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Card Benefit Arranged by Miss
Claster Is Most
The largest of the benefit events ar- 1
ranged by Wellesley College students i
. to aid the rebuilding fund of College
Hall, recently destroyed by fire, was ,
that held Wednesday afternoon at the ,
residence, of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.
Claster, Cottage Ridge. I,
The guests enjoyed games of cards, 1 ,
the prize winners Including Mrs. Wil- I
liam B. Schletsner. Mrs. Wilson Hoff- ,
man, Mrs. Charles S. Troup, Mrs. C. L, 1'
Wright, Mrs. L. Kamsky, Mrs. A. L. I
Gcyer. Mrs. A. Goldsmith and Miss
Ella Sharosky. j
Misg Clarissa Claster, a Wellesley,
student, appreciates the gifts of money I
and the attendance of so many at her'
card party. Among those contribut- |
ing to the Wellesley fund are:
Mrs. George B. Kunkel. Mrs. Morris |
Jacobson. Miss Martha Fleming. Mrs.
William 8.. Strouse. Mrs. Al. Selisnian, ■
Miss Elizabeth Bailey, Mrs. Ben>'
•Strouse. Mrs. Otto Buxbaum, Mrs.
Philip T. Meredith. Mrs. Joseph Clas
ter, Mrs. Joseph Nachman, Mrs. Simon
Tllrsch, Mrs. William M. Donaldson,!
Mrs. 11. Orth, Mrs. H. Katz, Mrs. Ed- [
ward Slmms. Mrs. David Kaufman.
Mrs. D. S. Funk, Mrs. Robert Wads- .
worth. Mrs. William B. Schleisner,
Mrs. George J. Rosenthal, MTB. Wil
liam Henderson, Mrs. Gc-orgc A. Gor
gas, Mrs. Charles Adler, Miss Mar
garet Adler, Mrs. William F. Darby,
Mrs. R. R. Brinser. Mrs. Ed. Marks,
Mrs. J. J. Miller, Mrs. B. F. Burns,
Mrs. von Iloffs, Mrs. Lee Goldsmith,
Mrs. Harvey Smith, Mrs. H. C. Free
burn, Mrs. Anson P. Dare, Mrs. James
P. McCullough, Miss Bessie Kast.
Mrs. William Friedman, Mrs. Jacob
Lowengard. Mrs. Robert W. Troup,
Mrs. William C. Wanbaugh, Miss Edith
Troup, Mrs. Joseph Lowengard. Mrs.
Charles J. Freund, Miss Marguerite
Wlldman. Miss Dorothy Spicer. Mrs.
Augustus Hirschler, Mrs. Samuel Clas
ter, Mrs. Isaac Claster, Mrs. George
W. Giede, Mrs. John L. L. Kuhn, Mrs.
H. G. Gough, Mrs. Martin L. Cumbler,
Mrs. Horace M. Witman, Mrs. Edgar >
55. Wallower, Miss Mary Elizabeth Det
weiler, Mrs. L. Kamsky, Mrs. Wilson
Hoffman, Mrs. A. Kapner, Miss Helen
Miller, Miss Sara Mo.sser. Mrs. Jay
Sultzgiver. Jr., Miss Marie Melville,
Mrs. A. Geyer, Mrs. W. C. Orth, Mrs.
R. W. Hoffman, Sirs. Arbour C. Lo
gan, Mrs. W. W. Hoffman, Mrs. L.
Goldman, Mrs. W. Marks, Mrs. Joseph
Goldsmith, Mrs. L. M. Heilman, Mrs.
George J. Sourbler, Mrs. James D. I
Hawkins, Mrs. Francis Lee, Mrs. C. W. ,
Meyers, Miss Pomeroy, Miss G. M. '
Shaffer, Mrs. C. L. Wright, Miss Helen
McFarland. Miss N'orma Barker. Mrs.
Wilbur F. Harris. Miss Helen Zacks, i
Miss Ella Sharosky, Miss Dorothy Hal- ;
pern. Miss Lois Booker. Miss Kath
arine Andrews, Mrs. A. Goldsmith, '
Mrs. Augustus Wildman. Jr.. Mrs. I
Herman Hahn. Miss Hermione Barker, i
Mrs. George Potts, Mrs. Louts Simo
netti, Mrs. Charles W. Burtnett, Mrs. |
Bertram B. Saul, Mips Fannie M. Eby,
Mrs. David Trncy. Mrs. John F. Dapp. |
Mrs. B. B. Schwartz and Mrs. S. D. t
• ... Claster. ,
All Sorts of Baskets
From Southern Mountains
Strong, useful and artistic baskets'
will be for sale by Mrs. John C. Stine's 1
class of the Pine Street Presbvterian j
Sunday School at 620 North Second I
street to-morrow from 10 a. m. to I
4 p. m.
These baskets are Interesting as the
product of women who live an iso- |
lated, lonely life in the mountains of |
the Carolinas, women who want pay- i
ing work in their homes, and to whom !
the malting of things pretty and ar- I
tistic brings new interest and pleasure!
in life.
Ladles of a Tuesday afternoon sew-'
ing club arranged a birthday surprise
party for Mrs. Harry Bink, gathering j
at her home, 1940 Green street, last I
night, where music and games pre
ceded a buffet supper.
In attendance were Mr. and Mrs.
Mary Lutz. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert'
Smith. Mr. and Sirs. Balm Brooks, !
Mr. and Mrs. John Fortenbaugh and !
daughters, Phoeby and Zow, Mr. and I
Mrs. George Tripne, Mrs. Minerva Rex- !
roth, Mrs. Al. Rexroth, Mrs. Frank!
Gemberland and son Donald. Mrs. i
Walter Brownwell and son Clarence
Mrs. Donnloy, Curtis Tripner, Wini
fred Tripner and Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Mrs. George Bogar entertained at
dinner Thursday at her Market street
home with the following ladies in at
tendance: Mrs. W. Chester Templar,
Sirs. Edward Humphreys, Mrs. Clar
ence Shank, Mrs. Clyde Kepford. Mrs.
i Charles Blerbower. Mrs. Charles Tittle
I and Mrs. Samuel Smith.
I Daffodils and pussy willows pro
■ vailed in the decorations and after the
P\ feast a pleasant social time was spent.
Mrs. C. P. Chapman, of Elkwood,
■was taken to the Hahnneman hospital,
Philadelphia, Wednesday by her fam
! Jly physician. Dr. J. H. Deardorff. She
has undergone a successful surgical
operation and if nothing unforeseen
occurs will be able to return home in
ten days.
Lincoln Parthemore, of 37 North
Thirteenth street, who leaves early
next week for a trip to the Pacific
coast, was given a farewell party an
evening or two ago. Thirty guests
enjoyed games and music followed by
a buffet supper.
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Ja by Caps and Bonnets
Charming little caps -and bonnets
for baby's wear during Spring.
Ready-made or made to order of
Swiss or Crepe de Chine. Trimmed
with rosebuds and ribbons.
Also dainty handmade dresses for
infants to two years of age.
TKlrii Street &t Herr
The Shop ladlvidual
Yellow and White Appointments
For Attractive Pre-Easter
Social Event
Miss Blanche M. Snavely, 105 Cal
der street, entertained sixteen of her
friends at a luncheon and Ave hun
dred party yesterday afternoon. A
color scheme of yellow and white pre
vailed in place cards and favors, with
the favorite daffodils as centerpieces
of the small tables.
The guests included Miss Edna
Slough, of Lancaster; Miss Martha
Adams, Mrs. George Mauk, Mrs. Al
bert Fager, Mrs. Harry Beck, Mrs.
Eugene Baptistl, Mrs. John W. Ger
man, Jr., Mrs. Frank Consylman, Mrs.
Albert Moyer, Mrs. Russell Miller,
Mrs. George A. Werner, Jr., Mrs. Earl
Heckert, Mrs. Paul Grundon, Mrs.
Emory Wolf, Mrs. Lewis Bolton and
Mrs. P. C. Brenneman. |
John Hoffer formally announced, j
last evening, the engagement of his
niece. Miss Mary Elizabeth Detweiler,
to Lewis Byron Llndemuth, of Clear-i
Held, Pa.
Miss Detweiler is a daughter of the |
late Meade D. Detweiler and Mrs.
Bertha Hoffer Detweiler, of 23 South
Front street. She is a member of the
senior class at Vassar College and will
be graduated in June, 1913.
Mr. Llndemuth, a graduate of the
Pennsylvania State College, class of
1909, is assistant superintendent of the
open hearth department of the Penn
sylvania Steel Company.
The twentieth wedding anniversary
of Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson was
celebrated last evening at their home,
3222 Green street. Riverside. The
guests enjoyed music numbers by Miss
Rachel Thomas, Philip Bryan and
David Thomas.
The house decorations were of
green and white. Refreshments were
served to Mr. and Mrs. Schindier,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Bolton,
Mrs. Keath, Mrs. McCanna, Mrs.
Smith. Mrs. Loy, Mr. and Mrs. Robin
son, Miss Rachel Thomas. Miss Mar
garet Smith, Miss Sue Shakespeare,
I Miss Gwen Shakespeare, Miss Mary
, Robinson, David Thomas, William
'Robinson, John Keath, Philip Bryan,
Charles Thomas.
' Miss Mary M. Deichler, of Lancas
' ter, and Charles B. Stofford, of this
j city, were married last evening at the
j bride's home, by the Rev. Dr. Alle
i man, pastor of St John's Lutheran
I church, Lancaster.
1 The bride wore a stylish suit of dark
'blue with hat to harmonize and a cor
isage bouquet of valley lilies. Miss
Lottie Deichler was maid of honor
for her sister, and Morris W. Stofford
was his brother's best man.
After a reception and wedding sup
. per, Mr. and Mrs. Stofford started on
| a western trip. They will reside in
| the Keister apartments on their re
| turn.
j Mrs. Stutsman, of 1731 North Fifth
! street, entertained her Sunday School
; class in a noval manner last evening,
with a geographical luncheon. Mu- j
jsic and games were other diversions
of the evening.
Those present were William Krebs,
I Charles Weller, George Weller, Sum
ner Fetterhoff, Charles Fetterhoff,
Harold Crist. George Fleck, Paul 80l-
I dosser, Vaughn Boldosser, John Kling,
j Daniel Warner. Harrison Frank, Ho
mer Fink, Gerald Liniken and Wll
| liam Taggart.
| The Ruth and Naomi Circle of the
iEnola M. E. Sunday School met last i
levelling at the home of Miss Kathryn
I Arnold, in Susquehanna street. An!
j interesting program was enjoyed with
ian April fool contest one of the spe- !
! cial features. At this meeting final |
I arrangements were made for the:
'muslcale to be given in the church
| April 9. Some of the best talent of
j this part of the State is on the pro
gram and a treat is in store for all
who attend. Receipts are for
| the benefit of the Sunday School im
-1 provement fund.
A meeting of the Parent-Teacher
circle of the Maclay school building
was held this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock.
The interesting program Included
singing by the seventh grade pupils;
a paper, "How Parents Hinder the
School Work of Their Children," by
Miss Wonders, with a general discus
sion of the subject, following.
I Among recent arrivals at "The
Klrkwood," Camden HeigHts, Camden,
; South Carolina, are Miss Jennie Dull
:and her brothers, Casper and Daniel
M. Dull, of this city.
Mrs. John H. Weiss and Miss M.
Caroline Weiss have sent out cards for
a tea at their residence, 325 North
Front stroet, Tuesday, April 14, from
■ 4 to 6 o'clock, to meet Mrs. George
: Francis Fox, of Philadelphia.
' i Mrs. Ella Slough and Miss Edna
iSlsugh, of Lancaster, are visiting Mrs.
B. Frank Snavely at 105 Calder street
I this week.
{interesting Program Given This
Afternoon at the Y. W.
C. A. Rooms
An Interesting meeting of Keystone ]
Chapter. United States Daughters of j
ISI2, was held this afternoon at the
Young Women's Christian Association
parlors, 208 North Third street, with
Alrg. Mabel Cronise Jones, the regent, >
Mrs. Christian W. Lynch was acting j
secretary in the absence of Mrs. j
Charles J. Wood, Jr., who was called
to New Vork by the sudden death of
her father, William P. Hamilton. An-1
nual dues were paid to Mrs. J. Edward
Dickinson, the treasurer, whose re
poit showed a good balance in the
treasury atter several bills had been
paid. Mrs. James Barr Mersereau,
chairman of the committee on philan
. thropy, asked for special aid for a
"real daughter" in whom the chapter
is interested, and the report of the
| registrar, Miss Egle, was read.
! Mrs. Henry McCormick told of the'
memorial tablet to be placed on the.
. gateway of the old Silver's Spring
j graveyard, where twenty-eight sol- j
' i diers of the Revolution are buried and j
'.two of the War o£ 1812. It is expect
ed that the dedication of the gateway i
• will take place on Memorial Day. I
May 30. 1
' I Mrs. Charles S. Rebuck read a tri- !
• | bute to the late Mrs. Richard Hum- 1
|; mel, for many years a member of this
| chapter, and a communication was
1 1 presented from Miss Anne Aileman, of
I Selinsgrove, urging the chapter to do
' all in its power to secure the old Gov
ernor Snyder mansion at Selinsgrove
! as State property to be kept up as a i
historical place of interest.
Mrs. Harry G. Keffer gave two ad-1
inirable readings, "The Serving of an
, Laggard Lover" and "The Wooing of (
1 1 Lady Wentworth," and Miss Jane I
I Lea sang in her own delightful man
| ner "At Dawning." by Cadman, and
I "Little Pink Rose," by Clarence Ja
' ' cobs Bond. She was accompanied by
! ! Miss Katharine Rudy.
' I Current events were given by the
I regent and there was a social hour
r ' with Mrs. Robert A. Lamberton and
Miss Fannie M. Eby, hostesses.
■ A basket of American Beauties dec-|
• orated the refreshment table. The ices
• weer tiny American flags and the
• cakes had "1812" in pink on white I
■ icing.
• Miss Margaret Pauline Bretz, of
' Carlisle, is visiting her aunt. Miss Min-
I I nie Peffer, at 1310 North Sixth street.
• Frank D. Gallagher, who visited
Mrs. George F. Eldridge and family at
251 Market street, and her sister,
Edna F. Spahr, has rturned home
to Philadelphia. Mr. Gallagher has 1
been in ill health for some time.
' Miss Annette Steel is very ill at the
3 ; home of her grandmother, Mrs. Rob
■ j ert H. Thomas. Mechanicsburg.
1 j Mrs. E. E. Hambright, of 190fi|
I Green street, is home after a trip to
I j Ithaca, Mich., after accompanying
■ Mrs. Joseph Smeltzer there, for a per- ;
3 j manent residence.
I I Hr. Russell Small, of the faculty of'
j the Evanston High School, Llinois, is
-1 spending the Easter holidays with
• j relatives in town.
Miss Lucy Robertson and Miss
Grace Robertson have gone home to
Germantown after a short stav with
their aunt, Mrs. Herman Stine, of
■> Market street.
Mre. John W. Relly is home after a
i month s stay at Southern pleasure re-
I | sorts.
Indian Village at
Bowman's Next Week
A unique feature" at the Bowman
& Co. store next week will be a
Hiawatha Indian village. The exhibit
is being conducted purely as an edu
cational feature in view of the interest '
that is being taken by many people !
in the thorough studv of the once
powerful race of North American In
dians which is gradually disappearing.
The central figure in the exhibition
wll I)fi old Ch'ef Phowman, 94 years
o!<i, who clfims cred't for many scalps.
There will be a min'ature represen
tation of the aboriginal life of the
American Indian as It existed in this'
corntry centuries ago, combining the |
value of educational history and
: human interest. The village will be I
j laid out as were the old Indian vil- |
■ lages in the days of our forefathers.
I lectures, war dances, baptisms
leather burning and the making of
[ moccasins, bows and arrows and bas
kets will be features of the exhibit
P n ri nvitntion is extpn ' l ed by Bowman
Co. to all local neople who have
Indian curios and rrl'es to make them
i a part of the exhibition in order to
I maVe the same as interesting and edu
cational as possible.—Advertisement.
Oldest Member of
Bethlehem Church Dead
I Mrs. Eliza Coover, the oldest mom
lv? r Bp thlehem Lutheran
| church, died yesterday morning at the
i home of her daughter, Mrs. John S.
(Wills, 1121 North Second street, fol
: lowing a short illness.
, Mrs. Coover was SI years of age
j and for the past thirty yeurs, .she was
a member of the church. She was
born in Berks county on January 1
1833. Mrs. Coover is survived by one
sister, Mrs. Amelia Currv, of Union
Deposit; one son, Sherman Coover, of
New York; one daughter. Mrs. John
S. Wills and six grandchildren, Mrs.
j Hugh Rossi, of New York; Mrs Ar
thur W. Lebo, of Camp HHI; Miss
Wills ' Miss Ada Wills. Jack
11-. Wills and Daniel Wills, Puner.il
i services will be held Mondav after
| noon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. j. Brad
ley Markward, pastor of the Bethle
hem Lutheran church, will officiate.
(Burial will be made in the Paxtang
■ Cemetery.
The Rt. Rev. M. M. Hassett, rector
of the St. Patrick Patheiral. State
I Street nn-1 the Pev. W. Whu'en.
I of 212 street, left this morning
;tor Edtre Grove, Adams county, to at
tend the fu"e<-sl services for the Rev
Oermonus Kohl, who died last Tnes
:day evening at his home. The services
w-ere held this rro'-nfng at 10 o'clock
(and were conducted bv the Rev. James
jHuber, of Hanover, dean of the Ad
ams county district. Father Kohl was
rector of the St. Patrick's Cathedral
in this sity fifteen years ago.
A Maryevllle car leaving Harrlsburg
at 9 o'clock last night jumped the
tracks near the curve at Enolu. and
wus badly wrecked. No one was In
jured. ,
Witmer, Bair & Witmer I Witmer, Bair & Witmer | Witmer, Bair & Witmer
To-morrow, Saturday,Q ne W
syg'fr ; '/O tlttyilLiift )«1 y ft f \ Without a doubt will be the record-breaker
-vSi t ' ie season. e w tr y to y° u h° w
j completely ready to si pply your needs we
, iffffjlk 'j If/ j J stock and must stop buying."
iIH t> J& ]. ,V. J I / ;: j~f \f\j Last week you broke our stock sizes
pj and colors in navy, black, Copenhagen and
jV J | jfy \ Tv~ r phoning, telegraphing and going after more
I MMi /l^V-4:if" rr /#/ \J~J \ \v~~ new nio^e^s as a S a ' n completed (he stocks
l| j;;^.'v-— "■■•' : " ::, saY . /jfl ,!■■. 'lf&D\\\ _I —°f those beautiful and new materials and
ll&fffr \ 1 \ rS sizes in cheap, medium and especially good
I MpSjj **** i>. J KWIW, \ I / & black coats—sizes 16 to 47 bust—sß.7s,
: «l|4h > 'f\ ryVi-i / 1 / V/'\ yf Tr\ /TT SIO.OO, $12.50. $13.50, $15.00,
JeScUa 11 1 I ■ »» 11 ~^rfTTM\-mUirl' „ '»\ //I */ $17.50, $18.95, $20.00, $22.50 and
"'" l ".° | .1 N, / "* Children's and Juniors' Coats, 6
Iff WW /fifiifc 5 TALOR-MADE and FANCY SUITS—
—7//lU| I x 2j|\\ A.',';|;i:,l /to « The kind you will wear and enjoy being
e' I 1 a ■■'l= A Z</":■ ! ' ' told about their classiness. The sizes—38,
V I 1
%4\\A - ■ penhagen and black, were all sold out last
.ir '«" '• ■ week, but new orders have again filled up
© ■ • ' , ! -' ' tl,e racks - Also a complete range of smaller
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Exceptionally strong on the medium prices and complete assortments of the better kind—s3l.so, $32.50, $35.00, $37.50
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$28.75, $29.50.
Our alteration department can turn them out in one, two or three days as you may demand, for a few days yet. Bevond that
we cannot promise, but will promise to do what any one else can do.
THAT EASTER WAIST —Don't purchase until you have DRESSES AND GOWNS —Surely your Easter outfit
at least looked over our department's well laden shelves. Every vvould not be com pi ete without one of our new dresses—everv
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Witmer, Bair & Witmer, Annex, 311 Walnut Street
A store full of bargains. We are going to give you new bargains in this store every day—unusual values.
Saturday's specials are fifteen of the best Serge Coats for | Special No. 3.—50 all-wool Serge Dresses for office ancl
Spring wear we ever sold, values three times as much, for $3.75. street wear; $3.50 to $6.50. Saturday $1.95
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back for more—sl.oo, $1.25, $1.39, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00. Moire and Silk Bengaline and Balmacaan Coats.
Lancaster and WITMER, BAIR & WITMER
w.11.a-nsport, Pa.) 202 and 3U WALNUX STREET, HARRISBURG, PA.
HERE MM. 14|
Dissolution of Several Unused
Charges May Be Taken
Up at Session
Church men and
laymen in the dis
trict are looking for
ward to the meeting■
of the Carlisle Pres
bytery which takes
. *| .place April 14, at 3
' tiPwl P- m - iil lhe Covenant'
• Slaw Presbyterian Church,
i iBJIJ' Fifth and Peffer
streets. About eigluy
vi ' Hve w '" ' n
ance. The Rev. Ed
win H. Kellogg will;
• preside as moaerator
at the opening meet-
I'WO popular sessions, which will be
' thrown open to the public will add to,
the interest of the coming meeting, j
lAt the session Tuesday evening there ;
I will be addresses by the Rev. Edwin I
111. Kellogg and the Rev. F. E. Taylor, I
|of Gettysburg. The latter will read!
an analytical paper on the "State j
|of Religion." Wednesday afternoon;
j popular addresses will be delivered by!
the Rev. J. M. McJunkin, D. D., of'
Oakdale, who will speak on Home|
Missions. The Rev. John E. Tuttle,
of York, will exhibit "The Call of aj
Matchless Opportunities."
Among business to be transacted it
is expected will be the election of dele
! gates to the general assembly, which
! meets this year at Chicago and the
I election of a successor to the Rev.
Allen Blair, Chambersburg, who has
[accepted a call to Philadelphia. It Is
|expected also that owing to their dis
■ use charges at St. Thomas, Buffalo,
Black Valley, Fayetteyille and Rocky
| Springs will be dissolved.
Altoona Bandit Is
Not Harrisburg Man
By Associated Press i
Altoona, Pa., April 3.—Frank Wll- |
| son, who was arrested yesterday at i
i Wheeling. W. Va.. was brought to this '
, city last night and positively identified '
1 as the auto bandit who on March 23
• entered the Union Bank here, shot the >
I cashier, A. P. Rupert, and William!
| Blackburn, a patron, secured $2,883 ;
and then, terrorizing crowds in the 1
street with a fusilade of bullets, made j
his escape. The identification was |
'made by Chester Burket and Mrs. D. '
O. Shaver, clerks in the bank. Wil- j
son was placed in the Blair county jail
at Hollidaysburg.
Wilson is not the man whom the;
Harrisburg police thought was the
. bandit. Colonel Joseph B. Hutchison
j sent a picture of the Harrisburger to
j Altoona last week, but clerks in the
■ bank and those who had seen the
: bandit prior to the robbery failed to
I identify the Harrisburg picture. I
By Associated Press
Wilmington, Del., April 3.—Action
on the proposed merger of Wilming
ton and Philadelphia Methodist Epis
copal Conferences, which the former
to-day. In session at Berlin. Md., had
made a special order for to-morrow
morning, was to-day deferred until
Monday morning immediately after
the reading of the journal. 1
School Kiddies Unite With Col
legians in Demonstration
at Carlisle
Special to The Telegraph
Carlisle, Pa., April 3. —Cheered by
a large crowd, including many col
i lege students, F. E. Wilvert, the "Stilt
King," left Center Square to-day for
Shippensburg, his next stop. This will
■be a twenty-two-mile hike and will
break all records for stilt-walking if
- t Kin IT" makes the distance. A
stort stop will be made ut Newville,
whore the school children have pre
pared a warm welcome for the Harris
i burg hiker.
■ Bucking a strong wind, which blew
from the west at over thirty miles an
, hour, Wilvert, who is making a cross
' continent trip in the interests of the
, Harrisburg Telegraph, with his man
, ager, arrived here at 6 o'clock last
evening. In spite of difficulties, the
1 trip from Mechanicsburg was made
• In slightly over four hours, with only
' one halt, at Pleasantview, a short dis
tance below the town.
I News of his coming preceded him
tß.nd he was met while still over a mile
! from the borough limits by a swarm
of youngsters, and his trip through
,'(he town took on the nature of a tri-
I umphal march. The "Human Sky
i scraper" made a short trip over the
j principal streets of the town and was
everywhere received with shouts, and
j cheers.
| He appeared at the Orpheum Thea
' tor here last evening and spent the
night at the Mansion House.
Clark Is Disapproved
by Illinois Democrats
Special to The Telegraph
Chicago, April 3.—Opinions are ex
pressed by politicians here that Champ
Clark's opposition to the repeal of the
free tolls class of the Panama Canal
act will cost him dearly.
In his own State there is a strong
protest against his position even among
his fellow Democrats. The case Is such
'as to furnish good material for a catn-
Ipaign orator, who can orate llmltlessly
ion the breach of faith by his country
lln trying to avoid paying Its toll bills,
i Moreover, in Clark's own Stnte there
are many aspiring politicians who think
, that the wrong man represents his
, district. The seat of Senator Stone, of
Missouri, Is said to be strongly desired
iby Charles G. Revelle, Insurance Com
i ml«sloner.
i Governor Major Is noncommittal so
! far as possible on all these moot.ques
tions. He would like to unset Senator
| Stone, but does not consider himself
, strong enough, and he refuses to un
i burden himself on the tolls issue.
Seven Hours in Nelv York
The Bis l.aiißltlnK MUSICAL Comedy
18 SONG HITS lO Unique Dance*
See the Tango Dance
j Biff Company Beauty Chorua
Harmony Trio
PRICESt Mat., 25e, 50c) Eve., 25c,
1 J 35c, 50c, Tse. -
Representative Rodgers
Assails President
Special to The Telegraph
Washington, D. C.. April 3. Repre
sentative Rogers, Republican, of Massa- |
j chusetts, yesterday assailed President \[
I Wilson and Secretary Bryan with'
, charges that they had disregarded the j
| merit system of appointment in the |
diplomatic and consular service.
Mr. Rogers reviewed appointments to !
Latin-American countries, submitted
biographical sketches of the men dls- 1
placed and the new officials, and de-!
dared that in practically every case,
appointments were made without re
, pard to fitness of candidates for their I
i posts. He also described contributions!
..of various members of the diplomatic
corps to the President's campaign fund.!
I -------
I ■ "■
| Jewelry
i Easter
It's the vogue to appear in a complete change of raiment
».' at Eastertide.
5 I
JI Ladies especially delight to appear in handsoue new
gowns, hats, footwear and Jewelry in accordance with
I the latest fashion.
s' ' I
i It's a growing custom to wear new Jewelry with new
clothes at the season when everybody welcomes a com
plete change.
On this account many people make their Easter gifts
Jewelry in preference to the kinds that are temporary
! in character.
The newest designs in Jewelry for
p Easter are ' here for your approval.
J : We. invite you to call and see the innovations. We
| don't expect you to buy unless you see something that
11 1 pleases vour fancy.
-1 Gems, Jewels and Silverware
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,f ~ ~ V
u (nfXifiSVi H UP
1 he ureen Keete
Morton and Glass FEATURE MOVIES
With Hls Show SnrroundlUK Them
V i i iii i m
President of Argentine
Assails Monroe Doctrine
Special to The Telegraph
Buenos Aires, April 3.—The Ameri
| can interpre ation of the Monroe Doc
trine is de'»ared to be absurd and ca
pricious by President Saenz Pena In liia
i new book. He says that President Mon-
I roe's message has been made so elas*
j tic by American Presidents that it
l might be called "the gutta perclia
] message." The doctrine, he asserts, is
! now only an anachronism. America
did nothing, he says, while "Canning
jconfonted Europe, and she would lose
I nothing by abandoning the Monroe
Doctrine now."
One of the principal causes of I,atin-
American hostility to the United States,
according to tha President, is that the
|latter's attitude Is cousinly rather than