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Robbers Leave Description
For Arrest of Guilty Man
Post Notice on Barn Offering SIO,OOO Reward For High
wayman Without Arms and One Leg Cut Off
Special to The T tie graft- tempted robbery of a house in the
New Bloomfleld. Pa.. Jan. I.—Rob- P*> rk - f °r which a reward of S 10.000
v . . , _» «_ in. waa posted on the corner at Henney s
beriea are becoming frequent in this i,arber shop, giving a description of
community lately. Last week ex-Sheriff the robber, as follows: "A colored
Johnson had thirty-five turkeys stolen man of medium build, weighing 130
at his farm in Center township and on pounds, hair thin and dark, both arms
Sunday night it was reported that Wil- off at the elbows, one leg ofT at the
11am Bally was held up at Widow's ankle and walks on crutches." Up to
run bridge by three highwaymen and this time no one has been seen in the
robbed of $7. Another was the at- neighborhood of that description.
Burgess Sidle Guest of
Honor at Firemen's Banquet
Special to The Telegraph
Dillsburg. Pa., Jan. X. Tuesday
evening the Citizens' Hose Company
held Its annual election of officers with
the following result:
President. John S. Kapp; vice-presl
£ dent, William P. Deardorft: recording
secretary, Charles S. Smith; financial
secretary, Ray Klugh; treasurer, Mil
ton Deardorft"; host, Peter Spath: fore
man, Harry Baish; assistant foreman,
Walter I.erew: directors for three
years. Waiter Dick, Harry Myers: safe-,
tv committee, H. L. Miller, Henry
Deardorff, Charles W. Gross, G. C.
Fishel. Harry Enrich, John Baker; i
fire chief. J. S. Kapp: assistant chief.
W. B. Dick. President Kapp then
made the following appointments:
Plpesmen, W. P. Deardorff. Milton |
Deardorff, G. C. Fishel and Alexander
Lerew: plugsmen. George Seibert,
Harry L. Miller and John Baker; ax- :
men. Frank Spath and Harry Eurlch; I
policemen. Henry Deardorff. C. K. j
Weaver, Ray Klugh, Lloyd L. Bentz
and Ira L. Heikes; auditors, Ray
Klugh and Charles S. Smith.
Following the election a supper was
served, the company having as their I
guests Burgess William Sidle and the
. borough council, including both the
■ members who retire and those who go ;
lln or Friday night when the council!
HHkorganizes. President of the council.:
Sidle, and others addressed the j
Special to The Telegraph
H New Bloomfleld. Pa., Jan. I.—James!
■ W. McKee. of New Bloomfleld. Pa., i
B lias been elected cashier of the Farm
ers* National Bank of Newville. Pa., j
and began his duties to-day. He sue- ~
ceeds Percival S. Hill, who was elected i
cashier of the Halifax National Bank i
at Halifax. Pa. ji
special to The Telegraph |
Dillsburg, Pa., Jan. 1. David W. h
1 Boes'eh, of Dillsburg R. F. D. No. : i
announces the engagement of his|i
daughter. Miss Minnie Edna Boesch, j
the Rev. C. E. Heflleger. of Dills-j
pastor of the Dillsburg Reform-j<|
Hd charge.
—r~~ bm !
S a££pFj
J] h
D ,w«3Bfl5S!
' i
i Harrisburg Academy
Tuesday, January 6th
New Pupils Admitted
Phone or Write
P. O. Box 017
Bell Phone 1371 J.
The past year v.-e have applied 350
I Khauaman Spermatic Shield Trusses
The result is 90 per cent, cured, includ-
L ing.ft/ty railroad men cured, when we
[ ey in hi ted at the Board of Trade "Made
I in Harrisburg'' week, we received in
two days, nineteen unsolicited testi
l inonials from people we have cured.
I A Farmer Saved From \d Operation
A Siddonsburg. Pa.. Dec. 12th. 1913
■ J. S. Siianaman & Son:
it is a very foolish trick of a
■■n that is RUPTURED to so on the
table, for it means Life or
if hp can get so easily cured with
SHANA.MA.VS Spermatic Shield
and Treatment as I did. for I
a bad case. When a person
he Is a poor cripple, can't
* ">] Pleasure. From the day
the truss I suffered no pain
inconvenienco until I was cured
are thinklngr of buying one
B appliances from
from Adains. New York, and
New York. Drug Store
or so-called shield trusses ap
those Rupture Experts that
city, we have a barrel full of
and look them over, you
one free of charge. We 'are
these trusses from unfortunate
people daily. Some are brand
1 408 Market Street
■ Above JriTflry Store.
| Closing Out Our 1914 Line of
I Calendars at Bargain Prices
I Third and Cumberland Streets
■ Above Miller's Shoe Store,
w • V! pi* 5* m- : ; - tK
'Sunbury Elks Present
Diamond Ring to Member
Special to i he Telegraph
I Sunbury, Pa., Jan. I.—Members of
I Sunbury Lodge, No. 267. Benevolent
j and Protective Order of Elks, at its
] monthly meeting presented I. Clyde
Gass. president of the borough council,
and past exalted ruler of the lodge,
j with a handsome diamond ring. It
I was given in recognition of his services
r to the lodge, both as its exal.ted ruler
i and as chairman of the house commit
! which has charge of many enter
| tainments and the charities of the
I order.
| The presentation speech was made ;
by George A. Buck, present grand ex- ■
alted ruler of Sunbury lodge. Mr.
• rass. who is one of the best-known ;
members of the order in Central Penn- ,
sylvania. was Sunbury lodge's choice 1
for president at the State meet held at :
Milton last summer. • .
Columbia Baker Works
on With Broken Ribs
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa.. Jan. I.—John N'ikol,
a well-known baker, has just gone un
der a physician's care after a very
remarkable experience following a fall
in the "'i* liar way at his home two
weeks ago. In stepping out into the
yard in the darkness he fell to the
bottom of the cellar steps and, as he i
then supposed, sustained an injury to
his right side. He continued at work
until yesterday, when his condition
became so alarming from the effects
of the injury that he called in a phv- i
slclan. who discovered that the ribs
on the right side of his hodv were
broken. These were at once sc-t and
he was obliged to relinquish work.
Traction Company Will
Make Capital $1,000,000
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia. Pa.. Jan. I.—The Conos
toga Traction Company, which op
erates all the electric lines and con- I
trols the gas and electric light com- !
panies in 1-ancastcr county, has voted
to increase its capital stock SI,OOO 000
This increase in capital was made i
primarily for the purpose of provid
inK an administration building in Uan-
I caster on the site in Center Square
whcli the company owns. The build
in* will also provide suitable accom
inodatoins for the ailed public service
| corporations and will be an ornament
I to the city's architecture.
As at present planned the structure
will be a modern skyscraper and will
be provided with the most modern
A portion of the increased capital
will be used to improve the company's!
I lines. |
Special to The Tcleeraph
Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. I.—The dry
'cleaning house of "Doc" Fahrney, in
I rear of his clothing and clothes clean- 1
j ins place of business in West Main i
| street, was entered by robbers early
| Wednesday morning and carried off■
j three suit of clothes, two coats, a pair !
i of trousers, all left there to be cleaned. !
| and 500 samples 9x»V± inches in sizes, i
Chief of Police Staley is working on 1
| the case.
Special to The Telegraph *
j Lewistown. Pa., Jan. I.—George R.
i Peck, of this place, and Miss Fora H.
Reimers, of Red Oak, lowa, have just i
; recently been united in marriage in !
that far western town. After Feb- i
: ruary 1 they will reside here. The
, following announcement has been re
i reived here: "Mr. and Mrs. J. c.
i Reimers announce the marriage of
j their daughter, Fora H., to George R.
! Peck. Wednesday, December 24, at
i Red Oak." George Peck is a son of
| Lewis Peck, of North Wayne street
I this city.
I Special to The Telegraph
I Sunhury. Pa., .lan. I.—Scott Treon a
I youthful coaster, while going rapidlv
'down a hill here on his sled, collided
with another coaster. He had several
teeth knocked out. Was rut In the head
and legs and was severely hurt.
I ■— j
£ n ? la ' No - 450s - of tl >e lnde
' ?»T * . r °' FV> r P»ters, has elect
ed following officers:
1 „h«w l de P ut >". Roy H. Holmes; court
' h . s n ; Dr - E - Oarl Wei rick; junior |
i/ angor ' J " c " Strieker; chief
Roaenbu ry: vice-chief;
[ail t' m's tireen: recording secre- 1
1 up r ' Gruver; financial secretary.'
! nrnfnr' pT U treasurer. J. H. Roth;
• of Kowman; superintendent
or .tuienile court. J. w. Reigel; senior
ward F rt H ' Bpers: Junior wood
h «!; » ' ? ,urra »" senior beadle. C.!
1 n" , , er; • illl,lor beadle, C. i„ Cock-:
W.H. ' am U P,Bher aml |
Last evening the following officers
Z pv. 1 !, f °, r lhp coming year fori
a Church and Sunday
, i school at i-emoyne:
R^ nd -r 5 ® ch ° ol superintendent, J. i
hojo Trostle: assistant, C. L. Ebv I
secretary, William Klmmel; assistant.!
Crnwi er ! Itcr: treasurer. Ralph;
Pianist. Katharine Eby; libra-'
iwi w M ' Bakcr «nd Mervln j
ei ho '«e department. J. W.
t w°S' er: prlmarv department, Mrs.!
v\. Tompson; assistant, Mrs. Miles'
\tll e ' of cradle roll. •
Mrs. Ralph Crow; trustee of the
church, J. o. Erb; treasurer of the
if" 1 Kimel - The Christian
Endeavor officers are: Alma Trostle.
| president; Lewis P. Markley. vice-
L s ' J ®nnie Crowl. treas
i Boyd Trostle, secretary, and
Ethel Wagner, pianist.
, Yea l' s Eve was fittingly ob
\v« .. , Marj ' sville lns t evening.
, 1 P'sht services were held in sev
-o,iurs'hesr s' hes - One of the main
j attractions of the evening was the big
■New 1 ear s Eve dance and five hun
dred party, given by the Marysvllle
u„n Ph<^ nj Orchestra in Diamond
Hal . Over forty couples were In at
«rt£t e . n h«» eSlde ' Bureoss F - w - I-entz's
edict that no person would be allowed
iin the streets in disguise, was with- i
an(l the niummers were out in <
lull force.
•T he . n n t 0 ra P t,ie climax, at 12 i
jo clock to - the dot engine whistles, i
: bells and the firing of firearms began i
to ring out on the cool night air, to i
welcome the New Tear in. in the
opinion of many it was the greatest .
New \ ear s Eve ever known in Marys- i
vine. j
Washington Camp, No. 680, Patri
otic Order Sons of America has chosen
the following officers:
Junior past president, C. R. Mc-
Beth: president. H. H. Minnicli; vice
presideht, O. W. Seitz; master of
forms, C. C. Coble: recording
tary, William Ij. Fisher; financial sec
-1 e tar>. Dr. E. Carl Weiricli; treasurer
J. B. Troup; conductor, Leslie S. Web
ster; inspector. P. F. Heckard; guard,
t>. Haul Bloser; assistant recording
secretary. Philip Fordney; sentinels.
Ueorge C. Eshelman and C. A. Shope
| chaplain, the Rev. W. R. Hartzell.
l?" Gartier. of Susquehanna ave-
In ' died on Wednesday after
an illness of about a month. Mr. Gar
net h as been ill for about a year and
was to Atlantic City during the early
sunnner, where lie rapldlv gained in
strength, returning in September, lie
resumed his position as l.rakcman In
*i 1 * w about four weeks ago.
He served in the volunteer armv dur
ing Vr h r?, a V, i f h , war - hoth I" Port Rico
and the Pliillippines. and on his return
home accepted a position with the rail
road company. he was a member of
tii» Pennsylvania Railroad Relief and
Blue Mountain L.ulgn of Rrothr-rhood of
Railroad Trainmen, at Marvsvillo Thp
funeral will In- held from his lat..'home
on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock nn.i
burial will be made in the East H«r
risburg Cemetery.
Mothers' class of the Evangelical
Church will meet at the home of Mrs.
John Bentz to-morrow afternoon
The Women's Christian Temperance
1 nion met at the home of Mrs. Harrv
M ark ley yesterday afternoon.
Ladies' Mite Society of the Evangel
ical Church met at the home of Mrs
Ralph Crow Tuesday afternoon.
The Fidelity class of the Evangeli
cal Church met at the home of their
teacher, Mrs. Wilson Slothotver, on
Monday evening.
Christian Endeavor Society of the
Evangelical Church, Lemoyne, has
elected the following officers:
Alma Trostle, president; Lewis
Markley, vice-president: Boyd Trostle
secretary; Mrs. Jennie Crowl, treas
urer; Ethel Wagner, pianist.
The cantata "At the Heights of
Glory," which was rendered by the
Evangelical Sunday school at Lemovne
on Christmas night, will be repeated
on Thursday evening.
Lee Martin, a clerk in the New
Cumberland National Bank, went to
the sanatorium at Mt. Alto for treat
l ment on Monday.
j The Dorcas Club, composed of Mrs
Chandler's Sunday school class of the
: Methodist Church, New Cumberland
; will entertain their friends in the so
cial room of the church th,s evening.
One of the handsomest Christmas
trees in New Cumberland is at the
nome of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Osier in
Market Square.
Deaths and Funerals
Mrs. Mame K. Miller, wife of Undcr
t Ti Miller, died this morning
shortly after 11 o'clock at her home. 560
Race street, she Is survived bv her
husband and one son. Paul. Funeral
services,will be held Monday afternoon
at .. o clock. Tb«> S. Winfield Herman
pastor oi the Zlon Lutheran Church'
will have charge of the services. Burial
will be made in the Pax tang Cemetery.
Funeral services of William H. Dell,
who died Monday at his home, HOC
Green steet, will be held to-morrow af
ternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Elllas
V Krenier, pastor of tlie Salem Re
formed Church, will officiate. Burial
terv mado in the Harrisburg Ceme-
Mrs. A. I. Collum. wife of the' Rev.
iV ,V Solium, pastor of the Coxestown
Methodist Episcopul Church at Coxes- ~
town. Pa., died tljls morning at the
home of her son-in-law, D. M. Fleck
» Pa j ''" l, neral service*!
will b 0 held Saturday afternoon at 2
o clock at the home of her son-in-law. |
With the introduction of changes in I
parofcl post rates, in effect all over the
united States to-day, increasing the !
weight limit In the first and second
atones from twenty to fifty pounds a I
number of big packages came to the i
local Post Office to-day, but none ex- '
ceeded twenty-five pounds. In the
oolnion of Postmaster Frank C. Sites
the public will take advantage of the
new rates in clue time
! ileum club;
i More Than Hundred Are Gnests of j
the "Head of the
i . ,
Everybody Gets Crack Over the
Knuckles From the
Devil Up
The Telegraph Family, to the num
;bcr of more than one hundred, was
1 entertained at the Colonial Country
| flub last evening by E. J. Stackpole,
i president of the Telegraph Printing
(Company. The guests went to the
;clubhouse aboard two special trollev
cars and returned shortly before the
I old year expired and the new was
. ushered in.
1 The function was by far the most
| largely attended and enjoyable of a j
Jong line of such pleasant gatherings.,
I It Is a part of the life of the Telegraph i
l-'amily to get together in a social way j
two or three times of the year and it
has been by long established custom!
that one of these times shall be New
Vear's eve as the guests of the "head;
of the house."
Supper was served in the big assem-'
bly room of the clubhouse on the first
floor and while it was occupying the
attention of the guests "Wag" Hoff
man. the hustling young man who
passes out Telegraphs by the hundred
every evening on the Post Office cor
ner. appeared suddenly on the scene
with a six page "Dinner Special" un
der his arm. copies of which were '
disposed of as rapidly as if they had
contained news of a declaration of
war with Mexico.
Chief Is the Galley Boy
The "Dinner Special" was the sec
ond of its kind issued by the Telegraph
family. "Sam" Jones' name appeared 1
at the head of the editorial column as
editor-in-chief and down at the end of |
the list of the long line of contributing
editors—from snake to matrimonial
appeared the name of E. J. Stackpole
as galley boy. Not the least entertain
ing feature of this rather remarkable i
newspaper were the splendid cartoons 1
of Warlow, the Telegraph artist, de- i
picting various heads of departments
in characteristic attitudes. If any i
regular subscriber had by mistake re- I
ceived a copy of the "extra" he would | 1
probably have concluded that the staff J 1
as a whole had suddenly gone crazy, I '
but the guests enjoyed the Jokes and ' '
personalities to the utmost. Nobody
was spared and everybody received j 1
mention, from devil to proprietor and j
comment was made without fear or
Quite a number of the guests ap-j
peared in carnival dress, in keeping'
with the holiday occasion, and add- [
ed much to the merriment of the j t
evening with their capering and pos- ! \
ing. There was plenty of amusement j t
; of all kinds, the ci-'bhouse being given ! t
over entirely to the use of the family.! u
Everybody took a try at the bowling j t
alleys and four prizes were awarded. , v
• Ralph Shields and Miss Mary Mader i j
had the highest scores and Ed. H.! t
j Welgle and Miss Wlldred KaufTman 1
received the consolation prizes for low j «
i scores. •[
Pool, cards and dancing followed thej
supper until a late haur, Frank Hoff-'
man, of the. job room, being in j
charge of the dancing and giving dur-i
!ng the evening several demonstrations!
of difficult and fancy steps.
Sale of Hotel Russ Is
Denied by Eckinger
A widely circulated report that lie-!
gotlation* had been closed for the
transfer of the license of Harrv F. j
Eckinger, proprietor of Hotel Hues to
Fred Aldinger, was given an emphatic
denial by Mr. Kckinger at noon to-day. I
Mr. Aldinger who was a former pro- I
prietor of Hotel Aldlne has been en- I
gaged in the real estate business and (
could not be seen. Mr. Eckinger said: j
"Humors of this kind have caused i
me considerable annoyance. When I i
•sell out it will be when 1 get my price :
and there will be no delay In announc- !
tng the sale. To date 110 satisfactory
arrangements have been made."
The report about Mr. Aldinger's pur- I
chase of Hotel Russ followed the an
nouncement that he had sold the Stan
ley apartment building in Market
street near Front to 1,. W. Cook, pro-1
prietor of the department store at
Third and Verbeke streets; and the i
Aldine Hotel property in Alar- |
ket street to Gideon C. Feeser, of 1
Linglestown. The sale of the two prop
erties was confirmed but no price was
given. Mr. Aldinger will be home to
night when he is expected to give out
more facts.
Daniel Crozier, of 19 South Cameron
street, was badly injured when he was
run down by an Oberlln ear at Tenth
and Market streets, last night. He was
knocked fifteen feet when he attempted
to cross in front of the car. At the
Harrisburg Hospital he was found to
have a fractured skull, broken collar
bone and many lacerations and
bruises. He may recover
No Dirt and Dust
in the coal you buy from us.
Uetore it is loaded in the wagons the coal
runs over a large screen which takes out all
the fine particles of coal and dirt.
Now that is the reason some people get
better results from their coal. It is not filled
with "stufl that choke up the lire and
splutter and make cinders, etc.
\ ou will be pleased with the coal you get
from us.
United Ice & Coal Co. I
Forater A Conrtrn Third A BOM I
15th A Chnliat liummrl & Mulberry [
Mathematics & i
Private Instruction
Prof. Mathematics Lehigh University I
(Over Three-score Prominent Men
• Guests at New Year's Function
at Harrisburg Club
J ~
John T. Brady gave liis annual New
Year's breakfast at the Harrisburg
Club to-day. Between sixty and sev
enty guests were present, including
prominent State and city officials,
well-known business and professional
men, bankers, linanciers and leading
men of all walks of life. Governor
Tener was one of those at table.
Mr. Brady's New Year's breakfasts
have become an institution at the
Harrisburg Club. They began about
twelve years ago with six or eight of
his close personal friends as guests
and have grown until to-day Mr. Brady
found himself host to more than three
Mr. Brady is one of the leading
members of the Harrisburg Club. He
is prominent as an attorney and has
had a large part in the development
of Harrisburg's park system, having
been a member of the Park Board
since its formation.
Labor Unions Trying to
Settle Copper Strike
By Associated Press
Lansing, Mich., Jan. I.—Representa
tives of State labor unions were still
working to-day on a plan whereby
they hoped to effect a settlement of
the strike in the copper country. At
a long session last night they "failed
to complete a draft of the scheme
which they want Governor Ferris to
present to President Shaw, of the Cal
umet and Heela Mining Company.
You Have Decided
to See the 81a)
Panama Canal jig
West Indies 11
It is just a question now as to
what ship you will take. You Ksn
have read much about the KjSj
" Grosser Kurfuerit" of the Hub
It is especially steady at sea. MSA
has broad promenade decks. InH
large, roomy cabins and cuisine RMS
that has made the Lloyd world- EsQfl
famous. The West Indies are
now in all their tropical glory— BBaBI
the Canal practically complete. EoaH
The dates of the cruises are: feflfV
Jan. 14, 22 Days, $l6O up B&jfl
Feb. 12, 29 Days, $175 up ral
Mar. 19, 21 Days, $l6O up Hfl
Which Crnlse Do Yoa Choose T HH|
Write for Booklet. Hhbß
"To the Canal and Caribbean." MQJ
Oelrlcha A Co., Gen. Agents, jM
5 Broadway. New York HaH
Or Local Agent*.
r Woman's Danger Signals=n
Hot flashes—dizziness, fainting spells, headache, bearing-down
feeling and ills of a kindred nature—are nature's danger signals.
The female disturbance or irregularity badk of these calls for help,
should have immediate care and attention. Otherwise the delicate
female constitution soon breaks down.
! R— Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
for more than 40 years has been lending its health restoring aid to thou
■ sands of women year after year throughout iu long life. II
This wonderfully successful, •smedy imparts strenfctlHo tho'tit?;.
particularly to the organs distinctly feminine. Nerves are refresh*] The
overworked business woman, the run-down house-wife, and the w rv '
mother of a family—all will gain strength from this famous prvserintion which
40 years has demonstrated its effectiveness—in liquid or tablet forn".
Jf r, ' f J- Pierce'» Specialists at the invalid* * Wo{«/.
Correspondence Strictly Confidential—and no charge.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate stomach. liver
and bowels. Sngar-ooated tiny grannies—easy to take as Candy*
———— 'mmm ————>
- srmß~rm—i
_ _Sjmon{
c The only preparation which removes absolutely s
5 Chapping, Roughness and Redness, )
and protects the bands and face against the winter winds, r
( SIMON'S P 2 wdor I M » urio «tEVT, sole U.S..Agent, (
~ Soap j 15-17. Weat 38th B', NEW YORK 5
Below are a few of the objects
IIU.II llinUL UUL'I H p, P |n K each other by co-oper-
D n . ... A ,dln * ln matters of public wel-
Fennsy Passenger Agent Addresses fare.
Clever and Forceful Letter to Reaching out for new enterprise?.
Committee in Charffe Readiness to embrace business op
• portunities.
Jndustry, not indifference.
A. K. Buchanau. division passenger S J ' s^onla *'° publicity,
agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Roosting the cltv all the time,
wth headquarters In the Telegraph Unllßual attractlonß and facllttleß .
building, has adressed r letter of en- << ,
dorsement to the committee in charge R a advanttlßeß ""surpassed,
of the preliminary plans for the or- G o,ld P ' ace to 1!ve "
ganization of the new commercial Very truly.
b "a>" that is to supercede the Board ~ . A - E - BUCHANAN,
of Trade. The committee is meeting Division Passengor Agent.
daily during the luncheon hour at the TKIED POIgON nni'Tt.'
Engineers Club and Mr. Buchanan s poison hoi rii.
tf'«,fri! tlnS forth < the . Kreat advan * When her lover left her without the
nosed will hi . or ff nizaUon as 's pro- usual good-night kiss, early this morn
posed will be to the city, was read at lr "?- Esther Stansfleld. of 120 Crooked
yesterday s session. avenue, tried to kill herself with poi-
The letter, which is as follows con- f on ' ?, he admitted to the Harris
eludes with a clever acrostic making sSI S iD i Sp l ?M rtly after midnight.
Play on the word Harrisburg: bhe is ln n "-Itlcal condition.
proposed' ° Harrisburg'' Comnierclal EXPECT HGHT FOR VESSELS
Organization, the success of which *
understand, is already assured. ' By Associated Press
"i seems to me that all Harris- ... . ,
burg business and professional men Washington, Jan. 1. —With the re
should give this cause their financial convening of Congress January
?"« support, because it Is friends of the Revenue Cutter' Ser
pens The new orMniy«H ltGd f CIt J" vico oxpect t0 make a hard fight to
for a progressive and DrosnprnMß Be<-ure au appropriation for three
city, which must inevitably lead to 1,iß,1tI ,iß,lt <l r »«Bht vessels to be used in
increased permanent population river patrol work in times of Hood
It Is almost too obvious to re- and disaster. Representative Good
mure expression that expansion of 'win, of Arkansas, alreadv has intro
tho city moons greater tlnancial op- duccd a. hill. '
Everything To
Satisfy Everyone In
Your Family
In no matter what phase you take it; here in
this suburban town of city convenience there
is that which will delight you. Every social
and civic need of your family is amply pro
vided for. Here are the graded schools for
. the children, the parks and plenty of space
for them to roam. Here are the shops of city j
completeness;»the parks, churches, and the
aters for the grown-ups. Excellent train
and trolley service for the commuter or trav
eling man.
is the ideal location for the home. With its
broad stretches of country in cultivated
farms, the market is supplied direct, thus re
ducing the cost of living. The broad ma
cadam roads give the touch of bigness and
Garden City impression. And above all you
have all of the convenience of the city with
the charm and exclusiveness of the suburb.
Lots range in price from S6OO
upward for 40 feet frontage.
Reasonable restrictions for
building—protect your home.
Representative always on the ground.
Phone or write.
■ Hershey Improvement Co.
;j ■ . JU.Liu i n i in—
Half Price Sale on all
329 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa.