Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 03, 1914, Page 12, Image 12

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Handsome Oak, Mahogany &b
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ruary Furniture Sale at
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i}— l ==== dL 1—• — — ~ -- lIPPi
Mayor Has Plan to
Abolish the Minimum
Water Rates in City
In the near future Mayor Royal will
teonfer with Commissioner of Public i
Safety Bowman upon a plan to abolish
the minimum water rate entirely.
"What the scheme is the Mayor
•wouldn't say other than to admit that <
Vie has had such a schem eln mind
for a long time and would confer with
the Public Safety Superintendent some
The Mayor suggested the same thins
Jn his message and when the Bowman
measure reducing the. minimum water
rate from $6 to $5 was passel finally
the Mayor vote along: with Council,
but said he believed a step further
should be taken.
"What do you mean, Mr. Presi
dent?" asked Mr. Bowman.
"Why," said the Mayor, "I think
that you should go one step further
with regard to the minimum rate and
abolish it entirely."
"Well," smiled Mr. Bowman, "if
you should do that you would have to
provide, some other means for taking
care of your sinking fund."
"The plan I have in mind would get
around that, 1 think," returned the
Mayor. "I'll take that up with you
Ordinances passed finally included:
Providing for opening and grading of
Nineteenth from Chestnut to Mulber
ry; Twentieth from Market ta Cliest-
nut; Mulberry from Eighteenth to
Nineteenth; Hlldrup from Eighteenth
to Twntleth; Chestnut, Eighteenth to
Nineteenth; providing for new nieth
o& advertising paving and grading
New measures included an ordi
nance by SCoinmissloner Lynch pro
viding for a new method of levying
paving assessments by the per foot
front rule. Where the lots are on
an angle the paving cost will be re
Commissioner Lynch submitted the
city Highway Department report for
the year, and Commissioner Taylor
the Fire Chiefs report for January.
An application for position as pa
trolman was filed by J. O. Stutzman,
1529 North Third street. The Third
Class City League invitation for Ilar
rlsburg to pay its 1914 dues of $35
was laid over.
Commissioner Lynch offered a reso
lution turning into the department's
contingent fund the balance of $333.-
40 remaining from the salary appro
priation for ex-Highway Commissioner
E. E. Frltchey.
By resolution of Mayor Uoyal, As
sistant City Clerk R. R. Seaman was
authorized to collect and compile the
records of Select Council, and another
resoluton by Mr. Taylor authorized the
Mt. Pleasant Fire Company to hold
Its fair in the firehouse March 7 to 14.
Ixmdon. —John Redmond and Au
gustine Birrell were closeted with
Premier Asi|uith, it being understood
that the government had determined
to make another effort to conciliate
Ulster oh home rule.
Berlin. —lt was announced from
Berlin that there was a strong prob
ability of Dr. von Bethmann-Holl
wegg resigning as Imperial Chancellor
to become Viceroy of Alsace-Lorraine.
Ixmdon. —A definite settlement was
reached of the claims of the three
daughters of the late King Leopold of
Belgium in connection with the prop
erty left by him.
London. Five hundred thousand
dollars was bequeathed to Yale Uni
versity by Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, the total of nis bequests to
education aid charity being $2,375,-
Albany. —Governor Glynn asked the
New York Legislature to petition
Congress for relief from caring for
alien Insane admitted by defective Im
migration laws.
Houghton. —Only five of the deputy
sheriffs accused of the murder of two
striking copper miners In the Calu
met region appeared in court at
Houghton, Mich., when the trial was
called. The sixth defendant, Thomas
Haleigh, had disappeared. and his
bond was declared forfeited.
rContlnued from First Page]
first day of December, 1913,
adopted a resolution containing,
inter alia, the following pro
vision. viz:
"Resolved, That all employes
and subordinate officers whose po
sitions were created by law or
ordinance. Including the members
of boards and commissions, now
In office or in the employment of
the city, are hereby continued in
such offices or employment which
they were respectively occupying
prior to the first Monday of De
cember, 1913, except the Board of
Revision of Taxes and Appeals
and the Clerk to Select Council,
until they shall be dismissed by
the Council or their places filled
by persons duly and regularly ap
pointed or elected under the pro
visions of said act of June 27,
1913." and
Whereas, the continuance of the
subordinate officers and employes
in their respective positions, as
therein provided, was a temporary
expedient, to enable the Council,
after assembling the various de
partments directed by the law of
June 27, 1913, and after becom
ing more familiar with the char
acter and progress of the public
work then in various stages of
completion, as well as better ac
quainted with the general stand
ard and quality of all the work
ing forces as then constituted and
continued from the previous ad
ministration, to more intelligently
and more deliberately recast and
reshape those working forces so
that the purposes of the new
scheme of government might be
best accomplished In accordance
with the true intent and meaning
of the law, now, therefore.
Resolved, That all the subordi
nate officers and employes of the
city in every department of the
government, who were retained In
their respective positions by virtue
of the resolution adopted the first
day of December, 1913, except
such aj? have been reappointed
subsequently by the Council, and
except such as have had their
terms extended by operation of
the law, be and they are hereby
dismissed from their respective
offices and positions, which dis
missals shall take effect on the
first day of March, 1914.
Wholesale Removals
Are Not Contemplated,
Only Necessary Changes
Commissioner Lynch, asked by the
Telegraph representative whether his
resolution meant the retirement of all
employes, made this statement:
"The resolution fixing March 1,
1914, as the date on which will termi
nate the service of all municipal em
ployes who have not been reappoint
ed by the present Council, except such
as have had their terms extended by
operation of law, does hot contemplate
the removal of all these employes. It
simply means that by fixing a date for
the expiration of the service of those
now in the employ of the city, it will
be possible for the heads of the sev
eral departments to make such
ohangps as may be deemed advisable
in the Interest of economy and effi
ciency. It is also only fair that those
who are now employed by the muni
cipality shall have sufficient notice so
that in the event of their dismissal
they may have opportunity to make
other connections. Many employes
have been disturbed about probable
changes, and In order to relieve their
anxiety and perfect the organization
of the different departments the reso
lution was introduced. It will now be
possible, after a conference of the
entire Council and the department
heads, to reappoint those who are to
be retained in the city's service or
fill the vacancies thus created by the
appointment of new men.
"Of course, such a resolution is apt
to cause more or less speculation as
to the individual employe, but as no
action can be taken for several days,
the whole matter of who shall go and
who shall remain will be determined
No End of Gossip
as to Changes; Some
Are Not Affected
No end of gossip has been started
by the introduction of the broadside
resolution this afternoon, but it is
said the results are not likely to be
so serious as some of the em
ployes feared when the news first fil
tered through the crucial screen. It
appears from official remarks to be
the main purpose of the resolution to
get through with the changes of per
sonnel in the several departments so
that the more important matters of
administration may be taken up and
disposed of as rapidly as possible.
These include tho making of a. budget
for the new year, the revision of the
license ordinance, which will prob
ably entail the appointment of an offi
cial similar to a mercantile appraiser
for the city, and the mapping out of
a comprehensive program for the
year, including ordinances for an in
crease of the cluster lighting of the
highways, the purchase of play
grounds, the completion of the park
system, important changes In the con
duct of the water department and the
fire department, the creation of the
Planning and Shade Tree Commis
sions and other constructive work. In
municipal circles It is explained that
too much of the time of the commis
sioners has been consumed In discus
sion of the jobs and they want to get
down to business.
As is well known, the several
boards, including the Board of Public
Works, Park Commissioners, Board
of Health and the Health Officer, Dr.
Kaunick, have all been retained, but
the resolution covers the chief of the
fire department, the building inspec
tor, employes of the park commission,
the force of the board of puhlic works
and others, the salaries ranging from
$1,500 down.
It was stated late this afternoon
that there will be a general confer
ence on the make-up of the list of
employes before next Tuesday. It is a
matter of gosaip that Building Inspec
tor Moeslein will be displaced by a
new man, probably James CJrove, and
that Assistant Fire Chief Spicer may
also drop out. Park Superintendent
Forrer is also said to be slated for re
tirement. Clark E. Diehl, the city
electrician; City Clerk Charles A. Mil
ler, Assistant City Clerk Ross Seaman,
City Engineer Cowden and his entire
force (who are retained under the
law); City Solicitor Seitz and his clerk,
Mr. Taylor; City Treasurer Copelin,
City Assessor Bickley, Sealer of
Weights and Measures Keel, Plumbing
Inspector Bradley and others will not
be disturbed, according to one of the
city fathers to-day.
There has Ueen a considerable cut
ting down of the force of the High
day Department during the winter
and only a few remain on the payroll
of this department at the uresent
time. Highway Commissioner Fritchey
| having resigned Saturday. Quite a
number of policemen are certain to
be retained. It Is not believed that
of Police Hutchison nor Detec
tive Ibach will go. It is said that the
office of sealers of weights and meas
ures having been created prior to the
Clark act creating the commission
form of government, Mr. Reel, who
holds that office under previous ap
pointment, is not subject to removal
before the end of his term.
The officials and employes em
braced in the provisions of the Lynch
resolution number several hundred,
but it is reported that the entire force
of the board of public works that is
the city engineer, many of the police
officers and clerks and stenographers
will be reappointed, but there is
found to be more or less uncertainty
until the reorganization shall have
been Anally completed.
Taylor and Royal in
Sharp Debate Over
Lynch's Resolution
The launching of Commissioner -W.
[II. Lynch's second thunderbolt of its
kind in City Council this afternoon
was followed by a lively tilt between
Commissioner of Parks Taylor and
Mayor Royal during which the park
commissioner referred rather pointed
ly to some inconsistencies of the city's
chief magistrate.
Commissioner Taylor "started some
thing" when he seconded Mr. Lynch's
motion to adopt the resolution.
"To my mind,"' said Mr. Taylor,
"we ought to get down to the serious
work of the city government. There
Is no reason why we, as a nonpartisan
body, should accept nonpartisan gov
ernment without closely taking up and
considering the personnel of the gov
ernment. This does not mean that
everybody will be ripped out and kept
out. But I believe that the five com
missioners should get together and go
over all the appointments and get
down to a working business basis for
the conduct of the affairs of the city.
If we started with a partisan govern
ment there is no reason, now that we
have gone into the nonpartisan form,
that we shouldn't accept the nonparti
san government—"
"What d' you mean?" inquired
Mayor Royal.
"You said here on the floor of coun
cil," replied Commissioner Taylor,
"that you wore elected on a partisan
ticket and under a partisan govern
ment. Two years ago you dismissed
a man presumably because he had
been interested in politics: only a
short time ago you opposed the dis
missal of a man whom, It was general
ly understood, had worked for several
political candidates."
"Now," went on Mr. Taylor, "I'm
not for changing the personnel of the
city government particularly; I'm for
efficiency and efficient men regardless
of politics."
Mayor Royal: "You know what I
told you a short time ago along that
Commissioner Taylor: "Don't you
think this method the proper one?"
Mayor Royal: "That just depends
upon how it is done."
Commissioner Taylor: "And don't
you think these men should have been
Mayor Royal: "Yes, one of them,
Commissioner Taylor: "Well, I
think all of them should have been
reappointed December 1."
Mayor Royal: "There was a reso
lution covering that, Mr. Taylor."
Commissioner Taylor: "That I don't
think was the proper way, and I think
this is."
The Mayor: "But it could all bo
done without this resolution and with
out Council getting together on the
Commissioner Taylor: "Still, if we
did get together we should have to
fix a date anyway, shouldn't we?"
Then Commissioner Gorgas got Into
the discussion with a suggestion that
the resolution be permitted under the
rules to lie over for a week and that
the copies of It be printed and sub
mitted to the members.
When Mr. Lynch was having the
resolution read Commissioner Gorgas
asked if there was any objection to
allowing' it to lie over.
"Oh, no, indeed, certainly not," re
plied Mr. Lynch.
When asked as to his reference to
the apparent inconsistency of Mayor
Royal's action in dismissing a man
from the police force a year or so ago
for political reasons and opposing
similar action for the same reasons
now. Commissioner Taylor said he had
Patrolmen Kd. Murphy in mind.
"That the Mayor had discharged
Murphy a couple of years ago for sup
porting- or working for Dr. Hassler
was pretty generally talked round at
the time," said Mr. Taylor. "Now he
opposes the dismissal of another man
of his own force for practically the
same reasons—why," added the com
missioner, "a man who not only
worked but pretty nearly 'panhandled'
politically for not one but for several
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