Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 19, 1914, Page 14, Image 14

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Every Item onThis Page Is Price-Lowered Specially for Friday
, I Colored Dress Goods Women'* £> Misses' Winter Coats White Goods for Friday Men's Overalls
[NO Friday Specials sent 59c doth suiting; S4 incl.es wide: m S MISS 25c white voile remnants; 40 50c white overalls slightly ctmnt-
C. O. D., or mail or in blue mixture. Friday only, yard. Actual $18.50 tO $27.50 Garments only, yard"*.. 1* 25c tan lined leather mittens.
, oil 1 , , , , . . , .. T . „ 1 l/c white plisse crepe remnants Friday only i2 T / 2 t<
phone orders tilled. ■ ■) -hes . Froni Our Regular Winter Stock , Boys' Blouse Waists
Women's Neckwear Rose, Collage* and Mixtures
Sleeveless guimpes in plain and only, yard • •
oint de-sprit net with lawn body. ~sc shepherd checks; 4- inches JC/XtTS # VL I J e;q c f anC y w hite novelties; 28 Boys'2sc percale shirts and blouse
Friday only 25 * wide; four sizes. Friday only, yard, Friday Only • I inches wide. Special, Friday only, j waists. Friday only 1 I
Embroidered batiste collars, lace j r ard 190 Golf Caps
trimmed round and square shapes, 50c skirting plaids; 36 ins. wide; o{ winter Coats> except those i„ black, will be offer- 25c white corded voile, 40 inches »'
1 „„ tr, SOr Friday only, two patterns. Friday only, yard. eJ to . morrow at thc most remarkable savings that have been announced q{ sheer quaHty . Special Fn- Mens and boys 25c goll caps.
va ' P ' VZy 2 <f, in Harrisburg for many seasons. Size ranges are complete for misses and only> yard 110 Friday only 170
Fancy stoch.co.ia. trimmed wich ■"•**£ Towels and Linens Suspenders and Belts .
r s 7S ,n^y' tlv . yTd'. . . • • .. m f,U, in navy, U ""PC raisin Copenhagen and rose. Heretofore towels , Men, 17c police suspenders with
Dives. Pomeroy & stowart, street Floor. SI.OO wool taffeta; 42 inches wide; these coats have been * 8-0 to $.7.3 . #12.50 wh i t e with red border; size 16)4x35 solid leather ends. Friday only, Of
six shades. Friday only, yard, Choose .to-morrow only •• » "eW, Soecial only, 3 for Boys' 25c leather belts. Friday
, .. ~ 1; 1 $1.75 navy diagonal; 54 inches $37.50 evening wraps, in brocado vel- M'is eapes and coats'foe ' * 35* only 150
Women's Handkerchiefs wi T, c; , v ,< ol . Friday only, yard, ;&£r..r ?.?£..TTfr. 58» «»»!«!..«, . .?* ' , „ ~ ....
, "... li-mdWerchiefs + - Men S Handkerchiefs
•>4-indi"hem, 5c values. Friday only, $2.00 wool ratine; 54 inches wide; ■ nLV^Koyar-^ siuVt.; »#« «•"» 45c fascinators. Friday mches wide. Special tnday on M , j japonette initial hand
——- 18xl8 , nchcotton BspkiM . ft «yo.M«^
ner embroidered, narrow hem, as- $1.25 silk poplin; 40 inches wide; . cial Friday only «♦ eacli ...
sorted designs, 10c values. Friday evening shades only, hnday i• ■ Jewelry and Silverware && hemmed all-linen table
only, 4 for i i Vi' -n i •"i L/ining # cloths; 66x64 inches. Special 1'"-
Dives. pomeroy & Stewart, street Moor. sl-.00 broadcloth ;.i 0 and . 4 inches cambric muslin, length Ito $1.50 set of half dozen Rogers . $1.39 Black MeSSalllie
______ wide; good shades. Vrulay onlv. o/ 4 c can.u .v. & silver plated dessert spoons. Friday ua3 Ul>
_ . . yard $1.45 5- yard pieces in colors only, i ri- v | CeilterPieceS j 89c black messaline silk, 36 inches
Dress Trimmings Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, street Flour. dav only, yard ~. Set of half dozen silver plated tea- wide. Special Friday only, yardj
r • u l.r. in white 11 inches 25c satine, 36 inches wide; in tan, spoon s. Friday only 490 $2.00 and $2.50 Japanese drawn- Tif
s,v;,„ Pillow Cases cream and blaC. Friday only, yd, - Silk Foulards
~ Silk balTbrimming in black, white 12/ ac 42x36-inch bleached pillow 5Qc Farmer > s sat j n> 40 inches 75c nickel mesh bags. Friday Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart, street Floor. 59c polka dot foulards; 24 inches
I n„,i colors Values up to 50c. Fri- cases. Friday only, each 90 :j.. 9 nd m-w Fridav onlv onl - v , • ' wide. Special Friday only, yd., 3,50
, niilv vard ,10 25c 45x36-ineh bleached pillow VV ' 25c gold plated cuff links and tic CrMiPlpls Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
Hnen Chilly bands, 2 "til 4 inches cases, embroidered an,l hemstitched. yard Casps. Friday only 15* Drapery Specials
wide Values^up to 25c. Friday Friday only, each V.H 0,v... -om.ro y a sir.., W r. , h c c|olKMl „e sets. 39 c window shades in a Rood Rnsmwnt Rundns
onlv yard 190 12j4c 43-inch bleached pillow case . Friday only colors and odd sizes. Spe- Dasemeilt ISargains
Dives', Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor. muslin. Friday only, yard ... 100 Books aild Stationery Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart. Center Aisle. $7 . 50 whitc and gold decorated
n 1 Sunday' ~ _ Sample strips of Nottingham lace dinner sets, 100 pieces. Friday only,
Embroideries bleached domet, 36 inches es ®° ns 01
S C I I j cuita' ~ p j Fridav only I 11
. , ■ wide. Friday only, yard 100 Ti / S d slso ' fiction ''Fridav Men's SI.OO one-bucklc arctics, damages. Special Tnday only, stnp dccorated and goW lined din-
Swiss cross bar corset cover em- sl-5 and $1.50 . > Friday only ... 750 69c cross stripe madras curtains, ner sets, 100 pieces. Friday only,
broidery, 18 mches wide; values up Down ComTOrtableS on 'y Wnm, mi's SO black kidskin • rrrLn • 2VA vards lone. *7 «9
tn Kridiv nnlv vard 19<(* 25c box Damask Linen paper. Women s DiacK kiusmh m cr eam and green, -x 4 yarus lon^.
Ml over embroidery $12.00 down filled comfortables, Friday only ; 1">0 patent tip Juhets, hand-turned soles. Special Friday only, pair .... 590 7 ro ll s toilet paper 190
wide, to 59c Friday *•
& •. "S 2L . l0n " • - SPCC "- « razor* stroppers.* frf-
dw onTv dozen . .' 250 Boys' $2.50 tan calf button shoes, Dive,, Pomeroy * Stewart, Third Floor. day only 090
Men's Gloves Black Dress Goods ' 10c and 19c scrap books. Friday high toes, heavy stitched soles, sizes 51.98 cut star glass water sets of
i - 2J4 to 5. Friday only $1.90 d-r nn Pnrco+c at 4<5 seven pieces. *nday only .... <9O
SI.OO "Sargent," "Hansen" and 50c black granite cloth; 36 inches Pl,nt n mounts Fridav onlv doz. Misses' 50c rubbers, storm and epj.UU <P • pivea, Pomeroy ft Stewart, naaemcnt.
"Hanover" railroad gauntlets. wide, l ridav only, yard i.>o - ' _ ' regular cuts, sizes 12 to 2. Friday ; Broken sizes Redfern, Nemo and
Broken lines. Friday only .. 090 '^ c serge; 8 inc les who; Pome rov & Stewart, street Floor. only 350 brocaded silk American Lady Cor- Short Skirts
Men's SI.OO and $1.50 cape kid all wool. Friday only, yard . ; <>9o Children's 50c rubbers not all sets some slightly soiled, $5.00 . , J rl
dress and street gloves. Fridav SIOO black wool tatteta, 4- llu _'*es sizes. Friday onl)'- 35t* values Choice of anv in the lot. Short knitted an anne e e
only 590 wi de. ' Friday only, yard .... 790 Infants' Skirts and Slips Infants' 10c and 25c kidskin moc- Friday only at 5f52.45 skirts. I'iiday only ««>0
Men's 8c and 10c plain white and . s l - 50 black ratine; all wool: 48 . , , . casins. Friday only 50 $ ?.60 American Lady and Calma lves - Pomeroy & Stewart, second Floor.
satin border handkerchiefs. Friday inches wide. Friday only, yard. Infants long nainsook sknts, D.. p. &s„ street Floor. Rear. front-laced corsets. Friday only,
nnlv If* Wty bunch tucks and plain hem trimmed. Iru " u,a 7 >tx . _~. , A -.
D. P. & S., Men's Store,' Street Floor. $2.00 black broadcloth; 50 inches Friday only ;••••••••. • 2! }f . ojvpg pomerov & Stewart. Second Floor. PettlCOatS, sl.9j
yard ' We,K - $2.95 chiffon taffeta petticoats in
Dress Cottons ' digital 53 in,,,s day only . 250 Zt. St .. *1.95
50c Wash Silk ShirtinK, white * various lengths; from 34 to 30
ground with colored stripes, 32 ' ' inches. , ' m ±. r* i/\
inches wide. Friday only, yard, 190 Mlislin QownS, 35e $2.98 switches. Special Friday Corset
grouruf with "floral* designs - 0 "53.98' 'switches'." Special ' n^ ic °°7ln Tnifh'al'neck and Muslin Drawers, cambric ruffle
only, yard 190 Linen Middy Blouses, colored necks, long sleeves, neat ruffle trims D nlv $2.75 tight fitting, plain finish at neck a d . emstitched hem , 25c value.
20c Crepe Plisse, 30 inches, solid braid trims collar and cuffs, 75c neck and sleeves, only 2to a custo- . $4.98 switches. Special Friday armholes, only 2to a customer and wi 15< .
shades. Friday only, yard 80 value. Friday only 500 mer, 50c value. Friday only .. 350 only- s,'{.so none exchanged. Friday only, 100 y pomem " gj ewart> " Second Flool
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Strcot Floor. I Dives. Pomeroy. & Stewart. Second Floor.
"Pape's Cold Compound" ends
colds and grippe in
a few hours
Take "Papc's CoM Compound" every
two hours until you have taken three
doses, then all grippe misery goes and
your cold will be broken. It prompt
ly opens your ciogged-up nostrils and
the air passages of the head; stops
nasty discharge or nose running; re
lieves the headache, dullness, feverish
ness, sore throat, sneezing, soreness
and stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow
ing ant 1 snuffing. Ease your throb
bing head —nothing else in the world
gives such prompt relief as "Pape's
Cold Compound,' which costs only 25 >
cents at any drug store. It acts with
out assistance, tastes nice and causes |
no inconvenience. Accept no substl-.
tute. —Advertisement.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Herman, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Z. Wallower, Mr. and Mrs.
E. J. Stackpole and Miss Underhill, of
New Tork, started this morning for a
pleasure trip to Florida.
Women Who Take
this universally popular home
remedy—at times, when there
is need—are spared many hours
of unnecessary suffering—
Sold tT«Twhm. la bozM. 10c.. 28c.,
[OUier Personals oil Page 4.]
Appreciation of Musical Work
Shown by the Officers and
Members of the choir of Zion Eu
theran Church were last night en-
Itertaincd by the vestry of the church
at a reception given to show the ap
preciation of the church for the work
of the choir during the past year.
About fifty people attended the affair,
which was held in the church.
In the receiving line were Charles
A. Kunkel, president of the vestry;
the Rev. S. Winfield Herman, pastor
' of the church, Warren A. Zollinger
' and Dr. E. E. Campbell.
President Kunkel expressed the ap
preciation of the church and the ves-
L try of the work of the choir in a little
talk. To this, Professor E. J. Decevee,
' choirmaster, made a response. On the
musical program, which followed,
were three solos, sung by Mrs. Wil
liam 11. Witherow, Sherman Allen and
Frederick Eutz. Delicious refresh
ments were served after the program
was completed.
The members of the choir are Mrs.
Ida Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M.
Singer, Mrs. E. L. Daron, Mrs. Carrie
Church, Miss Jane Kinzer, Miss Jane
Eea, Miss Cymbeltne Felker, Miss
Grace Gohl, Miss Leicester Heisler, Dr.
and Mrs. John Eager, Jr., Miss Ger
trude Wieseman, Miss Daisy Moore,
Miss Huth Partbemore, Miss Katha
rine Rudy, Miss Frances Spong, Miss
Martha Snavely, Mrs. Frank Eby, Miss
Nellie J. Bennett, Miss Carrie Lantz,
Miss Ruth Grissinger, Miss Edith
Itreltinger. Miss Blancho Pelen, Mrs.
William Witherow, Mrs. Edward Fry,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coutts, Miss
Vera Peiffer, Mrs. A. K. Dei'evee, Mr.
and Mrs. Sherman Allen, Dr. Croll
Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Boyer,
Paul Hellman, Harry Van Horn, Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Mower, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick S. Lutz, John P. Keller, Mr.
and Mrs. George Foerster, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Yohn, Paul Laubenstein,
Louis Mundell, Edward Baum, Dr.
and Mrs. C. B. Fager, Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin J. Decevee.
The vestrymen include Charles A.
Kunkel, Dr. E. E. Campbell, Warren
A. Zollinger, Paul It, Chadwlck,
Charles B. Fager, C. B. Flower, Halph
L. Brown, William M. German, M. IJ.
Bowman, John S. Weaver.
J. Ottis Aker. of Chicago, has re
turned to the West after visiting: his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Aker, at
241 North street.
Mrs. John Christian Houek and
small daughter Eleanor, of Lebanon,
are visiting Mrs. Houck's parents, Mr.
•>nd Mrs. E. E. Ewlng, in this city.
Mrs. Edward E. Ewing
Entertains at Cards
' Mrs. Edward Everett Ewing, of 1208
North second street, delightfully en
tertained at cards yesterday afternoon
at her home. Forty-eight guests
played live hundred, followed by an
' elaborate buffet supper. Prizes of
' great beauty were awarded the win
! ners of the games.
' Members of the choir of the Maclay
" Street Church of God were entertained
1 at the home of the organist, .Miss
Blanche Gingrich, 2286 North Sixth
■ street, Tuesday evening. Vocal solos
• by Miss Ethyl Dissinger were followed
! by numbers from the ladies' quartet.
5 Kefreshments were served to the
* Misses Ethyl Dissinger, Sadie Gordon,
■ Mame Morrow, Mrs. Elwood Cover,
- Misses Viola Helsey, Sue Groff and
, Goldle Gallagher and Messrs. Siple
- and Showalter.
i, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Maxwell, of
i 1947 Green street, entertained most
i. delightfully at a Valentino card party
, Tuesday evening.
Boy Says He's Cured
of Running Awaj
Inspired by the success of a. boj
here in a moving picture story, Johi
Gallagher, of BfilO Jjansdowne avenue
Philadelphia, aged 14 years, decided tt
make a fortune for himself.
Young Gallagher went to the Penn
sylvania Railroad yards near his home
jumped a freight, train, and landed ir
llarrlsburg this morning. The boj
was home-sick and drenched to tin
skin, and he sought aid from the po
lice department.
The boy says his father is a real es
tate agent and will send him car care
"I'm cured," said Gallagher this aft
ernoon. "Once 1 get home, I'll rievei
leave until 1 can pay my way."
Miss lilsio Dion and Miss Kdnt
Hossman, of Lancaster, were guests ol
honor at a card party given by Mr
and Mrs. Charles Krisman, of 211(
Green street. In attendance were Mis:
lJle'n, Miss Hossman, Mr. and Mrs
Kdward It. Keffer, Mr. and Mrs. Ralpl
How to Cure Rheumatism
Prominent Poi'lor'ft Bent I'reHcrlp
tlon KnNll.v Mlmcil ill Home.
This simple and harmless formulf
haw worked wonders for all who hav«
tried it. quickly relieving chronic ant
aeutu rheumatism and backache. rorr
your druggist get one ounce of lorli
compound (In original sealed package:
and one ounce of syrup of Sarsaparllh
compound. Take these two ingredl
ent.s home and put them In a. halt pin'
of good whiskey. Shake the bottle
and take a tablespoonful before eaer
meal and at bed-time." Good results
come after the tlrst few doses. If you;
druggist does not have Torls compound
in stock ho will got it for you in s
few hours from his wholesale house
Don't be Influenced to take a patent
medicine Instead of this. Insist on hav
ing the genuine Torls compound in the
original, one-ounce, sealed, yellow
package. This was published here lasl
winter and hundreds of the worst cases
were eured by It In a short time. 1 üb
llshed by the Globe Pharmaceutical
laboratories of Chicago.
Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Knlglil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baber, Dr. ani
Mrs. George Kingsbury, of Steelton
Miss Lula Smith, Miss Klorenc
Piokell, Miss Lucretia Erisman, Ro;
Hummel, Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Porter
Mr. Pergln und Harry Wilson.
Mrs. Kdward T. Schell. a recen
bride, entertained the Embroider;
Club of which she is a member yester
day afternoon at her home, 1633 Nau
daln street. Sewing and chat, wit!
refreshments, were features of pleas
lire. In attendance were Mrs. Welke
A. Drawbaugh, Mrs. John Dugan, Mr?
Georgo A. Kulp, Mrs. Kdward Cover
Miss Sylvia Drawbaugh, Mrs. .lame
Stephens and Mrs. Schell.
The Hebrew Toadies' Talmud Toral
will hold a special meeting Snnda:
afternoon ut the Kosher Israel Syria
gogue, Fourth and State streets, whlcl
all members are urged to attend. Thi
president, Mrs. E. Silver, will call tlv
meeting to order promptly at 2.3*
Kveryone who can is going to hea
Kdwin H. Lemare, of England, in on<
of hi:, great organ recitals at the Beth
lehem Lutheran Church to-morrov
evening. Doors will open at 7.31
o'clock and the program will com
nience at 8.15. One of the most in
terestlng numbers of the evening wil
be an improvisation on any origina
theme submitted by a member of th<
audience. The recital is free, but i
silver collection will be taken at inter
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Swartz ant
daughter Alverda returned from a trli
to Allentown and New York city
where they attended the wedding ot
Mr. Swartz's brother, Benton Swartz
to Miss Clara Ferguson, which took
place in New York city Saturday aft
ernoon. •
.Benton Swartz in secretary of tht
FEBRUARY 19,1914.
One of last evening's sleighing par
ties went to Hummelstown for suppei
Those present wore Mr. and Mrs
Albert Slmms, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gold
smith, Mr. and Mrs. Aulman, Mis
Wormser, Miss Margaret Adler ant
Stanley Adler.
George B. Tripp is in New York citi
for a few days.
Mrs. Mabel Cronise .Tones spoke foi
suffrage to-day at noon, at the ller
shey chocolate factory.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gregory hav«
gone home to Pittsburgh after a shorl
visit with friends in this city.
Miss Pearl E. Johnston, of 2329
North Sixth street, underwent an op
eration several days ago at the Ameri
can Stomach Hospital, Philadelphia,
and Is improving In health.
Navy Young Men's Christian Associa
tion at Shanghai, China. Among the
many handsome wedding gifts was a
solid silver service presented to Mr.
nnd Mrs. Benton Swartz by Mrs. Helen
Gould Shepherd and Mrs. Uussell
Sage, of New York city.
AHhs Harriet Numan. of Lancaster,
Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Spencer C.
Gilbert, 107 North Front street.
Mrs. Frederick Herman Marsh, 129
State street, was hostess to the
Wednesday Afternoon Sewing Club
Is absolutely necessary to give
the health that brings happiness,
a good appetite, restful sleep,
and makes yeu eager for life's
makes pure blood and so creates
this much-desired oondltien. <
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kunkel. of
1607 North Second street, have Issued
cards for an "at home" to the officers
and teachers of the Kefornied Salem
Sunday School Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary 24. Mr. Kunkel Is superintend
ent of the Sunday school and Mrs.
Kunkel Is actively interested in tho
missionary work of the church.
Wliut Gorgas Makes
Goi-gas Guarantees
7 Prescription
In Oorgas' Prescription De
partment the greatest care Is
taken to insure accuracy and
safety. .
Each prescription is takon
in charge by two skilled phar
macists—one does the com
pounding and the other careful
ly checks his work to make sum
that It is RIGHT in every par
Gorgas never substitutes or
uses an inferior article. When
health and life are at stake we
do our part carefully and con
scientiously. Your prescription
will be put up here just as your
doctor wants It and the price
will be no more than elsewhere
—perhaps less.
Gorgas Drug Stores
16 North Third Street.
Open All Day and All Night
Open from 7 a.m. until midnight