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•"My, how 'TIZ' gladdens tired,
swollen, sweaty feet
It's glorious!"
Um TIZ'"
"TEC " makes sore, burning, tired ieet
fairly dance with delight. Away go the
itches and paips, the corns, callouses,
blisters, bunions and chilblains.
"TIZ" draws out the acids and poi
sons that puff up your leet. No mat
ter how hard you work, how long you
dance, how far you walk, or how long
you remain on your feet. "TIZ" brings
restful foot comfort. "TIZ" Is magical,
grand, wonderful for tired, aching,
swollen, smarting feet. Ah' how com
fortable. how happy you feel. Your
fset just tingle for joy; shoes never
iaurt or seem tight.
Get a 25 cent box of "TIZ" new
Ifrom any druggist or department store,
fend foot torture forever —wear smaller
,shoes, keep your feet fresh, sweet and
jhappy. Just think! a whole year's
ifoot comfort for only 25 cents. Ad
i ertisement.
0»00 JO 90000U&00+
: or ALL AGES :!
> " * Dr. PfciUip* for flnt-cteat teaU. < »
. ITT coy reputation has put me • ►
> (root rank. Uj mi.- yrart' m , >
i arl mri h** eD*bl*<3 to® t® adopt th» < >
! SSTtJcroo#* u<) MIMI »< , ,
4«ul ov*r«tlon».
' " bf a*T mj pr»ctle* tu t»?rc*M<l
' JK tb« laffrtlitot at , ,
rr?«TtL I tad » thrw fr»du»t« , ,
" 22utMt» wh. tn Of mjwrte* tbUlty. ?
1 ' ftwin p«r r«i *» *>•*• °* 60 ?•<" wutk - ~
][i i >
| i Dao't «WT7 *k»at ar ' '
I i r«u«B«at* na W Bud* to Hit ' 1
I i paifnn. < 1
1 ' PUta. U ud Bp.
1 ' WOW* sad Brtiift Work. U M. XL
I • niUx> '« •!!»« alley, mm,, 00c ua.
I f Gold, 11.00 uv
> Imi B»i! Material, Litmi Frleei.
> Wrlttra fvaraiitM with a»» war*. '
; 320 Market Street !
' Ofjtt* Hawrt: Piily. I.M A. JL I* 9' !
' T X ; fudari. 19 t« 4.
• C. V, XELSPtfOM* 52**
' Tb* '<;*««' aid moat UmuUi ' 1
» orflct la city. '
> Bra&ak OgLcaa Mmdims and PUladatpkU. •
Carpet Co.
has moved in their new
room, and is prepared to
show a large and choice
line of Floor Coverings of
all kinds.
Carpet Co.
32 N. 2nd St.
Fnroll Next Monday
Harrisburg Business College
Day and Night. Business.
Shorthand and Civil Service. In
dividual Instruction. 28th year.
829 Market St Harrisburg, Pa.
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect November 30, 1913
TRAINS leave Harrisburg—
For Winchester and Martinsburu m
8:03. *7:62 a. m.. *3:40 p ra. 6
for Hagerstown. Chanibersburg, Car
lisle, Mechanlcsburg and Intermediate
stations at 6:03, *7:52. *11:63 a m
S«:40, 6.32. *7:40, '11:15 p m. '
Additional trains for Carlisle and
rlechaniesburg at !):48 a. m 2:18, 3-27
10, 9:30 a. m. ' '
••"or Billsburg at 5:02, •7:62 and
«U:#S a. m„ 2:18. *3:40, 6:32 and 6 S0
l>. in.
•Dally. All other train* fin 11% exeppt
t- .nd ay. H V. RIDDLE,
J. HT TON-3H. G.- P a.
i j
Brilliant Exercises Mark Presenta- j
tion of Diplomas by Reg- I
ister of Treasury |
Sptctcl to The Telegraph
Carlisle, Pa., .\pril 3. —ln spite of
the many changes and pending reor
ganization the annual commencement
season at the Carlisle Indian school
came to a successful close yesterday
with the graduation of twenty-two pu
pils, one of the largest classes in the
history of the school, and a brilliant
reception for the pupils of the school,
relative? and friends last evening.
At the commencement exercises
j held in the big gymnasium several of
t the members of the class gave prac
tical talks concerning their work here.
' \t the close of the program diplomas
I were presented to the members of the
class by Gobi- Parker, Register of the
Treasury and himself a full-blooded
Choctaw Indian. The members of the j
1914 class are:
Iconise Uluesky. Chippewa; Mar- j
guerite Chilson, Potawatomie; Rosei
, Klzora Lyons, Chippewa; Florence
May Renville, Sioux; Germaine Alice
Renville, Sioux; Anna J. Roulette,
i Chippewa; Rose Letha Whipper,
Sioux: Hazle Nellie Skye, Chippewa;
i Lillian S'mons, Mashpee. Frank
Holmes. Chippewa; Harry Huston
I Bonser. Sioux; Simon Needham, Chip
pewa Edward Gug Bracklin. Chip
pewa; Joseph Mac Donald Jocks, Mo
hawk: Peter Joseph Jourdaln, Chip
pewa; Alvis Michael Morrin, Chip
pewa, and Frederick Charles Broker.
Chippewa, Certificates of proficiency
were also given to about fifty pupils.
The season this year was marked
by the presence of but few men of
prominence and the majority of these
were Indians. Cato Sells, Commis
sioner of Indian affairs was scheduled i
t«• appear, but did not arrive. In ad
dition to Mr. Parker, Dr. Mountezuma, I
a prominent Indian educator, Charles
Ganette, supervisor of Indian employ
ment. and the Rev. Henry Roeclou'd,
who delivered the baccalaureate ad
dress, with other alumni of the school
were present.
If tongue is coated, breath
bad, stomach sour,
don't hesitate!
• live "California Syrup of Figs" at
once —a teaspoonfui to-day often saves
a sick child to-morrow.
If your little one is out-of-sorts,
half-sick, isn't resting, eating and act
ing naturally—iook. Mother! see if
tongue is coated. This is a sure sign
that it's little stomach, liver and bowels
are clogged with waste. When cross,
irritable. feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad or has stomach-ache, diar
rhoea. sore throat, full of cold, give
a teaspoonfui of "California Syrup of
Figs." and in a few hours all the con
stipated pe'ison, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Mothers can rest easy after giving
this harmless "fruit laxative," because
it never fails to cleanse the little one's
liver and bowels and sweeten the
stomach and they dearly love its pleas
ant taste. Full directions for babies,
children of all ages and for grown-ups
printed on each bottle.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent "bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs;" then
see that it is made by the "California
Fig Syrup Company." Don't be
fooled: —Advertisement.
Grandma Kept Her Locks Bark,
(•lossy. Thick With u Mixture,of
Sage Tea and Sulpluir
The old-time mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur for darkening gray,
streaked and faded hair is grand
mother's treatment, and folks are
again using it to keep their hair a
good, even color, which is quite sen
sible, as we are living in an age when
a youthful appearance is of the great
est advantage.
Nowadays, though, we don't have
the troublesome tusk of gathering the
sage and the mussv mixing at home.
All drug stores sell the ready-to-use
product called "Wyeth s Sage and Sul
phur Hair Remedy" for about 50 cents
a bottle. It is very popular because
nobody can discover it has been ap
plied. Simply moisten your comb or
a sofi brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at n time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, but what delights the
ladies with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
if that, besides beautifully darkening
the hair after h few applications, it
also produces that soft luster and ap
pearance ot aburiclaiice which is so
attractive; besides, prevents dandruff,
itching scalp and falling hair. —Adver-
Reading Hams and
Bacon For Easter
Your Faster will be complete
when you have ordered our cele
brated sugar cured and home
smoked hams and bacon. Nothing
but select stock killed.
For Sale at All Leading
Grocers and Meat Markets
Ask for it. Made by the
Reading Abattoir Co.
Non-greasy Toilet Cream keeps
the skin soft and velvety In rough
wen trior. An exquisite toilet prep,
oration, 25c.
1C X. third St., and V. It. H. Statktß
Call Attention to the Importance of
Returning Him to the
Federal Senate
Representatives of extensive manu
facturing Interests In Philadelphia and
vicinity yesterday made public a call
for the. re-election of United States
Senator Boies Penrose.
By authority of the executive cont
mitee of the Cloth Manufacturers' As
sociation of Philadelphia a statement
was issued over the signatures of
eighteen well-known firms. This state
ment read:
"The citizens o£ Pennsylvania have
this year to elect a United States sen
ator, during whose term of office the
tariff will undoubtedly be revised in
accordance with the principles of pro
"In the framing of this new tariff it
is of paramount Importance to all who
| are employed or otherwise interested
In the industries of Pennsylvania or
dependent upon their prosperity that
the State shall be represented in the
Senate by one who is a loyal advocate
of the protective system, who, besides
possessing ability of a high order, has
also a thorough familiarity with the
legislative needs of the many and
varied industries of the Common
wealth: and who, through ability and
seniority, has attained such ati emi
nence in the Senate as will give pres
tige and sanction to his views.
"These qualifications are possessed
In a pre-eminent degreo by the Hon, !
Boies Penrose,
"In point of service he is one of the i
senior members of the entire Senate; !
and by reason of this long service, to
gether with a natural aptitude for the
work, and unremitting attention to
its duties, he has become the ranking
member of the committee on finance,
the most important of the committees
of the Senate, and the one to which
all tariff measures are referred. By
reason of this seniority alone he will
be better able to serve his constituents
than any new incumbent, however
able, could do until after a tenure of
such length as would, at the least, ex- :
tend well beyond the time of the new i
tariff revision.
"He has had the experience during
the past seventeen years of five long
periods of tariff discussion and legis
lation. which have equipped him with
an intimate knowledge of the intri
cacies of the subject and familiarized
him with the conditions requisite for
the continued development and pros- 1
perity of our great industrial interests
and the maintenance of American
standards of wages and living.
"For these reasons of special fitness
to serve his constituents, we, as busi- j
ness men, having no other interests in
politics but the promotion of good
government and the perpetuation of
those economic policies which make
for the prosperity and well being of
all the people of our State, advocate
the renomination and re-election of ,
Fenator Penrose to the United States 1
Appended were the following signa- '
Folwell Brothers Company,
Mitchell Stead: William F. Head. Jr..
Shelbourne Mills. Willis Fleischer; I
Greaves Bros.. Arthur Greaves: Shack
amaxon Mills, Girard Worsted Mills, |
E. K. Bready; A. D. Irwin & Bro.,
Robert S. Irwin; Griffon Company, j
Saxonia Dress Goods Mills, Brighton :
Worsted Company, Pequea Mills, Louis
Walther Manufacturing Company, De
laine Mills. Alexander Erskine, Fern
Rock Woolen .Mills, Murphy & Bro.,
Joseph D. Murphy; Andrew Mill Co.
Andrew Veluard; F. A. Bochmann
Church Edifice to Be
Remodeled and Improved
Mechanlcsburg, Pa.. April S. At
the annual congregational meeting of
the Presbyterian church on Wednes
day evening, it was decided to ex
tensively improve and remodel the i
church edifice, by putting in an inclin-|
ed hardwood tioor, new circular pews,
new heating plant, electric lights, fres
coing the church, toilet room and
brussel carpet for the aisles and pul
pit. Three trustees, each to serve
three years were elected as follows:
Charles H. Smith, J. W. Brandt and
Calvin Clendenlu. C. W. Frey was
elected a deacon. Eugene A. Burnett
was chairman of the meeting and F.
K. Ployer secretary.
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., April 3.—The Rev.
Samuel H. Hertzler, of Elizabethtown,
one of the most widely known minis
ters of the Church of the Brethren in
Eastern Pennsylvania, was married at
Royersford by the Rev. Jesse Ziegler,
the bride being the latter's sister. Miss
Mary Ziegler. The couple will reside
in Elizabethtown.
The Liver as Aid
To B!ood Purity
THe Natural Stimulus Re
quired is Not the Pur
gative Kind.
Mo«t Pills Are Better if Thrown Away.
Important as It to keep the bowels open,
it should be romi'mbored that such action
does not necessarily uienn lhat the liver
has been stimulated. The action of S. S. S.
is a natural liver tonic, but not a bowel
mover. It works in tlie liver cells to assist
in the natural and necessary function of
converting from the blood certain constitu
ents Into what are Known as assimilable
products. These are readily absorbed into
the body tissues to constantly provide new
end healthy material for that which Is
being destroyed by the energy of tissue
The presence of any blood trouble natur
ally suggests a sluggish liver, hut there Is
rryuired those medicinal properties which,
jpon reaching the liver, still retain their
atalytle ener<r to keep on through the
->!o«d circulation to do battle with irapur
.iles wherevpr they may have settled.
Rheumatism, catarrh, anemia, most sltln
liaeases and other results of impure blood,
■vhile Implicating the liver by tlieir morbid
•Qfluenees, are quickly checked by S. S. S.
its action throughout the blood circulation
results in the stimulation of the tissue cells
to the healthy and judicious selection of
their own essential nutriment.
You can get S. H, S. in air drug store,
but Insist upon having It.
Take no chance by permitting anyone to
recommend a substitute. And If rour blood
I condition is such that you would like to
-onsult a specialist, uddress The Swift Sne
o Company. 326 Swiff Bljg., Atlanta. Gsu
i A Bachelor of Fashion \ )
• •
o Yes, men who aspire to be correctly attired can take this degree *
0 without even entering a college or donning a cap and gown. «
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J well dressed man who has given deep study to the I JlJ&\ \ ?
0 Sartorial art. rMmr 1 S
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w —— ______________________________ . W"
11 Specials Tomorrow in Our Lad *
@ 6
£ Q
% H # me Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co. Family
6 Furnishers 29-31-33 &35 South Second Street Clothiers |
Fall Hastens Death of
Woman at Old Peoples' Home
Mechaniesburg, Pa., April 3. —Mrs.
Elizabeth Wingert died yesterday at
the United Brethren Old People's
Home where she has been an inmate
for the past twelve years. For more
than one year she was confined to
her room with illness and her death
was hastened by a fall sustained about
one week ago, in walking across the
room, when she broke her left leg
and shoulder blade. She was 80 years
old and was born in Franklin county
[and moved to this place from Middle
sex. Mrs. Wingert was a member of
the United Brethren Church, and is
survived by two sisters, -Mrs. Rebecca
Iswanger, of Mechaniesburg; Mrs.
Annie Benedict, of Uhambeisburg,
and one brother, John Crider, of Dal
las, Texas. The funeral services will
be held on Sunday at 1.30 o'clock, the
Kev. E. C. B. Castle, otiiciating. Buriul
\\ ill be made in the Mechaniesburg'
Recent Deaths in
Central Pennsylvania
Special so The Telegraph
Waynesboro. Levi Shindledecker,
75 years old, a well-known resident of
Edgemonth, died yesterday. He was
born in Adams county and was a shin
glemaker by trade. He was twice mar
ried and beside a wife he is survived
by two daughters, Mrs. Frank Rick
rode and Mrs. David Krebs, both of
Hanover. Mr. Shindledecker was a son
of Jacob Shindledecker, and of the
nine children of the latter six have
died in the last four years.
Ooleraine. —Franklin H. Rea, a re
tired gardener and farmer, died from
diabetes, suffering for several months.
He was 73 years old. He is survived
by three children and three grand
Willow Street. Jacob Lyons, the
oldest resident, died yesterday. He
was 87 years old. Two sisters sur
Marietta. —Frank R. Sellers, 61
years old, died from a complication of
diseases after a long illness. He was
a native of Harrlsburg, having con
ducted a livery business In that city
many years ago. One brother and one
sister survive.
Shippensburg. May Clough, 16
years old, of East Garfield street, died
on Wednesday night. She was only ill
a few days. She is survived by her
parents, two sisters, Dorothy and
Marie, and one brother, Thomas.
Gap.—Mrs. Newton Aument, 58
years old, died suddenly yesterday.
Besides her husband, ten children and
four great-grandchildren survive.
MlUersville. —Mrs. Aldus Brubaker,
V 4 years old, a descendant of the fa
mous Brubaker family of Lancaster
County, died after a long illness. H c- r
I huhband and her daughter. Sirs Adam
I Buch. survive.
Columbia Bride Carries
Bouquet Thirty Years Old
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., April 3.—A unique
wedding was celebrated Wednesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Clarke In Purple's lane here
when their son Charles and Miss Ruth
Gctz were united in marriage. The
Rev. George B. Gensemer, pastor of
Grace United Evangelical Church, per
formed the- ceremony. The bride as
tonished the guests by appearing for
the ceremony wearing a bunch of
flowers that was carried by a relative,
Mrs. William Jewells, at her own wed
ding thirty years ago. The flowers
had been preserved for a generation
and were presented to the bride for
her wedding. There was a big recep
tion after the wedding, at which many
i guests were entertained.
Mechaniesburg, Pa., . pril 3. —Last
| evening a meeting was held by the
| executive committee of the. High
School Alumni Association of this
• place, and arrangements made for
[holding the annual banquet, which
will be this year on Thursday, May 28,
in the high school building. A pro
i pram will be prepared by a commit
tee composed of the following per
sons: Mrs. S. J. Zufall, Miss Grace
Witmer, M. E. Anderson. The ban
quet will be arranged by the executive
committee as follows: Mrs. X. W.
Hershner, chairman; Mrs. R. Byron
Schroeder, Mrs. George E. Lloyd, Miss
Barbara Holler, Miss Alma Trout,
Corliss Hurst and Harold Wister. The
vacancy in the staff of officers was
filled by the election of Morris Bru
baker as vice-president.
It is wonderful to see how greatly a
small quantity of Poßlam, and few
applications, will benefit any diseased,
eruptional skin. Often after brief treat
ment the Improvement is startling:
Poslam quickly controls and eradi
cates eczema, Acne and stubborn, itch
ing skin troubles. Itching stops. Pim
ples go. Dandruff, Scalp-Scale, Chafing
Feet, Chapped and Hands, Inflam
ed Complexions, all are benefited at
once by its soothing, healing influence.
All druggists Hell Poslam. For free
sample write to Emergency Labora
tories. 32 West 26th Street, New York.
Poslam Soap will Improve and beau
tify your skill and keep it In heaitny
New Toilet Size, Cents Adver
tisement. i
Pennsylvania Man Gets Quick
Remedy for His Long Suf
fering Stomach.
Henry F. Curry, of the Hotel Bart
lett, at Cambridge Springs, Pa., suf
fered most desperately from ailments
of the stomach and digestive tract for
years. lie spent a fortune in the pur
suit of health.
At last he happened to discover
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy.
He found happy relief quickly. Mr.
Curry wrote:
"I have spent thousands of dollars
for doctors and medicine and hardly
got temporary relief, and before I took
your medicine 1 was about discour
aged. But after taking your medicine
I got great relief. My mental and
physical suffering had been BO bad
that I had to resort to morphine, and
even with that I did not get much
relief. Your remedy helped me won-
Try Telegraph Want Ads.Try Telegraph Want Ads
tlerfully. I have a good appetite, sleep
well, and think I have gained weight."
Stories of health restored like that
come from thousands of happy users
in all parts of the nation. This remedy
la known everywhere. The first dose
will convince—no long treatment.
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy
clears the digestive tract of mucoid
accretions and poisonous matter. It
brings swift relief to sufferers froni
ailments of the stomach, liver and
bowels. Many declare it has saved
them from dangerous operations,
many are sure It has saved their lives.
Because of the remarkable success
of this remedy there are many imi
tutors, so be cautious. Be sure it's
MAYR'S. Go to Geo. A. Gorgaa' drug
store and ask about the wonderful re
suits It has accomplished in cases they
know-—or send to Geo. H. Mayr, Mfg
Chemist, 164-166 Whiting street, Chi
cago, 111., for free book on stomach
ailments and many letters from grate
ful people who have been restored.
Any druggist can tell you its wonder
ful effects.—Advertisement.
Safe Deposit Boxes
Perhaps you have Just purchased a
property and want to keep your deed In
a safe place or maybe you have some
fire Insurance policies. mortgages,
notes or other valuable papers that you
wlsli to take good care of. If you do
you can have absolute lire and burglar
proof protection by renting a box in
our Safe Deposit Department, which Is
a large steel and concrete vault con- .
taining 600 metallic drawers arranged {
like boxes in a postofflce. Von carry
the key to your box—no one elsi) can
have access to It. Boxes rent for SI.OO
and upwards for a year. Call and let
us show you how handy and snfe It is
to have one.
Union Trust Company
of Pennsylvania
Union Trust Building