Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 24, 1914, Page 13, Image 13

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LOST On North Second street, be
tween Locust and South streets, i
"brown fur neckpiece,
heads, tails and feet. A suitable regard
if returned to 307 North Second street.
LOST Brown leather wallet, con
taining sum of money, card and photo
graphfbetween P. & R. RX- al }^
1107 Wallace street. Please„ r «turn to
Henry Ward, newsboy. P. & R- Station.
IJOST Will the lady who PJCLWJJ
the black lynx muff in place *|er own
at Royal Hall, Third street, Wednesday
evening, please return to 317 Walnut
Btreet and get her own?
LOST Gold watch fob on Monday
night Initials on charm. H. A. F. Re
ward If returned to H. A. Funk, 41»
Hamilton street.
FOUND On Friday evening, at
Second and Pine streets. f " r neckpiece
Dwner may have same by calling at 703
Second street, identifying prop
irty and paying for this advertisement.
Help Wanted —Male
A SOLICITOR. *IO.OO a week and
ommission. Address S„ 912, care of
A YOUNG man, employed In large es
ablisliment, to act as our representa-
Ive. He can make good money wiin
ut Interfering with his regular worn.
tox 503. -
BOY to learn manufacturing Jewelry
rade. Paid while learning. Must DO
onest and highly recommended, ln
ulre A. Mednik, 331 Market street,
larrisburg, Pa. ,
FIRST-CLASS man to represent us In
wn locality, whole or part time..SP'en
id opportunity for "Live Wire. Key
tono Correspondence School, iteauui»,
FOREMAN" of tinisliing room with ex
erience on ladies' shoes. Address,
•ith reference, experience and wagis
anted. Apply llarrisburg Shoe Mfg.
0., Harrisburg, Pa.
lOrough preparations, $5. Returned if
ot appointed. Particulars free,
merlcan Civil Service {school, Wash
igton, D. C. f
> get. My free booklet, Y-3i2, tells
DW. Write to-day—NOW. Larl Hop
ins, Washington, D. C.
HIGH-CLASS man to sell trees,
lrub, roses, vines, berry bushes, bulbs,
:c. Good wages. Permanent. Excni
ve territory. Brown Brothers Nur
iries, Rochester, New York. _
I WILL START YOU earning $4 dally
t home In spare time, silvering mlr
irs; no capital; free instructive book
t, giving plans of operations. C*. t.
edmond, Dept. 268, Boston, Mass.
D. No canvassing or soliciting re
tired. Good income assured. Address
itional Co-Operatlve Realty Co., \ -
0, Marden Building, Washington, v. c.
MEN to sell seeds to farmers anil
namental stock in towns. Apply at
kce. Herrlck Seed Company, Roches
h N. -y. —„
ORGANIZERS to solicit members and
ganize lodges. Order of Owls, South
•nd, Ind. «
irriers. Thousands needed. Splendid
laries. Examinations soon. 1 con
cted examinations. Trial Examtna
>n Free. Write Ozment. 54-D, St.
mis. Mo.
00 first year, promotion to ?i.»uo. ax
linatlons February 21 in every btate.
mmon education sufficient with my
aching. Full information free.
r booklet C-372, Eaj-1 Hopkins, Wash
fton, D. C.
RAILWAY MAIL examinations, Peb
iry 21. Thorough training, $5. Ke
rned if not appointed. Particulars
;e. American Civil foervice bchool,
ishington, D. C.
WHITE boy, 16 years of age, for
neral light work. Apply In person,
naidson Paper Company, 110-110
rth Second street, Harrisburg, Pa.
i'OtJNG men, between the ages of -1
d 30, with selling ability, now em
lyed but not satisfied, can better
sir opportunities by selling llfo lnsur
ce. Address P. O. Box 503, Harrls
1100.00 WEEKLY PROFIT in spare
le at home. Mail order business
j't worry about capital. Boyd 11.
jwn, Omaha, Neb. i
3,000-SIO,OOO yearly easily made. Our
item insures success. Unparalleled,
:ome established. Valuable book
e. Interstate Realty Co., Pittsbuigh.
Help Wanted—Female
l LADY can earn SIO.OO weekly copy
letters, spare time at home. Book
-10 cents in silver. Tells How. Lom
rcial Copying Association, AVashing
, D. C.
lN energetic, educated woman, desir
a permanent position, with good in
le, will inquire F. D., 909, care of
.NY lady can earn SIO.OO weekly,
ying letters, spare time at home;
iklet 10 cents in silver tells how.
>!tal Letter Writing Co., Box 364,
shington, D. C. '
iXPERIENCED soleing girls to
-k on infants' soft sole shoes. Good
res to right party. Steady employ
lt. Eureka Shoe Co., Calder and
-ion streets.
ADIES, sewing at home. Material
uished. No canvassing. Steady
•k. Stamped envelope for partlcu
i. Calumet Supply Co., Dept. A-95,
waukee, Wis.
ADIES WANTED to stencil cards;
manent home work evenings; sls
ikly; strictly legitimate; no experi
e; no canvassing; excellent oppor-
Ity; enclose stamp. International
Co., Chicago.
ADIES Work at home making
kwear; $3 dozen; experience unnec
try; dime for pattern instruction,
rl Mfg. Co., 25 Salamanca, i\. Y.
ERSONS to do easy, pleasant col
g work at home; good pay; no can
iing; no experience required. Illus
ed particulars free. Helping Hand
•es. Hunter Building, Chicago.
SWING MACHINE operators, also
ners, to make aprons, etc. Harris
-1 Apparel Co., over City Star
ndry. State street, rear entrance.
VANTED l2 girls over 16
rs of age. Apply, Silk Mill.
30 Boas St., 2% s. b., 7 r., ...,*lO
)6 N. Cameron St., 2 s. f., 6 r., $lO
)8 Greenwood St., 3 s. f., 8 r., *ll
2 S. 20th St., 6 r. & b., sl2
1 Cowden St., 3 s. f 910
! N. Third St., housekeeping apart
nents, 5 r. b„ eity steam heat, 935
•7 N. Second St., 3 s. b 947.50
)9 N. 3d St.. 3 s. b.. 10 r. b.
N. Front St.. 3 s. b., 10 r. and 2 b.
naltlMon Apartment*—Second, near
jocust St.,. very desirable single
•ooms and suites of two, three
md four rooms.
rth of Went Fain leiv —2^-story
Iramo 915
gkaplre, Second near Lombard St.,
1% 8. b. &f. Lot 80x200 912
ilte Hill—Hummel Ave 912
Mulberry St.. 2 s. 1)., 6 r 913
Camp St., 3 s. b„ 10 r. & b .. 920
8 N. 3d St., 3 s. b., 9 r. & b., 935
4 N. 3d SC. 3 s. b., 9 r. & b. ... 930
iller Bros. & Baker
leral Square Opp. I'ost Office
Help Wanted —Female
WHITE woman for general house
work. Apply 702 North Sixth street.
WHITE girl for child's nurse, and to
do light housework. Address 8., 911,
care of Telegraph.
WHITE girl for general housework.
Two in family. Must be able to cook.
No washing. Inquire between 6 and 8,
evenings, 229 Forster street.
WHITE girl of 18 or 20 years, to help
In light housework; small family; gooo
home; no washing; references required.
Reply by letter at once, 8., 907, care of
Help Wanted —Male and Female
WILL pav Reliable Man or Woman
! $12.50 to distribute 100 FREE packages
Perfumed Borax Soap Powder among
friends. No money required. Ward
Borax Co., 216 Institute Place, Chicago.
Situations Wanted—Male
MIDDLE-AGED man wants work in
grocery store; three yeas' experience;
speaks six foreign languages. Ad
dress P. O. Box 791, City. .
YOUNG BAKER, experienced in all
lines of baked goods, coming direct
from New York, desires a position with
a bakery that will appreciate the good
service he can render. Let me do your
baking for a profit. Reference from
New York If necessary. Address J. W.
F., care of Harrisburg Telegraph.
YOUNG boy, 15 years old, desires po
sition of any kind. Call, or address,
1117 Grape avenue.
Situations Wanted —Female
BY white woman, washing and iron
ing to do at home. Call 821 Myrtle
BY colored woman, work by day or
week. 315 Nectarine street.
COLORED girl wants general house
work; no washing. Apply 107% Adams
street, Steelton, Pa.
COLORED woman wants position as
cook in hotel or boardlnghouse, or to
do general housework. Call, or address,
520 Brown avenue.
DAY'S work of any kind by colored
woman for Wednesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays; references. Call 616 Church
DAY'S work, or work by the week.
Call, or address, 1442 Derry street.
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants posi
tion as assistant cook, dishwasher or
chambermaid. Address Mrs. F. It., 214
North Arch street, Mechanlcsburg, Pa.
WHITE woman wishes washing and
ironing to do at home. Call, or address,
1533 Logan avenue. City.
WOMAN, well connected, wants to
find a home in a Christian family as
companion and to assist in light house
work. Address C., 913, care of Tele
Agents Wanted
RELIABLE party, with small cash
capital, to take agency for patented
article; recommended by all who use it.
Address The Safety Wire Gas Globe Co.,
Columbus, Ohio.
DEAL with responsible corporation. We
manufacture and distribute best sell
ers. Factory prices. Classy proposi
tion. Start spare time. Quick returns.
Small capital. Absolutely no fake
scheme. Write for free prospectus.
MEN or women can earn $lO to SSO a
week taking orders for our fast-selling
seven-bar box, high-grade Toilet Soap.
Big Seller—loo per cent, commission.
Repeat orders assured. Credit given if
desired. Write at once for full par
ticulars. Crofts & Reed Co., Chicago,
Dept. S.
WIDE-AWAKE agents are coining
money with our easily demonstrated
Specialties. Write to-day for particu
lars, Sample, and new Catalog. Snyder
Economy Co., 50 Gorman avenue, Balti
more, Md.
our specialties. Big profits; quick
sales. Write for particulars to-dav.
The Argyle Specialty Co., 6419 Argyie
avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.
AGENTS A great proposition.
Easiest and best selling article on
market. Large profits. Write to-day.
Carbon Specialty Co., 22 East Ridge
street, Lansford, Pa.
SOAP AGENTS Our Sanitary Skin
Soap has everything beat for profits;
we protect you in territory; sample and
premium list free. Daley Mfg. Co., St.
Louis, Mo.
AGENTS for a money-maker. Some
thing new. Fast seller. Sure repeater.
Particulars free. F. and M. Co., 736
Redgate avenue, Norfolk, Va.
IN State of Pennsylvania to handle
KLEENKOPIE carbon paper and type
writer ribbons. Particulars free. Rustic
Sales Co., Rustic, N. J.
TO sell to auto owners the best
"Sparks Gaps" on earth. Address Roul
E. Germain. 1715 North Robertson
street. New Orleans, La.
Salesmen Wanted
EXPERIENCE unnecessary, easy
work, big pay. Write for large list of
openings ottering opportunities to earn
SIOO to SSOO a month while you learn;
position assured. Address Dept. 417,
National Salesmen's Training Associa
tion, Chicago, New York, Kansas City,
San Francisco.
SALESMAN to sell well-known line
of Fruit Ciders In small country towns
25 per cent, commission, $35.00 weekly
drawing account. Oldest cider firm in
the United States. Red Cross Company,
204 South Main street, St. Louis. Mo
Dept. 6.
FOR the Help-a-phone; almost every
telephone user buys one to three; sells
for $3; earn SIOS a week. Send for
complete set of instructions in Sales
manship. free. W. J. Leavitt & Co., Em
porium, Pa. Dept. C.
Spring product low priced Dress
rabrics. \\ e sell tile retailer direct
and pay good commission. Desirable
side line. Schuylkill Mills, Box 1192,
Philadelphia, Pa.
carry line of cigars on road. SIOO per
month and expenses. Experience not
necessary. Continental Cigar Company.
Wichita, Kansas.
SIDE LINE, pocket samples; 10 min
utes, $lO commission; high-grade men
only; no other need apply. Advertising
Novelty Co., Newton, lowa.
Business Opportunities
WILL grant exclusive selling rights
of nationally advertised high-grade
patented specialty In big demand to
party in position to operate on large
scale. Very unuaual opportunity. Ad
dress Myrick Specialty Co., 42» Heed
Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
word places your ads in 133 different
magazines. Send copy now for next is
suo. King's Magazine, Box 1316, Little
Silver, N. J.
ANY Intelligent person can earn good
income corresponding for newspapers;
experience unnecessary. Send for par
.-Iculars. Press Syndicate, 798, Lock
port. N. Y.
tinio at home. Mail order business
don't worry about capital. Boyd H.
Brown, Dept. E, Omaha, Neb.
I MADE sno,ooo In five years in the
mall order business, began with $6.
Send for free booklet. Tell* how, Hea.
: cock, 366 Lockport, N. T,
Business Personals
Harrisburg Paste Works
„. _ 128 X. Cameron Street
.PAPERHANGERS', billposters', book
binders and all kinds of paste. Prompt
Bhlpment. All paste guaranteed. Bell
phone 1186 L.
„f. W. LATHK. Hoarding Stable and
nitionia Transfer Co. Movers of
pianos, safes, boilers and general haul
ing. H. W. Lathe, Manager, Fifth and
Woodbine street*. Bell phone No.
FOR falling hair try Gross' Quinine
Hair Tonic, prepared by Gross, the
Druggist and Apothecary. 119 Market
street, Harrisburg, Pa Telephone
1960™ * lven Prompt attention. Bell,
with best material and by expert help,
send us your worn furniture. Our best
efforts insure your satisfaction. S. N.
Cluck. 220 Woodbine street.
Of all designs. Old floors made new.
Ask for catalog. J. M. Smith, 2219
Brookwood street, Harrisburg, Pa. Bell
phone 13911*
Rooms For Rent
for llgjit housekeeping. Stoves fur
nished free. Laundry, phone and bath
room privileges. Also janitress service.
Bishop Building, 429 Broad street.
TWO furnished or unfurnisned rooms,
lor light housekeeping, or boarding, if
wished; all conveniences. 228 South
Second street.
FURNISHED ROOMS, single or en
site; all conveniences, including phone;
reference required. Apply 1015 North
1-ront street.
SECOND FI<OOR front room; all con
yeniences; references required. Apply
406 North street.
Green street.
Rooms Wanted
TWO rooms, In private family, for
light housekeeping; young married
couple; best of reference. Address Box
K., 914, care of Telegraph.
FURNISHED ROOM, by gentleman,
within short distance to city Square.
Address G., 916, care of Telegraph.
, FURNISHED ROOMS for light house
keeping, centrally located. Address
Box 910, care of Telegraph.
W anted
SECOND-HAND safe and roll-top
desk. Address K., 915, care of Tele
Real Estate For Sale
(200) ACRE (farm) East of Sunbury,
(1) mile to Danville (12,000) business
population, half mile to Trolley handy
to Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
main valley to Bloomsburg. Two houses,
one ($2,000) fine home, bank barn for
(20) head of stock, (new) outbuildings,
large crystal springs, one part heavy
timbered, (woodland) valued manufac
tured ($2,000). Cultivated two ways
(600) Elberta peach orchard, apples,
cherries, plums, quinces, grapes, (50,-
000) selected strawberry (500) rasp
berry plants, hot beds and crops in
cluded. Joins ($18,000) stock farm.
Business demands moving away. Time
is limited and (half price) sacrifice only
(S2O) an acre. (Photographs). Inquire
during special telephone hours (7 to 8)
mornings and evenings (whether sold)
before you start? Bell 11-R. and
United 110-E. Geo. B. Ostrander, Dan
ville. Pa.
FARM of A. S. Speece Estate, at
Speeceville, Pa.; 200 acres, with good
buildings; running water at buildings;
lti acres orchard; 25 acres second
growth timber; 175 acres cultivated
land; N. C. R. R. runs through farm;
station on border of farm; twelve miles
from Harrisburg along Susquehanna
river, S6O per acre. Apply Waiter and
Howard Speece, Speeceville, Pa.
A 36-ACRE FARM close to the P. &
R. Yards at Rutherford, Pa. Large i
room frame dwelling, with large hall.
Bank barn that will accommodate all
the crops and 15 head of cattle, chicken
house, pig sty, etc., all In good condi
tion. Nice apple and peach orchard.
Price, $2,900. Morris Wagner, Hum
melstown, Pa.
74-ACRE property 4 miles'from Hali
fax; 7-room house; good barn; all other
necessary outbuildings, all in first-class
repair; 200 peach trees, first crop last
year; 125 other mixed varieties. One
of the finest farms in this section. If
sold at once, possession given April 1.
Price, $3,200. Inquire 648 Muench
DESIRABLE FARM of 59 acres, lo
cated one mile south of Lewisberry,
York county. House, of seven rooms,
in good condition; also good barn, fine
spring water. Price, $2,300. Inquire P.
E. Coover, New Cumberland, Pa.
NEW brick house. No. 2313 Derry
street; large front and back porches;
all improvements; steam heat; gas and
electric lights; eight rooms and bath
hardwood finish; cemented cellar. Ap
ply 1432 Derry street.
new houses in a good neighborhood
brick construction all improvements
—rented to good tenants. Prices. $1 760
to *2,350. Bell Realty Co., Bergner
322 EMERALD STREET 3-storv
brick 7 rooms, bath and hot water
heat porch front and rear lot 32x
86 Brinton-Packer Co., Second ' and
Walnut streets.
THREE-STORY brick dwelling; front
and rear porches; all improvements
good condition. Possession at once'
owner leaving city. Call 1948 Green
406% REILY STREET 2%-story
frame 5 rooms lot. Price
$1,400.00. Brinton-Packer Co., Second
and Walnut streets.
Real Esta.te For Rent
nut street, near F&urth street, three
stories and basement, elevator service,
size, 23x80. Lease for two years. Suit
able for most any business or manu
facturing, in heart of business section.
Clias. Adler, 1002 North Third street,
Harrisburg, Pa.
Large house and two acres tff
land at Lawnton $25.00
7 North Thirteenth street, apart
ment 30.00
1628 Regina St 25.00
436 Nectarine St 13.00
1251 Market Street
1831 MARKET STREET, beautiful,
modern home: hardwood floors; steam
heat; every convenience; best location.
Rent, $35.00; less if rooms are reserved.
Inquire 1833 Market street.
NEW 6-room houses with stables,
near Twenty-third street, at Edgemont,
% mile north of Penbrook, and to cars.
Rent, $6.00. Address G. S. Hartman, 38
North Twelfth street, Harrisburg, Pa.
THREE-STORY brick house. No. 2110
Derry street; 8 rooms and bath; all
conveniences; back and side yards;
raost pleasant place in the East End.
Call 2102 Derry street.
THREE-STORY brick residence, 813
North Second street; nine rooms and
baih; good condition; all improvements;
possession April 1. Apply on premises.
DWELLINGS NO. 42 and No. 44 South
Court avenue, with conveniences; rent,
$16.00. Chas. Adler, Real Estate ana
insurance, 1002 North Third street.
Real Estate For Sale or Rent
PLOT 50x259 on South Cameron
street, with three-story brick ware
house thereon; building well built;
modernly equipped. Bell Realty Co.,
Bergner Building.
ing Picture building, including improv
ed dwelling - steam heat Plot, 20x
131. Bell Realty Co., Bergner Building.
J-'or Salt
The Board of Commissioners of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings will offer at
public sale in front of the State Capi
tol Building;, at entrance Fourth and
State streets, Harrisburg, I J a., at 10
o'clock, a. m., February 14, 1914, the
following buildings and structures upon
the premises within the boundaries of
the proposed extension of Capitol Park,
in Eighth Ward, City of llarrlgburg:
State Street, 433-514-511 rear,
Walnut Street, 414-630,
Cowden Street. 124,
South Street, 426-500-i*.
Cranberry Street. 408,
West Avenue, 532,
North Street, 715.
The purchaser shall pay to the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania, throtTgh
the office of the Superintendent of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings, Harrlsburg,
Pa., by certified check or United States
Currency, the amount at which tlie said
building or buildings and structures
are awarded to them, as follows: A
cash payment of 25 per cent, shall be
made on day of sale and the balance
before entering upon the property to
remove the material purchased.
In all cases where the premises are
unoccupied, possession will be given
tiie purchaser immediately. Where the
premises are tenanted, possession will
be given Immediately after the prem
ises are vacated. The Commonwealth
will not be responsible for any damage
to property after possession Is given.
Purchaser shall state at the time of
their offer the time required to remove
the buildings and material after being
given possession by the Common
wealth, which in no case shall be long
er than 60 days. All building refuse
shall be carted away from the premises
by the purchaser. All foundation walls
must bo taken down and removed at
least three feet below level of street.
The Board of Commissioners of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings reserves the
right to accept or refect any or all bids.
The work of removal shall be perform
ed under the direction of and to tlie
satisfaction of the Superintendent of
Public Grounds and Buildings.
NOTE: The sidewalks and street
pavements are not to be removed by
purchaser of buildings or structures
under this schedule.
By order of the board.
C. P. RODGERS, Secretary.
WE will sell our demonstrator to
quick buyer, for very special price, be
cause of arrival of 1914 Mode). Fully
equipped with Gray and Davis electric
starter and lighting system. Car run
less than 100 miles. Fully equipped in
every way, demountable rims, with
extra rim. Call and see same and get
special price. Zimmerman Motor Car
Co., Walnut and Linden streets, Har
rlsburg, Pa.
FORTY FEET of oak office parti
tions, large safe, sanitary, double ped
estal. fiat-top desk, office tables, bent
wood chairs, cabinets, Royal typewriter,
etc. All in first-class condition and can
be bought at a money-saving price.
Second Floor, 206 Market street.
ONE Densmore No. 5 typewriter, 1
regulation army saddle, 1 12-gauge
Winchester repeater, with case; 1 Bor
den Pipe machine, threading from 1
inch to 4 inches. All above in fine con
dition. It. E. Kramer, 912 North Third
6 PER CENT. First Mortgage Guar
anteed Real Estate Bonds on Pittsburg's
largest department store building. De
nominations )100, SSOO, SI,OOO, $5,000.
I For information address A. S. Wiest,
Box 72, Harrlsburg, Pa.
HARDWARE and Housefurnishlng
Store, strictly up-to-date; good estab
lished cash business, and a payer. Un
less you mean business, don't answer
this ad. Addres "Hardware." care of
Daily Telegraph.
TWO typewriters. Excellent condi
tion and standard machines. An un
usual opportunity for some one. Call
this evening or Monday all day. Room
302, Calder Building, Market Square.
88-NOTE Cecilian Piano Player, at
sacrifice, account leaving city. Also
one 3A Graflex Camera, B. & L. Zelss-
Tessar lens; slightly used. L. E. Kra
mer, 912 North Third street.
4xß BRUNSWICK Pool Table and ac»
cessories; good condition; cash or pav
ments; low price. Call on or address H.
W. Norrls, 307 Market street, Second
SECOND-HAND Oliver typewriter, in
good condition; will sell cheap; have
no further use. Address, or call, I. W.
Appier, Lemoyne Trust Co., Lemoyne,
I AT GABLE'S, 111. 113 and 117 South
Second street, Redtlps, Can't Slip,
Sure Grip, Rowe and Always Sharp
horseshoe calks, and emergency shoes.
LADIES SEND US 15c and receive a
package of our Silk Patches for your
quilt. S. & D. Specialty Co., 100 Ham
ilton street, Harrlsburg, Pa.
SMALL kerosene engine for sale
cheap, 5-H.-P., to early buyer; like new.
J. C. Morrison, West Fairview, Cum
berland county, Pa.
ONE font of 10 pt. and one font of
12 pt. O. S., with Antique Linotype
Matrices. The Telegraph Printing Co.,
Harrlsburg, Pa.
POPCORN and Confectionery Store,
crispette machine; good reason for sell
ing. Address 136 North Front street,
Steelton, Pa.
TWO 36x4%-lncli, two 37x5-inch
quick detachable, Non-Skid tires, $100;
new tires, never used. Apply 1408 North
Third street.
RESTAURANT in good section of
city, doing A 1 business; no reasonable
offer refused. Address X., 808, care of
FOR SALE 25 shares Se
curity Trust Company stock. Ad
dress P. O. Box 783, City.
AN Aquarium, about 3 feet square,*
with table. Address A.. 402, care of
FOR SALE CARDS on sale at the
Telegraph Business Office.
For Rent
FOR RENT Desirable officer In tka
Telegraph Building, singly or en-anlte.
Inquire at Business Office.
secured at the Telegraph Business
large brick warehouses, built ex
pressly for storage. Private rooms
for household goods and unexcelled fa
cilities for storing all kinds of mer
chandise. Low storage rates. South
St. and Penr-. R. R.
STORAGE 419 Broad street, for
household goods and merchandise. Pri
vate rooms, $1 to S3. Wagons, 75 cents
per month. Apply D. Cooper & Co., 411
Broad street Both phones.
Money to Loan
of loaning money by which borrowers
share profits of lenders. Legal rates,
easy terms, confidential. Offices, Rooms
6-7, 9 North Market Square.
Furniture Packing
A. H. SHRENK, 1906 North Sixth
street. Bell phone 399W, experienced
Packer and Unpacker of Furniture,
China and Bric-a-brac.
NEUER Mrs. Jennie Neuer, wife of
Edward Neuer, aged 69 years, died
at the home of her son, Clyde Neuer,
West Fairview.
Will be burled from the home of her
daughter, Mrs. E. Walter, 1010 Cowdcn
street, Harrlsburg. Services will be
held at the house Monday afternoon, at
2 o'clock. Relatives and friends are in
vited to attend, without further notice.
Change in Securities Reflects Distinct Betterment in Fun
damental Conditions
By Associated Press
New York, Jan. 24. There was a
marked improvement in feeling In the
financial district this week, to which
the stock market responded with a
strong upward movement. The volume
of business Increased largely. Of es
pecial significance was the amount of
Investment U_uytng of bonds and high
grade stocks, which reached propor
tions greater than at any previous time
within many months.
The change in the securities market
reflect distinct betterment in funda
mental condition*. President Wilson's
message to Congress regarding anti
trust legislation relieved the market of
administration as to the attitude of the
admlinstratlon, and the tone of the
message was regarded as encouraging.
Improvement In monetary conditions
was shown by the accumulation of
funds at this center, lower rfetes for
money and reduction in discount rates
of foreign banks. Tlie change for the
better in the Investment market was
indicated by the striking success ol
New York State's $51,000,000 issue of
4% per cent, bonds and their subse
quent rapid resale by the successful
Sentiment was more hopeful, in re
gard to the outlook for business. While
In many lines no marked Improvement
was discernable, there were changes for
the better in some cases. From the
steel and copper trades come optimis
tic reports.
Furnished by H. W. SNAVEI<Y,
Areaile Building.
New York, Jan. 24.
Open. Cloa.
Alaska Gold Mines . 23% 23
Amal. Copper 35% 34%
American Beet Sugar 27% 27%
American Can 34% 3 4%
American Can pfd. .96 95%
Am. C. & F 50% 49%
American Cotton Oil 42% 42%
American Smelting . 69 68%.
American Sugar ... 109% 108%
American T. & T. .. 123% 123%
Atchison 99% 99%
Baltimore & Ohio 97 97%
Bethlehem Steel ... 37 37
Brooklyn R. T 92 91 %
California Petroleum 28% 28
Canadian Pacific ... 211 210%
Chesapeake & Ohio. 67% 67
C„ M. & St. P 106 105%
Chino Con. Copper . 41% 41
Col. F. & I 33% 33%
Consolidated Gas .. 137% 148%
Corn Products 11% 11%
Distilling' Securities . 18 18
Erie 32 31%
Erie Ist pfd 49% 49%
General Electric Cp. 146% 147%
Goodrich, B. F 43% 43%
Great Northern pfd.. 129% 129%
Great Nor. Ore subs. 38% 38
Illinois Central 114% 114%
Interboro-Met 15% 16%
Jnlerboro-Met. pfd.. 62 62%
Lehigh Valley 155% 154%
Mo., Kan. & Texas . 23% 23%
Missouri Pacific ... 29% 29%
Nev. Con. Copper .. 16% 16%
New York Central . 94% 94%
N. Y„ N. H. &H. . . 76 75%
Norfolk & Western. 104% 104%
Northern Pacific ..116 115%
Pacific Mail 27% 27%
Penna. R. R 115% 114%
Peo. Gas & Coke ... 124 124
Pressed Steel Car .. 34% 34%
Ray. Con. Copper . 19% 18%
Reading 170% 170%
Rep. Iron & Steel .. 24% 24%
Rep. Iron & S. pfd. 89 88%
Rock Island lfi% 16%
Rock Island pfd. .. 23% 24
Southern Pacific .. 98% ' 97%
Southern Railway .26% 26%
Southern Rwy. pfd. 83 84%
Tonnessee Copper . 34% 34%
Texas & Pacific .... 16 16
Texas Company ... 145 145
Union Pacific 161% 161
U. S. Rubber 16% 16%
U. S. Steel 65% 64%
U. S. Steel pfd 112 111%
Utah Copper 53% 53%
Wabash ~ 4 4
Western Union Tel.. 64% 6 4
Westinghouse Mfg.. 70% 71
Woolworth 91% 91%
Special to The Telegraph
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Jan. 24.—Mem
bers of the Brotherhood of Trinity
Lutheran Church enjoyed the lecture
by the Rev. Dr. Isaac Headland, re
turned missionary from China, on
"By-products of Missions," in Bethle
hem Lutheran Church, Harriaburg, on
Thursday evening. Those who attend
ed were the Rev. H. Hall Sharp,
George M. Wertz, George B. Hoover,
Walter Gronbeck, Mayrial Stover, A.
A. Arnold, Wilbur WertK, Jacob V.
Weber, Chester Weber, Benjamin
Lantz, Joseph M. Lemon, Abram S.
Hertzler, William E. Rowles, Charles
Nickev and Seymour Bittinger.
SHOEMAKER On Friday, January'
23, 1914, at the residence of her
daughter, Mrs. Rosanna R. Scheffer,
Catherine Shoemaker, widow of
George J. Shoemaker.
Funeral from the residence, 1013
Green street, Monday afternoon, at 2
o'clock. Burial private. Kindly omit
Legal Notices
No. 510 Equity Docket.
Harriet Gardner, Plaintiff, against
Lewis Starry, Seright Starry, Emory
Coulson, Ivan Coulson, Elmer Coulson,
Sarah Miller, George Starry, Irvin
Starry and the heirs of Irene Starry
Hink, deceased, defendants.
To Elmer Hunter, Lewis Starry, and
the heirs of Irene Starry Hink. deceas
Take notice that the plaintiff in the
above case alleges a mistake and omis
sion in the description of land intended
to be conveyed by deed of Adam Starry
to Harriet Gardner, the plaintiff, and
John Y. Gardner, by deed dated April
13, 1906, said omission being the part
of said premises fronting eleven (11)
feet on North Second street, Ilarri.s
burg, Pa., and extending eastwardly
fifty-two (52) feet to a line; and prays
the court to decree the reformation of
said description so that it shall be the
correct description of the laud and
premises, viz: No. 1327 North Second
street, Harrlsburg. Pa., intended to be
conveyed by said deed.
That January 21, 1914, the court made
an order that you. Elmer Hunter, Lewis
Starry and the heirs of Irene Starry
Hink. be and you are hereby required
to cause an appearance to be entered for
you and to file answers to said bill
within twenty days after February 7,
If you fall to comply with said or
der you will be liable to have the bill
taken pro confesso, and a decree made
against you in your absence.
HARRY C. WELLS, Sheriff,
Harrisburg, Pa.
Solicitors for Plaintiff.
THE Harrlsburg Polyclinic Dispen
sary will be open dally except Sunday
at I P. M., at Its new location, 1701
North Second street, for the free treat
ment of the worthy poor. <
JANUARY 24, 1914.
Furnished br H. W. SUAVELY,
Arcade Building.
Chicago, 111., Jan. 24.
. Open. Hlgb. Low. Clos.
"Srnli : ■"»'»* 88 IVi 8*
ill »* ?!*
:::: 111 111 .'ft
By Associated Press
T4i^hJ adol K? hla - Jan ' 24 - Wheat
tri i i .2' 2 • red ' export. »6%®97c;
102 ' Northern, Duluth, export, »I.ol@
nnVn£«l~i Stl "Ongar: nOW, No. 2. yellOW.
v#l»A~ l 'J.? ca l , 6 »M.®TOV4c; new, No. 2,
jellow, kiln dried. local. 71(@?3c.
Oats—Firm; No. i', white, 46&@46c.
tnn •"o'tTa Jfe, rket flrni: winter, per
IfS.'eo @27.0® : Bpr,n *' per ton
nnwril ne 3 « , s ««are Market firm;
eonfi®r? 41 . 0C; Hne granulated, 4.05 c;
3 90c A - 3.35 c; Keystone, A.
witV^l cr Tlle market is firm;
srn ; creamery, extras, 32c; nearby
prints, fanix 35c.
PnnS? S i ~ . 6 market Is firm;
#rt?L nsylvan 'a; and other nearby firsts,
0 50 per c **e; do., current
ee cas es> $10.20 per case;
nop • ex i ra s, firsts, free cases, $10.60
per oa. 86 ' firsts, free cases, $10.20
Live Poultry Weak; fowls, 15®
K-nii« chickens, 13® 16c;
1?£, 1 c .^ lc, S en,, • 16H«fl7c; old roost
18® 18c; do., spring
17@ll('c Steese, 16®17c; turkeys,
n-Jo( C S aocl , Poultry Steady: fowls,
~?5.? rn ' ? an( -'y. heavy, 18®18%c; do.,
s ' z e®>. 15®17c; do., small,
inffiii't, old roosters, 14c; roast
?kK®'' fancy, 19®20c; broll
teßS' fanc /- 20®23c; do., fair
Jii® t s« rkeys ' fa ncy. 24®28c; do..
ll®l7c ducks, Jl@l7c; geese.
Potatoes Weak; Penn»ylvanla and
Eastern, per bushel, 80®83c; New Torn
and Eastern, per bushel, 78®80c; Jer
«6J\ Per basket, 20® 80c.
market Is steady; winter,
.lit 'i * «,. ■tralghts, Penn
sylvania. $4.15@4.80; western, *4.26®
*.50; patents, $4.60®4.86: KansaT
straight. Jute sacks, 14.10@4.30; spring.
' «s, clear. $4.00®4.20;
4.40; patents. $4.80<n>4.56.
.£* ay *r~ T he market Is weak; tim
othy No. 1, large bales. slß.oo® 19.60;
y°'.h JKS?i un \ hales. $18.50®19.00; No.
2. $17.00® 17.60; No. 3, $14.00® 15.00
, Clover mixed; Light, mixed, $17.00®
®I6So ° *l6 00® 16.60; No. 2, $14.60
By Associated Press
Jan. 24. The statement
of the actual condition of Clearing
House Banks and Trust Companies for
the week shows that they hold $38,065,-
<•>o reserve in excess of legal require
ments. This is a decrease of $5,04u,»00
from last week. ' '
The statement follows:
Actual CondlfloiiN
noi J An!? s ' *1>986,150,000; increase, $73,-
000 POC ' e ' * 397 ' s2B '"®®! Increase, $27,423,-
slll6B O0 t o" tlerß ' * U - 12SM0 - decrease,
SBM3B^OO° S,tS ' !fl ' 9ol - 257 . 00 °; increase,
$8?8, r 0 C 0 l i) latlOn ' ?43 ' 693 - 00 °: decrease,
° ash reserve fn v ault, $409,-
vauH U , 5 56?,176?0 a oO ieß ' Caßh r °" erVe in
Aggregate cash reserve, $472,251,000
Excess lawful reserve, $38,065,750- de
crease, $5,045,900. ' '' o ae
Companies' reserve with Clear
ing House members carrying 26 ner
cent, cash reserve, $09,243,000.
Sv Associated Press
Chicago. 111.. Jan. 24. Hogs RP-
? uik °* sa,ea '
$8.30®8.40; light, $8.10@8.40; mixed
mixed, $8.20<ai8.45; heavy, sß.2o(?x>B 50-
rough *8.20® 8.25; pigs, $6.75®8.00 '
..Cattle Receipts, 200; slow. Beeves
$6.80@9.60; Texas steers, $6.90@8 10 :
Mockers and feeders. $5.60®8.20; cows
11 00 S ' 3 - 80 @ 8 - 6 ®! calves, $7.50®
Receipts, 1,000; dull. Native.
$4.90@b.00 yearlings, $6.80®7 15 :
lambs, native, $6.90®8.00. ® 1
Special to The Telegraph
Athens, Jan. 24.—A severe earth
quake occurred yesterday at Lepanto.
Almost every house in the town was
more or less damaged and the fortress
partially wrecked, but nobody was In
4 Valuable Property
For Sale
Second Street near Walnut
Almost 30-foot Frontage
Particulars at Our Office
Bergner Building
I Public Sale B
I op |
§ Personal Property j
q| Consisting of beds, bedding, dressers, car- |j
pets, office furniture, barroom fixtures, chairs, {§|
|| electric piano, dishes, cooking utensils, stoves, re- ||
|| frigerator, and other articles used in running a |j
H hotel. Also a ten-year lease on 14 North Third IB
jfj street, Harrisburg, Pa.. Sale to be held on prem- |j
gjj ises, 512-30 Market street, Harrisburg, Pa., Janu- ||
HI ary sl, 1914, at 10 o'clock. Terms cash. JiJ
I Trustee , I
"The Ladies of Cranford"
Given by Society People
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., Jan. 24.—Local m
ciety turned out en masse to wltaeas
the production of "The Ladies of
Cranford, a pastoral playlet with a
setting In a small New England vil
lage a century ago, presented by th«
ladies of St. John's Reformed Church
Guild. Hoop skirts and other Colonial
attire was in evidence in the costumes
and the play throughout was enacted
with talent and skill. Mrs. William
Lehman, Mrs. H. Rank Bickel, Mrs.
Harry J. Shenk, Mrs. Ray A. Miller,
Mrs. Ralph Coldren, Miss Harriet Case
and other ladles widely known in so
cial circles of the city took leading
Carl Freed of Charge
of Shooting M. F. Ellis
Special to The Telegraph
Somervllle, N. J., Jan. 24. —Paul
Carl, the young man who a week ago
confessed that he was guilty of shoot
ing Monroe F. Ellis, a wealthy lumber
man of Basking Ridge, N, J., was dis
charged from custody to-day. The
county prosecutor told the court that
Carl's confession had been proven
false in every way.
Ellis was shot two years ago Willi®
sitting at dinner by somebody who
fired a shot through the window. He
recovered, but has been able to giv®
the police no clue to his assailant.
Mine Workers Decide
to Drop Local Union
By Associated Press
Indianapolis, Jan. 24.—0n charges
that it was an organization maintained
by a detective agency solely for the
purpose of getting a spy into the con
vention, Local Union 1179 of Pocahon
tas. W. Va., was expelled by the con
vention of the United Mine Workers
of America here to-day. M. D. White
sell, the delegate accredited to the
union, was not in the convention hall
when the action was taken.
and others upon their own names.
Cheap rates, easy payments, conflden*
Adnm* & Co., R. 804, 8 N. Market Sq.
f"~ " >
This May Happen
To You
Life, limb and sight are of all
capital the most exposed to annl
hllation or Impairment.
Injuries and sickness cut down
earnings and Increase expenses,
One person in every seven is In
jured every year.
There are so many risks you
must carry; why not let us carry
the rlak of accident and sickness
which you can't.
The new policies of the General
Accident are strictly up-to-date and
will help the clouds roll by.
General Agent
103 North Third Street
Bonding & Insurance
Bell 084. 222 MARKET STREET