Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 09, 1914, Image 9

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Go Armed Against
Stomach Trouble
A Start's Dyspepsia Tablet Carried In
Tftrar poise or Vest Pocket Will
Ekiable Toi to Always Keep
Yonr Stomnoh In I/tne
Dost let all sorts of stomach trou
bles, dyspepsia, gastritis, mal-nutrl
tion, dysentery and vertigo make life
a constant torture and an ultimate
failure. The man who Is going to uruo-
Oeed to-day must have his body, as
veil as his mind. In perfeot working
order. Stuart*s Dyspepsia Tablets are
a necessity to the man who would
always have his body in subjection to
his will.
T Eat When I Will, What I Want, Be
cause After Each Meal I take a
litttle SUiurt's Dyspepsia Tablet,"
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets furnish
Just those elements—pepsin and other
ingredients— that the normal stomach
secretes for the digestion of food. One
or two of these tablets will completely
digest the heartiest meal without any
aid from the stomach. At the same
time they tone up and invigorate the
enfeebled stomach so that it is soon
in a healthy condition again.
Prudent men always have a box of
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets on. hand.
They make digestion certain no mat
ter what or how much is eaten. Don't
think because your stomach is usually
all right that you don't need them.
The policeman carries a revolver not
because he needs it all the time, but
because when he does need It, he needs
It right then. When you want relief
from indigestion, you want relief at
once. Be armed against stomach
troubles with a box of Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets, 50 cents at any drug store.
Successful men everywhere endorse
them and rely upon them.—Advertise
Thousands Have Discovered Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets Are
a Harmless Substitute
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—the sub
stitute for calomel—are mild but sure
laxative, and tlielr effect on the liver is
almost instantaneous. They are the
result of Dr. Edwards' determination
not to treat liver and bowel complaints
with calomel. His efforts to banish tt
brought out these little olive-colored
tablets. These pleasant little tablets
do tho good that calomel does but have
no bad after effects. The don't Injure
the teeth like strong liquids or calo
mel. They take bold of the trouble and
quickly correct It. Why cure the liver
at the expense of the teeth? Calomel
sometimes plays havoc with the gums.
So do strong liquids. It Is best not to
take calomel, but to let. Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tahlets take Its place.
Most headaches, "dullness" and that
lasy feeling come from constipation
and a disordered liver. Take Dr. Ed
wards' Olive Tahlets when you feel
"loggy" and "heavy." Note how they
"clear" clouded brain and how they
"perk up" the spirits. At 10c and 25c
per box. The Olive Tablets Company,
Columbus, O. At all druggists.—Adver
Do Yonr Teelh Need AHen'ion ?
We will be glad to have you vis
it our office and our honest advice
will save you money and save your
teeth. No charge, for examination.
We make teeth that must fit and
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Fainlese extraction included when
plates are ordered. Your old plates
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porcelain crowns, bridge work and
all kinds of tilling.
comfortahle offices, sani
tary throughout. - Irfidy attendant.
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I ll—W I II I Ml !■■■! II—«
Don't Wait
Until It's Too Late
Join the
Christmas Savings
At Once
The time for closing will soon
be «V.
Join the Joiners
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Christmas Savings
Every day—Be one of them*
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Union Trust Building
< Successor to J. J. Ogelsbv)
Co-operative Plant Carried With
Better Results Than
Ever Before •
How the co-operative charitable
work In the olty was developed and
Increased during: " thi last ' twelve
months will be embodied In the annual
report of the Associated Charities that
will be presented to the board of gov
ernors at the annual meeting in Feb
ruary. The statistics are now being
The Christmas-tide and holiday sea
son work was particularly productive
of splendid results; the dispensing of
charity on a 00-pperatlve ac
complished more effectively than ever
before. The various churches, the
Telegraph's Full Stocking Club, the
State collegians, the Technical high
school students, the various charitable
and philanthropic organizations, the
Sunday school classes and little pri
vate clubs, all co-operated with the
Charities in such a way that It is
doubtful if very many small folks
j were forgotten this year by Santa.
One of the highest undertakings in
which the Charities assisted and the
proceeds of which will be handled by
, this body, Is the Red Cross Christmas
seal campaign. The returns of the
seal sales are not yet all In but it
is safe to aay that between 240,000 and
250,000 were sold.
At Christmas time the Associated
Charities provided the names for 655
of tlio Telegraph's stockings; to the
.State collegians who organized a char
ity campaign In this city, the names of
forty-nine families which were pro
vided with groceries; three families
with coal, and fourteen with olothlng;
twenty-six tickets for baskets were
distributed for the American Rescue
Workers, and eighteen Individuals and
churches were provided with recom
mendations of names for folks who
needed clothing.
The smaller clubs this year co-op
prated more than ever befor® and In
one instance the "W. W. Club," an or
ganization of pretty Allison Hill girls,
ranging from thirteen to flfteen years,
did particularly good work. Tho girls
prepared all the necessary clothing
for the seven children of a widow's
family, providing the things that had
been suggested by the Charities.
Mechanicsburg. Pa., Jan. 9.—lnvita
tions have been issued for th© annual
reception given by the Woman' Club
of this place, to be held on Thursday
evening, January 22, from 8 to 11
o'clock, at tho Business Men's league.
A largo number of people from Me
chanicsburg and out of town will he
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Jan. 9.—Miss
Ruth' Garrett, Smith High street," an
employe of the Blddle dry goods
store, met with a serious aocldent
when she fell on the porch at her
home and cut her hand on a piece of
broken glass. Tt was cut so deeply
that: a number of stitches were re~
quired by the attending physician In
dressing the wound.
Reductions on
All Merchandise
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Our entire stock un
derwear 25% off.
Gloves Reduced
Clothing V 3 Off
$3.50, $3.00 and $2.50
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$1.50 and $2.00 English
Crochet $1.25
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50c and 75c Neckwear,
350, 3 for SI.OO
Sweaters 25% off.
Shirt Sale
SIO.OO Silk Shirts,
now $6.50
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cuffs $1.50
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Com nion weal Ih
Hotel Building
II .\ K HI S B l it <;
Says That He Will Not Draw Out
the State Money All at Once,
But as Needed
State Treasurer Robert K. Young
last night supplemented his warning
to bankers that the time was coming
when he would have to withdraw
money of the State's general fund
from all but active depositories by a
statement in which he said that he did
not expect to take out the money ex
cept when it was absolutely necessary
to meet the demands on the Treasury.
He said that his warning should be
understood by bankers who are ar
ranging at this time for their bonds
for State deposits and reiterated his
fear that the balance would go very
low during 1914.
"I do not intend to make a whole
sale call on banks for funds, but I
wont to warn them," said he. "To
day, for Instance, there is about three
quarters of a million in the active
depositories and they have given
bonds for three millions, on which
they are paying."
It is estimated that about 225 active
depositories are hit. The 100 or so in
active depositories of the sinking fund,
which amounts to about SBOO,OOO, are'
not affected. Only those with gen
eral funds are likely to be called upon.
The Shrinking Balance
Just how the general fund of the
State, which a few years ago was over
ten millions, has been shrinking be
cause of the lavish legislative appro
priations, is illustrated by this table
of the balances at the end of eight
months of 1913:
May 31 $8,377,861.63
June 30 7.791,957.47
July 31 7,449,166.39
August 31 6,452,003.01
September 80 . . 5,774,299.01 -
October SI 4,798,017.80
November 30 .. 6,765,497.50
December 31 . . 5,601,847.18
Tho Jump in November was due to
the close of the fiscal year and the
effort to break all records in receipts.
Some large payments were also made
in December, but this is the slack sea
son in State receipts, and the balance
may go down to $3,000,009.
Mr. Young says:
Young's View
"Owing to communications from
various banks during the last twenty
four hours, I conclude there Is a mis
apprehension on the part of some with
reference to the statement given to
the press yesterday by me relating to
the subject of State deposits and the
general condition of the Treasury.
The withdrawal of State funds from
inactive depositories has been a mat
ter of necessity to meet the disburse
ments of tho State government. It
seems to have been the financial policy
of the legislature for some years past,
if they have a financial policy, to
diminish the balance in the State
Treasury by making appropriations In
excess of the annual revenues.
"Withdrawals from inactive deposi
tories will be made from time to time
only when necessary to meet the pay
ments due from the State. This not a
matter of policy on the part of the
Treasurer, but a matter of necessity.
If the revenues should exceed the pay
ments, no settled plan of withdrawals
from present inactive depositories will
be followed. Not many years slnoe, in
fact, a.t the time of the completion of
the building and furnishing of the
State Capitol, the balance in the gen
eral fund of the Treasury was about
$13,000,000. This balance has steadily
decreased since that time until now it
has reached the sum of about
$5,000,000 or $6,000,000, varying some
what from month to month. No trans
fer of funds from inactive to aotive
depositories has been found to be
necessary during the last week and
may not be necessary again for some
weeks to come. My statement of yes
terday was made with a view to In
forming the public in general, and
bankers In particular, of the diminish
ing balance in the Treasurv and to
state my conviction that a point may
be reached during the present year
when it will be necessary to carry all
of the general fund In the a.ctlve de
positories in order to meet current
Two Pennsylvania Couples
Married at Hagerstown
Special to The Telegraph
Hagerstown, Md., Jan. 9. Miss
Blanch May Westenhaver and Harper
M. Snavely, a young couple from Her
sliey, Pa., wore married yesterday at
the parsonage of the First. Baptist
Church, in this city, by the Rev. K K
Miss Pusan Wlrth, of Hershey, Pa.
and Parker Stover, of Hummelstown,"
Pa., were married yesterday morning
b , v f j2. e R ?, v - E - X- Thomas, pastor of
the First Baptist Church In this city.
Tied Into e Knot
From Rheumatism
Certain Way to Cure Rheumatism nn<l
Slop l'alu* lu a Few Huura.
Got a package of Tennel. Watch the
clock, and in 48 hours if your pains are
Are You 'lied Into a Rheumatism Kuotf
Tennel Stops It In 48 Hours.
not absolutely gone, banished for good
so that you don't feel a twitch any
where, we will agree to refund your
money without question.
Tennel is a marvel. It is new. It is
different. It contains not a drop of
opiates, habit-forming drugs, salicylic
acid or alcohol. ,
It is a wonderful tonic, too, and gives
a hearty appetite. Nothing like It has
ever been produced.
It is equally successful not only In
rheumatism, but also in gout, lumbago,
sciatica and neuralgia.
Get a paekage of Tennel today and
see the difference In 48 hours.
The Tennel treatment, consisting of
a bottle of Tennel at SI.OO, and a box of
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Mechanicsburg Council
Committees Are Appointed
Special to The 'telegraph
Mechanicsburg, PR., Jan. 9. —
evening the first meeting: of the bor
ough council for the year, following
the organization, waa held and these
committees were appointed: Finance,
Roller, Schaub and Rich; highway,
Myers, Bittinger, Adams, Fink and
Ritter; ordinance. Fish, Adams, Moh
ler; light, Fisher. Mohler, Fish, Mus
ser and Morrette; water, Adams.
Schaub, Ritter, Kaley and Bittinger;
railroad, Morrette, Fink and Bit
tinger; sewer and sink, Bittinger, Fish,
Ritter, Mohler and Mueser; property,
Fink, Kaley and Adams; public safety,
Schaub, Ritter, Rich, Koller and Ka
ley; pavement, Mueser, Morrette,
Schaub, Fisher and Myers; Are, Rich,
Myers and Koller; printing, Mohler,
Fink and Fisher; poor, Kaley, Musser,
Morrette, Rich and Fink; appeals,
Ritter and Fisher.
New Officers of Woman's
Relief Corps Installed
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Jan. 9.—Yes
terday afternoon the Woman's Rellerj
Corps held the annual meeting and
the president, Mrs. Mary A. Zlnn, in
stalled the following officers: Presi
dent. Mrs. Mary A. Zinn; senior vice
president, Mrs. Alice Starr Hauck;
junior vice-president, Mrs. S. 8. Dlehl;
chaplain, Mrs. H. S. Mohler; treas
urer, Mrs. L. Brieker; secretary, Mrs.
Emma —. Rhinehart; conductor, Mrs.
Margaret Eberly; assistant conductor,
Mrs. J. Barnhill; guard, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Moyer; color bearers, Mrs. Frye,
Mrs. Sue Brieker. Mrs. Sheffer, Mrs.
Harry Suavely; pianist, Mrs. H. S.
Special to The Telegraph
Marietta, Pa., Jan. 9.—Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Erb, of West Marietta, an
nounce the marriage of their sister,
Miss Margaret C. Groh, to Joseph C.
Moore, of lvinderhook, the ceremony
being performed at Hagerstown, Aid.,
on Saturday, December 27. The wed
ding was a complete surprise.
A Mother's Letter to Mothers.
Mrs. E. W. Cooper, of Bloomfleld,
N. J., says: "My child, seven years
old, had a bad cold and was weak
and quite run down in health. She
had been in this condition for about
six weeks when I began giving her
Vinol. It was a wonderful help to the
child, I reaking up her cold quickly
and but.ding up her strength beside.
I have also found Vinol a most excel
lent tonic for keeping up the chil
dren's strength during a siege of
whooping cough."
Vinol is a wonderful combination of
two world-famed tonics—the medi
cinal body building elements of cod
liver oil and iron for the blood, there-
I fore it is a perfectly safe medicine
for children, because It is not a
patent medicine, everything in it is
printed on every package, so mothers
may know what they are giving their
little ones.
Therefore we ask every mother of
a weak, sickly or ailing child in this
vicinity to try Vinol on our guarantee.
George A. Gorgas, druggist, Harrls
burg, Penna. Vinol is sold in Steel
ton by T. Prowell.
P. S. Our Saxo Salve is truly won
derful for Eczema. We guarantee it.
Special After-New-Year Redactions
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up, Inflamed Nose and Head
and Stops Catarrhal Discharge.
Cures Dull Headache.
Try "Ely's Cream Balm."
Get a small bottle anyway, just to
i try It—Apply a little In the nostrils
and Instantly your clogged nose and
stopped-up air passages of the head
will open; you will breathe freely;
dullness and headache disappear. By
morning! the catarrh, cold-in-head or
catarrhal sore throat will be gone.
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small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm"
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the nostrils; penetrates and heals the
Inflamed, swollen membranes which
lines the nose, head and throat; clears
th© air passages; stops nasty dis
charges and a feeling of cleansing,
soothing relief comes Immediately.
Don't lay awake to-night struggling
for breath, with head stuffed; nostrils
closed, hawking and blowing. Ca
tarrh or a cold, with Its running nose,
foul mucous dropping into the throat,
and raw dryness is distressing but
truly needless.
Put your faith—just once—ln
"Ely's Cream Balm" and your cold
or catarrh will surely disappear.
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