Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 22, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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    Iffßl * Day at Karfnan's the Greatest Ever,!
I P y Sensational Clean Sweep Bargains Throughout the Store j j
| Biff «„ P \ n t/w I I For Friday Only I FOR FRIDAY Mul I BROOM COUPON FOR FRIDAY J j
$ House Dresses and tljlj' = WOflieil S KlltlOllOS, 9(|a = One Lot of Gifls* Winter fi} \ Chemlsittei for I Bring This With Ypu ( >
| W W 'Z p :Z 'ZZTt 111 ffortll Up t0 mf#r * • W# Coats, Worth lip to $3.56 for " '° 'Bi 40 »h. «>
X I W (slightly imperfect); all sizes. AH cut length; assorted colore and sizes. „ ; mMImIIM m MA .L J
111 ——— Made of aU WOOI chinchilla; sizes 6to 14 years. ■|OiM | ||Q BdCll * 1
|H U II ~ [j >|Jj fa HH On Sale from 8.30 to Jj
g D For Friday Only For Friday Only For Alll ©
O ffl One lot of Women's Blanket Q0« _ One Lot of Infants' Caps, | One Lot of For Scarfs AA a I The newest style I | Sold only to customers I 0
g I Bath Robes, Valnestos3.sofor ~ Worth Bp to 75c for >IVt = Worth $1.54 for —*- a"C = MB JSSSJE o7°ow of S
g IB o»i y »i»n, M oio» si*.., sugMiy soiled; aii colors. J%* «•' ■"» ««• «* «■» ""*• iV One Sold to Children - Only ©
§ 1 " " - ——. I °° s "' r " lt " Oo '- One to a Customer | O
toy topiis Suifs, Coals, Dresses
g Women's and Misses' $0 QC Women/and Misses' Women/and Misses' £f| 7£ Women/and Misses' fall LaUlb and PerSiaMCOStS ©
g Winter Coats Serge Dresses Coat Suits VX*'v Winter .... ».««,. _ 8
Q Values to $5.00 | Values to $4.00 Values to SIB.OO fl= "'lues to SISOO A . llO MISSK TT O
O Assorted colors and sizes. ■ co„„ „d size,. A»«,rwd color, „„ ~2 „ . V L». id iS,. SALTS URAL LAMB GOATS sIM /Jl ©
o For AH AP For For torn* mmm For . » LBES ™ S.B F0«
© Women's and Misseß' Jk f ■ U>| Women's and Misses' Women's and Misses' tifEE /IZ Women's and Misses' -* ««u. a—«w» u™» g
g Coat Suits V Winter Coats Coat Suits vif wane... 1 8
© Values to SIO.OO ll Values to SB.O 0 Values to $25.00 |F Values to SIBOO SlPi*! MISSES' AAA g
9 Mad * "*" *° ol Assorted colors aad sizes. A»or,«, color, .„ d || Jld col!" Id SALTS ARABIAN LAMB SI / 1111 O
O Women's and Misses' CgT |||| Women's and Misses' Women's and Misses' ff fll" AA Misses' OMc " of 48 " 50 O
g Coat Suits Winter Coats Coat Suits — 8
O W Assorted colors and all sizes. colors and «z«, EW A«„ed colo„ L to., feuf P«r»Ma £ M lt \l 1 111 l 2
g Tremendous Reductions in All Extra Large Coat Suits and Coats - a mBESTO " SF °"—* |
5# 11U Cl« Lined with Skinner's satin. Plain or kimono sleeves. CJ
is For Extra Large Women. Sizes, 37 to 51 - jjf
) s v —— A Special Friday Sale of §
a. l2fi c .astags"-9c io c ar2sc y,„ Ca „„o. A«or d miss |
~WOMEN'S BLOUSES On@ lot of Vlfomon's a
50 Pairs of Men's rq p 100 Pairs of Men's 25 Young Men's Winter Bovs'Winter 1 tw,> c,„* 8
Pants at Cassimere OAp Overcoats, values to $8.75. Toques at lC values to $4 WOMEN'S Onp l f f w t 8
On salo Friday only. Pants J/UI/ lOn sale Friday /ifl v ues to fl»l Qri WOMEN S BLOUSES One lot of Women's I I
on saio Friday only. only at Boys' Winter IO Black Sateen Blouses (small sizes only); a
75 Pairs of Men's Cor- ~T7 71 I T si Zeß ls to i» years. Caps at 13C soc value. Choice for AQi, q
g|at UroyPantS . 79c f 1 ° 2 m at Suite t0 $2.50 Juef™S7lo°, r3 |o S Qr' wS'af.. 19c rldlf Si"™ ° f W ° m9n ' 3 NeW 8
g| on sale Friday only. on saic Friday only. at tpO»3o naay only fl»0 /|Q Shape Winter Corsets with 4 hose supporters; QQ/» S
V- I ! izM 88 to 4a. j Bloonier Pants, latI at I ValU6 ' SiZ6S ' g I
Than a
lill Watchdog
K Burglars strictly
avoid houses having
" - a watchdog, a baby
or a lighted lamp. They
**" <j==tM \ —-- have an even greater aver-
J W li sion for houses wired for
electric light.
P affords
the most effective protec
! *' tion. Ready at the touch
of a switch to pour a
flood of brilliant light it serves to prevent the entry of
night intruders even on to the grounds around the house.
When wiring a house we locate the switches so as to
afford the greatest convenience and protection to its occu- .
pants. Our rates enable all householders to-obtain
these advantages at moderate cost and on easy terms.
Harrisburg Light & Power Co.
By Associated Press
Indianapolis. Intl., Jan. 22.—Further
consideration of thn resolution com
mittee's report was the business of
the convention of the United Mine-
Workers of Ameriek here to-day.
That the committee will recommend a
resolution favoring government own
ership of railroads and mines was
forecasted in the debate yesterday.
111 ii Jim 181 IT
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quick relief—Don't stay
You can end grippe and break up a
severe cold either in head, cheat body
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three doses are taken.
It promptly opens clogged-up nos
trils and air passages In the head
I stops nasty discharge or nose running
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' William R. Denehey Elected Presi
, dent of Natural History So
ciety of Harrisburg
A tour of the caves and rock shel
i terfj in France and Spain, where the
richest finds have been made of paint
ings. carvings and implements, and
the remains of early man and ancient
animals ranging from 25,000 to 300.000
years in age, was taken last night, in
the Technical high school auditorium
I at a lecture under the Natural Hlstorv
Soclety's auspices on 'The. Antiquity
of Man in the Light of Recent Discov
eries," by Professor George Grant
Mac Curdy, "Yale's world-famous an
thropologist and archaeologist.
Ab a result of these recent discov
eries Professor Mac Curdy was enabled
i to talk almost as familiarly about
' Mousterian, Aurlgnacian, Solutrlan
i and Magdalenian times as the ordi
nary historian does about the civil
lKaticn of the Greeks and Romans.
Iho wonderful carvings, bas-reliefs in
stone, sculpture in clay and paintings
in several colors, on the walls and
ceilings of caves, of the mammoth,
i horse, bison, wooly rhinoceros and
reindeer, showed the existence nearly
100,000 years ago of men of keen In
telligence and high artistic ability.
Emphasis was laid upon the inventive
genius displayed in fashioning Im
proved implements and Its Importance
In the story of human progress. A
set of one dozen State Museum slides
showing pictorially the everyday life
of these early men and its attendant
dangers, which it was hoped Professor
Mac Curdy would add to his lecture,
wero not shown.
The annual election of officers of
i the Natural History Socletv resulted
I :ve follows: President. William R.
Denehey; first vice-president, Boyd P.
Rotlirock; second vice-president. Pro-1
I feasor "William M. Fahnestonk; treas
i urer, Miss Alice Gingher; oorrespond
| lng secretary. Professor James I.
i Hamaker; recording secretary. Pro- I
feasor J. JF. Tlees.
"Graft, Graft, Graft
Everywhere," Says Sulzer
!Hy Associated Press
New York, Jan. 22.—William Sui
ter's story of "graft, graft, graft every
where ' as sketched by him at the
John Doe Inquiry yesterday, assumed
. the grand jury phase to-day. Having
sworn yesterday that United States
Senator O'Gorman described James E.
Gaffney as "Murphy's chief bagman"
who tried to "hold up mv friend Stew
art for $100,000," the ex-governor
was invited to go over these charges
■ in more detail before the Jury. Later
> it was thought, Senator O'Gorman
; might be called.
1 The Stewart mentioned is James
Stewart, a. State highway contractor.
; Gaffney is a prominent politician, con
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! Breaks a Cold Over Night
„ ,U[ 2 ,,BDY FOR ORIP
SrSL i'l'tlri 1 " 7 *° Tnke —coat*
■ 1' North Third It, Oaaa. Station
JANUARY 22. 1914.
tractor and business associate of *the
leader of Tammany Hall.
. On the stand Sulzer said Senator
<•'Gorman had said to him "don't you
know that Gaffney is the man that
held up my client, James E. Stewart
for over $100,000; and that he could
have got away with It if Stewart had
not come to me; and I went to Mur
phy and I read the riot act telling him
I would not stand for that kind of
London, Jan. 22.—rThe body of
Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,
j late high commissioner for Canada,
How Soon
Do You Want Coal?
Tell us—we can get it there at the exact
time you desire.
We have over 100 horses, many wagons
and two large coal yards situated at advan
tageous parts of the city.
We make a specialty of quick delivery.
Now quick delivery does not mean careless
delivery. Our men take pains to have the
coal nice and clean and they try to deliver it
with as little confusion as possible.
] t will pay you to buy your coal from us.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Foreter * Condon Third A Boas
15th A Chest not Hummel A Mulberry
who died Wednesday, will probably bo
Interred in Westminster Abbey aa a.
recognition of his eminence in the
double capacity of empire builder and
philanthropist. Lord Strathc.onns
own wish was to be burled beside his
wife in Highgate cemetery, North
New York, Jan. 23. Henry Slegel.
of the private banking firm of Henry
Slegel and Company and of one of the
department store enterprises now In
the hands of receivers, took the place
of his partner. Frank E. Vogel, as a
witness before Special Examiner George
C. Holt to-day.