Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 27, 1914, Page 8, Image 8

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The MILL and FACTORY Sale Closes To-morrow
The Final Silk Sale of the The New Spring Suits Are A not her Important Day To morrow
Season Closes Tomorrow Evening tl f , In the Sale of
tThe excellent quality of the silks in this sale, the X* VXll Ol VM Pi T*TTI
new patterns and shades prove them to be of the best | I DieaClierS Damaged LllietlS
grades and therefore all the more desirable in view of \ A 1 A 1 1 1 '
the special prices. The sale closes to-morrow evening, , V aIUOS /\T6 lYornarKablo ! The little marks of injured places' are so slight that it
so don't delav vour silk purchases if interested. i x w i VV/IHUI 1 ... ~i Ik, i „ t 4 . 6 r,i u' >
*i.so spotpruo'r Foulards, 40 inches wide, is g ood patterns. ■ „ . . wouM have been an easy matter to present any of these Bleachers
Sp^l Sl- ?. ar<l v ;«v. , *1.35 Flam navy and black trench Copenhagen, navy and black suits j Linens as perfect cloths at regular prices. I hat speaks volumes
Special, var<!°. n °* es . W .. e ' f.°.°.. S ! reet " 'si.Va st ' r & c suits, cutaway jacket, button in figured eponge ,yoke and sleeves for the quality of tile hundreds of Linen Cloths which you call buy
.bJ5£ .WZ.'ST- g&ttsr. """ .TT.- de . r h .' m W TZI, fa ° Cy to ''' ski i« k ™ !" dr ? p , cffec '' b,,tton trimmc i,k a .i' al savin B s averaging close to one-half. To-morrow will be a big
Fashionable Chiffon Taffeta—»l.oo quality, 27 Inches. Special. CU lnuuel HSIb.OU barrel skirt $20.00 <JaV for tllt'SC iteillS !
si l 7s on iitv' Vr" i ii"' s i i ii Copenhagen, navy, black and tan- Copenhagen, tan, black and navy
Ji " si.so Brocade Crepes in P Hght' blue, mais, lavender, rose and £° su ' ts ' n figured novelty, drop whipcord suits, fancv jacket, silk $1.98 pattern cloth's, for breakfast , mask. The imperfections are too
4 v-- B*-" 8 *-" Mulders. shawl collar and cuffs of collar and cuffs, barrel skirt, #30.00 and luncheon tables, sizes arc 66 to slight to be considered in compari
f ful luster, navy and black. Special, yard . U .°. *.*!. .* .98« kengaline silk, peg top skirts. Tango, Copenhagen, blue jind 68 inches square Special in the sale son of the quality offered. Sale price,
ciaV'yarriT , : in .^!T^ e . r . n . B .'.'!? A". 0 ! 1 . 68 '- v slß * so black suits, Persian Silk collar, fancy each . . ... . 98* rd * 50* to 690
40c Crepe de chine, io colors. Special, yard 37c 1 black and Copenhagen nov- sleeves, back of jacket pleated and m cj. rvi ? v -)i/ Pattern Cloths for Banquets
!°» j x- *°» sSf belte^ ac , k « wilh buUo,,s ' skirt * ?££?£ »«» p**™ «x.« 2m.
ufjl e hea y y , sl,k weav ®, suitable for separate i silk collar, tunic skirt $22.00 effect #2,.50 exceptional ciualitv Snecial in the c ' ies - Special in the sale, each,
WaCk , Cree. imponrf .»«>. cr«p« suit. sale'caX $1.69 to i 1.95 W.9#
combinations; 19 inches wide. Special, yard o»c ; antl !iax > s » lts ln P«pl'n and crepe fancy collar, Rton jacket, fancy but- «3SO to $7 00 nattern cloths SB.OO pattern Cloths, 84x118 in-
BLACK SILKS materials, silk collar and cuffs, drop tons and loops, skirt with full pen- , L c , P 1 i i ches Snecial in the sale each
gSJ ya «.«« uproar Taireta, chiffon weight. 27 inches. Mai. | shoulder, skirt with the circulaV lum ......... Ko m the sale each ches. Special ,n the sale,
B#c Black Messallne, 3«' inches.^' yard . 7»e flounce $25.00 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. ° « ®* Nankins and Fancv Linens
/W SS.OO pebbled Crepe. 40 Inches.. Special, yard ...$2.19 ?5.00 and $6.00 square pattern . . . .
(J $1.26 Messaiine, so inches wide. Special, yard $1.09 cloths; 2%x2 J 4 yards Special in So.UO linen napkins; 22x22 inches
85c Black Showerproof Foulards. Special, yard 53c the sale, each ... $2.69 and $2.95 square. In the sale, dozen, $2.59
20 Styles New Spring Blouses, $1.95 Skirts of Imported Plaid Weaves Tl °"7 k i" ,he Pie ",
' T? L__*J J L 1 6 The Bleachers' Damage Sale pre- chon lace touches. In the sale, each,
ismbroidered voile blouses with Gladstone collar, fronts trimmed with A ffiirnlo • C <->♦-» s\ C C OCT sents a very interesting list of un- (J9^
revers and crochet buttons, long sleeves with turn-back cuffs $1.95 INCW /\ril V dIS. ClllCl ZpO.ii/O common values in piece goods da- Dives, pomeroy & Stewart, street Floor.
med with shadow iace, lace tFlms nei k nnd button ple £f' 9s ! Scotch plaid skirts in dark blue Black and white honeycomb check ~
shoulde"";' ttonU wi^orti^ec'k, o 'lnf £ eCtS ' skirtS ' drCUar CUt floll »« • • HosWv fiViA I ] <TI Af*V\XTf±W Vql^^C
trimmed with hand embroidery and lace with shadow lace insertion and net frill - $5.50 and $5.95 Waffle check black and white lUMCI J dIICJ. V/ lICIGrWOO.r » 3.1U.6S
insertion, bunch tucks trim back, shadow _ three-quarter sleeves with net frill, $1.95 Light Scotch plaid 6k . irtS) be l tcd skirts, peg top, suede belt, . $7.50 Wia , of f
Cambric and Nainsook Gowns backs •"•••. $5.95 Div es . p o mero y & stewart, second pw. ; p interest to women:
. n n^rn' ,rl hrmotif". an '* V-necks, Stout size Jersey petticoats, pleated I union suits, fleeced. to '!.. ~ , ? IEN S IjNDKKWI'.AIt
sleeves, hemstitched tucks trim yokes, flounce, plum, emerald, wistaria taune ~—~ Wnmen'« 9r n „ n *4 nu j Mens heavy cotton fleeced shirts and
hemstitched ruffle trims neck and sleeves, American I \eauty, Persian .blue and fleeced Special rlbbed drawers, each 50c
Cambric growns, high and V-nec s ks° petticoats,' mahogany' An?* WnmPfl'Q I to.frlbl'^i 8 " C °V heavy ribbed fleeced shirts and
long sleeves, yokes trimmed with bunch lean beauty, emerald, iwo-tone' effects * * Ollldl O OUI/ l_/dC/t/ ribbed \ests and pants, fleeced, each drawers, each
tucks and embroidery insertion, embroid- and black S2 9r. , f sc Men's heavy natural wool shirts and
Cambric" 7 Tnd ne nalnsook' 'high and <'HIU)REX'S CAPS Plauen lace collars in Sunshine shape, in white; values to 50c. Special sui Js' Hee ? ed 6 . ..."'SO" drawers, each
n necks B andTetve y 8 0 wmmed Sai" 1 ' i to-morrow in the Mill and Factory Sale, each 25* to^wLVa^nbrtg^n^r^ 8 drivers, eaci7. Wo °'
neat embroidery edgo.,. .SI.OO and IM.KO white ii.W V n< j S H„UD \/I D" lw~S KKl?* ten ribbed unta, ,1
PETTICOATS iVamFtlOO >■-. lialf I TlCe MaraDOU rieces fast biack cashmere "hose, flee<:ed 69c
line. lo pfeated U Tounce. Je Emer a aid, s\f»l tnd VmVStL'''''''it ' Muffs " eck P ieces of go out in the Mill and Factory Sale seam- Men's seamless
1 Urnn.n PU po^i a n lU S 1 ' W / StM ia ' Cope i l, i aSen ' *2.50 caps. Special '. .. . .$1.50 j tO-morrow at half former prices. Women's fast black Siik ~ Umlo" 1 ' h0 lL; •' \ ■• •. -j<'
S _ Dives,' Pomero? & Stewfrt-Second Floor Re ? lllar ? 3 ' 9 8 $25.00 pieces are priced $1.99 to $12.50 3Sc, n 3 ed p Jr e for 8P . U . Ced . h ? e, . S Di^s,' &
r IfYou Like Brushed Brass Ware Jfo I AnOccasionofGreatMoment-
Here s a Rare Chance ' 7 o 1 r t* r
$1.39 to $1.98 Pieces toGo for 98c ii\ | Women's Shoes
Two hundred pieces comprise the special sale of brushed brass- HwlLsk I / T&S P \ A / /J\ t he are f suc ! l as can only be found in
ware. There are umbrella stands, fern dishes, cuspidors and jar- . SJ M / \\J\ \ Mill and Factory' Safe s T °- mor f row wlll lhc day of the
dinieres. The umbrella stands are $1.98 value and the jardinieres J I A ° y Sa,e ' SO we P resent '
are regularly sold for $1.50 and $1.83. M&T j/ sM / C
Seven-piece cut glass water sets. Mill and Factory Sale price, J « SSM»p« 2^. to . 6 ;.
98c Step ladders Special S H|||l|wl| /i T 111 / _Wo|»t-n's SJ.SO and iioo gun rfietal calf, high* cut, button "shoes ; ,U heavy
?5c oak bath tub seats. Special -,0 l iW 111 l Sff ffli «J
"°' dcr H ' II w M rV|PE w a«"?a»'ssKy!ja jsrsn^js^'^sz
75c toilet paper Special 5 ' ec,a / J ' W* f AITV -"K
yZ Z v \ 'loiaers. special ,o<* II iv §7 calf and tan Storm calf button Children's $1.75 gun metal calf high
7.1C tub soap dishes. Special ji» Hllfl M\l\ W B !^® B i h, f h to ° laaUi with stitched cut button shoes; sizes BVa to 11
7 rolls toilet paper and holder. Special I«)»* /J mm IW I'm 1 Price S ° lß ' * MII ' and Factory MUI and Factory Sale Price $1.20
v ■ S, l®l Jf, I / Wnmm'i'M n^'i''i' ■;' $2 - 35 Children's $1.60 black kid skin laco
_ B s'tfrflji I„J ® $2.00 black kid skin even- shoes; Goodyear welted soles with
■j i. |"\ C //' /Mm/ n ■H\ r slippers, with beaded vamps and spring heels, not all sizes Mill and
L/ast Day 1 o-morrow of mA\ I I stl
aps. Mill and Factory Sale Price, Factory Sale Price 75t« II
HUjll' / | 111 98c I>lves ' Por "eroy & Stewart, Street Fl.
The February Furniture Sale I.L„— Spring Dresses for Children
in, th" C F e e s s^e.'CFvo^o^d cilSctf Here ' s Ever y Reason Why You Should dGj , . 14 Years
the many exceptional values arranged for the last day of R| lV Yniir Ovprrnat
the .sale we would suggest an early visit. A v/V GlUUal 1 1C71C7 1 vJ" llllJl 1w W | he styles are uncommonly pretty and the trimming dainty and
$35.00 mahogany side table. Reduced to $17.50 HHI T% . . / ? s~\ T mt rTI If. 0 '""?' S . cores of distinctive modes are followed in this new com
-529.00 golden oak bureau. Reduced to $19.50 1. h>6 (JttC J.S J. fICLt OT "'biiHr 1
$55.00 mahogany buffet. Reduced to $39 00 ■■————■^____Children s Spring dresses in madras and ginghams of solid c 01559.00
$59.00 solid mahogany buffet Reduced tr. ffiQo'nn TU u i ■ i • . > • ~ • ° rs an stn P es * 'he styles are out of the ordinary and the worlc
<sx>m ,,i r ; ', , J , •- $39.00 Ihe man who likes to economize on his clothing will tind this the golden opportunity — manship show care and skill in sewim? Sixes ranVe fmm t,-, u
«?rn !1H l ext r tab ' e - Reduced to $19.50 because overcoats of best fabrics and tailoring and correct styles are offered at substantial years. In these new Vrini arrh-Ils g «l na
S SES,? "T.V Redl,Ced t0 #32-30 savings. The "D., P. & S."" label on each overcoat is guarantee of its worthiness, thus the ' Girls' dre'?es of JiiXm Ln/striue niadraV 'in V, t U
"«< i;n + n / "j t0 * $8.95 economy is based .on quality and is all the more attractive. Anticipate next Winter's overcoat years • ' H!l
J ". iattressc ; s - to $0.95 ( needs now and be just that much in pocket. Crepe dresses'in ul U Vn' 'th V,'" w 'i' ! ,$
J224.00 3-piece soid mahogany bedroom suite $150.00 Here are the styles, fabrics, colors, etc.- amiable ' £1««"
$154.00 2-pieee mahogany dmtng room suite OO cte » r > v 0 n # and SK».»>O
$95.00 3-piece leather library suites $65.00
Overcoats iNow Selling at SIB.OO Overcoats Now Selling at I Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Seeoutl Floor.
Dives, Pomoroy A Stewart, Third Floor. $15.00 $lO 00 \X > ITI n
xt a. i_ 1 a\r 1 1 . Grey bwun scotch piaid overcoats. ' p ' Men s rlannelette Paiamas Reduced
Notable -W flsh rflhnr Savitirfc A „ U!HA S I K Meie oiervoaK Blue chinchilla overcoats. .
iiuiauic VT doll 1 aUlll/ oav lIIOS /\fl- striiied brown and grey worsted overcoat;-. . "VI,<SI 5n ii.,.,,. i.. , : i > •
I . . j C> Oxford cheviot overcoats. Brown diagonal weave worsted overcoats. v J - -o I laiiiielettc pajamas ill plain white or neat stripes.
nounced for the Last Day of the Sale «««»„. Sptc i.' t , ; , .
&oc pongee: one half tdik- "5u inchM «t„, Black Melton oven-oats. A _ „. >\ien s ifil.yo lannelette and German lleeced cloth pajamas; tan,
Wljte; plain shades. Mill aAd F««lory tor'y Sale Prtw, . . ° ve «cwito. $20.00 OverCOatS N'OW Selling at black > hluc and lielio stripes. Special $1.,j0
oord. >llll and Factory Sale Price, lory Sale Price, yard 12Ue Full and Quarter 1 Venetian lininns Men's SI.OO French flannel shirts, "Ash -Kosh" overalls with high back
j* ' '*li 12% c Bates* in Fancv nlahl back iininirs * iti o i 1 i kiu high military and flat laydown collars, and self-adjusting" shoulder straps, ex
3»c crepe de chine In soUd shades, checks, fancy plaids and solid shaded ' Unlngn. Blue and brown chinchilla overcoats. neat stripes and plain «rey; sizes to tra full cut arid full number pockets,
"J n ll l ni a,IO y ry Sa ' 6 i Pri< Bn }ar<l ' 35 j 51111 an,, Sale Price, yard, 9e /~*A 1' 11 f\ ~ Single and double-breasted. ' v t „^ e » a L ",v' ' v,"' '\i ' i' 79< union made #I.OO
-5c Plain pounce, in lifteen good 10e percales; 30 indies wide; color- V MlflPnillpl I JVPfprifltc ul , „ j v SI.OO Wachusett shirts, pleat- 'Slßnal" and Sweet-Orr coat shirts
shades; silk finish. Mill and Factory ed figures. Mill and Factory Sale vyVeiCOdlS Shawl collars. Ed short bosom; sizes 14 to 17. Spe- in plain blue chambray, indigo und
Sale yard 15c Price, yard He Blues Rrnwns firtur c 42 inches lonst. cla J, "J.I, ®® c ' Polka dot, two separate collurs, sizes
59c imported erepo in whlto ground 15c solid color crepes- 30 inches ■ Dluesj DIOWnS UreyS * Mens $1.50 negligee shirts, laund- 14 to 19 SI,OO
with flora! design. Mill and Factory wide. Mill and Factory Sale I*rice > Fancy plaid back linings. ered cuffs; sizes to 18. Special, I.ight and dark blue chambray shirts
Sale Price, yard 39e. yard BVic \\ T' J O " T T T " % ' w 'th two separato collars; sizes 14 to
vJuZ ff^LV 10 !? 68 . " Ide ; „ printe: 36 incheswide; WlfltPr 7MII H ZWff* I 1 KPUHQP MKN'S MACHINAWS, JKRSFYS AND 19 50c
white ground with floral design or floral designs. Mill and Factory Sale V " W Lll IO 1 IdVC I_yIJVC W lot/ SVVEATFRs BOYS' NEW "K. & E." BLOUSE
pink, blue and lielio. Mill and Factory Price yard oi7. ~ , cn tl urAtJ^c
w "'
AVv'V/v'l V A AlvZ/Il A llidl X J. yyl jI n Mens $1.50 jerseys with roll collar madras blouse waists, military collar
Gloves of Super Quality for Women $15.00 Suits Now Selling at SIO.OO $20.00 and $25.00 Suits Now Sell- gFey 't" 3, T' d " a "^ da ri nd medium "colored' woven
p ■ , | , .j . . , . ~ » + T uuinuw kJCII Boys SI.OO jersey sweaters in navy, stripe madras blouse waists, with mill
-1 rix seam wasnable liuxkin gloves, With spear points; in white Grey, worsted suits. * l'nrr at t n/1 maroon and grey. Special 60c tary collar
only. Pair mt Diagonal Cheviot suits " tplt).UU Boys' SI.OO maroon sweaters with White blouse waists, band style and
Dne<;lfiii wasliahlo o-l'r.',r'»V YJ ''l',;/' "o '• 'l..'- Shadow strined brown' easslmero «„I,k Black and white cheek worsted suits. s^ wl collar; sizes 6to 12 years. Spe- military attached collars. .50c and 75c
lJOeskin washable gloves in white. Pair $1.25 ■ "«<•"« .Striped lirown oasslmcre suits. Plain crey basket weave worsted suits. clal 50c Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Fl.
Dives, Ponieroy & Stewart 2-clasp doves, in all shales Pair , r a . brown cheek suits. Grey and brown Scotch mixture suits.
1b 1 v "' SIOO Tw « and three-button sacks. mack and gr. y «trlf>ed cushlmcrc sulta. OQ C"11 T~) 11 <t -t pm
Cavalier one-clasp kid gloves, imported direct by us. Pair, SIB.OO Suits Now Selling at $12.50 . Two a >nfb.mon 4ck wwu. IyIDtOOIIS, I &T Q, 17C
$1..2 i) Brown and crev che<"k worsted suits. $28.00 Suits SelllllCT at SIB.OO . ...
Navarre 2-clasp gloves $1.50 Plain grey cassimere suits. Brown checked worsted suits. All s,lk tarteta . moire and satin taffetas go into the? Mill and
Centemeri's kid cloves ... «1 tt'Viwi Chalk stripe cassiniere suits. Plain grey cassimere suits. Factory Sale to-morrow at material savings. Widths are 4Vj to
, , _ , , b .Y , to HW.IIU Grey diagonal weave worsted suits. Chalk strined worsted suits /-i/ • u ii i j-» , , . , , • , • ,
Perrin s 2-clasp kid gloves JJSI 75 ant i oq Blue unitnished worsted suits. Blue serge suits mches, in black, cardnfal, scarlet, blues, pink, maize, brown,
Kayser's n-ashable clianioisette gloves SO* t„ «:*S 9SKSS I ZttZgiißSftg? lavender and white.
Dives. Po.neroy i «4WHM. Street I'loor. , lle „, cioihin«. Second Floor, Bear. . Vf* K" U ' ~ h J 1,1 laSl Ja> llle Ml "
\ atl " FaCtOrV Sale. Val'd 1
... , v ;■ •' ■ 1 " r* ; V ■ • ( •' 1 ■ : sf: