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Receive Officers and Teachers of
Reformed Salem Church and
Snnday School
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kunlcel enter
tained Informally last evening at their
residence, 1607 North Second street,
the officers and teachers of the Re
formed Salem Church and the Sunday
school, of which Mr. Kunkel is super
The guest of honor was the Rev. Dr.
H. M. J. Klein, of Franklin and Mar
shall College, Lancaster, who made an
address on "Adapting Oneself to the
Spirit of Church Work." The pastor
of the church, the Rev. Dr. Ellis N.
Kruraer, was also present and spoke
During a delightfully social evening
refreshments were served with Mrs.
George Kunkel and Mrs. Edwin C.
Thompson presiding at the tablo. As
sisting were the young ladies of Mrs.
Kunkel's teachers' training class of
the church. The decorations were of
jonquils, narcissus and branches of
pusßy willows.
The guests included Mrs. H. M. J.
Klein, of Lancaster; Judge and Mrs.
George Kunkel, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Bowman. Jacob M. Crull. Sir. and Mrs.
E Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. George
A. Hollinger. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
K. JFortna, Mr. and Mrs. Martin W.
uwcr. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Shirey, Pro-
Hisor and Mrs. It. R. Omwake, Dr.
Mrs. F. J. Altliouse. Professor and
Mra. A. J. Beltzel, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Robison, Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Kast, Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Hain, Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Moog, Mr. and Mrs. Casper
Shaak, Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Foutz,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Rupp, Miss
Minster, Misa Ellen Outelius, Miss
Carrie 1.,. Orth, Misses Ileleu and Ma
rian Lelb, Miss Leila Zug, Misses Isa
bel and Christabcl Forney, Mies Emma
Bross, Miss Lydla Kunkel, Miss Lula
Gingrich, C. A. Aughlnbaugh, Charles
E. Dasher, Robert Deisroth, William
B. Deisroth, William B. Block, Percy
Patton and Raymond Hoerner.
A Cheap Ticket and a
Free Map and Pictures
All About the Big West
and Northwest Country;
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I will send you a map of the coun
try, too, and interesting printed stuff
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The railroad pays me to do this and
It don't cost you a cent. You'll be glad
to get this Information anyway
whether you decide to go or not. So
get busy and write me to-day and tell
me where you want to go.
Wm. Austin, General Agent, Passen
ger Depts., C. B. & Q. R. R. Co.. S3G
Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Adver
* -\
The Price You
Pay For Glasses
$3, $5 or $8
you get the highest grade
glasses that can bo bought for
the money. We use no guess
work methods as we are equip
ped with the latest scientific eye
testing instruments. Try us.
Gohl Optical Co.
'Where Glasses Arc Made ltlglit)
has removed his parlors from 912 N.
Third Bt. to 908 N. Second St.
Pianola Supremacy
Exercise in selection of materials; employ
ment of only skilled workmen, and the enor
mous resources commended by the Aeolian
Company combine to produce the greatest
instrument of its kind in the world.
The Pianola is the original player-piano.
It is made in six styles at six different prices,
varying with the price of the piano. There
is but one Pianola.
The Pianola manufacturers own all of the
fundamental patents covering player-piano
construction—that is why the instruments
are supreme and make it possible for the
amateur to play the compositions as played
by a master musician.
Used and rebuilt pianos at from
SIIO.OO up. Convenient terms.
ZZo >3O Norfk 2nd StTZT
Girls Spend Happy Evening at a!
Washington's Birthday
Mrs. George Wharton, of 554 Wood
bine street, entertained her Sunday
school class of the Nagle Street Church
of God last evening in informal .fash
ion. Refreshments were served after
various social diversions.
Among the guests were the Misses
Mary Urove, Mary Blade. Catherine
Wolf, Dorothy Arnold, Elizabeth Hola
han, Mary Deiseroth .Florence Peace,
Ruth Rhinehart, Pamelia Holahan,
Margaret Bamford, Cathrlne Holahan,
Dorothy Iloke, Emma Holanger, Lula
Beard, Rhoda Wert and Esther Jeff
ries. Walter Smith, Thomas Yingst,
Wilbur Dimm, Heimer Swamley, Ralph
Arnold, Armour Rhorer, Alverson
Kener, Charles Barker, Joseph Telgh
man, Clement Kelley, Paul Bard,
James Holahan. Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Wharton; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hola
han, Mr. and Mrs. George AVharton.
Missionary Pageant
at Pine Street Church
Prior to the missionary pageant pre
sented bv two societies of Pine Street
Presbyterian Church last evening in
the lecture room, there were vocal
solos by Sirs. Roy G. Cox and John
Participating in the program of "A
Plea From the Women of Heathen
Lands" were: Society girl. Miss Mar
tha Dunlap; Conscience, Miss Kath
erine Jacoby; Mexicans, Miss Alice
Dahr, Miss Helen Smiley; Mohamme
dans, Miss Sarah Tack. Miss Helen
Ritner; Chinese, Miss Rebecca Stew
art, Miss Eleanor Etter; Africans, Miss
Beatrice Baird, Miss Anna Reitzel; In
dians, Miss Katherinc Peters, Miss Al
ice Crosby; Hindu Widows, Miss Eliz
abeth Lloyd, Miss Katherlne McFar
land, Miss Dorothy Schmidt; Child
Widows, Miss Mabel Mulfair, Miss
Myrtle Keeny, Miss Mary Kurry, Miss
Elizabeth Dunlap; Japanese, Miss
Fanny Hoy, Miss Miriam Cocklin,
Miss Mary Reigle; Angels, Miss Mar
ion Bresee Whittaker, Miss Emma
Keeny, Miss Ruth Tack, Miss Mary
Miller, Miss Rebecca Wiles, Miss
Mary Spangler, Miss Margaret Zim
merman, Miss Eleanor Rutherford,
Miss Miriam Hemperly, Miss Mary
Beard, Miss Cecelia Faslck, Miss
Gladys Pike and Miss Florence Cock
Soirees Dansant Start
at the Country Club
The first of a scries of soirees dan
sant given by Miss Marian Clifford
Angell was held last evening with an
attendance of thirty. All the fancy
dances and the most modern steps
are taught by Miss Angell, who also
has private classes in this city and
In attendance last evening were:
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jordan flail,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Payne, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank D. Carney, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Earle, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Willis Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Vincent McKay, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wal
ley Davis, Mrs. J. V. W. Reynders,
Mrs. F. Herbert Snow, Mrs. Ross An
derson Hickok, Miss Frances Bailey,
Miss Emily Bailey, Miss Sara Fuller
ton Hastings, Miss Helen Goodwin
Hammond, Miss Marian Watts and
Miss Harriet Nauman of Lancaster;
John Magoun, Edgar Bevan and
Thomas Baldwin.
Mrs. Annie Tomllnson has returned
home to 220 Briggs street after visit
ing for several weeks in York and
East Berlin.
Hot Tea Breaks
a Cold—Try This
Get a small package of Hamburg
Breast Tea, or, as the German folks
call it, "Hamburger Brust Thee." at
any pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful
of the tea, put a cup of boiling water
upon it, pour through a sieve and
drink a teacup full at any time. It is
the most effective way to break a cold
and cure grip, as it opens the pores,
relieving congestion. Also loosens the
bowels, thus breaking a cold at once.
It is inexpensive and entirely vege
l table, therefore harmless.—Advertise
Undaunted by Weather Delights in
Another Pianola-Victrola
No weather could be less alluring
than that of last night to attract peo
ple from the warm rooms at home and
.attempt the attacks of the icy fingers
of Jack Frost and the slippery pave
ments, and it might be mentioned that
when yesterday morning broke the
weather was only two degrees above
nothing. The weather, however, did
not dismay those music-lovers who
gathered at the music room of C. M.
Sigler, 3 0 North Second street, to
listen to a piona-victrola recital, which
in common, ordinary English means
music extracted from two kinds of
The concert opened with two solos
by George Sutton, a well-known bari
tone,- who first gave the "Two Grena
diers," and followed it with "Down
Among the Dead Men," an old English
Jacobite song, which, under the swing
cf his glorious baritone voice, made
one see pictures of the gay roysterers
who looked upon life with the care
lessness to be stimulated with was
sail and song.
While Mr. Sutton sang he was ac
companied by C. E. Bard upon a
pianola, which loks like a piano, but
the performer produced the sounds
by working his feet, after the manner
ol a good housewife at a sewing: ma
chine, and used his hands 011 divers
lexers to give that expression which
shows the difference between a real in
terpreter of a piece of music and tho
mechanical technique of an untrained
The victrola resembles an old-1
fashioned hamper, and as one read
on the program that Pryor's Band
would give a selection from Tannhau
ser he felt in sympathy with the young
freshman whom the upper classmen i
were hazing and was faced by the
conventional ghost clad in white, who
said in sepulchral tones, "I am thy
father's ghost," to which tho freshman
replied, "But rather a second-class
shote of a liar as my father is not
When the attendant gave several
twirls to the crank and the strains of
music burst forth, it only needed to
close one's eyes and Pryor's Band ap
peared before him with Pryor waving
his baton to show the times when the
band should rise to crescendo and then
fall to diminuendo. These musical
phrases are introduced here to show
that the critic can rise fortissimo, if
necessary, and persons who do not ex
actly grasp the meaning can attend
the next concert, where they can learn
them after the manner devised by Mr.
Squeers, of Dotheboy's Hail. After
Mr. Squeers explained to a boy that
the proper spelling of the aperture
covered with glass that admits light to
an apartment is "winder," he admon
ished the youth to go wash tho win
dows in the kitchen, and he would not
forgot the lesson, upon which the
pedagogue sagely observed: "Thus
is taught at the same time lessons in
spelling and industry."
From the pianola the active feet of
Mr. Bard produced a rendition by
Paderewskl of "Minuet Op. 14, No. 1,"
and by going through the blind man's
method mentioned in connection with
Pryor, one could picture the frowzy
head of the pianist as he wove the
notes on the score into the most de
lightful music. It never was plain
what "Op." meant, but possibly in this
case you had fourteen options to de
cide whether you like the piece.
The whole program was a pleasant
one and thoroughly enjoyed, the last
treat being the playing of a Harris
burg instrument, that is one made en
tirely in Harrisburg, a piano in which
is built a player that is operated me
chanically by the feet. The cunning
restauranteur places signs of "home
cooking" around his walls as an at
traction. and therefore a home-made
piano should be of interest to the citi
zens of Harrisburg. The growing
daughter of the family can sit down
to it, and with her hands bring out
those discordant notes that distin
guish the early playing of childhood,
and after father has heard enough he
can sit down at the instrument and
with his feet and the adjunct levers
architecturally construct a rendition
of the finest composition in a way
that will make the rendition of the
same piece by the hands of the aver
age amateur look as undesirable as «
plate of "cold buckwheats" compared
to waffles and chicken fresh from tho
Mrs. David Horn, Jr., of the Don
aldson apartments, left yesterday for
Philadelphia to be the guest of Dr.
and Mrs. Archibald Campbell Eglin.
the Eyes
have your eyes examined and
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for reading and sewing, n|
as low as |H
No drops used.
Beeoad Floor. Bell Phone 2020W
Open Wed. and Sat. Evenings
i— w
Ladies' Spring Suits *
$18.50 to $35
From Your Own Material, fIO.OO
Newest Patterns, Latest Models,
16 North Fourth Street
Opposite tth S(«f( Church of Goil
Bell I'hone «#R ,
. *
Story Tellers' League Led Last
Evening by Miss Ethel
With the subject "Hero Stories," an
other Interesting meeting of the Story
Teller's League was held last evening
at the Public Library. Miss Ethel
Fair was In charge, and explained the
origin of Hero tales. Four of the
stories told were of type of hero who
embodied the Ideals of his people,
coming up from the ancient Greek to
the Medieval age.
The story of "Perseus," taken from
Kingsley, was related by Miss Fair;
"Echo and Narcissus," from Bulflnch
was told by Miss Claire Bashore while
Miss Mary Rudy gave "David and Go
liath." Lafcadio Heme's dramatic
"Burning of the Rice Fields" was nar
rated by Miss Helen Carruthers, and
the "Life and Character of Charle
magne" was discussed by Miss Caro
lyn Reiley.
The next meeting of the league will
be held March 10. The subject will
be "Opera" and the leader, Miss Mar
tha E. Fleming.
Temperance Institute
Will Open on Thursday
A "Temperance Institute" arranged
by the East Harrlsburg W. C. T. U.
will be held in the Fourth Reformed
Church, Sixteenth and Market streets,
to-morrow afternoon and evening.
The first session will begin at 2
o'clock with the general subject "Mis
sions Co-operative." A discussion of
departmental work and "Temperance
Progress" will follow. Mrs. C. E.
Relgle will read "Billy" Sunday's fa
mous sermon on "Boo*e" and at the
close of the service a business meet
ing of the county executive committee
will be held.
The popular meeting to which the
general public Is invited, begins at
7.30 o'clock with devotional exercises
by the Rev. Homer S. May. A stirring
address will be made by B. L. Nye,
of the Harrisburg Anti-Saloon Leaguo
on "Scientific Temperance."
Suffrage Card Party
Is a Great Success
The suffrage card party given yes
terday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
S. F. Dunkle, corner of Nineteenth
and Derry streets, was a most delight
ful affair. There were twenty-live
tables and S4O was netted for the so
ciety. "Votes for Women" playing
cards were used and souvenirs in the
form of Pennsylvania suffrage stamps
were given the guests.
The next events in which the Cen
tral Pennsylvania organization is in
terested are the fine address to be
given in Fahnestock Hall on the even
ing of March 21 by Dr. Sophonisba
Breckenrldge, of the University of
Chicago, and the talk on woman suf
frage to be given on April 23 by Miss
Emma Lenore MacAlarney, formerly
of this city. Both of these addresses
will be free and will be most able and
delightful affairs. The same society is
planning other e.vents for after Lent.
The Misses Fraelich
Entertain Musical Co.
Following a theater party at the
Colonial, Monday evening, the Misses
Maud and Ada Fraelich entertained at
the home of their parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Fraelich, 1012 North Third
street, in honor of Miss Greta Web
ster, of the Tourist Musical Comedy
Company, playing at that theater.
Music and songs were features of
pleasure with a late buffet supper.
The table decorations were of Spring
blossoms. To the regret of the party,
Miss Webster was taken suddenly with
an attack of appendicitis, and was re
moved to the Harrisburg Hospital,
where she is doing nicely.
In attendance at the festivities were
the Misses Eva Rhineard, Annie Rowe,
Blanch Boyor, Ruth Huntzberger,
Ruth Eichelberger, Nell Murphy,
Laura ICellar, Lancaster, Pa.: Mollle
Miller, Ruth Doyle, Elizabeth Frae
lich, clara May Webster, Ruth Web
ster, Maud Fraelich, Ada Fraelich, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Fraelich, Mr. and
Mrs, James Anderson, Mr. and Mrs.
Ray S. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Web
ster, Mr. and Mrs. Jacson Gregg, Mrs.
Sue Fraelich, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Fraelich, Mr. and Mrs. William Frae
lich, Miss Emma and Master Ray
Hall, Miss Emma Fraelich, Masters
Clarence Gregg, Harry Fraelich, and
r. and Mrs. Herman Walls and Charles
Loyal Ladies' Class
Rides to Hammelstown
The Loyal Ladies' class taught by
Mrs. W. O. Miller in St. Paul's Metho
dist Church went to Hummelstown
last evening for a slelghrlde, and were
entertained there at the home of Mrs.
Siders, with a supper.
The party Included Mrs. J. J. Kist
ler, Mrs. Lyman Klstler, Mrs. Harry
McCrea, Mrs. Seibert McCrea, Miss
Ruth McCrea, Mrs. Showaker, Mrs.
Garman ,Mrs. Harry Bare, Mrs. Sam
uel Seeger, Mrs. Harry Kline, Mrs.
Llllle Miller, Mrs. Hiney and Mrs. Gil
Pupils of Miss Frey
Are Guests at Her Home
Miss Margaret H. Frey, teacher of
piano, pleasantly entertained her pu
pils at her home in Woodbine street.
The evening's amusements comprised
games and contests, with a supper fol
In attendance were the Misses Vi
vian Showers and Caroline Rathfdh,
Darius Hummel, Walter Gruber, Rus
sel Asper, George Rlcedorf, Harold
Hummel, John Buyer and Gladlons
Deflbaugh. Assisting Miss Frey were
Miss Myrtle Drawbach and Miss Anna
bell Goodman.
The Woman'cs Adult Bible Class of
the Immanuel Presbyterian Church
will hold a food sale Thursday after
noon from 2 to 6 o'clock In Miller's
store room, Fifteenth and Regina
streets. Mrs. Susan Fuhlweller is
president of the class and will be ably
assisted by the members. Homemade
rolls, bread, pies and cakes will be on
sale, as well as a variety of candles.
The Lindner male quartet, of Car
lisle, Just organized, held its first re
hearsal last evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Scott, 592 West
Louther street. The members aro F, J.
Wood, first tenor; F. M. Fagam, sec
ond tenor; J. J. Wilson, baritone, and
W. W. Scott, bass. Mrs. Scott and
Miss Katharine Swartz, of this city,
served refreshments after the music.
*Uhcr pcreouals on page 5.
I A Great 1
i ° r I
I A Great Concert 1
if Mr. Newell Albright will give one of the finest §
P Piano Recitals ever given in Harrisburg on Thurs- 1
H day night, February 26,1914, in which he will use
jl here especially for this occasion. 1
I Stieff Branch Warerooms |
P 24 N. Second Street ' £
Give Their Continental Vaudeville
and Rag-time Opera at
The Majestic
The program announced by the Car
lisle Elks Minstrel Association for
their continental vaudeville and rag
time opera, to be presented at the
Majestic Theater on Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week, is as fol
Act I—Leaving Home: "Ragtime
Regiment Band," Eddie O'Donnell and
Mose; parade, company and band;
songs, "Baltimo,"" "Bobbin' Up and
Down," company; "What D'ye Mean
You Lost Your Dog," Ike Meek; "C.
"V. Conductor," "Sass Harris; "Bring
Me Back My Lovin' Honey Boy," Scott
Cook; "Where Did You Get That
Girl," company; "When She First Met
You," company; "Down In Chattan
ooga," "Sass" Harris; "Flow Along
River Tennessee," company; "Every
body Loves a Soldier," Who?; "Fare
well Speech," Manager Brady; "578,"
Jimmy Carroll; "Wilhelm the Gro
cer," "Bucky" Adams; "Pullman Port
ers," Meek, Cook. Sheafer, O'Donnell
and company; "Minstrel Show Pa
rade," Harris, company and band; mo
tion picture showing company leav
ing on special train; Elks House, one
o'clock same night.
Act II —Stranded at Rock River,
Wyoming. "Wireless Station," sextet
and chorus; "My Chapel Alley Home,"
Ike Meek; "Lonesome Baby," Ike
Meek; "Roll on Missouri," dance spe
cialty; "Anti Ragtime Girl," George
Brady; "Goodbye Little Girl of My
Dreams," Dr. B. S. Behney; "Stop
Thief," Cook; "Somebody Loves You,"
company; "Wonderful Girl," Miller;
"Salvation Nell," Harris; "Mother's
Gone Away," Jimmy Carroll; "The
Girl in the Gingham Gown," Jim Bee
tem; "The Curse," Fat Coughman;
"Here's to Love," Arch Ruggles; "Aw-
When the delicate machinery of the
body is not working harmoniously,
poisons are retained that should be ex
pelled. These may accumulate in the
tissues and cause irritation. Should
this irritation affect joints or muscles
you have rheumatism; if a nerve be
comes inflamed you have neuralgia.
But if the system is kept toned up
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and no
body poisons are retained, foods that
once distressed you will be harmless,
exposure will bring no rheumatism
and neuralgia and even germ diseases
need hardly be dreaded.
The lowering of the tone f the
system which results from thin blood
Is easy to recognize. Weakness Is al
ways present, a tendency to perspire
and fatigue easily, ringing in. the cars,
black spots passing before the eyes,
weak back, dizziness, wakefulness and
unrefreshing sleep. These conditions
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will correct.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills build up
the blood and strengthen the nerves.
In this way the general health is im
proved, the appetite increases, and the
new ambition and energy is developed.
These pills are sold by all druggists.
Send to the Dr. Williams MediciAe
Co. Schenectady, N. Y., for the free
book, "building Up the Blood."—Ad
> N
Truss Wearers
The truss department at our
store is given very personal atten
tion. Our knowledge of trusses is
practical knowledge.
We can tell you the kind of a
truss that you ought to have in
order to secure perfect ease and
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$1.50 to $7.00
Forney's Drug Store
k—— 4
2 Act* Ol iv MUTUAL, GIRL, sth
■ i
FEBRUARY 25, 1914.
ful Wife," Day, Einstein, Cook, Meek;
finale, company and band.
Act lll—Back Home. "Nursery
Rhymes," principal baby, John Car
roll, other babies, "Sass" Harris, Bob
Einstein, Arch Ruggles, "Hitch" Jim
my Carroll; "Beans, Beans, Beans,"
Ike Meek; "She Loves Me So," Dan
Howard; "Million Dollar Smith,"
Brady; "Lovable Chile." Miller; "We
Can't Do Without the Men," "Gaby"
und chorus of Rue de la' Paix
demoiselles—"Camillo" Ruggles; "Do
lores" Carroll "Margot" Einstein "Vio
let" Hitchens "Adele" Carroll; "Can't
Play Every Instrument In the Band,"
"Honey" Sheal'er; "I'm All Dressed
Up," Dan Howard! "Just For To
night," "Camllle" Ruggles; "Sym
pathy," Beetem and Harris; Awaken
ing, "Raytime Dream," Brady; tlnale,
company and band.
There are over forty song hits in this
piece, as well as numerous dancing
specialties and drill numbers. Seats
for the performance, which are to take
place at the Majestic Theater next
Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wed
. nosday matinee, will go on sale at the
Majestic box office Friday morning.
Those who have purchased general
admission tickets from the Elk's com
mittee can exchange them at that
time, and the sale to the public will
begin simultaneously.
Chestnut St. Hall, Saturday evenings
only. 15-plece orchestra. New and old
dances. —Advertisement.
r Better Than Cash
Q??J3 S&, I The Certificate of Deposit Issued by
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: profitable Investment, especially If you
•aT | : 9HD do not care to tie your money for a
=!5Se protracted period.
n ' on rust Company
liii of Pennsylvania
Union Trust Building
Monday, March 2, seats friday
( S Speaking CHANGE
PRIZE PLAY BY J. O. PHANCIS. The most urtlstlo event of the sea
son and a novelty In America. A big powerful pluy »f to-day. Original
company direct front Hooth Theater,-New York. The Entire New York
Press Endorse* "Chance."
Naw York Tribune—"A great En*- New York Herald—"Every thea
llsh speaklug company whose esuii- ter-goer should see 'Change.' The
Piny?" " Cle " ""* COOC, "~"" « TeM dramatic situation- Intense and the
New York World—''The prise play company excellent."
•Chunge* best of the season, a merl- Kcw York American "Play and
'"The" N^TvSrk'Time. —"A great presenting <Change> make
big play full of heart Intereat nnd un Instantaneous hit. You caa't nf-
Interpreted by a company of apl»- ford to miss this great play aad de
did actors." Ilghtful English speaking company "
PRICES: Mat, 25c to $1.00; Eve., 25c to $1.50
F— 1 —— ma^mmtrnmrn pw mmmmmmmmmm^
Kuute Erickson AMATEURS
(DAFFY DAN) Some New Ones
And Hl " They Say They're Good
Seminary Girls Last Day of the (
A Company of 18 People i TOURISTS
I"'. J—P———
Wedding Anniversary
of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. May
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. May, of 30 Ever
green street, unexpectedly entertained
a number of their friends last even
ing, who came to help them celebrate
the seventeenth anniversary of their
marriage. Supper was served after
an evening of remintscenco and stories.
I The table decorations were of beauti
ful flowers brought by the guests.
Those present were; Mr. and Mrs.
Philip Reed, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Mach
lan, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. May, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Hare, Mrs. Charlottu
Germer, Miss Ettle Hoffman, Miss
Margarette Reed, Miss Katherino
Machlan, Harold D. Germer, Robert
Germer, Joseph Machlan and Ray
.mond May.
■V Is a Filter 1
the Air You Breathe T t^/
Catarrh clogs It. One germ in your / JJT\*7
head may get in such deadly work /■sKIL
B ft* to give y on » frightful cold— 1% ili
ftnd ftll bceausft the air Wftft ftl* /nrJHB
lowed to become diseased. AVSr W®
H Kondon's Catarrhal Jelly fog/ cTv H
■ toft, healing balm which cleanses H
■ the passages andpur(flcs the air. /
■ Ptopg anaeaiog—raliavM snor- ■
log. Has no dangerous drag.
M Sanitary tubes »e ftnd Mo. f/fifljj M
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