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Fourth Street Window Special (s\* . 4- F i Q w - , I .
Nainsook and Cambric night gowns, in high neck and long C jC Olirtll otT6ot WIIKIOW OpGClfll
sleeves or low neck, three-quarter sleeve styles; regularly 50c. »X/ » m Vv\ ™ l/v WW| \- $1.50 white enamel medicine cabinets, with mirror. On
On sale Thursday on the second floor 35f sale Thursday on the third floor s>s^
Emerald &i> Tango Messahne The Skill of the Millinery Artist SXh
Petticoats in a Very At- „ rx- N \i\
tractive Style: $2.95 rfictor 1 hat Mesjis DIS- c \VW^
There are several verv attractive petticoat values that j . * |,' j T T i O j "I \ j/i
have just gone on sale and in each'one of them you will find a 1111011V6 L_/&SlOr 11 QX OIVIGS vf Tjflßffil
garment that possesses every mark of quality. c/
Messalme petticoats with pleated flounce; in emerald, Every hat in Olir great Easter showing Was
tango, two-tone effects a, ,d black ... .*2.9", X \ personally selected for some particular charm. f IWw,
ersev petticoats with pleated niessalme llounce; in plum, . X X J u J. il J. J • 1 I ytfI.JHSEaSr /
changeable effects and black #3.9,1 \ and hat that Was made in OUT own WOfk- </C^/
1 ersev petticoats with messaline or jersey flounce; elastic / \ r °° m was designed Mid trimmed to express |
waist band; all the new shades of tango, plum, rose, purple. I « 1 some late Paris or New \ ork fashion fancy. I 'Si.
maize, emerald, Persian $5.00 I W* k These are factors which make this millinery % ,«iL
\ section a continuous source of inspiration for '
The New Nemo Kopservice V JZS'S di " in '" v ' h " *""*
Corset Answers Every thi , The Boy Should Have a
t\- r% - preparations we have made for this busy week in millinery. Quif fr\r IHoo+^r
r igure Requirement Your Easter Hat * w,v; y ou ,t to-morrow? new ouir ror roaster
Miss Klaus, of the Nemo Hygienic Institute, will be at Your daughters hat, too, awaits her selection! Norfolk suits are the style, and WC have
Corset Department until Easter in order to give corset advice And for the little girls-scores and scores of the daintiest creations imaginable. them in the most attractive patterns in cassi
»yTj meres, worsteds and mixtures and plain blue
i"g you. I __ t , . . serges. There's quality in every suit, careful
slende^figures^^tid 1 they trul\ 'represent smicessftri'of Peai*l Beads, Solid Gold !
all the many patented specialties that have been brought out rj ! ; , p J* j that guarantee good Wear liaild-in-hand with
1 tll \n"t?ici' ! public talk for women oniv win he given at 3 DrOOCheS, LaValliereS, Hat ; * ™n» , the presentation of nobby, youthful styles.
o'clock to-morrow on lite third floor. Living models will be , p- Frj~ n H chir» fWIM SST' SSSS The new stairway leads iirectly from the
used to demonstrate MlSs Rxaus talk. J x illv) dIXvA A ilv/li\J.ulllU of children are put Oil decorated \yf 9 j p 9
i\ggs free of charge. J\JLCTI S CLTId Jl/0 1/5 W CCLV
The display of Easter jewelry is an attractive feature of „ T,le decoration of eggs for Bun- * pi i . o .
AT" - O Vi \ / fiormorttc fr\r ' the store this week, and the various little items such as beads ow ir orders ote Li o tng ec to .
Vanta DaDy VjarmeniS lor , and brooches showsftre taste and skill in selection. "JS'SSr.SrK*-. »C *""*>. or
_ 4 | Prominently arranged at the jewelry section are these Sweot diocolato Ofrgs, 20. 3e, sc, Brown and grev checked worsted and cassimere Norfolk suits; extra
values — 10c - ,5c ' 25< *> 30o > 50c > 75c « pair trousers; full lined; sizes 7to 18 years *4.50
I UUI UCXUy Medtum lenffth lKwls in ROSE rabbit ami anl- N ° rf ° lk SUItS: eXtm Pa ' r tr ° US ° rB: "K
t' , clonded aml>ei and many other K rf ><>ches . i!so and 50<- mals, lc, sc, 10f, 15c, 25c and 500 sizes jlO 10 years 'V'l * ~
Ha by VVillaif Exiterts *ny it is dangerous to nse shades 25<- to $3.00 , " nu " Sweet chocolate coated nnt filled Gro.y mixed and dark brown worsted, fancy cassimere and plain
niiw or buttons. In our Infants' department you can I*>"K strings of beads in black WaUieres »0e og(rs 5c and 10c navy blue Norfolk suits, sewed-on belt, patch pockets; extra pair
see how Vanta Baby (iarments are fastened with a an !i f° lors s()c to f}" :> Hat P ins ' I"" 1 " 25 ° Bitter sweet chocolate coated trousers; sizes 7to IS years *"" " * sso °
... r,.„ . ~. Coin purses in gold and oxidize, Taney little collar pins in gold whipped eggs, with raspberry, wal- Dark grep checked caasimere or worsted suits, sewed-on belt, patch
"V" ' M , t: 7wf.. 390 to Wo ° ami enamel imir . . ..... 25<- nut. strawborry mid vanilla flavors. pockets; extra pair trousers; sizes 7to 18 years 56.00
linn—ii never "et- bard'"and Htrinuy Never twists J J «-arl l>oa<ls 50c and SI.OO Short Bold hit Bin* oair 25c I ' noh 3c, 5c and 10c Black and white checked worsted Norfolk suits, patch pocketa, loose
or curls or Unks to the wash. Itis
I lie garment Itself and is guaranteed not to pull off Solid cold brooches set with *° * "uses oe es, iDowianut nream ?££*• Tan checked cassimere Norfolk suits, two-button coat with patch
or rip off. Vanta Baby Garments fasten in the front or sannhlres 'J?* 5c,3c, sc, 10c, lot ,3( c, pockets, extra pair trousers, full lined, belt to match; sizes 7 to 18
so that baby can be dressed without turning and In ameuiysts, pearls or GoM flllcd friendship circles, 25c , u# "? 75c \ .. years $8.50
quarter the usual time. Solid gold cameo brooches, | <"Old filled hoop earrings, e dtwen W . " I,f>< ioc Striped and plaid worsted Norfolk suits, patch or plain pockets; extra
We show a complete line of Vanta Pinless-button- *5.50 to $12.00 25c and 50c Marshmallow eggs, dozen 1.'.10e P air full llned trousers; sizes Bto 18 years *IO.OO
less Garments made double breasted—finely knitted Solid gold lavallieries in ame-: Black jet earrings hi large hoop Chocolate coated animals, Plain blue serge Norfolk suits, sewed-on belt, patch pockets, extra
and finished in a variety of materials.. Sizes from thyst and cameo ..*1.98 to sl2.oo'and other designs 50c 3c, 5c and 10c pair full lined trousers; sizes 7 to 18 years *7.50
birth to S years ol age.. Demonstration now in prog- I>avallierics, gold filled and ln| Bar pins set with brilliants and j Small chocolate rabbits, hens . ~ .
ress. in chage of a professional nurse. oxidize silver $1.25 to $1.98, jet 50c | and pigs 10c Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Second Floor.
\ PEOPLE -t- 3
! Tw ptiUllM tar llrat-ctw* dental <
~V TLgM mj rajmtatlan k» rut at <
. tw«t rmnk. MX »aj- Taara' «■ <
iLtnct ha* anabled me *° adept Ok ■
Sml u 1 palulMa mathodi of ,
«-&T?2r£ SBasrs. .
5 __J2: {£• jlmt wpwflilw Of mjtelf. ,
w itgrtr f had U •mploj thr«« irauuate .
£ gSSi'-l Vka uTTf wp.rtor ability.
J itwJnpay *• 01 ia ?° at * or »- ,
it D«a't wucj iteat pijiaMU, u '
b rmnaamcnu taa to mate to rait
6 pauaata.
I tjo^T" \2A B?sd,J\o«*, un. is. ;
0 ru»o«i Is aUrar »Uoj, muuL foe «p. ,
0 OaU. 11.00 up.
1 > iMt Work, Baal Material, I««l Frfera. ;
I • Writ tea caarmntee with atr work.
320 Market Street
' Otto* Inii: Daily, I.JO A. K. ta »! |
» Z. It; Sudan. It ta «.
• a T. xsLXPHon mi
i > ladtaitenbami
I • Ibe larseet and ami UUorwif ulj ' 1
I o
b Brnuk Oilnaa Uradin and Philadelphia. ' •
Enroll Next Momlnv
Harrisburg Business College
Day and Night. Business,
Shorthand and Civil Service. In
dividual Instruction. 28th year.
329 Market St Harrisburg, Pa.
Out-Door Photos
of vour CHILDREN, your HOUSE,
your AUTO&IOBILK or your STORE.
Photo linishing for amateurs.
21> K. Second Street, Itoom 10.
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Washington, April 8. When the
Senate convened to-day it wai with
an agreement to vote finally before
night 011 the nomination of James C.
i McXally, named by the President as
| consul at Nuremberg, Bavaria. Con
j formation of the appointment has been
j vigorously opposed because of an in
cident alleged to have occurred while
j Mr. McNally was serving in the con
sular service in China three years ago.
I St. Paul- |
j Minneapolis j
I Duluth I
jj Picturesque JVay by Day 0
j] Comfortable Way by Night jj
0 Popular JVay at All Times JJ
1 1
Qj Lv. new Passenger Terminal jj]
nj Chicago daily 111
n] Badger State Express 8:45 a.m. [J
u North Western Special 10:15 a.m. Q
m Duluth-Superior Limited 6:25 p.m. n
jj North Western Limited 6:45 p.m. |j
u North Coast Limited 10:00 p.m. jl
C St. Patil-IMlnneapclls and C
ru Duluth Express 10:10 p.m. I!
j( North Western Mail 2:35 a.m. Q
n Dining Car Smt-vhsm C
U Unaqualod Q
ru 111? Everything g
—I For reservations and informs- [J
l« tion apply to your nearest ticket »Jj
ikll fteent or addreos [SJj
| Chicago and |
(jj North Western Ry. p
!r» D. M. Davis. G. A.
[U 1020 (ihrstnut St. Ui
lij Philadelphia, Pa. ji,
.S NW1260 , nil
is E^asHsagajsasasaaasfpl
iee Us and See Better
(aliiMMt'M Fitted In (iold-lllled
I'rniiu'H, for S«'«lnn and Iteadlnu.
«IM Lou HN 91*00
Kxu 1.1 lit (it lon Krei\ .\o Drop* Used
llHrrlahurK'M l.rildinic Kyexticht
320 Market St. 2nd Floor
Open Wednesday and Saturday
HvrnlnED. Hell Plione SOW.
"Repeal Bill to Have Stormy Passage Through Senate," Is Prediction
With Senator O'Gorman and other prominent Democratic senators opposed to the repeal of the free
tolls exemption, it is being predicted by those who know in Washington that the Sims bill will have a stormy
passage through the Senate, if it passes the House. Many senators who will vote for the repeal are pre
dicting that it will be six weeks before it comes to a vote. Senator Chamberlain, of Oregon, who is one of
the Democrats leading the opposition to the repeal, has said that in his opinion it will b© months before
a vote is taken and that he has hopes that in the end it may be defeated.
Men with firm convictions, will oppose each other and there will be no cloture. Not until every senator be
lieves the subject has received sufficient consideration, and every man is willing to vote, will the vote finally be cast.
Senator O'Gorman, who is another of the big Democrats firmly opposed to the measure, has refused as
chairman of the interoeeanic canals committee to call that body together until every member can be present,
although repeatedly urged to do so by Senator Owen, of Oklahoma, who is the President's spokesman in the
upper house and introduced the Sims bill in the Senate.
Senator J. Ham Lewis, of Illinois, has introduced a bill designed to repeal the exemption clause and yet retain
for the United States the right to deal with its coastwise shipping as it sees fit. This compromise in the form of
an amendment will undoubtedl> receive serious consideration. 1
Gathering of Young People at
Hershey, June 11, Being
Arrangements are
being made for a big
four county Christian
Endeavor convention
and picnic composing
the endeavor societies
of Berks, Lebanon,
Perry and Dauphin
counties to be held
at Hershey Park,
June 11, and will in
all probability be one
of the greatest gath
erings ever held in
the history of Chris
tian Endeavor work
in Central Pennsyl
A committee composed of the fol
lowing presidents held a meeting re
cently at Lebanon when arrangements
of the program for the big day were
made: Lebanon county president, G.
F. Miller, Lebanon; Berks county, the
Rev. William Keim. Reading; Perry
county. Norman W. Kines. Duncan
noil; Dauphin county, Charles \V.
Black, Steelton.
! The morning session will convene at
|lO o'clock. Song service to be con
ducted by Irvin 11. Mack, of Phila
delphia; address of welcome: re
sponses by the Rev. William Keim,
! Berks county; George F. Miller, Leb
i anon county; rharlea W. Black, Dau
phin county, and Norman W. Kines,
Perry county. Special features will
i be Included in the afternoon and even
ing program. Among the prominent
speakers will be the Rev. C. F. Swift,
i of Beaver Falls; the Rev. M. R. Flem
ing, of Baltimore. Md., and others.
To Bless Oils Used in i
Diocese Tomorrow : /i
Oils that are used during the y«Ci?
for anointing In the Harrisburg dio
cese will to-morrow be blessed at a
special service in St. Patrick's Cathe
dral and will be distributed to five
priests who will in turn distribute the
oils to different churches in their sec
tions of the diocese of Harrisburg.
These priests will be here: The Rev.
Fr. Enrlght, Hanover district; the
Rev. Fr. Reardon, York district; the
Rev. Fr. Miiner, Shamokin district;
the Rev. Fr. J. H. Whalen, Mt. Carmel
district; the Rev. Fr. - Hoennlnger,
Lancaster district.
Bishop John W. Shanalian, of the
Harrisburg diocese will be the cele
brant. The Rev. Dr. M. M. Hassett,
vicar general, will act as assistant
priest, while the deacons of honor will
be the Rev. J. C. Thompson and the
Rev. Peter Huegel. The Hev. J. J
O'Donnel will be deucon of the mass
and the Rev. J. D. Carey will be sub
The Rev. Thomas B. Johnson, of
the Cathedral, will be master of cere
monies, and the Rev. W. W. Whalen 1
will be assistant master of ceremon
ies. The chanters will be the Rev. M.
E. Stock and the Rev. W. Huygen.
The following priests in tho Harris
burg diocese will assist: The Rev. S.
S. Mllner, F. 8. Azbe, J. H. Whalen, P.
Knright, A. Uoenninger, F. Rearde;,,
S. B. Sama, W. V. Bailey and A
Holy week services will in
all of the Catholic churches this even
Rescue Mission Plans. Paul Be
Maurers who together with altruistic
Harrisburgers Is back ot a plan for a
mission 011 .practical as well -as reli
gious lines which will help the down
and-outer on his feet, last night met
with a number of fellow workers in
the lecture room of the Ridge Ave
nue Methodist Episcopal Church. The
Rev. J. 11. Baugh«r*y, W. G. Heim,
the Rev. J. C. Forncrook, B. B. Brum
j and F. E. Musser were named as a
| committee on organization which will
report to the Civic Council of Churches
j for consideration next Tuesday night.
! Y. M. C. A. lllhlr Ci'nn*. The adult
! lflble class conducted by the Young
Men's Christian Association, Second and
Locust streets, will jheet Friday even
ing, at 8 o'clock. The lesson will be a
special one, appropi/late to the day. It
will be taken from I>uke 23. 33--IG. Tlie
topic will be "Calviary." The class is
taught by the general secretary. Homer
Black. All who are in Blbl»
study are cordially ilnvlted to attend.
Time consumed wltht the lesson iibout
APRIL 8, 1914.
one hour. At the close ample time is
given for discussion.
To Sing The choir of the
Stevens Memorial Methodist Episcopal
Church, Thirteenth and Vernon streets,
■nil) render Gounod's "Gallia" to-night,
at 7:45 o'clock. In connection with the
Holy Week service. Dr. Clayton Al
bert Smucker will preach on "Listening
to Jesus Talk." On Oood Friday night
Dr. A. S. Fasiok will preach.
Isaac Stokes, Prominent
Blain Man, Dies at 81
Blain, Pa.. April B.—lsaac Stokes,
a prominent citizen of this place for
many years, died yesterday at the
homeof his son. Warren I. Stokes,
following a paralytic stroke. He was
81 years old. Mr. Stokes was a miller
and operated the old grist mill at thin
place now owned by W. H. Book. He
retired ten years ago. The funeral
services will be held Thursday after
noon with burial in the Methodist
Cemetery. Mr. Stokes was a member
of the Methodist Church. The follow
ing children survive: David P. Stokes,
postmaster at this place: Warren I.
Stokes, contractor and builder, of this
place, and Harry D. Stokes, cattle
dealer, of this place. .
With specially prepared lantern
slides Dr. C. R. Phillips delivered an
address last evening on the Bubject
"Malaria" before the members of the
Dauphin County Medical Society at
the Academy of Medicine. Lantern
slides were thrown upon a screen
showing tho mosquito from the time It
Is hatched until it attains adult life.
He said that the way to combat ma
larial disease Is to drive out the pesky
Appearing before Justice Heslop at
Shamokln yesterday, Samuel Baturin,
who said he was from Harrisburg,
asked for a warrant against Kate
Brown, Inmate of a dlsreputablo houso
Baturin said he hud met the girl in
Harrisburg and lavished gifts worth
SBOO on her and then she loft the
pretty room he had prov'. itiu for her
The Shamokin found no law
which would permit, his issuing a war
rant for the arrest.
■ t/Li_'
V lTy is it that one person can work
a)' day standing In cold water, slush
pid snow with no harmful effect,
ivhlle another with less exposure con
tracts colds, pneumonia, rheumatism,
sciatica or something equally dis
tressing and dangerous?
Because In. the first case the body
was In such perfect balance that there
was "reslstanoe" to .Ilsease. In the
second there was lack of tone that
invited ill health.
Keep your system toned up with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and foods that
once distressed you will be harmless,
exposure will bring on fears of rheu
matism and neuralgia and even germ
diseases need hardly to be dreaded.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills assist diges
tion, correct the lassitude, the palpi
tatton of the heart, shaky nerves and
the pallor of face and lips that are the
results of thin, impure blood.
Try Dr. Williams' Pink PllU for
anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, ner
vousness Take them as a tonic if you
are not in the best physical condition
and cultivate a resistance that will
keep you well and strong. Get a box
from the nearest drug store and begin
this treatment now.
Send to the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Schenectady, N. Y., for a free
booklet, "Building Up the Blood."
Eat less meat if you feel Backachy
or have Bladder
Meat forms uric acid which excites
and overworks the kidneys in their
efforts to filter it from the system.
Regular eaters of meat must flush
the kidneys occasionally. You must
relieve them like you relieve your
bowels; removing all the acids, waste
and poison, else you feol a dull mis
ery In the kidney region, sharp pains
In the back or sick headache, dizzi
ness, your stomach sours, tongue Is
coated and when tho weather is bad
you have rheumatic twinges. Tho
urine is cloudy, full of sediment; th«|
channels often get Irritated, obliging
you to get up two or three times dur
ing the night.
To neutralize these irritating acids
and flush oft the body's urinous v-asto
get about four ounces of Jad Salts
from any pharmacy; take a table
spoonful In a glaes of water before
breakfast for a few days and your kid
neys will then act fine and bladder dis
orders disappear. This famous salts
Is made from the acid of grapes and
lemon Juice, combined with Uthla, and
has been used for generations to clean
and stimulate sluggish kidneys and
stop bladder Irritation. Jad Salts Is
inexpensive; harmless and makes n.
delightful effervescent lltlila-water
drink which millions of men and
women take now and then, thus
avoiding serious kidney and bladder
diseases.— Advertisement.
Don't Look Old! Try Grandmother*
Recipe to Darken and Beaotft;
Faded, lifeless Hall
That beautiful, even shad* of dark,
glossy hair can only be had by brew
lLff a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur. Your hair is your charm. It
makes or mars the face. Whan It
fades, turns gray, streaked and looks
dry, wispy and scraggly. Just an ap
plication or two of Sage and Sulphur
enhances Its appearance a hundred
Don't bother to prepare the tonle;
you can get from any drug store a 60
cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Hair Remedy," ready to uae.
Tills can always be depended upon
to bring back the natural color, thick
ness and luster of your hair and re
move dandruff, stop scalp Itching and
falling hair.
Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Base and
Sulphur because It darkens so natural
ly and evenly that nobody tell it
lias been applied. You simply dampen
a sponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through the hair, taking
small strand at a time; by mornfl
the gray hair has disappeared, and'
after another application it becomes
beautifully dark and appears glossy,
lustrous and abundant. —Advertise-
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