Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 30, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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    'Tied Into a Knot
From Rheumatism
Certain War to Cure Rheumntt.ra and
■top Pala. In a Few Bonis.
Get a package of Tennel. Watch the
Block, and In 48 hour* if your pains are
Are Ton Tied Into a Rheuinatl.m KnotT
Tennel Stopa It la 48 Hour*.
knot absolutely gone, banished for good
l*o that you don't feel a twitch any-
Ltrhere, we will agree to refund your
■noney without question.
V Tennel is a marvel. It is new. It Is
Hlfferent. It contains not a drop of
Poplates, habit-forming drugs, salicylic
i aold or alcohol.
L It Is a wonderful tonic, too, and gives
lb hearty appetite. Nothing like it has
■ver been produced.
A It is equally successful not only in
■heumatism, but also in gout, lumbago,
Hciatlca and neuralgia.
a package of Tennel today and
the difference in 48 hours.
Tennel treatment, consisting of
■Tbottle of Tennel at SI.OO, and a box of
Vennel Capsules at 60c, is sold under
guarantee by Edward Z. Gross, C. M.
■Forney, Geo. C. Potts. Croll Keller.
May Help You If
I Lungs Are Affected
R Proper diet fresh air and temperate
Inabits are beneficial to persons suffer
ing from Lung Trouble; but in a great
■iany Instances reports show that the
Hdditlon of a medicine for this affection
Aas materially helped in bringing about
For more than fifteen years
■Sckman's Alterative, a medicine for
Vhroat and Lung Troubles, has accom
plished good results. Ilead what It did
this cuse:
■ Madison Lake, Minn.
■aken with hemorrhage of the lungs
KVlch confined me several weeks, each
■jtiMe to my bed. My doctor advised me
go West. In November 1 started for
Col. After my arrival T met
Brody, who, upon learning of
condition, urged mo to take Eck
■in's Alterative. I kept on taking the
"Hndiclno and improved fast. In March,
IJBIO, I returned home. 1 am entirely
have a good nppetlte and sleep
■'ell. When 1 left Denver my weight
■•as 130 pounds. I now weight lfio, my
■ ormal wolglit. I thank God and your
■lterative for my health."
■ (Affidavit) PAUI, L. FASNACHT.
| (Above abbreviated; more on re-
B" Eckman's Alterative lias been proven
■>v many years' test to be most effica
cious for severe Throat and Lunjr Af
fections, Bronchitis. Bronchial Asthma,
Ktubborn Colds and in upbuilding the
pystem. Contains no narcotics, poisons
for habit-forming drugs. Sold bv lead-
Ling druggists. Write the Eckman Lab
oratory, Philadelphia, Pa., for booklet
Belling of recoveries and additional evi
dence. —Advertisement.
W- Dr. Mile., the Great Speclall.t Who
ftScnilH a New fti.KO Treatment, Free.
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Rial]y have been cured after doctors
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■cacy of his new Special Personal
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Htpresslon, Irregular pulse, palpitation,
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■ opsy. Dr. Miles will sond to afflicted
■rsons a $2.60 Free Treatment. Bad
■ises usually soon relieved.
■ These treatments are the result of 30
■ara' extensive research and remark-
Be success In treating various ail
■■nts of the heart, liver and stomach,
Cgjiich often complicate each case,
for Itemarknhle Cure, in Tour
■ State
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■nous treatment at his expense. Af-
persons should avail themselves
liberal offer, as they may never
such an opportunity again. De
■fys are dangerous. No death comes
■ ore suddenly than that from heart
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H-ee Treatment. Describe vour dls-
Hse. Address Dr. Franklin Miles. Dept.
625 to 535 Main St., Elkhart, Ind
Ror Father, Mother,
I Brother and Sister
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H: family when you .UKge.t I<ax
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That', what Lax I.lnk.
prevent. Get a box,
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the cause of sore throat, heals
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9| an curable. All kind.
9 moan Buffering- and
■■ danger. Tha CAUSE
I? alwajrg internal.
Dr. Loonhardt".
.*f2P In IS L rMU , b r attaoklnp th.
CAUSE. The piles are dried up and
TO! LKONIIASpT N. Y. (frMbook)
■old by KonnedT Medicine ftokt, HanUkaxg.
J. A. McOurdy. Stoelton. and douua.
/ •
Ellis Points Out Unfairness of the
Materialist b His Re
ligions Views
The International Sunday Scliool Wes
son For February 1, Is "The Un
friendly Neighbor"; W(C 11:1-13
(By William T. Ellis)
This la tha day of the "expert"
and the specialist. The scientific
spirit requires us to accept the ver
dict of tha highest authority. Why
then, in the name of all that's rea
sonable, should we be expected tf
take the word of a physicist upon
subjects essenUally spiritual? This
constant appeal to "science" grows
tiresome. The man whd has spent
his life in the study of wholly mate
rial and natural laws may not be ex
pected to have the last word upon
the mystical relaUonship between a
personal God and the men and wom
en whom He calls His children. Thus
was Darwin, for instance, sceptical
concerning the value or meaning of
poetry; he saw nothing in it. Like
wise, some poets could see nothing in
Darwin's theory of natural selection.
Each knows his own specialty.
Clearly, if we are going to consult
specialists, let us not go to an aurist
to have our eyes attended to, nor to
a nerve specialist to have a club foot
straightened, nor to a geology spe
cialist to have our views upon spirit
uality quickened. "Stick to your
last!" cried the painter to the shoe
maker, who, elated over his success
in criticising a shoe in a painUng,
foolishly tried to pass Judgment on
the general artistic excellence of the
work. There are many humble, un
lettered saints, rich in experience of
personal relation with God, who are
beter authorities upon prayer than
the latest German critic of the Bible.
Let us be scientific enough to admit
that some things lie "Beyond the
Natural Order," which by the way, is
the title of Nolan Rice Best's pene
trating little book on prayer.
An Expert's Counsel
Nobody ever thinks of turning to
the words of Jesus for information
upon mathematics, geography, his
tory, or the physical sciences. Those
were not His subjects. He was avow
edly a specialist upon spiritual
truth. He was time's greatest ex
pert upon the subject of God. To
make God more understandable was
His mission upon earth. Through all
the ages since. He has been the
world's most illuminating teacher of
the spiritual life. Concerning this
He speaks with authority.
This is thekobvlous reason why
His friends and Tollowers asked Jesus
to teach them about prayer. They
realized that the subject was one to
be studied; they needed expert ad
vice upon it. Therein they were wiser
than millions of Christians who
have never read a single book upon
prayer, never given an hour's
thought to the subject; and who do
not know the difference between a
child's bedside petition and a minis
ter's pulpit prayer.
In answer to His disciples' request,
| which was called forth by tho fact of
| finding Jesus Himself in prayer, tho
.Teacher propounded a model form of
prayer. Its principle embodied the
right ideals of man's petitions sent
to God. Wo call it "The Lord's Pray
er"; it really is the form given for
use of disciples. By no means is it
to be recited as a mere collection
of words; there is no especial efficacy
in the particular English words into
which it was translated In 1611. The
spirit, the idea, the principle—that
alone counts. The rendering of the
Twentieth Century New Testament
makes vivid the genius of the origi
'When you pray," Jesus answered,
"you should say—'Father,
May Thy Name be held holy,
and Thy Kingdom come.
Give us each day
our bread for tho day before
And forgive us our sins,
for wo ourselves, too, forgive
everyone in debt to us;
And do not take us into tempta
tion.' "
The School That Broadens Life
The wise parent sends his son to
the school that will broaden his life,
as well as impart certain information
to his mind. That quality eh. racter
izes the school of prayer which the
Master kept for His friends. There
is a profound educative t value in
praying Jesus' kind of prayers. No
body can remain small-minded who
has been a diligent student in this
school. The first word of the Ideal
Prttver lifts one above self and self's
petty concerns, and cries out for an
object so exalted that none of us can
truly grasp its reach and immensity
—the glory of the ineffable Ncme,
"May Thy Name be held Holy"—that
is a prayer worthy of the ever-be
holding archangels about the throne
of Heaven. Get a person into the
frame of mind which seeks first to
hallow tho reputation of Jehovah and
you have lifted him out of the im
prisoning pettiness of selfishness.
We shall be delivered from the
smallness of the saints when once
we all get to praying that God's
Name may be hallowed.
Tho best training a young lawyer
or doctor or editor or preacher or
business man can get is to be in
personal association with a really
great master in his chosen calling.
Just to share the office of John
Marshall was enough to fire a young
man of capacity with broad views
of the law. The disciples of Jesus
got their kingdom Ideas (rather
slowly, it is true, for they were un
promising material) by keeping
company with Him. Naturally, He
taught them to pray for the coming
of that Kingdom to which He had
given His life. To enter the Master's
School of Prayer is to learn to think
kingdom thoughts, to bear kingdom
burdens and to be fired by kingdom
ambitions. That is the second les
son in prayer, and it is allied to the
first. A supreme objective is thus
kept before the spirit s eye, to draw
one s powers forth to their greatest
extent. This puts a kingdom plumb
line alongside of life. It imparts a
final standard of values. Contrast
it with the storied and wicked peti
tion, "God bless me and my wife, my
son John and his wife; us four, no
more. Amen."
An observer of present usages- in
world affairs finds that the men who
bear the largest kingdom responsi
bilities are the most insistent In
their emphasis upon the need of
prayer. "With prayer or not at all"
is the battle-cry of the Every-Mem
ber Canvass. The Laymen's Mis
sionary Movement frequently issues
special calls to prayer. The devoted
hearts In the homeland which cease
not to travail In prayer for the king
dom are as important a factor in the
victories of the cross as the men and
women who fight on the firing line.
Bread and Cake Food
I have heard that the Kussian ver
sion of the Ideal Prayer carries with
it, in the petition for daily bread,
the Idea of Borne condiment along
with the bread. Well, that is the
way Christendom's prayers have
been answered. Very few persons
In our land and time know what it
is to subsist on the bare necessities
of life. God has given us bread
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well buttered, and cake also. The
daily prayer, expressed in trustful
petition and in faithful labor,, for
our supply of food has been abund
antly answered. Also the spirit of
brotherhood has brown, under the
influence of the teachng of "Our
Father," so that whoever is in real
need has but to make known his
wants to have them met.
Wise indeed is -this plan for hav
ing all men everywhere pray daily
that their common needs may be
met That tie links children to
the Father. And It teaches us the
great, deep lesson that nothing that
affects us Is too small to command
the interest of Him who marks the
sparrow's fall. Nothing reveals the
greatness and fatherliness of God
more than His solicitude for human
welfare in even the material things
of life.
Because He is a good Father, God
cannot ignore our profoundest hu
man need, which is for forgive
ness of sin and freedom from sin.
The Teacher put .this Into the pat
tern prayer which He taught His
learners. The quality of forgiveness
,—that of the one who prays being
linked up inseparably with that of
the Omnipotent Answerer of prayer
—is basic to the higher lire. We all
need forgiveness; the best of us, In
' His highest hours, confesses Himself
but a sinner saved by grace. And
by the same token we need to for
give—that door leads into the like
ness of God.
The Story-Telling Teacher
Whatever is worth doing at all, is
worth keeping on doing. Persistence
brings more than brilliancy In any
market. That men should "pray
without ceasing," Jesus taught by
the story of the man who went to
a friend at ihidnight for bread, to
feed wayfaring guests. The friend
was sleepy, and lay, with his whole
family, on the common Oriental
floor-bed. His house was locked np
for the night. So he cried out —the
East still has no social proscrip
tions against screaming messages
loudly—that He could not grant the i
request. But the neighbor persisted,
with a din that roused the house- -
holders, nearby; and at length, to i
still the disturbance and secure a
chance to go to sleep again, the un- .
friendly neighbor got up and gave
the three loaves that were desired.
The story teaches Dy contrast. If
that is churlish man's way, how
much better is the gracious Heav
enly Father's way? Even from this i
Inadequate parallel, learn, said i
Jesus, to keep 011 asking until you 11
receive. Man's iniportuntiy gives)
God an opportunity. God will give
you what you really seek; for He is
better than an earthly father. How
ever, like other parents He loves to
be asked by His children for gifts.
Therefore, the threefold injunction
of Jesus, which in English makes an
A sk
Seek *
K nock
But, after all, Insists some render,
how does God answer prayer? That
is one of many God's ways which
I do not understand. I do not know
how He creates life. I do not know
how He maintains the universe. I
doesn't know how He executes His
countless operations in nature. X
do not know how He speaks to the
spirit that trusts Him. For all
tnese I am content to accept the evi
dence of results. That He does
answer prayer I know; and so do
tens of millions of other Christians.
Also we know that
"Prayer is the Christian's vital
Wthout prayer the relations be
tween God and man grow distant
and formal and joyless. As one has
said, "God quickly fades out of the
■ life that forguts to pray." The law
11 of prayer is beyond the natural or
i der; but it is a law of the spiritual
life which may not be broken wlth
i out disaster.
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