Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 03, 1914, Page 10, Image 10

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Fourth Street Window Special j (>V (Ti_ _ CV»_Qt 4 ' Fourth Street Window Special
Women s _'sc and liurson cotton hose. On sale Satur- £ New Spring Corsets in low bust and long liip models, 75c
day-only 15* *** * iVUVi/l VV\ % K5& V VWJ \l/| V value. On sale Saturday onlv
—————— J- ' ' v »
Hundreds of New Trimmed and MMK | I I T~^[|
Untrimmed Hats Brighten Up the HEB 1 m
Millinery Stocks for Saturday KgTUyp" jf~. /
Stylish Models at $4.95, Jh|
$5.95 and $6.50 J M
Show for the first time to-morrow a profusion of H9,» 4 flgS B S fIHS flB \|\ / /wW
effects in street hats and dress hats showing the latest | AMm \\\ \!S?5\ y
trend of shape designing and trimming. Ribbons and \ A l(r^—&KY \\\ I >j. '' ' r^;.'i r V jY'' ; < /
small French flowers are drawn upon to a greater extent \ / ■ ||v / 1| /
than ever before The latest shapes, including the coo)ie. ~ / \Ar*ct Vonprl r^f
side tilted, bandeau, front tilted watteau, turbans, flat C' il6 iVIOSI V £iTIOCI Ol
"pancake " and other modes of the hour, are represented. • i r* 1 "T" & n<i 7
We Have Ready the Best Values 'Possible at $4.95, $5.95 and $6.50 ■ Spring Suits and Coats of the baster beason: 7^l;^
/M- / \V
/ iwKf ' i /TIN. Plateau model in navy blue hemp, bandeau on side 55.»5 le new arrivals this week are exclusive models in serge, gabardine moire and taille silk.
/ Iv/ !/ //S \ lacquered hat with hi K h side bandeau and pink silk rose buds $6.50 Shop ill tile morilillg if VOU Can aiTailge to do SO.
x-vi urn \ 1 Irs! w ith the lat'st all around bandeau . . $6,50 Suits of novelty weaves, with silk collar unci Wool erepe ami gabardine elotli suit in loose Copenhagen ami green $25.00
t*S§3P| , \/J> " \ 4 g '~ ° mlnaret hem P with hl & h Bido bandeau $6.50 | button trimming; in navy, Copen, tango, and fitting style with trimming of taffeta bands and Silk moire and Faille suits in styles recently
Mk-EffiJ/S The New Arrivals in Hit ! »ulis Yn and nkVy? with peplumrtdrt $25.00 created from Paris modes. This assemblage of
W" M Ww I t 111 1 lal, 'jlldptS collar of eoat trimmed; skirt llnlshed with cir- Crepe suits with Roman stripe silk collar , silk suits Is undoubtedly the richest to be round
V V /' 1 nousands OT Shapes in livery Wanted Style style in Kton. with fancy back $18..->0 girdle and silk ornaments; colors are navy, ] $25.00 to $65.00
\ ® The newest effects ln lj lnfk lacquered shapes $2.»5 to Stt.so Hundreds of Coat Styles for Misses and Women: Prices Begin at SIO.OO
1 \ Tft The newest effects in Tuscan shapes $2.95 and S"»- ...
Mp S The newest effects in hemp shapes s■* !)"> -ui I s'tfl" N hv\ and black coats of serge, three-quarter j Golline coats, with rope girdle and lined | Moire tiik <'<>ats, with lining of colored silk,
The newest effects in Milan Hemp si »' «,/-!! length; Bcngallne shawl collar SIO.OO | throughout with brocade silk crepe. In Copen, shirred and frilled styles or nltli circular
-■— Dlves pomerov & sLnr. V-, *°" >o trimmed with moire collar and in a ! white, orange, tango, green and blue. The
e., otneroy »■ Stewart—(second Floor. sty l o xvlt f, circular flounce skirt SIO.OO | finest golline coat value of the season ..$15.00 flounce $20.00 to $25.00
A Feast of Silk Hosiery for Women The New Pumps and Ox- Beautiful Qualities of Easter
Announced for Saturday forrk fnrWnmpn- Gloves for Women
AW± VJLo 1 V V Ullldl • OLJI lIIM w Every pair shows the expert knowledge of style authority, and the coni-
Good qualities of silk hosiery for women for as little as Si>o. Other _ t plete assemblage of diversified styles in dress and walking gloves in leathers
dependable qualities at 79? and SI.OO. We will be busy selling silk Offset Q-fx 7*l o antl f:lbrics proves the ability of this store to best cater to all tastes.
hosiery at such attractive prices. ' OXXICtI w t V lt/U Trefousse grey suede gloves, two Clasps, P. K. Qv
g/ stitching $2.25 —"V ""j \
Women's silk hose, lisle tops, spliced .Women's fine thread silk hose, fash- Colonial pumps and English oxfords sound the high note of correct eg™ 1,emeri . kl . d . er . l ?y"\ n '°. »aVoo Xl\ ~ r-<
threaT silk 'h.Ve"'fashioned heels and toes, tan black" B '.. . SP '.79c s t}' le in taster footwear for women. These are the dressiest and smartest Perrin kid gloves, two clasps; black, white and A / \
feet .lisle tops, spliced heels and toes; lonld^e?t' S spMcedbhTe'ls a'nd 'toes' Wack shape ? that d esig ners have ever given us. And hand-in-hand with correct '°N[Vrre kld giove,'two'clasps,' ipa'ris point emhroid- // I \
black and colors 30 " 8^ d . *"}*.^^f B '. ?, a .S» is the evidence of quality leathers and perfect workmanship. er & V 'i' ' kV -stiteiK! / / XjF\ \
Men's Hose 2 fto w,o ° Tan caK "««".« $«.oo ««d $3. 50
"\r#»n«s vin Halo v* ui 1 ... 1« <3 , _ r . ... ' Pumps with ribbon bows, White Nubyck English rubber sole ox- * an an( j grey SI.OO I / J MB I t IfsS /t\ I
*' tSb ' sp Kt( t " nJJn m vv l tee * seaml ©ss? blaek. $2.50 to $4.00 fords $4.50 Two clasp kid gloves, black, white, tan and grey, I/ A Mm f/l \ I
heels and toes, black, tan. slate and : Me„' B elk hose', 'fashioned'feet" snliced colt oxford Ues, $2.00 to SI.OO White Nnbuck Colonial pumps. . .$4.00 11.00 value .................... . ... '»«• V/I Mi'/1 /> J
WWte heels and toes, oolt button shoes. $2.00 to s.yoo i White Xubuck pumps, . 0' to $,.00 ieS^l^'SraK^lt, 8 Ig'K J/ I JW/A J
T T P, , ~ suede button shoes SI.OO . White Nubuck button oxfords ...SI.OO Kayser washable chamoisette and lisle gloves, two /
V—llllLll CII b 1 lljSv? Black suede pumps .. ..$3.50 to 81.00 Black Russia calf colonial pumps,ss.oo ! clasps; black, white, grey, natural and biscuit. __ j^-
Children's ruiL ribbed cotton hose, ; Children's fine ribbed lisle hose, fash- Black culr English oxfords. ) Gun metal calf ■ colonial pumps, SILK GIXJVES "" IUU ' ' >o<
seamless; black, tan and white ...12>-.c ioned feet; black, tan and white 25c $3.00 and SI.OO $3 00 to SI.OO i . '
Children's line ribbed silk lisle hose, ' RUSB,a " Ca,<> K " Sl!8h ' ° Un mctal CaK I ton ' t^Xdo^nnge^ends^'bteHlS white'and" cot'
seamless; black, tan, white, red, pink white r laftn Tan Russia calf f„„h o i ? 4< i $2.50 to $4.00 o rs SI.OO to $2.00 jl
" nd " ,ue n.s; "«f. 8 v. ox,o . M .vis " u " ra "«... ! cSrsK'i.»r.„rc.ffiT.! Uk . 3 e »'rs i s !:s°» y
tan calt rubber sole oxfords $4.00 r-v & Stewart—Street Floor. .
Spring Weights Underwear
for Men and Women
Women's white cotton ribbed vests; low neck and sleeveless or taped
necls and armholes, regular and extra sizes 12^0
Women's white lisle ribbed vests, low neck and sleeveless, silk taped
W omen's white lisb ribbed vests, sleeveless; silk taped neck, plain
and fancy yokes 25c
omen s white cotton union suits, high neck and long sleeves,
ankle length 50 c
Alen s Kgyptian cotton ribbed shirts and drawers, shirts have long
or short sleeves, drawers have double seat. Each 37J/.C
Jlen s Egyptian cotton ribbed shirts and drawers, medium weight.
Each 50,,
Men's white lisle shirts and drawers; shirts have long or short
sleeves. Each .... 50c
Men's Egyptian cotton ribbed union suits, long or short sleeves, SI.OO
Easter Finery for the Baby
New styles iti caps and coats—garments designed by spe
cla lists in infants apparel and personally selected for daintiness
of design and trimming.
Infants' lawn caps, pin tucks, ribbon and dainty floral trimming.
. 23c, 50c, 75c, SI.(10 to 83.50
infants wash hats, pink or blue c ham bray, white pique, embroider
ed Nolle or lace, stitched band or lloral t rimming,soc, 81,00, 81.50 to 85.00
Infants long white coats, Bedford cord or cashmere, siik braid or
tmbroidered trimming ..... 81.05, 52.30 and 810.00
Intants short coats, Uraj4 or embroidered trimming,
Boys' Shirts Blouse Waists
Boys' siik shirts in self-stripes and plain white,
, . $2.00 and $3.35
Boys silk striped shirts in hne botany cloth .... $1.50
Boys' white dress shirts 50?, <SO and SI.OO
Boys neat' striped madras and percale >liit ts,
500, 75? and SI.OO
Boys madras and percale blouse waists, collar attached and
band style
Boys' new blouse waists with Military collar, percale and
madras cloth
A New Feature of the Grocery
Dep't Is a Delicatessen Shop
The most delightfully clean delicatessen shop in Harris
burg, and the most inviting, has been added to the Dives.
Pomeroy & Stewart grocery section. Many choice items have
been gathered for to-morrow, including—
Boiled ham sliced, lb 40c Early June peas, 3 eans .. . ,25c
Lebanon bologna, lb 25c Early garden string beans, 3
Donghorn cheese, a cream va- cans
Fancy cream cheese, lb 23c .. CANNED FUI'ITS
Sour pickles, dozen 12c New York State cherries, can.
Sweet pickles, dozen 10c . 10c
Dill pickles, large size, 3 for 5c Fancy California peaches .. . 10c
Fancy Spanish olives, 230z. Hawaiian pineapple, ran ...22c
jars " .25 C Dried California peaches, 3 lbs.,
Peplt olives, packed lor us ex- „ 25c
cluslvely California prunes, 3 lbs 25c
Tall Jars Royal Spanish olives, Shredded wheat, pkg He
10c Kellogg s corn Hakes, pkg. ..»c
Walter Baker's Chocolate, lb.. Mother's oats 9 ( .
34ci •jfapu nuts 12c
Fresh pure cocoa, lb., 15c; 2 lit* 1 Cream of wheat 14,.
25c! Dostum cereal 21c
CANNED GOODS " California naval oranges, do/...
Fancy Shoe peg corn, 3 cans, 25c Florida oranges, doz. ... 15!.'
Tomatoes In glass jars, 3 cans, choice flgs. 1 >, s lbs. to string per
25c pound jq,.
1 he Style Show of Young Men's
Spring and Summer Suits
Continued To-day
Li\ing Models From Samuel W. Peck &: Co., America's Foremost Designers
of Clothes For oung Men, Will Display the New Fashions
From 10.30 to 11.30 in the Morning and From
2.30 to 4.30 in the Afternoon
An Authoritative Presentation of Clothes Fashions
1 hat Every Young JVLan Should See
" A magnificent new entrance to the
Men's and Young Men's Clothing
Section has been provided by the
i construction of a stairway leading
it directly irom the Men's Wear Sec
.3 vA ''rs§ l*/ 1\ tion on the street floor to the cloth-
Y \ \ YE ]%>>w II \ \// I \ section on the second floor. This
1 A \\ / A 1 V gives easy access to these men's and
'/A itii' \ \fim \y° men's departments without
// i IMHy ill L \ COl ™ n £ * n contact with the other
VSJji !%° /I sections of the store. There are
l\ \ ft —$ h \ rV# three elevators and other stairways,
V V // i vXJ too, to the second floor.
AII The N.ew Suits of Sfiring Distinguished
i j|. J|\ for Smart Style and Beautiful Tailoring
I I Ifllm Ik 1* \1 % Salens and Young Mens
/1 fPA \ D sl2 -=- sls - 518
'! I i ytl I \\ Black and white checked worsted and cnssimeres.
I I Ifl I \\ I Brown and dark checked velours.
I I 111 I \\ I Oxford grey casstmeres.
I I ill 1 \\ l Grey mixed tweeds.
/ /u I I \\ I Black and white and blue and while striped woolens.
I/ SI \ I il 1 Single and liouhle striped worsteds and cassinteres.
It I I I ft l Orey striped and fancy shadow striped casshneres.
I/ I I I \\ 1 Grey and brown homespuns, worsteds and casshneres.
I/ I I ill -*1 \\ I Handsome quality blue serges.
HI I | rl il-—-1 Blues herringbone serges.
, f-i■ \ ygsi Nifty two and three-button models for young
Jli men; cbats have soft roll lapels and cuffed or
" jf 00? /?* silk; patch and plain pockets; high cut vests with
iQwfaAfifcwAlKlWie, patch pockets; English cut and regular trousers.
All hats worn by the young men in the Fashion Show now in progress in the Men's Clothing
Section have been loaned to us through the courtesy of H. C. Dodge.
Souvenirs to Every \H7ho Visits the Clothing Section To-morrow--2d Floor
1,200 Spring Blouses Ready
for Easter Outfitting at SI.OO
Voile Crejte D'mity Lmrne
I he largest showing of Blouses we have ever assembled «it
SI.OO. The styles are in those soft, airy effects that are the
1914 mode, and include lingerie, semi-tailored and tailored
effects. There are raglan stytles, drop shoulders and, set-in
sleeves. Trimmings include tucks, embroidery panels, lace in
sertion, crochet buttons and silk cords.
New Blouses--$1.50 to $7.50
Persian lawn semi-tailored open front blouses, tucks trim front and
buck, scalloped embroidery button piece, high neck and long sleeves,
$1.5(1, $1.95 to $5.00
Voile, crepe and all-over embroidery blouses, trimmings of shadow
tilet and venlsc lace insertion and lace edge, net vestee and frill, hand
embroidery, all-over embroidery, organdy and lace collars, raglan and
drop shoulders, three-quarter sleeves $1.50, $1.05, $2.95 to $7.50
New Silk Petticoats
Messaline and Jersey petticoats, tailored and pleated liounees, pur
ple, Copenhagen, king's blue, Persian, mahogany, rose, emerald, two
tone effects and black $2.95, $:!.50, $3.05 u> $5.05
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Second Floor.
Madame Lyra Corsets
Mme. Lyra Corsets are distinctly and indisputably "Cor
sets de Luxe," the designs are incomparable, and the models
represent an infinite number of clever and modish styles.
Our showing of Madame Lyra corsets is thoroughly com
plete and the prices in all models are very moderate.
Dives, Pomeroy l &. Stewart, Second Floor