Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 05, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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•Meadow Valley, Pa,, Jan. B.—Miss
Anna Holt was married on Saturday
to Levi F. Seibert, of Brunnerville, by
the Rev. J. W. Bitner, of Lltltz, at the
home of the groom's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Seibert.
Strength Restored by Vinol
Strength and even Ill's Itself depends
upon nourishment and proper assimi
lation of food, and unless digestion is
good the whole body suffers.
Mrs. C. W. Busby, of Moundsville,
W. Va.; says: "For years X was in a
weakened, run-down condition, and 1
could not find anything that would
help me. Vinol was recommended
and T tried it. Before I finished the
first bottle I was better. I continued
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gotten several neighbors to take Vinol
with the same result."
We know the great power of Vinol,
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without oil, in building up all weak
ened, run-down persons, and for
chronic coughs, colds and pulmonary
trouble, and that is why we guarantee
to return your money If it does not
help you. George A. Gorgas, Drug
gist, Harrisburg, Penna. Vinol Is sold
In Steelton, Pa., by T. Prowell.
JP. 8. —Our Saxo Salve is truly won
derful for Eczema. We guarantee it. —
Bowling Alleys, Garage and Liv
ery Stable Destroyed in
Spectacular Blaze
■Special to The Telegraph
llagerstown, Md., Jan. s.—Fire of
mysterious origin destroyed the large
skating rink, including bowling alleys
and a garage, owned by Owen D.
Shorley, of this city, and the livery
stable in the roar of the Park View
Hotel, owned by Benjamin Shockey,
after midnight at Pen Mar Park, caus
ing a loss of between $7,000 and SB,-
000. Both buildings were of frame
construction, and when the fire was
discovered the flames had reached
such a stage as to render the possi
bility <lf checking them but of ques
tion. The skating rink and livery
stable were not occupied, having been
closed for the winter seaspn. The
rink was a large building, erected
about two years ago and was one of
the best equipped rinks In this sction.
Mr. Sherley had plans for extensive
improvements to be made to the rink
before the opening of the summer
season at the resort. The fire was
seen for miles in the valley below the
mountain. Mr. Sherley's loss is par
tially covered by $5,000 Insurance. The
livery stable was not insured and is a
total loss.
Recent Deaths in
Central Pennsylvania
Special to The Telegraph
Martindale.—David Groff, 82 years
old, died yesterday after a lingering
illness. All his life was spent In Lan
caster county. He was for more than
fifty years a member of the Mennonite
Church and is survived by five chil
dren, ten grandchildren and one
brother, and a sister.
Weidmanville. —Christian W. Kreid
er, one of the leading men of this sec
tion of Lancaster county, died yester
day after a short illness. His wife,
one son, one daughter, one brother,
and four sisters survive.
Lancaster. —Mrs. Maria Kochel, 80
years old, died yesterday after a lin
gering illness. Her husband died ten
years ago.
Hagerstown, Md., Jan. 5. —Miss Sa
die P. Snow, of Latrobe, Pa, and
Charles E. Gruber, of Enhaut, Pa.,
were married on Saturday morning at
the parsonage of the First Baptißt
Church in this city by the Rev. E. K.
Miss Edna Aamcs and Frederick
Stull, both of Lancaster, Pa., were
married Saturday in this city by the
Rev. E. K. Thomas.
Newport Young People
Attend Fraternity Banquet
Special to The Telegraph
Newport, Pa., Jan. 5. A goodly
number of our young people, tho
young men being members of the Vive
chapter of the X'hi Epsilon Kappa
fraternity of towp, attended the sec
ond annual banquet of lota chapter of
tho same fraternity in Mitllintown.
The guests from own were the Misses
Selma V. Stephens, Winifred Adams,
Eleanor Manning, M. Bertha Murtiff,
Ursula Brown, Laßue Ritter, Jeanotte
Alexander, Irene Howanstine, Alda
Freeland. Marlon L. Wilson and
Messrs. Dietrich Smith, Stanley G.
Fickes, Harry F. Brown, Carl E. Mur
tiff, Earl E. Wilson, Kenneth H. Kep
ner, Herbert Miller, George K. Fry,
Ray Hench, Frank Hartzell, Orvllle
Fulton, Cloyd Manning, Edgar S. Butz
and Horace Light.
Marietta, Pa., Jan. s.—Mr. and Mrs.
David T. Eshelman, residing in the
eastern end of tho borough, were mar
ried forty-seven years yesterday, and
in honor of the event were busy re
ceiving congratulations and gifts, from
their children who are scattered in all
sections of tho State. There are many
grandchildren. Mr. Eshelman served
during the Civil War and is a mem
ber of the G. A. R. He Is a few years
older than his wife.
Panama Canal Ik
West Indies I
Three winter cruises by the world- ■■
famous steamship
"Grosser Kurfuerst w H
Usually engaged in the London- K9H
Paris-Bremen service of the BSSw
Jan. 14-22 Days $l6O Up BB
Cuba, Panama, Jamaica, Porto MM
Rico and Babamaa.
Feb. 12-29 Days $175 Up Kfi
< uha, Jamaica, Panama. Yene
zuela, Trinidad, Barbados, Mar
tlolqne, St. Thomas, Porto Ktco
and Bahamas. MBS
Mar. 19—21 Days-SIGO Up HEB
Cub*, Panama. Jamaica, Puto MU
Rico. BWI
Write for our new booklet HM|
"To the Canal and Caribbean." H|j|
OEUtICHS * CO, Oms. Afte, fljfl
S Br*adway. Maw Yarfc
or Local Agents
Complete Plant in Operation at
Sellersville, La.; First Ship
ment This Week
Special to The Telegraph
Sellersville, Pa., Jan. G.— Radium
Is being produced at Philadelphia's
back door. Here, in this little Bucks
county town, one of the world's most
complete radium plants is in opera
tion. Jt will make its llrst shipments
on the precious metal, valued at SIBO,-
000 the gram, this week.
Two months ago, the forces of the
Radium Company of America, a com
pany controlled by Philadelphia and
New York capital, arrived in Sellers
ville. At their head was the Baltimore
capitalist and manufacturer, Angus
Cameron, president of the company.
Technically, at their head was Dr.
Siegfried Kohn, Austrian chemist, stu
dent of radium production in the
French laboratories, and friend of
Madame Curie, radium's discoverer.
The Radium Company of America
did not shroud its work in mystery. I
Some forty men, whose homes are tni
this town, were hired. The company's
chemist and doctors took up residence
here. Carnotite ores, that hold the
most valuable of elements, Jiterally
were poured into the town. These
ores come from the Green River sec
tion of Utah, from the Paradox Valley
and other sections of Colorado. In
these parts the company has its sev
eral mining stations.
laughs nt "Open Secret"
Despite the openness of the radium
manufacture, no word that Sellersville
possessed probably the world's great
est radium plant has found its way
into the public prints. Angus Cameron
laughed over this. He said:
"Yes, It's rather amusing when you
consider that many of America's
greatest scientific men have known of
the plant, and that many buyers rep
resenting great firms in England,
France and Germany have traveled
from abroad to us here in Sellers
ville. The existence of (he plant is
well known abroad."
"God Owns Sunbury,"
Says Evangelist Stough
Special to The Telegraph
Sunbury, Pa., Jan. 6.—One thousand
pfersons braved ugly elements Sunday
morning and over 1,500 persons were
on hand in the evening at the Stough
evangelical tabernacle opening. Dr.
Henry W. Stough, evangelist, said that
God owned t>unbury, its industries,
railroads and citizens and that cßl
jzens had no right to complain that
I God was 'oming into their town and
trying to run it. He said he would
root out all evil and expoße view.
Bitter Attack Made by Smethport
Editor on the Democratic
Democrats throughout the State
were amazed on Saturday at an editor
ial broadside fired at Vance C. Mc-
Cormick. and his associates in the
Democratic State machine by the Me-
Kean County Democrat, of Smethport.
RlcKean county was one of the first
counties to line up for the reorgani
zation cause and the editor of the
paper, S. R. Lindsey, has been one of
the standard bearers. Evidently the
Smethport man has joined the rapidly
growing faction of the Democracy
that wants another change.
The Democrat, which is looked up to
by many members of the party along
the Northern tier, says:
"Vance McCormick, of Ilarrisburg,
who has assumed the role of Demo
cratic boss of Pennsylvania, and a
most Intolerant one at that, as he has
done little else during the past three
| years aside from that of trying to
'read out of the Democratic party bet-
Iter Democrats than he (McCormick).
ever thought of being, simply because)
they positively refused to bow to this
insolent boss, who at best is only a
thorn in the side of the Democratic
party of Pennsylvania, will certainly
not assist In the proposed get together
movement of the Democratic factions
of this State.
"It has been charged, and we have
never heard the charge successfully
contradicted, that McCormick has
been entrusted with the O. K. seal
for all Pennsylvania Federal appoint
ments, and it is a notable fact that
thus far only one faction of the party
has received recognition in the parcel
ing out of the offices, and that faction
the one that bolted Hon. Webster
Grim in 1010.
"To bring the matter down locally
the Federal appointments, what few
have already been made in this coun
ty, and the promises made for fu
ture appointments in McKcan county
all go to show that nearly if not quite
one-half of the Democratic party is to
be totally ignored by the oflice brok
ers now in control of the Democratic
organization in this State. Democrats
who stood just as loyally for the elec
tion of Woodrow Wilson as any of the
reorganization bunch, seemingly, are
to be shoved into the rear while the
reorganizers are allowed to carry off
all the offices.
"This high handed way of doing
business does not squint very strong
ly toward a getting together of the
party for this year's Important elec
tion. It has more of the appearance
of an effort on the part of the State
organization to punish those Demo
crats who voted for Hon. Webster
Grim In J 910 in preference to that
.political renegade. William H. Berry,
JANUARY 5, 1914.
"Send Us Another
Load of Coal"
just like the last order.
"That Wilkes-Barre furnace coal you de
livered to me certainly was dandy. It gives
lots of heat and what I like, it burns to a fine
white ash."
This is one of the expressions we hear daily
from our customers. .
Buying from us insures good coal, prompt
delivery and courteous treatment.
Try us for your next order.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Fomtrr & Cowden S(«. Third A Boaa St«.
15th & chestnut Sts. and Ilummcl and Mulberry Sts.
Also Steelton, Pa.
1 who injected himself into that cam
• paign for the sole object of defeating
(the regular Democratic nominee for
governor, and for the purpose of dis
rupting the party.
"This being the true condition of
political affairs in Pennsylvania, Dem
ocratically speaking, at this writing,
the Democrat is sorry to say that it
does not view the outlook in this State
with the same optimistic eyes as do
some of our more or less esteemed re
organization friends who are corralling
all the otfices, and riding rough shod
over the other half of the Democratic
party of this Commonwealth.
"Again we say, it i« none too early
to begin the work of rehabilitating the
Democratic party in this State, which
as yet has not been done, and is
hardly possible so long as Vance Mc-
Cormick has full swing in his work of
trying to humiliate Democrats who do
not agree with his policy of ostracizing
life-long Democrats, who were Demo
crats before the Harrisburg gentle
man was born. It is certainly hoped
that the Democratic leaders may see
the light before it is too late."
Special to The Telegraph
Dillsburg, Pa., Jan. 6.—During the
year 1913, eleven deaths occurred
among the residents of the borough,
as follows: George W. Knaub, Janu
ary 18; Hypacia January 28;
Pauline Gochenour, February 5; Mrs.
CASTCRIA For Infants and Children, Bears the
the Kind You Have Always Bought J
Edward Dick, March 31; John Smith,
April 11; Sarah A. Miller, April 27;
Caleb Livingston, September 1; Mrs,
Carl, October 15; Annie Harboid, No
vember 10; George W. Evans, Novem*-
ber 24; James M. Porter, Decembet
Special to The Telegraph
Dillsburg, Pa., Jan. s.—Officers oi
the Dillsburg Cemetery Association
have been elected for the year: * Presi
dent, D. W. Beitzel; secretary, S. H
Klugh; treasurer, George E. Selbert
directors, Noah Arnold, James Heikea
George Selbert, S. H. Klugh, D. W
Beitzol, N. R. Bailey and C- W. Gal
latin; caretaker, Lewis Arnold. i
Or Player-piano—the power of ou
organization can change that deslri
into realized possession. Investigate
J. H. Troup Music House, 16 Soutl
Market Square.—Advertisement.
Special to The Telegraph
Halifax, Pa., Jan. s.— The engage
ment of Norman Matter, a banket
and son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Mattff
of this place, and Miss Mae F. Holmes
of Millers burg, has just been id
. nounced. I