Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 02, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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    A Different Kind of February Furniture Sale
Opens At Tomorrow
I GUARANTEED BRASS BEDS ARE MARKED AT say A h /' pful distribution of trustworthy furniture at liberal ;
NEW DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM ' 1 ) lncluclin g low P nced furniture worth
■ * « a ' having. • |-l
► JlJ'iS 55 Of the tjecond (2) kind above referred to we have procured choice pieces
► i ; if iiiii ll'P i I a * trade discounts rarely experienced, they being sample pieces of the (Jrand
" 111 111 11 P ■ lIOIWIM ® ITr 1 S2O 00 Colonial Ouartered Rapids Furniture Show. We are obligated to not print the name (though we
; pCTOH Oak Buffet, 46 inches wide, mind telling you when you come to the store).
► picture. February Sale All home lovers and people who are interested in the finest of furniture
► nuR Brsuw Bod S2B 00 This Brass Bed siß.»s price, craft will be able to save considerable on these pieces, most of which is "period" r
' $12.00 Guaranteed Brass Beds $7.75 OR i
► ft* /aa , j r>~..d„j„ (tio 7C 7U Concerning the lower priced furniture we have prepared with perhaps the
$16.00 Guaranteed Brass Beds $12.75 ▼ . ]argest quantit K y sillce the o f peilillff of the furniture st ore.
" SIB.OO Guaranteed Brass Beds $14.50 $4-.00 Quartered Oak Buffet {
*■ <* oi aa n Tiorlo ilzl Qft flfl Entire fifth floor crowded with new goods, our warehouse filled to the roof i
$21.00 Guaranteed Brass Beds $ 14.V0 4>JD.UU and additional store house rented for the purpose.
' $35.00 Guaranteed Brass Beds $28.00 $35.00 Quartered Oak Buffet . ... \
► $55.00 Guaranteed Brass Beds $39.00 $27.50 inspect'the UP ° U VB ' U ™ ]
• 2-inch continuous post Brass Bed-one inch filling 14.50 $29.00 Quartered Oak Buffet xi .• ■ + . ■, * «•. j •
rods—bright or satiu finish, guaranteed lacquer, .... tf ffc TP No word m print Wlll conve . v a c ' lear 1(lea ot the hmsh < design, construction
T — I J and general worth of the furniture. You must see it. v
•! HIM fjmil , Lh I I:
. ► * $3.50 Genuine Leather, g, —marked at February Prices to give home- I i
► ° _ - jp •"
► J picture. February Sale | junction with the February Furnfture Sale. | A
Hf 9 4.C 12c roll Sc roll I <
. Furniture pur- .W» . I <
* j • 1 IfxilL A group of Bed Room Fur- $2.50 Box Seat Diner, chase j| 2,000 rolls in lot }°\ i
. chased during our #W®f\ nit«re in Tuna mahogany, leather, $J.75 | Borders | 1 «
► February Sale will $12.00 Golden Oak Exten- U\y #1 w2v ye maplC ° r ma " HOO Oenuine Leather'seat 1 St, ' ipf ' 12VsC Stripe Papers 1 1
Bion Table-—extends six feet, M M 5V,;,,.™, iw«,„ Diner ®0 QQ 1 H ?" j in yellow & green I <
►be held for future 42-inch top—like picture. ~ | [ < ChifFoiiifv " _ | ' ltc^en Papers | Cretonnes "
| delivery if you so Februa^ Sale price ' i I )ivss«t 3 U | ~ I <
; !ii on MMftM 3 ;
: °" k ' Any of these matched pieces JaTL I IfcFtaXi GtS, I ;
xmmmji&w:.imvz.mmm3T!jmjms!3ss ot bea room turniture, pat- /u/ j n g February Sale price, 1 Paper for Parlor goods
n •ip . A , | tern like picture, mahog- // /v \\ u 1 25c Oat Meal, all 30c Duplex Figured j® *
Special February Announcement jj any bird . 3 . eye mapl ; // K/ \\ QC | shades Oat Meal Papers | ;
. ConcerningFloorCover-1 y _ mwß l E d'ecou„n M at- I in rr oii ! Idr roll :
" | n-nA I $24.00 Dresser - tress, art tick- /IQ JL*\J ■V/ \ /
\ I Draperies | $24.00 Chiifonier =::== mg ' 5p4.4y g 200 rolls in lot Quantities are lim- j <
► I Many people who will attend the Fumi- 1 $24.00 Princess Dresser ° a=:=ss:: == 5 - 50 Cotton | 50c Leatherettes in j ited as they are |Jv
► 3 ture Sale will likely be interested in new 1 ° Mattress, ii KU | red and brown : High-Class Goods | ,
► I draperies and floor coverings. 'j f1 fi Cft ® (in To Silk 40c Duplex Import- 60c Satin Damask m <
► t ™ U * r «. i MOtjU O J ™ 00-Lo-Sleep Silk | c d Oat Meal in tan Parlor Papers I
| We therefore direct attention to the spe- I " floss Mattress Mat- 4 75c Areo Cromes in | ,
-• cial prices on Oriental and Domestic Rugs, | ' x tress de H>| ,1 7.1 I I on account of the «*- tan
m Curtains, Upholsteries and materials. I .. enn n . , _ . luxe, v 1 j treme reductions we re- „r ( i r] , | "
: 1 Assortment are comprehensive *iml the ! sl ®-°° Quartered Oak ® , $ 16 .00 Imperial 801 l Edge I I StfXW&fX Preied Paper to I
: 1 thl I Princess Dresser, like pic- $13.98 Quartered Oak Dress- Felt Mattress. .This Mat- g 1 ■—» gr een ' ' I
L n rv. c,, „ iU ... , 1 ture. February Furniture er, like picture. February tress weighs sixtv pounds, f .. e
► On Sale on t.lie Fourth Floor, Bowmnn s. w .. " JL • , /t» '•* f\ mr\ b? on the iourth floor, Bowman s. fc *
LI B Sale A OPT Furniture Qft is extra G?1 AKA | g
! 1 tPXV/.00 Sale, fPU»UO thick, vav.uu
Cost Far Below the Income From
the Enforcement of the Pure
Food Statutes
Pennsylvania 8,000,000 people each
spent annually about S9O for food,
making their food bill reach the gi
gantic total of *720,000,000. The State
Dairy and Food Commissioner Is
charged with the supervision of the
food trade to see that the foods are
clean, sound and unadulterated and
their Bales kept free from fraud and
he figures that the cost of the ser
CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
V Jl.
vice is about twelve cents for each
SI,OOO of food purchased, but that
the receipts from fines and licenses
, fees are about twice the expenditure;
jso that there is no direct tax upon
I the consumer.
| The commissioner notes that the
jcold storage act has been in force only
about four months, but that the ev
perience gained shows the desirabil
ity of improving the act so as to make
it less vague at certain points, so as to
make the owner and warehouseman
jointly responsible for promptly dis
posing of foods made legally unsale
able by over-long- storage, and to pro
vide more perfectly for the care of
cold storage foods after their with
drawal from the warehouse for sale.
The facts set forth by the commis
sioner are:
Year. Receipts Expenditures
1907 $ 55,702.63 $ 78,455.88
1908 54,580.62 69,968.20
1909 86,594.15 83,700.00
1910 110,802.95 79,661.65
1911 120,993.48 83,083.15
1912 136,125.49 81,858.55
1913 178.789.76 75,687.12
$738,619.08 $552,314.55
Comparing the receipts and expen
ditures for the seven years, the total
recepts were $186,304.53 more than
the expenditures.
Telegraphic News
in Condensed Form
Special to Ttii Telegraph
New York. —General James Grant
Wilson, a member of the staff of Gen
eral Grant In the campaign against
Vicksburg and later famous as a
writer and lecturer, died yesterday in
St. Luke's Hospital after an Illness of
several weeks.
Paris. —lt was announced to-day
that the national subscription for the
French aerial war fleet amounted to
$1,200,000 a*id that 210 aeroplanes
would be bought for the army.
Washington.—Much, discussion haa
been aroused in educational circles by
an article In the Educational Review,
written by Rear Admiral French E.
Ohadwick, in which he said that
women teachers in the public schools
of America has resulted in "feminized,
emotional, illogical nutnliood."
Washington.—The Mouse uosl office
2 committee arranged a hearing for
- Monday of next week, when argu- ]
5 ments in favor of the reduction of
- letter postage to 1 cent will be pre
.l sented by representatives of the Na
il tional One-Cent Postage Association.
Falmouth. England.—Captain Ix>r
enz, the first officer, and seventeen of
the crew of the German bark Hera,
from Pisagua, Chile, for Falmouth,
lost their lives yesterday through the
1 vessel striking a rock as she had
almost concluded her voyage. The
remaining five men were saved
t through the gallantry of the first offi
cer, who, realizing his own end was
I near, handed his whistle to a comrade
with orders to blow It. This attracted
* the attention of the crew of a lifeboat,
f who rescued the men from the rigging.
® Special to The Telegraph
s Hershey, Pa., Feb. i. —On Thursday
evening, February B, Will A. Rogers,
* of Wllllamsport, will give a fine en
tertalnment in the Hershey Men's
!. 1 Club rooms. His subject will be
* i "Posies Gathered From Various Gar-
| 8 ' dens and Tied Together With a String
jof l\ly Own." Mr. Rogers' program
a cuiists of character studies.
' News Items From Points
in Central Pennsylvania
Marietta.—Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Waller, residing at Accomac, celebrat
ed their golden wedding anniversary.
Har.leton. —Thirty-nine residents of
Hazleton Heights have petitioned the
' city council to investigate the ln
, creased domestic lighting rates of the
Harwood Electric Company.
Hatboro.—The Hatboro branch of
i the Montgomery No-Licenße Campaign
i has been formed with Elmer Walton
. as president and Charles Crouthamel
, as treasurer.
Bridgeport.—Burgess George Geh
ret, of Bridgeport, has issued an edict
that all Sunday celebrations by mem
bers of the foreign quarter shall be
halted by the police.
' Marietta. —Mrs. John Cashmere,
, aged 60, Is dead after an illness of
. several years.
i Wrlghtsvllle.—There are a number
, of robberies being committed In this
section, the latest attempt being made
■ to force ah entrance Into the station
r of the Northern Central Railroad,
i Bloomsburg.—The scarlet fever
quarantine was lifted yesterday from
the public schools.
Shamokin.^—A revival campaign
started here ve weeks ago by eight
I local churches, the Rev. W. P. Nich
olson, the Irish evangelist, doing the
1 preaching dally, ended last night.
Morrlsville. —Morrlsville real estate
dealers have plans under way for the
, erection of nearly two hundred houses
\ here following an order of the Penn
sylvania railroad to all its yard and
\ car shop employes to remove to Mor
! risville, so they will be nearer their
Chambersburg.—Central Presbyter
' fan church held a congregational
! meeting with the Rev. Dr. John Allan
Blair, as moderator. The Rev. George
A. McAllister, of Chester, N. Y., was
' unanimously callecf as pastor and It
t 1b believed he will accept.
' York.—The Rev. Dr. Charles Lewis
Ehrenfeld, who died yesterday of
pneumonia, aged 81, will be buried
> at Springfield, 0., on Wednesday
' morning next. He was at one time
Pennsylvania State Librarian.
' "I suppose this talk about beating
! your altitude record gets you rather
1 angry, doesn't it?" asked the abla
tor's friend.
• "Yes," said the aeronaut, "it cer
i tainiy makes me soar."
• ' V
H. W. Smith is a wholesale optician
of Mason City, lowa. Hearing that ha
had recovered from Bright's disease w«
wrote him and take the following items
from his letter ill reply:
"Specialists pronounced mr case
Bright's disease and incurable and ad
vised me to go south to prolong my
life. Went to Mineral Wells. Texas.
Became terribly bloated. Physicians
there made tests and found casts and
almost solid albumen. Several at the
Wells who had been oured by Fulton's
Renal Compound pursuaded me to tak«
it. Dropsy dropped forty-flve pounds
in fourteen days. In three months t
was back to business. • • • I con
tinued the treatment over two years and
during the last four years have not
found It necessary to u»e any medicine.
I have received many letters, all of
which I have answered. Through jny
correspondence I have learned of a
number of recoveries."
If you have Bright's disease do you
not owe it to yourself and family to try
Fulton's Renal Compound before giving
up? It' can be had at J. R. Boher.
druggist, 209 Market street.
Ask for pamphlet or write- John J
Fulton Co., San Francisco.—Advertise-*
- *•>> ■