Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 03, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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Dainty New Things in Neckwear That
Will Add the Right Finishing Touch
Special purchase of beautiful Venlse collars. These bargains usually
go to jobbers—but we were on the ground and have them for your Easter
200 Venise Collars and Sets. Regularly &0c and 75c. Special for
Saturday at 25c
2. r >o Venise Collars and Sets. Regularly 75c to $1.25. Special for
Saturday at 50c
On Sale on the Main Floor —BOWMAN'S.
Splendid Completeness
Every Desirab'e Style in Long or Short,
Fabric or Kid Glove
—-|» Bowman's is the place to go for
\ our Kaster gloves. Gloves to suit the
[ most fastidious.
/ We are featuring tiie Autocrat two
f R If clasp Kid Cllovi—new heavy cm
\v_ broidered'backs in white with black,
w '"' white, and tan. Regular
I " r.oiig Kid Cloves, 12 and 1(,-button
> lengths in all shades and prices, from
*■ $1.50 to $3.75
Fownes' Kid Gloves in all shades at . . ....... .$1.50
Novelty Gloves in the new tango shade with heavy black and white
embroidery, pair
Beautiful 2-clasp oversefim (Iloves in nil shndes and sizes at. . . . >l.Oll
Silk Gloves, long and short, all shades to match your Kowns, at all
prices. %
One Sale on the Main FIoor—BOWMAN o.
r* O *ll Lovelv in
Laster oilks: weav e &c o i o r
You stili have tim* to select your material
tor your Easter gown. A variety so fasci
nating that you cou'd choose only a SIIK. you
would be sure to like.
There are silks suitable for suits and costumes and all needs. Each
at a special Easier Sale price.
Yard tvide Chiffon Taffeta in light blue, pink, Copenhagen, tango,
navy, black and white. Special at, yard $1.50
40-inch Silk Crepe de Chines in brown, wistaria, pigeon, rose, tango,
Copenhagen, black, navy, delft and Bergundy. Special at, yard .. . .$1.50
28-inch Printed Silk Crepes in tango, taupe, brown, white and tan.
Special at, yard -IBc
44-inch Printed Showerproof Foulards in all the popular colors.
Regularly $2.00 a yard. Saturday special at, yard $1.09
52.00 satin finish Black Bengaltne, yard $1.50
$1.25 yard wide Black Satin Messaline, yard 95c
$1.25 yard wide Black Peau D'Soie, yard 95c
On the Main Floor —BOWMAN'S.
Jardinieres and Umbre la Stands
A new arrival of Jardinieres and Umbrella Stands, made of pottery,
glazed and finished in blended colors.
7-inch Jardinieres 25c I 9-inch Jardinieres 49c
8-inch Jardinieres ' 39c ' 10-inch Jardinieres 59c
Umbrella Stands, $1.50, $1.75 and $1.98
New Electric and Gas Portables
Brush brass finished portables with colored art glass shades. Extra
ordinary values at $5.00, $5.90 and $7.50
On Sale in the Basement—BOWMAN'S.
Unrivalled Collection of
Ultra Fashionable Millinery
We are featuring some entirely new millinery that is distinctly
different from an> thing shown heretofore.
We have been opening - case after _V
case of millinery goods the past few
/y/ days and each box has brought
/// forth a surprise. ||L <3S§pP^^
/V/' Among the few things we might _
mention are:
\ ' ' IC Black Shiny Straws trimmed ir "
) with moire ribbons and lacquered y
quills and Gelatin Flowers. (
f It is really a pleasure to select an A
' untrimmed Hat from a stock such SW/f/\^
/ f as oflrs. Here you will find every fM
py shape and color from the more con- / \
' .\\ servative to the extreme with all the sf '
\ \ wanted trimmings to match and at
\ \ popular prices. I
Bowman Millinery has long been
noted for its exclusiveness and indi
viduality in style. Our experts this year seem to have outdone themselves in giving
to you the best and latest from Paris and New York as soon as they are created.
Visit our Salon on the Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
A Smart
Easter Hairdressing
May be enjoyed by
every Harrisburg woman
and the necessary acces
sories need not be ex
To-morrow, we offer splendid
assortments of tine naturally wavy
switches and transformations at
most liberal concessions. Indis
pensable to a becoming and fash
ionable arrangement of the hair.
Naturally wavy hair switches, 24
inches long. Special at $2.45
Naturally wavy hair switches, 28
and 30 Inches long at $1.95
Naturally wavy hair transforma
tions, all-round sizes. Special at
Experts In attendance will match
and dress your hair with any pur
chase made.
One the Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S
Our annual sale of Holland field-grown rose bushes and
plants begins to-morrow morning. These are the best two-year
old hardy, field-grown rose bushes that come from Holland, and
are our direct importation. Every one is strong, sturdy and
healthy. Each bush is guaranteed true to name, bearing the
original tag placed upon it by the grower.
■KK SOME OF THEM ARE: Frau Kurl Druschi. Ideal white rose.
Magna Charta, bright pink with very large, monthly.
carmine, monthly. Gen. Jacqueminot, brilliant scarlet
Mrs. John Lang, soft pink, very crimson.
fragrant, monthly. American Beauty, deep crimson
Duke of Edenburg, scarlet, crimson, color.
shaded maroon, monthly. Ulrich Brunner, bright ceriße red,
W. A. Richardson, beautiful orangie largo and full.
yellow, monthly. Perfect Paeonles, red, pink, and
Fisher Holmes, scarlet shaded with white.
maroon, monthly. Rhododendrons, red, pink, purple
LaFrance Lilac Rose. undoubtedly and white
the best monthly. Clematis Vlrglus Bower,
victor Hugo, scarlet, crimson shad- Azaleas, pink and yellow
ed, purple, monthly. Magnolia Tree plants.
On Sale In the Basement—BOWMAN S.
Saturday Soap Specials
10 cakes Ivory Soap 38c | 10 cakes Fels' Naphtha Soap. 38c
10 cakes P. &G. Naphtha Soap,3Bc 110 cakes Swift's Pride Soap . . .2l)c
10 rolls Star crepe toilet paper for
(No phone orders filled on soap.)
90c Wearever Tube Cake Pan, Saturday / 59 C
On Sale In the Basement—BOWMAN'S.
Rugs, and Drape i;s for Spring Needs
Another lot of those $27.50," 9x12 Axminster Rugs for $15.98
Those who were too late to get tlieir rugs In the March Sale will be
pleased to know they can get them here Saturday.
The best lot we have ever seen; slightly mismatched on the
seam—nothing to hurt the wear. New patterns made for this
Spring. Saturday only *jsls 08
200 Suyma Rugs, size 80x60 Inches, splendid selection of Oriental
effects, reversible and fringed on the ends. Regular price $1.15 s-itur
rtay ••••••' 95<*
CALL 1991-ANY 'PHONE.'#"'
Special Easter Sale of Suits,
Coats, Dresses and Waists
Never before have we had such splendid display of Easter and
Spring apparel.
| Hundreds of new garments have arrived in the past
I //\JL week. New models, -new materials, all the latest tendencies
as^ons - Suits and dresses in misses' and women's
Exquisite Moire Suits
/, \ \ / The most wanted thing. The scarcest fabric is moire. A
shipment within the past three days has enabled us to have
Ufe. J\ .vf them here for your buying. Exclusive models in black, Co-
V)nf /Mr—i \W penhagen, tango, helio and reseda, at $23.50, $28.50 and
ty/|0 fe $32.50.
The Smartest Little Suits in Poplin,
l.*\ n I j Crepe Poplin and Wool Crepes at sls
I J j One glance at this fine collection, will convince you of
j / ! their unusual worth. By far the best values we have ever
1 / 'h shown. Women who do not want to pay a high price for thei?
/ ' Spring suits should see these. All snappy models in black,
IJi navy, tango, Copenhagen, reseda and helio. Special for Sat
' urday at $15.00.
Suits at $23.50
We specialize on this price. Give best values. Have largest assortment. A great
variety of materials. Up to the moment styles and all sizes, up to the largest and
down to the smallest.
New models here for Saturday in crepes, moires, waffle cloths, crepe melrose,
gabardines and silk poplins.
Specially Priced Easter Waists & Blouses
Copies of imported Blouses in French Muslins
and imported voiles. Beautiful silk crepe waists; L .--AT
waists that give distinctive styles to the suit, French j V, 1
shoulder. The new shades of peach, mais. Dainty ( fS )Ihß!uSt.: /fllul PiU 1111
little silk waists in flame, tango, green and blue. JWPjIC
Beautiful Beyond Words Are These Waists at SI.OO
New style features only included in these high- ¥\\ ) j •K/f/ikMffM
priced models. Voile and crepe. Splendid assort
ment at $1.25. And the daintiest things in voiles,
crepes and pretty sheer materials, at $1.98 and
$-..«)(). 0n Sale on the Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Sporting Goods—Bicycles For All
Large display of girls, boys* and men's bicycles with coaster brakes
and heavy tread studded tires. Prices range from $21.00 to $34.50
Something new
Motor-Bike Bicycles
Have tank, handles and studded tires. Exact resemblance to motor
cycle. See these nobby new "Bikes" on the Third Floor.
Other Saturday Specials
$3.00 bicycle tires $1.95
Velocipedes $1.98 to $12.48
Sulkies to $4.98
Collapsible Go-carts $4.50 to $12.98
Baby Carriages, reed and wooden bodies $12.50 to $32.50
We offer a special discount of 10 per cent, on all velocipedes, sulkies
and baby carriages sold on Saturday.
On Sale on the Third FIoor— BOWMAN'S.
Men's Furnishings
MEN'S BALBRIGGAN UNDER- Prices are SI.OO, $1.50, $2.00 and
WEAR—Spring weight, long sleeve up to $4.50 each,
shirt, ankle drawers; silk finish, MEN'S 25c HALF HOSF—Manu
pearl buttons; drawers have dou- facturers samples. Mercerized and
ble seats. Saturday, each •••,50 d* silk P' ated > black and colors. All
iuirv« ttmtom otttticj c i have double soles and high spliced
i UNION SUITS, Spring k cls Saturday, 3 pairs for 50c.
weight, long and short sleeves, or, pair 1 Tw!
white or ecru color. Saturday, suit, Xi (p
SI.OO and #1.50 „ B , OYS ' DRESS SHIRTS FOR
f.EKI'2, r h j s ? ibt V s
SET SS? fancy stlk -S&SS; 38» ££« cSStiriST
Sa,UMay '™ ch mSO and i? 1.50
wanted materials and styles. Coat Four-in-hands and club ties, ea-h
style with attached cuffs; coat style nt-t j ~t\J.
wiM-i soft French cuffs; plain and ZOfp ailCl o\)<P
pleated percales; plain and mercer- One Sale on the Main Floor
ized madras; silk mixed and all silk. BOWMAN'S.
Refrigerators on the Club Plan
HA wi " senc ' one to y® ur home and mimHiTO i.,,
SI.OO a week will pay for it.
Your attention is called to the new "Notaseam" Refrigerator, made
by the Belding Hall Co. and sold to us exclusively. "Notaseam"'means Bli "fflM
that the entire lining is made of one piece of stone with all rounded
corners to prevent accumulation of dirt. Picture shows the corner of a
"Notaseam" Refrigerator. They have sanitary wire woven shelves;
solid brass nickel-plated hardware. Special introductory price on the
With wire woven shelves attractive solid brass hard
ware. Guaranteed perfect, dry cold air circulation. Each
refrigerator has sanitary removable drain pipe. Special
Century Refrigerators,ss.ss*o $29
Ice Chests, . . $4.49 to $15.95
On Sale on the Fifth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
arc cool and comfort
able as can be it your
corset is the right one.
Let us advise you.
This is what we sug
A nice lightly-boned corset,
carefully designed to lit your fig
ure with that easy, comfortable
support that gives no hint in feel
ing or appearance that the gar
ment Is there. The fabrics are
light and soft—just right for the
hot summer weather, but above
all, these corsets that we recom
mend are guaranteed rust-proof.
No rusty buckles, steels or clasps
-a stain your lingerie. Let us
thf>" , to vou. Prom SI.OO
and up. Warner's Rust-proof Cor
Sale on the Second Floor—
Novelty Lingerie
Tango Bloomers and Corset Cov
ers in pink and blue pebble crepe,
the latest fad in lingerie. Large
Corset Cover, 500
Tango Bloomers, 750
Crepe Gowns of pebble crepe.
Most popular material now for
summer underwear. Kimono and
pajama styles. Prices range from
\ 500 to $1.50
On Sale on the Second Floor —
Spring's New
Fashions in Shoes
Our style represents the
latest dictates of Fashion.
We take special pride in
our new Spring line. They
offer that high quality of
material and workmanship
that will give satisfaction.
Among the new arrivals
Women's patent colt pumps and
high shoes, pair $4.00
Men's gun metal and tan calf,
button and lace shoes, pair,
Men's 53.00 and $3.50 patent
colt, tan calf and gun metal sam
ple oxfords, pair . ... $1.98
Women's $3.00 and $3.50 patent
colt, gun metal and tan calf sample
pumps and oxfords, pair, $1.98
Women's $2.00 and $2.50 patent
colt, gun metal and tan calf sample
pumps and oxfords, pair, $1.49
Misses' $1.69 pumps, 1 and 2-
tsrap styles, all sizes, pair, $1.25
Children's Tango pumps in patent
colt, Palr..sl.49 and s lb7s
On Sale on the Third Floor—
Keep in Step
Buy Your
Easter Suits
Smart Spring suits for
men and young men. Our
Men's Shop is brimful of
stylish suits. Every gar
ment represents the best of
style and workmanship.
Sack suits with soft rolled
lapels and the conservative
styles. Your choice of all
the new fabrics and pat
terns. Our prices are
$9.90, $12.50,$ 15,
SIB.OO, $25.00
On Sale on the Third Floor—
Boys' Suits and
Reefer Top Coats
Snappy styles in all the
fashionable fabrics of the
season. We specialize on
our suits at $3.98, $5.00
and $7.50. All styles and
On Sale on the Third Floor—
Wall Papers
Window Phanie In beautiful
stained glass effects for the bath
room windows. Special price for
Saturday, yard . .. 150
Wall Papers suitable for kitchen,
dining room and bedroom at, roll,
Wall papers for bedrooms in the
popular satin stripes and floral ere.
tonnes, with dainty cut-out borders
to match. Saturday's price, roll,
On the Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
BUSTLES for 1914
£ Absolutely Demand m
* rUB, ' IT Style Demand
I\//A i With a Complete Lire of
\ fcSfl I Practical
Iff w&w
lijlt u Air, with Vuk Cmn
Abtaiatmly Comfortable
Styles for AH Noedt
Prices, 250 to $1.50
Easter Baskets
Many styles to choose from,
ranging in prices from .. .5o to 36c
Shredded Wax Paper, white,
green and lavender, package .. 5c
On Sale In Basement —BOWMAN'S