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What's the Use of Having It if You Can't Toss It Oft? By "Bud" Fisher
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Declares Over Strenuous Games
and Races Are Almost
St. Louis, Jlo., April 3.—Football,!
oaseball and lons distance races in '
grammar and high schools were char
acterized as almost criminal by Dr. I
Arthur A. Knoch, of the Walnut Hills!
High School, Cincinnati, in an address j
to-day before the American Physical'
Education Association.
"Our public officials ought to know." ;
lio said, "that such strenuous physical
exertion exhausts almost all organs;
nnd that a dilated heart is the natural
result of the unreasonably prolonged
tension incident to such games. Our!
ideals should not culminate in the
training of young athletes, but in the;
education of mentally and physically t
sound and harmoniously developed j
men and women, whose gait, posture;
and bodily movements would arouse
the admiration of all.
"Observe the.clumsy, awkward pos- j
ture of nearly all members of our;
bigh school football teams. Although ;
the football season lasts only ten
weeks and the daily practice is only!
two hours, yet this strenuous physical
work in deep bending trunk position
develops in the young body round
shoulders, a drooping head posture j
and a sunken thorax.
"The general opinion of progressive
pedagogues and physicians is rapidly
developing into a conviction that
undue pressure is applied and
applied prematurely in forcing
the mental development of school
children. It is cruel to de-i
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Portlier Com- . „
merit TTmm+c*+- 812***
..sr. I Pries- *>><>
mand that children from six to
ten years should remain in a com
pletely passive position five hours |
daily in a musty, generally overheated ;
schoolroom when every fiber impels
them to run into the free and beauti
ful out of doors.
"We overburden our pupils men
tally at too early an age and this is
one of the reasons why such lament
able results are obtained during the
first four school years."
Fred J. Lanshe Quits
as Allentown Leader
Allentown, Pa., April 3.—Sporting:
circles were given a big surprise yes
terday in the announcement of the
resignation of Fred J. Lanshe as presi
dent of the Allentown Tri-State base
ball club. The resignation of Mr.
Lanshe was presented at a special
meeting of the directors. His action
was due entirely to business reasons.
For seven weeks Mr. Lanshe had
given almost his entire attention to the
affairs of the Allentown club, and,
after putting the organization on its
financial feet, came to the conclusion
that he would rather be a fan In the
ranks than an officer at the head of
the organization. Efforts to get him
to reconsider were unavailing, and his
resignation was accepted with regret.
Jlax S. S. Erdman, county solicitor
of Lehigh, who was secretary of the
club last year, was chosen president.
' \
Annual Call to
Amateur Managers
Future crrat* are narmlnß' np for
lie coming tiaaebnll season, and
Mill noon be In the Held for hon
nm. The HarrlMburg Telegraph
denlren 'to keep In clone touch with
nil aniutcur teamn faart KRinen.
MnnnKerH are rcqneated to nend
in at once the name* of their
team, manager and captain, frith
their addresses.
Former Cub Star Will Bear Brunt of Work For the Yanks
The elongated twirlcr, who, several years ago, was the star of the Chicago
Cubs' pitching stall. Big league success and Cole did not get along very
well, however, and the ran gey boy went back to the minors. Last season
ho was the sensation of the American Association and Manager Frank
Chance lost little time in annexing his former star for duty with the recon
structed New York Yankees. Cole has shown good form in the South, and
the Peerless Leader believes that he will be tbo "iron man" of the New
York American Lea sue club this season.
Alphas Win Cup
in Casino League
Winning last night's sumo in tho
Casino League, the Orpheums had a
margin of lis pins over the Monarchy.
This was the last league game of th<;
season and awards will be made next
week. From now until tho time to go
to Atlantic C'ity there will be prac
tice matches for the bowlers who will
represent Harrisburg in the national
bowling tournament.
The Alphas were winner or tho
championship cup this season, having
a lead of 80 points. The season has
been the best in tho history of the
Casino l<eague and new records were
made. The final standing follows:
W. L. P. C.
Alpha* fit 24 .680
Orpheume 45 30 .600
Monarehs 37 38 .494
Colonials 35 40 .466
Cardinals 29 46 .386
Giants 28 47 .374
Shippensburg, Pa., April 3.—Ship
pensburg Normal School has more stu
dents for the Spring term than It has
had for several years. The new courses
have atracted a great many. The se
nior class, however. Is small.
j Ide Silver 1 1
1 •£ Collars&i
: HHRisnin
' Phillies Win Game
From the Athletics
Philadelphia, April ".—The Phillies
i with tho «:• U1 ta o future-great pltch-
I era shut out the Athletic yesterday in
the first Karae of tho annual Spring
series; scoro, i to 0. It was the first
time in the history ol' the Philadelphia
club that the tlrst game has been
taken from llic world's champions.
The popular idea ol' the Phillies re
ceived a rude shock. BOBS Dooin's
team was conceived to have a wrecked
pitching staff and no shortstop to
speak of. The players were believed
to be in poor condition from the re
verses they met with in their zealous
pursuit of Spring training. Yester
day's game upset this misconception,
for two of their pitchers, Cy Marshall
and Young Joe Oeschger, just out of
college, did nothing more during the
afternoon but blank the world's cham
pions, undoubtedly the best hitting
team In the world.
The supposedly deficient shortstop,
Harold Irelan by name, ate up every
thing that came his way as though he
had been starved up for a week in
preparation for the event. Two double
plays which he started were his best
feats. The players seemed to be quite
normal in condition—if anything a
little better than on this day in his
tory. 19X3. The score by inidngs:
Phillies .... 31000000 o—4 7 0
Athletics .. 00000000 o—o 4 1
R. H. E
Batteries—Marshall and Oeschger,
. Dooin and Burns; Pennock and Wyc
koft', Schang and Lapp.
i Central High track candidates will
start practice in Riverside Park to
morrow afternoon. It will require an
other week to get the municipal track
in shape for practice.
In issuing his call to-day Coach
William D. Meikle requests all eandi
dates'to report to him at Young Men's
Christian Association gymnasium to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Norristown High Will Be Asked to
Change Time of Their
Annual Event
Changing the date for the annual
high school meet In Harrisburg from
May 9 to May 15 has brought about a
conflict with the annual high school
meet at Norristown. If not too late,
an effort will be made by the local
committee to have the Norristown j
date changed. I
Norristown high school has been
quite prominent in track athletics and
the local committee would like to
have the Norristown team come to
Harrisburg. Norristown is also a closo
rival with Reading. Pottstown, Allen
town and other high school teams in
the east and a conflict of dates may
prevent other crack teams from com
ing to Harrisburg.
In view of the fact that the meeting
in Harrisburg on May 10 Is a Statb
meet, Reading will cancel the Norris
town meet and come to this city. Re
ferring to Reading's probable with
drawal from the Norristown meet, the
Reading Eagle says:
"The prize of the Harrisburg meet
is a handsome oak shield with bronze
embellishments, to become the perma
nent property of the school which
wins the meet the greatest number of
times out of a series of seven years.
The meet this year is the last of the
series, with Heading having two less.
Central Manual of Philadelphia two
legs, and Harrisburg and Steelton
schools each haying one leg on the
"The practice of candidates on
George Field continues every after
noon that weather permits. The class
teams are developing excellent ma
terial. A number of Interclass meets
will shortly be held."
Railroad League
Winds Up Season
The Pennsylvania Railroad Young I
Men's Christian Association basketball
league series ended last night with a
victory for the Tigers over the Cubs;
score, 10 to 11. The Tigers played l
all around their opponents in the sec- I
| ond half.
The Giants failed to appear and for- I
feited their game to the Phillies,
score 2 to 4. The series ended'with
I the Athletics leading by a goodly mar- 1
I gin. A meeting will be held next!
! week to close up the league business |
t for the season and to award the chain- !
pionship cup and other trophies. The 1
standing of the teams:
W. L. P. C.
Athletics 7 2 .894 I
Giants 12 7 .831 ]
Pirates . . 10 9 .526 I
Tigers 9 10 .473 i
Cardinals 9 10 .473 1
Phillies S 11 .421!
Cubs 7 12 ,3fiß '
Senators 4 10 .210
Elk Bowlers Will * j
Meet Reading Team
Reading bowlers will come to Har- '
ri?t)urg Saturday night to play a re- i
turn contest with the Harrisburg Elks.
L,ast Saturday night the Reading Elks!
trimmed the Harrisburgers at Read-'
ing by a small margin. The game'
Saturday night will be a real battle. l
With the Reading visitors will be fifty
rooters. Harrisburg lodge members
have arranged to have a big crowd
on hand.
The contest will take place on the
Elks' bowling alleys at the homo lu
North Second street. i
Basketball at Middletown will end |
for the season to-night with a game j
between the Middletown Athletic Club
and the Big Five The game will be
played at the new quarters of the
Middletown Athletic Association. Be
tween halves there will be a game lie- i
tweeu junior team?.
Special to The Telegraph
; Dillsburg, Pa., April 3.—Dr. W. L. !
j Crawford, a well-known physician of .
j Dillsburg. was taken to the Harris- I
burg Hospital on Wednesday, where 1
he will undergo an operation for ap
pendicitis. Dr. Crawford has been ill
for the past two weeks.
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