Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 24, 1914, Page 10, Image 10

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You'd Hardly Think This Possible, Would You?
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Revenge Came After Waiting Forj
Three Years to Defeat j
Agathalatha Five
That everything comes to those who
wait, was proved true last night when
the Franciscan girls after three years'
hard work at training and playing,
won a basketball game from the
Agathalatha girls, score 24 to 9. The
game was played on Cathedral hall
floor and attracted a large and en
thusiastic crowd.
69th teams played a good game, but
the AgathaJtha girls were unable to
locate the baskets. The passing of the
Franciscans was an interesting fea
ture. The guarding of Miss McCarthy
and Miss Caslnnan helped in the vic
tory. Miss Katherine Simonetti made
several brilliant shots from the floor.
Miss Kline was the best player forj
the Agathalatha girls. A return game i
will be played between the same teams l
on Cathedral floor March 10. The
line-up and summary:
Agathalthas. Franciscans.
M. Kline F M. Burns'
K. Simonetti F A. Devine I
M. Jones C A. Zudrell j
A. Fogarty Q. ... K. McCarthy
(K. Elscheid)
E. Joyce G M. Cashman
(H. Keenan)
Field goals—A. Devine 3, M. Burns
a, A. Zudrell 3, Iv. McCarthy 2, M.
Kline 2, K. Simonetti 1. Foul goals
—M. Kline 3. M. Burns 1, A. Zudrell
I. ileferee, Paul Gerdes. Scorer, De
Lone. Timer, McCarthy. Time of
halves, 20 minutes.
In the Pine Street Presbyterian
Sunday School bowling league series J
played on Bonnymeade alleys laßt j
night. Mrs. H. B. Dull class defeated
the Prank Palmer class bowlers, mar
gin 217 pins. Sites was the star with
537 and Slike came second with 492.
standing of Iho Clubs
W. L. Pet.
Helen Boyd Du11...... 17 4 .810
H. B. McCormlck 13 G .722
Frank Palmer 5 1« .238
Mrs. H. B. McCormick 4 14 .223
& Cigars^
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Sales Daily, Rain or Shine, at 2:30 and 7:30 P. M.
j"Zeke" Wiegley Will
Manage Trenton Team;
Is Strongly Endorsed
Special to The Telegraph
I Philadelphia, Feb. 24.—Joint efforts
of William J. Morris, president of the
Trenton Tri-State Club, and George
iM. Graham, president of the league,
| yesterday bought a jnanager for the
[Timers in the person of "Zeke" Wrig
ley, who has sent more youngsters to
the big game than any former major
star in the business.
With Wrlgley at Trenton and "Izzy"
Hoffman In charge of Jteadlng, there
is likely to be a lively scamper after
promising material. Manager Connie
Mack warmly recommended Wrigley.
The new leader ig a Philadelphia
boy by birth. He first became promi-|
nont as a star in Fairmount Park, in
the days when the "Sparrows" were
turning out sucl; players as Bill Dono
van, Pat Meaney, etc. Wriglev's first
engagement was with the Washington
National League club. He also played
with Brooklyn in the big show. Later
Wrigley was at various times with Co
lumbus and St. Paul, in the American
i Association, and last year managed
| the Hamilton team.
I Wrigley is a second baseman or
I shortstop. He will probably play the
I latter position in the Trenton line-up
I this year. It is the plan of Manager
| Wrigley to make his home in Trenton.
Plank Will Sign
With the Athletics'
Special to The Telegraph |
Philadelphia, Feb. 24. Manager I
Connie Mack, of the Athletics, an
nounced yesterday that Eddie Plank, |
the veteran southfiuw, would again be |
.with the champions. Plank wired
jffom his home in Gettysburg that he!
would meet the squad leaving here i
March 7, at Baltimore. While the j
I Gettysburg citizen has not attached his :
j name to a contract for the coming,
season he assured Manager Mack that
.everything would be agreeably arrang-i
ed after they met in Jacksonville. |
Plank's determination to again face !
the American League batsmen this
year is a splendid piece of news for
tho followers of the White Elephants.
There is uncertainty regarding only
one department of Mack's team. This
Is as to the probable strength or weak
ness of the pitching staff. Under such
conditions, a veteran of such ability
as Plank is badly needed.
Tri-State Moves to the South
Along With the Athletics
President George M. Graham Will Be in Close Touch With
the Training Camps For Three Weeks
Special to The Telegraph
Philadelphia, Feb. 2 4. —For a time
Tri-State business will be handled by
President George M. Graham In the
South. President Graham and Mrs.
Graham were member* of tho Ath
letics' party, who left for Now York
to-day and will sail for the South to
Before his departure President Gra
ham announced that he would bo in
close touch with the magnates and
would return for a meeting of the Tri
j State in March.
!In the opinion of the Tri-State
leader there is very little to do until
%Sl jaMr
Middleweight aapirant was helpless in the fourteenth round in his first
battle on the Pacific Coast as a result of "Billy" Murray's fierce attacks.
the teams are ready for practice out
side of completing the schedule. While
in the South President Graham will
make trips to and from the Phillies'
camp and will keep his eyes open foi
promising material for farm work
with the Tri-State.
In the party to-day were also "Bob"
Shawkey, the Harrisburg twlrler, who
will be a regular with Connie Mack
this season, and "Rube" Bressler. who
was turned over to Connie Mack by
Harrisburg at the close of last season.
Bressler hopes to follow Shawkey's
footsteps and be given a tryout with
| Leo Houck Helpless
t in Fourteenth Round;
Murray Scores Knockout
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 24.—Un
less Houck, the Pennsylvania rep
resentative, can come back with strong
inducements he is out of the race
for the middleweight championship,
Houck was practically put out by
Billy Murray, the California boy, In
the fourteenth round of a twenty
round battle last night. Houck, while
not receiving a real knockout, was
The referee stopped the bout when
| Houck was helpless In his corner.
] From the first tap of the starting
| gong Murray sent in three punches to
every one received, but at that there
I was no certainty that he would prove
' the winner until the closing round
I began.
Houck is as unemotional under pun
[ ishment as he is when sitting in his
corner and during many rounds while
he was holding his fire, during the
close of the fighting and accepting all
kinds of jolts and uppercuts, the sus-
I plcion prevailed that he was figuring
j on the Oallfornian fighting himself out.
Houck stood helpless in his own
: corner, sagging against the ropes and
dazed by a volley of right and left
| swings to the jaw, when the referee
save Murray the decision. Technically
the result counts as a knockout.
I'hiladelphia, Feb. 24.—The Athle-
I ti< s and Phillies both loft town to
! clay for the South. The Mackmen
[started at 9 o'clock this morning for
New York, where they embark on a
1 Clyde liner for Jacksonville. Florida.
The Phillies depart at 6.31 p. m for
Wilmington, N. C.
Distinctively Individual
Qtonons can be exchanged for distinctive Gifts
L .
Junior Tournament
Has Close Contests
The Red and Blue teams in the
junior tournament conducted by tliw
\ oung' Men's Christian Association,
Second and Locust streets, are now
tied with 252 points.
k ast Saturday morning J. Morgen
tnaler, of the Blues, captured first
place in the standing hop, step and
Jump, with Witherow, Blues, second.
The foul goal shooting in the second
division was won by Rinkenbach,
Blues, with M. Shaffner, Reds, second.
The Blue team won the Indian club
relay race.
The events scheduled for next Sat
urday morning include foul goal shoot,
ing for the iirst division and the stand
ing hop, step and jump for the sec
ond division. The united divisions will
contest in a game of hustleball. All
boys, whether members of the asso
ciation or not, are invited to attend.
Alphas Near Top
in Casino League
The Alphas moved near the top in
the Casino league series last night,
winning all three games from the Or
pheums, the present leaders, margin
90 pins. This means a great finish in
this series as tire Orpheums have had
their own way for a long time. Tho
Alphas are now twenty-one points be
hind the leaders.
Morrison won high match honors
with 574. The standing of the teams:
"Smoky" Joe Wood
. Damucwx
Jrvm nua.vlcß
The condition to-day of "Joe" Wood,
pitcher of the Boston Red Sox, oper
ated upon Sunday for appendicitis, is
good, according to his physician.
Wood is at his home at Twin Lakes
and Dr. F. E. Gessnor, who performed
the operation, said, .after u visit at
Wood's home, that an early recovery
wag expected. <
FEBRUARY 24, 1914.
The St. Louis Browns will have new
bleachers this season.
The St. Cecelia Club girls will meet
the Klizabethtown high school girls'
basketball team on Cathedral floor
Leo Houck's friends in Harrisburg
are much disappointed over yester
day's results.
Mrs. Bert Conn, wife of the former
Trenton manager, died in Philadelphia
The Cameron grammar school toss
ers were defeated in Felton hall yes
terday afternoon by a score of 72 to
The Pennsylvania railroad station
league series game Saturday night was
won by the station bowlers over the;
Enola Y. M. C. A., margin 204 pins.
The Leopards in the P. R. R. Y.
M. C. A. bowling league, last night
defeated the Foxes, margin 305 pins.
The passenger trainmasters and su
perintendent's office teams will play
The Central grammar school scrug
D class team defeated the Presbyterian
team yesterday, score 28 to 8.
"Red" Crane, a local player, signed
yesterday to play with Manager "Hed"
Owens at Greensboro, N. C.
The New Cumberland Athletic As
sociation meeting announced for last
night was postponed on account of the
weather, and will t3 held next week.
In a one-sided game the Juniors
at Tech High School yesterday de
feated the Freshmen, score 48 to 12.
Philadelphia, Feb. 24. —Joe (Young)
Fox, rated as the best' bantamweight
in England, won a decision over Fred
die (Young) Digglns, of this city. In
the wlndup at Olympia last night. The
margin of -victory was not much to
boast of. In fact, if it had not been
for the aggressiveness of Dlggins It
would not have been possible for Fox
to have merited a decision.
YOU can imitate most everything
1 but the mind, and that's the
reason the cigars that look like
King Oscar 5c Cigars
don't smoke like them . Fifty
years of "know how" is the secret
of that quality that's immune from
> Freshmen Tossers
Win Championship
Annville, Pa., Feb. 24.—The Fresh- "
man team of Lebanon Valley College
clinched Its hold on the championshii
of the school In basketball last night
by defeating the Seniors; score, 36 tc
16. As the latter team was the only
aggregation that it had not defeated,
the Freshmen.will be presented with
the silver trofchy cup. The line-uii
and summaries:
Freshmen. Seniors.
VV. Swartz. f. Strickler. f.
Loomis, f. Schmidt, f.
R. Swartz, c. Heffelflnger, c.
Donahue, g. Charlton, g.
Rupp, g. Walters, g.
Field goals, Freshmen 14, Seniors 4
Foul goals, Freshmen- 8, Seniors 6
Referee, Guyer. Time of halves, 10
London, Feb. 24.—Many American?
residing in London met the New YorK
and Chicago baseball teams on their
arrival here last night from Paris.
The players are to be entertaineil
at lunches and theaters ,and the Eng
lish papers are devoting much space
to describing, with some curious er
rors, the game of baseball.
The teams will meet in a game, tho
proceeds of which will go to charitj.