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BRodbeck-veteren-member Ht)USE NUMBERS • PRESIDENT*
Our Red Tag Sale |
Will Continue Jnst
I One Week More
The wonderful bargains are
going very rapid. Don't wait
for the other fellow; but take
advantage of the RED TAO
PRICES while this sale lasts.
This snow, slush and ice call
for rubbers, and every pair in
our store of all styles are in
cluded In this sale at RED TAG ft
Men's Hip Boots, reduced to
.$3.98 |
! Men's Knee Boots reduced to I
| $ 1.08 I
Men's very best light Rub- I
bers 900 |
(Eight shapes to select from) $
Ladies' very best light Rub- I
bers 650 j
(Six shapes to select from.) I
Children's 25C* ®
La/lies' . . . . 39<- I
Men's . . . . 50<* I
Men's high cut warm lined
shoes, reduced to
$1.89, $2.29, $2.69
> Ladies' felt shoes, reduced to
980, $1.25, $1.49
Men's felt boots, reduced to
Men's 1-buckie Arctics,
98c to $1.25
Men's 4-buckle Arctic®,
$1.75, $2.29, $2.50
Men's patent colt shoes;
values $2.50 to $5.00, reduced to
SI.OO and $1.50
Men's heavy working shoes;
$1.98 value reduced to
All our Ladies' Tan Shoes re
duced at this sale.
$1.98 and $2.23 values now '
$2.48 and $2.98 values now
$3.48 value now s*'
j A lot of Ladies' Shoes, mixed
styles; all small sizes; values to
$4.00. •'now ||j|
20th Century
Shoe Co.
No. 7 S. Market Square
"Shoes That Wear"
to enroll next Monday In
Day or Night Kctiool.
15 8. Market Square, Harrisburg, K*.
Harrisburg Business College
Day and Night. Business,
Shorthand and Civil Service. In
dividual Instruction. 28th year.
329 Market St. Harrisburg, Pa.
Non-greasy Toilet Cream keeps
the skin soft and velvety in rough
weather. An exquisite toilet prep
aration, 25c.
16 If. Third St., and P. K. R. Station
.Try Telegraph Want Ads.
Fishing Steamer, With
11 Men on Board, Sinks
By Associated Press
.Bremen, Germany. Feb. 20.—The
! large fishing steamer Ferelle, which
left Goestemunde in the middle of
December for Iceland, sank with its
entire crew of thirteen men in those
waters, according to dispatches re
ceived here to-day.
The Ferelle had been reported miss
ing and a search for her was begun
last month.
By Associated Press
Hachita, X. M., Feb. 20.—The troop
horses which it was believed had been
stolen from Lieutenant Hunt by Mexi
cans nearly all. have been recovered.
They were not stolen. Led by a troop
horse raised in this section, the rider
less cavalcade broke loose unaided and
j headed without a stop to a patch of
(grass and cool water twenty-five miles
away. There they were found yester
| day, grazing.
How She Discarded
Unsightly Complexion
(Mona Morrow in Town Tattler.)
i How often I exclaimed as 1* beheld
Imy ugly complexion in the mirror. "If
) 1 only could tear off this old skin!"
And, do you know, I've learned how
to do that very thing? Not to actually
1 remove the entire skin all of a sudden;
that would be too heroic a method and
painful, too. I Imagine. The worn-out
cuticle comes off in such tiny particles,
and so gradually—requiring about ten
days to complete the transformation
it doesn't hurt a bit. Day by day the
beautiful complexion underneath conies
forth. Marvelous! No matter hpw
muddy, rough, blotchy or aged vour
complexion, you can surely discard it
by this simple process. Just get an
ounce of ordinary mercolized wax at
your druggist's, apply nightlv like cold
cream, washing it off mornings.
My wrinkles I got rid of by an equal
ly simple method. By dissolving an
ounce of powdered saxolitu in a tialf
pint witch hazel and bathing mv face
in the solution, every line completely
disappeared. First the finer lines, final
ly even the deeper crow's feet, vanish
Ease Stiff, Sore Joints and Mus
cles. Makes Pains and Back
ache Promptly Vanish.
It is needless to suffer any longer
with rheumatism, and be all crippled
| up, and bent out of shape with its
| heart-wrenching pains, when you can
surely avoid it.
Rheumatism comes from weak, in
active kidneys, that fail to filter from
i the blood, the poisonous waste matter
and uric acid; and it is useless to rulj
,on liniments or take ordinary reme
dies to relieve the pain. This only
prolongs the misery and can't poa
, sibly cure you.
"I he only way to cure rheumatism
is to remove the cause. The new dis
covery. Croxone. does this because it
neutralizes and dissolves all the pois
onous substances and uric acid that
lodge in the joints and muscles, to
scratch and irritate and cause rheuma
tism. and cleans out and strengthens
jthe stopped-up, inactive kidneys, so
they can filter all the poisons from
the blood and drive It on and out of
the system.
Croxone is the most wonderful
medklne ever made for curing chronic
rheumatism, kidney troubles, and
bladder disorders. You will find it
different from all other remedies.
There is nothing else on earth like it.
It matters not how old you are, or how
long you have suffered, it is practical
ly impossible to take it into the hu
man system without results. You will
find relief from the first few doses,
and you will be surprised how quickly
all your misery and suffering will end.
An original package of Croxone
costs but a trifle at any flrst-clajßs drug
store. All druggists are authorized
ito sell it on a positive money-back
; guarantee. Three doses a day for a
few days is often all that is ever need
| ed to cure the worst backache or over
| come urinary disorders.—Advcrtise-
Pennsy Authorities Have Data on
Subject of Modern Lighting
The Pennsylvania Railroad Station
plaza will be lighted in the near future,
it is expected, by cluster standards of
the same type now in service in the
city's business district.
Plans for the installation have been
: submitted to the Pennsy authorities
by the Harrisburg Light, and Power
j Company.
A series of seven five-globe stand
l ards, to he placed around the circle,
!is the scheme contemplated. Lights
; are to be stationed at each side of
I the entrances from Fourth and from
' Market streets, another on the far
| eastern side of the concourse and the
I other two at the proper distances be
i tween to insure an equal distribution
; of the light.
Should the scheme be adopted as
' proposed, the ornamental lighting sys
: tem that has given so much satisfac
! tlon in the commercial district will
be extended to include the station
square. For years the old overhead
arcs have afforded the only light; of
! late years, however, electric signs on
; nearby buildings have helped some.
While the Pennsylvania Railroad
; authorities are considering the project
1 of continuing the clusters into the
! station plaza a plan for placing the
■ same kind of standards on the eastern
side of Third street from North to
i Walnut streets is also being consid
i ered, it is said, by S. B. Rambo, State
Superintendent of Public Grounds and
i Buildings.
Whether the State authorities will
take any definite steps toward placing
cluster standards on the park side of
Third street before the extension of
the Capitol Park zone is completed is
a question. It is possible that the
scheme may be carried out before the
park is extended. Sixteen of the clus
ters would be stationed between Wal
nut and North streets and it is be
lieved that if the State adopts the
scheme the city authorities will follow
i suit on the western side of Third
j street. Locust street from Second to
Third will be included.
Data for the placing of the flve
j globe clusters at the intersections of
Sixth and Maclay. Third and Verbeke,
| Derry and Thirteenth and Market and
Thirteenth streets is now in the hands
l of Commissioner H. F. Bowman, su
. perlntendent of public safety, and it is
I expected that an ordinance providing
1 for the extensions will be offered in
| the near future.
Work Is Progressing
on Wilson's Commerce
and Anti-trust Bills
Washington, D. C., Feb. 20.—Work
on the administration's anti-trust and
commerce regulation bills went for
ward on the House side of the Capitol
A conference of the House judiciary
subcommittee on trusts, comprising
Representatives Clayton, Carlin and
Floyd, was arranged to put the finish
ing touches on the bill proposing to
prohibit holding companies from own
ing competing concerns.
Chairman Covington, of the' House
inter-state commerce subcommittee on
the inter-state trade commission bill,
was prepared to-day to go ahead wltlr
the executive conferences to frame the
measure in the light of hearings and
within the limitations of President
Wilsoa' suggestion to avoid any pro
visions that might impair the effi
ciency of the Sherman law. The indi
cations to-day were that the bills re
lating to holding companies, trade re
lations, interlocking directorates and
defining trade restraints would be pre
sented finally to the House as a single
plan to strengthen the anti-trust law.
Glasgow, Feb. 20.—Seven workmen
were killed, a large number Injured
and many buildings destroyed to-day
at Ardeer, Ayrt-Hhlre. by an explosion
fc at the gun powder works.
7300 11E0S1Y
Many a Fire-fighter of Prominence
Will Be Among Guests of
the Evening
One of the biggest events of "the
year in volunteer firemen's circles will
be the celebration of the seventy-third
anniversary of the Washington Hos«
Company, Chestnut street near Second,
J to-night. In previous years "The
Washy" has always held its celebra
tions on February 22, but this date
falls on Sunday this year, and this
evening was selected for the celebra
Prominent firemen of this city, in
cluding many a veteran fire-fighter,
will be among the guests of the even
ing. Two of the oldest of the "boys"
will be John Koser and William Brod
beck. who are qmong the oldest living
members of the Washington company.
George Kennedy, president of the
company, will act as toastmaster. He
will give a history of the company
from the time it organized, with head
quarters in an old frame building at
Second street and Meadow lane. Later
the company moved to its present
quarters. The company owns its own
i uilding and purchased its own ap
paratus up to the time the present
combination hose and chemical wagon
was purchased by the city.
David Rnd William Jauss, two veter
an members, will also give some inter
esting data. Addresses will be made
by Charles E. Ripper, secretary, and
Charles F. Spicer, assistant fire chief
and treasurer of the company. Covers
will be laid for 100 guests. The ban
quet will start at 8 o'clock. R. 1,.
Ayars is chairman of the committee
in charge of arrangements.
The Washington Company was or
ganized February 22, 1841, and its
membership included many prominent
citizens. The first president was the
late Levi Wolfinger.
Deaths and Funerals
Funeral services for John T. Simons,
the former policeman, who died Wed
nesday morning at his home, IP.OS Penn
street, were held this afternoon. The
Rev. John M. Warden, pastor of Beth
any Presbyterian Chapel, officiated.
Burial was made in the Paxtang Ceme
Funeral services of Mrs. Adelaide E
Muench, widow of the lato Isaac S
Muench, who died Tuesday morning at
her home, 1352 State street, were held
this afternoon. The Rev. S. Wintield
Herman, pastor of Zion Lutheran
Church, conducted the services. Burial
was made in the Harrlsburg Cemetery.
Funeral services of Mrs. David J.
White, who died early yesterdav morn
ing at her home, 1315 North street, will
be held this evening, at s o'clock nt
her late home. Burial will be made in
Duncaunon Saturday morning.
Mrs. Harriet Miller, aged 87 vears
widow of John Miller, a boatman, of
Bainbrldge, Pa., died last evening, at
8:30 o'clock, at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. O. I*. Keller, 1739 Sixth street
Mrs. Miller will he burled at Bain
bridge on Monday afternoon, at 2
o'clock, following services in the Bethel
Church of that place. The body will be
taken to Bainbrldge on Monday morn
ing. Surviving Mrs. Miller are two
daughters. Mrs. Emanuel Stump of
Bainbrldge, and Mrs. O. p. Keller, this
city, and two sons, Jonas Miller, of
Bainbridge, and Jackson Miller, of Lan
caster, Pa. Mrs. Miller was the mother
of eleven children, and had twenty
seven granchlldren, thirty-three
great-grandchildren and five great
Prices Will Advance Feb. 23
On Monday, February 23, all Na
tional Cash Registers selling for less
than SIOO, will be advanced $6.00. All
Registers selling for SIOO and over
will be advanced $lO In price. Place
your order before Mondav, 23rd, at
old prices. N. R. Black. Sales Agent,
No 105 Market street. Both tele
phones.—Advertisement. ,
Every Suit or Coat in the House at \ Original Price
You may select any suit or coat in the house whether priced at $lB to SSO and
buy it for just one-half the original price marked on the ticket. There are positively
none reserved and the sale is bona fide in every way.
Fine Guaranteed
Fur Coats and Fur Sets, ORIGINAL PRICE
Marks <fe Copelin
31 N. Second Street
State Association Holding Its Tenth
Annual Meeting at the Cap
itol Today
The beekeepers of Pennsylvania
began their tenth annual convention
to-day in the House, caucus room at
the Capitol this afternoon and will
spend the rest of to-day and to-mor
row talking over the business.
There about about 25,000 beekeep
ers in this State and their product is
worth $1,000,000 a year. State Zoolo
gist Surface is president and will inako
a report on the State bee inspection
work and bow diseases are reducing
the crop. It is estimated that there
are over 75,000 hives, of which the
State lias been able to inspect but
H. P. Faucett, of Brandywine Sum
mit, and Harold Horner, Fisherville,
read papers this afternoon, and this
evening Secretary of Agriculture
Critchfield will speak. The Rev. C.
Fossold, of Willlamstown: Inspector
George H. Rca and Dr. Surface will
also speak to-night.
By Associated Press
Annapolis, Md., Feb. 20.—Lieuten
ant-Commander Roland 1. Curtin died
at the Naval Hospital here to-day
| after an illness of several weeks. Com
! mamier Curtin was appointed to the
| Naval Academy from Pennsylvania,
lie was a grand-nephew of Governor
I Curtin. the War Governor of Penn
sylvania, and a native of Bellefonte.
By Associated Press
Meseritz, Germany, Ffc'~>. 20.—Count
j Matthias Brudzewo-Mielzyski, a Po
i lish nobleman and a member of the
I German imperial parliament, was
i placed on trial here to-day for killing
I his wife and her nephew, count Alfred
Mlaczinski. The ttoo were found dead
on December 20 at the country seat of
the countess at Dakowy Mokrz, near
i Graetz.
Norfolk, Va., Feb. 20.—Because of
a shortage of coal the revenue cutter
Onondaga returned to port without
having located the five - masted
schooner Kineo, reported in distress
j below Diamond Shoals.
I Delicious "Fruit Laxative"
can't harm stomach, liver
and bowels
Every mother realizes, after giving
her children "California Syrup of
Figs," that that this is their ideal
laxative, because they love its pleas
i ant taste and it thoroughly cleanses
i the tender little stomach, liver and
bowels without griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish or
I breath is bad, stomach sour, look at
j the tongue, mother! If coated, give
a teaspoonful of this harmless "fruit
laxative," and in a few hours all the
! foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
j undigested food passes out of the
; bowels, and you have a well, playful
( child again. When its little system is
full of cold, throat sore, has stomach
ache, diarrhoea, indigestion, colic—re
member. a good "Ihside cleaning"
| should always be the first treatment
i given.
I Millions of mothers keep "Cali
fornia Syrup of Figs" handy: they
know a teaspoonful to-day saxes a
sick child to-morrow. Ask your drug
gist for a 60-cent bottle of "Cali
j fornia Syrup of Figs," which lias di-
I rections for babies, children of all
ages and grown-ups printed on the
j bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold
here, so don't be fooled. Get the gen
j uine. made by "California Fig Syrup
i Company."
* m—mmmmm —_—>
To Put an End to All
Superfluous Hair
Advice to (.adieu Who Have lleen
Deceived and Disappointed
Thousands of ladles and even young
! girls have learned to their sorrow that.
1 it does not pay to trifle with hairy
growths on the face and arms by try
ing to remove them with worthless
I pastes, powders and liquid depilatories
that smell awfully and burn like mad.
A well-known woman who succeeded
in entirely and painlessly destroying
all trace of her hairy growth has ar
ranged to put on public sale the scien
tific discovery that cured her after all
else failed It Is a simple. Inexpensive,
harmless and amazingly effective treat
ment which she has called Mrs. Os
good's Wonder. It never falls to »o
move all trace of superfluous hair ab
solutely without pain or injury to the
skin or complexion and in a surpris
ingly large number of cases has killed
the hair roots so It has never returned.
You can get it from Kennedy's M«>dl
cine Store, or any up-to-date druggist
or department store, on the guarantee
of money back If it fails. Ask for It
by name. "Mrs. Osgood's Wonder."
Signed guarantee with every package.
If vou have tried all the advertised
depilatories in vain and want sure,
quick results, this new method de
serves your Immediate attention. Let
me caution you however not to apply
Mrs. Osgood's Wonder to hall growths
voi. do not wish totally destroyed. —.j
Advertisement. J
Friends of Philadelphia Superin
tendent Are Boosting Him
For the Nomination
Friends of Dr. Martin G. Brum
baugh In this county and Cumberland
have become very active In his behalf
since general mention of ,the Philadel
phia school superintendent's name for
the Republican nomination for Gov
ernor has been heard. Dr. Brum
baugh, who was formerly at Juniata
College, Huntingdon, is a member of
the State Board of Education and Is
well known in this city because of
numerous speeches he has made.
It Is probable that if he consents to
run that nomination petitions for him
will be circulated here. Harrlsburg
ers who have been in Philadelphia
and eastern counties lately say that
the talk Is all for Brumbaugh since It
is regarded as doubtful that ex-Gov
ernor Stuart will be a candidate.
fin Monday, February 23, all Na
tional Cash Registers selling for less
than SIOO, will be advanced $5.00. All
Registers selling for SIOO and over
will be advanced $lO in price. Place
your order before Monday, 23rd, at
old prices. N. R. Black, Sales Ascent,
! No. 105 Market street. Both tele
Union City Stomach Victim Tells
How He Regained Health Quickly
Mr. Martinran Finds Good Health
After Using Mayr's Won
derful Remedy.
C. Martinran, of 42 Graves street,
Union City, Pa., after long suffering
from ailments of the stomach and the
digestive tract, took Mayr's Wonderful
Stomach Remedy with the most re
markable results.
The suffering of years was ended
with the first dose.
Mr. Martinran's experience is told
in a letter—written a year after tak
ing the remedy, thus proving the per
manent nature of the benefits. He
"It has been a year since I took your
treatment, which I am sure did me a
great amount of good. My health at
present is good, thanks to your won
derful remedy. I will always recom
gi : □
□ A Dozen Pianos □
n At Your O
Every one high-grade, some rented, some
repossessed, some shop-worn, but all as good as
new and at a fraction of their original price.
U Was Now
m 1 Chickering .... $59.50
m 1 Rogers, rented . . S3OO $l4B
[J 1 Rudolf, traded in. $325 $167
H 1 Winter, repossessed $375 $249
I Winter, rented . . $375 $256
1 Winter, rented . . $450 $299 g|
1 Winter, shop-worn SSOO $349
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1 Player, sS-Ln . . . $650 "$537 g
Terms as Low as $5 Down P
and $2 Per Month Q
■ Winter Piano Store ■
H 23 N. Fourth Street jgj
Rvansville, Ind., Feb. 20.—The Ohio
river continued to rise rapidly hern
to-day. It is predicted it will pass
the danger line of thirty-five feet by
the middle of next week. Flbod waters
are reported In the Wabash anil its
tributaries near here.
The Easy Way to Get Rid of
Tormenting, Unsightly
Skin Eruptions.
If your skin itches and burns with
eczema or other tormenting, unsightly
skin trouble, simply wash the soro
places with Reslnol Soup and hot.
water, dry, and apply a little Reslnol
The itching stops instantly, you n<>
longer have to dig and scratch, sleep
becomes possible, and healing begins
at once. That is because the soothing,
antiseptic Resinol medication strikes
right Into the surface, arrests the ac
tion of the disease and lets the tor
tured, Inflamed skin rest, almost al
ways restoring it to perfect health—
quickly, easily and at little cost.
Reslnol Soap and Reslnol Ointment
are also speedily effective in even s< -
vere and stubborn cases of pimples',
blackheads, dandruff, sores and pile*.
Prescribed by doctors for over
eighteen years, and sold by practically
every druggist. For free trial, write
to Dept. 45-R, Resinol. Baltimore. Md.
Don't be deceived by inferior "substi
tutes." —Advertisement.
This letter is typical of those writ
ten by the thousands of users of Mayr's
AVonderful Stomach Remedy in all
parts of the country. It is known
everywhere. The first dose convinces
—no long treatment.
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy
clears the digestive tract of mucoid
accretions and poisonous matter. It.
brings swift relief to sufferers from
ailments of the stomach, liver and
bowels. Many declare it has saved
them from dangerous operations:
muny are sure it has saved their lives-.
Because of the remarkable success
of this remedy there are many imi
tators, so be cautious. Be cure it's
MAYR'S. Go to Geo. A. Gorgas' druir
store and ask about the wonderful
results it has accomplished in cases
they know —or send to Geo. H. Mayr,
Mfg. Chemist, 154-156 Whiting St.,
Chicago, 111., for free book on stomach
ailments and many letters from grate
ful people who have been restored.
Any druggist can tell you its wonder
ful effects. —Advertisement.