Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, May 08, 1857, Image 2

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    tienpoailkmt nred, instead of chanting. to
ha spirits of lba winds, and clouds, and
mountains, fhb hate I:iceman furious ran
ters, who (remittently efsitts - hilki pesiesiitt
by Ulu Holy Greet. tAs human beings,
the change, "itikomplettt. as it never
theless to their endless profit; but as ob
jects of interest to ilio- traveler, it has
been to" their &trim:4 It would be far
more picturesque4o ascribe a sabaoth of
Ltpland witches man a prayer meeting of
shouting converts, yet' no friend of his
rtine could help rejoicing to see the latter
substituted for the former. In velm..
two, th , gralore . ,, as the I.Apits have been
enlightened 'Oka ail other s.mvage tribes.)
they have beuoum interesting. Re
lenting nearly all thatis repulsive in their
habits tiljile,tthe,y, hove lost the only pe.
euharittes Witch could persuade one to
etithasthtsincuitvenittuatia of a closer ac.'
:1 have said that the conversion of the
Lipp vats, in seine respects, the substi
tution of one ; form of superstition for so
ott,ter,,, 4 tragic exemplification of ibis
fau!, !rti'nitt prommeil tuo greatest exciat
inettt,thraugltout the North, took place in
KAUtiikeitto tour years ago. Titrough the
prAMUIm f Llst t •A
Al nifter lh t• tteal
unrsimisrmS, Spirdnal epitleinic,
itself in 1111.1 . 11m0 of vi iii ns , trances
sod abgelw pOssessions, brokerout among
the likppit. It intseted the whole country,
and.. gate '; rise Itj iltlitiermiS dilitlirbßllool
attd,duftruittes. ' was nn unusual
thing for MIX IA the congregation. tit arise
during , church service, t lql a c e th a t,
s he
wits,inapireJ by, the itity Goast, and call
'upon those present to Won to his revels- .
timis, fernier Inindinnann arrested
the"niott:prittninent ul
. and
paiNhed them with fine and imprison.
eltifitiY Tilts begat feelings of hatred on
Igiti'part•of tett fanatic's, which soon ripen
ed Info R ontspiracy. Th.. plot was ma
lured during. the .Simmer months, when
the,Lapps descended toward the Nome-
gietitcottet with. their herds of reindeer.
account of what followed,
of Pastor llvoslel, who
wmp.thno stationed here, and was also one
of tite.viettins of their preeminent. Early
one monnngio October. when the inhabi•
lints ' were returning from their summer
virdiderfifire, he. wits startled by the ap•
the . resident merchant's wife,
wtartosheti• into his house in a frantic
ataiq declaring that her husband was emir
Mirell.m• . .• Herfancied that the woman was
bevralderemi by some sudden fright. and, in
utder, to quiet her, walked over to the
DB4;101,18'8 house. Here he found the
unprinnate man lying dead upon the
fluurihile a band of about thirty Lippe,
. .
by the principal faaatiri, were
ftiimaing the house_ of she Land•mm ii
sirlifrO 'they immediately dispatched with
thCirtkniimerm and clubs. a then Beiz
tanner pastor and his wife, beat them se-,
versify , : With hireit•sticks, and threatened
theft' m with- death unless they would ac
knowledge ,tho the , divine eaissiou of the 80.
eitifemd,prophels. - - • . ;m
'lntim-greater part el the day passed •in
uncertainty and terror,. but toward eren
.insjippeared a crowd of friendly Lapps
fryprt,thei,nitighboring villogea, who. after
Itayrng rietitord information through fegi
tisesfol what had happened , armed them
' edriiii and 'marched to the rescue. A
In which the conspirators
Weliheaien, and the Prisoners delivered
fruit hands. The friendly LaPps,
.sitiebler tO take'eharge' of all the criminals, '
aild'feerful lest some of them might escape
duririg..the, night, adopted the alternative
of beating every one of them so thorough•
ly7...that,they were all found the next mot ,
Wog in the amine place where they had
benn.lell.the evening, before. They , were
Weir/p..4lmm the two ringleaders execu•
teA v and a number of the others seat to
, penitentiaryai Christiania. Phis,
atihirnary Itoince put a alai) to all open
mar violent' manifestations of 'religmes
freitzY; but it still- exist to mime extent,
‘thutigh . iinfy indulged in secret.
AlVoripattl . viint hi Pastor Homilef yet!:
terday; and had the pleasure of his coin' ,
patt)i tammdimmer in the evening:, • He is :a
- Christiamgendemair in the best sense .of
tiukterm, laud. though we differed in mat
togo:or belief, I,or as deeply impressed with
hpl i fiety
,and, sincerity. Madame • Hoes
lef,- and two, rosy . little Arctic blessuins
aliaon i )ns exileform- this is nothing less
, to a man of CUltivaliou and
tifielliiitn'al 'tastes, In his house I saw—
tlitqa‘mmi thihe one woiiid have expected to
fitidlit•the heart of- Laplaeml—a Mar.°. --
Madeline Hoosier, smith ms minancomplished
pirinriner, sat dew it to it, and gav• us the
barearolle from Alasantello. While in
thei - Midsc:of a . maze 01 wild Norwegian
fisidoiliee. 1-saw the Pastor whisper some, .
tlligg itiher ear. At ; once, to our infinite
she boldly struck up !•Yan
- ktme Doodle Something like an Amer.
lean war-. Whoop began to issue front
mouth,. bin was smothered in time
tiViiinient an alarM. • ”I-low on earth did
tiiiik'aieget hitt; L•mpland t" I asked. .4
heird play it at Christiania,"
si4 Madame - Hoosier, "and' learned' it
lioni.nientery afterward." m •
:Trite. weather havelmanged greatly since
- ourowrivat..... From, 23° below zero on
gpmfay, evening, it rose to 81° above,
last, night, with a furious hurricane of
anew, from she north. ThiS, morning the
erinffimas stimewhat.abated, and the
-04164.116°. armee zero) is wonderfully
and agreeable,' so that our reindeer
feel oppressively warm. We
'atria' now waiting lor our deer to come in
(Murtha hills, in order to start on our re
tumid Aluonionvarit.- Time Lapps have
,anUriental disregard of time, and as there
.00 :,ehance of our getting off before
swea t . we have improied part of the de
ley.itt.,,visiting the native schools and some
(I:earthen huts, or, rather, deus, is
whiech most td time inhabitants live.—
theite.Were two schools, each containing
sI Uf twenty scholars—fat, greasy young
sibs` aoriddled in reindeer skins, with
blae ayes, light Lrown or yellow hair. and ,
taiiiii - 1 cheeks, wherever the (clime' ',
ooloxtould be discerned. As the rooms)
- •.avore rather warm, the odor of Lapp child-
mtwitlwas not quite as fresh as a cowslip.
;:.spill we Aid not tarry long among them.
iMpproamaliing the side of a pile of dirt
sesysered with snow, we pushed, one after
;,ether, against a small square door, hung
it such aslant that it closed of itself and
r . 'M ante-den used as a TV,t.pse-roAoin.
Another dour ushered liti - itito-lpe
44itiain, a coda. vaulted space, (rained
pdliii,*ticks and reindeer hides. mind coy- '
sited einapactly with earth, except a -ner-:
row opening in ..the top to let out the
smoke tfrom a fire4tintlletl in the centre.—
Pieces of:reindeer bide, dried .flesh, bags
, r4fat, and other articles, hung /ruin the
Imp* and dangles)agaiust our heatless We
,entered. .rhe deu was not more than fise
leen high &bum eight test in ifiatnater.
Ike owner, a jolty good hutaurad Lapp,
moo mica lair artioden Stout, while hi.
wife, with a pipe in her mouth, squatted ¶ the land and directly or indirectly control
down on the hide which served fora. bed our popular elections. The developments
and !poked at me With 'misfile curiosity-I. . .
I ion leMplated Melia for a„ivhile. with my jOf the !um Premdeetilli contest .bet
eyes lull of tears (the ?smoke bei ng 1 , e , 3 e• served' , to 'strengthen ourconvictions of the
0 1 4110' until filially both oleo . and nose t wisdom and necessity of the Americani
could endure no; more, and I souitt the 'movement. We are at this day'more A-'
open air again. '
B T merman than over, and sb i all in our future
political alsociations iusist•more earnestly'
than we have done in the past upon .#Nt
policy of developing en !'intense American
nationality," as the only safety of the Re
public from the dangerous wiles of Foreign
influence, against which the Fathers of the
Republic an urgently gave their warning
counsels. Impretuted with theso convic
tions, and unwillied that the
alkrld. pass into the hands of any one not
sound in the faith, we had decliued advan
tageous offers fur its purchase, and now
turtrit'oier to iir..Mckunri NY ' in:tho full
assurance that it will continuo to maintain
earnestly and fearlessly tho,essential prin
ciples of Atomics n Republicanism. This
determination accorded not only with our
own inclination, 'but was due to the Ameri
can and Republican sentiment of the coml.,
ty, from whenee it has drawn'ao largely for
-We leave chi? f!Slar" in a most prorper•
ous condition—with a larger patronage,
aud-more numerous friends than at any
period since it passed. into our hands. In
this we have the evidence that our dim.°
rial duties, however defective, have at least
not been un acceptablec to the patrons of
. • •
the "Star." The active interest and kind
offices numifested, in behalf of rho office
during the period it has been under our
charge, have Ivid,us under a debt of obli.
gatiou which cannot readily be lost eight of.
The recollections of those kindly feelings
multi abide long after the asperities of par
tizan conflicts cairn have been forgotten.
Commending our successor to the coon
, .
donee of our friends, we bid adieu to edi•
tonal life. •
> ..-
a.* 44:•:". ' ; 4 7 % 7 ! ' \ '• •'__• ' ~ ~.• -,•`
II • • • : Isly.',•- ,
Jaw- , `•l,:i • . '.. dc' • ' ''• - X.'
• •" xr... ' - -r
- :. , ...4., - `%"(' '..• .• • -.. S ‘
.. 5._ .....--.4„ .. .....,___ 4, -...--!•,,,,,, ••• •.,. `,i * -
Friday Evening, May 8.
JOIN T. .W11,11ENNI;
dmerican ReputoWens State Ticket,
DAVID.' WILMOT, of 13radfotd County.
.TANIPA VEEOII, a Napoli° empty.
JOSEPH 'J. LEWIS, of ()herder Gronnty
WILJTAbf MI.LLWAItD; of • Pliihidel'a
To the. Patron'of the Star.
With the present number ceases our eon
notion with the “Star," the eitablisb.
went having pirated into the hands of Mr.
Jolts T.. MoImIENNT, by , whom it. will
hereafter be conducted. • In taking this
I atop, we have been inflizenced as well by
considdrations affecting the interests of the
patrons of the "Slur," as by a sense of
duty to ourstdves. , Other engagements
during the past year have more or less
withdrawn our attention from the paper,
and interfered with a faithful disebargeof
the duty which every newspaper publisher
owes to the public. Desirieue of des°.
ting our entire time and attention to anoth
er calling, and equally desirious of meet
ing the just expectations of the generous
patrons of the office, wo have, after =tare
deliberation, determined to relin4ulsh
our connection with , the "Star," and
it under the control of some one who will
give it his entire attention. Our succes
sor, Mr. MCILIIENNY, isa practical printer
of ample exporienee—has been more or
less connected with the office for the last
four years—and is in every respect quali
fied to conduct the establishment to the
satisfaction of its patrons. Thoroughly
American and. Republican in his convic
tions, the political tone of the "Slur," will
undergo no change, while the talent, ener
gy, and devotion to business which he is
capable of applying to its active =pay
ment, we feel assured, will enable him to
render the "Star" more interesting and
profitable to its patrons. than it , has been
during our administration. We there
fore cordially commend our successor to
the onnfidence of our friends, and bespeak
for him a continuance of the kind offices
and generous patronage extended to our
The transfer of the office, so far as, con
cerns the subscription, dates back to the
commencement of the volume; the 13th of
March...the subscription front that 'date
being the: property of ' Mr.MifirmEtvit Y.
'Arrangement's haVe hoer' effeted, bowein.
or, by 7biebn4 difficulty can ensupio„tko
payment of subscripifpna—_whick can be,
ritakeitker, to Mr. Mchinitris'orthe un
dersigned. •
while t'setise of duty thus impels ns to a
relinqUishinent of our commotion with the
“Stor,"eur 'retirement from the carp,
anxieties, and responsibilities of editorial I
duty, although pleasanlAn nitiny respects;
is nevertheless decent; reluctant. For
nearly twelve years, wo have held weekly
communion with the readers of the “Sicr,"
mingling actively with theta in the earnest
conflicts of
,political strife; and with them
boldly, meeting the momentous issues
evolved in the changing relations and °pin
binations which have characeerized Alter-
Man politics
,during the last feW years.- -
lu takieg charge of the'l.StiM," we adopt
ed the sentiment ..Fearless and Free,',' es
the pledge of on political future-,-Acnouti
clog that which did not : commend itself to
our approval, and earnestly battling' for
such principles as we believed to be based
upon Right, and Truth, and Justice—ir
respective of the authority by which the
one might be heralded, or the bitter hostil
ity with which the other might be opposed.
The responsibilities devolving upon a eon
(linter of the partizan paper in this Repub.
He, whore public sentiment is so readily
moulded by the potent influence of the
Press, are by no means of trifling moment.
And he who fails boldly to combat error
and defend truth, and he who wilfully ap.
proves and supports the wrong, are alike
faithless to the high trust committed to•
them. How we have met the responsibil
ities of out i stsm vocation, it is.of course
not for us to say. That we have failed,
has not been the result at all events of a
went of earnest purpose.
The position of the "Star," in meeting
the successive issues that have challenged
public attention, has necessarily involved
as, at times, in active controversy, and, as
l was •natural,- the more fearless and lode
pendent that position the more bitter and
unscrupulous have been the assaults direct
: ed against• us on the'pari of those with
whose prejudices or views tvettave come
in conflict. And no issue has evoked this
hostility more freely than that growing'
out of the great American ptinciple of re
sistauce to the dangerous itiflu eon of po
lidos! Jesuitism in the working of our
Free Institntkons, and the equally danger
ous tendencies of parties to gotta the suf
frages and the sympathies of the hordes of
.unamerizanizod Foreiguero who swarm.
To our Friends,
Irrlt will be seen by ills foiegoing
that the office of the "SIT. and Banner'',
hue passed front the bands of D,, A.
LER, Esq.. into that of the subsciiber.
taking this step it is not without due
appreciation. of the responsible position
in which it pieties us, and some knowledge
of the difficulties which must be met by
one who has the control of a public jour
nal. It is a responsible position and one
fraught with care. But by industrious
effort, attention to business, and an ear:
nest desire to please. we hope to meet the
responsibilities, and make the Star meet
with the same favor in the future, at the
hands of its friends, that it has always en
joyed in the past.
Having bean raised and schooled in the
same faith of my worthy predecessor, the
political tone of the Star will be the same
—ever found battling for the right--ad
heringonly to the principles °quake and
truth--opposing the wrong---and ta.
king a firm stand against tyranny and op.
pression in whatever shape or form, or un- :
der whatever name.
Old issues &he passed away and new
and. important ones have presented them.
selves. We have been Warned against the
insidious Wiles of foreign influence." an
an evil in our midst, and ow own obAerva
tion hes convinced usorthe fact. Since
the time,has come. to act we will not pass
this warning by unheeded• nor disregard
the convictions of our own judgment. That
a reform is needed' in oar ; naturalisation
laws 'no one who reflects will doubt. It is
imperative' that °ironietbing be done.—
Surely Americans ought to rule them
elves. Belieying an "intense Amei
ionu nationality" to be the only sure safe.
guard to the purity , of our Republic, the
Slur will ooptioue to adhere to this policy.
Nor will, we bo willing •to submit to the
dingarous dictation of priestly power or
Papal supremacy, while their avowed pur:
pose and emining'aim is to undermine our'
Republicdn institutions, under whose en
lightening influences we have been made
what we are as a , uatieu. and which prom
ise to be a perpetual. barrier to the artful
designs and deep liiid schemes of that
snake in the grass, Jesuitism.
Nor will that "sum, of till villainies"—•
She curse of 'cumin- slavery—receive aid
, . .
or comfort at our hands. We shall let no
occasion pans unimproved that may , afford
an opportunity of characterizing, as we
believe it deserves, the unchristian, igno
ble, and untepublican pro.slavery crusade
that began with the repeal of the Missouri
Compromise, and whose latest edict, from
one of its obiefulins, outlaws the plainest
precepts of Christianity and Constitutional
law itself. We have one Constitution
which we love and respect, and will labor
to perpetuate, and will have no other im
posed upon us by the extra judicial opin
ions of Judges of the Supremo Court, ma
king nigger-breeding and nigger-driving
a national: inatitutign. Slavery exists at
the South and we are content to let it re
main there, but we will not submit to hav
ing its blighting and demoralising influ
ences carried Into the Free States of the
North and over territory once consecrated
to Freedonf. In a word, the leading fun
damental principles of the American-Re.
publican party shall be our rule of politi
cal faith. They' ale principles which must
and will eventually triumph—they are
In taking into our hands the charge of
the Star it is with the determination not
only to improve its moral and political
tone butalso the mechanical , execution of
the paper, and make it one of the most ac
ceptable and desirable papers in tbe county
or even in the country. TO this end it
mita!t receive our whole attention, and o r
richest reward will be 'to knoi that .We
have suctreeded in our endeavor. We in
,thoso Or friends who have long
ataod b 5 tho 'Star to remain faithful still,
to give it their support' and aid in extend
ing its eirculatioo throughout the county.
It is a duty to do goOd where opportunity
offois and surOy that will be doing a good
It is acarccly necessary, ,to add that we
will be happy to see our friends at all times,
make their acquaintance and have a soda•
blo chat with them.
ip now.believed that ,no less
than seven hundred persons have been se
riously and dangerously affected by the
National Hotel poisoning. at Wasbiogt9;
and some twenty or thirty deaths haydoe
curred in consequence.
.Among Athens,
the Hon. Robert J. \-Wallter_ilnet
entirely recovered from his severe at .
Senator Halo, of New Hampshire, has be.
'come a thin, lain man under its ravages:
It is bow' the opinion of many persons that
there was a deliberate purpose to pcdsou
•Mr. Buchanan ; and That the diabolical
somindrel basaided the lives of thousands
in the attempt.
krThe elacticio hold in Philadelphia
, .
onVVeduosday last, for City Courted, Corn
missioner lib ihe Treasury I ke., passed off
ily. There was but little excitonient
lemail. vote polled. .131 a few wards
ant, and spirited opposition was made,
true, but as a general thing-there -
o great rally, and the -election 'was
red to go - by default. The Democrats
belected their Commissioner of the
ury, and a majority of tlie Council
This result cannot,bo regarded an
au opression of opinion on,national issues. l
The g lopposition, was divided, and by rein.
sin to unite, the affairs of the oily have
boeti abandoned another year to Looofooo
policy. ' , • . •
puff I
jdoA. 'serious riot occurred near Am
moie;vil last Priday and Saturday, in , con
sequence ni a ,difflotalty be4ween the, Presi
denkand Directors of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, and the employees on the
road: The rioters took 'possession of the
road in large numbers at various points,
and prevented trains from running. The
militiry was called out by order of flu
Governor on Saturday. with orders to put
the trains through at all hassards. A con
fuel between the military and the mob oo
currild, in which the former fired with ball
cartridges. One of the rioter's was killed
and is number wounded. These decided
men urea had the effect to break up the
mob and order was restored.
The Bethlehem Timm. to head off
die 4ocos from charging Wilmot with be -
mg a Catholic and proving it by asserting
that he was married by a Catholic Preist,
re-pcblishes the notice of Mt. Wilniot 's
m arilage, which occurred in Bethlehem,
on March 14. 1835, when Rev. Chas. P.
Seiile, parlor of the Moravian chard',
officiated in tying the hymenialltnot be
tween hi in and Alias Ann Morgan, then
o fthat borough.
pc7The German Democracy, of Phila
delphia held a meeting on the 6th of
and denounced Packer as a slave-holder's
candicate and a man whose raving fanati
dam en the Maine Liquor Law makes
him distasteful to the people.' 'The people
are after Packer, with it aherp !stick.
A detachment of three hundred and ten
United States troops left Cailisla Barry
racks on Thursday .evening of last week,
en route for Ktmitts. A majority.of them
will be stationed at Fort Leavenworth,
and !toy recruits, intended for Light
Company-E, 8d Artillery, at Fort Seel-
litzrMrs. Ctioningham and John J.
Eckel were brought before tbe Court of
Oyer and Terminer on Monday last, and
arranged for trial on the charge of murder
lug Dr. Burdell. Rather unexpectedly
the Court succeeded in empannelioga jury
and on Tuesday the case was opened. The
mysterious, nature of the murder has at
tracted public attention.
strAt the late Court in Chambersburg,
an importitnt case was decided. It was to
test the 'validity of the will of Col. Agnew,
of M'Conoolsburg. The will scat set
side. The estate of the deceased is said to
be worth 8120,000.
pomPreaident Buchanan has not, it is
stated, entirely recovered from the effects
of the National Hotel disease. The
"States" says he has bad another, though
not a very severe attack. He was, how
ever, out since in apparent good health.'
per The Hanover Saving Fund Society
has declared a dividend of six per cent. for
the last six months, clear , of State Tax on
the Capital Stock.
ozrLettere received at Washington, by
the late arrival from Europe, bring intelli
gence of the rejection the of Dallas•Chiten
don treaty b 3 the English Government.
ICP'itu election was held on Saturday
last, in York; which resulted in the elec
tion of Peter 31pIntyre, Dem., for Chief
Burgess, by 65 majority.
0:7 - Death seems to attach itself in some
form—near or remote—to the White
House, at Washington. Jackson entered
it a few weeks after the decease of a be
loved wife. Harrison and Taylor them.
selves died in it. Tyler became a wid
ower after he reached it. • Polk left it only
to return •home and die. Fillmore buried
his wife and daughter soon 'after his . term
expired. Pierce had his only son awl
child snatched from him a short time be
fore entering his duties so Chief Magi,-
trate—and now Mr. Buchanan mourns a
beloved nephew, who was called away in
the prime of his , early manhood. Verily.
the grits monster is ono respebter of per:
tons."--Lantuater lnialligencer.
Relating to foes of Aldermen, justices of
the Peaoe and Constables.
Samos 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and [Ouse of Representatives of the, Com
moowealth ofTenosylvania in General As
sembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the
authority of the same, That from and after
the passage of this met the fees to be recoi
l:3d by aldermen and justices of the -peace
shall be as follows :
For information or complaint, on behalf
of the Commonwealth, for every ten words,
one cent.
Docket entry of action, on behalf of the
Commonwealth, ton amts.
Warreot or mild:pus, on behalf of the
Commonwealth, twenty-five coots.
Writing an examination or confession ot
defendant, for every ten words, one oent.
Administering oath or affirmation three
c tits. t •
Taking recognisance in every criminal
Nage. twenty cents,
Transcript in criminal oases, ineluding
certificate, fifteen cents. •
Returning same to.oeurt, for each mile,
circular, actual& traveled, to be ellowed in
only one case, at each session of the court,
three cents.
Entering judgment, on conviction for fine,
ten cents.
Recording conviction or copy thereof, for
every ten words, one mai. ,
Warrant to levy fine or forfeiture twenty
Bait piece and return, or superoedas, fif.
teen cents.
Dieoharge jailor, fifteen cents.
Entering diaeontinnatioe in eases of as
sault and battery; twenty Dente..
Entering Entering complaint of master, mistress
or apprentice, ton cents.
Notice to Waster, mistress or apprentice,
fifteen coots.
Rearing parties .and discharging Com
plaint, twenty-five cents.
Holding iittinitition under landlord and
tenant set, or in ase of foreible entry, for
each day, to each justice, one dollar and fif
ty cents. •
Precept to sheriff, for each jostle., twee
ty-five costa.
Reciording proceedings, to each judos,
fifty cants.
Writ of restitution, to each justice, twen
ty-five cents:
Warrant to appraise damages, trfenty
Warrant to sell alms, twenty cents,
'Warrant to appraise swine, twenty cents.
Receiving sod entering return of apprais
moot of mane, fire cents.
Publishing proceeding' of appraisers o
swine, fifty, cents.
Entering action iii civil case, ten cents.
Sammons, espies or enbpcena, each, ten
For,every additional name after the first,
two cents.
All witnesses' names to be put in one
,subpaens, unless separate sublicense be re
'quested by the parties.
Subpumas, dunes team, fifteen cents. -
Entering return of summons and quali
fying constable, ten
.Entering capita And bail bond, five cents.
Every continuance of snit, ten cents.
Trial and judgment in case of .defence,
made by defeydant or defendants, twenty
five cents. ' !` , •
Entering judgment by confession, 'ten
Investigating plaintiff's claim an enter
ing judgment by defahlt, fifteen on .
Taking bail, ten cents.
Entering satisfaction, to be obarg d only
when an actual entry is made on eh dock.
et, five cents.
Entering diseentinuance, five eau
Entering amicable suit, ten cents.
Meting rule to take depositions of wit
'nestles, fire cents.
Rule to like 4epostwons, ton cents.
Interrogatnries annexed to rules for tai
ling depositions,,,for,every ten words, one
Entering return of rule, five cents..
Entering rule, to refer,five ciente:
Buie of reference, fifteen cents.
Notice to each referee, five cents.
Entering report of referees and judgment
thereon, ten cents.
Written Linda() to a party in any case, ten
Execution, fifteen cents.
Entiring return of bxocution, ton cents.
&ire (Reiss in any we, twenty cents.
Opening' judgment foi rebetireing, ten
Transcript of judgment and certificate,
went). cents.
&Aurae of,proceedings or certiorari., or
appeal, including recognisance, forty cent.
Receiving !boomount of a judgment be.
fore'executton, and paying the same over,
if tint exceeding ten dollars, ten cents. •
If exceeding ten, and not exceeding for
ty dollars, twenty-five cents. •
If exceeding forty dollars, fifty coats.
Every search where no service is render
ed, to whioh any fees are attached, ten
Entering complaint in writing, in case'of
attachment, and swearing or affirming com
plainant, fifteen cents. • .
Attachment, twenty cents.
Entering return, and appointing freehold
ers, ten cents.
Advertisements each, fifteen cents.
Order to sell goods fifteen coots.
Order for the relief of a pauper, each jus
tice, twenty cents
Order for the removal of a pauper, each
justice, fifty cents.
Order to seize goods for the maintenance
of wife and children, twenty.five cents.
Order for premium for wolf or fox, or
other snipe, to be paid by the proper county,
fifteen cents.
Every acknowledgment or probate of deed
or other instrument of writing, twentyfive
Taking and signing acknowledgment of
indenture of an apprentice, for each inden•
lure; twenty cents.
Assignment and making record of inden
ture, twenty cents.
Canoelling indenture, ten cents.
Comparing and signing tax duplicates,
each justice, fifty cents.
For marrying each couple, making record
thereof, and oertiffoato to the panics, two
Certificate of approbation of two justices
to tbo binding as apprentice or a person by
overseer or directors of the poor, each jus
tice, twenty-five cents.
Certificate to•obtain land warrant, fifty
cents. •
Swearing or affirming County Commis.
sioners, Assessors or other township or
county officer, and certificate thereof, to be
paid by the county, twenty.five omits.
For administering oath or affirmation in
Any cane not herein providing for, ten ota.
For issuing precept to leasee r in landlord
and tenant proceedings, justice; fifteen eta.
For besting ond dotortoining.complitinti
and all other service* rendered therein, fifty
For recording proceedings therein, each
justice, twefity.five cents.
For issuing and receiving returns of writ
of restitution, including entry 'thereof, each
justice, twenty.fivo cents. 0
gEO. 2. The foes for services under, the
laws of the United States, shall be as fol
lows, namely :
For certificate of protection, fifty cents.
For certificate of lost protection, twenty
five cents.
Fora warrant, twenty-five centa.
For commitment, twenty-five cents.
Sammons for seamen in admiralty case,
twenty-firs cents.
Eloariog thereon with docket entry, , fifty
Certificate to clerk oiridistriet wart to ill
'Nut. admiralty ptteesiVtiienty-flve mote:
Stui, S, Thai the fees to be received: by
otiostablec shall be u follows : ' •
For executing warrant io.behalf of the
Coinmeiwealth, forty
Conveying to jail on mistime, or war
rant arresting a vagrant, disorderly person,
or other offender against the laWs, (without
prixoes,) and bringing before justioe,•ftry
tng' fine for forfeiture on warrant, twenty
five °eats.
Faking. she body into custmly, on it:Mi
lne where bail is afterwards entered before
the , prisoner ie delivered to jailor, twenty
Serving subpo:nas, ton cents.
Serving summons notice on referee, sui
tor; Mister, mistress oiaiiprentice, person- .
ally or by oopy, each ten cents.
•Roteouting attachment, thirty cents.
Arresting on impale, twenty-five cents.
Taking bail bond on opiate/ or delivery
of goods, fifteen twits. a •
Notifying plaintiff where defendant has
been seated on °aphis, to bo paid by plain
tiff, teneents. •
Executing landlord's Warrant, or,eerving
execution, twenty-five cents. •
Taking inventory of goods, each item one
cent., •
Levying or doetraintog goods and selling
the same, for, each dollar not exceeding
thirty, five cents.
For each .dollar above thirty, three cents.
• And onc-balf of the said commission shall
be allowed where the money is paid after
levy Without solo but noommission shall
in any ease be taken co more than real
debt, and then only for the money actually
feoeived by the constable, and paid over to
the creditor'. " •
Advertising the same, forty elendo.
Copy of voodoo paper, when demanded,
each nem one cent.
Putting up notioe of distress at mansion,
house, or other pnblio place on the promises,
fifteen rants. •
scire'facias personally, ten cents.
Serving same by copy, fifteen cents. •
Serving rule and interrogatories iq at.
tachtnont pf execution, twenty cents.
Executing botil,pieect, twenty °outs. ; • '
'Traveling expenses on an execution re
turned_ nulls bons and non est 'annuls.
where the oonstikle bas been at the place
of defendant's Idea residence, each mile oir•
color; three cents. -
Executing order for the removal of a
pauper, fifty cents.
Traveling expenses in said removal, each
mile °insular 'ten cents
• omits -
Traveling expenses in all other , fbr
each mile circular actually traveled, count
ing from tint office of the justice to the place
of servioe, three . cents.
' For making returns to the court of quar
ter ermines of the proper county, fifty coots
each for one day.
Mileage for same, eon dog from residence
of oonstablo to the county seat, ,to be plicl
by oounty, three ooaty. • per . mile eircelar.
For appraimemeut, and all ether services
under exemption act of ninth of April, one
thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, one
For serving precept, and returning same
in landlord and tenant prooeeding, twenty
live cents. , • •
"Executing writ of possession, sod return
ing same, fifty acute.
When the nutshell be received from the
eaaoo by , the constable, suck commission as
cow allowed by law .on .writs of ezeou-
&Most 4.> That the twenty-sixth and
twenty•seventh sections of the act approved:
!March twenty-eighth, one thousand eight , ,
hundred and fourteen, and'of the see
tion of the act'approved March twenty
eighth, in relatioo to penalties for taking
illegal fees and bills of particulars, are,
hereby re-enacted and their seMral pro-
Visions extended and made applicable to
all violations of Ibis 'sot.
SEovoN 5. That the provisiocs of this
act shall not apply to the city of Philadel-
APruovtn—The nineteenth day of A
pril, A. D., • one thousand eight hundred
and fifty seven.
AreAtai is Kartaa.s.;—The Free;State
men in K rinses have issued an address to
the people of the United States, in which
they avow their parposti to take no part
in the June , - election for delcgates to the
constitutional State eonventioo. They al
lege, as an entitle for their course, that
"by the lists of qualefied electors returned
by the sheriffs of the different counties
thousands of free State voters have been
ignored, while the names of numerous un
k,nown and naYthical individuals are enter
ed as "qualified electors." All the ma
chinery of the election is to be controlled
by pro slavery partizans, and it would be
suicidal for the free State party to go into
an election in the face of ouch odds, and
with their past experience." This decis•
ion of the free State men renders it cer
tain that the constitutional convention will
be pro-slavery, and that on asvembling in
September next they will form a consult'.
lion Imitable to their own views.
On the other hand, a:Washington cor
respondent of the New York Times pre.
tends to say that the free State men in
Kansas, under the Nail of Governor Rob
inson, have resolved to co-operate in the
Statesman says : "Col. Fremont has aeted
like a very sensible min since his recent
political deftat. Ho has to all appearance
dismissed the affair from his mind, and
has sot quietly down to earn a liteary rep
utation by writing a reoord of his "Explor.
ing expeditions." The work is nearly
complete, and will be published by Childs
er, Peterson, of Philadelphia. The book
will be gotten up in lino style, illustrated
by the same artists who were engaged on
Dr. Kane's "Arctic Explorations," and
will form a fit companion to that amira
ble work."
IC"Senstor Hale is said to have
come a Ilthle, leae,man7 under• the rava
ges of the National Lio4l disorder.
TOIL—The gr eat and principal clmracteris
tie* of Dailey ' . Magical lisin Earaelor con
sist s
Ist. Of its never failing and unique gro per.
ty, sti soon us applied to any external Injury,
to cheat inflamenation instantly, and rapidly to
reduce it. This feature constitutes its great
power to alleviate the pain of burns and
scalds, and other painful diseases, in so in
credibly short a space of time, and as will up-,
pear from the few testimonials hereunto an
nexed. Every intelligent mind is fully aware
that, in nll cases of external injury, the pain
isl produced by inflammation of the injured
parts ; and, therefore, ifyou remove the cane,
the effect must cease,
2d. Its purificative properties neutralize tlio
poison that may lurk in the system, and will,
when applied to the sores, draw rapidly all
impure matter to the surface. -Mid eject it--
hence the great discharge it produces from
sores occasioned by burns—and when applied
to old and inveterate sores, Salt Rheum, or.
other cutaneous diseases..
Each box on:Amer:lk riat.t.mni Pstrollt•
TRACTOR has upon it a B.eel Plate /unpaved
Label with the signatures of C. V. CLIOREN-
Ell, & CO., proprietors, and. HENRY, DAL.
LEl7;tnanisfactaliir: All others Are ixiunter•
felt, Psice - 25 emits per box,
eigLAll Orders should be addressed to C. V.
Cliekener & Co., 81 Barclay street, New York.
le There are plenty of young gentlemen
as well as plenty of old ones, whose beards are
turning grey, which gives the former a great
deal of uneasiness, and exposes ihe age of the
latter. To avoid thew) little perplexities we
advise such of our readers to use Drat. Wood's
Hair Restorative,• which will, in the course or
a few weeks, change the hair to its natural
color. It does not dye the hair like the most
of the hair restoratives, but produces a gradual
change of color'frons the radii of the hair - to
the final end
_and gives It a fine 'and glossy' ap
pear:ince. , We• have Seen many persons who
have used it successfully, and pronounced it
the only invention which has come up to their
idea of a '.cure for grey beads." We com
menced using it about two month since, and
if we are any judge of ago and beauty, it his
made us at least ten years younger ;in fact
we are beginning to look quite young, and feel
very tnueli like getting a young wife. The
change is miraculous, and it would be as dif
flenkto find a grey' hair now as it would be to
find ad idea in the heed of the Duke of Buck
ingham. We know several old maids and
some young widows, whose locks arched be
ginning to assume a silvety , hue, and who have
been talking seriously about resorting to this
remedy, and we advise them not to delay any
longer. It never Louie Herald.
riox.—Atlength a cure for the above, which
may be most confidently relied on, has made
its appearance ; a cure so positive that it nev
er has failed, and never can fail, if pmparly
administered, in proof whereof the money paitt
for it will be instantly returned in every Cast
where it does not give the moat thorough sat•,.
Direction. Ofickener's Sugarcoated Vegeta.
blo Purgative Pills is the remedy spoken of,
and reference is made to all respectable phy-
sicians, whirwill cheerfully give the most un
qualified tostimonT in their favor. Let any
person afflicted with either of these diseases,
give them but ono trial,,and he susute pur
chase them for life; not only because they
core 'them more speedily and better than any
other medicine, but also because they are as
easily swallowed , as• bits of loaf eager, and en.
tirely unattendended with griping or nausea.
They are so powerful that three of them will
effectually operate on' a giant, and yet so mild
and pleasant that a child might swallow half a
box full without repugnance or injury.
There id nn artiete selling throughout the
country that has attained the widest celebrity
over known as a remedy for Liver ttomplaints.
We have reference to Dr. Santbrd's Invigo
rator, or Liver Remedy, that has perfortnetl
cures - almost too' great to believe, were it not
for the undoubted evidence that accompany
the testimonials. It is, in truth, the greatest
remedy known for Dyspepsia, Jaundice; or a
general debility that so often baffles the skill
of our most eminent physicians.
Dr. Sanford has been fora long time one of
the eminent physicians of New York, and it
is said, most of his cases were treated with the
Invigorator with such invariable success that
be.hae..,been indue4, to offer it ' • as a, family
medicine.and let-ile world hive the benefit
of his discovery. -If those who are troubled
with debility; headache, languor, ern o* / lin:
goring fever will try a bottle, we think they
might save physicians' bills, and days, perhaps
years of sulfenng.. aprillo, tn
no one succeeded in milking a reliable Heir
Dye -except Wray' A. lintchelor ? Because
they would avoid the cares!' the thought. the
time, patience and labor necessary. Others,
by short cuts, would buy a reputation they
cannot win; and` by •.certificates of feed chem
ists and newspaper bravado, light their way to
notoriety. But "Industry has hi reward. "—
Witness the invincible reputation of W3L A.
sold, or applied, (in nine private rooms) 233
Broadway, New York. •
Every box has Wm. A. Batchelor on an en
graved steel label to be genuine. Sold 17 .
Druggistsin every city an d town in the Uni
ted Stutes. aprillo, lta
The Greaten( Wonder oil Ike Ago
No Pay if Dr. Tobias' celebrated Venitied
Ijuiment doeit not cure Cholera, Dysentery
Croup, Cholie, Coughs, Dyspepsia, Vomiting
)humps, Toothache, Headache, Chapped hands.
Cold Feet,. Mosquito Bites, Insect Stings,
Chyonie Reumadsm, Swellings; 01d Salve Cut,
Burns, Bruises and Pains or Weakness in the
Limbs, Back and Chest.. ,do dedavo, TRY )I',.
Dr. Tobias has warranted his Liniment for
eight years, without ever;having a demand for.
the return of the money—all that is asked is to.
use it according to the directions. No one with
ever be without it after once using it. If ilitti
do not find it better than any thing you have.
ever tried lane, get your itOneg 'returned 1
VEIL-Thousands of certificates have been ye..
ceived speaking of its virtues. Now-a.daysiik
is the practice to fill the papers with certfi,
cotes from unknown persons, or F iven by.
those who have never used the ruedicine.--now-
Dr. Tobiaa offers to pay 1000 dollars to any.
ono who will prove that he ever published a,
false certificate during the time ho has had
his medicine before the publio. . ,
Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet con
taing genuine certificates. ,
As persons envious of the iarge sale of the
Venettnn Liniment have stated it is injurious
to take it internally, Dr. Tobias has takes title
following OATtI 2.
I, Santuol I. Tobias, of the city of New Voir,*
being duly sworn, do depose that I compound r
Liniment called Venetian, and that the in re ;
clients of which, it is compounded ax . o perfect-.
ly harmless to take internally , oxen w double,
the quantity pawed IA the direettoos, accont 7 .
ponying each bottle.
New York, January 9th, 1856. -
Sworn this day before me, .
Price 25 and 50 cents ; sold by the Druggist
and P atent maxim, Dealers, throughout the,
United States.
Iteit.Also for sale, Dr. Tobias' Horse, Lira-,
merit, in pint bottles * at 5.0 cents, warranted,
superior to any other. ..
Dr. Tobias' 01liee ; 56 Omrikod street, - N.
York. .
*.Also, by A. D. BUERL,ER,Oettysburg
and 11. S. Miller, East Berlin,
Sept. Isl, 1856.--m, •
PURIFY TOUR BLOOD.—To [verify dig
blood, and keep it pure, is the only certafti
guarantee for good health, and wo know of igt
remedy which more thoroughly and safely
effects tha.t end, than Hurley's Sarsepnitlf.l
The season is now at hatisi when' eveti Peraini
1994 1 d he 1 /ml44dt by, a few bcittig!3 - 7. 7 fctt
awl (44414.148. Omit,
:,the office; almost entirely precluded attention
to the paper; while the press of sAlvertise•
Incubi has crowded out several articles which
rare had prepared. - We sill make up for this
in the future.
Monday last, pursuant to the Act of Assembly,
1856, the Moot Directors of the different
townships in the County met in Convention at
the Court-house, to select a County Superin
tendent of Common Schools, fur three seems
* sive years, and determine the amount of cam
pensation.for !.110 same. Ws,. L. CAMPBELL, ,
?LOUR ' bbI.,from HANOVER, May 6, 1857;
T 6 25
Esq., was elected and the salary ra i se d from wnwar „ , o„,. wagons,
1 V bushel, 1 30 to 0 00
*:100 is year to 400. The selection is a very i RyE, 65
judicious one, and will, wo hope, meet with ' CORN, 5G
general approbation. For a competent officer . OATS,
BUCKWHEAT ' per bushel
:itrill one .who would devote his time to the : POTATOES, per bushel
,ciffiee, it was generally conceded, we believe, . MOTH Y-SEED,
that a salary of $3OO was not enough. All ' CLOVER-SEED,'
who know Mr. Comma, must feel satisfied FLAX - SEED,
that he will make a competent and energetic PLASTER OF PARIS,
.ollicer. Being a man of literary and scientific
.attainineuts, and having experience in the art 11
.of teaching, we may expect the duties of the
Mlice to be discharged satisfactorily. Unless f
.such a person fills the station, the office might'
As well be abolished altogether; and without
a jilriti comPettritluis,; it:l6'lld ho difficult to
find rueitqualified for the post to accept.
FOR KANSAS.—Some -twelve citizens of
this county left for Kansas and Nebraska, on
Monday week. Among them we have learned Pritrrietr.
the names of Ira Shipley, George Hildebrand, Ma. Mourrz—Miss RnottEs.—Qn the 28th
and John L. Wolf, front East Berlin, and oii• ult., by the Rev. H. W. Super, Mr. SAMUEL S.
Moutrz and Miss EMILY J. RIIODEZ—both of
vtr Myers, and a son of Dr. Stewart, from • this County.
'York Springs. Some intend to locate perms. I Ma. KlNU—Miss Titomrsos.—On the Id of
nently—others go to make observations. , April, by the Rev. J. Watnpole, Mr. J. C.l
The mania for "going west," instead of sub. nit
Kixo, ofJohnstown, Pa., and Miss IsEmet
L., daughter of James A. Thompson,Esq., of
aiding, appears to be on the increase in our t hi s p l ace. or
county. Scarcely a day passes without we , Da.—Miss Gixesar.—On Tuesday,
hear of families leaving their old homestead to the 28t.h plt.. in Philadelphia, by the Rev. E.
seek future homes in the "far west" That W. Hum+, Dr. J. MERCER ADLER, of Daven
City, lowa, and Miss LIARILIET 8., eldest
some will better their condition cannot be d ughter of Dr. David Gilbert, formerly of
.doubted, but that many will wish themselves ! this place.
back Bailie in their old homes before a year' Rxr. Moos GRAN-.-MISS GILLESPIL-On
' C rt u u re rs; i la th t t e 7tl: v intite l l. James' Lutheran!
.expires is equally plain. Without a man
.makes up his mind to endure all the trials and GRAMM: /aster of the Evan , gelic!l m Ln . Lutheran
brave the difficulties incident to a new Church, at Manayunch, and Miss Louiai 1
: country he had better remain where he is. If, GILLESPIE, daughter of Mr. Wm. Gillespie, ofd
in the far west, he imagines he can procure all i this place,
the comforts and social pleasure to be found in
•the thickly settled east,• or even in Ohio he will
hid himself greatly mistaken. He myst make
• , make
.up his mind to forgot all then; and to -labor
Aliligently. and .to be - deprived' of enjoyments
which for many years ho has been accustom
'id to. DettirtniCed to brave all these and
,,them, he may succeed in bettering, not,
perhaps his own condition, but that of his;
/kirWm. W. Wawa; Esq., son of Wm.
`Wright, near York Springs, in this county,
?has been selected as Chief Engineer of the
.Central Division of the Ocean Railroad, to be
ibuilt across the State of Honduras, Central
. America. He formerly bad charge of the
derir 'Division of the Ponsylvania Railroad, and
.eubsequeutly was engaged as Chief Engineer
on an lurportant Railroad in Alabama. Of
Into his home has been at Harrisburg. He is
.regarded as a very able man , in iris branch of
• • .
Ally9lt, the a*lthOldens of the' Littlestown
Railroad located the depot at Littleitown, and
on Tuesday last they located the road. This
road will kre pushed Amid with eriergy to its
fulitl completion.
--Klinefelter & Co, lately .paid $l,OOO for
,one-third of. an acre of land In Littlestown,
We observe that a Cotillion party le to
; take place in York on the evening of the 14th
;fort,, comOlimentary to °or former po%
Midesmer, Lnyt Agrot,p, end giveo by
0,15 i litirk Quadrille Amociation." Mr. T o i 4
Arv.ery clever fellow, and we are glad that his
,cleiterness appreciated ' by his friends in
_ lode.'
, NEW STORE.—Mr. Wx, POTCR h t P o p en "
Emit and Shoe Store at his residence in
West ,Obauthersburg,street, Gettysburg, Mr.
° 4 1Y4 1 1141 1 s, been engaged in the manufacture
44 ' 61 'w for 30 'years, and has a thorough ac
el'alutonee orith . all branches or the business.
sidectious will meet. a. 7444 of 4J,
•oonAp f .es Ju ouvant c.ultmu,
Friday Evenipg, May 8.
Religious Sers lees ibr the next
PreAbgterian church.--Services morning
and evening, R,ev. Mr Van Wyke.
Christ Church, (Latheran.)--Bervicea in
the morning.
Juistel Church, (Latheran.)--Servicea
in the morning and evening Rev. R. Rill.
Methudid Epiacepal ~CAstrck.—Sennees
,morning aadmvening.
GErMille R4fOrffiled Church.--No services.
Avercutte ittforntect Chttrch.7rNo services.
Calholie Chutch.—Servieea. " ,
The . Prayer...Mediu', of the Presbyterian,
German Reformed, and the two Lutbeian
eburehes is held every Wednesday evening ;
Methodist. Thursday evening.
A.n 'Apprentice Wanted,
T this office to Maim thn Printin? Business.
LI. Good moral character and industrious
habits will be niquired: None other need alp
fleirOur readers must excuse the want of
s.►riety awl quality of matter in this week's
time.. The confusion incident to ft transfer of
111E3.C4pr. Buxom:, of the Independent
,lillues,'has received au invoke of ordnance and
ordnance stbros, corisisting of 60 muskets, per
' cession leeks, with cartridge boxes, and other
accoutrements—which have been expected by
the Cornpilny for some time. They will be
forwarded in A few days from the United. States
, Arsenal at Philadelphia, The next appear-
ance of the Blues, therefore, will be in their
new equipments, which will add greatly to
the appearance of the company which al
ready compares favorably with the best com
panies in the State, both in appearance and
AT WORK.—The "Eagle Hotel" is being
enlarged another story. A. number of work
men are employed on the building, and the
work will be speedily completed. It will be a
decided improvement, and an ornainent to
that part of the town. The building, when
finished, will be large and commodious, with'
ail the conveniences and facilities of a first
class hotel. This, with reasonable changes,
and its accommodating landlord cannot fail
to command a large share of patronage. •
car The "act relating to the fees of Alder
man, Justices of the Peace, and Constables,
which has just passed the Legislature, will be
found in to-day's paper. We publish it for
the benefit of those interested.
• lifirAnother of BAYARD TAYLOR ' S interes
ting letters will be *and iu to-day's paper.—
He writes from Kautokeinthe extreme lim
it of his Winter tour. This letter is of the
most interesting character, and will fully re
pay the reader for a perusal.
Sarno Bank of Gettysburg has declared
a dividend of four per cent, payable on and at:
ter Monday next, the Ilth ivat.
*Sr"Politi* Morality," will appear in our
next issue.
REALTH.--Hurley's Sarsaparilla enters
the circulating fluid—"the blood"—increases
the red globules necessary for perfect health,
and eradicates all taint or disease from the
constitution.—Chicago Deniocral.
Sold by Schielfelin Brothers Is Co., Philadel
phia; J. D. Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, and, all
extensive medicine venders throughout the
Union. mays,tf.
minber in all things that if you do noLliegin
you will new come to an end. The first
.weed pulled up in the garden—the first seed,
set in the ground—the first dime put ler Me,
Ravings Institution—are all important things
They make a beginning, and thereby a hope,
a promise, a pledge, an assurance that you are
in earliest with what you undertaken.—
Hew ma ny a poor, idle , . doleful, worthless
ipendthilft is now creepmg or scratching
his way through the world, who might have
held up his head and prospered, if ho had only
commenced to save,—if he had only made a
beginning with a first dime in the SAVINGS
Carefully correrled to Thursday, May 7, 57.
Flour, Howard Street. $6.621
Rye Flour 0.00
Curn Meal 0.00
Wheat, white „ 1.60
Wheat, red 1.58
Corn white
Corti, yellow
Rye, Pennsylvania
Oats, Pennsylvania
Clover Seed
Timothy Seed
Hay Timothy
Bacon, Shoulders
Bacon, Sides
Bacon, Hams
Pork, Mess
Pork, Prime
Beef, Mesa
Laid, in lairrels
Lard, in kegs
Wool, Unwashed
Wool, Washed
Wool, Pulled
Wool, Fleece, common...
Wool, Fleece, fine
Wool, Choice Merino
Butter, Western, in kegs
Butter, R6ll 4
Cheese •
Coffee, Rio..
Coffee, Java,
Yong, May 7, 1857.
FLOUR, IMI., from wagons, $6 00
IVREAT, ti bushel, • 1 40 to 150
RYE ; " 84
CORN, I, 60
OATS, " 44
TIMOTHY-SEED, 15 bushel, 2 50
PLAX•SEED, " 1.75
.L. J. Mtbrint—On the 24th ult., in Oxford
township, LEO Jttous, infant, SOU of Josiah
Miller, aged 7 months and 4 days.
Has. Casitszaux.—On the 10th of April,
11857, In this meaty, CATHARINE, wife of Da•
vid Chambetlin, in the 6lst year of her age.
She,with her husbittid, became members of
' the atbodist E. Church about thirty years
ago; during-the greater 'part of which time
their house was a preaching place, where the,
itinerant always met a cordial reception.—
From tho time she became a member of the
Church,, her whole life was a practical com
ment on the religion she had professed. Her
memory will long be embalmed in the , hearts
of those who knew her; and those who knew
her best, loved her most. Her path was that
of the just, which shiaeth more and more unto
the perfect day. As she lived as the Christian
lives, so she died as the Christian dies, to live
. the Voters of Adams County.--Fellow
citizens: Being encouraged by numer•
one friends, I offer myself to your considera
Lion as a candidate for the office of Register
and Recorder of Adams county, (subject to
the action of the Democratic County Conven.
don.) And should I receive the nomination
and he elected, I shall duly appreciate your
nauddance, and promise to discharge the du
ties of the office promptly and with fidelity.
Your obedient servant,
Tyrona tp,lSlay 8, 1857.
• •
110171TIO is hereby given that, gt County
. Commissioners will make a abatement
offina per rent upon all Siam and Ceunty tax.
as assessed for the year 1857 that shall jie
paid ;44 collector on or before TreditcsAy, flee
1 4 4 g of July; Collectors will be required
to ell on ma-payers on or before the above
date, and make such abstoment to all persons
payjng on orbefore.said day, and pay . t.he same
over to the County irreakp F er, otherwise nq
abatement will be mp,de.
• j)y 904 of the 13cramiasionere.....-
,T, wgurg a o l , 7ki
sJ 8 , 4147rw54
At Me Old Stand of WM. BOYER, in West
Chambersburg street, Gettysburg.
TILE undersigned has just purchased a sell
selected stock of Goods, and invites the
attention oftho Pubiic to bis fineassortment of
800/8 isr Shoes.
of all sizes' and and ascrip• .
-tions made of best
materials, which he
iii,prepared to sell
on as favorable ,A
"terms as they
~ Any place la . •
the county.
Having been
engaged in the "
Shoe business
for 30 years, ho
flatters himself
that he has scam
e d such Goods as
will give entire satisfae.
ti o it to all who may wish
May 8,1857.-3 t
THE undersigned,' having" been appointed
Assignee under t Deed of Voluntary'As.
singment for the 1 . .. of Creditors, of lhons7
'as Warren, Martin Warren, Hiram Warren,
and Thomas A. Warren, partners, doing bus
iness under the firm of WAI REN.dc SONS
notice is hereby given' to all persons indebted
to said firm to make payment to the undersign
ed. residing in Gettysburg; and Wall persons
having claims against the seine to . present
1.5 . " 0 ; theta properly authenticated, fur settlement.
75 8, 1857.—Gt.
..65 NOTICE•
T HE undersigneB, having been appointed'
9 1 Assignee under a Deed of Voluntary As
.. signment for the benefit of Creditors, of
THOMAS WARREN and wife ANN, of the
9 ° • Borough of Getty . sburg, notice hi hereby given
5,00 to all persons"indebted ,euid "Warren to
14 make payment to the iindersigned residing . in
said borough ; and to all persOls having
claims against the same to present them,
properly authenticated, for settlement.
May 1857.—Gt
1.80 1.40
94 0 104
..... 11C 12
124 C 14
22.00 ("23.50
18.50 C 19.00
15.00 a 18.00
13 a 14+
144 a 154
26 a 27
33 a 36
30 a 34
35 a 38
47 a 501
50 a 55
14 a 15;
23 a 25
10 a 124;
10 a 11
15 a 154
TvE undersigned, *having been appointed
Assignee under a Deed of Voluntary As
signment fur 'the benefit .of .Creditors; of
MARY, of the Borough of Gettysburg, notice
is hereby given to all persons indebted to said
Strickhouser to make payment to the under
signed, residing in said borough; and to all
persona having claims against the same, to I
present them, Froperly authenticated, fur set- 1
dement. . ' •
May 8,1857.-8 t
LETTERS of Administration on the Estate
of JASIES bIeCLELLAN, deceased,
late of; Latimer° township, Adonis county,
having been granted to the subscriber, residing
in Washitrgion township, York county, be
hereby...oes notice to persons indebted to
said'Maate, to call'and setae the same; and
those baring claims are requested -to present
the same properly authenticated for se ttl
ment. n
3 00
7 00
1 50
6 00
May 8,18457.-6 t
, .
ir hereby notify the public in general, that
IL MARGARET IIhIKES, a bound girl,
daughtur of Daniel Ileikes, ot York co., has
ran away from my wash 4ml board,.and that
will not. be responsible tot any debt that she
may incur after this date, rind otter a reward of
6} cents, for her aafe return but no' , gratitude.
Bondorevillo, Menalleu Ip., Adams co.
May 8, 1857.-3!. • '
BANK OP Ocrrraauao,l
May 6, 1851. f -
THE Pros;dont and Directors of this insti
lotion have this day declared a Dividend
of Four per cent-, payable on aud'aCter Mon.
day next, the 11th hist.
J. B. IdePHER,SON, Cashier.
May 8,1857.-3 t •
SEALED Proposals will be received' at the
office of the Commissioners of Adams
connV, until Tuesday the 26th Mot, for
building a WOODEN B1.1I)GE, (without a
roof,) auross "Muddy fluii,i'ou the road lead.
ing front Gettysburg , to Fairfield, near John
Gellbaugh. Tae bridge is to. be one span 35
feet in length— , Plans and specifications for
the bridge can be seen on the day of letting.or
by application to - the Clerk to the Commis
Atteat—J. IC IVALTan, Ckrk.
May 8, 1857.—Cd. ,
Afew more Lots of prime OHESNUT aad
• :4 4 '.'t e •
for sale. Apply to
May 8,1.8.57.-6 t
TO the voters of Adams County : Enconr
aged by numerous ,friends -'I offer my
self as a candidate for the office of SHERIFF,
at the next election, subject to the decision of
the American Republican County Convention.
Should I be elected I pledge myself to dis
charge the duties of the office with prompt
ness and fidelity.
Cumberland tp. April 10, 1857.
TO the Voters of Adams county :—Encour•
aged by nunwrous friends, I offer myself
as • candidata for the office of SHERIF? at
the next election, (subject to the decision of
the Democratio County Convention.) Should
I be nominated and elected, I pledge myself
to discharge the duties of the office with prompt.
ness and fidelity.
Mountjoy tp., April 24, 1857.
nAS just returned from 'the' city, with a
14 new and beautiful • assortment of BON
NETS and
of tl?e most lipthionable styles, which she in
vite§ the ladies opal! and examine, confident
that th'ey will he pletsetl with her selectiop,
3!.is§ hit'Creary parry on the
• kfirtfARRGAIT ,
finainess, in all its t kome h aa , an t i I l oppo l y kat
_work, and reaaepeble firtgel to merit
the patronage of her (rings.
• 4po l 1 : I 18 §.7
Also, a splendid assortment of
N 0 'l' I C E •
The Last Chance.
Annul/ Goode
On. Saturday, the 23d of Hay next, at
12 o'clock, H.
IN pun3uance of a decree made in the Or.
phan's Court of Adams county; the under
signed, Executrix of the.will of J AMES SCOTT,
deceased, will expose to Public Sale, on the
promises, the following described valuable
to wit; A Tract of Land, situate is Tyrone
township, Adams count, adjoining lands of
Leimard Delap, Abraham Laub, Peter Miller,
and others, containing
100 *litres, sllore or Less,
A Log Barn, Blacksmith Shop and other im
provements thereon erected. This land is
near the public road, leading from Gettysburg
to the York Springs, and within about three
miles from the ate; Ogee.' A. large portion
of is Coverea with Valutilde
rendering it very desirable. ' Persons wishing
to see the property will call on the subscriber,
or on R. W. Riley, at York SpriugS, previous
to the day of Sale. • • •„:
iter Attendance 'given and terms made
.known on thiday.Sale by • •
RACHEL 800T1`, Executrix.
Ry . the Court-4,1, - Bstannst, Ckrk.
May 1, 18578. - " ' .
business, in all branches, and hopes
by liar superior work 'nnitreasonable prices, to
merit dm patronage of lor fronds . . Picas° call
and see. •
Mn • 1, 1857.-11
' •
- .
, .
n Y a Resolutiori or the Board of Directors
of die Getyittnarg 11ttilrosid`Coniiitioy, no
ace is heiribigiven to the Sitickholders that
the SIXTH. INS'I'ALMENT on ouch shorn of
stock will he required - Jo he paid.lh to' Sops
H. McCutt.t,sts, Trepsurer of the oomlaity,
on or before Tuisclay the 12th 'day of
1857. t D. WILLS,. Sec' y.
May 1, 1851.
WILL Bndit to' their advantage to eall 'at
Fahnestock Brothe'ls, aturieii their
large and cheap stockbtBiiks; Chilli's, Lawns,
Ducal's, 'l'ainartineli, Delainel,
Gingham's,' &c., ' which are Belling clump. at
&Obi the Red Prong.'
April 10, 11357.--tf ' . ' '
rrEIE Clam of disele r often, makes its way to
1. the internal o ns through the pores of
the skin. This 'pen sting Ointment, . mek
mg under the hand it is rub in,'is absorbed
through the same chatnels,And, reaching the
seal of iatlafiration; sad luyaribly
subdues it, alietherloptted an tholquoya, the
' flier, the hags, or int other,impottantorp l l,
It'penetrates the ' , Affect) '' to 'the'' interior,
through the counilesatubert that Comintaticite
with;the skid, as atunsee rain. pasiiis into the
fevered, earth, AlitTueini its cool and regenerat
ing influence.' • .
Every species of,esierior initatitenfis quick
ly reduced 'by the'aiti-inflamatory - action of
this Ointment. AnY,, Eruptions, such
Salt itheum,__ErysiP Tester, Ringworm,
Scald Head, Nettle. h, Scabies, (or Itel,)
ike., die out, to retne no mere, under its ap
plication. Hospital perienee in all parts of
the world proves its fallibility in diseases of
the skin, the mead -. the ,j oints and the
.The effect of this u
upon Scrofula, and ot
sores, is almost mar
charges the posion ', w
tiou and proud flesh,
..its healing properties
• ante as well aspermit
IV6o'..O f r.° - HEW
:'• ' ' • SC
In eases of the fnic
his caused 4' iiten
Burns', Scalds,' 'thou
joints, and contractio
ployod and *armly rt
ulty. This *lemon
introduced by its in'
the. leading :Hospitals
vato household` should
The Medical Stafrof
Armies in the Crimc
approval of Holloway'
reliable dressing fur i
wounds. It is also
the. Allied Navies.
1 * vaned external remedy
er' virulent tileers 'and
,It , first die.
piaduCeis inippura
d thus the CUM which
erwatds cumplate-are
re of the bones injtir
• ciplosions, I:rutses,
ittism, Stiffness cf the
of the sinews, it is etn•
oninteuded hi the fee
s remedy has , been
utor in person into all
of Europe t and no pri•
be French and Elightih
?Melni) , signed their
ointment, as the most
bre cut, rind gun-rhot
d by :lhe surgeons of
,loth the Ointment
Pita should be used U‘
ny Calel
Bunions, • Rwelled Glands,
Burns, Sore Legs,
Chapped hands, Sore Breasts,
Chilhlajus t ' • • Sore }leads,
Fistula, Sore Thioath,- • •
(lout, Sore of all kinds,
Lumbago, ' ' Sprains, .
Mercurial Eruptions, Stiff Joints, '
Piles,' •'Teller,
Rheumatism°, Ulcers, ,
Ringworm,, ' Venereal Sores, • ' •
Silt Rheum,' • 'Wounds of ill Ends;
Scalds, -
Skin Diseases, . •
S9...CAUTIONI—.:Noneare genuine unless
the Words "Holloway; Yew York and London,"
are discernable as a Watermark' in every leaf
of the book of directions around each pot or
box , the same mai be plainly seen by holding
the leaf to the light. 11 haudstime reward will
be given to any ono rendering such informa
tion as may lend to the detection of any par
ty or parties counterfeiting the medicines, or
vending the same, knowing them to be spur.
* * *Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New. York, and
by all respectable Druggists' and Dealers in
Medicine throughout the United States and the
civilized world, iu boxes at 25 cents, 621 cent*
and $1 each.
lETThere is a considerable saving by taking
the larger sues,
.4.'1.- 4 Direetions for the 'guidance of pa.
tients in every disorder aro affixed to each
April. pt, 1857.-rly
1G14:41 VINT, Inauire of
JP 1440444 4. alcuicauti.
One Dollar a rear.
CircaWiwi, over 10%000 Lopes.
WHO has had 10 years experience as a
Banker uud publisher, and author of
A series of Lectures at the Broadway Taber
nacle when, for 10 successive nights, over 50,-,
000 People greeted him with rounds of ap.
plause, while he exhibited the manner in which
Counterfeiters execute their . frauds, and the
surest and shortest means of detecting them!
The Bank Note Engrarers all say that he 1, 1
the greatest Judge of Payer It - may !frilly,
Greatest Discovery of the Present Century
for Detecting
Counterfeit Bank Notes.
Describing Every Genuine Hill in Ilxistenee,
and hixhibing at a glance every Counterfeit, in
Circulation I , Arranged so admimilly r that
Reference At easy aril beteclion Inelamuneour.
No Index to examine! No pages to Inuit up!
Butso simplified laid arranged, that the, Ater.
elmet,,Banker and 13u/shifts Man cantle atl at
a Glance.
French. and German
Thus each may, read the same hi his own ..11a
• • 'tire Tongue. • " •
All the Private„ Bankers in A nieriea;
omphste ,Summary of the Finances o'
Europe and America will be , published in ouch.
edition, together with all the Important Newt
at' the Day , , Also
of ®tails OP.T.emr.s,
From an OhffiSanuscript round in the East.
It furnishes thw Most Complete History of
and describing the Most Perplming Positions
in which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that
Country bave bleu ao often. found, ; These
t will eontanue throughout.' the 'dole
'willYrore the Most Enterteining ev•
er offered to the Public.'
Viiii.Furnialted 'Weekly to Subscribers onTy,
at St A year. 'All letters must be addressed to
JOHN S: DYE, Broker'
Publisher and Proprietor,
' : • 70 Wull Street, New Yorli;
'April 27, 1867 - .-Iy , • '
BY M. S. co VERSE.
From actual ' Suipeys•carlfeilly , taken C.
Hopkit!o, Civil ; Tintimetr. • :
111111 S Maple drafted upon, a scale of I} in.
ches to the mile, making it very conveti•
ient to knit hy it the 'distance from one place
to.anotheria the,Couuty, and it will have upon
it every
All Post Offices, Hotele, Stores, 'Churches,
School. Houses, Cemeteries, echanics'
Shops, &c., ni
will be marked„ and Mills, die residence
of EV'EItY PROPntITY HOLDER in the:. County will
he noticed with a dot, load his name carefully
inutile& It will be distinctly Eagnkved,
handsomely Colored, and the border mailmen•
ted with 'views'and engravings of Public Build.
ings, and Private Residences in the County,
and delivered•to subscribers ,
for $6.00 per Copy.
The undersigned have examined the draft
of th'e Map of Adams Co.utity, now beinwpre ,
pared by 31r. CONVERSE, and are well aut.
isfied with its general correctness. When fin
ished in the style of the Maps of other coun
ties shown as spiieimens, it will be a beautiful
and valuable. map, 'and ,should be possessed
by every family able to own it in the county.
As the maps are to be made oily Sabffert
titre we hope no person will fail to secure one
while the oppertunity presents, itself.
D. A. Buehler, k Dr. 11. L. Baugher,
Dr. S. S. Sehrimeker, Prof. M. L.. Stoever,
Fahnestock Brothers, ” M. Jacobs;
Gm). Arnold, , .i [Sr. o. , F.Belueller,
A. D. B uehler, , ' D. MeConaughk
S. Uutiffellet )44
C. H. Buehler, , G. Swope, .
Dr C.' P.'Xratitliy debean & Paxton„
G: Harper, , Rev . Alec.), Zleglitif,i'
Schick,. H. Stable, ' ' ."
Prof. Muhlenbii;g, Re i v P.'Van Wyck,
Danner lc Ziegler, J. Houck, 1 ..
R. G. *Cream [Sr. D. Horner, -,
David McCreary, . M. &W. McClean,
Rev. R. Hill, , ' John:L;
Dr. IL S. Huber ,
Feb. 13;'1857. tf
colitictizip„ , ziestrritTE.
VlOll the .Treatment,.of Cancers. -Tumors
Weita, Ulcers, Scrofula, any' , Growth . or
Sore. Chronic Dlsetatesi ,getorally, can be
cured (iftitirable,)lvithoitt surgkuif 'operation
or polsim. 'For -all,,pargeolora write ,
disea.seit and enclose twenty•five cents
for advice. , All lettors mosl have, a postage
stainp efielotted prepay answer. BlNlieine
I eon be sent anyy dieltnnee; Adams
21lerkaitimihttra • ("timberland Co:, Ms.
117Meebeniesburg is 8 miles from Carrie
burg, on the C. V. Railroad and :stecesidble
from all parts of the Colon. :
Old rand young, poor and rich, come sli—
m) will do you good. , • '
To those, a ffl icted- who cannot visit me
personally, I will maul, per mail, on receipt of
55,00 only, a Recipe to prepare Medicine.
with full directions for tise, &c. State all par
ticulars. Address as above.'
Feb. 20, 1857.-om ,
HAVING increased our stock of Hard*are,
. Oils, Paints, Glass, &o. We are prepar
ed to offer very great inducements topersons
THE Atelergigned, • appointed by. the
Eltins Court of Adams County, Auditor
OD n Bill of Review it, the account of JACOB
A.Mxcna, one of the Executors of George
Deardorff, deceased, .who was Testamentary
Trustee of .Susan Worley, will attend to the
duties of said appointment, at his' office in
Gettysburg, on Iriqay the 15th day elf May
next, at, 10 o'cloa, which ad par
ties m interest are hereby notified. ,
1). A. BUEHLER, And'r.
April 24,1857.-3 t
FOR Salo at theßook Store of A. P. BUBLI•
LER ? on_Lhanibersburg street. Differ
ent varieties oir hand.
Gettysburg, Jan. 30.
FOP. Ladiea and Gentlemen, can be found
in immense variety, and cheaper than ev
er, at SOLIICK'S. Stop in .and ,examine the
now stock for Fall and. Wintai. •
' Oct. 31, 185 G.
~'9Y UP I
TAE Books mid Accounts of S. FAIIN.
ESTOCK it SONS have been put in my
hands for collection. Persons indebted to
said firm will save costs by calling with the
utidersigned, and settling the Same.
April 10, 1857.
The attention of Ladies
TS pavtieularly invited to the large med
.i went of plain and fancy GAITERS, West
et,Tle, juat, tanked by ,
Artieri . to, .11.101diabanglk.
NOTICE is hereby gives to all Legatees and
other persons concerned, that the Atha in.
i4tration Accounts hereinafter mentioned will
be presented at the Orphatts' Court of Adauni
county, for confirmation and allowance, on
Tuettlag the 26th day of May 11e24, VIZ
235. The 'first account of Heary I'. Rice'
and Michael P. Rice, Executors of the last
will and testament of Christian Rice, deceas
ed. • •
;236. The account of Charles Ycatts, one of
[ the Administmtors and Trustee% for. the sale,
[-of the Real Estate of lYtn. Yttatts. deceased.
237. The account of Samuel Becker, Ad.
ministrator; de bonin non, of the estate of John
Crouse, deceased. • •
238. The first account of Nicholas Deatrick
and David T. Cooley, Administrators of the
estate of David Cooley, deceased.
.239. The first account of Abrittuttn• Mickley.
Trustee for the sale of the Real Estate of
Nicholas ]lushey, Esq., deceased.
240: The account Wallin' Omer, Executor
of the last will and testament - of Felix (truer,
Ben i late or Menellen township, Adams coum;
ty, deeeasell. •
241. The first and final account of Samuel
; Bonin, Amintstrutur, do binds 11011, with the
will"uunexetF, of the- estate of David Moose,
deceased..: [ [ [- • ' '
242. The first and final account of Roche
Benner Admitaistrauw of the estate of Sintou:
C. Helmer, deceased. -
[ 243. The second account of John C. Me-
Callion Administrator of the estate of Cortaro;
lies allkallicni, tleoeth,cd.
244. The first urcoun ofJohn C. McCallion,,
Admit'harmer of Catharine MeCal lion, deceas.:
ed, late of Liberty township; Adams co. •
, [ 245. Thu first and final account of Daniel
Bucher, Administrator - of David Sipling,.. de.
216. The account of Francis M. Buddy and
Philip Buddy, Administrators of the estate of
Moritz Buddy; deceased,
247. The account of Augustus Duncan, now.
sole and ac ti n g' Man.:dor of did last will and
testament of John Duncan, deceased.. ".• -
248. The first and final, aceountof Daniel
Sheets, Executor of the will of David Sheets;
deceased. , :
249. The first and final account of Henry
Feld, Administrator of the estate of John
Bollinger, lute of the State of Kentucky, de ,
ceased.; -;, ' , ,
256. The first and
: final account of Daniel
Kohler, Adusibistiator of the - elitate df Jucob
Kohler, deceased. • ' "
261. The account of Joseph Klunk, Trus•
tee for the sale 'of real est Ate of Adam Long,
252. The 'first Account. of Jeremiah Culp,
Executor of the last will and testament of Ma
ry Fehl, deceased.
253. Thti firit and finer 'account of Jacob
Sande°, Administrator, with the will annexed,
of Mary BelL:deceased.
254. The first- accoutit'of, Ernanuel Spang
ler, :Administrator ; of, tin! Estate! of, John
dimeascti v lato ,of the Borough of
Berwick. • '
. S
.255. The account of Francis M. uddiratid
Lesh 'CrOuso, Administrators ot 'the estate of
J ll c :1 1 ). Ul.,k3rouso, deceased.,
,2.51 L The .Ural And, final account of 'Jacob
lkfartin, 'Guardian. of Pius Miller and Susannah
Miller, 'minor children of Aloysins Miller, do-
257. Tiii) • account of Jos!'Th Mite Way, Ad
ministrator of the estate at Lamy Sample, do
25t1. The first and , final account of George
Ehrhart, and Daniel Ehrhart, Executors •of
Thoinici Elulinrt, deceased. ; • . • ,
25'9. Second, and final account of Henry
Benner and Josiah Benner, Executors of. the;
lust will and 'testament of John Benner, de.
cause, I
WM. F,' WALTER, Register ,
: per DANIEL Deputy.
Register's Office, Gettysburg,
, htai 1 1 8 57—td 1.,
rondo• serer.
NEAR Otrrysuao.
THE submeriber, intending to remove Vir,est,
will offer at Public Sale, upon the prem
ises, on Saturday llu 13th 41411/ June next,
the place upoll which She now resides, situate,
in Cuouberlund township, on rho cast side of
the, Carlisle road, 1 unites north of Gettysburg.
adjoitsiUgliunds of Julio Blocker nod Solomon,
Welty, and COntaining
4S .dieres and 74 Perches.:
The buildings are dneat • .
with Kitchen, and Frame Baru weatherboard . .
ed--all in good repair.
There is an unfailing supply of water, there
being two wells, (one of them at the Kitchen
door,)-and'a Spring. The laird `consists
chiefly of meadow and is caPuble of being, al
turned into the same. It is in - good state of
cultividion and well fenced. There 'is a 'verb
etv of bruit od the:Tweinisesan unusual op
portnuity is 'hereby uffonled fbr obtaining an
excellent sniall Farm, most eligibly situated
fur advantageous cultivation, and furnishing a
very, desirable residence.
bale to'commence at 1 o'clock, P. 3i,,4d '
said day, When terms will be made' known and
attendance given by
May I, 1857.-3 t ••, ,
N immunity largo 'assortment, of every
descriptien just recuired at • •
With Wood s Improvement.
riviE undersigned, having been appointed
J. 'Agent for the sale of Manny's Combined
Reaping and Mowing Machine, with Wood's
Improvement, for Adams County, offers them
to the public, believing them to be the best
combined machine in use. They have been
successfully introduced into different parts ofd
our State, and have rendered general whiffle-1
tiop. It received a Silver Medal at the State
Pair last fall—also the first Premium at York,
Cumberland, Centre, Huntingtoti, and other i
County Fairs, where it was exhibited', April 1857.
Farmers needing a Reaping Machine
pleaase call npou the unirrsigned, before puttyk,CT-11tONEY..SAVED bfrOMying
chasing, as he always to es great pleasure in your a Caps, Hoots and Shoes at j,
exhitriting these machines:- He has one set '
BriOnqtr 4ughinhafos.
up at TATE'S HOTEL, in Gettysburg, where
it can be seen. Early orders are solieted, as
the number received from the manufacturer
will be in proportion to the demand. Giittysp•
burg, April 14,.1857.,
',Gettysburg, Pa., April 24, 1851.7-3 m
8 TO 10 GOOD
l tifi l leWlik% Irk.—
for Sole by
4413 ? 185.-4
Removed • foe dimatisaNst4 elf s&i•itieranit
1 - H. SKELbT respotartHi inform..
et • hie old cosh:utters enik tAr publip
Tenerally, that he eontin,
/SINEW, at his new
Ind. in Booth Baltimore.
met where he wUlc be•
lispy to aetrommodate all•
)o may patronise him. .
work entrusted to hio
warranted to it and
be ol most substantial, make. Thankful
for peat favors,ltesolioite acontinuenceof
public, patronage.
KY" The Nero )irk S'prina and Suns.
me, P.9slllolaarereeinved., 'Cell ands
see them.
• April- 27. 1855.--d
LETTER& of Administration en the Es.
4ate of HENRY BECKER,. deceased,
late of Butler township, Adams , county,
haring been granted to the oubsetier, re
siding in the same township, it. hereby gives
notice to persons indebted to said Estate to.
tall and settle the same - and those baring.
claims are requested to present the gamer
properly authenticated for settlement.
, CONRAD Sian:MAJOR, sfeltier...'
April 10, 18570-6 t
INITERS of Administration on tile 1e
of MARY HEWITT, late of Menialete
township, Adams conuty, deceased, haring ,
been granted bi the aultseriber, residing in,
Benderaville; in' said townshipi be berebymites
notice to porticos indehied to said Estate, to,
call awl settle the srane and those bating
claims aro requested to presentthe same, prop.
erly authenticated for settlement.
ABEL T. WlilGHT v ildner'
April 10, 11351'.--4t tt
and for aide by ,
2: Ks. HO Franklin attest. Baltj.o*
. TOBACCO, in 'lure snit fur
gala by WM. BUEHLER,
No.' l 6? rionklin /Wirt
6 cßwrs nawARD. •
• ,R AN away, from the resilience of the EA.
scriber, on Saturday 18th of April led
OttIiE,NBURG STANTON, an apprentice,
bound by the Directors of the Poor, at Admit*
County, said Greenberg is.a bright mulatto
bout 15 or 16 years uf uge. All persons etle
forwarned not to harbor said boy, if they do so
they do it on their own responsibility.
Littlestown, April 24, 1857.-3 t
N U T I , C E .
THE second account of Hr. Jona Ant s
committee of the person and estate Of
Gamma Hirrixose, a Lunatic, now.of Poltat,
York Courlty, Pennsylvania,' hae , been filed .141
the Court of Common. Pleas Of Adams Countf a
and will be confirmed by the said Cdurt on Me
26M tidy/ of Mciy next, unless cause be showtt.
to Om contrary. '
' JOHN NOSING, .6iii1034.
April 24, 1857. —4t*
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