Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 05, 1914, Page 14, Image 14

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A The January White Sale Opens To-morrow II
® Presenting the Ne u) Fashions in French and American Lingerie W
Lingerie styles have radically changed, and to-day they seem to have achieved the superlative degree of dainty grace and filmy charm. ffiSk
JpTOi . Of such sheer materials as crepe de chine, net, silk muslin, softest nainsook and fine cambric are the garments fashioned, and exquisitely trimmed with Cluny Irish crochet Jfoflfsgf.
\ alenciennes and shadow laces, batiste and cambric embroideries, embroidery and lace medallions and dainty ribbon. '
wK2* i an y novelties, so fascinating and chic, showing the influence of the French designers, make their appearance in this white sale, and introduce the new shoulder-strap o-owns tvSw
TwiL 16 exqmsltc tou ? h of I,ttle rosebuds, the latest tlat trimmings, all lace and net slips—styles that are practical despite their decided novelty. '
■ 'This Sale is a feast of ali the pretty things which women treasure so highly. style showing of French and Lingerie.
■■M Pink crepe de chine gowns. Van Dyke points trim neck and sleeves, fin- , nn ., „ f , , , ,
Jhß ished with lace edge and pink chiffon roses 97.05 Drawers f ** skirts of cambric and nainsook, new flat trimmings or fancy, flounce
sn.K DANCING PETTICOATS T T . * of lace or embroidery 50c, 75c, SI.OO, $1.50 to SIO.OO
MRW White crepe tie chine dancing petticoats trimmed with fine pleated flounce iVlPlHp' Qfirl F mKrnirlprPrl Short skirts with plain cambric ruffle or lace or embroidery .trimmed
side lacing of pink satin ribbon through silk crocheted rings $8.95 "IIU IJIIIUIUIUOICU 25 Ci to TrTJHL,
IL- Dainty silk muslin gowns. Empire style, shirred net yoke, trimmed with
rrencn lingerie Nainsook corset covers, tucks with lace or embroidery trimming,
pink satin ribbon and pink; satini roses!•••■• •• •• $8.30 Naturally, the French who create the styles of the world should prove 1 50c, 75c, SI.OO, $1.50 to $3.95
sHOt 1 J)fcß-STBAP GOWNS master designers of lingerie fashions, and no White Sale would be complete Drawers in knickerbocker and straight styles, lace or embroidery trim-
Nainsook gowns in empire style, V-neck, ribbon shoulder straps and lace without a representation of these beautiful undermuslins. We import every ming ROl , ,< nn
sleeves «•* «\ garment n this class direct from France. i « , ~ . . ... , ~ * sm.uu 10 .>.&.».»
WHITE SIILK COMBINATIONS Gowns St,tCh ha " d WOrk> both ln makin * and embroidering. bodices with ribbon shoulder straps $1.85 t o $2.05
White silk corset covers and drawers, neck and armli trimmed with $2.95 to .SIO.OO Misses' and ChilririWQ Si;™ P
lace insertion and lace edge, lace insertion and lace edge trii*drawers . .$3.95 Chemise qq iiuuvo CAllva V/ltttUtVJit O
Pink and white crepe de chine waist linings! kimono sleeves, lace edge
combinations $2.95 to $7!»5 Gowns and Drawers mSP
* ieck . and sleeve l UM ljong sk,rts $1.50 to $12.50 Misses' and Children's Princess slips, lace or embroidery trimmed, '
imtii Dainty Matching Sets for the Bride
ÜBfci ISIAIIIIJ - Children s crepe and nainsook gowns, high and low necks 50c
v SmKEcV artsi T fpi.-(0 to (PO.Ji) Children's knickerbocker drawers, embroidery trimmed 25c
Exquisitely fashioned garments of softest nainsook and trimmed with fine Cambric and nainsook gowns, high and V-necks with long sleeves or low , , White novelties are depicted by these new blouse styles with their chic
liatiste embroidery panels, lace insertion and ribbon. necks with three-quarter or novelty sleeves, beautifully trimmed with tucks drop shoulders and their fllmy trimmings. Here's a fashion show of new [V]BL|
yvr/nT Sold separately or in sets. lace or embroidery 50c. 75c, SI.OO to $25 00 bl °"ses.
Gowns $2.95 PRINCESS SUPS ; sleeves^^ith^trned"tecfc°Sfff ° U ! der :. V °'! trimmed Wlth P,eated ., ne -k -W
Combinations () » Cambric and Nainsook Princess slips, lace embroidery and embroidered Crepe blouses with raglan shoulder, tucks trim front anil back YaVeVni
Princess Slln, * P >. SI.OO. $1.50, $1.05 to $6.05 l*r. lace frill trims front, lace edge trims sleeves . ' $5 50
M&fl 1 rincess Slips $3.95 COMBINATIONS ]ar with drop shoulder, trimmed with Romn striped' silk col-
- -"5 •^'."r„gr I 'aa b 'r lon^ c °".'\ ajg-ssa«„ 4 ££ss-
W 25c S5SS35c' SSs' 1 9c ' 'SJr"2sc' S,"' 25c' W
tig.lu-fitting—only 2to custo- Muslin skirts, cambric ruf- Neat cambric ruffle, hem- 50c value, tucks with lace Muslin drawers, bunch tucks Nainsook slips, embroidery Long nainsook skirts main
mer and none exchanged. lie with hemstitched hem. stitched timifc ,, and plain hem: none exchang- , y on lf nainsook skirts, plain -r -JVi*
— / v—4 1 J hem. or tmbroldery ruffle, ed; only 2 pair to customer. edge trims neck and sleeves. hem and bunch tucks.
lit F ° Ur The Annual White Sale Discloses Rich Men's Shirts and M
A " advance Spring styles in fashionable weaves. ! VflllXGS 111 Table LlfienS and White Goods eC^Weflr Attractively PrXCed
$3.00 Matelasse coating and cloaking, beautiful dark ' In the White Sale MhL
Jflrfj c ln^ns > - 25 c 10c White Goods, -- 5c Many lines from regular stock together with new
$2.00 Bengaline suitings, extra weight for dresses rp. , , arrivals that were specially bought, go into the Jan
-7! and suits ' 30 inches wide - white, blue and brown *" e y ear s most sterling Values in linens and white goods occur in uary White Sale at very interesting prices. Attrac- JT^T
iySv hairline stripes in black ground- January Sale Price, tile Annual White Sale, and this year we have gathered values that tive savin & s are furnished in men's and boys' shirts,
" a si.2s biack satin majestic, 40 inches* wide" January have not equaled in any similar event heretofore. swcaters ' pajamas ' wl,ite apro " s a " d nigl,t
5,1 . 1 ( L Prie ' c - > ard • • 98<! Mill agents and jobbers had a great quantity of merchandise to dispose of this year and in Men's white plaited Shirts; four-in-hand Ties. White
ioulards and florentincs. small figures and polka such cases where our stanrhrH« nf - Sale price 18c, :t for .->»(• CnJw*
J , 1, • L J T c* i t~i ...» "litre our stanaaras oi quality were met we bought liberally and at tremendous price row plaits. Special 50e ni>in
<Ci<L dots, 24 inches wide. January Sale Price, yard advantages Men's 50e neeligee percale ored tPOT
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor. Rear. g f * v sltlef ? si^lf to^l?' four-in-hand Tics. Spcclal.l4c &W*
C t 1 r»-ii o e P ass on our good fortune to you in these worth-while savings: ciai '. !...s»e
Sheets and Pillow I ACPC . Boys' 3»c and 50e percale AND SWEATERS
JRK) dllU. r liIUW $1.23 bleached all-linen table $1 50 all-linen damask nan- vard 1* shlrti '- Special 25c Men's 57.50 Mackinaw
wSFtfWr T 1 T ■«*«. „-T na P y ard Men's bliurk saUne Shirts, Coats, weather proof, with
fiILW In the mnil«rv Wnitp aamask, yards wide. White kins; 18x18 inches. White Sale 10c white toweling with pink I,ltP *4 to extra iai*e collar; navr blue
s . KHH t V . Sale " ri " #«.<» Wee, dozen $1.19 ***»■ White Sale price, yd., 'iLFtSi'* '■ &Z
Wl .^&Sd^ kta,g °* CT MV " ,g ' Cached linen .abie da- 98c henuoed mercerized nap- *S5 |fP
.. . . D ,„ mask; 60 inches wide. White kins; 20x20 inches White Sale hemmed cotton huck Sale•• v:-;; • Vi«5S? sinxiall.v made for outi ** Mifj
.. b,ea s hed Pillow Cases, 75c bleached Sheets. 81x90 t-~i • j ..» , '' towels. White Sale nrice each j ctw « « ? of-door work; heavy cardigan
i 0? inches. White to. inches. White Sale an Sale price, yard Za<t price, dozen ' ' _ ' J? w Shirts: collar attached; weaves, with turnover collar
Mm&L Sa '° IOC prioe (j9C oq . . .... . T„.„ i j m .. 14 to «• White Sale aIM , 3 , arKe pockets; dark f
rn o C . b ' eachPd Pillow Cases, 28c bleached Sheeting, 2*4 bleached all-linen da- Towels and Toweling ?5 C bleached Turkish tmvels vrL,- '' I RTey, navy and zrown... $2.98
".V." 20C 2fc mask; 70 inches wide. White 8c brown linen towelin?; 16 ,argc^' silT wWte Mi price, "4"' »»»«-'«•"
Jfra XUVVSV-r Sa ' epmc C 9? Wide. White Sa.e price, IK
W(] I,Hce •; 4yc yard , P .. e : 8c NECKWEAR ° (jJA'
u¥ Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor Rear o 4 T « rj , Men's 10c and 26c black Men's $3.50 French flannel iPY/JF
m Corsets in the White Sale Sterling White Goods Values —™c::
Batfcd JQ C | • f ancv | avvn r v,p^i, c ?o J..),,,. ii,| •, c, . T, . 50c silk tubular reversible Pajamas. Reduced to. .$1.19 /-,2 m
fIP "tc ■•■•'•v ? Men's White Negligee Shirts 05c
MM su attached, regular $1 value at «9, w'hhe SS'pStytT:. .. A shir, value that cannot be e q „aled in
iflf - 0 ' i, " r ' T c ? rsets 3t
Wll 29 allover embroidery brassieres at 25* ' F nhL'rh.ri' '' 7, • laundered cuffs; in sizes 11% to 18. A regular $1.50 JTOT
j£P\ Dives" Pomeroy i s^Vnd'Floor" Wont.* t f c 0 wh ' tC piq J UeS< 28 inches wlde ' White pieces. White Sale Price," aXOnS :. in Shirt - Special in tl,e J anuar y White Sale . 95*
T .Sale ( rice, yard
W J o"T y Clearance Boys' Hats s £&&&*& &k
Odd styles and sizes in felt tars, middies and rah white pajama checks' White Sale for ' , to .......... .$1.98 sl.oo Bradley Mufflers.
rahs 69c 75r QBr <sl n„j «t 40 . r p_- „ ' 1 vv nite tor 98* Men's 20c white bib aprons Reducued to 59c wJMa
n M ' n 'p •' ' * and 149 vaTue - January p "ce . 6 - English longcloth, 36 inches wide• 10 S'L b ", u ? lcrs and l>akers 50c Bradley Mufflers. Re-
TOIL Uearancc Pnce
Pomeroy Stewart—Men's Store Jiujjy
= "
JANUARY 5,1914.