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Special to The Telegraph
Columbia. Pa., April 3. —The new parochial school of St. Peter's Roman
Catholic Church has just been completed and will be dedicated after Lent.
This new building, which is 60 feet square, contains four large schoolrooms
and a gymnasium and recreation room in the basement, which has been
equipped for games and various kinds of amusements. The new structure
was needed owing to the increasing number of pupils in the schools and
was built in accordance with plans arranged by the rector, the Rev. P. J.
Oostigan, who has been in charge of St. Feter's parish in this place since
Febmary 2, 1906. Tho buildings are on the corner of Second and Union
streets, formerly the principal residential section of the borough.
Gallons of Young Trout
' Planted in State Streams
Special to The Telegraph
Waynesboro. Pa., April 3.—Streams
near Waynesboro at a number of
places will be good for trout fishing
some day as the result of many young:
fish being planted yesterday. About
200 gallons of young fish, fifty fish to
the gallon, were planted by Edwin
Hoeflich, Allen Smith, .Tohn Wyn
coop, Harvey Thompson and Benjamin
John Miller, Marsh district, received
0 can of fish yesterday and planted
them in the streams of that vicinity.
Russell Bumgardner, north of
Waynesboro, also received a can of
fish and put them In the stream near
hie home. The fish were sent to
"Waynesboro fro mthe fish hatcheries
at White Sulphur Springs, W. Va,
Special to The Telegraph
New Bloomfield, Pa., April 3.—Mrs.
I. Potter Hayea attended the Women's
Home and Foreign Mission Society
meeting held in the Second Presby
terian Church at Carlisle this week.
Mrs. Hayes represents the Women's
Home and Foreign Missionary Society
of the New Bloomfield Presbyterian
Special to The Telegraph
New Holland, Pa, April 3. —Flames
of Incendiary origin last night de
stroyed the large mill property of
Henry Buch. one of the oldest in this
section of the county. The loss will
amount to several thousand dollars, as
the contents were completely de
stroyed. The flames were l.ept from
spreading by the hard work of the
neighbors who responded, most of
them women.
Special to The Telegraph
Sunbury, Pa., April 3.—Ralph Per
ry, Shamokin, to-day brought suit In
the Northumberland County Courts,
seeking to recover ?20,000 personal
damages for Injuries he suffered when
he was run over by a train of mine
cars In the Henry Clay Colliery at
Shamokin on November 6, 1912. Fer
ry was employed as a driver and had
both legs and his back crushed.
Makes the Sweetest Bread
HECKERS' blending of the choicest wheat
improves the bread. For 70 years it has been
the choice of home bakers, who are the best
judges of quality. Ask your grocer.
HECKER-JONES-JEWELL WILLING CO., 207 North Water Bt, Phlla., Pe.
practical home-bilong recipet for the asking : i!j
I i : r'ii' • I : ili-i I'Mii.iili l ; i'i i : -V.:; iv,...' idiiv; •; la
Daughters of Pocahontas
Elect Officers For Year
Special to The Telegraph
AVaynesboro, Pa., April 3. —Uncas
Council, No. 100, Degree of Pocahon
tas, has elected the following officers
lor six months:
Pocahontas, Alia May McKinsey;
Wenonah, Mrs. Charles McKinsey;
Powhattan, H. E. Stouffer; prophetess,
Mrs. Fanrk Blessing: keeper of
records, Mrs. H. E. Stouffer; keeper
of wampum, Mrs. R. B. Haffner; trus
tees, Mrs. Frank Blessing and Mrs. J.
H. Graff: representative to great
council, Mrs. J. H. Grath: alternate,
Mrs. R. B. Haffner; organist, Mrs.
Edward Spangler.
Mrs. M. J. Settle, who had been
keeper of records of the council for
fourteen years, moved to Biglerrille,
Pa., yesterday.
Mrs. David Betts, who has been
keeper of wampum for fifteen years,
gave up her office because of moving
to the country.
Special to The Telegraph
Lewistown. Pa., April 3.—Lewis
Harpster, of Newtown, near this place,
has a pen of nine Plymouth Rock pul
lets that have made a fii.e laying rec
ord during the month of March. The
record is as follows, 225, eggs for the
month, an average of 24 7-9 eggs per
Special to The Telegraph
Lewistown, Pa., April 3.—Dominic
Augusta, injured severely about the
head by a piece of flying rock while
blasting at Naginey's Quarry and
Frank Carey, of Mt. Union, whose
right leg was mashed when a stone
kiln collapsed in a quarry at the latter
place, have been admitted to the lo
cal hospital.
Special to The Telegraph
Lewistown. Pa., April 3. —Marian, 5-
year-old daughter of MaKsolm Mark
ley, fell off of the steps at the rear of
their home and Lit her tongue almost
in two. It required a number of stitch
ed to close the wound. The member
is frightfully swollen and causes the
little girl great pain.
Men's Clothing—
Correct Spring
If you are seeking a liberal selection of fabrics, J/m y mfjjWKjk^m\
patterns, colorings, models and styles—if you are jjj
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To the man who prefers to pay a medium price for his suit, we recom
mend the Schleisner $15.00 special. It has been our aim to establish a
high standard for value in moderate-priced cothing; and to maintain this
reputation, we have surpassed even ourselves—in the efforts of former
seasons—to produce the best possible suit for the money. We are sin
cere in believing that suits like these cannot be bought anywhere else
under $20.00, and many stores ask $25.00. All the latest models in the
most desirable materials and colorings are shown at this price.
I- ,
The Boys' Department
Is showing clothing that's service-giving and stylish—for sturdy
Boys—the kind that are naturally hard on Clothing. Made of sturdy Cloths—
Imported tweeds and fancy worsteds of American weave —tailored carefully to
insure good wear.
$5.00 to $15.00
Confirmation Suits
Blue Serge Suits—The best that we could find at the price asked—Every de
tail of high-class tailoring has been embodied to insure a perfect suit. All
$5.00 to $15.00
28-30 and 32 North Third Street
State Inspector Prevents
Concerts in Diamond Hall
Marysville, Pa., April 3.—The con
cert to be given by the Marysville Or
chestra, which was to have been held
in Diamond Hall this evening, will be
held in the Lutheran Church. The
change was made on account of objec
tion by a State fire inspector to Dia
mond Hall on account of there being
no flre escapes.
Civic Club and Council
to Confer on Curfew Law
Marysville, Pa., April 3.—A senti
ment in favor of the establishment of
a curfew law for the borough has
crystallized and on Monday evening a
committee of the Civic Club will meet
the borough council to discuss the
establishment of the law. The Civic
Club committee follows: Mrs. L. C.
Wox, . Mrs. S. D. Melister, Mrs.
Theophilus Shakespeare, Mrs. John
Berger and Mrs. J. G. Epplev.
Persons at the head of the move
ment for the establishment of the law
propose that It shall require all chil
dren under the age of 16 years to be
off the streets at 9 o'clock.
Marysville, Pa., April 3. "What
will be done to beautify the borough
school grounds?"' is a common sub
ject of discussion in Marysville at the
present time. It will soon be possible
to start work. The school building in
Maple avenue was completed late last
fall and after the grounds were
cleaned up the ground had frozen.
Marysville, Pa., Aoril 3.—Yesterday
afternoon a flre drill was held in the
public school building and it was emp
tied in exactly 42 seconds. This bet
ters the previous record by 3 seconds.
The students were unprepared for the
sounding of the alarm. The test was
made before a State flre inspector.
Marysville, Pa., April 3. —This even
ing the Dorcas Society of the Zion
Lutheran Church will hold its annual
experience social at the home of Mrs.
John Ashenfelter In Cheßtnut street.
Marysville. Pa., April 3. George
Harvey, of Wllliamstown, had the end
of one of his fingers knocked off yes
terday when he attempted to get off a
freight car In the local preference
freight yards.
New Cumberland, Pa., April 3.—An
April Ist party was given by Miss
Edith M. Miller at her home, Market
street and Fifth avenue, on Wednes
day evening which was declared one
of the most pleasant and humorous
i affairs ever attended by those present.
An art exhibit, the relating of the
most humorous incident in each per
son's life, the photographing of the
guests and the refreshments were the
features. A canopy of red and green
overspread the table. Those present
were Misses Clair Horner, Sylvia Er
ney, Grace Ditlow, Helen Spahr, Iva
Snell, Elsie Sutton, Edith Cripple and
Lottie Willis, J. D. Daugherty. W. R.
Mullen, A. Maesline, H. E. Snyder,
George Updegraph, E. E. Shelly, Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Hoover, Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Miller and Edith M. Miller.
New Cumberland, Pa., April 3.
Many relatives and friends attended
the funeral of Mrs. George Shaffer,
which was held in Trinity United
Brethren Church yesterday afternoon.
The Rev. D. B. Rojohn, assisted by
Dr. J. H. Young, conducted the serv
ices, which were very Impressive. The
men's chorus and choir sang several
beautiful selections. The pallbearers
were J. G. Davis Daniel Seip, George
Cook, J. W. Wright, George Seip and
Frank Entry.
New Cumberland. Pa.. April 3.—At
the annual Sunday school election held
In the Methodist Church on Wednes
day evening the following were chosen:
Superintendent, Ross Beckley; assist
ant superintendent. E. H. Fisher; sec
retary, Parker Minter; assistant sec
retary, William Fencil; treasurer,
John Rosenberger; chorister, H. W.
Buttorff; pianist, Mrs. Parker Minter;
superintendents, primary department,
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Helm: superin
tendent cradle ro'l, Mrs. E. H. Fisher;
HyF Your bath tub, Gink, and all other fix- W
tures are quickly cleaned: with 11
5c and larger packages Jf | | l
mm jm
superintendent home department, Mrs. I
J. H. Youn«t; librarians, J. Wesley
Lechthaler, Robert Hempt, Arthur !
Burke and Guy Shaffer. Dr. H. W. j
Linebaugh. who has been superintend
ent of the Sunday school for the past
thirty years, resigned on Wednesday .
New Cumberland, Pa., April 3.
Miss Ida Kreiger's Sunday school class
of Trinity United Brethren Church'
wore entertained at the home of Mrs.
Brubaker, at Harrisburg, on Tuesday
Special to The Telegraph
Marietta, Pa., April 3.—From latest
indications the peach crop in Lancas
ter county will be a total failure. The
other fruit trees have suffered severely
the past winter and the famous Engle
farms, near town, which always gave
lots of fruit, will not contain any the
coming season. There will be more
potatoes planted in the county this
year than for many years, as many of
the land owners will not plant tobacco
as heretofore.
Sunbury, Pa., April 3.—Northum
berland county convention of the
Modern Woodmen of America was
held at Sunbury yesterday. These
officers were elected:
Harry Laundau, permanent chair
man. and C. N. Marsh, Milton, sec
retary. Blaine G. Walter, of Sunbury.
was chosen delegate to the State con
vention. which meets at Altoona,
May 6. jjtjj
23-30 and 32 North Third Street
Women's and Misses' Dresses, $12.50
value $18.50
Smart afternoon and street Dresses of Silk Faille
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Dressy Suit of Silk Faille and Pussy-Willow Taf
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Misses' and Women's Suits
at} 25.00
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There is a particularly strong showing
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Crepe De Chine Blouses, $3.95
value $5.95
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shoulder, short sleeves —in all Spring shades —
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Flesh and White.
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