Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 25, 1914, Page 11, Image 12

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LOST Midget, the ten-roonth-old
Pox Terrier, wandered from her home
Friday evening. Finder will please re
turn Midget to her home, 306 Crescent
street, and receive their reward.
LOST Neckpiece and fur between
New Cumberland and Mechanlcsburg,
Saturday evening, between 7 and 10
o'clock. Reward if returned to Tele
graph Office.
LOST Sunday afternoon, lady's
rid watch, with initials I. Ej. M- and
W. M. Reward If returned to 1737
North Third street.
Help Wanted—Male
A BOY In a book and stationery
store. Address P.. care of Telegraph.
A Manager wanted for a Gro
cery Store. Must have experience
and must come well recommend
ed. Address E727, care of Tele
AN experienced colored butler, with
good reference. 617 North Second street.
BOY about 17 years old. with fair
education, to assist In manufacturing
business. Steady advancement and
chance to learn business. References
required. Address 0.. 726. eare of Tele
ED. Splendid Income assured right
man to act as our representative after
learning our business thoroughly by
mail. Former experience unnecessary.
All we require is honesty, ability, am
bition and willingness to learn a lucra
tive business. No soliciting or travel
ing. All or spare time only. This is
an exceptional opportunity for a man
In your section to get Into a big paying
business without capital and become In
dependent for lite. Write at once for
full particulars. National Co-Operative
Realty Company, L-910, Marden Build
ing, Washington. D. C.
MEN AND WOMEN to qualify for
Government positions. Several thou
sand appointments to be mado next few
months. Full information about open
ings, how to prepare, etc., free. Write
immediately for booklet G-372, Earl
Hopkins, Washington, D. C.
MEN to haul coal. None other need
apply. Call at Seventh and Camp
■treets to-morrow morning, at 6 o'clock.
THREE capable men to connect
themselves with the Singer Sewing Ma
chine Co. Call at the Singer Sewing
Machine Store, 13 South Market Square,
February 26, and meet the company s
UNION Job printer. Steady position.
Write, giving particulars, Ashby Prlut
lng Company. Erie, Fa.
*\«tnicu —female
DRESMAKER wants experienced
aewing girls. Apply 2126 Green street.
FIFTY experienced operators for
■ewlng on power machines; paid while
learning. Apply S. Silver, Forster and
Cowden streets. _
LADIES Earn |2.25 dozen making
plain neckwear. Home business. Ex
perience unnecessary. Mail dime for
pattern, Instructions. Neediearaft, 6102,
Altoona, Pa.
TWENTY girls over 16 years of ago
Apply Silk Mill.
WHITE woman for general house
work; reference required. 1521 North
Second street.
iMtuauons VV anted —Male
A YOUNG colored man from the South
•wishes a position as butler or house
man and can give reference. Call, or
address, 132 Liberty street
COLORED man wants work of any
kind. Address W., 1409 James street,
POSITION by man as clerk, solicitor
or collector. Address 20S Nectarine
YOUNG man desires a position as
clothing or shoe salesman; has had
eight years' experience; can speak sev
eral languages; best references. Ad
biluations \V anted —fremale
BUNDLE washes to do at home. Ap
ply at 1338 Fulton street.
BY reliable white woman, washing
and ironing to do at home. Apply 1314
North Sixth street. City.
COLORED woman would like light
housework or dishwashing. Apply 1109
North Fourth street.
EXPERIENCED dressmaker desires
work by the day. Address F., 717, c%re
of Telegraph.
EXPERIENCED stenographer, with
knowledge of bookkeeping, desires po
sition; can furnish best of references.
Address G., 731, care of Telegraph.
MIDDLE-AGED lady desires position
as housekeeper for widower; country
preferred. Address G., 724, care of
MIDDLE-AGED widow desires day's
work of any kind. Call, or address, 384
South Second street, Steelton, Pa.
WOMAN of education and refine
ment wishes to read to elderly people,
invalids or any one "shut In." Terms
reasonable. Address W., 730, care of
YOUNG colored girl wishes house
work between school hours. Apply 1409
North Fourth street.
Agents Wanted
AGENTS everywhere to sell Madame
Gazelles (French) (switch and hair
dye), a well tried preparation. Yoi. can
have your switch and lialr one color.
Conceals gray hair, and gives switch
feeling and appearance of natural hair.
Can be applied secretly In a few min
utes. Full sized sample (25c) will last
for yean. G. and G. Distributors, No.
35 Church street, Ephrata, Pa.
MEN OR WOMEN can earn SIO.OO to
185.00 a week taking orders for our
fast-selling seven-bar box, high-grade
toilet soap. Big seller; 100 per cent,
commission; repeat orders assured;
credit given. Write at once for full
particulars. . Crofts & Reed Co.. Chi
cago. Dept 8., 605.
Salesmen Wanted
SALESMAN who can collect. Must
be a hustler. Permanent position S6OO
a year and commission. Apply E.. 719
careofTelegraph. ' j
TWo gentlemen for boarding and l
lodging, or lodging. Apply 214 Relly '
•treet, or call Sell phone 760 J. y ■
11 ■ ■■ . . ~—b |
Rooms For Rent
, UimjRNISHBD ROOMS! suitable
for light housekeeping. Stoves fur
nished free. Laundry, phone and bath
tchokl, pr *» v^ i£Js er Al?° Janitress service.
Bishop Building, 429 Broad street
HEAL estate for sale
25 S. Front St. j
! y»-Btory brick dwelling—vesti- i
bule —hall—open stairway—twelve I
rooms bat! furnace Baltl- |
more heater—open fire place—bay
window in dining room—balcony
—roomy clothes closets.
Two-Btory brick stable <jn rear
of lot.
Lot 26.3x210 feet to River ave
Price upon inquiry.
Miller Bros. & Neefe
Federal Square HnrrUbnr*
% a
Rooms For Rent
UNFURNISHED parlor, bedroom with i
, balcony and use of bath, on Hummel ;
street; no Itght housekeeping; lartfo
brick house, spacious front porch. Ad
dress E„ 725, care of Telegraph.
LARGE bedroom and sittingroom
combined; hot and cold water; steam
heated; use of phone. Also two sepa- .
rate bedrooms. All newly furnished.
324 North Second street.
LARGE front room, on first floor; re
modeled to suit tenant. Also rooms on
second and third floors; all conveni
ences; use of phone. 927 North Third
THIRD FLOOR front room, furnlsh
led; gentleman preferred; all conveni
ences; use of phone; Hill section. Ad
dress H.. 728, care of Telegraph.
FOR light housekeeping, two large
rooms on third floor; gas and all con
veniences, except bath tub. Rent, *B. |
Inquire 346 Muench street. j
TWO or three rooms on second and i
third floor, unfurnished, near Thlr- |
teenth and Market street. Address Y„
722, care of Telegraph.
FURNISHED ROOMS single or en
suite; all conveniences. Including
phone; reference required. Apply 1015
North Front etreet.
THIRD floor front room, furnished;
furnace heat and use of bath. 1727
State street.
Rooms Wanted
YOUNG couple want two or three un
furnished rooms for light housekeep
ing, now or April 1; Hill preferred. Ad
dress Y., 782, care of Telegraph.
housekeeping within walking distance
of Fourth and Market streets or fam
ily of three. Address Box E., 71b, care
or Telegraph.
Rooms and Board Wanted
YOUNG business woman desires room,
or room and board, in private family. ,
Address "Miss G.," Kellberg Studio, 302
Market street. City.
Apartments For Rent
COMMODIOUS second floor apart
ment, Front and Herr streets; large
front porcli overlooking river; electric
light and gas; hardwood floors. Also
garage in rear for rent. T. B. Rocka
fcllar, Second and North streets.
APARTMENT of five rooms and bath,
facing Capitol Park; Immediate pos
session. Hubley Apartments, 508 North
Third street.
Apartments Wanted
COUPLE wants small, furnished
house or apartment in or near Harris
burg, now or April 1. Address E., 723,
care of Telegraph.
Business Opportunities
WANTED a man with $l6O to J2OO to
invest in a permanent, paying business
in this city. Will pay from S6O to SBO
per month from start. No canvassing.
No peddling Anyone can handle the
but ess successfully. Address R., 721,
eaie of Telegraph.
SALE Also restaurant business.
Price for four pool tables and equip
ment of restaurant, pool, etc., is ?850.
Bell Realty Co., Bergner Building.
AN opportunity to Increase your busi
ness 100 per cent, by using Steel Die
Embossed Stationery. Phone 3652 for
prices. Harrisburg Embossing Plant.
4 North Fifth street, Harrisburg, Pa.
ANY Intelligent person can earn good
income corresponding for newspapers;
experience unnecessary. Send for par
ticulars. Press Syndicate. 798. Lock
port, N. Y.
I MADE 150,000 in live years in the
mall order business, began with So.
Send for free booklet. Tells how. Hua
cock, 355 Lockport. N. Y.
Business Personals
AND RUUo on your iloor with latest
improved electric cleaner service. Ex
perienced operators with machines,
i' urniture repaired and iinished. A.
l~.evin, 230 South street, Bell phoue
11. W. LATluii. DuarUinit Stable and
National Traiiairr Co. Movers of
pianos, sates, boners and general haul
ing. H. W. Lalllc, Manager, Fifth and
Woodbine streets. Bell phone .>u.
2603 R.
Harnsburg Paste Works
IMi N. Cauicrua Street
PAPERiIANGJuKS, billpoateis, book
binders and an kind* of paute. Prompt
shipment. All paste guaranteed. Uell
phone 1186 L.
FOR falling nair try Gross' Quinine
Hair Tonic, prepared by Gross, the
Druggist and Apotiiecary, 11!) Market
street, Harrisburg, Pa. Telephone
orders given prompt attention. Bell,
WE are now Renovating Feathers,
Making Pillows and Folulng Feather
Mattresses at the corner of Tenth ano
Paxton streets, near Cameron. B. J.
CAN take a few more students. Perfect
ninny is taugnt Dcio.c seeing. Make
your entire dress while learning. Don't
delay coming, 22 North Fourth street
with best material and by expert help.
Send us your worn furniture. Our best
efiorta insure your satisfaction, b. N.
Cluck, 320 Woodbine street.
Real Estate For Sale
TWO fine homes, will be finished
March 15. Nine rooms and latest and
only practical, common senso bath
room. Steam heated; largo tront and
back porches; ornamental fixtures
throughout; reception hall; open stair
case; laundry room and stationary
wash tubs, outdoor sleeping chamber
with south side exposure, size 15x8; 12
minutes by trolley to Market Square.
For further Information call P. Vanuer
loii, Masontc Temple Building, Third and
State streets.
ON EASY TERMS, a 2%-story. 30x30
8-rooni brick house on corner of Long
and Summit streets. Camp Hill Heights
—porches bath steam heat—elec
tric light lot. 118x220 3O fruit
trees planted 8 minutes walk from
trolley one fare and ten minutes' to
Harrisburg—good soil—good air—goofl
water good neighbors. Address S..
No. 963, care of Telegraph, or call Bell
phone 3048 L Also for sale other line,
large lots overlooking the city.
NORTHWEST corner of Green St.
and Charles Ave. two two-and-one
half-story frame dwellings 5 rooms
each known as numbers 236 and 238
Charles Ave. lot, 36x76—76 ft. 'on
Green Str Brinton-Packer Co., Second
and Walnut streets.
cash is all that Is needed to buy two
bouses on paved street, ten minutes'
walk from center of city, that will yield
11 per cent on your investment. A.
W. Swengel, 219 South Thirteenth
ing located on trolley line east of
Camp Hill; 6 rooms and bath; gas; elec
tric lights; furnace; front and side
porch; lot, 35x120. Price, (2,400.00.
Brinton-Packer Co., Second and Walnut
FOR SALE each with 9 rooms
porches furnaces lots, 28x130. Lo
cated on car line. Prices. (1,350, 11,400
and 11,650, respectively. Bell Realty
Co., Bergner Building.
■■ ■
STREET new brick house all
modern improvements gas and elec
tric lights porches. Owner to leave
A good property cheap. Bell Realty Co
Bergner Building.
Real Estate For Sale j
I IN Camp Hill; new frame bungalow
,—7 rooms and bath cemented cellar; I
gas kitchen; steam heat; hardwood
downstairs; lot, 45x140. Price, $3,-
500.00. Brlnton-Packer Co., Second and
Walnut streets.
THREE-STORY corner house for sale
, at $4,000 9 rooms bath gas
steam heat stable also grocery |
stock and fixtures at inventory—about
S7OO. Bell Realty Co., Bergner Bulld
| Ing. ______
,AT Washington Heights, corner
Washington avenue and Walnut street,
, 2%-story frame house; lot, 63x140; 9
I rooms and all conveniences; front and
I side porch. Inquire at residence.
1 rooms and bath; all Improvements;
porches; side entrance; possession April
1. A bargain if sold at once. Imperial
Hardware Co., 1202 North Third.
I 1808 N. FIFTH ST. Two-and-one-
I half-story frame 7 rooms gas and
i electric light side entrance lot, 20
I xlOß—price, $2,100.00. Brlnton-Packer
Co., Second and Walnut streets.
TWO West Fairview properties; twin
construction; plot, 32x141; electric
lisht; steam heat; corner property;
chicken houses; price, $3,650. Bell
Realty Co., Bergner Building.
$1,300 WILL BUY the 2 Vx -story frame
house on Berryhill street gas
porches lot. 18%xll0. Rented for sl2
per month. Particulars at Bell Realty
Co., Bergner Building.
$1,750 WILL BUY a three-story frame
house; plot,
brick and frame house all Improve
ments; lot, 20x100. —ell Realty Co.,
Bergner Building.
RENTER Would you rather own
your house than to pay rent? For a
small amount of cash and monthly pay
ments you can buy. Bell Realty Co.,
Bergner Building.
NO. 2128 ATLAS STREET 7 rooms
and bath gas furnace lot, 31%
feet wide chicken house and wash
house. Price, $1,700. Bell Realty Co.,
Bergner Building.
$1,500 WILL buy a three-story frame
house on Wallace street 8 rooms
gas furnace paved Btreet on rear.
Look at It. Bell Realty Co., Bergner
LARGE FARM, one and half milos
cast of Halifax. Good buildings, fine
water, plenty of fruit. Very cheap.
Easy terms. Address M. M. Mattls, Mil
Real Estate For Rent
228 MACLAY STREET lO rooms
bath steam heat modern home—
s42.oo; 1925 North Second street lO
rooms bath steam heat modern
home—s4s.o6; 103 Locust street lO
rooms bath city steam central
location; 21 South Nineteenth street —•
9 rooms bath steam heat mod
ern home—s3o.oo. S. W. Fitzgerald, 317
Walnut street.
House, located In Tower City, contains
19 rooms In first-class (Condition. Re
cently overhauled. Large dining-room,
two parlors, steam heat and electric
light. Stable with accommodations tor
14 horses, auto shed, etc. Address Mrs.
D. E. Kaufman. Tower City, Pa.
able first floor room, 109 North Second
street, suitable for optical parlors, In
surance office, manicure parlor or other
small business. Possession March 1.
Apply on premises.
NO. 12 North Thirteenth street, all
improvements, $19.00; No. 2124 Green
wood street, $8.00; No. 2130 Greenwood
street, SIO.OO. Apply A. W. Swengel,
219 South Thirteenth street.
— • ■ 1 i
FARM, ten miles east of Harrisburg,
in good condition. Farmer must have
stock. For further Information apply
to C. S. Cassel, Penbrook, R. F. D. No.
2, Pa.
1839 Zarker St $20.00
185 North Fittecnth St 3 8.00
1251 Market Street.
For Sale
TIIE Board of Commissioners of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings will offer at
public sale, in front of State Capitol
Building, at entrance Fourth and State
Streets, Harrisburg, Penna., at 10
o'clock -i. M., March 7, 1914, the follow
ing buildings and structures upon the
premises within the boundaries of the
proposed extension of Capitol Park, in
Eighth Ward, City of Harrisburg:
Cowden Street. 120, 124, 409, 507.
South Street, 600, 002.
South Alley, 432, 603, 605.
Tanners Street, 117.
State Street, 115, 514.
Filbert Street, 406, 408.
The purchaser shall pay to the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania, through
the office of the Superintendent of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings, Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania, by certified check or
United States currency, the amount at
which the said building or buildings
and structures are awarded to them, as
follows: A cash payment of 26 per cent,
shall be made on day of sale and the
balance before entering upon the prop
erty to remove the material purchased.
In all cases where the premises are
unoccupied, possession will be given
the purchaser immediately. Where the
premises are tenanted possession will
be given Immediately after the premises
are vacated. The Commonwealth will
not be responsible for any damage to
property after possession is given. Pur
chaser shall state at time of their offer
the time required to remove the build
ings and material after being given
possession by the Commonwealth,
which in no case shall be longer than
60 days. All building refuse shall be
carted away from the premises by the
Eurchaser. All foundation walls must
e taken down and removed at least
three feet below level of street
The Board of Commissioners of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings reserves the
right to accept or reject any or all
bids. The work of removal shall be
performed under the direction of and
to the satisfaction of the Superinten
dent of Public Grounds and Buildings
NOTE—The sidewalks and street
pavements are tiot to be removed by
purchaser of buildings or structures
under this schedule.
By order of the Board.
TRUNKS. Traveling Bags. Suit Ca«e»,
Gloves. Sole, Harness and Strap
Leather. Calfskin, Kip, Do igola, Waxed
Upper and Sheep Skins. Leather Sample
Cafes and Leather Specialties made to
order and repaired. Harrisburg Har
ness and Supply Co., Second and Chest
nut streets.
GLASS window signs. Furnished
Rooms, Unfurnished Rooms, Rooms and
Board and Table Board, at 25c each.
One of these signs will be given with
each six-time order for a classified ad.
if paid In advance. Inquire at Office of
CIGARS. For a limited time only, we
a . £ ivin K 12 of our Havana Combina
tion 5-cent Cigars Free with each order
for one Box of 60 of our 4 9*-Inch Per
fecto Cigars, at one Dollar per box,
postpaid. Snell & Company, Red Lion,
norcas from H Speece, at SpeeceviUe,
Pa., are from leading prize winning
strains at National shows. Hatching
eggs and cockerels for sale.
LAST CALL, tor overcoats. sls and
S2O Overcoats for |1.60 and up. Slightly
used and in good condition. Cotne and
look thern over. Open evenings. S.
Meltzer, 61S Walnut street.
GENUINE brand-new Hohner Accor
deon, pearl keys, open action, two setß
of reeds, two stops. Instrument has
never been used. Bargain. Call at
Seneca street.
BiCYCLES l2 rebuilt bicycles In
fine shape. Some good as new. Special
prices for to-day and to-morrow's sale.
Keystone Supply Co., 814 North Third
car, completely equipped: mechanical
and paint conditions O. K.; tires good
all around. Make offer. 107 Market
| . For Sale
ONE of the most prominent houses for
transient and permanent trade in the
city of Harrlsburg. Address R.. 923, ,
car« of Telegraph.
ONE font of 10 pt and one font of
12 pt O. 8.. with Antique Llootyp* I
Matrices. The Telegraph Priming Co.,
Harrlsburg. Pa.
DOUBLE-ACTION Orctiestra Harp.
Will sacrifice to quick buyer. Apply
1113 Green street
NEW speeding sleigh at a bargain.
—pply Dr. Oyler's Stable, 331 Black
berry avenue.
FOR KAUj CAKDb on salk at the
Telvarraph Business Offlc«
For Kent
corner of Third and Cumberland
streets. No. 1200. Show windows side
and front In a live part of Harris
burg. The largest and best market
house, two of the best banks and many
tirst-class business ho"ses In the same
square. In center of population Size
or room 83x100 ft. 14-ft. ceiling. Up
to-date in every particular. Kent from
April 1, (125 per month, including heat.'
J. S. Sible. 256 Herr street.
FOR RENT Desirable offices la the
Telegraph Building, singly or en-sulte.
Inquire at Business Office.
secured at the Telegraph Business
large brick warehouses, built ex
pressly for atorace. Private ooms
for household goods and unexcelled fa
cllltles for storing all kinds of mer
chandise. Low .storage rates. South
St. and Pen - R R.
IN 3-story brick building, rear 40*
Market Mreet.
Household Roods In clean, nrlvate
rooms. Reasonable rates. Apply to
P. G. Dlener. Jeweler. 408 Market St.
STORAGE 419 Broad stree;. for
household goods and merchandise. Pri
vate rooms. )1 to <3. Wagons. 75 cents
per month. Apply p Cooper & Co. 41"
Hrnad «tn»»t Roth phonf*
MOI 3Y TO LOAN on Real Estate
■ecurl»y In any amounts u,nd upon any
♦e-n.s to suit borrower. Address P. O.
Box 174. Harrlsburg. Pa.
Money to Loan
of loaning money by which Borrowers
share profits of lenders. X egal rates,
easy terms, confidential. Ofticeß. Rooms
6-7. 9 North Market Square.
HAMILL On February 2-1, 1914,
Catherine A. Hamill, aged 76 years, 2
months and 4 days.
Funeral on Saturday afternoon, at 2
o'clock, from her lato residence, 640
Boas street. The relatives and friends
are invited to attend without further
notice. Burial private.
Lc Notices
WHEREAS, the Hon. George Kunkel,
President Judge, and Hon. Samuel J.
M. McCarrell, Additional Law Judge, of
Over and Terminer and Quarter Ses
sions of the Peace of the Twelfth Ju
dicial District, composed of the County
of Dauphin, having issued their pre
cept, bearing date the 11th day of Feb
ruary. A D. 1911, to me directed for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery and Quar
ter Sessions ol' the Peace of Harrlsburg
for the County of Dauphin, and to
commence the third Monday of March,
1914, being the 16th day of March*
1914. and to continue two weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given to
the Coroner, Justices of the Peace, Al
dermen and Constables of said County i
of Dauphin that they may be then and
there In their proper persons at 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
with their records, inquisitions, exami
nations and their own remembrances,
to do those things which to their office
appertain to be done, and those who
are bound in recognizances to prosecute I
against the prisoners that are or shall
be In the jail of Dauphin County bo
then and there to prosecute against
them as shall be Just.
Given under my hand at Harrlsburg,
the 17th day of February, A. D. 1914,
being the one hundred and thirty
eighth year of Independence of tfie
United States.
Sheriff's Office, Harrisburg, Pa., Febru
ary 17. 1914;
In the Court of Common Pleas of Dau
phin County—No. 491 June Term, 1913
—FI. Fa. No. 41, September Term, 1913
—The Palmyra Bank now for the use
of Fanny M. Eby vs. William Howard
Eby, Mortgagor, and William 11. Eby
and Elizabeth G. Eby, real owners.
NOTICE is hereby given that tile un
dersigned appointed by the Court of
Common Pleas of Dauphin County.
Auditor, to make distribution, to and
among those legally entitled thereto,
of the funds remaining after the sale
of the same by the Hign Sheriff of Dau
phin County, the same having been paid
bv him into the Court of Common Pleas
of Dauphin County, will sit for the pur
poses of his appointment at his office.
No. 1 North Second Street, Harrisburg,
Pa., on the sth day of March, A. D. 1914,
at 2 o'clock P. M.j when and where ali
persons interested therein raav attend
SEALED PROPOSALS, addressed to
the undersigned Clerk, will be received
by the Board of Township Commission- !
ers until 7 P. M. on Monday, April 6, I
1914, for making a draft of Annvlllo
Township and survey, setting forth 1
the grade, pavement curb and build
ing lines, of the plotted section of the ;
said township.
Further particulars can be had by ap
plying to the Township Clerk.
The Board of Township Commission
era reserve the right to reject any and
all bids as may be deemed beat for the
Interests of the Township.
Anuvllle, Pa.
Convicts to Work on
Roads Without Guards
By Associated Press
Dallaß, Texas, Feb. 25.—Revocable
paroles for fifty convicts were signed
by Governor O. B. Colquitt, of Texas,
yesterday, and with their departure
from the Huntsville Penitentiary to
day the State will inaugurate an ex
periment in the management of pris
oners without guards or shackles and
a profit-sharing plan for their work
on public roads.
The State will receive sl6 a month
for each convict's labor. Half of this
will go to the penitentiary fund and
half to the man's personal account.
The county in which the men work
will maintain them without the ex
pense of guard and overseers.
Governor Colquitt to-day announced
that preparations were about com
plete for the paroling of forty more
men under similar conditions to the
Texas State Railroad for construction
Washington. Feb. 25.—Spirited de
bate on the annual post office appro
priation bill, centering upon a pend
ing amendment to curtail the Post
master General's authority In the ad
ministration of the parcel post service,
continued to-day in tho Senate. Un
der the amendment the Postmuster
General would be prevented from
changing rates, weight limits an J
zones without first receiving the au«
thority of Congress to do so.
Rev. Dr. Forney's Work Will Come
Off Press by
April 1
paaMiHß After four years
of almost constant
work, the Rev. Dr.
C. H. Forney, 1366
Derry street, for
mer editor of the
.* I » Church Advocate,
UMj the official weekly
• ■Mt. of the Churches of
"i /iBSE God, has completed
JKjlfl' hla "History of the
Churches of God."
It will Issue from
lEaMi "188 the press of the
Central Publishing
a . Avoj Company, this city,
C— Et-v j t itft 1 on April 1, and al
ready there Is wide demand among
the ministers and church members
for the exhaustive study of the history
of the church.
Dr. Forney resigned a few years ago
as editor of the church paper, after
many years of service in that position.
He has devoted himself to writing the
history since that time.
The book will contain a general
history of the church in the llrst di
vision of the big volume of 050 pages;
a history of the annual elderships; a
history of the general eldership; the
printing establishment, the educa
tional institutions, the missionary
work, hymnoiogy, and bibliography
of the church since it was founded by
the Itev. John Wlnebreuner nearly u
century ago.
The book Is illustrated with more
than a hundred pictures of prominent
inen of the church, will be attractive
ly put up, and is to be sold at actual
cost, the publishers announce.
Father IlnaMctt'* Return. The Rt.
Rev. Mgr. M M. Hassett, rector of St.
Patrick s Cathedral, who has been
spending Ills vacation in Cuba, will re
turn to this City on Friday night. He
arrived from Havana in New York
City last night, and will come home on
Friday. He has been away two weeks.
Weaver Leads HUI Men—E. F.
Weaver was elected president of the
Allison Hill Men's Christian Associa
tion, at the quarterly business meeting
held in Olivet Presbyterian Church last
night. The constitution and by-laws
were discussed and adopted. Other
officers and trustees elected were: Vice
president, Harry Baivm; secretary, H
P. Webster; treasurer, Dr. B. Frank
Smith; trustees, D. P. Jerauld, J. Wes
ley D&vies and W. G. Heacock.
Dr. Slough Called. A formal call
was last flight issued to the Dr. H. W.
Stough Evangelistic Campaign Partv
by representatives of the majority of
the churches of Allison Hill, asking
him to come to this city and conduct
union tabernacle services, starting No
vember I. The Rev. Francis H. Laird,
pastor of Olivet Presbyterian Church,
presided. J. P. Brasselman, of St. An
drew's Episcopal Church, was secre
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are sent from the theater at the time
required by law.
The luw will go into effect on March
6* a week from Friday. After that
date no boy or girl under 16 will be
admitted to a picture show or dance
hall or allowed to be in a place of this
sort after 8 o'clock unless accompan
ied by an adult. From October to
March, the time limit is 8 o'clock.
During the remainder of the year the
limit is 9 o'clock.
Another provision of the ordinance
restrains children from going to pic
ture shows or other amusement places
in school hours, and this it is expected
will not be difficult to enforce.
To Xotlfy Proprietors
Colonel Hutchison will notify the
proprietor or owner of every place af
fected by the ordinance between now
and March 6. They will be told what
is expected of them, and it is the
opinion of the Chief of Police that the
owners will excludo children or send
them home after the time limit with
out causing any trouble.
"I do not believe thdt it will re
quire extra policemen," said Colonel
Hutchison this morning. "From what
1 can learn the proprietors of picture
shows, at least, will be glad to clear
the houses of children, for often the
children become an annoyance to
adult persons. They will be notified
of the law and we expect them to en
force the rules rigidly
Transient amusement managers af
fected by the new law will be notified
of the provision concerning the exclu
sion of children when they take out
their license."
Provisions of tlio Law
The law passed yesterday by coun
cil prohibit* children from attending
theaters, i-oiler skating links, public
(lance halls, museums, shows, cir
cuses and menageries during school
hours or after 8 o'clock in winter and
!) o'clock during summer months.
The penalty #is a line of from $5 to
$25 or thirty days in jail upon the
conviction of any proprietor, owner,
lessee, director, manager, or door
keeper who allows children to enter or
remain in the place of amusement in
the prohibited hours.
This law Is not a curfew law, which
requires children to be oIT the streets
at a certain hour, but It Is designed
to have much the suinc effect with
out requiring extra policemen or of
ficers to enforce it. Mayor Royal said
this morning that the law will not in
his opinion have the effect of forcing
the children onto the streets.
"They will soon become tired walk
ing around and go home. If the par
ents co-operate, much of the harm
which now endangers children will be
Millionaire Is Charged
With Violating Mann Law
By Associated Press
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 25. A
warrant for the arrest of J. Parker
Whitney, millionaire clubman, was is
sued last night by John W. Preston,
United Spates district attorney, charg
ing violation of the Mann "white
slave" act. George Burnham, chief
deputy United States marshal, started
for Rocklln, near Auburn, where
Whitney is residing on a $3,000,000
estate left- him by his father. The
warrant was issued after, a federal
grand Jury investigation.
The woman in the case gives her
name as Miss Genevieve Hannan and
her address as the Plaza Hotel, in New
York. According to her story, she met
Whitney at the Plaza Hotel in the
early part of 1913 and on his promise
to marry her, she says, she accom
panied him to Atlantic City, Boston,
Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria
and Anally to San Francisco.
FEBRUARY 25, 1914.
Increasing Weakness of Low Priced Stocks Reacted oil
Wall Street; Bonds Were Easy
By Associated Press
New York, Feb. 26. Speculators
sought to intluenoe general selling to
day by uncovering weak Bpots, olntln-
Ing their efforts largely to the South
western Railroad shares.
Increasing weakness of low-priced
stocks and renewal of selling here for
foreign account reacted on the market,
which was generally lowor, but lotses
at no time during the morning were
severe. Stocks came principally from
professional .sources, althonugh there
was some outside selling from discour
aged holders of long stock.
Bonds were easy.
Purnlahed by 11. W. SNAVELY,
Arcade Untitling.
New York, B'eb. 25.
Open. 2.30 P. M.
Alaska Gold Mines . 21 % 21%
Amal. Copper 75% 73%
American Can 30% 28%
American Can pfd. . 92 91%
Am. C. & F 50 % 50%
American Cotton Oil 44 44
Am. Ice Securities.. 29% 28%
Am. Locomotive ... 34 34
Am. Smelting x d. 1 67 66%
American T. & T. . . 120% 120%
Anaconda 36% 35%
I Atchison 97 96%
I Baltimore & Ohio .. 91% 91%
Bethlehei.. Steel ... 37% 37%
Bethlehem Steel pfd 78 77
Brooklyn R. T 93% 92%
California Petroleum 2i% 25%
Canadian Pacific .. . 213% 210%
Centra! Leather ... 31 30%
Chesapeake & Ohio. 102% 101
C., M. & St. P 102% 101
Chlno Con. Copper .41% 41
Col. F. & 1 32 31 %
Consolidated Gas .. 132% 132%
Corn Products 11% 11%
Distilling Securities . 18% 18%
Erie 29% 28%
Elie Ist pfd 45% 45%
General Electric Co. 148% 14S
Goodrich, B. F. 23 22%
Great Northern pfd.. 128% 126%
Great Nor. Ore subs. 36% 36%
Illinois Central .... 110% 110%
Interboro-Met «15% 14%
Interboro-Met. pfd.. 60% 59%
Lehigh Valley 150% 149
j Mex. Petroleum ... 65% 63%
Mo., Kan. & Texas . 19% 17%
Missouri Pacific ... 25% 24%
Nev. Con. Copper . 16 16
New York Central . 90 89%
N. Y., N. H. &H. . . 68% 67%
Norfolk & Western. 104 103%
Northern Pacific ..115 114%
Pacific Mall 25% 24%
Penna. R. R 111% 111%
People's Gas & Coke 122 122
Pittsburgh uoal pfd. 91% 91
Pressed Steel Car . 43% 42
Ray Con. Copper 20 20
Reading 166% 164%
Rep. Iron & Steel . 25 24%
Rep. Iron & St. pfd. 89% 88%
Rock Island 4 % 4 %
Rock Island pfd. ..9 9%
Southern Pacific .. 96% 95%
Southern Railway . 26% 25%
| Southern Rwy. pfd. 83 83
I Tennessee Copper . 35% 34%
Texas & Pacific ... 14 14
I Texas Company ... 147 146
Union Pacific 161% 159%
U. S. Rubber 00 £B%
U. S. Steel 65% 64%
U. S Steel pfd 110 109%
Utah Copper 54% 53%
Va. Car. Chem 30% 30%
Western Union Tel.. 63% 63%
Westlnghouse Mfg.. 71% 70%
Woolworth 99% 9S
| Thawing of Pipe
Nearly Starts a Big
Fire on Market Street
Attempt to thaw open a frozen
steampipe with the aid of a lighted
torch at the store of Sides & Sides, in j
the Commonwealth Building, nearly
caused a big blaze in the business sec
tion of the city this morning.
The frozen pipe was beneath the
floor of the office room of the proprie-!
tor, A. Morris Sides. Near the pipes!
was stuffed excelsior and burlap to
protect them from the cold air from
a cellar window. The torch set the
excelsior and burlap ablaze, and the
| Washington chemical was called, and j
an alarm was sent In from Box 112, |
at Market Square and Second street, j
The fire did very little damage.
In turning the corner at Fourth'
and Market streets, tho chemical
wagon of the Citizen Firo Company
] collided with a City Transfer Com
! pany wagon, standing along the curb,
| slightly damaging the wogan.
Fire in Morning and
Fight at Night, Too Much
A fire in the morning and a fight at
night, was a little more than Mrs. Dora
Frank, 118 Walnut street, bargained
for in one day, and she told 'Colonel
Hutchison this morning that "her
troubles almost made her crazy."
Mrs. Frank had completed cleaning j
up the wreckage from the tire at her
tenement house, which occurred in tho
morning, when Pat O'Brien and Frank
Morton called at her place last night
and asked for lodging. The men were
told they could not be accommodated,
and Instead of going peacefully out
itnd looking for another lodging house,
according to Mrs. Frank, the men start
ed to pull her uround. and beat her over
the head fino face. The pair was held
for court, following a hearing this aft
| crnoon before Mayor Royal.
Refuse Requisition For
j Man Who Deserts Family
A requisition on Governor 11. b. Stu
art, of Virginia, for the return of Wil
liam Eugene Landers to Dauphin coun
; ty to ans.ver a charge of nonsupport,
was turned down yesterday after a
hearing, and County Detective James
Walters returned last night without his
Landers was a former hotel man at
Ilagerstown. He came to Harrlsburg
early last year, living for two weeks
with his wife and children at the home
of the wife's parents, 1618 Cowden
street. Launders then disappear- •
ed. Three weeks ago he was I
1 arrested at Roanolte, Va., on a j
warrant from the office of Alderman J.
William Bayles. Detective Walters
went to Richmond on Monday and yes
terday his requisition was refused on
the grounds that Landers was not a
resident of Pennsylvania.
By Associated Press
Reno, Nev., Feb. 26.—Proceedings
to test the constitutionality of the
Nevada divorce law requiring twelve
months' residence were taken to-day
when application was made In the Su
preme Court at Carson City for a writ
of mandate directed against Judge
Moran, of the second district for
Washoe county, to show cause why he
should not enter an order taking juris
diction In a case based on seven
By Associated Press
Preston, Minn., Feb. 26. —A feature
of the celebration of the sixtieth wed
ding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
Michael O'Connor here to-day was the
presence of ninety grandchildren of
the couple.
frur.Uhcd tor H. W. SKAVGLT,
Areadr Bolldln*.
Chicago, lIT, Feb. 25.
Open. High. Low Clo&
MaT hemt 7 94% 95 94% 94%
Ma y .... .... 66& 67% 66% 67ft
July 6tf tt€Ta 68% 66%
• «atß /
May 40U 40% 40% 40%
July 40% 40% 40 40%
By Associated Press
Chicago, 111., Feb. 25. Hogs Re
ceipts, 26,000; strong. Bulk of sales,
$8.60 Si. 8.70; light, 18.50<»8.76; mixed,
JS.SO((i 8.75; heavv, $8.35@8.75; rough,
pigs, "»7.6O08.«O.
Cattle Receipts, 14.000; steads*.
Beeves, $7.20@9.75: Texas steers, 17.00
@8.10; stockers and feeders, |6.60(®8.00;
cows and heifers, 13.75®8.60; calves,
$7.50 @ll.OO.
Sheep Receipts, 32,000; slow. Na
tive, $5.00@C.40; yearlings, . $6.00@7.35;
lambs, native, |7.00®8.10.
rHii.tnrct.ptii \ PRODUCE)
By Associated Press
Philadelphia, Feb. 25. Wheat —>
Bteady: No. 2. red, export, 99%c0
$1.00; No. 1, Northern, Oulutb, export,
$1.04% (P 1.05%.
Corn Firm; new. No 2, yellow,
natural, local. 69%@70%C: do., kilt)
dried, local, 72@73c.
Oats Firm; No. 2, white, 45%®
46c. v .
Bran Market firmer; winter, pe»
ton, *28.oofl; :;5.60; spring, per ton,
Refineu Sugars Market firm;
powdered. 4.20 c; tine granulated, 4.10e;
confectioners' A. 4.00 c; Keystone. A,
3.95 c. \
Butter The market is llrm\
western, creamery, extras, 31c; nearb/s
prints, fancy, 34c. i
Eggs —Te market Is firm; \
t'eniiaylvanlii and oinei nearby firms,
free cases, $9.00 per case; do., current
receipts, free cases, $8.85 per case:
western, extras, firsts, free cases, $9.00
per case; do., firsts, free cases, $8.85
per case.
Live Poultry—Steady; fowls, 18@
19c; young chickens, lo@20c;
ioilln i: n I T ula .
ers, 12@13c; ducks, 19@20c; do., spring
k Ib'Mln treat, I 0 '(/ 1i c . tUIKr)a,
Dressed Poultry Firm; fowls,
western, fancy, heavy, 19@19%c; do.,
i medium sizes, lG@18c; do., light
weights, 12$ 15c; old roosters,lsc; roast
ing chickens, fancy, 19%@20c; broil
"B I 111 l KK,.- lull. > 'to llf
18@l!)c; capons, large, 23@25c; d 0.,,
small, 18@20c; turkeys, fancy, 21@26c;
do., fair, 20@23c; ducks, U@lßc; geese,
11® 18c.
Potatoes Firm; Now York and
Eastern, per bushel, 80®90c; Western,
per bushel, 80@ 90c; Jersey, per basket,
8® 90c.
Flour—The market Is steady; winter,
clear, s3.Bs®> 1.10: straights, Penn
sylvania, $1.20(34.35; western, $4.25@
4.40; patents, $4.50@4.90; Kansas
straight, jute sacks, $4.20@4.40; srrlng,
firsts, clear, $4.10@4.30; straights, $4.35
@4.60; patents, $£6004.90.
Hay The market Is Arm; tim
othy, No. 1, large bales, $18,000)1850;
No. 1, medium bales. *17.50@18.00; No.
2, $16.00@ 17.00; No. 3. $14.00016.00.
Clover mixed: Light mixed, $16.50®
17.00; No. 1, $15.50@10.00; No. 2, $14.00
an I others upon their own namea.
Cheap rates, eat>y payments, confiden
A.lnmn A Co.. R. 304. « X. Market Sq.
Annual Statements 111 Tbl» Week's
of Snmmsry
So. Pipe Line C.. | of tY«ll«bl.
Kurek* P Une Co. | pnblle Informatiea
Ciimberl'd PL.Ce ■ Seat If
B.W I'wm.P.L.Co. ReflueofM.
3b Brood Str»rt, Mew Xorfc
You will Arid the Equitable a sur
prisingly different Institution from the
ordinary loan company you hear or
read about.
I Confidential dealings quick service,
courteous employes, bright, cheerful
offices, considerate treatment, V,EGAIj
; RATES, make us different. If you have
never borrowed or If your experience
with other companies has not been en-
I tirely satisfactory, please call on us.
Let us explain the Equitable system.
! it will please you.
Room 21—4 th Floor.
to loan in amounts of $5 to
S2OO to honest working peo
ple without bank credit at
cheaper rates than the law of
1913 allows.
Comparison of our rates,
terms and methods of doing
business with other loan of
fices will convince the most •
skeptical borrower that this
is the place to come in time
of need.
Open daily 8 a. m to 6
p. m. Saturday 8 a. m. to 9
p. m.
204 Chestnut Street
S. E. corne. 6th and Wood
bine streets, 98.7x100 feet.
8. E. corner 6th and Forrest
streets, 117.6x100 feet.