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Quite the Most Important Sweater
rgn News of the Winter Is this S2O
© 1 1) Silk Garment for $14.98
q=B I *h i'li iL A pure silk sweater in two-tone shades of-Copenhagen and black,
I | M fAWSW TjTj - 4
Copenhagen and white, gold and black and white and black. The colors
if Pip l Ml are guaranteed not to fade and the fitting qualities of these rich gar-
P&Nrte. W$ ments are recognized to be perfect.
<4J A maker who was overstocked sold us every one he had on his
\"" r " I —* (J HI shelves at a substantial price revision,, so we are able to offer $20.00 silk
\ sweaters to you for $14.98.
Imported Angora' Sweaters: In a Sale
'he proverbial storms of February call for snug apparel for those who find it necessary to
TL R C j_t | * j * 1 I ' -t comes the opportunity to buy SIO.OO to $12.00 imported Angora sweaters at pronounced savings.
Much or trie rumiture in the February .* reprao " s ™""""" sam " lc Ita '- coiors
«/ Beginning to-morrow the price will be $5.98.
Q "I T TV T /* -f 4 -4 • Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Street Floor.
bale Is New-of Standard Quality- clo rnc -, — , _
d a. c i jeu d i $18.50 Full Length Coats of Serge
Bought for Less and Sold Below and Cheviot in Sizes for Mlsses B
Regular Prices DuringThisMonth and Large Women: $8.50
Ihe F Uriliture Sale is a long established institution, bringing the home furnisher good, de- ur cnl ' rc remaining stock of full length serge and cheviot coats for misses and women, in
pendable furniture at lowered prices two periods during" the vear---Februarv and August Orders SIZCS from 16 !" 46 ' ,s now , entered in . a complete clearance at exceptional savings. Every gar-
Were nlired month* kw in +li».> loarliurr - I \\T 1* 4.1 • , " ment is new this season. The materials are of the finest grades and each coat is lined through
were placed months ago HI the leading lactones 111 the East and West by the various stores out with yarn dyed satin. During the wyUer season these coats sold at $18.50. Choose to-mor
ainea \\ ltn tne syndicate lradmg Company, representing a purchasing power second to none in row aiul all this week at 58.50
Maniit ictnivr* ri th ir I+l+ a +l. •1 4. • 1 Women's $4.95 Dress Skirts of Serge Reduced to $2.98
. lanutacturers saved then choicest lots and gave their best prices to these buyers, and with . «n r t f r rt ... . . 0 .
SUch advantages it IS not to be wondered at that OUr furniture Values are incomparable. uresis now reduced in the to'an Th^gul^pHcet
Brass Beds—Guaranteed Lacquer Golden Oak Extension Tables • ?495 SlHClall -' P ri^d . thl " D 7 v " k rom v r ;;' & ''^Vona' fiooV. ' ,1U ' 1)!S
Brass Beds! Februarv Sale Price s ' 6 fect extension, 45-inch top. ,
$22.50 Brass Beds. February Sale Price . $10.50 February Sale Price $16.95 Q1 rtTr7 ' _£ ]\J O ! 1
$19.50 Brass Beds, February Sale Price $15.75 $23.75 extension tablcs, 6 feet extension, 48-inch top. Feb- OIIOWIIIP Ol 0W wIVIOS lO
p i • i d i r- • ruary Sale Price $18.95 LOt/
Golden oak, mahogany and walnut—
ssoo Worth of Parlor and Library | IVloUrnillf? HfltS
$25.00 mahogany dressers, 42 inches long, 3 ply backs and rn < , . « * <TOJrr\
drawer bottoms, dull finish. February Sale price .. $19.50 1 aDles in the oaie at 4>ooU Our new mourning hats, copied from photographs of the latest
ary Priced?!?'.. Ch,tt ° l ! ,C . r !" niatclimg P attcrn - Mahogany tables in the newest designs— London and Paris models, are distinctive in shapes and trimmings.
522.50 mahogany Princess dressers in matching pattern. '' $ () .95 mahogany tables. February Sale Price $6.95 Medium size mourning hat with narrow brim and soft crown of silk trimmed with wing
February Sale Price $1<),50 $7.50 mahogany tables. February Sale Price .... $4.95 of silk and braid ornament $6.50
$29.50 oak and mahogany dressers 42 inches long, 24x30 $15.00 mahogany tables. February Sale Price ... $9.75 Small black turban with silk brim made of folds and bow on right side s<>.so
mirror. 3 long and 2 short drawers, dust proof. February $17.50 mahogany tables. February Sale Price $11.95 Mushroom hat of black silk with left side flared, high bow of silk and crepe, folds of crepe
Sale Price $25.00 «?q sn 1 r - 11.- i,m .< 1 i> •. tisio"-n around the crown $0.50
$28.50 oak and mahogany chiffoniers in matching pattern. n,a luy ' an - N a /, < ' S ' .- C . ' ll31 ' , a , C ntC " Large black turbans of silk faced with white crepe trimmed with large bow of black silk
February Sale Price * $25.00 mahogany tables. February Sale Price .. $12.50 lined with white crepe $8.50
$29.50 oak and mahogany Princess dressers in matching $16.50 mahogany tables. February Sale Price .. $10.95 lyr * n . \r • i
pattern. February Sale Price $25.00 $3.50 mahogany tables. lebruary Sale Price .... $2.50 INeW V eilS
$16.50 oak mahogany and bird s-evc maple bureau cliif- $4./5 mahoganv tables. 1 ebruary Sale I rice .... $3.50 Face veils $1 50
fonieres and Princess dressers, full swell front and shaped $5.50 mahogany tables. lebruary Sale Price .... $.{.95 Face veils edged with crepe or grosgrain ribbon $2.50 and $!J.95
mirrors. Pebruary Sale Price $12.95 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Third Floor. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Millinery, Second Floor, Front.
That Stubborn Abscess
it is Healed Only by Getting
the Blond in Actinn
Here are some very valuable facts
tor all who have any blood trubie
with external outbreaks.
Do not cover it so as to interfere
with perspiration or the formation of
protective scabs. Keep it clean and
bandaged. If it is a stubborn case,
Jiush your blood with 8. S. S. This
famous blood purifier works wonders.
And you can easily give your blood a
good, thorough cleansing by using
S. S. S. There is no need for anyone
to be despondent over the illness of
blood impurities. No matter how
badly they attack the system or how
unsightly becomes the skin, just re
member what a distinguished doctor
said: There is one ingredient in
S. S. S. that so stimulates the cellular
tissues throughout the body that they
select their own essential nutriment
from the blood.
This means that all decay, all breaking down
of the tissues. Is checked and repair work be
gins. S. S. S. has Buch a specific influence on
all local cells as to preserve their mutual wel
fare and afford a proper relative assistance to
?ach other. Marc attention Is being given to
scientific medicine than ever before, and S. S. S.
Is the highest achievement in this line.
Do not fail to get a bottle of S. S. S. to day.
If your abscess is of *uch a nature that you
would like to consult a specialist, write to the
medical department. The Swift Specific Co., 311
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Beware of any attempt to sell you something
else for the blood. Many people have been
imposed upon by having some mineral mixture
palmed off on them. Ask for S. S. S. and
Insist that S. S. S. is what you propose to get.
Nose pieces like above cut for
$1.50 Worth $3.50
Gold .filled frame and spherical
lenses' for reading and sewing.
SI.OO Worth $3.50
This offer is for this week only.
Eyes examined by Oculist and Opto
34 N. Third Street
Otbt Footer's Store, \f«r Po«« Office
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| Well-planned Surprise
For Mrs. Sophia Slyder
Special to The Telegraph
Mechanicsburg, Pa.. Feb. 2.—A well
| planned birthday surprise was given
iby .Mrs. George Ross, North Tork
(street, on Saturday afternoon in honor
lof her mother, Mrs. Sophia Slyder,
| who was 70 years old that day. In
| the diningrooin a centerpiece of pink
and white carnations decorated the
table. Supper was served to Mrs.
Susan Raffensberger, Mrs. Harry
Hertzler, Mrs. M. H. Spahr. Mrs. Lizzie
Fetzer. Mrs. Annie E. Lloyd, Miss
Kate Poole. Mrs. Sophia Slyder and
Mrs. G. B. Ross. Mrs. Slyder received
many good wishes and remembrances
! of the day.
Special to The Telegraph,
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Feb. 2.—Be
ginning next Sunday evening, Febru
ary 8, at 7.30 o'clock, a mission will
bo held in St. I.uke's Episcopal
Church. There will be mission
preaching every evening, concluding
with Saturday evening. The Rev. H.
B. Pulsifer, rector of St. John's
Church, Marietta, will be the mission
ary, assisted by the Rev. C. Stuart
Kltchin, rector of St. I.uke's Church,
Mt. Joy.
1 Rub Soreness, Stiffness and Pain
Away in a Few Moments
Instant Relief—No Waiting—Getj
a Small Trial Bottle of
St. Jacobs Oil
Stop "dosing" Rheumatism.
It's pain only; not one case in fifty |
requires internal treatment. Rub
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs Oil"
right on the "tender spot," and by the l
time you say Jack Robinson—outf
comes the rheumatic pain and distress.
St. Jacobs Oil conquers pain! It is
a harmless local rheumatism cure
which never disappoints and doesn't
burn or discolor the skin. It takes
pain, soreness and stiffness from ach
ing Joints, muscles and bones; stops
sciatica, lumbago, backache, neuralgia
and reduces swelling.
Limber up! Get a small trial bottle
of old-time, honest "St. Jacobs Oil"
from any drug store, and In a mo
ment you'll be free from pain, aches
and stiffness.—Advertisement
Recent Deaths in
Central Pennsylvania
Special to The Telegraph
Gettysburg. David Kitzmiller, 74
years old, died at Ills home In Balti
more street on Friday night. Mr.
Kitzmiller was postmaster at Gettys
burg from 1890 to 1894. He was
born in Adams county and has been
a resident of Gettysburg nearly all
his life. He is survived by his wife
and one daughter. Miss Eva, and one
son. Charles B. Kitzmiller. He has
been a member of Gettysburg Lodge,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows for
the past fifty-three years. Funeral
was held to-day.
Conestoga.—Franklin A. Haines. 73
years old, a veteran of the Civil War,
bricklayer and contractor, died yes
terday from a complication of dis
eases. His wife, six children and sev
eral grandchildren survive.
Marietta.—Mrs. John Cashmere, 60
years old, died yesterday of cancer.
She is survived by her husbond, six
children and five grandchildren.
Sunbury.—George Malick, a promi
nent railroadman, stricken with apo
plexy, died at his home in Reagan
street here at the noon hour on Sat
Dlilsburg.— Charles March, motor
man of the Dillsburg and Mechanics
burg motor car, died on Saturday at
the home of his brother-in-law, Harry
Bushey, of near I-atiniore, where ho,
with his family, had been living since
he was compelled to give up work on I
the car on account of lung trouble.
Mr. March was 38 years old nnd is
survived by his wife and two children,
j Stewart and Katherine March; one
sister, Mrs. Bream, of Gardner's Sta-
J tion, and one brother. About a year
ago a brother of Mr. March was acci-
I dentally shot to death while hunting
I deer. Two months ago his sister's
! husband. Mr. Bream, died, and a few
j days later a brother of Mrs. March,
; Clayton Bushey. died after an illness
low two days of pneumonia.
I Shippenshurg.—Mrs. Hinton, a col
ored Woman, died at her home In
! West Orange street. She is survived
1 by her husband, who is an employe of
Ir. P. Tel).
| Shippensburg.—U M. Funchion, ofi
j Fast Orange street, died yesterday of
! heart trouble.
I ('amp Hill. Feb. 2. —On Saturday
(the Cumberland county court granted
m temporary Injunction against the
I Uiverton Consolidated Water Company
[from collecting the Increased water
rate from the property owners, who
have been making a protest. This Is
another step In the rate war ot the
citizens of the borough against the
water company.
It Is probable that the Public Ser
vice Commission will render a decision
In the matter within a short time.
An effort was made by the citizens
to compromise with the. water com
pany until the Public Service Commis
sion rendered a decision, but it would
not arbitrate.
I Mrs. J. Emery Fleisher
Hostess to Woman's Club
Special to The Telegraph
I Newport, Pa., Feb. 2.—As is Us an
i nuiil custom, the Woman's Club en
jtertained on Friday evening with Mrs.
J. Emery Fleisher, hostess. Mrs. Car
| rie Eby Jeffers and Mrs. J. Harry Mc-
I Culloch rendered a piano duet, and
I the president of the club, Mrs. James
M. Kunkle gave a reading. There
were also guessing contests for the en
tertainment of their guests. Elaborate
were served. The mem
bers of the club were Mrs. Horace
Beard, Mrs. Edith Brandt Barton,
Mrs. LemueJ W. Brimmer, Mrs. Henry
O. Orris, Mrs. James M. Kunkle, Mrs.
I William Dorwart, Mrs. Robert M.
Ramsey, Mrs. John 8. Leiby, Mrs.
Carrie Eby Jeffers, Mrs. J. Harry Mc-
Culloch, Miss Ella Fleisher, Miss Jen
nie Linn MilllgHn, Miss Anne Lynn
Irwin, and their guests, Mrs. Hiram
M. Keen, Mrs. Charles C. Brandt, Miss
i Mary McCulldch, Miss Carrie Diven,
Miss Grace McManigal, the Rev.
James M. Runkle, the Rev. Robert M.
Ramsey, the Rev. William Dorwart,
J. Holmes Irwin, Hiram M. Keen, John
S. Lelby. Dr. J. Harry McCulloch,
Frank H. Gantt, John S. Eby, George
P. Bistline, J. Emery Fleisher.
Funeral of Little Girls
Killed in Mountain Accident
Special lo The Telegraph
Newport, Pa., Feb. 2.—Yesterday
Emma and Elda Hamaker, little
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Hamaker, took place from the home
of the parents near Montgomery's
Ferry. The little girls were killed
when an oil wagon, drawn by three
horses, driven by Charles E. Cook,
skidded on the icy mountain road
and tumbled over an embankment.
Cook was injured so badly that he died
in a short time. Two other children
riding on the wagon escaped injury. 1
The two little bodies were placed in
[one casket and funeral procession
I went from the home of the parents
jto the little Hill Church a mile away,
| where services were held and buriul
i The altar chapter of St. Haul's Guild '
i has elected the following officers.
Mrs A. I>. Horn, president; Mrs. Hel
en C. Brown, vice-president; Mrs. Ed
ward Hughes, treasurer; Miss Florence
Miller, correspondence secretary; Miss'
j Mary Harsh, recording secretary.
For Infants and Childrtfi
bn Use For Over 30 Years
Signature of
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., Feb. 2. —The Ameri
can Iron and Steel Manufacturing
I Company, the largest employer of
! labor in this city, to-day gives employ
ment to hundreds of skilled workmen
in the resumptoin of its mills on the
double shift. For months during the
present trade depression the mills
have been operated on single shift.
The past week has witnessed a healthy
revival of trade in the local iron mar
ket and there is a strong intimation
that it will mean the relighting of
the fires in the idle furnace plants of
the Pennsylvania Steel Company in
this city and those of the Lackawanna
Iron and Steel Company in this city
and Cornwall.
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Feb. 2. The
funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Gleim was
held this afternoon at the home of
Daniel Bates, South High street, the
Rev. Joseph E. Guy, pastor of St.
Paul's Reformed Church, officiating.
Burial was i,nade in the Trindle Spring
Shippensburg, Pa., Feb. 2.—Dr. W.
H. Washlnger, of Chambersburg, con
ference superintendent, will preach at
Messiah United Brethren Church on
Wednesday evening.
Rich Red
I* your# if you take HOOD'S
SARBAPARILLA, which make*
the blood normal in red and white
corpuscles; relieves pimples, boils,
scrofula, salt rheum or eczema,
catarrh, rheumatism, dyspepsia,
nervousness, that tired feeling.
■ ■ SM| sreeurmble. All kinds !
■■ I ■ B El mean suffering sad
mm ■ ■ Iftfl danger. The CAUSE I
■ I 9 I* always internal. I
I Ikk Dr. Lronhardt's
fj/itProdijce amazing results by attacking the
INTERNAL CAUSE. The piles are dried up and
permanent!* cured. 24 days' treatment, SI.OO. |
DR. LEONHARDT CO, Buffalo, N. Y. (five beak)
Bold by Kennedy Medicine Store, Hsrrtsbais,
J. A. McOurdy. Steelton. and dsalets.
Quick Relief for Coughs, Colds and
Hoarseness. Clear the Voice—Pine for
Speakers and Singers. 25c.
16 N. Third St. Pcnna. Station
Thinking of Quality
These days, most men when they think of a smoke, think of
King Oscar 5c Cigars
It's the way quality always affects the mind. Its influence
is simply irresistible. Think of soap, silver, flour and what
not and the quality kinds are the ones you instinctively
think of.
It's a good thing, too.
k ' D. B ■ or> drop j
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