bro . 121-123 Washington;
wholesale fruits.
Marglo, Joe. 313 S. River ave., grocer
ies and fruits.
Meyers, H. D.. 17th and Swatara. shoes.
McFarland, E. S., 4-18 S. Cameron, to
bacco and cigars.
M -Farland, E. S., 44$ S. Cameron, pool.
Paialo, D., 21" S 2nd. pool.
Paialo. D„ 215 S. 2nd. cigars and to
Pollock, Daniel. 1303 Derry. groceries.
Ruder. Jacob, 1239 Swatara. groceries.
Rhoads, H. K., 1601 Swatara. groceries.
Ritchie. .T W.. 12 ft S. 14th. real estate.
Reigel. W. A., 16S Drummond ave.,
Romberger Bros., 1201 Mulberry, feed.
Rubin. Leon, 331 S. 14th, groceries.
Sanson. John. 303 S. 2nd. lianaiias.
Sanson, John, 303 S. 2nd., wholesale
Silberman Bros., 415 S. 2nd, wholesale
Santuch, P.. 557 S. 10th. produce.
Sechrist. Geo. 414 Swatara, pool.
Sechrist. Geo. H., 414 Swatara, cigars
and tobacco.
Stago, Mary. 227 Mulberry, groceries.
Shade, C. W., 457 Crescent, groceries
and meats.
Sourbier, Mrs. M. W„ 1245 Kittatinny,
Swengel. A. TV., 219 S. 13th, real estate.
Smith. Chas. H„ 1325 Derry, meats and
Smith, Harvey T., 200 S. 13th. real es
Shaffer, E. E., 433 S. loth, groceries.
Spragnolo, Jos., 213 S. 2nd, confection
ery and tobacco.
Sylvester, P., 207 Mulberry, groceries.
Shields. ,T. D., 224 S. 2nd. drugs.
Tamsui Tea Co., 13th and Derrv, tea
and coffee.
Trombino, Antonia, 341 & River, gro
Taverna, Chas.. 400 S. 2nd, groceries
and produce.
Webb, C. E., 234 S. 13th, electrical
Walters. M. W., 1645 Swatara. groceries.
Wolfe. R. M., 13th and Berryhill. gro
Williams & Freedman, 10th and Mul
berry, junk.
Worden Paint & Roofing Co.. 10th and
Kittatinny. paint supplies.
Zelders, Elmer C., 1316 Swatara, gro
Zeigler & Hayes. 222 Hummel, stoves
and tinware.
Dimartino, Mariano. 215 S. 2nd, ba
liabine. Epifanlo, 323 S. River gro
Samson Antonio, S. Second, fruits.
Samson, Antonio, E. Second, wholesale
Sulzberger & Sons Co. of America, 420
S. 2nd, wholesale meats.
Arcade Pool Parlor. 11l P. 2nd. pool.
Allttu, Q.. 115 S. 2nd. confectionerv.
Armento. J. ,T., 215 Walnut, cigars
Askin & Marine, 36 X. 3rd. clothing
Arcade Cigar Store. 107*4, cigars.
American Watch & Diamond Co.. 307
Market, Jewelry.
E., 120 S. Court, wholesalo
Ralr. C. E. A Son. 24 N. 4th, cigars.
B«*nnethum. Geo. W 333 Market. Pal
a»-e Theater.
Bates 4 Compauy, Market near 4th
wholesale fruits and produce
B»ir A- Sons, 24 .V 4th, wholesale cl
Bierbower. E., 120 S. Court, produce
and fruit.
Bird A Mickey, Vnion Trust Bldg., real
Bclehas & Co.. 305 Market, pool.
Black's Art Store. 117 Market, art ma
Blumenstein, E., 14 S Court, electrical
Boas, C. Ross. 214 Market, jewelry.
Bogar. J. H., 12 X. Market Sq„ sporting
Boher. J. H.. 209 Market, drugs
Bollinger, Mrs. E.. 214 Chestnut, cigars.
Bowman & Co., SIS Market, restaurant.
Bowman & Co., 31S Market, department
Bowman & Co., SIS Market, wholesale
! dry goods
IBrightbill. D. E. 11 X. 2nd. real estate,
i Butteruorth. J. H. & M. S.. the Bolton.
; cigars.
Bretz & Wilkes. 109 Market, wholesale
Byerly. W. H.. 217 Market, cigars.
Casino Co., Court and Strawberry, ci
gars and tobacco.
Cinella, G., 131 S. 2nd. bananas.
Clancy. L. G.. 19 X. 4th Market Square,
Cunningham. W. P., 221 Walnut, con
;Caplan. P H. & Co.. 18 X. 4th, jewelry.
'Central Auto Co., 334 Chestnut, auto
Casino Co.. Court and Strawberry, pool.
,Central construction & Supply Co., 222
Market, wholesale cement.
Central Book Store, 329 Market, books
and stationery.
Cohen, 11.. 202 Market, notions.
Claster. H. C., 302 Market, jewelry.
Claster. ,loe, 6H X. 2nd. wholesale
(Collins Co., .9 X. 2nd. clothing.
'Commlngs, F. E-. 14 X. 4th, jewelry.
'Cook L» W., 30$ Market, dry goods.
Corbin & Graham, 7-9 South, restau
Court Dairy Lunch, Court and Straw
berry, restaurant.
: Crego. C. J., 15 X. 3rd. shoes.
Cullmerry, G. L., 222 Market, real es
Cunningham, W. P.. 221 Walnut, con
fectionery and restaurant.
Crown I.tinch Room. 20S Strawberry,
Dlckert, H. 8., 113 Market, cigars.
Dickert. H. 8., 113 Market, eating
Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart, 4th and
Market, department store,
i Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart. 4th and
Market, restaurant.
Dodge H. C.. 17 X. 3rd, hats.
Doehne, Geo.. Blackberry and Dew
berry. cigars.
Domestic Science Kitchen. 11l Walnut.
eating house.
1 Doorly & Co.. 213 Chestnut, premiums.
Doutrich A: Co.. 304 Market, clothing'.
Ellas, H. C., 113 Walnut, confeetionerv.
Ensminger, J. T.. 2nd and Chestnut.
! furniture.
Etter. Geo. S.. 21" Walnut, real estate.
Everybody's Co-Operatlve Store. 228
Market, coffee, teas and peanuts.
Fairlamb. R. V„ 210 Market, cigars and
Fairlamb. R. V„ 331 Market, cigars and
i Fairlamb & Co.. 208 Market, confec
Fitzgerald. S. W., "17 Walnut, real es
Feeser, J. F.. 140 S. 3rd. wholesale pro
Forry, \V. L.. X. 3rd, gents' furnishings.
Frankenberg. Adolph. 213> 2 Chestnut,
tea and coffee.
George Bros., Market, Victoria Thea
, ter.
Golden Seal Drug Store, 11 S. Market
Square, restaurant.
Galdino, E., 132 S. 2nd, groceries.
IGaldino. E., 132 S. 2nd, wholesale gro
Gilbert. Henry & Son, 219 Market.
wholesale hardware.
! Gable. H. A., 113 S. 2nd, wholesale
Gable, H. A- 11.1 S. 2nd, hardware.
Garner & Baptiste, 3rd and Chestnut,
wholesale produce.
Gately i Fitzgerald Supply Co., 31 3.
, 2nd, furniture.
'Gates. John El.. 5 S. 3rd. coal.
Gilbert. Henry & Son, 219 Market.'hard
Gerstner. K.. 205 Walnut, furs.
iGohl's Paint Supply Co.. 305 Straw
j berry, paints.
■ Golden Seal Drug Co.. 11 S. 2nd. drugs.
Gorgas. Geo. A.. 16 N. 3rd. drugs.
Gross. E. .19 Market, drugs.
Gross, E. Z., 119 Market, wholesale
Gutellius, S. J., 28 X. 2nd, notions.
Factory Outlet Shoe Co., 16 X. 4th,
Holtzman, L. G.. 323 Market, cigars.
; Horting & Mingle. 309 Market, cigars.
Hamowei, K. & Co., 18 S. 4th, restau
Hamowei, K. &' Co., 18 S. 4th, cigars
and candy.
Harrisburg Light & Power Co., Mar
ket Square, supplies.
Harrisburg Light & Power Co., 22 N.
2nd, supplies.
Hain. H. H., 3rd and Chestnut, gro
; ceries.
Hamowei, A, 2$ S. 4th, cigars and con
Hamowei, A.. 28 S. 4th. restaurant.
Harrisburg Carpet Co., 321 Market, car
Harrisburg Gas Co.. 14 S. 2nd. gas
' Harrisburg Electric Supply Co.. 11l S.
2nd. electrical supplies.
Harrisburg Electric Supply Co., 11l P.
2nd. wholesale electrical supplies,
i Harrisburg Hardware Co.. 5 X 2nd,
! l.ardware.
(Harrisburg Harness &■ Supply Co.. S.
2nd. wholesale saddlery.
| Harrisburg Harness & Supply Co.. S.
1 2nd. saddlery.
Harrisburg Xews Agency. 102 S. 2nd.
; Harrisburg Xews Agency. 102 S. 2nd.
wholesale newspapers.
Harrisburg Rubber Co., 205 Walnut.
nibber goods.
Harrisburg Typewriter & Supply Co.,
5 S. 3rd. typewriters,
i Harry, D. D.. 3rd and Walnut, clears
and tobacco.
Heisler. M. 1... ! 4 S. 2nd. real estate.
H»>nch & Wilson, 325 Market, wholesale
t notions.
i Herman, J. C. & Co., 22 X. 2nd, whole
sale cigars and tobacco,
i Hershey. D. U.. 327 Market, cigars.
I Himes, G. W., 10 N. 2nd, stoves and tin
i ware. ,
iHursh. D. F.. 123 S. 3rd. cigars.
1 Holmes Seed Co.. 9 X. 2nd. seeds.
I Holmes Seed Co., 9 X. 2nd, wholesale
| seeds.
J Holtzman. L. G.. 337 Market, pool.
Hoover, E. G.. 23 X. 3rd. jewelry.
Hursh, J. X.. 21S Cherry, cigars.
.Jerauld Shoe Co., 310 Market, shoes.
I Johnson Paper Co., 17 S. 2nd, wholesale
1 paper.
Kay, L W., Metropolitan Hotel, cigars.
! Kaufman's Underselling Store. 4 S. 2nd,
j department store.
, Kelley, John, 3 X. 3rd, shoes.
Keystone Sanitary Co., S. 2nd, whole-
I sale plumber supplies.
'Kennedy, Wm. H., 30 S. 3rd, wholesale
| drugs.
jKnlsely. W. W., 200 Market, cigars and
Koch, Chas. H., 35 X. 2nd, cigars.
Kochenour, Geo. W., 230 Market, ci
gars and tobacco.
Kuhn Clothing Co., Market Square,
Kuhn Clothing Co., 6 X. 2nd, clothing,
f Kelly, James, 231 Strawberry, cigars.
Kennedy, H. C.. 321 Market, drugs.
Kresge, S. S., 324 Market, 5c and- 10c
Livingston. Harry, 9 S. 2nd. clothing.
Leib. Frank & Son, 18 X. 3rd. real es
Lyter & Wolfe, 116-118 Strawberry,
j gasoline and oil.
McC'ennan & Murray, 3rd and Mul
berry. cigars.
Martz Bros., 303 Market, hardware.
Moog Bros., 13 S. 3rd, shoes.
Magaro, 8.. 5 S. 2nd. fruit and candy.
Mrtjtnelll, F. 0., 140 S 2nd. fruit
Magnelll, P. 0., 140 S. 2nd. wholesale
Makoma Coal Co., 14 S. 2nd, wholesale.
Mcnn. C. H„ 32 S. 3rd, jewelry sup
Marks & Copeland. SI N. 2nd, clothing.
McFall A Son. 3rd and Market, gents'
McCaleb. F. H.. 125 Chestnut, cigars.
McKay, W. 8., SO# Strawberry, cigars.
Messersmlth, J. H., 212 Market gents'
furnishings. _
Montgomery, J. 8.. 36 S. 3rd, coal.
Moller, C. A.. 3K S. 2n-1. drugs.
Morrison. Hymi.n. 3nd and Walnut,
fruit and candy,
jMotter, Chas. F., 211 Chestnut, grocer
Miller .?■ Kar.cs, 4 X. Market Sn>iare
i furniture.
Mover, J. S.. 15 X. Market Square, ci
! Makoma Coal Co.. 1* S. 2nd. brokers.
| Miller & Koose. 311 Market, cigars.
: National Supply Co.. 8 S. 4th. clothing.
iXotarys & Collls, 317 Market, restau
! rant.
Xotarys & Collis. 317 Market, cigars.
. Xachman. J. & Co., 320 Market, cloth
.Newark Shoe Co.. 315 Market, shoes.
Oyler. P.. 14 S. 4 th. musical instru
! Parialo, .los. ,1.. 129 S. 2nd, wholesale
i bananas.
, Poulton. Chas. W.. 5 X. 3rd, hats.
Parks, Geo. \V., lo s. 2nd. sewing ma
Parialo. .los. .1., 129 S. 2nd. fruits.
Plack, Wm.. 23 S. 2nd. Jewelry.
Pomeroy, s. s., s. 2nd. groceries.
Pounds, Wm. R. \V . 207 Market,
P.itss & 'Windsor, Market Square, fish
and oysters.
Rother; & Co.. 312 Market, furnishings.
Ryder. S., 4 4 X. 3rd, paints.
Richwine. C. D., 36 Court ave.. cigars
Rolllw George, 225 Market, confec
Rite, W. H.. 325 Walnut, cigars.
Roberts & Meek, 115 Market, whole
sale stationery.
Rohrer, J. F. & Son, 4 X. 3rd, real es
Rose, John A.. 2nd and Walnut, candy.
Rovla. Geo.. 20 X. 3rd. cigars.
Russ, .Tas.. Senate Hotel, cigars.
Russ. John. 212 Strawberry, cigars.
Russ, M. E.. Hotel Columbus, cigars.
Russ & Windsor. Market Square,
wholesale and retail tish and oysters.
Sacks. X.. 20 X. 4th. millinery.
Schefter. Theo. F.. 21 S. 2nd. stationery.
Silberman, Isaac, 221 Market, Photo
Slmonette, Harry. 13S S. 2nd. oysters
and flsli.
Strouse, W. & 8.. 322 Market, clothing.
Spangler, Lee Emma, 13S S. 3rd. furni-
Simonetti, H. R.. 105 S. 2nd, wholesale
Slhle, Geo. H.. Bolton House, cigars.
Sible. Geo. H„- Metropolitan Hotel, ci-
Schmidt. Charles I» 31S Market, flowers.
Schleisner. Wm. 8.. 28 X. 3rd. clothing.
Shein. A . 312 Cherry, groceries.
Shorb Shoe Store, 300 Market, shoes.
Shorndorf. Bessie. 12 is. 4tli, clothing
nnd notions.
Shearer. ,l. L, 204 Market, gents' fur
Sides A Sides, 203 Market, gents' fur
Sigler. C. M.. 30 X. 2nd, pianos and
Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 118 Market,
sewing machines.
Saunders. Minerva S.. 34 2nd, gloves
and hose.
Standard Woolen, 19 X. 3rd, clotlikng.
Slabach, E. G. & C.. 226 Chestnut,
Taylor. M.. 5 S. 2nd, cigars and tobacco.
Ten Dollar Clothing Co., 3 X. Market
Square, clothing.
Taylor, >l.. 5 S. 2nd. pool.
Snavely. W„ 11 Arcade Bldg.. stock
Springer. Geo. W„ 306 Market, jewelry.
Spayd. R. E., 14S S. 2nd. cigars and to
Sperry Hutchinson & Co., 209 Walnut,
house furnishings.
StielT. C. M.. 24 X. 2nd, pianos.
Stephen, Anast & Co., 317 Market, res
Strouse Bros., 323 Market, clothing.
Strouse "* os.. 313 Market, clothing.
Swope. Ida F.. 11 S. 3rd. notions.
Snyder, Charles A., 207 Chestnut, cl
ga rs.
Tamsui Tea Co., 331 Market, tea and
Thompson. .T. W.. 23 S. 3rd, wholesale
barber supplies.
Trombino & Bro.. S S. 4th, fruits and
Troup. J. H.. 13 S. 2nd, pianos.
Tunis. W. S., 8 X. 3rd. stationery and
Twentieth Century Shoe Store, 7 S.
2nd. shoes. *
United Watch & Diamond Co.. Arcade
Bldg., jewelry.
United Cigar Stores, 3rd and Straw
berry, cigars.
United Cigar Stores, Market rnd Grace
ave., cigars.
Uttley, C.. 321 Walnut, (lowers.
United Hat Stores. I X. 3rd. hats.
Underwood Typewriter Co.. 23 X. 3rd,
Walk-Over Boot Shop, 226 Market,
■ shoes.
Wilson. J. S., 4 X. 3rd. confectionery.
Workingmen's Store Co., 317 Chestnut,
Vogt. Guy S., 19 X. Market Square,
Winner. Bair (c Witmer, 311 Walnut,
lames' furnishings.
Wilson At McCombe, 223 Market, candy.
Wolfe. C H.. commonwealth Hotel, ci
West. Mrs. E. C. 135 S. 2nd. groceries.
Walmer. X. A. 24 S. 3rd, saddlery and
Watts & Bro. Co.. 26 S. 3rd. wholesale
wall paper.
Weaver, John S., 24 X. 3rd. confection
Weber. Mrs. O. D., 11S S. 2nd., toilet ar
Weidman. Geo., 114 S. 2nd. meats.
WentzeL Chas. A.. 121 S. 3rd. rubber
Whitcomb. D. R., 120 S. Court, produce
and fruits.
Whitcomb. D. P... 120 S Court, whole
sale produce and fruits.
Wleseman. W. A., 12S S. 2nd, groceries.
Wise. Mary S.. Second, eating house.
Werner. A. F.. 213 Chestnut, bread and
Tinger. Geo. W.. 339 Chestnut, cigars
and tobacco.
Tohn Bros.. 8 X. 2nd, pianos.
Ziegler. D. M.. 110 S. 2nd, linoleum and
Zook. S. & L. 215 Market, department.
Bell Kealtv Co.. 4 X. 3rd. Bergucr
Bldg. real estate.
Orr. J. C.. 222 Market
Crown Lunch Room, cigars.
Dives, t'omeroy & Stewart. 4th and
Market, whoiesal" department store.
F. Miller & Sons, Court ave., real es-
XationjU Watch k Diamond Co., 3rd
and Market, jewelry.
7ncharias, Harvev C., IJ S. 2nd. broker.
Burns Co., S 2nd. furniture.
Ash. F. 8.. 222 Locust. real estate.
Paisley. Geo., 220 X. 2nd. groceries.
Blake, A. M.. 103 X. 2nd. decorations.
Bodmer. H. A.. 319 X. 3rd, wall paper.
Bossier & Forrer, 705 X. 3rd. boilers.
Braun. J. XI.. 223 South, groceries.
Brinton-Paclcer Co., Second and Wal
nut, real estate brokers.
Brown. Mrs. A. C.. 267 Briggs, hair
Byrem, Samuel, 701 Va X. 3rd, cigars
and tobacco.
Brenner. Jos. D., 803 X. 3rd. jewelry.
Brenner. Jos. D., SOS X. 3rd. broker.
Cook. Mrs. T. C., 214 Liberty, confec
Cotterel. D. W., 105 X. 2nd. books and
Cotterel. D. W.. 105 X. 2nd. wholesale
books and stationery.
Corset Shop. 107 A X. 2nd. corsets.
Cranston. Mrs. Ida. 204 Locust, notions.
Cohen. Ida. 830 James, groceries.
Donaldson Paper Co., 113 X. 2nd. whole
sale paper.
Dubbs. C. C., 800 X. 3rd. fruits and
Early, J. B. & Son. 104 X. 2nd. leather
and findings.
Ensminsrer. J. T., Jr.. 202 X. 2nd. whole
sale drugs.
Fnsmlnger, J. T.. Jr.. 214 X. 2nd, drugs.
Fager & Sons, 213 X. 2nd. stoves and
Flickinger, John, 706 X. 3rd, wall pa
Fleischmann Co., The, 210 N. 2nd,
wholesale yeast.
Fought. M. A., 217 Xorth. real estate.
I'alrlamb & Co., 819 X. 3rd, confection
Goldsmith. Jos., 209 Locust, furniture.
Grand Union Tea Co., 208 N. 2nd,
wholesale tea and coffee.
Grand Union Tea Co., 208 X. 2nd,
tea and coffee.
Gault, H. A., 236 Xorth, groceries.
| Greco, A, 3rd and State, cigars and
Harris, J. P. & Son, 221 X. 2nd, furni
Hennecke, Mrs. J„ 825 X. 3rd, birds.
Jones, Mrs. O. W., 208 South, groceries.
Kendall Optical Co., 228 X. 3rd. op
tical goods.
Kreldler, A. H. & Bro., 100 X. 2nd, gro
Keystone Supply Co., 814 X. 3rd. sup
Lett. Jas., 11l X. 2nd. wholesale photo
I.oiigeneckei. 1. K . 801 X. 3rd. flowers.
L Jdariann<i, Kiudtrmarkt, 21b Lucust,
Messtmer. Geo. F., 71S X. 3rd. confec
Mm I'onald. C. 8.. Telegraph Bldg., ci
Menger, John 11., 110 X. 2nd. restau
rant and cigars.
Maglauchlin. J. J , 100 N. 3rd. wall pa
Marzolf, E. I». 515 X. 2nd. groceries.
Mather & Co., 204 Walnut, steam lit
' G., 219 Xorth, real estate.
Miller Bros. & Baker, ijocust and Court,
real estate and brokers.
Paftheumrc. L. H., 712 X. 3rd. pianos.
Nunema licr. A. W„ 3rd and .North,
dm gs.
Perrle Corset Shop. 205 Ijoeust, corsets.
Peter-. R. J. & Son. 620 X. 3rd, gro
Poornian, Bessie E., 222 l.ocust, gloves
and notions.
Pennsylvania Realty i<- Improvement
Co., 132 Locust, real estate.
Regal Umbrella Co., 2nd and Walnut,
umbrellas and trunks.
Rlcker, 1. s., 817 X. 3rd. jewelry.
Rockafeller, T. 8., Xorth, real estate.
Saltxgiver, J. C., 22, i X. 2nd, antique
Sprinkle, C. A.. Sl4 X. 3rd. supplies.
Rutherford, S. S„ 31S X. 2nd, confec
Saltzgiver. J. C., 223 X. 2nd. materials.
S aria no, Frank, 22S South, wholesale
Sebourn, J. 11., 527 Green, groceries.
Spun gin. Samuel. 239 Xorth. meats.
Studebaker, C., 2nd and State, grocer-
United Evangelical Church Publishing:
Ilouse, 201 X. 2nd, books and sta
\\ aite, W. 0., 524 X. Gth. drugs.
Wiihelm, S. K. A Co., 2nd and State,
WinUeid, M. K., 706 N". 6th, real estate.
Witmer, Bair & Witmer, 202 Walnut,
suits and cloaks.
Wolfley, O. N„ 226 X. 2nd, oysters and
Wolbert. H. 8., 717 X. 3rd, groceries.
White, K. A„ Masonic Temple Bldg.,
wall paper.
Zimmerman, S. S.. 211 N. 2nd, groceries.
Taylor, M. C., 111 South, real estate.
Adler, Clias., 1002 X. 3rd. real estate.
Affleck, John A. & Co., 1113 3rd, real
Argraves, 11. A., 1008 X. 3rd, groceries.
Argraves, H. A., 100S X. 3rd, wholesale
Atticks & Metzger, 217 Broad, candy.
Boak, W. A., 131 Broad, groceries.
Rrown & Co., 1217 X. 3rd, furniture.
Buehler, D. A.. 916 X. 3rd, drugs.
Baturin, Rebecca, 1005 X. 3rd, gro
Berger, Abraham &, Son, 315 Broad,
Bodnier, 1. C.. 307 Cumberland, fruits.
Boak, C. E, 229 Broad, tobacco.
Cleckner A Burke, 1226 X. 3rd, stoves
and tinware.
Capin & Capin, 1121 X. 3rd, gents' fur
Cohen, A., 411 Broad, second hand
Cohen, E & Bro., N. 6th, leather and
Consylman, Wm. C. & Co., 1117 3ru,
gents - furnishings.
Cooper & Co., 11l Broad, junk.
Clary, P. 923 3rd. pool.
Clary. D. Z., 923 X. 3rd, cigars and
Dapp, Wm, A., 309 Broad, cigars and
Dapp, Wm. A., 309 Broad, cigars and
Dapp, Win. A., 309 Broad, pool.
DeEone Bros., 26y Broad* butter, eggs
and milk.
DeEone Bros., 269 Broad, wholesale
butter, eggs and milk.
Ensminger. E. C., 1122 Green, auto
Evans. W. H., 267 Sassafras, produce.
Finklesteili, H. L., 1219 3rd. novelties.
Fisher. E. A. Estate, 1017 X. 3rd, wall
paper and paints.
Fisher Bros., 1001 Capital, stoves.
Friedman, Samuel, 903 X. 3rd, real
Garner. A., 1209 X. 3rd. clothing.
Gebhart, H. C.. 1001 X. 3rd, birds and
Garonzik, D., 1105 X. 3rd, clothing and
Gekas, D. X., 3rd and Herr, confection
Guild rum, Ruth. 913 X. 3rd. post cards.
Handler, B„ 1212 X. 3rd, furniture.
Hauk, J. R„ 932 X. 6th, cigars.
Htagy Bros., 1204 X. 3rd, sporting
Houghton. 11. I\, 11l- X. 6th, cigars
and candy.
Harlan, Jas., 1107 X. 3rd, restaurant.
Hoopes, J 8., 1021 X. 3rd, cigars and
Houghton, H. F., 112S X. 6th, restau
Hutman, Geo. A.. 1013 X. 3rd. Jewelry
Kay lor, H. H., 1202 X. 3rd, hardware.
Kelly, l-'eter, 120S X. 6th, ice cream
and candy.
Kimmel, Wm., 1101 X. 2nd, groceries.
Kinnard, E H. Estate, 1116 X. 3rd,
gents' furnishings.
Kinney &- Co.. 1200 X. 3rd. shoes.
Kramer. Ira, 400 Cumberland, groceries.
Kister. J. F.. Boas and Capital, milk.
Kobler, Geo. 1232 N. 6 th, cigars.
Knighton & Co.. 311 Broad, clothing
Koons, H. C., 269 Cumberland, meats.
Kramer, Chas. F., 122." X. 3rd. drugs.
Kramer. Ira W„ 400 Cumberland,
wholesale flour.
Krebs, A. A. & Son, 1021 Green, grocer
Krainme, F.. 445 Broad, 'restaurant.
Kurzenknabe Co., J. 1-1., 1010 X. 3rd,
Low. Charles E., 1100 X. fith, groceries.
Maurer, A., 400 Forster, cigars.
Marcus, Isaac, 1205 N. 3rd. Royal Photo.
McCarroll, Jas., 93" X 3rd. tobacco.
Messner, Paul, 1119 Montgomerv, gas
Miller Shoe Store, 1125 X. 3rd. shoes.
Milleisein. D. P., 1019 X. 3rd. coal.
Mitchell. D. F„ 321 Cumberland, candy.
Morgenthaler, .1. X., 937 X. 3rd, cigars.
Nailer, J N.. 411 Broad, feed.
Opperman. Aliss L., 1208 X. 3rd. fancv
goods. .
Oreutt. C. 11. 267 Cumberland, real
Palmer, Mrs. 416 Forster, groceries.
Peoples Tea Co.. 1126 X. 3rd, groceries.
Potts. Geo. C.. 1100 X. 3rd. drugs.
Rettew Co., C. Vernon, 1100 X. 3rd. real
Rifkin. S.. 407 Broad, furniture.
Ridenhour. F. F.. 1231 X. 3rd. tlowers.
Rlnkenbach. E. E.. 1215 X. 3rd. jewelry.
Colivaris. Geo.. 305 Broad, restaurant.
Sanderson. 11. E.. 1213 X. 3rd. pictures.
Simonetti. L., 901 X. 3rd. fish and oys
Slinonetti. L.. *9Ol X. 3rd, wholesale
fish and oysters
Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 90S X. 3rd,
Simonetti, Jacob, 401 Broad, cigars.
Senseman. A. J.. 1206 X. 3rd, dry goods.
Shaw, Sarah. 1210 Ponn. groceries.
Smith. Jacob, x. 3rd. cigars.
Smith. J. P., 1200 x. 2nd, groceries.
Smith, Wm. D. St Sons. Boas and Cap
ital. groceries.
Smallwood. Wm., 334 Herr. wholesale
Hon r.
Spahr. H. 8.. 1223 X. 3rd. stationery.
Strayer. O. F., 1218 3rd, hardware.
Strayer. O. F., 1218 X. 3rd, wholesale
Straub. Wm. J., 1109 X. 3rd. wall paper,
j Strayer. C. F., 319 Broad, groceries.
Stouffer. C. A.. 449 Broad, meats,
i-trominger & Ennis. 1111 X. 3rd, wall
pa per.
.Sullivan, Thos. J, 325 Rroad. cigars.
Sweiger. E. F D.. 303 Broad, patent
medicines and notions
Swiler, J. H., 431 Broad, groceries.
Tack. A. 8.. 1216 X. 3rd. wall paper.
Wilson. J- W., 901 x 3rd, moats.
Welgle Bros., 309 Broad, saddlery.
White. A. 3 ., 313 Broad, cigars.
Woman's Kxchange, 1014 X. 3rd, no
Yingst. John. 1132 X. Front, carpets
and oil cloths
Alitto, J.. 1330 4th, candv and tohadco.
Atkinson, W. R.. 1432 % N. 3rd. Jeweirv
Anderson, James. 1316 4th, cigars and
Aronson, .Tos., 1423 6th. groceries.
Bond. M. M., 265 Rellv, groceries.
Brunner. G. A.. 112 N. Front, groceries.
Bogar Hardware Co.. 1316 N. 3rd, hard-
Burgolne. Wm. F„ 1344 6th, groceries.
Burns, Sandy, 1400 Marlon, cigars.
'Brunner. G. A., 265 Rellv. groceries.
Bloom. Phillip, 1327 Williams, Junk
! Bloom. Jacob, 1325 Williams. Junk
!Cobb, Samuel, 1315 Williams, clothing
I Clark, J. Nelson. 306 Broad, drugs.
I Cohen. M., 314 Calder, second hand fur
niture. •
Clark. .1 Nelson 308 Broad, wholesale
drugs and medicines.
Garonzlk. H.. 1401 Marlon, second hand
CratHi u. Ai , iipj Srvt cigar a.
Davlca. C. W„ 1305 X. 3rd. cigars and
Dogherty. J. P.. "20 Broad. drv goods
HiHl shoos.
Drabenstodt, E. C.. Uellv, confec
Kndick, Abe. 505 Calder. milk.
Kills, M.. 1518 N. 6th. groceries.
Kberts, Win., 41:> Rellv, stoves.
1 'ounce. 1_ A„ Ul3 N. 3rd, Jewelry.
Fortenbaugh, J. 8.. 1400 N. 3rd, wall
Friedman, P., 320 Relly. groceries.
I'*rlck, P. A.. 1-1 Reilv, groceries.
Freeburn. Jl- H„ HOO N. 3rd. real
Gardner,. Samuel, 1311 X. 3rd. whole
sale green groceries.
George. Chas. T., 1308 X. 3rd. drugs.
Gentsllder, J. J.. 234 Broad, groceries.
Graupner, O. 8.. 1416 N. 3rd. cigars.
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.. 1303
N.'3rd, tea and coffee.
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.. 1303
N. 3rd. wholesale tea and coffee.
Grove, O. £on. 458 Broad, tobacco.
Gardner, Samuel, 1311 N. 3rd, ovstors
and tlsh.
Gregg. J. C., 1320 X. 3rd, cigars.
Gerber. A., 341 Keily, second hand fur
Hall, Hattie, 1322 Marlon, restaurant.
Ha'rro, A. A., 1400 Keily, groceries.
Hay, John W., 1402 N. 3rd, drugs.
Hennecke, J. A.. 1339 James, produce.
Hoover. C. F., 1413 2nd, cappers and
Hoover, J. W., 336 Broad, furniture.
Hoerner. Alf.. 316 Broad, dry goods.
Houtz, Adam D„ 310 Broad, clothing.
Houseman, J. H., 1422 N. 3rd, groceries.
Houseman, J. H., 1422 X. 3rd, wholesale
Jamison, B. H., 1333% Fulton, second
hand furniture.
King, Jos. M., 1417 X. 3rd. restaurant
King, Jos. M., 1417 N. 3rd. cigars.
Kobler, J. R., 1430 Vi N. 6th, pool.
Kobler. J. R„ 1430 N. 6th. cigars and
Kaufmann, F. G., 1319 X. 3rd, gents'
| furnishings.
Katzman. P.. 314 Broad, cigars.
lvapphan. R. P. Mrs.., 324 Broad, cigars.
Kramer. C. D., 1429 N. 3rd, tobacco and
Kranzdorf, D., 352 Broad, second hand
Ivnox & Meckley, 1302 N. 3rd. groceries.
Levlnson, AVfn., 1304 X. 6th, candy and
ice cream.
Lescure, J. W., 1310 Green, cigars and
Lowe, Daniel S„ 1418 N. 6tli, stoves.
Lukens, A. X., 3<i2 Keily, toys.
Liggett, J. G„ 26S Broad, rtstaurant.
Alichlovltz, Joe, 1324 Williams, Junk.
Murray, R. W., 1308 N. 6th. produce.
McAllister. Jas., 1336 X. 2nd. drugs.
Moyer, Mrs. fc3. S„ 3u4 Broad, candy.
Mlnniery, \Y. H„ 124 Relly. pool.
Minnlery. W. H„ 424 Relly. cigars.
Xeff. Mrs. M. C.. 132S X. 2nd. candy.
jXew York Merchandise. 460 Broad,
shoes and clothing.
Osinger. V.. 300 Broad, cigars.
Parks, W. T. &- Son. X. 3rd, restaurant.
Peoples Furnishing Co., 330 Broad, fur
Pennsylvania Fanciers' Association. 338
Broad, poultry supplies.
Plack, Ferdinand, 1326 X. 6th. jewelry.
Brenner, G. A., 1110 X. Front, groceries.
l'axton Flour & Feed Co., Broad, flour
and feed.
Rappacort, J.. 321 Calder, groceries.
Rickert. Mrs. E.. 131S X. 6th, notions.
Reese, Carrie W., 1419 X'. 3rd. notions.
Rishel. J. A., 416 Calder, groceries.
Rhodes. D„ 1401 X. 2nd. groceries.
Robinson & Co., 1300 X. 3rd, department
Rider Hardware Store, 302 Broad, hard
wa re.
Rider Hardware Store. 302 Broad,
wholesale hardware.
Rilev, Chas., 349 Kelly, pool.
Reamer, H. D„ 1336 X. 6th, art sup
Sebold. 1316 X. 3rd. stoves.
Selsam, J. T., 400 Broad, groceries.
Shisler. A. H„ 132S X. 3rd, electrical
and bicycle supplies.
Smith, ( nas. H. 1313 X. 2nd, meats.
Smith, C. J., 322 Broad, groceries.
Smith, Mary T.. 1301 X. 3rd. candy.
Smiley. M. E., 437 Reily, groceries.
Spangenberg. B. R., 5#7 Reily, milk.
Steckley M. & Sons, 404 Broad, shoes.
Stevick, A. E. 140S X. 3rd, pool.
Stevlck, A. E, 1408 N. 3rd, cigars and
Stewart, F. H., 1427 X. 3rd, paper and
Smith, C. 8., 1527 N. 3rd. supplies.
Square Deal Auto Co., 1408 X. 3rd, auto
Tripner, J. H.. 312 Broad, groceries.
Vaughn, P. 11.. 1432 X. 3rd. gas mantles.
Williams. E. G„ 1421 X. 3rd, .candy.
West End Junk Co., 1321 X. 4th, junk.
Weaver, Mrs. G. F.. 501 Calder, produce.
Walters, 11. A., 339 Reily, cigars and
Weibley, 11. S.. 226 Broad, candies.
Weibley, H. S., 226 Broad, wholesale
Wengert, Daniel, 504 Reily, produce and
Williams, J. C.. 1500 Penn, milk.
Wilson. J. E., 326 Reily, paints and wall
WohlYorth, J. E. 323 Reily, cigars.
Yingst. Hurry M„ 1423 X. 3rd. globes
and mantels.
Zigler, G. L.. 414 Broad, harness.
Harris. X., 1500 X. sth. notions.
Znndell, L. J.. 13-42 Penn, groceries.
Abr&mson, 1 «>T7 7th. junk.
Arnold. C. N.. 1601 6th. drugs.
Allen. J. H„ & Co., 1407 6th, fish and
Ashbv, C. W.. 945 X 7 th. restaurant.
Arch. Rebecca R., 1001 Cowden, gro
Baker. O. F„ 1300 fitli. pianos.
Botts, M. W„ 1619 6th. dry goods.
Bloser. E. C., 160." fith, groceries.
Brighton, C. W„ 1300 7th, tobacco and
Braconey, H. J.. 1001 fith. groceries.
Brenner. Morris & Son, 023 Herr, gro
Brenner, Morris & Son, 649 Muench,
Bowman. I. F„ 1911 fith, cigars and to
Bowman, I. F., 1911 6th. pool.
Bechtel. A. M., lSlh anil Herr, groceries.
Hover. W. 1"., 1821 N. 12th. produce.
Chess. R. C„ 1025 fith, linoleum and
oil cloth.
Connoley. J. A„ 621 Hamilton, groceries.
Cowden X- Co.. 9th and Herr, wholesale
sewer pipe.
Cummings, C. 8., 946 7th, cigars.
Cramer. A.. 1006 N. 7ui, notions and
Crum. Daniel, 662 Broad, guns and lock
Campbell. H. G. , 1637 N. 7th, ice cream
and cigars.
PlftendnfTer, F. w„ 1647 6th. groceries.
Drum. B. 8.. ISOI fith, groceries.
Fetterhoff. J.. 1815 X. Cameron, gro
Fernhauah. C. T„ lfiSl Sth. candy.
Fornwald, M. A.. 1321 Cth, carpets and
Frank, J. L... 1925 7th, groceries
Economy Grocery Co., 1733 X. 6th, gro
Elder. T. 8.. 2011 X. 7th, groceries and
Gerver. Morris, 1201 Wallace, junk and
Groff. Edw„ 601 Cumberland, cigars and
Garland. J. K„ 1539 6th, drugs.
Gordon Bros., 1200 X. Cameron, gro
Good. F.. 1733 X. 6th. restaurant.
Gross, M.. 7th and Sayford, groceries
and meats.
Gross. Xathan, 2015 6th, groceries.
""Jrnndcn, P. E.. 933 fith, drugs.
Hart. M. 11., 1123 X. Cameron, gro
Hackenberger, Geo., 1845 N. 7th, gro
Hamilton, W. T.. 1237 6th, drugs.
Harris. S. R., 192 ft Sth. rroonries.
Hoffman. J. Grant. 1200 Wallace, cigars,
Heckard, \Vm„ 1300 Cameron, coal and
i wood.
Horwltz. I>. 1249 Monroe, groceries.
lsaacman, Mrs. A., 1308 Wallace, gro
Johns, Mr., 664 Broad, fish and oysters.
Katz. _«na, 1100 Herr, groceries.
Frank, S. A., 1925 N. 7th, groceries.
Flshman, Samuel, 1101 N. 6th. furniture
Katz. M., 649 Cumberland, leather and
Koons. M., 670 Calder, groceries and
Kobler, Geo., 6th and Cumberland, mov
ing pictures.
Kohlman. Peter, 1304-1306 7th, cigars.
Landls. Gertrude, 1719 7th, groceries.
Levi Bros., 1201 7th, groceries.
Long. H. H.. 1817 7th, groceries.
Lyons, Then., 1135 Wallace, cigars and
Martin. S. K., 635 Retly, gents' furnish
Mattls. C. 9., 1301 6th. cigars and to
Macover,. Kali* 1116 X. Cameron,
LtHti, ,
Minskv, Simon. 637 Herr, groceries
Marcus & l.ipsltz, 2030 X. 7tlu groceries.
Mathews, T. R„ 1219 X. 7th, cigars.
Mathews. T. R.,.1219 X 7th. pool.
Markle, Geo.. 1541 X. ith. wall paper
and shades.
MeXallv. Robt. 1,., 2001 X. «th.
Miller. D. H„ 1931 6th. notions
Moeslein, Fred. 1235 6th, cigars.
Moses. B. F„ 1527 6th, groceries and
Murnane. Theo.. 1825 George, junk.
Remer, R., 1101 X. 7th. shoes.
Ohlhausen. 11. \V., 1012 Herr, groceries.
Parsons, Isaiah, il°t X 7th, drugs.
Rashinsky. M , 923 X. Oib groceries.
Roth. G., 630 Boas. groceries.
Orsteln. Wolf. 1127 Canirron. groceries.
Parks, W. T., & Son. '<o2 X. 6th, res-
Pavloft, Vure, 1023 X. 7th. eandy.
Reamer. W. A.. 1505 6tti, w ill paper.
Rhine, Paul G. 13.,0 C«wden, produce.
Rodkey, H., 663 Boas, produce.
Rouen, I. K., 646 Caldir, groceries.
Rosenfeld, A., Broad and Cowden, gro
Shack, A., 1238 7th, nftaurant.
Shellenhumer. 11. 11., 2(17 Cameron, gro
Sherman. David, 652 foffer. groceries.
Shanabrook, C. M., 632 Reily, groceries.
Staley, R. M., 1307 fiui. drugs.
Stover. Geo., 915 6th, cigars.
Stroh. W. H.. 1713 6th. coal.
Snavely, Geo. W., 61J Cumberland, gro
Smoltz, Max, 1100 7tU, second-hand
Szelm, Andrews, 1018 X. 7th, groceries,
meat, milk.
Smith & Feltenberger, 1405 X. 6th, sup
Taylor, A. L.. 601 Cumberland, cigars.
Thompson, Wm. F.. 2027 6th. drugs.
United Ice & Coal Co., Cowden and
Forster. coal and wood.
Verner, A. H.. 627 Cumberland, notions.
Walter. H. G., 616 Herr, meats.
Wagner, J. 11., 1721 6th, cigars and to
Wolborn, A.. 638 Broad, groceries.
Wagner, J. H., 1721 6th, pool.
Weaver, J. S., 1607 6th, groceries.
Weiss. E. W. 1221 6th, stoves and tin
Wilbnek, Lawrence, 1023 7th. cigars.
Winckler, C., 7th and Broad, meats.
Weiner. Anna, 1226 X. 7th. groceries.
Wolf, Bros.. 1201 X. 7th, groceries.
Yoder. L P., 621 Harris, groceries
Herman. H. G.. 1214 X. Cameron, gro
Asinowltz, L,, 127 Balm, groceries.
' Asliby, C- 11., 411 Filbert, eating house.
I Bender, Fred, 520 Walnut, barber sup-
I plies.
Brelsford Packing Co., 7th and Xorth,
| wholesale meats.
! Bear, 8., 700 X. 7th. groceries.
; Brenner, Xathan, 424 Walnut, clothing
I and shoes.
Brenner, Nathan. 424 Walnut, broker.
| Broude. P.. 516 State, merchandise.
Capiat). Maurice. 4 16 Walnut, wholesale
Carr. Wm., 602 Walnut, restaurant.
Carter, Isabel, 17128 Walnut, milk.
Caster. Alice, 445 State, restaurant.
Capital City Junk and Rag Co., 10th
and Walnut, junk.
Capital City Junk and Rag Co., 10th
and Walnut, wholesale iunk.
Corpman. W. S.. 16th and Elm, postal
cards and picture frames.
Cohen. Israel, 604 State, junk.
Cohen, Rebecca, 110 Cranberry, gro
Cohen, Frank, 607 State, second-hand
Cohen, Max & Sons. 67S Briggs, junk.
Cooper & Sandel. 600 Xorth, groceries.
Cushman, F. A.. 1216 Walnut, groceries.
Eber. F. W., 4th and State, cigars.
Etter, Calvin & Sons. 601 State, gro
Fink, K. 0., 1809 Walnut, groceries.
l'orney Bros. Shoe Co., 628 Xorth,
wholesale shoes.
Freeburg, X., 420 Walnut, wholesale
Friedman, Isaac, 123 Short, shoes.
Fry. Theo., 501 State, cigars.
Furber, Ignatz, 542 Xorth, cigars.
Gastrock, C., 647 Briggs, groceries.
Gross, Meyer, 438 Walnut, groceries.
Hayes. Sallle, 61S Walnut, cigars and
Hayes, Sallie, 618 Walnut, restaurant.
Hautzman. F. H.. 660 Briggs. lumber.
llarrisburg Rendering & Hide Co., llth
and Walnut, hides.
Harrisbu'rg Cash Grocery, 434 Walnut,
Jackson. Helen. 108 Short, notions.
Kambeitz, L., 124 Linden, milk and to
_ bacco.
Kellam, J. C., 1740 Walnut, groceries.
Kelley, H. M. & Co., 10th and State,
retail coal.
Kelley. 11. M. & Co., 10th and State,
Wholesale coal.
Lipman. 1., 404 Walnut, clothing.
Luck, Frnnk, 713 Cowden, groceries
and junk. • »
Looker. Edwin, 501 Xorth, fruit and
McCoy, April, 510 South, groceries.
Mcßand, Mrs. R.. 1604 Walnut, gro
Miller, Harry, 1250 Walnut, groceries.
Morrow. F. S„ 16th an.l Walnut, candy
and oysters.
Morton, Lewis, 806 X. Cowden, gro
Miller, J. E.. 1258 Walnut, produce.
Moody, G. W., 1700 Walnut, coal
Morrison, A., 414 Walnut, clothing and
Morris, J. W., 1311 Xorth, produce.
Mulier, J. Y., 127 X. 13tli, wall paper.
Nurick, 8., SOS Walnut, groceries.
Orth, Geo. X. 423 State, groceries.
Moore, G. S., 222 X. 10th, produce.
Paxton Flour & Feed Co., State and
Poplar, flour and feed.
Paxton FlouV & Feed Co- State and
l'o.ilar, wholesale Hour and feed
Phillips, Harry A.. 1537 State, groceries
Potter. Leslie B„ 524 State, cigars.
Rhodes, J. E„ Cowden and Forster
lime and cement.
Rubin, H., 135 X. 10th. groceries.
Raul), D. W„ 525 X. 17th, groceries.
Rhodes. J. E., Cowden und Forster,
wholesale sewer pipe.
Rosen. Jas., 506 Cameron, groceries
Sullivan. P. T., 729 State, cigars.
Schlffman. A., 514 Cowden. groceries
Selder, F. H. 1501 State, groceries.
Selbert. F. C.. 114 Cowden. candies
Slioma. L. C. & Son. 609 State groceries
Sherman. M., 517 South, groceries
Shandler. I. L.. 139 Short, clothing.
Skolllk. M., 516 South, stoves.
Stever, Wm. F„ 1324 Walnut, drugs
Strathers, C. W., 432 South, cigars and
Strathers, C. W„ 432 South, pool.
Smith, E. E.. 637 Briggs, groceries. ,
Smith. Harry T., 451 State, cigars.
Sullivan. John J., 13th and State, gro
Shoop, Geo., 817 East, groceries
Starger. A. C.. 1270 State, milk.
The Great China & Japan Tea Co., 723
6th, groceries.
Thorley. T. A.. 449 State, drugs.
Union Planing Mill Co.. 824 to 83" N
7th, lumber.
Walter. H. G„ 434 State, meats.
Wallace & Coalmen, 143 Short, restaur
Weaver. John X.. 523 State, cigars.
Winger. Geo. E.. 137 4th. cigars.
Wise, Theo., 431 Xorth. groceries.
Wolfshon, J., 518 Walnut, groceries
Wallace & Coleman, 143 Short, cigars.
\offee, David, 121 Short, second-hand
gandel, Ethel, 700 X. 7th, groceries.
Zorger. A.. 600 Walnut, clothing and
Acri, M., 4th and Chestnut, cigars
AldSnger, Fred. 423-427 Market, clears
Adr.ms & Fry, 410 Market, Star Thea
Althouse, F. J.. 1276 Market, drus'trist
Aronson. Charles. 422 Market, pawn
Astrieh, H.. 400 Market, millinery and
I clothing.
I Attlcks. H., 135 Evergreen, candy
Barbiifih, Mike. 512 Market, clears
Barnhart, C. H.. 1 430 Derry, milk
Hartley, M. 8., 1305 Market, confection
i cry.
I Baturln, M., 422 Market, jewelry
Baturin, M., 422 Market, broker
I Bonner, Arthur, 1404 Derry. real estntn
] Bltner, Mrs. C. N.. 32 S. 18th, groceries'
Bloomstein, C., 1438 Derry, groceries
and notions. •
Brlnder, Carl Z., 1256 Derry. clears
Buck, Robt. E„ 1249 Market, restaur
Brown. C. S., 1711 Regina, produce
Bollendorf, M.. 24 N. 17th, groceries
Bowman. Mell & Co., 19A tf 4th druc-n
Bowman. Mell & Co.. 19A N. 4th,'whole
sale drugs.
Brennemari, E. S., 108 S. 13th. groceries
Brenneman, E. P.. 1006 Market cigars'
Brougrher. J. P.. 517 Walnut, cigars
Canata, Harry. lno' "-.-Uet. confection
Cohen. .s T•• .K» (. clothing
Cannon. D. K.. 1247 Market, meats an.l
CoppcOKe, Chas. E., 10th and Market I
clgaia. j
Cassel, J. M.. 1441 Regina. real estato.
Capital city News Agency, 43S Market,
newspa tiers.
Capital City News Affeticy, 438 Market.
wholesale newspapers.
Capital City Pilot" Novelty Co., 814
Market, frames, etc.
diaries, .1. F.. 7 N. 14th. meats.
Cohen, Hayman, 407 Walnut, elothtns
and shoes.
Cassel. Itoss X., 1111 itegina. cigars.
Cussel, Ross 1., 1444 Regina, pool.
Cohen, S. E, & Son. 431 Market, jewelry.
Cohen Son. S. K„ 431 Market, broker.
Columbia Fleetrlc Co., 13th and Market,
electrical supplies.
Cook, H. H., 1204 Decry, milk.
Cooper. Carl S.. 1801 Perry, drugs.
Cooper, W. & Son. 4 3 X. Cameron, Junk.
Cornman &. Colestoek, 1624 Derry, gro
Cozzoll, W. J.. 1103 Market, cigars.
Dare, ,1. E„ 1542 Vernon, coal.
Daup\iln Electrical Supplies Co., 434
Market, supplies.
Diehl, Geo. A., 9A N. 13th. groceries.
Diener. I'. G., 408 Market, jewelry.
D'eicher, I>. E.. 13th and Market, shoes.
Deiss, Win.. 401 Walnut, drugs.
Dubble & Beck, Derry and Evergreen,
wall paper.
Economy Grocery Co., 1240 Market, gro
ceries. ,
Ernest. T. J.. 1253 Market, cigars.
Economy Grocery Co., 1416 Derry, gro
Emerson-lirantlngham Implement Co.,
10S Market, repairs.
Steele, .1. H., 19th and Holly, groceries.
Edward Co.. 443 Market, clothing.
I Eldridge, Howard M. L, Jr.. 23 N. 4th,
| Eneh, C. 11., 15 N. 14th, candy
I Elseheid. ,1 no. 11.. 13 N. sth, cigars.
I Fackler, E. 1,., Est., 1312 Derry, furni
| Faus, J., Jr 1010 Market, groceries.
Flickinger, J. 13., 1520 Derry, dry goods.
I Forney, C. M., 42(1 Market, drugs.
Forney, C. M., 426 Market, wholesale
Ford Motor Sales Co., 10th and Market,
Fry Coal Co., 9th and Market, coal.
| Fells, C. M., 1500 liegina, wall paper.
* ry, C., 1114 Market, second-hand fur-
I nlture.
Frederick, D. H., 1469 Market, cigars
| and confectionery.
! Fisher, Jos., 601 Walnut, pool.
Simon, Frank. 1002 Market, second-
I hand furnithrc.
, Grey. A. M., 26A S. 13th, notions.
Oerloch, J. A.. 1214 Mulberry, wall
Gipplo, J. E., 1251 Market, real estate. '
Ciernet. \\. A., 18th and Market, gro
' S?. r . t ' 1 \ or ' Robt. L, 47 N. 14th, groceries.
I ,v . 1393 Market, jewelry.
I ' 11 I ,ti- Jos., 24 Grace, cigars.
' ' Samuel, 1016 Market, second-hand
| furniture.
Gjimore Henry, 1030 Market. pool,
(■ilniore Henry, 1030 Market, cigars
and tobacco.
| Goodman, Isadore & Co., 440 Market,
I clothing.
Giovanis, & Pappas, 5 S. 4th, cigars.
| uiovanis, & Pappas, 5 S. 4th, restaur*
: ant.
Grambastlon, Jno„ 1104 Market, cigars
and groceries.
| Hoose, A. K„ 1543 Walnut, meat.
Hare, 11. M., 421 Walnut, cigars.
| Hauck, Plulip, 430 Market, shoes.
> Hess. G. i?., 416 Market, cigars and
Herr, G. I!., 416 Market, wholesale)
: cigars.
Hess, G. 8.. 416 Market, pool.
Hess, Harry, 1264 Market, cigars and
Hess. Harry, 1264 Market, pool.
Hetriek, J. s., 1609 Hegina. groceries.
Hotter & Garman, 18th and Kelley, flour
and feed.
Hotter & Garman, IStli and Kelley.
wholesale flour and feed.
Hoffman. Edw. G„ 111 Market, cigars.
Ruber Mfg. Co., 10th, wholesale twine.
Hoftman, Mrs. A. E„ 1323 Market, poo).
Hess, J. r. 8., 1144 Market, oysters ami
Hetinger, Miss May, 1315 A Market, res
Hoffman. Mrs. A. E„ 1323 Market, ci
gars and confectionery.
Ray. T., 1701 Market, groceries.
Hall, C. H., 123!' Market, restaurant.
Harris, M., 23 Aberdeen, clothing,
international Harvester Co., 813 Mar
ket, twine and repairs.
Jones, Nathan, 812 Walnut, restaurant.
Katz, Meyer, 510 Market, retail notions.
Katz, Meyer, 510 Market, wholesale no
Katzman, H., 42 Balm, groceries.
Kerr, Chas. A., 43 X. 13th, meats.
Kerr, X, J., 40 N. 18th. groceries.
Keystone Motor Car Co., 101!) Market,
autos and supplies.
Keystone Motor Car Co., 1019 Market,
wholesale autos and supplies.
Killinger, W. H„ 37 S. 13th, hardware.
Kitchner, A. P., 98 X. 17th, groceries.
Knisley, Harry, 411 Market, cigars
and tobacco.
Koons, Wm. E., 43 S. 13th, groceries.
Krauss, Chas. & Co., 411 Market,
Krauss, Chas. & Co., 411 Market,
Kulp, Mrs. A. W., 1310 Market, confec
Keller, Croll, 405 Market, drugs.
> atzman. A., 21 Cowden, cigars.
Koser. Geo. D., 3A S. 13th, cigars,
kopenhaver, A. W„ 26 X. 19th, gro
Lane M., 1026 Market, shoes.
Langlets, C. W. H., Cameron and Mul
berry, lumber.
Lampas. T. J„ 414 Market, confection
Led}, Chas. P., 1313 Market, groceries.
Levi, Jacob, 515 Walnut, wholesale na
LeVinson, Samuel. 1028 Market, con
Lock, Mike. 10 Cowden, groceries.
Lutz. E. E., 171 X. 15th, milk,
Lenny, J. M„ 5-7 S. 13th, Photo Plar
Lerew, Edgar B„ I X. sth. real estato.
Lukens & Andrews, 437 Market, pool.
Lukens & Andrews, 437 Market, cigars.
Lampas, J. S., 1266 Market, confection
Marks, 11. * Son. 401 Market, clothing
Runkle, Geo., 1522 Derrj, pool.
Runkle, Geo., 1522 Derry, cigars and to
Marcilli, TI. .1., 3 Aberdeen, restaurant.
Martin. Chas., 433 Market, cigars.
Marsilli, H., 17 Aberdeen, cigars and to
Miller, Edw., 435 Market, cigars.
McClosky, Annie, 1236 Market, notions.
Meltzer, Samuel. 513 Walnut, clothing-.
Mentzer & Romberger, 18th and Chest
nut, cement and lime.
Mentzer & Romberger. 18th and Chest
nut, wholesale bricks.
Metilna, Frank, 1414 Regina, fruit.
Merllrfa, Frank, 1414 Regina, wholesale
Myers. H. D„ 1602 Derry, shoes.
Mt. Pleasant Garage, 1336 Thompson,
Miller, W. X., 1268 Market, The Summit
Mingle, D. S., 1108 Market, cigars.
Miller & Son, D. F., 126 Market.
Miller, E. B„ 21 S. 17th, produce.
Miller, J. D., 70 X. 3rd, groceries.
Miller, J. H., 1256 Market, cigars and
Miller, J. H., 1256 Market, pool.
Monarch Wall Paper Co., 11 Aberdeen,
wholesale wall paper.
Moog Shoe Co.. 27 S. 13th. shoes.
Morrison, M. A., 1408 Regina. groceries.
Montgomery & Co., S. 10th, feed.
Mountz, E. K., 1700 Regina, groceries.
Moyer, Wm. 0., 1815 Parks, groceries.
Xational Biscuit Co., Union Square,
wholesale biscuits.
Xathan, Mrs. Fanny, 24 Aberdeen,
clothing and shoes.
Nye, R. P., 1444 Thompson, produce.
O'Xeil, L. C., 1523 Regina, shoes.
Patton, A. 8.. 19 S. 14th, flowers.
Peters. Jno. E., 1447 Regina, rueat.
Parthemore, L., 37 N. 13th, stoves and
Paul. Wm. F., 1418 Market, shoes.
Pennsylvania Railroad Union Station,
Pennsylvania ifailroad Union Station
Perrin, W. J., 19 S. 4th. restaurant.
Polleck, Daniel, UN. 4 th, groceries.
Rebuck, J. M., 14th unci Mayflower,
stoves. '
RP bacco C "' 1164 Market - c| sars and to-
Rickertj A. M., 98 N. 18th, drugs.
Ream, J. H., 1272 Market, wall paper.
Runkle. W. M„ 1601 Regina,-groceries.
Romberger Sons Co., 65 S. l<ftfi, tallow.
Rolles Bros., 409 Market, confectionery.
certes 16th aDd Walnut - « r °-
bacco T ' A " 12 S ' 6thl clfrar » and to-
Ryan. T. A., 12 S>. sth, restaurant.
Ryan, T. A., 506 Market, restaurant.
Roberts. Hugh, 1215 Market, grooerlaa.
Schell. Walter S„ 1307 Market, seeds
[ Scliell, AV alter S.. 1307 .Market, whole
j sale - ypeds.
Sifbold, M. K„ 1312 Markot. shoes
iSelghman, J. C„ 186 S, ltth. gxoevo**t