Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 03, 1914, Page 15, Image 15

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    \£?o(V)en /Alnteßfes
By Beatrice fairfav
In Other Words, When (iirls Seek to
Be I"reaks Are the Men
to Blame?
I Take two girls:
Let one dress mod
estly, refrain from
using powder and
rouge, and take her
walks abroad with
no attempt to at
tract masculine at
tention. Let the
other bleach her
hair. paint and
wear her dress cut
indecently low in
the neck and her
skirt slit Indecently
high,and take her
walks abroad with
the plain intent to
attract the men,
and which of these girls is the first to
get a husband?
In other words, when girls seek
membership in the fast-growing Freak
Family, are the men to blame?
You have an opinion: What do you
think? Look around you before mak
ing up your mind. Which class of
girls get invattons to the dances and
theaters so dear to the heart of every
Families Are Buying
"Sunkist" Oranges
by the Bex or Half-Box
Enjoy the rich, drlicious meat and sweet, tangv juice of
ruddy, thin-skinned, seedless "Sunkist" oranges.
Have this golden fruit for breakfast, dessert and
"between meals." Cleanest of all fruits—never touched
by bare hands. All the pickers
and packers of "Sunkist"
oranges ?nd lemons wear
TT iSn clean, white cotton gloves.
nffi "Sunkist" oranges are the fin-
Ijt Jjl est ' 3 uiciest oran K es i n world.
Tree-ripened, fiberless. Not a seed
in "Sunkist." Buy them by the box *11»
or half-box. That is cheaper than buv
/■SjjjjJ ing by the dozen. They keep for weeks.
Ask for "Sunkist" lemons so full of juice
wyf that they go farther than other lemons. Try "Sun- '
- Hi kist" lemonade —hot or cold. Lemons add flavor
a 111 to fish, meats and salads.
i. II Get Rogers Silver with
li I "Sunkist" Wrappers
j Cut the trademarks from "Sunkist" orange and
jk\ lemon wrappers and send them tous. Weoffer27dif
iSSl ferent premiums, all Rogers A-l Standard Guaran
teed Silverware. Exclusive "Sunkist" design.
/%jlili 1 For this orange spoon send 12 "Sunkist" Orange or
M ,||t| Lemon Wrappers and 6 two-cent stamps. "Red Ball"
;iU l||ij|| orange and lemon wrappers count same as "Sunkist."
A I I Buy "Sunkist" Oranges and Lemons
W f /,IJ Send your name and full address for
if, (!(/ free premium sheet and Premium Club
Plan. Address ; 1 orders for premiums
I Anr,hl.s Iff? SKK&i'
Will Open April 4, 1914
Grand Opening Tuesday, April 7
33 South Second Street
We will give to each purchaser a sheet of music free on
! Tuesday, April 14. Our store will be open at night until 11
| p. m., Saturday until 12 p. m., "We Accommodate the
| Public."
I Mr. Leo Wilson will sing and demonstrate all the fol
[ lowing week. Some of our 1914 hits.
. i i
"Kindly Direct Me to Broadway." j
"Swinging Together."
"It's You, Nobody But You." 1
' "The Rose That Made Me Happy Is the Rose That
Made Me Sad."
"You Are the Star of My Life, Dear."
i Cash in your checks when our new song comes out,
j ''The First National Bank."
| All of the above are published DV the
49 W. 28th St., New York.
A Paying Investment
A \ an d a good argument of the policy
Kilsi xyL, ■ \ of making your dollars work for
- >\\ you. But before you can put them
\ 1 to W01 "k y° u nil, st first accumulate
ift HHlljllßSlw enough dollars to form a capital.
The easiest and best way is to open
j I an account in the First National
Bank. Begin now and celebrate the
Eastertide by saving part of your
224 Market Street
pleasure-loving girl? Which class
stays at home? or is dependent on
father or brother or a girl friend for
escort? From which class is recruited
the fast-growing army of spinsters?
"In the neighborhood in which I
live," writes a woman, "are three of
tho nicest and sweetest girls that any
one would ever care to know. They
I they fashionably, but not extremely
' so. Also they are good to talk to and
jto look at, yet I have never seen one
go out with a young man. It is not
; because there are not any nice young
I men in the neighborhood, but simp
ily that they don't take any interest in
j these girls.
"In the same neighborhood there
I lives a girl who is extremely modern
!in dress and manners. She is an art
!ist in making up her face and bleach
ing her hair. Yet this girl attracts
I' all the attenion, for she is out every
Sunday with a different boy, and is
popular with all the young men in
, the Summer time, the painted lady is
j hiking off somewhere for a ride, or
I swim or sail with some young man.
From what I have seen of the young
men of to-day, they do not admire
i nice, sensible girls."
I A terridle arraingement that, but
is it based on fact?
"lam twenty-one," writes a lonely
hearted girl, "German, a good cook,
and know every detail of housework
from the front to the back door. I
dress neatly, but can't afford all the
late fashions, and have been brought
up to modestly to approve of them.
I know I have every qualification that
makes a good wife and mother, yet
men pass me by to court and marry
girls who can't tell a waffle iron from
a vacum cleaner, but who are author
ities on rouge and hair bleach. Don't
scold the girls for dressing like freaks.
My loneliness is is proof that tho men
are to blame.
"My mother died when I was six
teen," writes another girl, "and for
ten years I have kept house for my
father. He brings me his wages
every Saturday night, and I spend his
money so carefully that wo have a
nest egg laid by for tho times when
work is slack. I know I would make
some man a good wife, and I know
also II will never be a wife for the
reason that I haven't the time to paint
and doll up and chase the streets
looking for a husband."
If girls dress like freaks, who is to
| F '™ G
5224 Fancy Blouse, 34 to 42 bust. j
Such simple full blouses as this one are !
to be much worn this season and they are i
made from cr£pe de chine,'chiffon, ancl net ;
to be dressy and dainty and they are made
from plainer and simper materials for
every day use. This one is very pretty, '
generally becoming and, withal, extremely
evy to make. There is no fitting, since
all the fashionable garments are loose, and
there are only undcr-arm seams. The
•leeves can be joined with a plain seam
or beneath a tuck or the joining can be
made an excuse for a little trimming or
banding. They can be extended to the
wrists and finished with frills or cut off
at the elbows and finished with cuffs. As
shown here, the blouse is made of crepe
de chine with frills of the same.
For the medium size, the blouse will re
quire 3 yds. of material 27, 2"/* yds. 36,
l% yds. 44 in. wide, with >« yd. of
. The pattern of the blouse 8224 is cut
in sizes from 34 to 42 inches bust measure.
It will be mailed to any address by the
Fashion Department of this paper, on
receipt of ten ceau.
Are You Going West?
I Can Save You Money
You ought to know about those
cheap tickets to places out West and
up in the Northwest.
You can go out there in a good,
warm chair car—not a cent extra
charge for that —and if you go on the
C., B. & Q. Railroad you won't have
to make a lot of changes. You can
just travel easy, and Great Scott! what
a lot there is to see on the way.
Maybe I can help you a bit —that's
what the railroad i>ays me to do. If
you want some stuff about the country
and a free map. and all about the
cheap tickets and good trains, why
just write me and I will tell what I
Wm. Austin. General Agent Passen
ger Depts.. C.. B. & Q. R. R. Co., 836
Chestnut street, Philadelphia.—Adver
To Put an End to All
Superfluous Hair
Advice to Ladies Who Have
Been Deceived and
By a Specialist
Thousands of ladies and even young
f lrls have learned to their sorrow that
t does not pay to trifle with hairy
growths on the face and arms bj' try- |
ing to remove them with worthless
I pastes, powders and liquid depilatories
that smell awfully and burn like mad.
A well-known woman who succeeded
in entirely and painlessly destroying
all trace of her lialry growth has ar
ranged to put on public sale the scien
tific discovery that cured her after all
else failed. It is a simple, inexpen-1
give, harmless and amazingly effective l
treatment which she has called Mrs. I
Osgood's Wonder. It never fails to re- i
move all trace of superfluous hair abso- '
lutely without pain or Injury to the,
skin or complexion and in a surprls-1
ingly large number of cases has ktlled 1
the hair roots so it has never returned.
You can get It from Kennedy's Medi
cine Store or any up-to-date druggist
or department store, on the guarantee
,of money back if It fails. Ask for it
:by name, "Mrs. Osgood's Wonder."
Signed guarantee with every package.
If you have tried nil the advertised
depilatories in vain and want sure,
j quick results, this new method de
serves vour immediate attention,
me caution you, however, not to applv
Mrs. Osgood's Wonder to hair growthw
you do not wish totally destroved I
Advertisement. J
Klein Co.
||P Announce an Innovation <■
o>(gfi For Saturday Morning Only fepQ
N SATURDAY morning between the hours of eight and twelve there will be I
II special features offered in each department of the store. As a Pre-Eastcr I f&gff
111 shopping- event; this innovation will be an unsurpassed opportunity to secure | I fji
• 111 prevailing styles at reduced prices. We quote below a few of the special offerings J ■IB
HI for Saturday morning only. I |«
j&jW All our $25.00 Suits which comprise a large assortment of the very latest I jfISS
XtfSL models. All the prevailing colors'and sizes. In Moire. Silk Gabardine, Shep- I
(Lherd Checks, Wool Poplin and Serges. As an extraordinary inducement for I
Saturday Morning only, I
I# »»•» \m
I very large assortment of the latest models in C'repe de Chine, Taffeta, and Silk Poplin I
iftStpW flowered Crepe Dresses in all of the prevailing shades. We are sclliug these dresses regularly I
| for Sir.oo to $17.50. Saturday Morning only, I J|MHI
W i! $12.50 r®f
.... =——=
$&&&$ Habatui Silk Blouses in Mais. Fiesh and White Some with self cord jllj J
trimming, others with linen collar. Short and three-quarter sleeves. Regu- irri I IHu
lar $3.98 value. Saturday Morning only, I
flp*j£ $2.98 1
sss»? flowered Crepe Blouses in all of the high shades trimmed with white I
collar and enffs. Regular $2.25 value. Saturday Morning only, 1 1
Crepe de Chine Blouses in Nile Green, Blue. Flesh, Wistaria, White and II | I
||||! lango. In two very pretty models. Regular $3.50 value. Saturday Morning I fjw
1! $2.79 ■ |j| II
4e SKIRTS ~ |J|
Green Plaid Skirts in Eponge. Also black and white check in Basket Cloth, in one and I
two tier effect. Regular 56.94 skirt. Saturday Morning onlv, - ll ' «
m $4 - 98 3 111
ispl' ew Store For Women 9N. MARKET SQ. JjJ||
r - ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■
Let Unhealthy Hair
Fall Out, Is Madame
Ise'bell's Advice
- - - -
The life of a hair Is from five to seven
years, therefore a certain falling of the
hair is natural and should not cause
alarm if the scalp is healthy and new
hair Is pushing out at the same time.
Healthy hair Is firmly embedded in the
hatr follicles; It Is said that a single hair
will stand the strain of four ounces and
therefore there Is little danger that brush
ing, shampooing or even pulling the hair
will cause it to' fall out if it Is healthy
halt- If It Is not healthy. It might as
well fall out today as tomorrow, for
dead hair must make way for new hair.
Do not hesitate to give your hair a pre
scribed treatment for fear that It will
tall out. Only the dead hair will fall.
However, after youth hair not only
grows more slowly, but the renewal Is
apt to be less active. For this reason any
excessive fall of hair should be Investi
gated and the reason for it discovered
and corrected. Avoid scraping and irri
tating the scalp beyond a healthy glow;
you may kill the new hairs just forming.
Look to Your Brush and Comb.
The old rule of brushing the hair a
hundred strokes a day is rarely enforced
now and I believe that we can get bet
ter scalp stimulation by a few minutes
massage than by long brushing. How
ever, regular brushing Is good for the
hair Itself; it not only frees It from dust,
but It makes It glossy by distributing
the oil throughout Its whole length.
Brush and comb should be kept spotless
ly clean, wiped clean every day and thor.
oughly washed at least once a week.
This rule is particularly Important whe»
dandruff Is present.
Woman's Club to Entertain
State Federation May 1
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., April 3.—The Wom
an's Club of Columbia has elected the
following officers: President, Miss Lil
lian S. Evans; first vice-president, Miss
Edna Livingston; second vice-presi
dent, Mrs. A. C. Bruner; recording
secretary, Mrs. George H. "VVlke; cor
responding secretary, Mrs. A. W.
Rogers; treasurer, Mrs. S. H. Levan;
directors. Mrs. Emma Bruner, Mrs. G.
F. G. r Hoyt, Miss Irene McClure, Mrs.
W. L/Bucher and Mrs. W. J. Strieker.
The club will entertain the eastern
district of the State Federation of
Pennsylvania Women on May 1. More
than 100 delegates will be present.
White Cross League Will
Observe First Anniversary
Special to The Telegraph
Annvllle, Pa., April S.—On Sunday
afternoon the first anniversary of the
White Cross Single Standard League
Some of us fast during lient —some of us If I
don't, but we all agree that there is no better ll
breakfast for Easter or any other morning than
mild sugar cured ham or bacon—the kind that , 1
leaves a lingering memory of juicy, delicate /"teUSrfi fjMA jml
flavor with just a suggestion of the "tang" / W F/i, J fJtfy 7 if fWmmk
of hickory log smoke. That's f-■ «
Armours "STAR"
"The Ham What Am"
and Bacon too ,
of Lebanon Valley College, will be ob
served in the Engle Conservatory of
Music. Dr. George W. Richards, of
Lancaster, lecturer before the Union
Theological Seminary, of New York
city, will deliver tlio address of the
afternoon on "Being and Seeing."
Only men and boys oyer sixteen are
The new officers of the leaguo will
be installed at this meeting by the
State vice-president.
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., April 3.—Lebanon's
new curfew law went Into effect on
Wednesday and a large whistle was
sounded for the first time at 9.18
o'clock last evening. Owing to In
clement weather there was little
trouble in shooing the kiddies home,
for very few were in the streets at
that hour. Fear of a fine to be Im
posed upon their parents cleared the
moving picture shows as soon as the
whistle sounded and the police were
not required to report any infractions
of the new ordinance.
The Master Bricklayers' Association
and the members of No. 71, Brick
layers, Masons and Plasterers Inter
national Union of America have Just
entered Into a two-year agreement.
Both sides are highly elated oveP
the adjustment of their working con
ditions, which have been Indorsed by
the executive board of the lnter-<
national union.—Advertisement.
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., April B.—The Welmei*
machine works of this city to-day;
started increasing the force of labor
ers and machinists, owing to several
large orders which have just been
received, among them a contract to
supply sixteen large cinder cars oC
the E. A. Weimer patent steam dump
ing type for the National Tube Com
pany at Loraine, Ohio. Orders are on
hand to keep the establishment busjt
for six months.