Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 05, 1914, Page 6, Image 6

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Silk Chiffon Waists Many Values Not Advertised
Enter the January Clearance Sale * (9WWW V Enter the January Clearance Sale
The Annual January "clearance
With a List of Remarkable Outergarment Values for Women Girls,
( Hundreds of Suits, Coats, Skirts and Dresses Marked to Go at Big Reductions
„^ The D s V ® S 'r Pomer ° y Stewart Annual January Clearance Sale, an event that brings rare opportunities in outergarments for i
women and girls, opens to-morrow morning with one of the most notable lists of extraordinary savings the store has ever announced.
Our entite stock of Winter Apparel has been revised. Many Suits and Coats are maked to reductions of more than one-half so
to-morrow you may expect to find in every part of the outergarment section the most remarkable bargains of the entire year.
$25.00 Suits From Regular Stock: $18.50 $16.50 Women's and Misses' Coats: SIO.OO
long baek finished with buttons, cutaway lodri,' lintd froghS ™ tlWay front ' fM,enine ' pr^
peg top skirt. January Clearance price, $18.50 P c & top skirt. January Clearance price, $20.00 ing, military collar . January Clearance price, . .SIO.OO • *15.00
4i'? r . nn «..;♦« oil i« i; i i e ■, • , $35.00 taupe, brown and navy diagonal suits, long , ~, . $20.00 navy and black broadcloth coate with velvet col
. " all the leailin g shades of novelties, fur back, plain notched collar, two-piecealrapcd skirt. Janu- $16.50 brown and blue mixed double faced olnnchilla lar and cuffs, three-quarter length model. January Clear
tnmming, drop shoulder, lined throughout with peau de » r .V Clearance price $20.00 c °ats, velvet collar, satin revers, edges finished with silk ance price, , $15.00
cygne, skirt peg top. January Clearance price, $20.00 iiavy and black silk finished poplin suits, plain cord, button trimmed back. January Clearance price, ~ t . '
box coats, finished with velvet collar revers and hntt<wis SIO.OO s2u.°o eponge coats in the newest shades,, plush collar
s3e>.oo chiffon broadcloth suit in brown, navy and plum, fancy peg top skirts January Clearance nriee s2"* OO tl . m .... and cuffs, yoke back with drop shoulder, button trimmed,
military jacket finished with fur, long pointed back , $45 00 velvet suits i* hlnck nnvv i«r m-* slo.oo striped chinchilla coats in grey and blue, plush lined throughout with satin. January Clearance price,
,rimmed wi,h ict bu,tl - isri fro'ntJwifhT;, tX Mll " r ' t " r ' o, ' ,or,cr ,s "" ary c,ea ™ ee &ir6o hrJ»
, P $25.00 skirt. January Clearance price, $30.00 ... $ 0.00 $20.00 S»lt's astrachan coats; brown, navy, black and
" ~
O i 1 /pi • ta -f shawl collar, patch pockets. January Clearance price, Skinner's satin. January Clearance price $16.50
\J\IT t/ntire OtOCK Ol okirtS IvGCIUCCCi . 9n . $12.50 $ 25.00 velour coata in plain or stripedmaterial, seven
Regular $4 95 (3<irinolltS for drop shoulder, yoke front and back, plush collar and cuffs, pockets, deep cuffs. January Clearance price,.. .$18.50
$4.95 black and navy serge skirts, in draped style; all sizes. $0.50 and SIO.OO serge and poplin skirts in black navy and '49 4 y-i. .* - , !
January Clearance price $2.98 taupe; draped models. January Clearance price .' $7.30 fl C Qfl Vl 11 iA fAfl C S~\ O+C d
$5.95 black and navy serge skirts in good styles. January Clear- black mat «lasso skirts; peg top style. January dllLl
anC6PnCe p* 18 - 50 epon 8 0 and pebble cheviot draped' skirts'.' T"\
bla!k and $2.98 DI*6SS6S, $1.98 $6.50 C()£ltS, $4.50
~ ~ " " —— Children's $2.9H Shepherd check dresses; brown, blue and red
f**' 11 1 T"i 1 1 "% w T • coUars and cuffs; sizes oto 14. January Clearance price, .. .$1.98 „
Colored and Dlack Dress Wpavpi; in tV>^
* » VzCL V VyO 111 lllC/ patent leather belt, sizes 12 and 14. January Clearance price, $6.50 grey chinchilla coata; reefer style; sizes 3 and 4 Janu
-1 $1.98 ary Clearance price, . .$4.50
I _ $4.50 brown corduroy dresses; white corduroy collar and cuffs; brown and blue diagonal cloth coats; belted backs; sizes
I |ll 1 /-I |\/ 1 IAQ t*Q tl P O patent leather belt; size 12. January Clearance price $2.50 January Clearance^ price $2.98
I A y
•/ SIO.OO black and SIO.OO all wool black and white plaid dresses; January Clearance price, «•
CA. 1 C _ or r»f-T>n 1 „ Copenhagen satin stole, girdle and sash; embroidery collar; sizes $9.50 American beauty, and blue broadcloth'coktv' •Raiv«,!
Whipcord ouiting: 25c 85c Black Serge Suiting: 59c ai uary Clearance price ' .'50.50 models; plush collar and cuffs. January^wance^rlce?! 1 . B stUso
I The year's most important dress goods clearance makes it possible for you to buy staple I-N. < .
weaves at prices which show savings of one-third to one-half. ' 1 or a i-rt Ar, A
rancy uecorated cnina in An Annual
76c v.^ kMirt '"^r• January Clearance at Half Price
75c Hhephcrd Checks, 42 inches wide, t1 n/4 * 00 black Serge 48 inches, yard, . 59c J *
y h arf! . BiZeß '.. Ja " Uary .. C ! < ! ara ! lCe P 49c January . '
75c Wool Challis b d d b d Rnl ' "- 2J i Worsted Suiting, 54 ou sa ' e to-morrow in the Annual January Clearance at exactly one-half former prices. • - 1
~nu" y J^'^SLSSS^A" Prices Heretofore: ... 20c to $7.50 i
85c Serge, 48 inches wide, many shades. $1.25 yard, 95 C T-\ • /-P . N RT» i
January Clearance price, yard 59c $3.00 Coatings, 54 inches wide, diag- sl-60 black Broadcloth, 50 inches', ' THCeS 1 OITLOrrOW: . . . I(JC tO 53 50
/' $1.25 Serge, 52 inches wide, navy, gar- onals and chinchillas. January Clearance t
net and brown. January Clearance price, P rice ' y ard 91.40 £2.50 black Twilled Broadcloth, yd., 9J.40 The Ust of half-price pieces include? butter dishes, ice cream seta, marmalade Jars, hot cake dishes, puff boxes RVTOD Ini™ i
&»*»• * -<•>»■ »i:iS l b£ k ' ?i a 6 ' Mc ««».•»
inches, navy, taupe, Copenhagen, m'ahog- January Clearance price, yard inches, yard, f ....98c . J" "
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
j Additional Store News on Page 14
Uabama Woman Defies Govern
ment and Is Prepared
For a Siege
New York, Jan. 6. —Mrs. Ida O. Till
lan, the deposed postmistress of Gen
va, Ala,, defies the Federal Admlnis
ratlon in a message which she sent to
he New York Times yesterday, and In
rhich she says:
"I shall refuse to surrender iny office
j a post office Inspector. If I am ar
f.sted, I have u corporation bond
sady. I have decided to go to jail If I
luat, In ordeer to get an open investl
ation. I am very comfortably in
tailed In record room back of work
10m In post office building and pre
ared to remain indefinitely.
"Right after the visit of the inspec
>r sent to get up evidence against me,
got out among the pntrons of got
rong Indorsements certifying to my
llctency. I sent this list to Congress-
man Clayton, asking him to please file
it. I also wrote First Assistant Post
master General. I have heard noth
ing from them. All along they treated
me with silent contempt, never even
showing me the courtesy of acknowl
'After Mr. Kenan had been nomi
nated I wrote to Mr. Clayton asking
that my list of indorsements be re
turned to me. His secretary returned
them along with a lot of excuses about
Mr. Clayton being absent and could
not file them with the department, etc.
I then began to fight Mr. Kenan s con
firmation, and filed voluminous lists
along with other strong affidavits of
my efficiency and of Mr. Kenan's In
efficiency with the committee on post
offices and post roads.
"Nothing I could do was of any avail.
I had been ordered lynched without
an> kind of defense. I have several
splendid lawyers to defend ine, among
them Mrs. Inez Mllholland Bolssevaln
of your city. I feel that Justice must
be done me In the final outcome."
By Associated Press
New York, Jan. 6.—Lillian Slnnott,
a young actress, who had played in a
number of Broadway successes, was
found dead in her apartment to-day
with her throat and wrists cut.
l-'riends say she was despondent over
the death of her fiance, to be buried
Was Among Best Known Physi
cians and Writers in State
of Pennsylvania
Special to The Telegraph
Philadelphia, Jan. 5. Dr. S. Weir
Mitchell Is dead. The end came at 3
o'clock yesterday morning at his home,
1524 Walnut street. Influenza was the
direct cause of death, though old age
had a contributing influence.
Since the distinguished writer and
physician became 111, si* days ago, It
was generally thought that he would
not recover. On Thursday a slight Im
provement was noted In his condition,
out the mending did not continue.
Dr. Mitchell, whom ex-President Taft
once called the most Eminent physician
In America—lt was when Professor
Taft, then President, was in Philadel
phia and the guest of Dr. Mitchell—had
be.en practicing his usual pursuits
when he caught (lit l cold that caused
his death. He had been in good health,
considering his years, for he would
have been 85 years old on February 15.
Rose to Height* In Tw» Calling"
His death removes one of the most
versatile figures of all time, a man who
rose to the heights in two entirely
disassociated callings, literature and
medicine. Critics everywhere have
agreed that he was one of the most
notable writers of the age, and It is as
a writer that he was best known, but
yet his place in medical ranks was even
higher than In literature. He was con
sidered by many the worlds leading
nerve specialist.
Dr. Mitchell's life paralleled In many
ways the life of Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Both men were physicians, and both
were writers. No one disputed that Dr.
Mitchell was the much better phy
sician, and not a few inclined to tht.
belief that he was the better writer.
Holmes was a fast friend of Dr.
Mitchell, and the first work in writing
Dr Mitchell ever did, he submitted to
Holmes for an opinion. He then was
27 years old. The work consisted of a
book of verses. The advice he got was
to lay them on the shelf at least ten
years, nn<l If he Intended to keep on
writing to quit the practice of medi
Among his more prominent literary
works ure: "Francois Vlllun," "Charac
teristics," "Francis Drake," "A Ma
deira Partj\" "Dr. North and His
Friends, "The Autobiography of a
" The Wager" (a masque), and
The Red City." His medical w»rk has
been largely on the subject of nervous
diseases; soma or the titles are: "Clini
cal Wessons on Nervous Disease," "Rest
Treatment and Psychic Medicine,"
"Wear stid Tear." "The Involution of
the Rest Treatment," and "Doctor and
"Headless Horseman" of
Irving Fame, Is Injured
Special to The Telegraph
Tarrytown, N. Y„ Jan. o.—William
Bailey, an employe of John D. Jtocke
feller, after reading about Washing
ton Irvlng's headless horseman, tried
to duplicate the story about 2 o'clock
this morning. Astrldo the horse and
with his head down in the big collar
of his coat, he raced through the vil
lage streets, terrorizing the few people
out at that hour.
Finally the police gave chase.
Bailey drove hia heels into the horse's
sides and spurred it on; but, as it
turned, it stumbled on the brick
pavement and fell. Bailey was badly
hurt. He Is in the hospital with a
dislocated hip and badly cut head.
Students Wilf Repeat
Play at Elizabethville
Special to The Telegraph
Elizabethville. Pa., Jan. 6.—"The Toy
Shop.' a play given by the high school
students of Elizabethville, will be re
peated in the auditorium this evening.
The show made such a lilt on the two
occasions upon which It was previously
presented that by requ»st the school is
repeating it. The receipts go Into the
school treasury.
JANUARY S, 1914.
SWINDLERS GET $m9.000,000
Special lo The Telegraph
Washington, Jan. 5. —Loss of $1119,-
000,000 in two years by the unsuspect
ing public through a swindling opera
tion carried on by use of the United
States malls has stirred the postal au
thorities to a drastic campaign against
fraudulent schemers. Wholesale use
of the government's rights to deny
the mailing privilege to persons or
firms whose operations may be tainted
fße a Perfect Dancer
Learn how, and the correct way to dance the Tangb)
Castlo Walk and Hesitation Waltz. New class forming
Tuesday, January 6th.
Private lessons to beginners Tuesday and Thursday
evenings. Capable instructors. Single lesson 25 cents.'
Five lessons, SI.OO.
Regular dance nights, Monday, Wednesday, Frldaj
and Saturday. ...
Gentleman, 25 cents. Ladies, 10«
Hill Dancing Academy
13th and Market Sts.
I. R. BTURIKUY, lift
with "get-rich -quick" and other false
promises is the weapon to be em
By Associated Press
La Crosse, Wis., Jan. s.—The Mis
sissippi river at this point has broken
all records. It is still free of ice ex
cept at pointß along shore, and It Iji
possible for the biggest boat to navi
gate in the open channel.