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Yes, Children Sometimes Get Things Wrong By Swinnerton
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Plank, Bosh and Davis Make Ap
pearance Against Jack
* sonville Team
Jacksonville, Florida, March 5. —For
the first time since the world series
Connie Mack put a Sail club in the
lield yesterday afternoon to battle with
un opponent. It was not a great game,
as the Yanlgans, headed by Harry
Davis, shut out the local South At
lantic Leaguers, 4to 0. Plank, Bush
and Davis were in action. Plank
pitching one round and Busli two,
■while Davis played first for five in
nings ere he was relieved by "Brick"
The Yanlgans did not score until
the seventh. In that inning Orr drove
Mclnnis across after the latter had
reached first on a fielder's choice and
had taken second on an error at third
on an Infield out. In the eighth the
bags were loaded by two walks and a
* scratch hit. Brown, who pitched three
Innings, counted first on an out, and
was followed by Wille and Cruthers,
■who raced home when Mclnnis sin
gled to right.
To-day the Yanigans play the St.
Louis Cardinals.
R. H. O. A. E.
Carroll, If 0 0 1 2 0
Starr, S'o 0 2 1 1 0
Hoffman, rf 0 1 1 0 0
Cuteo, c 0 1 2 2 0
Melholr, lb 0 114 1 0
Powell, cf 0 1 1 0 0
C'wder, ss 0 0 3 4 1
Lewis, 2b 0 1 3 4 0
W'wlck, p 0 0 1 2 0
Coles, p 0 0 0 4 0
Totals 0 7 27 20 1
R. H. O. A. E.
Wllle, rf 1 1 0 0 0
Cruthers, 2b 0 1 1 1 0
Daley, cf 0 1 1 1 0
Davis, lb 0 0 4 0 0
Mclnnis, lb 1 1 5 1 1
Karst, 3b 0 0 3 2 0
Kopf, ss 0 0 1 0 0
Orr, ss 0 0 1 1 0
Brickley, If 0 1 0 0 0
McAvoy, c 0 0 9 1 0
Plank, p . 0 0 0 1 0
Bush, p 0 0 0 1 0
Wyckoff, p 0 0 0 o 0
Brown, p 1 0 0 2 0
Totals 4 4 27 11 1
Jacksonville ...00000000 o—o0 —0
Yanlgans 00000013 x—4
Italy and Egyp: West Indies
The Riviera Panama Canal
Gibraltar! 1 Algiers South Am?rica
Wsr »,rai sssr
March* 1 7 ">-»»*•
From Sfnv York L&Ster CrU Se
iioMton April 4
CANOPIC MAIL. 14 10 Day»
CRETIC A Pit. a #145 and up.
1 White Star Line, 9 Hrondway, Jf, Y. I
or Looul Agent*. I
k TWIN SCREW. 9.OOO Tons Reg. i4.i20 Disp. For NORWAY]
Ink Su,tes de Luxe with Private Baths. Swimming( Summer Cruis«» J 1
y|HPool, Gymnasium. Orchestra and Other features. *
Single Bed Rooms *75
' V"-""" '' " 0 °" J ||||L
L The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company fl I 111
hi SANDEHSOK & SON, General Atreuta, -- State 1 I 111
St., New York, or any local Strani»hl|> Ticket | | jij
Johnny Castle Says
His Team Is Picked
Special to The Telegraph
Allentown, Pa., March 6.—Manager
Johnny Castle, of the Allentown Tri
| State club, has enough players under
, 1 contract to start the season right now.
IHe announced yesterday that the
1 following men are under contract: In
i fielders Danny and P. J. McGeehan,
[Boyle, O'Brien; catchers, Hafner, a
i Philadelphia boy; pitchers. Bob Scott',
I who led the Tri-State League last year
!In victories; Sharman, of McKinley,
I Pa.; G. Miller, of Trevorton, Pa.; Mor
thiemer, of Allentown; Sheridan, of
Niagara University, and Maerz, a Phil
adelphia boy.
Infielder Stutz, Outfielder Murray
and Matcher Monroe, veterans of last
year's Allentown club, have accepted
Castle's terms and will sign in a few
days. Castle has signed his contract
as a player-manager.
Davis Cup Matches
Set for Mid-August
i Special to The Telegraph
New York, March s.—The interna
. tional challenge matches for the Davis
. lawn tennis cup will he played on
, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Au
. gust 13, 14 and 15.
The American National Lawn Tennis
, championship tournament at Newport
will begin on August 24, a week later
than usual.
Special to The Telegraph
Princeton, N. J., March s.—Wilder
Graves Penfield, who coached the
Princeton freshmen football team last
! Fall, has been engaged to coach the
i varsity next season. Penfield has been
granted a half-year absence from Ox
ford University, In order that he may
coach the team and at the same time
do work in medicine which will give
him credit at Oxford.
Special to The Telegraph
St. Louis, Mu., March s.—The St.
Louis Federal League Club has in
-1 creased its capital stock from $20,000
1 to $135,000, according to a statement
j filed with the recorder of deeds here
i yesterday in connection with the re
! incorporation of the club. Otto F.
Stlfel, a local brewer, owns 34 4 shares,
a controlling interest In the club, the
statement indicates. The statement
says the club has cash on hand to the
amount to $25,400 and values its fran
chise and park lease hold at $25,400.
Special to The Telegraph
Chicago, March s.—Mrs. Charles
j Webb Murphy, wife of the former
11 owner of the Chicago National League
j team, was seriously injured in an au
tomobile collision here yesterday. Sev
eral other persons were slightly hurt.
Mrs. Murphy'" shoulder was broken.
She may be injured Internally.
Special to The Telegraph
Bristol, R. 1., March s.—Some of the
parts of the old cup defender Reliance
will be used in the construction of the
new Vanderbilt syndicate yacht now
being built at the Herreshoff works
I j here. The Reliance is at City Island,
New York, and is owned by the Iseiin
II syndicate.
Young twirier whose work helped win one pennant for Boston Red
Sox, and is picked as one of the stars in this year's race by Jake Stahi
and others.
Casino Duck Pin League
Opens With Good Scores
Two matches opened the Casino
duckpin league games last night. The
Muscovy team won three games and
the match from the Mallards and the
Dippers took two out of three and the
match from the Canvasbacks. "Mot"
Fletcher had high score with 146.
Burger, captain of the Dippers, had
high match score with 3G2.
The scores:
Heisey 135 95 88 318
'C. Martin 113 116 103 332
Shover 92 82 101 275
Smith 87 95 105 287
O'Leary 102 116 95 313
Totals 529 504 492 1525
Weidler 93 81 106 280
Claster 107 87 ... 194
Boas 1,06 96 97 299
Trace 128 101 106 335
Burger 126 114 122 362
Fox . ... 112 112
Totals 506 479 543 1582
Strikes—Weidler, 1; Boas, 1; Trace,
2; Fox, 1; Burger, 4; C. Martin, 1.-
Spares—Weidler, 4; Claster, 4;' Boas,
4; Trace, 7; Burger, 7; Fox, 2; Heisey,
7; C. Martin, 7; Shover, 2; Smith, C;
O'Leary, 8.
Second Match
Sides 106 119 93 318
Fletcher 122 85 146 353
Rapp 101 110 92 303
It. Martin 93 103 106 302
A. D. Miller ... 116 101 138 355
Totals 538 518 575 1631
Senior 88 107 90 285
Basch 105 97 110 312
Hammond .... 103 86 112 301
Hutter 99 87 96 282
W Miller 122 120 126 868
Totals 517 497 534 1548
Strikes—Fletcher, 3: R. Martin, 1;
Senior, 1; Hammond, 1; Hutter, 1; W.
A. Miller, 2.
Spares—Sides, 8; Fletcher, 1; Rapp,
8; R. Martin, 5; A. Miller, 11; Senior,
2; Basch, 8; Hammond ,4; Hutter, 4;
W. A. Miller, 10.
Special to The Telegraph
Paso Robles, Cal., March 5. Ed.
Walsh, once the best pitcher In the
American League, said yesterday that
if his arm does not come back this
year he will quit baseball.
Central Loses Second
Game to Lebanon High
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., March 5. —Lebanon
gave Harrisburg's Central High team
i*s second defeat last night. The game
was tight. At no time during the two
periods was either team sure of the
victory. The final score was 20 to 18.
At the end of the first period Leb
anon led by one point, the score being
12 to 11. Haddow tossed a goal which
won the game for Lebanon in the last
second of play.
The Central forwards played bril
liantly. but were effectively covered by
Lebanon's guards. Roto got away with
a few good ones. Fast was not in
good shape, shooting only Ave fouls
out of sixteen chances. Light, for the
opponents, was off color, caging six
out of seventeen chances.
Athletics and Cubs
Win Opening Games
I The Athletics and the Cubs wen
their games In the Pennsylvania Rail
road Young Men's Christian Associa
te basketball league opening last
night. The Athletics took a fast game
away from the Cardinals by a score of
40 to 25. The Cubs beat the Giants,
22 to 15.
The Athletics were ahead from tho
go-off and ended the first period with
28 to the Cardinals' 10. Hall and
Felker were stars for the Athletics.
The Cubs cume up from behind in
the second half of their game, over
coming a lead of 10 to 8 established by
the Giants in the first period. Wal
lower and Brown, for the Cubs, and
Rudy and Simonton, for the Giants,
Special to The Telegraph
Chicago, March s.—Work was be
gun yesterday on the Chicago Federal
League club's plant at Addison ave
nue and North Clark street. A band
concert and brief speeches by Presi
dent Gilmore, of the league, and Pres
ident Weeghman, of the club, were
features of the ceremony attending the
turning of the first spade of earth.
Mayor Harrison, who is decovering
from a serious Uln.ess, could not at
tend, but he was represented by Henry
Erlcson, building commissioner. A
large crowd was present. The con
tractor. agreed to have the plant fin
ished by April 23. • <
Request For Game Presented by
Merchants' Association to
Secretary of War
Special to The Telegraph
New York, March s.—This city is
rooting in true football style to get the
Army-Navy gamei away from Phila
delphia. The convention bureau of the
Merchants' Association is pulling eve
ry conceivable wire to attain its ob
jects, offering a dozen more or less co
gent reasons why the national game
should be played here.
The board of directors of the asso
ciation has adopted resolutions setting
forth the reasons why. The resolu
tion presented to the Secretary of War
and the Secretary of the Navy by S. C.
Meade, secretary of the association,
to-day, Include the following:
"It has been demonstrated that New
York is the only city that offers facil
ities for making this event truly na
tional in character. New York offers:
"A splendid playing field, a greater
amount of seats than can be found]
anwyhere else, facilities for reaching
the field, a written guarantee of not
less than $12,000 a year to the relief
society of the army navy, re
spectively, making $24,000 in all to
these excellent charities.
"Easy accessibility to both acad
emies to Washington and all Eastern
cities. If played in New York the
game is within easy traveling dis
tance of 16,000,000 of people; In other
words, of a greater number of people
than can be reached anywhere else.
"Superior accommodations for the
entertainment of visitors, as compar
ed with those of Philadelphia."
Special to The Telegraph
Cambridge, Mass., March 5.-—Total
receipts from all athletic sports at
Harvard during 1912-13 were $155,-
550, the report of W. F. Garcelon
states, while the expenses were
As usual, the greater portion of the
profit was from football, amounting to
$84,000, out of receipts of almost
#115,000. Baseball showed a balance
on the right side of $7,000, while in
track athletics there was a loss of
$7,000. The cost of rowing, which
yields no cash return, was $12,000.
Hockey, after a year as a major sport,
returned a profit of SIOO. Each of the
minor sports showed a deficit:
Analysis of the figures shows that to
train a varsity oarsman through a
season means an expense of about
$l,lOO. Football players' expenses
are about SI,OOO each.
A baseball player can be trained
for S6OO, a track athlete for S3OO and
a hockey player for somewhat less
than S2OO.
Special to The Telegraph
Chambersburg, Pa., March 5.
Chambersburg and Waynesboro, as
well as smaller towns in Franklin
county, will see the working of a "dry"
county for several da>s ;j.nd possibly a
week or more, as the result of remon
strances filed against every applicant
for a license by the Women's Chris
tian Temperance Union and other
anti-saloon organizations of the
county, and the fact that the court
has not yet rendered a decision. The
saloon licenses expired on March 1.
The Methodist Scrubs defeated the
Hasset'. Juniors, 32 to 20, on the Tech
High floor last night. Hassett was
ahead at the start, but the Methodist
boys came up In the middle of the
first half and held this ndvantage until
the iast whistle blew. The third game
of this series is to be played Saturday
night at the Armory between the
halves of the Harrisburg game.
petween the halves last night the
Methodist Club defeated the Zion
Boys' Club by a score of 38 to 14.
are about as useful as bargain eyes
would be.
The man who offers you "$5 glasses
for $1" is either a fool or a fakir—if
the glasses are worth $5 he can get $6
for them; if they are worth a dollar
they are very apt to do your eyes more
injury .than good.
It doesn't pay to take chances with
your eyesight. Here you will be as
sured of a scientific, accurate eye ex
amination and glasses that are full
Value. That's enough for any honest
man to promise.
Willi H. C. Cluster, Joa Market St. |
MARCH 5,1914.
Pick Officials For
Court Tennis Match
By Associated Press
Philadelphia, March 5. Arrange
ments for the world championship
court tennis match between Jay Gould,
the amateur champion, and George F.
Cover, the professional champion of
the world, were completed last night
by the selection of the officials.
George F. Fearing, of Boston, will
refereo the match; Edgar Scott, of the
Racquet Club, will call the faults, and j
Professor Fred Tompkins will act as
The Tigers defeated the Leopards
in the P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. League
last night, taking three games and the
match by 200 pins. Smith had 546
pins for the match. The scores:
Felker 126 169 157 452
Miller 146 134 122 402
Meek 170 103 137 410
Smith 156 195 195 546
Hostetter 173 178 149 500
Totals 771 779 760 2310
Gough 123 119 163 405
Myers 153 165 128 446
Hartzell 133 163 128 424
Zlegler 150 140 148 458
Bowers 153 147 97 397
Totals 712 734 664 2110
The I.ailleM of IlnrrlNlinric Are Greatly
I Pleased With Plan
The exclusive use of the Sanitary
Turkish Bath by ladies on Mondays, is
meeting with popular favor. Experi
enced female attendants, the manlcur
| ists atul the chiropodist have given en-
I tire satisfaction. The management is
determined to please and "where there's
I a will there's a way. Russ Building, 15 I
North Market Square. Bell phone
Special to The Telegraph
Auburn, N. Y., March s.—Two play
ers were awarded to teams on the Tri-
State circuit at the meeting of the
National Board of Arbitration held
here yesterday. They were Ed. Moore,
to Allentown, and J. J. Kerr, to Wil
mington. The request of the Canadian
League to be advanced to Class B was
Matches In the Patriot Duckpin
League yesterday afternoon went to
the leaders and the tailenders. The
Waps won easily from the Pikers, and
the Mutts took the Grafters along.
Zeigler with 131 was high score man
in the second match, while Garman
with 132 took the honors of the meet.
< Special to The Telegraph
New York, March s—The New York
National League Club has received
word from President Hempstead, in
Marlin, that Fred Snodgrass, center
fielder of the club, had signed a three
year contract with the Giants.
r 1 \
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YOU can imitate most everything
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i King Oscar 5c Cigars
don't smoke like them • Fifty
years of "know how" is the secret
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By Brilliant Work Feminine Five
at High Has Made
Good Record
The Central High School basketball
team will play many more exciting
games this year, and as the season
draws to a close, excitement Is run
ning high over the remaining games
scheduled for the girls' varsity Ave.
The plucky little team has gone up
against all sorts of "bumps" in their
games this season, meeting disadvan
tages everywhere. They have a score
of 115 points to their opponents' 58.
After winning one game from the
Agathalathas with a score of 8-7 in
one of the most exciting games of the
season, Central is ready to put up an
equally rousing game on March 16 at
Chestnut Street Hall, when they meet
Kach player on the Blue and Gray
team Is a star with quick and a< -11-
rate passing, sensational shots, and
strong guarding. The players who are
putting up such good work for Cen
tral include:
Miss Claudine Melville, forward; Miss
Margaret Velder, forward; Miss Helen
Rauch, captain, center; Miss Beatrice
Hinkle, guard; Miss Wllhelmlna Shaf
fer, guard.
The remaining games, as scheduled
by Miss Susan Shaffer, business man
ager, include:
March 11—Central vs. Penn Hail,
at Chambersburg.
March 16—Central vs. Agathalatha,
at Chestnut Street Hali.
March 20—Central vs. Alumni, at
Chestnut Street Hall.
Advises his customers and friends
that he has removed his tailoring
establishment from 5 Grace street to
5 North sth St.
i A most excellent line of all wool
ready to show. Good woolens, ex
act (It and best possible workman
May Malsano have the privilege of
j serving you?
j ' I—^