Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, April 24, 1857, Image 1

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BY D.'`At'StiErftl.o,.•
OP, ADAllfe cousTY,
Opens Salurclay,llth of April.
Tais'lnatitutiou receives 'deposites . . for
which it pays interest as
For over le months 4 pm' Cant. per annum.
Fur 3 and notpver 10 mouths, 3 pet cent. per
For transient depusites ' not less 'than 30 days
2 per cent. per annum, payable'on 'demand
without nntioe. ' • '
Tue''weekly depositors share the' dividends
declared and payable semi-ntionally.
At the first meeting 'reek!, deposites Were
subseribed by sespioeible efitaens.'for 'the nut ,
rent year, to au amount exceedink. 4,10000,
which will be pair) in us required by the bowl.
11C14 of the a.ssoeiation.
For loans apply QII Wednesday.
Hums 'received on deposits as low as a
Interest to be allowed whenever the , depos
ites amount t0"55,00, and on each additional
$5,00 and upwards
.Office in fiontit West Corner of Public
Square, next to George .Arnold's store. Open
daily frotd9 A. M., to 3 P. A., and for receiv•
in ilriposites, every Saturday, frou
06 P. .SL.
.Tohn !trough, John Homer,
Samuel Durboraw, George Arnold,
A. Heim - helium', Jacob Munnelimith
David nelireiiry, 1). AleCousitighy,
'William Culp, John Mickley,
Robert Hornet , John Throne.
April 111, l8:17.—Iy.
LlO or P.r.itopiars aßeanaalialiag ha
tine (1111 , 41101100` Of:4OOMM 1 , ly
011 illollr.t duy ofJualuary.ll97,
Malec. 5:1
Female% ' 41
Children. 13
Colored people,
Total, 110 .
Trnu.cieut Paupers not 14pluked io the above
Pm...4..11(15, 'Hifi
A itwrieutts, 51
'482 hn.
:4 "
Pr2B "
37 4
11),11,,thy :ked,
I>,,ets,- • ,•
1,03 , 14,tif (I(*ft :Fodder,
Mit*. vr Hay, .
ilezule.ttf Calilnige, • -251 . 00
of Yuck, .34'62
' At:tic/re ,Iftlinfiletured from the Is/ nF ,March
Is3i ro I t V.Varch 1857;
Par,Keli, qopp,
" ,er`; , for.erotit.,
Ynnn is tyt -
•Htr.A, (100
. '
t i et - tat. 4,
A prottA,
Steckings. (pitiri)
t , Footed.
Chair 1101,11tieks,
Cotten 1)c- ,sett
I; , Islets,
1 - ests,
31110 w srps,
rianttel Shirts ,,
linuttel ShitiOs,
April il l 1857
VIII 940 Ugglivo
The Tinik ktiowlegrel.
~ . . .
, ~.
tir i. a. cianinett remark :undo by tbme whn
. hare exaniined thenew itnq elegant almirt,
'tient of F.N,SGY and Millinery Goods, nt
. tlie
.Store of " , : ' ' ' .
2Z10.0 SiVa7.IELL.6.II.
.011 the ,N..E,Acoriter of Centre Square, that her
stock is the assn and ctreArs i sv ever , brought
.to town.: • 4 1`be.assetttnent•coitSiste of
t • ' Caihitteres,
• "Cates, • ,
'• ' . 'Oijiglii4naLo,tlipied, De' '
Dage,Cohu4 Cloths, Jliis
• • ' lift;l.,tnnen, Sack Flannels; lion
• nets: ioa , BiiiinefTriinininAii,
" Artr fi
,ciali;.•Binek Vella, Blue de., Globes, Hanilkarchies:t French IVbrked sulfurs,
hisi!rtbigs, Ifitslbis, Sleeve's, Dire
hair 'and ' Black'
••°' ' t• • Lace and lfithrnider•
' • -ed finridkereltiefis ,
Braids, ans F • '
• &c. 4T• •-, •• •
19;,gedi and examine, fur veurselyes.
atttysburg April 17 185`i.•;--tf
NOW IS 111 H TlllB.
W is the only time:to make very pretty
,111. and cheap selections of Spring and Stun
nter•Ooods. Intel' you the truth is, that if you
want cheap and prekty.Goods.: to call at the
noel' west. corner of the diamond--the coly.
place to get them. ,Also, • • ..• . •
,CL 4 pniff,VVX.
. ,
s9noantly on, hand. • All goods cut free lf
ykiryc.. ( Call and see before purchasing eslse.
where; at the Cheap Store,of • -• ••
• JO:IN ling.
April 3, 1857. •
,SIISED, by :boyifig
J0i1tr,4 1 41. 4 , Bqots nudasihoeß et,
,Brietoffease et. Aluyhitatough's.,
Homityritta/ 'Surreys writ id/ytaken b e y Ci s
' Hnpkin#, Mai/ Enyineer.
TEIIS Map ie dmtted'upon a scale, of 11 in,
41L. oho to dm mile, making it very nonvor•
lent to find by it the fluittinoo imm on&placi).
'to another in the
• County, aqd will have upon,
evety •
All Paid Offices, Hotels; „Stoma,: Churches,
School Houses; Cemeteries;3lills Mechanics'
Shops, &c.,be marked, and' t he residence
of YVES?' CIUiPtttTY•IIOI.DV. irt the County
be noticed witlf a dot, and his name carefully
_lt • will ho distinctly Engraved,
handsomely colored, and the border ornnmen
ted with views and engravings oflPublic Build
ings, and Private Residinces in the County,
and delivered to subscribers
For, $3.00 per Copy.'
The underAgned have . exateined the draft
of the Mop of Adams County, now being prom
pared by Mr. CONVERSE, cud are, well.sat-.
witifits general correeteess. When tint
idled iii the style,of tIM Maps of other court-.
ties shown as spoeimens, it will hen beautiful
and valuable map, and ,should by posse:l3o
by every family able to own it in . the county.
As the maps are to be made only for S'ilPscri. , .
Lyre vie Imporno person will fail ti) secure one
while the opportunity presents itself..
F It
D:-A. Buehler,
Pr. S. S. Sch mucker,
Fiiline4ock lirotherti,
A. D. Buehler,
S. IL Russell,
C. H. Buehler,
Dr. C. 1. Kramh,
It. G. Itixrper o
I. L. Schick,
' Bra.
Danner Ziegler,
David )IcCriairy,
Rev..ll. flilh
Pr. 11. S. Ilither: • I
Feb.:l3, 1837.--tr
17 4 10)1. the Treattuent of. Cancers.. Ttpnors
Wens, Ulcers, Scrofula, any Growth or
Sore. Chronie Dis.oises, generally, can be
enrol (if curable,) without surgical operation
or poi.inu. For all particulars write, state
4i003•411A plainjy, and enclose twentYlive cents
for 4'll letters ttl ust have a postage
'clamp enclosed to Fero , answer. Medicine
can Inc sent any distance. 'A'ddress
KEIJAN - 0: n. D.
ic;diii rib Cirnaiet.kind 'Co.,' Pa.
LEY gevlianissimrg is. ki thiles from. Haggis
terg,.o,l the C,. V. ,11.ailr4d. 411(i accessible
From nil parts of the'Cnion.
OH nod young, poor and rich, come all
tvo will , Qo you:good. • •;
iV^Te agjicted whp Cannot visit. me
p;•Nonallv, I will send, per mail, on receipt, of
t5.;)(1 only, a Recipe to 'iwepare 51ediehte.
Arid; fall direction.; for use, &e.• Stateall pun
pettlars. :1 0 .31Iress as above.
Feb. 20, 1857.—Gm
it kip, (10 To
Sehlek ) Pi .Cheap Store,
en.-ner'of ihe Manton . ), awl skeet
JL. t',CHICK hat just returned from
, • Philadelphia, a full and complete
it , turtinent of Spring pods, cuitsistitig of
-Black and Pitney colored'. 4, •
50 .
Ad' all styles mid patterns; OM Satinefts
Cottenades and Linen Mods, forMen 4 s,
wear ; and Satin, Silk, and Marseilles vnatine;
MSc), Stumm:lets, Cravats, liatulkerellieb,
noisery, stud Gloves, at prices to snit the times
—whieli 'gentlemen wisliiy* a completa outfit,
would do very well to examine. t•
. fit ~.~`~'.
aggil alarbz,wri4
Just received a superior assortmptit of Bleck
Silky, %hick will be sold low; also, .Berege de
.I.nines, Oinfharns, Brilliants, , Calicoes, Irish
'Linens, Sww, Book and Cambric MusHns,
Dotted Swiss rind 41thiliiis, Cloves, Rib.
l hons, collars, Dress Trimmings, &et &e., &c.,
which for „variety, excellence and cheapness
cannot hesurpassed in this market.
leecalect, that although there is a
great rush to Schick's for bargains, all Jean ho
aceomtnodated. No trouble to show. Good.
Therefore calf in, and examine the largest,
richest and chititiest stock ion over laid your
eyes on. •
Gettysburg, April 17)-1857.—if . •
Fa hoestock Brothers '
WOULD rciipectfillly inform their custom•
ers , and the 'public generally, that'they
have jasereceived the latest, and beat select.
ed atuck of- ,c
Spring and Snrnuu'r Goods,
ever offered to thew. jiaving pveliosed for
thb dABII, they nro Orepareil to offer"ouch in•
dubeineuts OM tO 'defy all competition. Giro'
oft ,a ead—no trouble, to ehow Goods.,
Stos qf Red Prpitl.
April '
ITAS just reevicia4nt his .4entlylufle CJor
14t thing Store, on, York street novly oppo
nilli,the flank 'the bast assortment of
. READY-kADE ..CLol4llNris
or Spring and Summer wear f ever opened in
this place. If you .vaut a well-made
or anything in the line of Roady-enade '
log.. at less eose thati ,they can be had Outside
c of the city, call at
April 1008.57.
Tl vinkter 'of tlio - Conneil of the Boroligh of
.11.0 1 tlettynbufg, A REWAFt,DI3F $5OO I
he'rebY.bffered for'such information ns shalki
ancu'ro the ., :detection and. conviction of the
'person or persons who 'fired the Barn of. Mr.!
JI)!.I.S.MUPCK. on tip night of the 20th Blot
, C,151.1 ) , Purgers.
27;1831 :
if TM lIRELLA4; Penteolf. and 4 Beacom be
(tuuel geo4
.aut.l scl,UPlcs,.
-: ~ ~,'
Dr. IT. L. laugher,
Prof. M. L. Stouter,
M. Jacobs,
Ur. C. F-Schattfor,
D. McConaughy,
O. Swope,
Cobeau & Paxton,
Rev. Jacob Ziegler,
11. J. Stable,
Rev. 0, P. Van Wycli,
J; Munk,
Dr. D..llorner,
M. & W. McClean,
'John, L. Hill.
,GETITSBUFtG t , , PA:,,,ItIIEGAY' EVENING; '• 24' 1.8 ff." • :
, I/ 1 1;74 out 00-0, 1044*#
~ I - lig 4s,ottos P. stoitass. ,
'' ' ' That& God fot pleats . nOveatheir ;
" ‘ ()haat it, tuerry-rills k' , l. ' '' .; '
.. ~ And clap your hands together
Ye exurting, hills I .;!,...:
;; ,'lltank liini, teeming valley I • , I
. - 'l'hank Wm, fpitful plaittl,, ,
r'. l . kor the gulden Stiiishine, ,
' • Acid*thil iNerliiiii. '
Thank God good .the giver I
, . •
,Shout it, sp rti've bieezpl
' ' Respoad, oli mitibeul'rlrer t
To'the•Midding trees.' ' '
Thank Him / bud and Willing f •
• As ye grow , itud:singl • ,
Mingle in tbanksgiving .
, Every livipg thing I ..` .- •
Thank God, with eheorfahipiric •
• .I.n a glow pf love, .. . :
For what wa inherit, , ,, , , . ,
, And.our hopes , above I .
Universal Nature
Reveals iu her birth;' '.•
When God, in piddsant Wiathei,
Smiles upoti the earth! • •
"AA VER' pr IrS.IfILDEST .Foiw."
"\Vi have no slavery in,St. Louis, or only is
its mildest form ; ant what few slaves there
are here •ire fur better off than the laboring
whites or free 'negroes, and would not be
free, not one of them, if they could." Such
were the ntnarks that fell upon my ears a few
days ago front the lips of a lady famous for her
goodness of heart. ti,nd kindly charity, her uni
versal benevolence, and neverending patience
with the sins and follies of the world. Such
Are the remarks you hear daily from all classes
of people, if you dare approach the thrbidden,
inibjeet. "Slavery in its mildest form," let us ,
see what. it ie..
Mouth after. month, as the' Tolled On,
and I sat at my door rd 'slumber evening,' or
sallied out to Market in the morning, I noticed
four little' hildren playing uPon:the'payement
---tweboya and twiigirle. 'The eldest . Widi a
Slender child, with: rather a dark ~§oniliero
skin, hair almost hhiek, and a large
c,hlack eye.., Ilerinot iouswere. quick. herhiligh,
timid, and her, ways scemed,as of one fearful.
of some inipendiug evil. Yet she. was ever
watchful and careful. of two little ones who
wore almost always with her at play: and over
1. whom,' as the elder, appeared to' have ,
I charge. Next her in size was a curly-headed,
Ipanel:faced, dark-browed boya. roll ckhirg,
devilinospeara littlemiciiiip; who defied ail son:
'I row'inul sadness,' and Made'oidi I'inget gray ',
leirs;aild'Wish)te'whee “tv. tkij , rig4hi l ff..
might huge been tire year,' old, the eldest Ol t
seven. The two longer children, pretty . and
delicate, seemed like hrother and sister to, lis
two elder r Yeti had noticed that the smaller
ones were dressed more tastefully, and with
richer material.. I had also noticed the going
out at morn, and the coining in at eve. of a
trim, neat girl, of *hint twenty,. as I supposed,
who seemed to iivo in the same hotive ;: bat as
' she pasted mo, she never looks up, and a
shade of cure rested 'npon'her hroW, that told
of some 'd'eep suffering. sonietitues 'would
see her, flitting. to antlfto
s(0 3 . 1011 4 108
she would ho gone weeks,, and then I .would
see the t i ro older children clinging, to, her, as
she turned the. corner,: and limig,ing .to , hor
skirts with shouts of joy, as if she syere a loved
nilither juit returning from tilong tihsenC'e, or
a dear sister, gentle' and kind, whq held ,their
heartli ;Whew. •fce6ing; Cif q uo r
was sure-they wore, the children of the , seine
father, tihd . t.494 filcher :61'16 sat at flip deor, of
a summer night,, and watelied .their . gambols
upon the street,, as they led.the two yonnger
,ones about, of drew the baby in its little oar:
A year -went by, and LIAM thought them all
'of one household. • needed 41 sentustress,And
asked a neighbour where one could'o' form&
'"Conld you 'nett hire
"WhO do you Melia?"
coloured girl. No,she's n
oured • She's ,s white as I am • but she's,
slave. Did You: aster. see her-that pretty,
neat girl i that ,ypu see going in mitt outlle
mother of .Ella „mid charley,2,",. ,
almost gasped for breath. , "Is Lizzie a
stare; and Ella awl Charley her children?"
"To be sure they urn." i ' • '
thought' these children Were all Mr.
"Well; I supine they are" said the lady
with a leer' "hut the two oldest are j...izzie's,
the other two7ifre.l,--7 2 -'s. Atm ;is ¢ second
• wife,yoa a°W a s p, „ e camb re a lndower,
and , tiPputfLizzie's,htishatid ,clowa • at
Slemphis. Lizzie is q splendid soaminressi
and ataysorti,lrome and sews round part of•the
time in,•wdira weather j in •winter, she goes on
steamboats tuSehamber•maid. She is obliged,
li•hen,.on t4.bestcro '•psi„her toaster thirty'
dollars inouthu:sed ell' she gets' over ilia bait
for litirsalfAiailinhe
theyitrit'lrept`sci inert. 'She is bet:ter
puiey rt`feUe
e went to the sealzistress, eed,' affer,awliile ' 1
. .lwr” tele pf aff, ,
R4PY 4 ,ffeo gic. ll ”ti How F9Y(I.d ,T9c 4 P' 4,l
,tongue speak those words, andeot grow pal
eleri in,her nreurb? • -• • •..
• Lizzie, had Axiom torn from a bame at She
South by s aheritrs 'Mile. • Mr; J. had
bought horns a fancy girl, arid her fete wed
likelllntliers4now enhject'to the 'capriee oh
jealous Wife; her 'Children edlen
whet?' this With (lured.- She Was 'driven away
to earn waves ma a boat, sOmetimes•at n fearfill
rate, and only
_able rosstisfY mother's love
for her e„liildreu by yielding to the exactions of!
her, nieste.r,.who was good if Ile obeyed, cruel '
to her children if she dared resist any enact;
meet of pis will. She had high, and holy
thoughts. Per lov6 for her childree was deeyi
and. strong. \Then at home, she would gather,
them to he,r arras, and weep over the through
the lops mht r .,agd slaropt ,prey chst• they
might die ern they were old euough,,to kuoar,,
their fearfel degradation,. I never talked with,
11Oilnit Oder), an4s.hon t filie spoi]ng4 to rev tliat
the tortures of the incOdliqu, awaited her.—
She trembled from held 'to.fuot, and started at
every noise.. She had been- kindly:l-allied, and
could. road and write.; 'III e liAlikel me dress,"
said chef "and keep my. Childeer no that the
world may 'call. tri'm •ti: paid Mister: . Ho never
stiikOs Me; hat lie tens, me •linin thttn'. ' And
0,',,iti.e . 8:,', ~ t i,) knovh What 014 ; 'gets 4 ihilc
l'ill 9 '"l' ti ' ' but bread and water.
gone /
...q i nf ling
.Xlit thi,cl 0 tii i i' Gcia I
11.0 1 4.....8.ggi:.t. ,L. 49 .P)" fillf. .POlne dab';'
01E*. sPitt's ap, c a n., gat fourteen hun•
died dollars for hor..when.sheltEfourteen, and.
Olathe °ln sell,Gharley.any ati and, if,l don't
do his bidding, he mill: ..0, mistress,ll(there's i
a God in heaven, he will' blast~ this notion Cori
Its tOielrethirist. "I" dennetimill hate yoti all, evt I
ify body ''that Ist friie'-:.--Yes;!'6ery 'one=` hO4 l
iirOie Yougrin IM'iii:Eit*: to ydlirCiiild'lett 'l4,
' liiii;ibittlili, ii,idi' help tiolOolsetii: l iOWivtl)ed.,,
Wittt . „reiss .
,say,s ' i ntiglt , tu 3 tfo Fotu,p tun, when: 11.
1141. T'?• ° uc: I l ftlifi RIP,
.o;e4ftd l 4 iiVexiiipAy 41 .1 4 ,
me all i t ' I -rift w, 40; ii.blit,i l PP,l 3 l94N B APIA'
cure , the. hertrt4rh r e,,,,ttud to, , ltck",trgeteil-dilte e,
lady don't take kuny.lbe fearjithatc my ;,poor,
children will; be ktld ;whoa liget,baidc, anti I
novee see them again. He dittet.tell'me.Pam
it slave always; but b, mititrass,l would Vatli , I
let ben dog than such 'a thing.' l44 l , ' •';''' • '. ' I
1 Her sobs and tearti choked 'her' utterance.
Poor Lizzie' 1• ITer's Was n case of "alitery inl
its mildest forin''— " scarce Slavery', at ell,"
' 4- I some would say, who only lo ok , upon the sun' i
face. Ave chains and whips ; to the limbs , :I,'
back so inneh , more, fearful than they terriblo
a g ony of, t h y. mother's boart f .threugh Ispig• •
.yearis of agonizing , suspense,ll4oking forward
to the Inte.of her children, , who Must bear AIM
brand of , shaine: and ignorance!t i hrough"her;
fordvor; 'more; ehrtilis".larid"stri ' ', litarirdion'
and hard work—all that malted" yery , torti
1 hie? That 'ChciAtiati' Iditica,igik:iity Gnu 'a'
'woman or high 'ittlit hof.iirthifiiCtti,citil !ie . :Made 'i
the victims ofniu'slust,be maileito,berir the I,
sacred' tilitneaf aidthe that It ' BOW 'a a l l
dalight°ll l .a l M liP, 'OAi
iice.b l l4lo ill III.P, 8 1 1 . 1 Pn•
bles,. to the same fenzful life that "has.withered
*di . lic,r,wontnithoody,and,turned...tb / gall,and
bitterness. Avery ciip:.of existence; and yet , that'
this is "shivery im one of itM mildest ford's?' 'is'
most 'l' , d '' ' , -...' '
' ' ' l'il ii'D l'' 7.4 .— A : q./ V . 1 . /3 .t, 6 1i . ../ 4 / 2 .4 ' r .
A'fesi mOrithi:tilime, a don or tlO Edit, a
hoUt fit !a.
country lit the western ,parf ok,tentliiitylvt
Ilia itekdeimoided Ipdgiog
that he had liquor had,bettljolly„compauipna
-throughout the day: (The laodlord' wits 'Clary,
goutl.natureit: soul; and: ha 4 fushibed: rather
freely that day himself. • • •
"11 ;vitt Where the,
room is, eau yea - ffnd th e' tdago ?". 'said the
; ;
nu its tu9elf din ' e t a
June c, ' 1340Jhat"inust,
•11UW No tr • • '•
it nu, Abe° 1 , ; , (1 1"9" , T4lll
n blessingst' Virgin Ot(ivr rs
on, th e s i n f u l , " 6
Iri*llluan,"l • • .tf
,* ,`.llte'di`feciiona * wore givpn vldtn and also.. a
eatulle.• He wad, directed to go tol.a :renini on
the second floor of the honk.. Isy thee time.lte
Lad reached the top of tho ataire, liglAt bed'
NeCtinioeStingnihe4;e:fid Ite k licid tbrgiltterl l in
`,eliiddireetibh Vti:00'0'""
ge°FliO ;Or
of rot stood alik,hilyijar,,hSreeepuottered
the inside of tip .coom ,
ta4 l l p Ilea nit, whiclyicy. ±1441; a eutqti
wA4 a sl9Ol . upon t it. (I reeliqg
isle el iued, .tualte.ttoy further, search for Ate
.roun; Jo which ha had bob. dime ted diveit.
ed Ititnatlf ot' his 'clothing end quietly crept :ill.
to bed. He had heed iu ' but ii
it few momets
•• , P
when'a young ladjound gentlemilW 'entered the.
robtu. . The IrishmatCCied thC4' Clo , i(l,y l , L.
I , YliCY'seated'theMselves' in theclaiiii;ld °top
ir.6,iiliiiV:tdcaell ether,; 44;4t+r , eitr:iiikij;
imliffijy,"f:oripino time !.11, yolqng Ind!' ,t,l,;,ryty
I#l,ltripl,trouud her waist, bt t u verr cout4ly
niiii,nusr, and,itapripl.pd tt I;i3it mpuq.:, her tompir• -
jug:, lips, 'see , amused ,the , Irishwatt
vastly, and being dice from intltisbuess,-,hp
concluded his sleeping tupanion.shoulthba ft
participant with hint is the enjoyment of the
scene, and nudged him, 'but hiS compauloh
stirred not. ' He put,' hid' lottid'up`Olt him' Mid
found that he was locked in the, ontbraCe' ; 4l
cicoh., , Synonymous with this. diticovery, l lie
1 :)PP ,1 4 1 ,e 11 94 01. IA aTe l o l init l lo._,: 1 ,
, , ‘, 4 '4,ur,cli9r 1 zug.ttialr 1 Holy §jti4tt pr./divert
Heind seveoly touched ',the floor ..with
. his
feet before the young httlyuntl geuttptuitu were
inuiFiug rapid thridoridolirdlile'44jrtvii, tut-
. _
rb,r hang depicted ee their" euuttkantineeti.
They had Veit
,reitehpd the itp'et' the 'stains
iOilitna* Caine :ntaltili t ,se!oug 4
E v id 4 a Estiinielwere eiti4tt at hid
11 '
_ee..e„ intent en mnkius ulut t iptt. prey, nu
the" whole three went.;mobiiug . duwfl the t
1.914 Lit 4111)rd !) delculP)e;%!4ich yt.,the hree
Tep t ched,theToot at thp stairs , tirst., ;
The landlord stood aghast's,* the Irialithan
rushed into the bail-vow with dotlinig be•
tweenlxim and nudity butt ga.rnient Tnigutdy
atyled's the ' hair on 414'hetiti Omitting oil'
end, hie eye•batis ready to leap froitit eit
sacyutu, and lie gattiductur o lFeatlt,.; It F #
diiilit that would have wade a watt faqh tyka
had a:4o.a vh)cgar face fFoin the, day of, hid
birtliv. Nothing ; coulclindyce him . .talie,
bed that night again. When the young • iady•
and gentletuttn found 'thit• it 'wad not 'the
corpse that hatl'ao itneereinOttiouely , hounded
from the bed, they returneeto the rpm, (they:
beiug . tkiewatph9r,s,l?ct.l,lp)lioy, dou4t ,
,ke.l 3 relc't9w 4l . t 4Pr C° ll 4og . 4 4... the -P9io 1 1449
At 4 4 4 been 49 4 9 t 1 d 9 4 1 ,7 - •
SitisA wag, ußon viakting a medical muse
um, vas, 6how/i soma .dAlgEt and utbe tiPock
malty ofmortAlith '!!lP.z4Vvek'n a1e9401.
. .
" ,JO the, "I,*.de4
01 . 114 ,be iimktplk spirit.." • - • .
r.~~ I: fir ~) !
'o'o l'_ 1 . • s'!
. NO. XIV:
lU()k,:xun, in the Frigid Zone, Jan, 6,1857 r
~ , ' /Os Obliged id remain three 'dnyi hi Ha
'pirate:lg; apillYifig 'p'oultleds; gargles arid' lip- ,
iiimets,4fortiticlitig to ihd atieiarriCitlatfiCtiolll4.
As• my Swede/hires ectircely 4ifffielent foe tile
comprehensicm :of !prescriptions, 'or 'medical
tophniealitieli ha gonekal, a written. progremme
of ,mytreatment was, furnished.. to, Fredrike; 1
the soryaut-triaid, who ,was kroperly ; imprepsed
`withthe'' ''' ll'l' . h 1; devolv ing
responsf i ity„t orey : upon.
I her. Frodrikti, no Tottbi, • thought ` hot my,i
I ' iife,wastp,her, : haado, .and :pothing, could ex- 0
ceed theenergiwitkovitich she , , out4ertopif its I
ir p4;seivtitic:ti. 4;tioctually to ihpminuie al)-
idaiV4iiiiiiii:ehcilbell all i plidtitrtla;alla; li . she
ffercalied'iir iiii4Pedietli:ity' tlierollc } tiolli ~ : m. my. ,
Trot, it 'vrai'OUrii• to he tepertel IA the 'd'fietor
at hitt'llaat Villit. ! I' heti' the t.i.-tti oreattennile '
and mallons in my month. from morning till
'Aight;'lllt skint •betitilaW 'llliiitkilell r eader die. ;
'lidorcltitik' or iiipiiiiitlia'i but ipi 'EDO 'Atilt, ',
' C44i;iiii;ti'Vvvlil it'it*:'.,'.4B'i.fie'46'el',0 r ,iilii - 04 7
;i4k# l i l 'ii,ViJ,4 t p r 3, , " .
, T.hili gOod-hearted'giel! wa ti, genuine ,!speci
men ofothe Northern' Swedish female 'ii ,Of!
iiiiediifinY !Agfa, pluritpitut not stodt;: -kith '4 - :
rather' slender ainiet 'tied "eZdarislifelti ( f.c,'lind a . :l
I Toot 'whiek ittippedtirinly , "iitift - iiiinbly' is the.'
l'saine tihte, 'she ' was ' do eliderfelli'hiali, sii;'otin,
eoeldiriAli to see, : Ifer i lmir was ot that
,p l ilky ,
blonde Oa Commottin SWeilenEllereyese olpfir,
,Pf0 ' "" 1 ?)! 4 4;, 1 ef qi'AP iiiFikigli, iiiill.•Wclltfornted, 1
her Pl'C'ilffi Priihict liPlieitti4.Pint.f. nta ,11410:rot;
,loar,cul,bec,,,teclb,eo,white,, ; get u I lir , ati4lll6 r- ,
ifqct :illatl , ISM Mute, s they . mould taiikmher , foe
: . tune in 'America,:: • ''Alwaysi'mheerful,' , Ifind
!1 andiattivii,lche hailinetertlieltiss,aqutidlifb of
'it t she 'wfic alike etfaVolliiirilMiliaild 'end hoi'tt
lee; 'tad had "11,' Citiiift“ th lit rOf i lt to ';liotit. •' She.
i . JAW° ;lit dresiri'thd'lndreiliiif'ilaii;Weei 'ittid
1 1' bileilklii nit dui oerlY pollee teinle we , yetlfty in
l'iled,'li;:itie . or ' fleaett , #lth,,,'ilie' f,i'a,iiriOnntiaMt.ti
P . 1 11 1!-.AJ I P ' 49,":91P.. - :. 1 $vil , ;.4 1. 4.i!', , tIIP , Inhi:
f”riv,!!fri gtwpt7o.§.otqp4j9Far Paidnight,
- timre•Ft4.o4,l‘ iresp,iteifigm.labon, :Although
„flittering , itcptt a idistresoing congh; ' she': had
the out-dont - pplowell as flue Inglitor , thitids to
discharget-pnd lwe';autviler-iii:!'it;'! olteepidrin
Jacket; ;hartieciling horses',ltt'a 'thinpithere of
8041Aflow 6fip . :” , rha. iienrard lif s'ileh a sorriee!
was possibly pbowt'ef.iiht'AtneriCan dollars al
year. Nyheo,nit leityin4 I gave her abrut as
much its one of Our, kote),3oslllptllo9lll4 i CX-
ZlPAfPitiPtalOrtFiNtAJPKOCkalrtha /Baur:. girl ,
waaprerwholumi withi'gratitude, unli,eren.the
otere.lendlady walk so.impres3cd by mymener l
°sit) , that she, ;Kidded of: Moding us a "gheepi
'skin for one feetr saying- we' ere - "good , :moli ; . l '
• There 'lt isomethiag exceedingly 061114.1re'
and unier,histionied in 'tbenote'ners of theca
Northern 'people 7 :tl'. ritiaiglitforWitid lioneAy,
'''it;liicii'titkiai the holleCty of 'Otlierc 'fiar' . inflated'
' f ii leiCiit hilidtVesc 'fte'dglod-Will`'Which May :
li firs lie 'firdridoliiiii; boeitacejt :yisti'n'Ailpirt-•
t't "' it" total ' ' ' f ..1?
ons ra ivym i ihoficonsetoncnpis o ,n, at
IS Clittled
,in. hi g hly citilired, ,circles,; .'pro - .
Arleid i fl':,.,,,Tofl..l'PrYlfreelltlP p -Pt anitenf
WiliPheipom 3 countries, , might denote: laxity
;of morals, , ,ic:lte..... the evident : stamp of . ' their
perity. illto thought has hften.recarred 'to me
"whielv is the most truly 'mire' t o ld 'Virginal .
nittkreltheffttitiditets'A'Melleiiii Oa. illtii bliiiii.
et et 4IM sight' OfliPitir. of beets outCille ti 'gin
tleman's bed foam door, and who requit!e'i that
certain unoFonding Ratill pf the body and ar-
ti'l c lothing"`P ' bl4lt a . 1 b
eCA 9, ° .°P : 0 eVilligifi( i Y 1
delicately, eifenethtcilliins , tering, or,,tho,sim- I
,p l 9-11tinded : !§wilish, woumn, who come into
Piirdtedleongi wtth:etiffe f : and. make• our, firer ,
while ,we gut ap ofutl dress,pouting and: going I
during e11 , 61 - ,iyarious stage aof the toilet, with
, tlie frankeit openneciousnega of inipmpriety f '
:This is'etodefsty lit itteltealthy and natural a s .j
"velot6tV; not , iii"' tlitise'Marbid furies which
`litiggOet itiliaoiMititin , er e !: on this alert for
Pralientiiiihies, Is:tithing has codrowil in;
iiiiPfpiisidn'ori i tte virtue'olthe .•;:o;-,thero Sited,op
more tiinatifi ,
raot t awl 1 int‘p rervly , fi4t
more respect woman or more faith in tlic
inherent purity Rf hot nature.' • : 'l .
Veihatdinitg quitrtent itf Ilapanmdit,' tinil
Mir ;illteittliin Oftietlithilhdre : by au meanie irli
litnite.-" A' 'hinge' tooin,' carpeted ; prete'tlio
fient'ito 'miter ;fold by douhle wiinlips, and
hjitiefd'byall'ireteptise" Simian shove,,weit alio; i
[ 111, tp alk , )!'e lity i l two laid c, one which„ lie- •
cume,a,,,lppad 444 during the day, a;hockgatur
uton table, the ordinary appliaimes for waste
ing, and: betide a uumber.ofceugravings on
the walls, (auf org them a potroit .of • the Novi
Dr. I l aird,) our window comfit:foaled, a, full
view fToiiman, and liii, , ice' ii 40 ,ncr94.l the,
riser, where 'Notify:is of porsopc daily pass tb '
nail fro. The enctorit window : ithou eft us ;tho I
4rctic dawn, growing, brightening th.rongli!ita,
woudipful grndatioim of eutur, ffir four houni 1 ,1
when the puleorange sue appeared ;abore'thei I
distant, housei to slide' along- their 'roof's foe;
twopounyand then dip again. IV& buil"pleVil
tient ,Mealt; einisictiegmostly of reindeer:Mad.,"
with' ainece Of StikiNoli ZrillibertieS, poor es,'
which Mid boon' Iroiee, put'wefe r i t il Filt',
bli:,'Fillitlin'iloe.g, twit biga in'aiddition to ' the
block shingles of liadbrod, lilog1,431) porter and
excellent 'Drama beer., In fact, hi:no'Connlfy .
inu'of the 'United Statea'oduld we' : have' been'
More ierefortrible.- For` the • keit' ihieh 'the'
place affin:ded, daring four dept, with aswitil
piii , isitiii i for the itrurtiok, we pL'id . about `
dOtia - n3:”" :' ' ' - • • -
'Whe day hofbovour oepartazp, endeavgFed
to,,,ohtain unto: information t eotteerning - t l he
rogadolapittod,hfit-was disitppointe&
landlord aege,rtained that there',yrer3-skfuts,
relaYs Of po,t-horses, as , fanny Mtionioni4a;
210 hut' beyond this - 'et?nld
tipit'giet' people 'W4fS"alk'klnilisk,
spolto no Saredislt, were miserably pii4ii,'4o
nathi4g to eat.. 4 X.wee told Av.
a certain of;ftelal peasonege at tip apotheeitry`e
shOP.,app,lro Goruitaii,,antilLhaliAenid 110er
.! ) . 1 :•tthP. 01 4. 6 .01 f? , darl'eXe4o 9.kisvu'fl'Ped Finn/
13.1 irk) kt. bit '.lN'''.Nolirkknir
"s o '::,
c ~i/ r-. , ~.. ~~~. - .,r~. , i~,,n
std " I ' ' '0 '€' ‘;‘.
could not underlain my fir ~ question. The
peoWe eaten gd , emeil, ont.iieli ignotant'et the, 1
• geography of the waatitty'laiyotid . l[Typet; Tor I
nese ; or • Matarehgl,4ll "miles 'off. , . The decrli
Aar's wife, a buxotn,.thotherly lady, wbwseetned : f
to ;feel ,quite an ,Interest., hi our undertaking, i
and was as kind and obliging i as, such women 1
alweys, Are, aproeured, fur veva aapply, officid: I
broaCrado, of, rve, nitd,delightfittly, crisp, and 'I
holey-and ibis ;its the'Sn)astanee Of ?,or . ,ptep' 1
1 aratons. Reindeer initteits were` hot to be -I
, fourid,.nor a reindeer ' ao'ver mir feet, so i '
I:we : pitied, as before, on,plenty of hay and my:,
1, fieetch piaid.,-. We : might, perhaps, have had
1, better success in' Tommie,: hut I:hawked one
1, there.whe ;,vould he likely, it),As 6 44WAlnd ' WO'
i i : not,e,tera visit the phi, ple,en.,, We Intatiakeu,
I thprecautipr ; pr uin the fitly ian vise t •
get Jar with ;Ismail swell el ruebles k nt Stock.
~ i . , i 6 ii
heian,, but now find thiatli, was quite onneces•
I iiir?.y.'‘Nl"Oatish‘t s, W Alirvii 'fiat! ‘Chteri4
TwineaSi 6l 4 travelltil,atiirtheltabilloi 'Ole of
!I'the.frontlerpit.h. ',all-•a ted.,. , a.. i t , ii.. i, , ,,,
;Trtuiting- to t lilek, -whigh ia; fiallnit flat; best
~1) 1I NI :after iAli.wel:elar.tett iv:mt./11%010411de,
' yesterday at neona, The Agy was itiaguilicieht,,
the ,a,ky ,elmalless al44:re.Whpl4f?tlL us pejisliefi ,
steel,.and the mercury, 31° , , below z e ro, . - Tice
asoft,scarcely more than the breadth of hill iliac ,
h.hbye thh heri4ort, shed; e'fititit !ornialte light
1 er,r . the brdatl, level sap4.Plains, and thq
i l illatish-White hemisphere sidle Bethrgatia pull,
Tid! ) )°l ) e.)Tli4, l "(s9e , ?iuf :4? 1 , Alt Wel:ll4f feet-
I l l'ir ili P !''!`j. , e ? (l ` l P,'4OY., egid a licki'll)rivi lig;
despite ihe sharp grip i too)c open, any :I ncase'
Rod' ealaltal ThWe idtie 'days, Sheri 2,11 they
are, have a majesty of their cieffP4 f: aiMp or,
anbduefl I thbtii,la it helf it'ibt4dth'iitidSetant-,
'fieitee Of hue) impartintalike , to the sky 'aifil to
thatninow.y ,, eutalt,.ar.,,if tiated‘glass qms
ts4c) held:
,11:14rPr PyPs• IkW ToPPIca i7a, - al° , v,
• to, OmeflN t i lrs9 , lP. f r9vls4l:Cs , Ae .,, il4C'l si t'n
they produce ` upon the treyeler's aloud. Cot.'
iiiiely; 4 ik(ie v l ery:tevetiera..)oiiial, diiPr.Mition
sthilnh aceumprtnies the .I.lolan taj ' ghti'., aud:which
oven the absence of hay:ray daylight might be ,
tOrrsidered sullicient to Prildneel ' ''
: • ;
- 'tliir7iiii.l was WelTYeitten; l bur narrow, 'and.,
We..hciX.'great dilliMilly - iii passing the :Bunt!
hay and wood'yams which met us, on account,
of gm depth 'Of fire , labile ittiowo6" l either' tilde.'
Weiiitil several violent overturaS . aittitich times,
tane•of whichlittataielied us' hie'li!iiiii.iir (Cup hel
loved, lama i which telialerbtl ' tlftdated .
i disconsolate for the restiof the def.; Welud
i het p,notbetwreu Ift,,And'Oellereliv4htelit'i'l!9
Pt it P 4 1 4.1: s99llALfterifie,Villffrriappraeller.we
Pl'O e i t . i .t a PPO i i:r ) 4 , Y Pt ) l l i:ticThi v itl' 4 1 )P ,* iftF t !I f
u ltuattian - PrOntieel ntion at Thk k jpwn of
Torn, Toraa, across flth frozen ,tlyer, leo - .4;renllyi
I ltliiidgini,'Wlihillelifiliip'r e.ed i'ili'sPirit Of,
its lild lelni telt ii'si it 0464 thh 'Mit did* lOW '4ad,
buildings. Campbell, I remember, finis, ' " i
I , colit ws the iiankh ,wlCoffieo't hgery brivi"
with' the: Same ' disreW , l elf gettgreplat;lehlyli
:lattices him grow palir 'treti.4 'along , the Sample;
• liainiiiti River: ‘''Tliere hvdsi Ternediili 'hut I
dookediw , vain', fur the Matlary brai." 1 :1;Ibi at
hill witbinaighb,taiondirdOtiitithiirat eiretao lel
ten nii,3 t}? 9 11.4 .wwit'sliwie941. like O's *Ws,'
ter s OPT:if 0 9'4 d fi 4 iif? IN'Pe.filtql ike.flAP.9 6-
its of the rivers and the retrocesiitief . the .
pea. .
1 attic nit il ban e"le?t ofthe r iser,
%lath lidea" l Of whieli'i , ‘, , kiiiva6l'•viit;',lestt.
little' vila , gt:e. The ' eettictri'was• well oleitied
Anil, pultivateld,'aull appearqd sou Opulent 'Mill
flourishiag, that," could scaiecly rea4ii in what
part of tho world ,we. were, :: The !inn net at a
, quarter past, out; but fur , two hours the, }thole
southern heaven was superb i'aaitl lineal of ruse
1 and srange.' The sheepskin lent ul iay. our
1 landlady kept our feet warm, and we gaily felt
the cold in our faces;`my nese, PAnceirilty,
i which, 'having lest' it coat of skin, wipe very
fresh anal tender; requiring !!Einsautr!lntre: At
. a e'elpelc,'Whei we reached l'aiekula,the first
I station, the northeru sky was ono broad flush
of the Ourest,:vielet, melting 'into lilac iit'the
(zenith, where it itiet that fierraltip of adoilet.
w e
. eIII4IIIYO *i1.1%1 1104 etilkr Bell
~peadted ahead, ~willt, better Oases. A.t.,3 o'•
clock it was brightmomalightoith,.the Plilialf
tali. 'lies go ,
top ilia tidy ov e r the levtal,heargi l i
itiad;' tiad in two hours reached lierp!kyl i a, 9.
late how 'iiiii,livliVie we totilid ireqiiiiir.tilil
facecimmodatiOna ' due'.hilds '. lit 3 e'l , lii l itPS : 4
of reindeer skins ;‘ a 'frightfntly digit , nntillch
o i l , 1 44, 1 i_k, ( „,, , aaf e w:•wOid a I pr s'wedieli, pre.)
. pared,itti•o supper qf tough nmat, , potAtieiioa
, ale. , , la3yerything was now pure Finnish,,end
the first, fpiestion, of; the
: gl,l,,,ftilaPpyi:Aran
/font naor yi s ai : (7 „ (yliere,,destlivu nettle from ?)
, sliewedot ig , inwaWee of the,tominanestr
il l,: e . , K,.
dish ihinot addres s tube
awoke us with a
citO'Oieelyee. In that tior;iiii,, iott;ilegqcLv.4
roi-usv thil.l?aidtiriiibro: idiloTeer'Skii, - wliefi
iWe Pmetired•fbr Aemethieg keksfiniti n'ldfillaji:-'2,2
'the Iluxboticis (houselivetiAnut , he the iiiwpira
i,ikictkilettl t hgrolimtuiel - no oherg4fer:thirenteto
I tainment, but said; we,' mioa.•giill. what me•
pl ease d, ~ aT. offered .atN .: a, , valitti re; 1 4w,, Vata
e TT! 1 4.- , 4t )9 l4 4l‘k i f t •Y- ,Ic u kl A P , nlic;qußcip .11e
I sent the girl to pay that fr,..tkan,,lted ini most
~,, 1
ToldayliaisVeeii : tt`day'iq ' htl .l 4'aie;h4ti;',liTi
ouch a glory of twid‘fiatspfeladors fur spc 101, ` 1
hinarat tia:s buy
and ;4llthe:cliaini et:dayfighti
jo ; any I:zo'nP. Itei: iletried iise;•_eli; : with a'
teerperittiire (id' ?,i# lithiw . ietiO.iiii) I iceloing . apj
the left bank' of the'VoriireL.l 'l'llW cc. j uati 4 i
nwitt rose in bold ' hills, acid thA feiittarei'of "the
scea,ery .bucaine: broad 'and; usajestic.' TliC
northera sky was, again wire viertat,atuatwp.sle
real tinge from the dawn' Tystpd. oti thq,pps of
the snowy hills. The prevailing color Rr , the i
sky slowly brightened into lilac, theft lute pink,
then rose color, : whiehT;ligain gate, way to a'
flood 4,o . ..splendid Orange when the situ akpear
,ed. Every change of color affected the tine of
the landscape. The , woods, so, itrapp,ed in
snow that not a single green .needlo 7814 to' be
`seen, took by tur n the byes of the sky, and
seemed' to give out, rather thee to reflect, the
• ....._, -...,......„
l eent lustre,A thaportilag.,.,T4 taw. dispel q
Ini,Kbteneo ittteid'
. sl,f *. Asp spiel'
,facts. At . neap the aun's ,diao was not more
• !i
1;il• , - ;:+1,171,1 , 11 4 1
,L 1. t+ • t 'OA.,
rico' 1 1• , '•
lA ., 4
. 1.11 YO,VADEOPI :fp
ii 1 ~~~ ~. ~~.i
• . t - 1 - 17.7117 - 11'17.-: -. 17.
time 1° above , the heritow, , throwing•a levet
golden light en thmbilhf, 1, The t nek}hpltglayt
us, was a', blue as the Mediterranean, and the
whulf of/helvtenieverbped4 caeopiqd us with
.PilaCt, . -r97715 1, biFt V 4ll , sl° l- itiO If 1 14. rang-.
' .fitfurgdtiu the magic Offt,, , V, 1r
, ,44 kb° grsl' 54 41 9" 17e some g?t_t ho t
with raw, salmon, ,qhingll bread "arid Trozeti
batter., Our tort s were good, and 'wd arorg
1 /r 1 ~ , 1 .1 , . 7 ,ii, ~ . i4,,1.. . ; V/ mi...
1 alerrity aterv, ,, , up the irozen .1 0rm.,501. +.4
1• iti,ioi *Ctle filled frittipeopie going td 'efitirch,
'',.pf.bliablyteics.lottra 4 e some tidtigiiittit'annitierna l
' ry, today btithikTuesday. t•Fresh i : ruddy-facee
huti , theyo':6bn^ fent.°Seitt '4llilifig filvif.tooo
resolute carriage, hut the most of them were
11041tivelyttiilyi ktta4 by ebhtritt'st *dills tbdt frank
id wedes,.theirt ex preSsion ) Was , furtive and litli3;
ten s Neon Peckila..we pulsed tt, fi,neeld,phitqch
of _red , brick;,,with a yeti hand- 4 440.11 0 4 1 1 Y.—
„ 4 4' 14 ..lettliA;wet,liffu l tatl berses,in, tepi ntilifttest
ands, iif,t(tf'.e,doul4. the
,frozen :r°r99la t 1
xatarengi. where we should reach' thq 4 ixtio
ditlCie. 'Tl‘O'ltills Vega liigheiN tlSTviiiiVneep-
Itig'doiddes,'liiiillthiz'lrii'e'r vlit'4 l Bllll . llllii i 6il9
'l:irdiid=zit'iilitiri ht Milid 'itilar, 'With tlid tied!
, ittaWted ..tat tlt byt.lreihes: ,-WeAcfpet'at- sharp,
-look•out foti the.mettetsin dr , Avasaka,:oriq of'
the nie tioes,,, of Celsius, , ,Muulterties autt-;the
gr l ll9l l ,Acat44 l, o l eiinnet f'4o, fittrik 4%41 ( 0:16.
to make observations determining the exact
^ thrmid E the 'earth. /,Through ithittAneentain t ii
ii letil,,the Arctic, gitelu,•passeei though)oun
ini?l'lAre,., tieitber,aaflieloptly i .mntite pelt . pot ;
!Lee!. t 9 determine the point. We took tt fat
grented, hovvever t as ft, toile one way . ? eth,
Other' could Make but little tli T lerii i ce ;'aud as
Mittitrengi litiS due vie'st'ofavasitkit,' aOting tile
river, 'Ve decided plate)) there fold take klitinet
on , the 4*rctitt 'CI rcle. ,' t.. • no- • ... ,m,..i., ii
Theiticrease df viltagett on both , banke,' Stith
ths'appeanttice of a• large church., denotild,lout
1 a1 ..- 3^pytiach, to Matoreogio • and VII illkW att,quel
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