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Fackler's Big Store on the Hill
Is Showing Very Attractive Living and Dining Room Furniture
The homey-ness of these rooms will weave itself into the inmost fibers of your lives.
Make these rooms to be thought of in years to come with affectionate longing. Make it a
center of attraction. Comfortable living room furniture and desirable dining room furniture
are a strong feature in this BIG STORE'S Large Stock of Dependable Goods at very popular
Solid mahogany tables, $253.00 up to
3-piece tapestry s.ute #Bs.oo Ma f og^ ny ve „eer e d tables, *IB.OO
Easy, comfortable chairs and rockers, tapes- up to $38.50. Oak tables, SIO.OO up to
try upholstered, loose- cushion seats and back, $25.00. Fumed oak tables, SIO.OO up to
each $35.00 $23.00. These tables are all the latest designs.
Tapestry upholstered chairs and rockers, piece Jacobean suite $^25.00
snrincr „e a ts and backs 522 10 < 9 *P iece mahogany suite, Colonial design,
.pnng seats aid backs .... . . ...... »--••>" DINING ROOM SUITES
Tapestry upholstered un.fold davenport, W BO.OO. 9-piece quartered oak suite, *85.00.
$.>0.00 9-pjece golden oak wax suites, $125.00 to
3-piece all-over Spanish leather suite, spring $172.00. 10-piece solid mahogany Sheriton
seats and back, all hair filled sl2s.oofft\ te > *p 50 <>. These are all strictly up-to
„ . . , . date and sure to make you a valuable customer.
3-piece leather suites, mahogany frames, We have the largest sto;k of Buffets we
brown Spanish or black leather, _ ever carred at prices from SIO.OO up to
$35.00 to $85.00 $60.00. Nothing to equal these for style and
3-piece fumed oak suites, all leather seats, workmanship. China Closets, Tables and
dj.»r» i\rw at t r Chairs to match at rock-bottom prices.
#«!0.00 up to *45.00 Don't fail to see our large st<4 of Whittall
These suites are all new and of the best Rugs—these you know are the best rugs made
workmanship obtainable. in this country.
1312 Derry Street Harrisburg, Pa.
■ . ■
Stationmaster Kissed
by Band of Emigrants
New York, March 5. —Expressions
of gratitude In the form of kisses were
showered upon William H. Egan, sta
tion master of the Pennsylvania Rail
road Station here last night by the 27
men and women members of an emi
grant band, because he had been in
strumental in restoring to them a
flour sack which contained $38,000 in
una bills.
ihe party, en route from Montana
'he station and
then started for the pier to board the
steamship Olympic. In her haste, the
wife of the leader of the band, to
whom her fellow travelers had en
trusted their money, left the bag in a
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indiges
tion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
achy come from a torpid live: and
clogged, constipated bowels, which
cause your stomach to become filled
with undigested food, which sours and
ferments like garbage in a swill barrel.
That's the first step to untold misery
f^^ATHARTICx.^r - .L EJu I O 1
r JEI u I u f\ \
j PHI JL 10 cents!
.- ' - - .
Blow in To-day B°UTON & PARKER
A Scenic Musical Novelty
and nee
Colonial Days Japanese Novelty j
nod the real of the good nhow, i BABY ZELDA
Chestnut Street Auditorium
by Arrangement With Thos. M. Henneberry, Presents
The Birth Place of Civilization; The Burying Ground of
Centuries, Beautiful Colored Views, Wonderful Motion
Pictures Vividly Described by Mr. ARTHUR B. PRICE.
FROM THE CAPE TO CAIRO From Blarney Castle to the Giant's Causeway
aiting room where It was found by
a. rvlant n"d turned over to Egan.
Few Deaths This Year
From Contagious Diseases
Although contagious diseases dur
ing February exceeded the number
recorded for the same month of 1913,
the deaths in the city were fewer than
a year ago. There were 68 deaths and
112 contagious diseases during Febru
ary, 1914, and in February, 1913,
there were 80 deaths and 73 con
tagious diseases.
No one disease during the last
month contributed an unusually large
number of deaths. There were 27
cases of diphtheria and but one
death. Tuberculosis contributed five
—foul gases, bad breath, yellow skin,
mental fears, everythig that is hor
rible and nauseating. A Cascaret to
night will straighten you out by
morning—a 10-cent box from your
druggist will keep your Liver active.
Bowels clean, Stomach sweet. Head
clear, and make you feel bully for
months. Don't forget the children.
Vallon Denies That
He Shot Rosenthal
' ui * -* '■ w 1
LggriHK. jflßp|Bps
He ral
HL Hj3
Harry Vallon, the former New York
gambler, who denies the charge of
Lieutenant Charles S. Becker, con
victed of the murder of Rosenthal,
■ that he. Vallon, fired the first shot into
I Rosenthal.
' _
Around the World
in 2 Hours
WltH Rimer Dulkkldh Travelogue
anil n mile of Motion and Colored
—l'ortn of Intereat
Reduced Furett— 13c, -sr, :isc, 50c
Corns Go, Suro Pop,
If You Uso "GatS'tt"
Simple As A B C. It's the New
Way of Curing Corns
and Calluses.
If you have corns now, the chances
are you have never used "GETS-IT,"
; the biggest seller among corn cures
ever known. It is the new way, does
away with all trouble, pain and fuss-
Get the Corn* Off Your Feet, and the Con
Wrinklea Off Your Face. Nothing Can
Do It Like " GETS-IT."
Ing in treating corns. Thousands who
have puttered with old corns for years
have Rotten rid of them right off with
a few drops of "GETS-IT," applied as
quick as you can spell your name.
Corns just love to be cut, picked, filed,
gouged and pulled. Quit It. You've
tried cotton rings that cause shooting
corn pains, greasy salves that spread
over the toe and make it raw and tape
that sticks to the stocking—now try
"GETS-IT." It has none of the draw
backs of the old-style corn cures, eases
pain and never fails on any corn or
"GETS-IT" Is sold by all druggists,
25c a bottle, or sent direct by E. Law
rence & Co., Chicago.—Advertisement.
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If this couldn't be done, he asked that
the measure be so amended as to keep
down the rate and eliminate some of
its ambiguities.
Another Conference To-day
The session resulted in another con
ference on the question this morning
in City Solicitor Seitz' office and the
chances are that further meetings will
be necessary. The suggestions agreed
upon will likely be incorporated in a
series of amendments to be offered
next Tuesday.
The Chamber of Commerce was rep
resented yesterday by George B. Tripp,
president; the Rotary Club by George
T. Eldridge. William F. Burgeon was
one of the grocers on hand. The rep
resentatives at to-day's conference in
the City Solicitor's office included
Messrs. Olmsted, Eldridge and Robert
M. Wadsworth, secretary of the Cham
ber of Commerce.
In replying to the complaints of the
business yesterday City Solicitor Seitz
pointed out that the ordinance was
more or less hastily drawn and that
the rates suggested were not meant to
be permanent, but were Inserted In
order to form a working basis for the
final regulations.
Ollie James is a big man personally
and politically. He Is a United States
Senator from Kentucky, and he weighs
a trifle more than 350 pounds.
On one occasion, in traveling from
New York to Washington, he barely
caught the midnight train, and dis
covered that the only berth left was
an upper. Having learned from ex
perience that the process of coiling
up his 350 pounds and his six feet
three inches in an upper berth was
tough stuff, he was indignant. He was
particularly enraged when he noticed
that the lower directly under his berth
was occupied by a small man who
tipped the scales at not more than 120.
Ollie grasped the curtains of the
berth, shook them vigorously, growled
once or twice, and remarked vindic
-ively to the porter:
"Sb I've got to sleep in an upper,
have I? The las ttime I did that It
was on a trip from Frankfort to Wash
ington, and the blamed thing broke
down and mashed the man under me.
Throw that grip up there, and I hope
to Heaven the berth will hold me."
Then he went back to the smoker
and had a cigar.
When he returned, the little man
was in the upper.—The Popular Maga
Pulled "Tabby's" Tail;
Has His Finger Lanced
While playing with his pet cat sev
eral days ago 14-month-old Jesse
Smith, of 320 Christian street. Steel
ton, gave too hard a tug at "Tabby's"
tail. "Tabby" didn't like it and took
a bite at Jesse's finger.
This afternoon when the lad was
brought to the Harrisburg Hospital
the right index finger had to be lanced.
Precautions were taken against hydro
La Junta, Col., March 5.—A special
train bearing C. W. Post, of Battle
Creek, Mich., who is making a race
with death across the country, reached
here at 7.30 a. m. to-day and departed
ten minutes later over the main line of
the Santa Fe for Kansas City.
Mr. Post is being rushed to Roches
ter, Minn., for an operation which It
is hoped will save his life. It was re
ported that he was standing the Jour
ney as well as could be expected.
[From the Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.]
Politically, or from the standpoint of
partisanship, President Wilson has de
stroyed some illusions. He is narrowly
a Democrat and party man and a prac
tical politician. He has a shrewd, work
ing appreciation of the loaves and
fishes, and is most skillful in consult
ing Republican Senators when distri
bution is made. In fact, with all his
alleged defects of temperament and his
so-called unfamillarity with "the
game," the President is adroit, whether
in attack, defense or the accomplish
ment of his purposes. The whole ad
ministration, in other words, is Wilson
—that's all!
By Associated Press
Paris, March B. —The Chamber of
Commerce of Paris to-day petitioned
the French Parliament not to decide
finally upon the proposed appropria
tion for the Panama-Pacific Exposi
tion "until the vexatious and inquisi
torial American customs regulations
shall have been modified by legisla
tive and administrative measures."
Jacksonville, Florida, March 5.
Reports from South Florida indicate
that the vegetable crop was injured
from 50 to 76 per cent, by the recent
Although rain Is predicted for to
night or to-morrow, Weather Fore
caster E. R. Demaln is of the opinion
that there will not be any important
1 change in river conditions.
"Talcing a husband's name is a cus
tom that will probably be outgrown
some day, because we have outgrown
the conditions that created this cus
tom. It no longer has its basis in
necessity. There is no more reason
for labeling a married woman than
there is for labeling a married man—
it is just custom." In these words of
endorsement of the widespread cam
paign on the part of married women
to retain their maiden names, Dr.
Marie Jenney Howe, has voiced the
sentiment of Fola LaFolette, expressed
at the recent Feminist mass meeting.
Dr. Marie Howe is the wife of Dr.
Frederick C. Howe, director of the
Peoples' Institute.
Commend Mr. Tracy For
His Efficient Work
Resolutions commending the faith
ful and efficient service to the city of
David E. Tracy, the retiring president
and member of the Board of Public
Works, were adopted by the board this
afternoon in regular session in connec
tion with the acceptance of Mr. Tracy's
The announcement of the retire
ment of the president of the board
was received throughout the city with
deep regret and the Board of Public
Works voiced its especial concern at
losing the head of the board which
has accomplished so much for the
public improvement of Harrisburg.
No action on the choice of a suc
cessor to Mr. Tracy was taken this
That Lam} Back!
Rub it on briskly—massage it in
thoroughly, and note how quickly I
MUSTEROLE drives out the stiffness I
and soreness.
It beats a mustard plaster seven
ways, and best of all, it doesn't blister
or burn.
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint.
ment made with oil of mustard. It
comes in handy white glass jars. Get
a jar from your druggist to-day.
MUSTEROLE is recommended by
doctors and nurses. Millions of jars
are uSed annually for Bronchitis,
Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia,
Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Pains and Aches of the
Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore Muscles,
Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted Feet, Colds
1 of Chest (it prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
jars, and u six-rial large hospital size
for $2.50.
Accept no substitute. If your drug
gist cannot supply you, send 25c or
50c to the MUSTEROLE Company,
Cleveland, Ohio, and we will mail you.
a jar, postage prepaid.
W. H. THURMOND', Rockflsh, Va„ says
"Musterole is the greatest thing I
ever got hold of for muscular rheuma
tism, affording instant relief to sore
and stiff joints and muscles."
Over Night Goes
Cold in Chest
and Sore Throat
Don't fool with slow acting reme
dies. Get blessed relief at once by I
just rubbing on BEGY'S MUSTARINE I
for Chest Colds, Pleurisy, Son Throat,
Deep Seated Coughs ana Lumbago.
BEGY'S MUSTARINE is the origi
nal; it will not blister, is always ready,
and a great big box costs but 25 cents
at any drug store.
It's great for croup and quinsj-, colic,
frosted and cold feet.
It's better than any liniment, hot
water bottle or poultice for Sprains,
Bruises. Stiff Neck and Sore Muscles.
It's the grandest of all remedies to
reduce Rheumatic Swellings and ban
ish the pain and misery. Ask for
BEGY'S MUSTARINE in yellow box, ;
if you want the original. Mall orders
filled, charges prepaid, by Begy Medi- i
cine Co., Rochester, N. Y. —Advertise-
Biblical Feature Today
Victoria Theater To-day i
Mary Magdalene—3 acta.
The Golden Cross—2 acta.
Twlxt Love and Fire.
MARCH 5,1914.
Thorn im Only Ono
"Bromo Quinine"
To Got The GENUINE, Oall For Tho Full Nmmo
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Uaod Tho World Over to Ouro m OoM In Ono Day
Whenever you feel ■ cold coming on think /VS » Jf
of the nam* Laxative Bromo Quinine. «/y
Look for this signature on the box. 25c.
TAYLOR ASKS $36,4631
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oil. Another meeting to consider the:
budget estimates will be held to-mor- |
row afternoon at 3 o'clock. The sum i
asked for by Commissioner Taylor <
will provide for all the park needs, it I
is expected. The sum is some thou- 1
sands of dollars less than was asked
last year, although abcut a hundred |
dollars more than wasj actually ex
pended to conduct and maintain the :
parks and playgrounds during the j
year. Among other things the salary !
of $1,500 for assistant park superin- I
tendent is provided. The budget esti- ,
mates of course are for nine months
—the part of the year, however, dur- i
ing which the expenditure of money j
for parks and playgrounds is most!
What Department I'setl
All told last year the park depart- j
ment required $36,352.34. This in- !
i eluded all the receipts from sales of j
' wood, duct rentals, etc. The amount I
appropriated last year was $36,272.45. ;
Commissioner Bowman's estimates
for the water department and for the
public safety department were ap
proved and will stand as asked for.
This Includes the raise in salaries of
Dr. J. M. J. Raunick, health officer,
from $1,500 to $2,000, and of Prank
N. Templar, chief clerk, from $960 to
| The suggestion for the increase of
the drivers for fire apparatus from
SSO to S6O per month will be allowed
and this will be incorporated into Mr.
Taylor's estimates for the tire depart
By Associated Press
Sydney, N. S., March s.—The crew
'of the American naval tug Potomac
with the exception of the engineer and
fireman arrived yesterday at North
Sydney and left for Boston. The tug
is still in the ice of Bonne Bay, N. F.
Cairo, 111., March 5. Miss Jessie
Brenton, who came here from Gary,
ilnd., is missing, and Mose Endicott,
| with whom she was last seen, is In
' jail pending investigation. The girl
j had started with Endicott to a moving
, picture show.
Cor. 2nd and Walnut Sts.
3 More Days
\ r t
Wilkes-Barre Egg
and Pea Coal—ss.Bs.
In some furnaces Egg coal is too large and
Pea Coal too small.
To suit these extremes we mix the coal
one-half Egg and one-half Pea coal.
The result is a very satisfactory fire. One
that catches up quickly and is easily regu
Coal prepared in these proportions for
your furnace does not take as much draft to
keep a good lire at all times.
At night you can close the dampers and
yet have a good fire in the morning.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Forater <f Cowden Third tc Boas
15th A Cheatant Hummel Jt Mulberry
tt n
♦♦ ♦♦
| Removal §
♦5 April Ist ve will move to 32 N. g
H Second street. In order to reduce §
H stock we will continue to sell all goods §
g at same prices advertised during Feb- 8
H ruary. Any one selecting goods and ||
:«* not needing them until later by mak- g
ing a deposit we will hold them §
until wanted. §
:| Harrisburg Carpet Co. §
j| 231 North Second Street g
i By Associated Press
I Vienna, March s.— The lower house
lof the Austrian parliament, whose
j sessions were suspended on January
j 5, to violent obstru tior
ior the Czech deputies, reassembled
| to-day, but was again brought to aii
I abrupt stop by the tumult raised bj
I the opposition members. The speaker
;once more suspended the sessions.
i ■■
This is Guaranteed to
Stop Your Cough
illake this Family- Supply of
i Cough Syrup ul Home
Mild Save %2.
; This plan makes a pint of better
| cough syrup than you could buy ready
| made for $2.50. _ A few doses usually
j conquer an ordinary cough—relieves
i even whooping cough' quickly. Simple
| as it is, no better remedy can be had
I at any price.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar with
] 1/2 pint of warm water, and stir for :J
: minutes. Put 2'/i ounces of Pinex (fifty
cents' worth) in a pint bottle; then
add the Sugar Syrup. It has a pleasant
taste and lasts a family a long time.
Take a teaspoonful every one, two or
three hours.
You can feel this take hold of a cough
in a way that means business. Has a
good tonic effect, braces up the appetite,
and is slightly laxative, too, which is
.' lielpful. A handy remedy for hoarse
ness, spasmodic croup, bronchitis, bron
chial asthma and whooping cough,
i The effect of pine on the membranes
is well known. Pinex is a most valu
able concentrated compound of Norwe
i gian white pine extract, and is rich in
, (fuaiacol and other natural healing
i pine elements. Other preparations will
j not. work in this combination.
> This Pinex and Sugar Syrup remedy
has often been imitated, though never
successfully. It is now used in more
' homes than any other cough remedy.
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, goes with this
preparation. Your druggist has Pinex,
or will get it for you. If not, send to
The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
t \
You Cannot Get
' a better plate or more beautiful and
J natural looking teeth than I can
give you My plates fit and are sat-
I lsfactory where others fail. Crown
and bridge work at $3 to $4. There
Is none better at any price. Get
mv estimote and save money. High
standard Dentistry. Open evenings.
Dr. J. W. BELL, Dentist
(I never had any connection with
so-called Bell Painless Dentists).
Funeral Director and Embalmer
•13 Walnut St. Bell Phone