Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 09, 1914, Page 6, Image 6

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. White Sale News On §3w<i) J an uaiy Clearance Sale
Exceptional Values in Men's Handsome Chinchilla Overcoats
"4T512.00 and $15.00^151
want y° u to be the judge of the merits of these values. We think they are the best values
* n high-grade chinchilla overcoats we have ever been privileged to offer, and our only regret is
MPS- that the manufacturer did not have more of these beautiful garments when he cleaned up his stock. D m jmPI
Ivl i S overcoats are st^le perfect and made of the best quality of chinchilla. m
E I || Blue chinchilla overcoats, 43 inches long, belted back, double- Blue chinchilla overcoats, 43 and 45 inches long belted back shawl !
ft I I breasted, tabs on sleeves, patch pockets; $25.00 value collar, single or double-breasted, full serge or Venetian iined I WHI-*, < M
(If at .«pI«J.UV patch pockets; $20.00 value at ' <j)IZ.UU ulBSf
mjj tW Grey Scotch mixed worsted overcoats, shawl collar, double breasted, belted back,# Brown and grey striped imported worsted overcoats full lined belted back a I
OT j! full lined, tabs on sleeves, 45 inches long, (1 Q double breasted, shawl collar, 43 and 45 inches luiitr ' A ' '"llBl/OBm/F
JU Ili| $28.00 value at <P 1 O.OU $28.00 value at ' $15.00 ' W
A-C. Plain brown and re y worsted overcoats, single and doubled, plain and belted Fancy dark grey vicuna overcoats, 45inches lone full lined shawl rnllar Hn.,hl P Sffliw
backs, 43 and 45 inches long, full lined, notch collars, English and -l |JA breasted, belted back, $28.00 value ' '
=, 1 conservative models, $25.00 value, at 9 1 0.5U at ... . $18.50 jd**
Boys' Overcoats Reduced—Now I That Special Lot of $20.00 and $22.50
Let the Thermometer Drop Men'sSuits at $14.50 isFastDisappearing
This news of overcoat reductions should interest many parents. This \\ | -Men who lu\e bought these suits are pleased with their investment
sale will provide good, trustworthy overcoats at substantial savings. With /i jii' // y ( I " ncxcl bought better suits for the money.
a warm, comfortable overcoat the'boy will be ready for that next big drop Mj \ J MM/ L_ White hairline striped black and bine worsted suits, two-button English sacks,
thc temperature a sure protection against the biting winds of winter. pateh pockets, high cm vests, * t
Boys'navy blue beaver cloth overcoats, military collar, half $22.50 value, at v 14«DU
Venetian lining, double-breasted, tabs on sleeves, patch pockets, d*"7 ra
fancv back; sizes 4to 10 years; loose belt; SIO.OO reduced to
' ~ , , , ~ 11,, , pockets, high cut vests, Venetian lined, .. d»l i fA
Boys blue chinchilla overcoats, shawl collar, belted back, /{//// \J \ S2OOO value at
half Venetian lining, patch pockets, tabs on sleeves, double- 4JIA Afj M// -v \j )
breasted. $13.50 reduced to <SIU*UU I Neat tartan plaid cassimere suits, two-button English sacks, high 1/I CA
0 ~. , , , , n , , , r A/ . „ • 4 — —M\ cut vests, Venetian lined, $20.00 value at M/AtT*Ovl
Boys chinchilla overcoats, velvet collar, box back, fancy <j*£ fA nj>C 1) J
all-wool lining; sizes 4to 9 vears. $8.50 reduced to «f>U.DU \ \\r n T • r cr*i>-r r\r\ o • „
„ , , ~ • ,' (K , „ ~ JIT A Well Known Line of $17.00 Suits at $12.50
Boys brown worsted overcoats, convertible collar, belt
back, fancy lining, patch or plain pockets, tabs on sleeves; sizes- djo |-a J>\ Chalk striped black worsteds, pin striped grey worsteds and herrinsr
-11 to 18 years, $12.50 reduced to. «r • ' bone striped homespuns, attractive models.
' Men's Clothing, Second Floor, Rear.
___ Men » Clothlngr, Second Floor, Rear.
Owing to inability to prepare copy
In time for publication; the African
Ostrich and Feather Oo's. advertise
ment does not appear in this issue of
the Harrisburg Telegraph. It will ap
pear in to-morrow's issue advertise
Hamilton, Howard, Wnltluim. Klein,
Weill) C. Hall. Illinois, nml other well-
makes. Fitted In J. Bos*
- ->i| '•<>n 11 it I" ■ accuracy with reliability. Anil
boar in mind you can certainly do bet.-
A?oilwsorl C/o H/7o Ffi tcr licre. Ask about our Hun-go nc-
TUUUVaU kJUJj/UafU count* on R. It. Watclies.
The P. H. CAPLAN CO., Jeweler "SSSni
PRICES: Mat., Ilnlcony, 25e. IMlei l,o«er I''lin>r, ",v, $1.00; Eve., -.V', r»Oe,
75c, SI.OO, $1.50.
Entire Week I_ __ 1 O
Beginning Monday,
Motion Picture Sensation
of the
Inside of the White
. Slave Traffic
"I feel that every person, especial- j "I see nothing, hut a moral lesson,
Ijr arlrls, should aee them for their especially so for young girls." M.
own protection."—Chief of Police H. Bernhard, Chief of Police of AI-
Blnder, of York. lentown,
- -N
I,AST TWO DAYS to See the Big j ,
Amive = BD^ ek bm : Country Siore
Clark aid Hamilton A n IV . ..
A Real Live Mow
FATIMA R . J ivi .L • .
NEXT WEEK Bring I our Mother-in-Law
At the annual meeting of the Har
risburg Pressmen's I'nlon, No. 12S, held
nt Ml. Pleasant Printery, last night,
these officers were elected: President,
R. H. Bolmer; vice-president. George
W. Coleman; secretary and treasurer,
.John AV. Unger.
; Limestone Caves in
Australia Wonderful
What are perhaps the most mar
velousl.v beautiful limestone caverns In
the world have recently been discov
ered In that part of Western Australia
lying In its southwest corner, between
Capes Leuwin and Naturaliste. Many
years ago caverns were discovered in
the southern part of the promotory of
which the aforesaid capes are the ex
treme north and south points: but as
they lay adjacent to the large timber
station of Karridale they were natur
ally visited bj» many of the several
hundred men employed in their vicin
ity and their beauties almost entirely
destroyed: they simply remain now as
, wrecks, showing few traces of their
former grandeur. Some eight years
ago. however, a Mr. Edward Dawson,
a settler in the neighborhood, was out
with a companion when he noticed a
peculiar cavity in the ground near
Cape Naturaliste. He procured a rope
and, on lowering himself down, the
full beauty of the famous Yallingup
Cave was revealed. Shortly afterward
Messrs. J. Conolly and Frederick Bus
sell, exploring some twenty miles far
ther to the south, discovered the
■ equally beautiful caves now known as
the Mammoth, the Lake, the Black
Bay Hollow, Calgardup, Wallcliff, Gol
gotha, and others.
A short walk from the hostel brings
the visitor to the entrance to the Yal
lingup Cave, n circular hole in the
ground some thirty feet deep. A flight
New System of
Fat Reduction
Here's a new way for all fat people ttf
laugh together at the old bugaboo—
Obesity. The saying that "there is noth
ing new under the sun" does not row
apply to fat people any more. Here is
something new for them—a new sensa
tion, a new pleasure, a new and graceful
figure, easily found by anyone- who is
passing beyond thn limits of slimness.
Everyone has heard of the Marmoia Pre
scription: that harmless combination of
fat-defying elements discovered by one of
our foremost physicians. Now, from the
same high authority, there comes another
idea—the idea of condensing these same
pure, harmless ingredients Into a pleas
ant little tablet. Taken after eatinp and
at bed-time, they help the stomnch to
dispose of all the fatty foods, converting
them into compact, solid flesh, muscle
and energy, without dieting or exercise.
Marmoia Prescription Tablets regulate
the entire system—do for you what bod
ily exertion and self-denial cannot do,
and the fat, once routed, is gone for good.
You can prove all this at a trifling cost!
Marmoia Prescription Tablets are sold by
all druggists or sent postpaid by the Mar
moia Co., Parmer Bldg., Detroit. Mich. A
large enso—sufficient to bring laating re
sults—ls but Too
Just I.lke tlir Show « Acts, and
the Rvitiilar Show.
of stairs having boen descended, the
J entrance hall is reached. This takes
the form of a spacious domed grotto
some hundred and fifty feet in diam
eter and twenty-five feet high. As
this is a "dead" cave, beautiful stalac
tites and stalagmites are not in evi
dence, yet for all that It has a weird
fascination of its own. In every direc
tion are to bo seen the remains of old
stalugmites, which in the dim light
take all kinds of fantastic shapes,
By .-Issocuited Prt.is
New York, Jan 9.—Whit is said to
be the record compensation for in
jury in this State was given Bruce
Spanks, a mechanic yesterday when a I
Supreme Court Jury awarded him I
$40,000 for the loss of his arms while |
employed in the Kingsland, N. J. shop ■
of the Delaware, Lackawanna and!
Western railroad.
feUL-t ' '
Seats Going Fast For "Wltliln The
Law" at Majestic on Saturday
The Majestic Theater Is witnessing
an almost unprecedented ndvance sale
for "Within the Law," which is to be i
presented again at the theater on
Saturday, afternoon and evening.!
This is the biggest dramatic success J
of the season, and judging from the
present demand on the theater, all !
seats will be taken. Miss Virginia
Miiliman, who plays the part of the I
shop girl, is a very talented and beau
yiul young woman.
Men of All Parties and Organiza
tions Get Together For
a Plain Talk
The special committee provided for
last evening by the conference of the
advocates of good roads, held here un
der the auspices of the Pennsylvania
Good Roads Association, will make a
i thorough study of the road laws of
j the State and consider the needs of
! rural communities. The subject of
State revenues and their distribution
will also be gone into extensively. The
conference had the effect of getting
together men of all parties and organ
izations interested in betterment of
highways, and they will endeavor to
work out a plan that will meet all
\ lows and whioh can be placed before;
the Legislature of 1915 as a practical
means of providing good roads on a
systematic basis.
The State Grange, the Pennsylvania
Snow, Slush, Sleet,
Protect.Your Feet
We bought the entire surplus stock of the Converse Rubber
Shoe Factory, ft.alden, Mass., for our EIGHT (8) Large Stores
in Pennsylvania.
We bought them cheap, and you can share the saving of
money with us if you will.
Eve jy pair must give satisfaction to you or your money returned
Children's Rubbers ... 25c I Men's 4-Bucklc Arctics, at . $1.98
Little Boys' Rubbers, as low as AT* Men's Felt Boots, with Buckle "1 AO
Perfection Overs 1 «t/0
Ladies' Rubbers, as low as .' 39C H ' P $4 98
Men's heavy rubbers, with leather AO EXTRA SPECIAL
heel seat; $1.50 value, at I/Ot
To clean up all that are left of Ladies' felt
Men's l-Buckle Arctics, at per <t» -■ £ /\ juliets, (>9O to SI.OO will buy the SI.OO and
pair, 980 to <J> 1 .JU $1.50 values.
20th Century Shoe Co.
Shoes That Wear• Market Square.
Good Roads Association, the Pennsyl
vania State Federation of Labor and
other organizations were represented.
Twenty-five men who have been identi
fied with the road movement were
Frank Bell, secretary of the Penn
sylvania Good Roads Association, pre
sided and among those present were
William T. Creasy, State Master, Leon
ard Rhone and other members of the
Grange; W. A. Aisdorf, of the Na
tional Highways Association; A. P.
Bower, vice-president of the State
Federation of Labor; Vance C. Mc-
Corniick, Democratic division chair
man; ex-State Senator John A. Fisher,
Indiana; lames B. Hammond, Bolivar;
Deputy fcltate Highway Commissioner
Joseph W. Hunter and A. Nevln De
trlch, State chairman of the Washing
ton party.
A committee of the following wa-s
named to formulate plans and to re
port-to a later meeting: Messrs. Bell,
chairman; Fisher, McCormlck, Creasy,
James H. Maurer, president of the
State Federation of Labor; Robert K.
Young, State Treasurer, and one other
to be named later.
The question of using prison labor
on the roads was discussed and the
suggestion taken under consideration
by the committee. The probable plan
will include $2,000,000 annually for
township roads, a similar amount for
the maintenance of State roads and
$3,000,000 or more for State roads.
Among the indications of threatened
| Trouble are a continued cough,
fever and night sweats. A change of
climate often helps, but It seems thai
something more Is needed to stop th t
I cough and sweats and arrest the pro
gress of disease. Eckman's Altera live
after many years of use, Is known t<i
be most beneficial in bringing arbout re
lief, in many cases complete recoveries.
Investigate this case:—
Sehell City, Mo.
"Gentlemen: I had a terrible cough,
night sweats and pleurisy In my lung.«
A man who heard me coughing advised
me to take your Alterative. I paid no
attention to him then. I got so bar
the doctor said I should go to Wyom
ing. I did, and when I got there I
steadily grew worse. Then I remcm
bered what had been told me aboul
your medicine. I began taking it, with
no faith whatever, but before I hac
taken three bottles, I could eat any
thing. Fever and night-sweats stopped
and for over a year I have been well
and In better health than I ever was."
(Affidavit). W. F. BOMAR.
(Above abbreviated; more on re
Eckman's Alterative has been proven
by many years' test to be most efflcacl
ous for severe Throat and hung Affec
tions, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma,
Stubborn Colds and in upbuilding the
system. Contains no narcotics, poison:
or habit-forming drugs. Sold by lead
ing druggists. Write the Eckman
boratorv, Philadelphia, Pa., for book
let telling of recoveries and additional
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