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    DHDIMCAXT'C J * nuaryshoeSale
W\ I I I 1% I ■
M ■ 1 \M 1 k. M Odds and ends from our
regular stock of women's,
•f i* j JD jo* r\ .■ i . n misses', children's and bovs'
third and Broad bts. Upp. Market House shoes SI.OO
_ _ _ $1.75 Little Gents' Shoes,
oCoat and Suit Sale From 9to 13}4, gun metal,
button a good, broad, high
Three days of unparalleled selling toe ' ast - Every pair fresh
in this midwinter Coat and Suit Sale froni the manufacturers, $1 .29
has made our lines more broken S I,OO to s l>s ° Children's Shoes,
than ever. We have grouped them
in three big bargain lots. U P to , si . ze Patent leath
r . er and vici kid shoes, in turn
Winter is still with us-in fact it soks and th , ~c aviet. Wnd> 4)(< .
has just begun—so much service
can still be had from winter gar- f Very Special \
ments and at such extremely low For one day more, anv
prices. $2.50 shoe in our stock,
Lot No. 1, of coats, di- whether its a patent leather,
agonals, chinchillas and double] vici kid > £ un meta l or tan,
faced camels' hair; in black will be sold at
and colors, $lO to sl2 values.. J *r" «| qg*
Lot No. 2, consists of 100] L
coats, made of cheviots and /|»4 V y
boucies, 42 inches long; black \1 (1 January White Sale
blue, gray. Original prices (DJIVr 7Q
fmm sl2 to $16.50 J 79c Sheet# .... 65c
Lot No. 4, consists of 50 ' ' ' • 39c
suits of serges, cheviots, broad- Pillow Cases . 10c
cloths and matelasse; blues, \ 1 C sl-00 Bed Spreads . 75c
browns, grays. Originally sold tD 1 6 Vfe c Toweling ... 5c
from S2O to S3O J 10c Toweling ... 8c
Take Salts to flush Kidneys and
neutralize irritating
Kidney and Bladder weakness re-'
suit from urii acid, says a noted au
thority. The kidneys filter this acid
from the blood and pass it on to the
bladder, where It often remains to
Irritate and inflame, causing a burn
ing. scalding sensation, or setting up
an irritation at the neck of the blad
der, obliging you to seek relief two
or three times during the night. The
sufferer is in constant dread, the water
passes son.etimes with a scalding sen
sation and is very profuse; again,
there is difficulty in avoiding it.
Bladder weakness, most folks call
It, because they can't control urina
tion. While it is extremely annoying
and sometimes very painful, this Is
really one of the most simple ailments
to overcome. Get about four ounces
of Jad Salts from your pharmacist
and take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast, continue this!
for two or three days. This will neu
tralize the acids in the urine so it no'
longer is a source of Irritation to the I
bladder and urinary orgams which
then act normally again.
.Tad Salts is inexpensive, harmless,
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia,
and is used by thousands of folks who
are subject to urinary disorders caused
toy uric acid irritation. .Tad Salts is
splendid for kidneys and causes no
bad effects whatever.
Here you have a pleasant, effer
vescent lithia-water drink, which
quickly relieves Bladder trouble. —Ad-
10 days, personally conducted to Sa
vannah, Jacksonville and St. Augus
tine. All expenses tncluded. Leave
Baltimore on new S. S. Somerset Mon.,
Feb. 16th. For itineraries or ,otlier
information address W. P. Turner,
P. T. M., Baltimore, Md.
Try Telegraph Want Ads.
'SJ|| S Buy Winter ShoesTe-morrow
.pIM Big Special Purchase ■
Jtgltl Sends Prices Downward
Wo purchased the big surplus stock of winter shoes from the
Krcider Shoe Company at prices tliat will bring them to you at just
\ about half of what the actual values are. Included with this purchase
are a number of shoes from our regular stock which we are willing
■ \\ to close out at a big sacrifice on account of the lateness of the season.
If Any Member of the Family Needs Shoes
It Will Pay You to Come Here To-morrow
All Leathers anrl All Styles in the Lot
$3 and $3.50 Dress Shoes in Patent Children's Dress Shoes In Gun Metal, RITRRFRQ
Colt.Gun Metal and Tan. Button and Sf""? n and bluch « r : worth 9 1° to IVUDDE.IYO
Blucher $1.98 ' ; 2B V; 79 < r A bi g ii ne of Mens,
Men's Endicott-Johnson Work Shoes
ln Tan and Black; worth $3 and Vntf .
*3-6® fftl QQ Boys' Shoes in Gun Metal, Patent s Rubbers enter
Colt and Tan, Button and Blucher; the sale at Clearance
FOR LADIES worth %2 50 and J3 $1.98 prices. I
$3 and $3.60 Dress Shoes In Patent } E gh Cut Shoes: Wort £-. v
Colt Gun Metal and Tan, Button and " $1.98
Blucher, cloth and leather tops, Little Gents' Shoes in Gun Metal and
$1.98 Patent Colt, Button and Blucher;
Ladles' Fur Trimmed Juliets In black, worth SL6O and $1.76 /CjS^rr^,
Gray and wine colors Full line of Baby Shoes at sacrificed
Same Bargains may be had at our Branch
Family Shoe Store, Front and Locust
Houck Shoe Company
The Houck Shoe Company, 430
Market street, announce in this paper
a special sale of winter shoes involv
ing their regular stock and the sur
plus stock of the Kreider shoe fac
tory purchased for the event. Spe
cial clearance prices are quoted. Par
ticulars of the sale will be found in
the advertisement on another page.
The same prices and merchandise
will be offered at their branch sore,
Front and Locust streets, Steelton.
: Join Caplan's Watch Club
Buy a watch on the Club Plan. For the next two weeks
The P. 11. Caplan Company, of 18 N. Fourth street, will insti
tute a Watch Club, in which one can secure a good Standard
Watch for a small amount'of money paid weekly, upon the
following agreements:
i I—The Club will include a selection of Ladies' and Gentle
men's Elgin or Waltham Watches, open or hunting case, sizes
i O, 12 or 16; gold filled cases, guaranteed twenty-five years,
i 2—Watches given to applicants when card is taken out.
i 3—Payments to be made in multiples of five cents a week
i for twenty-five weeks. For example: Five, ten, fifteen,
! twenty, twenty-five cents, etc., or the reverse order.
A —Jn event payments cannot be continued, watch can be
i s—lf payments are made weekly as indicated on the card,
a refund of ten per cent, in cash of the total amount will be
allowed at maturity, if payments arc made promply.
| 6 —ln case of death payments cease and card is considered
paid up.
i 7—A guarantee is given with every watch, to be a correct
time-keeper, and to be a genuine Elgin or Waltham move
ment. This guarantee also covers the case for a period of
twenty-five years.
B—Payments are due Monday of each week and must be
paid before the close of business Saturday evening of same
. week.
9—Watch Club closes Saturday evening, January 31st.
Call at our store and learn further particulars.
: The P. H. Caplan Company
18 N. Fourth St. Jewelers
Open Evenings.
First Receipt Under New Method.—
The first warrant under the new
method which provides that the County
Controller shall enact a sworn state
ment to the contents of bills presented
against the county was issued to-day
by County Controller H. \V. Gough to
H. E. Hocker for advertising the court
proclamation In the Penbrook News.
The bill was for S2O. The first fee
bills were paid to-day, when Samuel
Schegal, Ivoyalton, got his check.
Dauphin Court Will Decide With
out Hearing Argument ai to
Who's to Audit
' ''■«*< lor, .nut ; i-1~, .^i .' w
begun to-day. when President Judge
Kunkel wns asked to grant the writ.
The writ is made returnable In ten
days. It is understood that County
Solicitor F. M. Ott will agree to a
statement of the facts and that the
county's attorney and O. G. Wicker
sham and Frank B. Wlckersham, who,
with District Attorney M. E. Stroup,
aslted for the writ, will submit the
case to the court without argument.
County Tax Rato and Budget.—All
day to-day the County Commissioners
and County Controller H. W. Gough
threshed out the first, budget with a
view to getting at the expense esti
mates for the year and to fix the tax
late. President Isaac S. Hoffman de
clared that the present tax rate of
4 per cent, will probably be continued.
County Treasurer Bailey's annual
statement will be finished to-morrow.
Realty Transactions of a Day.— l. R.
et al. to W. L,. Ramsay, Swatara
township, $2,600; K. H. Stutzman to
| S. Zimmerman, Highsplre, C. A. Dis
i brow to Meyer Gross, Seventh and
Sayford streets, Matilda F. Hoffer to
E. Z. Hoffer, IS North Thirteenth
street and 11 South Eighteenth street,
I/. 1.. Booda to S. J. Brown, Herr near
Seventeenth, two properties; Blanche
Rickert, South Eighteenth street, $1
each; Commonwealth Trust Company
to Sarah J, B. Black, Swatara town
ship. $385; Providence Building and
Loan Association to A. Mazza, Steel
ton, $5,125; A. Mazza to G. Magara,
Steelton, $1,300; D. Metz heirs to
John Y. Boyd et al., Swatara town
ship, $4,250; F. W. Wright to W. S.
Hnlderman, 222 Woodbine street, $10;
Central Trust Company to State, 418
Cranberry street, $1,400.
Deed of 1812 Is fteeorded. —One of
the oldest deeds handled by the
County Recorder's office In months
was received to-day when E. M. Her
shey presented the transfer of Ber
nard Emeriek to Frederick Blessing
for an acre of farm land in Derry
township. Following the custom of
the day, the second deed of transfer
was written on the back of the origi
nal to save paper.
Coi-iuneal Case is Resumed.—More
|in detail about the preparation of
| cornmeal and the basic principles
what is and what isn't good material
with which to prepare "mush" was
explained to President Judge Kunkel
to-day when the Brlnser cornmeal
case was continued. S. C. Brlnser, an
aged Middletown cornmeal manufac
turer, is suing his son Harry anil two
other members of a newly organized
firm to prevent their using his own
secret process in manufacturing corn
So tired of burning, sweaty, cal
loused feet and corns?
* Use "TIZ."
When your poor, suffering feet
sling from walking, when you try to
wriggle your corns away from the
leather of your shoes, when shoes
pinch, and feel tight, when feet are
swollen, sore, chafed—don't experi
ment—just use "TIZ." Get instant re
lief. "TIZ" puts peace in tired, ach
ing. painful feet. Ah! how comfort
able your shoes feel. Walk five miles,
feet won't hurt you, won't swell after
using "TIZ."
Sore, tender, sweaty, smelly feet
need "TIZ" because it's the only rem
edy that draws out .all the poison
ous exudations which puff up the feet
and cause foot torture. "TIZ" Is the
only remedy that takes pain and sore
ness right out of corns, callouses and
Get a. 25 cent box of "TIZ" at any
druggist or department store. Get a
whole year's foot comfort for only 25
cents. Think of It!— Advertisement.
Rest Remedy for
Chapped Lips
and Hands
Rer- V. t. Pn. Off. t
Camphor Ice
Are your lips rough and sore?
Are your hands chapped, j
cracked and smarting?
Vaseline Camphor Ice brings
quick relief. For sale every
where. In tubes and tin Ejoxes. |
Interesting 'Vaseline" booklet |
mailed free on request. |
Chesebrough Mfg. Co, I
IT State St., New York City |j
Newell Albright Gives
Recital at Lancaster
On Thursday evening Newell Al
))riglil, the concert plunist of this city,
whose recitals have attracted wide
attention, played the following pro
gram at a private recital before the
New Lancaster Country Club:
Ballade In F and three etudes from
Op. 25, Chopin; old French, "Hurri
cane." Kameau, "Cuckoo," Datiuln,
,and gavotte In D minor, Lully; "At
the of Wallenstadt," Pastorale
and "At the Source of a Spring," Lis/.t;
"Mark, Hark, the Ijark," Schubert-
Liszt; "ha Campanella," Paglnini-
.Miss Sarah Hartman, of Lancaster,
is visiting her cousin, Miss Bliizabelh
Merr. at 115 Helly street.
Miss Rose Kiiin has gone home to
Lewistown after visiting Miss Mar
garet Schafmeister. 2 331 Logan street.
Mrs. H. H. Devlin, of 315 Buck
thorns street, Is home after spending
the holidays with her mother, Mrs. P.
S. Crawford, in Jersey City.
Miss Ivy L. Jones is home after a
visit In Lancaster.
Mrs. Frank .T. Benner, of 1416 Ue
glna street, entertained the ladies of
the A. F. W. Embroidery Club of the
Fourth Reformed Church yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Martin, of Second and
Chestnuf streets, entertained inform
ally at cards In honor of her guest,
Mrs. James Stringer, of Williamsport.
Miss Grace Daniel, of 2 1 South Six
teenth street, entertained six guests at
cards last evening at her home. A
late supper was served.
Miss Ruth Stewart, of 224 Crescent
street, has resumed her studies at the
School of Industrial Arts, Philadel
phia, after spending the holidays here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Prominent Patronesses
For Woman Senator's Talk
The only woman senator in the
United States. Helen Ring Robinson,
will meet, with a most cordial recep
tion when she comes here on January
15 to the State Capital. A long list of
Harrlsburg's representative women are
patronesses of the affair.
These names include Mrs. Eliz
abeth C. Kunkle, Mrs. William Elder
Bailey, Mrs. Frederic C. Martin, Mrs.
James I. Chamberlain, Mrs. C. Giles
Flower, Mrs. Edgar Z. Wallower, Dr.
Maud Congers Exley, Mrs. Wilbur
Harris, Mrs. Edwin M. Mulock, Mrs.
Philip T. Meredith, Mrs. George W.
Relly, Jr., Mrs. George B, Kunkle, Jr.,
Dr. Ruth A. Deeter, Mrs. Harvey
Smith, Mrs. Thomas Earle, Mrs. James
Henry Darlington, Mrs. Winfield S.
Herman, Miss Mary Norcross, Mrs.
Thomas M. Jones. Mrs. Herman P.
Miller, Miss Ella L. Hart, Mrs. Charles
F. Etter, Miss Nellie Penrose, Mrs.
W'alter P. Maguire and Mrs. J. M. Re
The meeting will be held in the as
sembly hall of the Board of Trade and
will be entirely free. It Is given under
the auspices of the Woman Suffrage
party of Dauphin county. The officers
and board of the State association hold
their regular meeting at State head
quarters in Harrlsburg on that date
and will attend the meeting. Mrs.
Frank M. Roesslng, the president, and
Miss Mary E. Bakeweil, both of Pitts
burgh, will speak.
J. A. Sientz was given a surprise
party in celebration of his fifty-second
birthday, with a midnight supper clos
ing the fun.
In attendance were Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. David
McFadden, Mrs. William Smith, Mrs.
Mary "Westbrook, Miss Frances Meek,
Mrs. Stella. Gross, It. N. Gingrich,
Blaln Patterson, John Edwards, Fred
Goodyear, William Piatt, Robert Mar
tin, Stedworth Mildam, William Mid
lam, Master Lester Sientz, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Sientz.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Grove, of
278 Muenojf street, announce the mar-1
riage of their daughter, Miss Mary
Ann Grove to John S. Weaver, of 551
Woodbine street. The ceremony was a
quiet one, performed at the bride's
home, Thursday, January 8 at noon,
with the Rev. A. S. Williams, pastor
of the Curtin Heights Methodist
Church, officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
Weaver will reside in this city after
spending the honeymoon in New York
and the East.
Miss Blanche Stamm was hostess at
an informal card party at her home,
IGI3 Derr.v street, last evening. Music
and dancing were also enjoyed by the
Refreshments were served to Mins
Lillian Phillips, Miss Anna Yowler,
Miss Maude Albright and Miss Stamm,
Ben Albright, Harry Fisher. John
Stamm, Boss Look, Mr. and Mrs. G.
H. Albright and Mr. and Mrs. H. B.
Mrs. Philip Taliaferro Meredith, of
Front and Harris streets, issued invi
tations to-day for a tea Friday after
noon, January I fi, from 4 to 6 o'clock,
to meet Miss Kilpatrick.
John Eberle, of 2204 North Sixth
street, and Charles Piirk, of fi2r. Race
street, students of St. Charles' school,
Overbrook, left for their studies yester
day afternoon spending the holidays In
a pleasant way at their homes in this
city. A jolly party of young folks
gathered at the station to see them
Grief For Mother's
Death Kills Son
Grieving over the <l»ath of his
mother, Mrs. Gertrude Miller, who died
Monday morning at her home, in Wash
ington. C>. C. Craig Aliller, her son, died
yesterday at his home, at Albany. N. V.
Mrs. Miller was a former resident of
this city, and was well-known through
out Harrisburg. She was the widow of
George W. Miller, for many years an
attorney in Western Pennsylvania. She
was a member of the Daughters of the
American Revolution and of the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, at Washing
ton. D. C. Both bodies were taken to
their former home, at Washington, Pa.,
Washington, Jan. 9.—Vast stores of
educational material of special value
to teachers, He hidden In government
publications, says the Federal Bureau
of Education in a statement to-day.
Attention Is called to the fact that tons
and tons of reports, bulletins and mis
cellaneous documents are dally turned
out by the government printing office
containing valuable educational mat
ter, although not generally known by
the public.
August Spangolo. infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Josoph Spangolo, 213 South
Second street, died last evoning at
the home of his parents. Funeral
services will be held to-morrow morn
ing at 9 o'cloclj. Burial Will be made
in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. <
T Cash
We Do T\ *
our sales and state for Spot Cash Only. I
We give the BUYER the same advan
tage whether they need Credit or Pay
Us All Cash.
Of All Suits, Coats,
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nlor •TM'VI.T Sl " U " l * , '■ delivery, dcj or parcel ,K«t. R,,.
SCHMIDT Market Street
FLORIST P. R. r. Station J
Try Telegraph Want Ads.