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Gtorge P. Wilson, of Philadelphia,
Selected by the Public Ser
vice Commissioners
George P. Wilson, of Philadelphia,
das been appointed chief of the bureau
Df tariffs by the Public Service Com
mission, the appointment to date from
ilarch 16.
Mr. Wilson has been Jn the freight
department of the Pennsylvania Rail
road for the past two years and for
five years previous to that time was
chief of the freight tariff bureau of the
Pennsylvania Railroad. He started his
railroad service as a boy in the em
ploy of the Philadelphia and Reading
Railway Company, for which company
he worked eleven years. Beginning In
a subordinate position with the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company about
twenty-flve years ago, he rose to rate
clerk, then to chief of the freight
tariff bureau, q.nd then to his present
rank as special agent, with responsible
general duties of investigating tariff
and traffic problems. ' |
The Public Service Commission In
selecting for the chief of this tariff
bureau an expert trained in the ser
vice of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company has followed the precedent
of the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, which chose for the chief of its
tariff bureau the head of the tariff
bureau of the Southern Railway Com
The Public Service Commission 'will
soon issue an order requiring all |
utility companies subject to its juris- j
diction to file all rates and tariffs. As
these tariffs are received by tho com
mission they will be carefully exam
ined and checked up and will be filed 1
In accordance with a carefully organ- I
IzGfl system.
The matter of the crossing by the i
Raystown Wtter Power Company of j
the structure nnd facilities of the Penn j
Central Lighi and Power Company in 1
the boroug* of Mount Union was
heard by tho commission. The Penn
Central wa* represented by J. Collins i
Jones and John E. Zimmerman, of
Philadelph/a, and the Raystown com
pany by V. B. Simpson, of Hunting
don. No opinion has been given.
Anothe? hearing in the matter of
the application of the Lehigh Navi
gation a»d Electric Company for cer
tificate d.' public convenience to cross
the trarics and wires of the Slate Belt
Electric Railway Company and Penn
sylvania Utilities Company was also
Newt Items From Points
in Central Pennsylvania
Haeleton. Jacob Walper, a Laury
towr farmer, and Miss Florence Hoover,
a nurse at the almshouse of the Middle
Coal Field Poor District, walked two
mil«s through deep snow drifts to catch
a train for Weatherly, where they were
married by the Rev. J. W. Horning.
York. The mystery surrounding
the disappearante of Spencer Cooper,
a Peachbottom township farmer, resid
ing near Delta, lias been solved by the
finding of his tody on an island In the
Busquehanna jiver, opposite Brown
rreeK. Cooper disappeared last Decem
ber. His body was frozen.
Mahanoy Cily. Three hundred stu
dents marchef out safely yesterday
from the Lavflle grammar school when
that structure caught fire through a!
defective flu* Miss Martha Hornberg- I
er, one of tie teachers, as the flames
menaced he/, rang the bell, until the
firemen arrived. The loss Is about >l,-
Chester. / Attacked by a Holsteln
bull durin/ a sale of cows near Lin
wood, yesttrday, James T. McGlll, jus
tice bf tip peace, was badlv bruised.
Bystandetf rushed into the pen to his
assistance Justice McGlll is 70 years
old but s active and vigorous. His
strength enabled htm to keep the bull
at bay l/itil aid reached him.
Colurrpia. A live coal in the ashes
In the c/llar furnace caused the serious
burning of Joseph Keeport He start
ed to b/ild a fresh Are and threw kero
sene ir/o the furnace to make the wood
burn #ore rapidly.
ReaAng- Mr. and Mrs. John Schu
ler am Mr. and Mrs. Levi Herber, of
Welsrfiberg, celebrated their golden
weddpig anniversaries. Both couples
weramarried on the same day. and by
the Jtev. Herman, now deceased. Mrs.
Schuer is a sister of Mr. Herber anu
she/s 70 and the brother 77 years old.
C/lumbia. The Kev. William H.
Hte/ens arose during the night, turned
onjlhe draft in his kitchen range and
wot back to bed. An explosion shook ,
tliT house. Live coals set fire to the j
{pecial Prayer Week at
Lebanon Valley College^
Annville, Pa., March s.—For some
/years past it has been the custom of
/Lebanon Valley College to give one
; week for special prayer meetings. This
/ week class prayer meetings are being
/ conducted by capable members of the
j class from 6 to 6.15 in the evening. At
/the conclusion of these meetings the
entire student body meets in the as
sembly room of the Carnegie Library,
there being addressed by former mem-
I bers of the school who have graduated
/ in the ministry. Following are the
/ speakers for the week: Monday, the
I Itev. N. L. Linebaugh, of Hershey; J
Tuesday, the Rev. B. F. Daugherty, of
Lebanon; Wednesday, the Rev. O. L.
Messe, of Myerstown; Thursday, Presi
dent G. D. Gossard, of Lebanon Valley,
and Friday, the Rev. O. T. Ehrhart, of
Of the Behr Bros. Pianos and Players.
Tone beyond comparison. Case design
advanced of all. Best produced.
Spangler. °lxth above Maclay. Ad
21 Deaths at Mont Alto
Sanatorium in February
Special to The Telegraph
Waynesboro Pa., March s.—The
monthly report of Alf N. Russel, reg
istrar of vital statistics of Waynesboro
afid Washington and Qulncy town-
Ships, for the month of February is
unusual in several respects. It In
cludes the record of two homicides—•
I the killing of Patrolman William Day
wait by Abram Barnes, a desperado,
and the shooting of the latter by State
I Policeman Curtis Davies.
/ During the month there were twen
/ ty-four deaths in the district, and, in
j addition to these, there were twenty
/ one deaths at the White Pine Sana
/ torium at Mont Alto.
Instantly suggests the remedy,
word to the wise is sufficient. Buy
a bottle this very dsy. Be sure to
got Hood's Barsapsrilla, tho true
blood purifier, prepared only by
C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.
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——'———— ————__— M
Patronage During February Not
Much Affected in Spite of the
Heavy Snow Storms
Harrisburg people are using their
new public library at a rate which has
not only been a surprise but almost a
source of embarrassment because the
patronage has been far larger than ex
pected, particularly by school children.
The big storms had a comparatively
small effect upon the patronage during
February, as 10,616 books were circu
lated as compared with 11,888 in Jan
uary, the first month in which tht>
library was open to the public. Even
on some of the blizzard days 2 50 to 300
books were taken out, although, of
course, the service among school chil
dren fell off.
In February 7,060 were taken out
by adults and 3,456 by Juveniles, the
January figures being 7,725 adults and
4,163 children. The library is handi
capped by the demands upon its store
of books for children. It has 2,000
books of this class and less than 350
were on the shelves to-day, with a
steadily Increasing registration of
school children. During February
3,694 readers were at the library,
against 4,409 in January. Of the Feb
ruary number 2,148 were adults and
1,446 children. The reference division
answered t26 questions, most of them'
by students of the schools. This is a
larger number than in January, and
some of the questions Involved consid
erable search. The registration thus
far amounts to 3,945 adults and 1,476
The library will have its first visit
from out-of-town library experts on
April 1, when the class of the Pratt
library school attached to the Pratt
Institute, of Brooklyn, will Inspect It.
The class Is coming on a visit to Penn
sylvania cities and will visit the State
Library and the Capitol and Inspect
the new Harrisburg Library.
Lewlßtown, Pa., March B.—Joseph
Flchthorn, a well-known tinner, met
with a peculiar accident early yester
day morning. Before the family was
up William, a son, heard his father
moaning and he quickly went to in
vestigate the cause. A heavy orna
ment from the top of the headboard
of the oak bedstead had broken loose
and had fallen, striking the father on
top of the head. Mr. Flchthorn Is 82
years old.
! To-day, leaving Harrisburg at J:3O and;
' B:ls—"Around the World In Two:
j Hours With Elmer Dwiggins."
j Monday evening—Rosa Karpe and
I David Levensson and Their Yiduisli
i Players. . „
Wednesday, matinee and night—George
I Sidney in "Busy Izzy."
I Thursday, matinee and night—' The
i Fire Brigade."
Saturday, matinee and night— 'The
Keith Vaudeville —Every afternoon and
Vaudeville and Pictures —Every after
noon and evening.
I Many bookiners have been arranged
' for the two saiiingH to be made to-day
on board the Majestic in company with
Elmer Dwigpins and his travelogue,
who, with the aid of over a mile of mo
j tion and colored pictures, takes the au
i dience "Around the World In Two
Hours," leaving Harrisburg at 8:30 and
back again by 10:30. Hundreds of
strange scenes are shown, and all are
clearly and delightfully explained by
. Mr. Dwiggins, who travels for the joy
■ of telling and exhibiting what amused
: and interested him the most. From tl)e
Hoboken pier the ship Cleveland leaves,
! after which we are coasting down the
, greased toboggans of MaderTa. Tommy
! Atkins on dress parade at Gibraltar; at
I Monte Carlo without the fear of losing
' money; camel-back journey to the
Pyramids and Sphinx; through the Red
i Sea to Mt. Sinai; the Far East in Slnga
?ore crossing the Equator; the beauti
ul Island of Java, with the Dutch; over
to the Philippines, China, Japan, back
through the Golden Gate of San Fran
cisco; then home to our starting point.
The artistic Instincts of the scene
painter, the craftiness of the gown
builder, the genius of the music com-
How's This?
We offer One Hnndred Dollars R ward for any
I ease of Catarrb that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
| F. 1. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, 0.
' We, the undersigned. bave known F. J,
Cheney for the laat IB Tears, and believe him
perfectly honorable in all bualneaa transactions
] end financially able to carry out any obligations
i made by his firm.
Toledo. Ohio.
Rail's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon tb blood and mncons anrfacea at
the syetem. Testimonials sent free. Price IB
, cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family pills for constlpatfe* .
poser, the cleverness of the fun pro
vider, as well as the cunningness of the
stage director, are said to have been
brought into harmonious requisition
while preparing the George Sidney
show for the ISI4 edition of "Busy
Izzy" for its entrance into the arena
of musical comedy competition, the out
come of which has evidently given this
j entertainment a prestige of 110 mean
'magnitude. It will be the offering at!
the Majestic Theater next Wednesday,
matinee and ni-;ht. —Advertisement.
It has been a long time since Or
pheum audiences laughed as heartily as
they are this week at Rodger Imhof,
of legitimate fame, and an excellent
supporting cast, presenting a military
travesty called "Surgeon Louder, U. S.
A." At least this is the first oppor
tunity we have had to see an artist of
his style at all since we viewed John
and Emma Ray some weeks ago. The 1
comedy efforts of the two, howevei, -■
will bear excellent comparison. Not
only because in each instance these
players assume roles of "brave" sol
diers, with all apoloigies to tbat adjec
tive, but because of the similarity of
their comedy antics. The scene of their
fun is laid In the lied Cross quarters of
a Western military camp, where Imhof
appears on the scene as a wounded sol
dier in search of medical aid. He for
gets his Ills by trying to make a deaf
(surgeon understand his troubles, but
the fun of the act begins when the
surgeon hires him to fire a cannon at
sunrise and sunset. Imhof knows
nothing about cannon or powder, and
his antics with a huge powder can and
a big cannon keep his audiences in con
stant convulsive laughter. The act Is
easily one of the comedy hits of the
season and is creating no end of good
fun as one of the sterling attractions
, grouped about Rolfe's "Colonial Days,"
Hard coughs, old coughs, tearing coughs, deep coughs, all kinds
I of coughs. Go to your doctor, he knows best, and ask him about
I Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Sold for 75 years.
' DB. antfyerg-drop —■>
the finest musical playlet Mr. Rolfe has
presented the varieties.—Advertise
A splendid mixture of comedy and
i harmony is promised in the offering
j that Parker and Tilson will present at
! the Colonial for the first time to-day.
Their clever turn heads an offering
that Includes a troupe of Japanese per
formers, known as the Three Arakis,
and Baby Zelda, a juvenile comedienne.
A fine Vltagraph feature film entitled
His Little Page," will be a special at
traction to-day in the way of movies.—
A big and interesting Biblical fea
ture story will be shown here to-day,
entitled "Mary Magdalene." It takes
j three acts to show this picture. "The
I Golden Cross" is about a young French
1 miller, who is notified as he is about to
! be married that he has been drafted
for the army and that he can escape
service only by sending a substitute.
"Twixt Love and Fire" is also on the
Special to The Telegraph
Lewisberry, Pa., March 5. Mrs.
Lewis C. Wise, a teacher in the pri
mary department of the Methodist
Episcopal Sunday school, entertained
her class of boys at her home on Sat
urday evening. Refreshments were
served . The following members were
present: Paul Walker, Russell Wei
gle. Robert Wolfe, Stuart Wise, Vance
UpdegrafT, Wlllard Updegraff, Walter
Sealover, Harry Ftckel, William Par
themer and Ray Rhlnesmlta.
MARCH 5,1914.
Waynesboro, Pa., March s.—On ac
count of the continuous freezing
weather and the condition of the
county roads, which are badly drifted
Girls! Girls! Save your hair!
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dandruff; you cannot have nice, heavy,
healthy hair if you have dandruff.
This destructive scurf robs the hair of
Its lustre, its, strength and its very life.
Moja QualitV
■ 10c Li%ar JL
AU-Havana Tobacco
blended with such knowledge
that it satisfies all tastes.
The rich quality does it.
Midi by JOHN C.
with snow, the attendance at tho
Waynesboro market has been very
small by farmers and their wives.
Only two persons came In from the
country yesterday morning with prod
uce to sell in market.
and If not overcome it produces &
feverlshness and itching of the scalp;
the hair roots famish, loosen and die;
then the hair falls out fast.
If your hair has been neglected and
Is thin, faded, dry, scraggy or too
oily, get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine at any drug store or toilet
counter; apply a little aa directed and
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the best investment you ever mode.
We sincerely believe, regardless of
everything else advertised, that if you
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eventually—why not now?