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    ;•BY D. A. IitiEHLER.
Tliii`bleed that flowed at Lexington, and •crint-'
..`"!'itheti l tiright Champlain,. f • •:"
along the Southern Gulf and by.
the Lakes of hlsine
Iff ilii i wild'ireins ; that•swell v ahoVe'Padifieta gold
' • '
:I'4 tkrobs in lidarta' that love • 'and grie v'e by
strand.' ••• '•
IC binds Sin :One vast:brotherhood ;the trapper.
With., men. :whiist glasi.,theruselves•in
Erie's classio - breast ;, . v:: •:.: . -1,
And,these to' :whom September brings. the. flre
iiiao social hours; r, ; ;., • ,
With those whci:seeWebernber'strOw wreathed
,: -with gorgeOmi flowers 1 • ~
• From where.Uolutialiidi laughs. to greet-the dmih
• fr: log western Wave ; •• • . •••. ,
To where Potomac - sighs beside the,Patriet he-
And from t the gliand fig everglades to !Huron's
' The •g dry of the Nation's. prist•thrillit -through,
1:: atkindreed blood I: .• • :- :. •
Arnold'sld's tale is told it dyes the cheek'
'With slidthav '-:-- • "•' ' l ,•' • ,
1p ov v ivlth 'pr do t"'er • Bunker lltlt i or
• ,_:liipulttl4 . 'nider fame •
iiiidWhti v refide'r al!' th • ' frai ; the! stare!' of
ompPre•gleinii; • • ' • fray_,
'•• .' •vl
. coins'
_lJiion.the deck or o'er tin:Ansi, it pours a••
dune, Streen" I : • , -
Ibis a altered cover can divide, .•
Nor.take - frclfri-:village urehin,-,:pur the son ,of
'Nor the huntersi white-halred children Who find)
1- , f • a frifitful home, • ••.„ : . • ,
0 .,,• •
'Where nameless lakes ere • sparkling and
••• where lonely rivers roam
Drew ilrew: • his sword at Eutaw, and bleeding j
Southern tifet
Trod tile MIMI' across the Delaware amid the!
:snow and ',lee' I
:And; hit if paw the parchment, where the natal
rooded shines. V •
The bareing-pdge of Jefferson bears Franklin's
• calmer lines.. • u,,,.• : • •
cunld, ye , di vide.thet record bright, andtpar ihk
•• •
names apart. * • ,
:Piet tirtt were,writ'tenbuldl .
therii,w4ll Plight
of hand and heart ?, •
3ii.einse.a... o llatteack!9;haintiV.ePai! With
o.:,the; •
Ur out with fraternal blood 'it Carrolt"s
? '
Say; can the ' , tenth soil,her shere!in. Bunker's
. hoary height,
Or 'iften 'the North 'give fiP),er holt in York.
• 'twin's closing tight.? •••
, Cori willyetpall land a : heritage.. of
•• !, gin tles,' • . • !•• " ,
' (Jr 'rend hi twain:the-starry:flag that O'er theft'
•preuillywaves?,l:!-.• • f! ,
Gi►iy ye trot {ots rot ••,I'...erfinfes 2
li,44 9 tr l iit,,s*rni f l9l(lso,tputyour common
• • . „
run lon.. meet, !Tie ifu Ins grave as tatr o f. ,
clul,,fues,• • , ::!, r •
14 r 641,4; yomr,,tAtiniNg .curses o'er; his pure
Ullft Val in. nfee ?
lure nett is , 411fighailiantiundertorted
-fed where „lievatla gintritls:the,ifilde and
1 414 1 .(10il
o fkol ; • •
i • WllVeal delighted citop oar rio*cry
:s 4 l,l. k ertk shore, , •
*rt where, thru o ugh frowning mountain-gates,
..,Nehrhske."o waters,rohr :.•
- A `ivu. a ' to the'lloys.
WC. tistioniloripar I gi re the
44tlexii : aet fri - otn ,late by
:•• - spew
ffilisrCl ,Ilarwer.l.l7non, at the Iliaiknp's
1 littsoffirli'lligli Sehoal. :Alter sneaking
Id int* ht . the wills or
. ,
"gcit life "hen
,w4lf"'?? j!k?l 4 „itulS? ' - prfa,hPl
.unflinching 'treed 4 ah oy:; t olly Deiru
1116 hisinr,at !traria, 'And ; if we
, AtPritirditty this' day. What will thily,say
iii•Englitntl'n Ay. and'when 'obey
to him ...kleak. l pate' a.
I:PlP,Cird.te , ;4 ll P 6 , l cP , Offlcfi everymil°
Ainetion e it ia . ,tltoamna &elating sentifhent
i;, Iwhiely'whiefters , tni him. • .*And if I title.
card what will they acy of me at school
motive still.' .W hat - Will 'they
tSheit 1 . 400 k
yuting . facea. 1. could hincy int sell
11;011)03;,phontliore'l 1 149 baok' to tile 'dity
oa *ben= I;:ino, laded dor , prizel. Sometimes
'euedeetling.psometinies failing. I was
. otte i t i fie foi t tl: o logram any
,n 1 yon..and, in
'.. • “ttlit'fituilltuntit'Wetither, I fear my head might
beenr hiere;',fell of erieket then'of
”' Tierea;ce O'r ; e4iii Homer ; but still I' re-
that,,,wbether at work or play,
..A,had•alivays a deep,,though a quiei deter
•,.lntination.that.sooner or later; I would be
sOntsbodYoiliscimething. That deter
';':iitihatiOn,contintnis with me to this day;
of iny'boyhood flesh,
I,::*fiellottliti.\', hopes have long since faded
now, that we eeparate,, let it
t bewith.tbst. hope on both, sides—on my
upon yours—that before we die, we
"i WilL•do-sinnething to serve our country,
tie prouder off each other,
„,,p,ol vo :fail there, that at kart we will
(tatti,er wilifuily and consciouily do any
thing,to , make us,asbained of each:other.
I- 'A N" EXTRAO Rlll RY Alt STA K n
"tliVeddostitty• last '
Mrs. Catharine Burke,
f rostding in ; 11th avenue, near Forty-se v 4
;.: enth Street, learned that her husband Pat ,
„,riek had beau killed" ut Tarrytown by a
~ 11 train of oars, belonging to the Hudson
:iirßiver Railroad , Company. She iumnli
•'::ately started for that place, and ou seeing
' the bddy of deceased, at once• recognised it
rtathat:of her husband. A handsome ma
begany coffin was immediately procured
d,.apd a regular old fashioned Irish wake fol
t:.,Jawed, after whieh,(on Thursday) the body
was brought to this city. Five carriages
Isere hired, and being qlled with the mour.
;tritii friends of the deecayod;' the - funeral
nOrtoge started for Cal.:ary Cemetery; but
~ ; tnt titeir, way were brought' to italt by
;Ate auddon appearance of the gomiiue Pat
' .riokliorko. The funeral procession was
;of ;course, imtnedistely stopped, and Pat,-
rt rick returned to his home in a carriage
"Side his'wife. The corpse was Started •; off
itor tee Bellvuo dead h ouse, whererepronor
Perry_ iskld!.:tin 'inquest open' "it; end the
aboyq fiats mite Mirror.,
The lenience of the Military commis
mon was read to him with due solemnity.
He liatenedlo it, an ho would have hewn
ed, to the cannon of another battle during
hie:Military life, without emotion or bra- -
'ado.. He neither asked for pardon, for
delay, nor for appeal. He . had 'advanced
01 his own accord toward the door, as if
,to Decelerate the catastrophe. The door
opened on a narrow esplanade lying be.
tween the ` towers of the ramie and the'
outer welly . Twelve sanders, with load-I
ed muskets, awatled • • there; The:
narrow space would not permit him to,
stand at a sufficient distance to deprive;
his deaih ore part of its horrors. •Murat,
in stepping over the threshold of_ the chamber, found himself face to face ,with
then,'He refused lo - have his eyes 'ban
daged, and,,looking at the , soilifiers,witli a,
a firm atoll benevolent ! smile, said ;
friends, da not Make tne suffer by: taking
bad aim. 'iThe narrow epace• compels
yon rest' the muzzles of your
mulketi On My breast.; do' ma tremblei
depottitrike,, tne. in th e flt 0. :: ak my,
heart—here it is. ,
WM:spoke. thus he placed his right
hand - upon his' coat to indicate: the peel. -
thin of' hie •heart. in , his lett. hind he
lield 4 small inetlaillom whick. - eonntined
in "iritr tonne of love the image Of his ' wife
end ffibr'efilldritl; ife if lie witslied - Mol' to.
make thew wiinessees of kite last look.
lie fixed, his eyes on this putrid,, and re
velvet' the death blow in the enntemple;
non of all he loved on earth, limp hotly,
pierced at SO short a distance with twelve
balls, fell, wi:h his arms open and his face;
to ward die earth, as if still embracing the!
kingdom lie 011r.O 1/0811,ISSC'0. atiglvltich he(
had come to:reconquer for hitt4orrai:
-They th v ity , his cloak upon .hie.botly,
which was in: the gathedrel of
Nazi. 'rhea died die Most chivalrous
- soldier of the imperial epoch.'not the
greatest. biot•the moat h ernia figore among ,
the9 lll T 3 l l iTis of Iiki 3 OPSY. Alexander .
Mirtollo:. '
A' Duo' —A .younclady 'id 18 years,
MionedrMitchell, rasiolitig at °saint.- N. Y
Was a'lew days agte 'attacked •by 'a neigh-.
loor's dog, who instantly- aprang at her
throat. S,oe put Oht lii r kind to ward him
ui! l whenhueeized lieriteit, taking Mit a
piece of flesh and 'teat ing till' her,eleeve.- 7 .
Ile. then ottotose4 her other arm,. all
m ,the
while 'trying' lo gin :a her. throat. and an
keir ri* re& her down: --Buishii
nt refit tinchet tact, and load, trio presence';
of mind to wild; "her - way 'inwardi' tho'
house, the dog all the
,while silekineand
, mangling her in R, horrible manner.
shot neared the door the savage brute suc
ceeded in getting hold of her jaw, driving,
his teeth to the bone. ' Sloe at length got
in, and with her feet succeeded in partly
minor, the butte loanging'to -
her face with'devilish ferocity:,dttly,losine ;
his hold when the door wait shut , upon him
and the Iletolo VIVO .way ! ,The poor girl ilia floor front exhaustion.' crovz•
eletl with btoOtl. and with Or her
'clothing torn' Her face ‘and. , liinhs
Were completely ntoiigred. slioZhitvihg re ,
egiyekl, it ssicr; near . one limulreil, ind
thirty vrounds 'her. person! .There
no mops of her surviving.
A STATE, Walton . / Taxes.--- The Stall i
of now
.regardisiin a. t envhle• condition
in w her finances. HerComptrol,
ler; in a recent report. presents the follow
ing picture el" her condition ; 2ithe State
is out ofdAbt, with a, eniphis , of over a mil
lion dollars in, the treantry—s' permanent
,5 per cent school fund °lien million,' of
dollars•—.anunappropriat.d public domain.
pollinated at otter hundred millions of acres.'
which; if jiitliciously tied. would subservel
all the porpnees of internal improvements
required by the State, and a tax lighter
than is itnpose'd on any other people i and
which is adequate to all the wants of the
government. The aggregate amount of
taxable property is very nostril. 11150,000. 1
1 000;. being an increase of $22,500.000
peer the previous year.
, A , (10INCIDE --
PlCE.lndiann has finite
stronger for pro-alaSery than any other
northern State. Is there any connection
between this and the 'fact that she. lips
'09,440 voters who .can iteither read nor
write, more than other Slate except 'Vie
kinia and North Carolina,and more than
six as wally in proportion 10 populitton
as New York has . .? flowerer there is
sonte hope for her. She. hos 220,001
children in her public schools.
the occasion of this charming singer's sec
ond 'rehearsal at the opera house, the eel.
ebrated Lablanhe wee •so delighted with
her singiug, that he came up to her and
said, ~ Give me your hand, every note in
your voine Is a pearl." ...Give Me your
hat," Was .the reply ; and , then putting it
to her mouth, and .giving one of her in.
comparable 'vet:lades, .•Here." said she,
"ia a hat 'full ol pearls for you.' •
'TIKII POR'AARRIAGE.—At twenty-four
an lihnlarried woman is in the May -time,
of her 4xistetiee. At that nge her clanee
of marrying well is better than it was at
any . previous period—because her jutl,g•
meat is more! able tn . exercise e bneticial
control over her initiation...
--According to a recent statistical return,
there are , now in Om Austrian monarchy.
WS physicians, 6,200 surgeons. 10.000
midwives, mid 3,000 apothecaries—mak.
ing about one physician and one surgeon
to every 0,000 inhabitants, and one apoth
ecary for every 42,000.
ICPThe Irish census tables just , pub
lished, report that in one year there were
twenty-one thousand seven hundred and
seventv-five deaths from starvation.
HON. Joi. P. Come.ara, the newiri.
Senator from, Delaware, is said to be; a
bier ofl•the Hon. John M.
claYten. '; " ' •
'CrETTYMIRG, PA., . FRIDAY EXP DECiMppt- 5, 1856.
: •• r• MOND VA. „.
Our city readers are doubtless aware of
the fact• that protracted meetings have
been in progress at two of : the Baptist
churches in Richmond for several week;
and that a large number of person*, of,
both sexes, have been induced to become ;
i.professors of religion." Among the con- I
Iverts are three young ladies who have been
reared in, the Boman Catholic faith. tiro '
of them were immersed some days ago, '
and Abe third, who is au rirplian, was, im-•
merged. on Sunday night. The Irish
friends• of the latter, , on learning of her
intention to become a Protestant, reser- I
led to the most scandalous measure's to.
prevent the, consummation rtf l her resolve-
They first sent for berto attend at .meeting
of her Catholic friends, and in their pre
sencid make a rece:otAtion of her, profession
.Of Protestantinto; , birt being ly determin- I
red - upon the.enrollee she:bad marked out fors
herself, the anturnons.wan . of coarse disre
tgirded. e.On•Sunday tright, sbe -proceeded
to the !tumid aluptist church to prepare .
[for the.rite of baptisint, and .Vhile thus
engaged,. a-partrof Irish,-.—risen and wont- .
en-==madetheir, appearance, in, front of the
/ church.: .number of them enter
'ed the doors,: and seated : themselves on
the front . paws..uttering. the most Violent
threats agatost tbe young, lady. Thorn
'Cation .of the. Pastor,- Dr. Howell, haiing
been called to these % intruders, he sum
moned several of the male members of the
congregation to dm vicinity of the pulpit. I
and it was determined, on consultation,
to have them ejected from the church uu- I
less they would consent to departcluictly.
The efforts to induce them to :Withdraw
Meit witita blast cling, oppositiori,„ but . fin-,1
s ally prevailed, and ~the pious of Pa. :
pncy. retired, still ,avovring their9etermin
ation to be avesfged ortihe young lady for
abjuring the religian„of her deceased par
eats. „Qaiet, being lestored,, the , services
were proceeded with, and the ordinance of
_baptism .tithitinistereCto.the._ yonitit. isdY
who had been, thombject,of each unscrip
oleos annoyance.—rr.Riciisnorn4 Paper.
Profit "11Irter's
• 'us's '..virac.,
BT CIIARTd•L9 a; ierasn'
[When two pains of,
,uffeetionate lips ..are .
placed together to the intent of, osealation, the
ntoisee,,editeed .. is aoritething • like to the eu-
'ROW IL Reg', brir,
ood then the 'mune .Itrpe , pofily and so
nittsically that Ito'letters can-do it justice."—
,X. Kttfrkeitrinterti •
Evening, silence, not a soand,
froin the breeze; •
~, - -
.Nod cricket in the gross,
Ntit a 'rustle in, the trees I • "
.- . lViteti at, Utica a whisper . fell,
'Though, no Speaker I could . see; '•
, 0, sound of tntiiie chirped.,
:Never flute so enrectlitrilledt
Nor lu% . 'uenth dainty fingertips. ;
' ; Twas th ekerpwine of . sound
,Pressed from loving nuhly lips;
:And itsoftly_cbirped
• - 'Ake u httininittg. bird when he'
„ .1 • 4, 'F.ekln' in stacking atA QC/Wei, 7.
!Epe ariceep 'is-ce. 7 ?-e . 1 ! .
'• • Olt. - the music of a.kiee I ; •
Slow it burnsin.heart and veins,
How it drowns. the very mil,.
• ~ t When itie.henol'antlyelt again
• Peach andiapriad may, hide
: • • In the blonenne , on • tht..tret;
But whAt futufgblius.innv-lurk
In 4 .li:pe,.te treep'tpte•e'e !'
.° •
People ; ; ivi*u, go,.upon mrptise
ought by .all means in send notice. , One
od those called upon ii-respeetahle there*
- tint Albany the .isther night; and we
Work very much •suprised • indeed to find
him, inebriated or:" the Snail.., while
hie wire, with .= black eye and bruised
lace. WAR bathing his.tetnples with ire.
stater. The imrprise party. no doidth
speedily retired. •• • I
and war atione
a ly p
pzrlt appeal" that in Nei, Zealand. too or Georgetown ;
when•the marriage.eeremony takes place, were ma king on our part. to annoy them
it is a very old custom to.knock the heads by batteries on shore when they descend ,
of the bride' and , bridegrhom together I - ed the river.. Toe kuoisietli"e of 'these
. . ,
vices to their tiiiiion. ' reparations prdbably hasteue ' d their fle
lim Christian land it isn't so; turn, and the seound iT third da% :after
. • ;The bridegroom and the bride rrival. the ships were seen moving
To loggerheads hut seldom go
Until the kiwi is tied. do the Potomac.. • , •.• ~.
01 fie evening of the day - thatt le bee
;my disappeared Mr. Richard West rritied
) 1
lat Mr. lie s, and told hint that fret: th'e
1 British arnWpassed through Upper Mail'-
: berougb, en their return to their ships,
i and had encamped some miles below the
I town, a detachtuent was sent back which
I entered Dr. Baane% house about midnight,
compelled him to Ilse from his bed, and
! hurried him off to the British camp, hard
' V allowing hiui time to put his elotheS or. ;
that he was treated with, great harshuese, I
and closely guarded ; and that us soon US I
his friends were apprised of his. situation I
, .
they ouste.ned to the head-piarters hf tbp
army to 6011 Cit hill relea ei Eittt It i
was peremptorily: refused, and lbey were
not even permitted to see hint ; and that
he had been carried as•rr prisoner on.beerd '
the fleet. Add finding -their own e_fferts
1 unavailing, and alarmed for his safety, his
I friends in and about Marlboro' thought' it I
' advisablethat West should hasten ' to I
Georgetown and request' Mr. Key tia'nh. 1
mitt thiesuctio.. of the Government tv his j
I going on hurrd the Admiral's ship, under
a flag of truce, and endeavoring to procure ;
the release of Dr: Beanes before the fleet I
'sailed. It was then lying at the 'mouth ~
.of the Potomac, and its destination was
not at that tittle known;certainly. ;
Dr: Ileane., as perhaps you know, ' was j
die leading physician in Upped Marlboro','
and an accomplished scholur and gentle-1 1
man. • Ile was highly respected by all who •
knew him ; was the family physician of
3.1 i. West, and the intimate friend of `Mr.
Key: He occupied ono of tho best. houses
in 'Upper llarlburep and lived' very 'li 1:1d-
Oinfly ; and his house was selected for the '
quarters of Admiral Cockburn and some I
of the principal officers of the.armiWben I .
the Britian troops encamped at Alarltiorn . , , /
elation limes was established.
in 1785, by John Walter, and inherited
by hisnon,.now atnetuber of Parliament.
It is valued at 07-10,000. Its princi
pal editot has an annuttsalary of $25,000,
and its Paris correspoudeul $lO,OOO. Its
utlvertisments, it is 'estifritted, yield. it
$3,000,000 a year, one firm alone paying
$150,000 a year.
Tits TEI is considered a.ati
prediction that the result of the next Pres
idential election will be known in all the
principal cities of Europe, and possibly in
India, on the morning of the next day after
it has transpired.
tory of Mlit.oesiltaejustbeen concluded.
It sltows the total population it, be 170.
.000. St. Paul,Oity has 12.000. St. • An
thony and Minneapolis 4.000 each.
TILR Vantous Rou-res.r-The Boston Post
givee the following as,the correct distan
ces across the, Atlantic by the various
ratites (circle sailing) as furnished it by
Lieut. Maury , . • ,
Geographioal .211i/a.
Philadelphia ((via Delaware Capes)'
• to Liverpool,.' • 3,690
I New York to Southampton, :' 2,980
'New' York to Liverpool,' 2,880
Now York to Glasgow, 2,800
Bostori to Liverpool, - - 2,720
• Boston to Belfast, 2,620-
Boston . to Galway, 2,520
Cape Wee (Newfoundland),
to Galvmy, ," • • 1 ; 730.
Tits; arms ot*Prtitir *clued, tights
round your neck has been diseovoied to be.
atriufallibl3 remedy tile-ease of sore '
throaty It , beats pepper tea all hollow. • '
In a recent, edition of the Poems of rran-'
cis S. Key, is publishotis letter frOm . Chief
Justice Taney. (who is a brother-in•law o
Mr- Key,) detailing the!eircumstiMees orig
i6ating anti standing the composition of
the most famous of Iis'VCCOS, "The Stitt.
Spangled Banner." 'Xho'letter is interest.
leg, and wo givo it entire.: • •
lii - Aii • : '
" axavox,lBsG
MY DEAR Sin •:-I promised some time
ago to give you au account of the incidents ,
iu the life of Mr. F. S. Key which led him
to write the "Star Spantded Banner," and
of the circumstanced - under which it was
written. The song has frantic a national
one, and will, I think, from its great mer
it, imntinue to be so, especially/in Mary
!add ; and •every thing , that concerns its
author n.ust be a matteenf interest to liis
Children - and descendantel Aiitl I proceud
to fulfill my.protuise avii, die more plea.
surer, because while tillt
ong shows his
genions and taste is. a,' t, the imlidetits
connected with it aud i t. eireustauvot
I , c-
Under which it is writ en, will show hitt
character and worth at an. The scene
he deseribes, and the Wirsu spirit of purl
otisiu which breathes i+ the song, were
not the ofhpring of mere fancy or plied('
imaginauou. Ile desot,ihes what hu ac
tually saw. And he tells us what he felt
while witoessing the conflict, and what he
Lit when the battle wait:over, and rho vie.
tory wou by his cotuilrytuen. 'Every
word came warm
,frour /, his heart, and for '
that remelt, even laorel,#lan fOniits
, poct.
le merit it. never. tiiilti 'tit -tied i'respouse
in the hetats of , thoseljfeliaten se it.
,' You will remember .hat hi 1841, whett
the sung was written, li-resided In .Freder.
1 ia-, and 31r. - Key 'iti Gairgetovin, 1). , C.
Yon•will also - nvollact that toiou lifter the
iiritislt troops i•etired *nu IVasiiiiigion, ' it,
squadron of tho.enenty'Sbithips made their
I way -- up , ,the-Potoloao r and appeared, before
Alexandria, which :Was tpitupellod to eaPit-,,,
ulate ; and the' squatlena temamed• there
stone-days, plundering town of t nbac
-1 eo, and witate - v'e r'else the'' wanted.
..It was;
I rumored, and believed Inll'redoriide, that ' a
, tuaraudiug attaelZ„of„the saute ellarac,ter,,
would 'anaemia on Witshitgtottmid George
town - before the ships lc*, thy - river. ~ Mr.
lii 7 ;tfilifli,ki 7', George totel.„. :‘ ,o
, ,
Boner,hm.vethe plice,mbile It was tlireat
, cued by the enemy - for he was a colon-
teer initho Light Infantry, cetintiamitid by ,
Major-Peter, which was cousinnottl of silt
tena,of the'Distrier of Coltunhiati wli a had.
uniformed 'thentoelves and •'offcred • their ,
itervicill in ate 'GOvi , rattienv, • ithil•who Ithd: i
been eitiploycol' ill actiVe'itiviee, friiiii: t he d
tittle the„Eltitiolo !fleet , aPlaillil TO the ,I!". I
;Jaunt, m
nt, proper:wit-y.lO the om
veentypon I
Washington... And..Mrl ,jiuy refused to I
leave home while Mr.; , 11eylwasthus-iluily,
exposed to danger. 't •''' -.,, - ,- •1: , ~' ~fi
... lii4let;ine,' 4' ,'sce,di',l,''',thiti.''uti,'itititeli: '
would prohabl.r. 6 :,?!voi9,lP l lGeiget'Avo,,,
we became Tory., anxioliaabout, the,situat •
tiou•of his family. •Puril the attackiwns ,
- tnade: Mr. Kei' !mild be with the troops
engaged in the defence.;.ind alt it Wits-im , - ,
I' 111 'to f
what '*, id' bil , tt 'o' U.'
,e . arca?)
of c fil k !:P i A it :t l OP ' fa in itY;b9, rethil44 l l:g jO:,,might ho tineud in Areal. ;tad I
I useless peril:: When I,apealc .of,_ tee, 1, I
rattean Mr. Key!tt ; father•-and mother, and,
i - 31irs.' "l'itney atid - mysel L ft, , was agreed ,
'a s tsion4;:ita'thit Pslionlift,tb to George Olin, '
,:and yy. !Ai tieriiatle' M is: ICey to 'come 'lo
way wnhth'eti.ictiiidi4'm:;'lll,l stay _ with iiid
or 3,lr,.Kcy l 's.fiitlier,unt the 1121 1 1 0 . i: lizi'i
over.l • When, -I reached Georgetown. J.
-fmnid the linglish ships. still at Alexen
lria. and a body of militia encamped in
AVashin..... which had been assenibled•to
defend the city: - But it sias then bulievid:
from Ttuformation receive/, that no 'attack
•14 '
hu wale by the client
on their march' to Washington. , These be able to mime farther up the river, super.
officers wore, of course, furnished with ev- i ntend in !meow the attack by water oaths , .. ,e. . • ,„ . ,
orything that the, house'deuld offer, and fort. Aed Mr, Kay and Mr. bkinner ware ; I v;
e te i v ng arat at 'lle li n ie tita7; o *e: r ia x e t r a ie lk Fi l a n t g, * n he n; .
they, in retura. treated him with much then Sent ` cc beard their ohm vesta l ,
courtesy, and pl aeo d guards around , his, a guiWil of sailiire er miriiiiie e te ierle;"(ll,lti (...11. _ le. ei o , f a l,,h 0 e t t s li n arz ns s w lig e i r ril i e s d' ag A rti l a t 'leu ie r i tr-ir ri l 4 l- 114 .e- Pr '..
grouedn and out-houses to prevent depro- th e m from lauding. They were permute ll "it
elatione by their troops. to take Dr. Beames with teem, cud they At'dtio siege ' . of the conversetion, „ ! hey
But on the return of the army to' tho thought theineelves tomato° in being Who eat' behind re• table began to listen. •
ill and repeated as he thought, quite to hint
ships, after the 'wain : body had passed a position which enabled them to sec dis- 1 ..", .._ ,;
answer is a
oute-a o,,
through the town, stragglers who had feft tinctly the flag of Fort lielittiiry freinthe : 77 ,,,i,. 7 14 5 , : 1 7 , : , "'w
jO. mied the gentleinen. •
the reeks ill plunder, or from some other deck el the `vessel: • He' proceeded tht i r i n 1 1
e t ,„„ H e,.• .t 0 ~:, starting '! n turning round ; ...e that's'
mot iron, etude. their appearance' from : time with timeli , auiniatiou 'to
1,,., • • 1, iti "d lu sh you think toe' . my li n es, , The
to time , singly or ill swell squade, and Dr. such° on time tligh.' ul the ,I "" ehar " n * u4 "' : 77; b o y blushed a little at finding himself no .,
Beaues put himself at the head of a small fle .. eud el r.' Skimmer rliuntintel , mi, de s,l, ,,tinexpontelity
athiressed. bin
*it., ,
body of citizens to pursue and make riot- daring the night, watching
otters of thetm inforutution of this. pro- front the•mmuoul it eves fired u e l v i e ti t l y ie til rel l i i : ','6 . 6 -,",;, t ,,t7, 1 , 1. :'„, 1 (.....( 1 ...e,.....1,..?,'...,y„0 . ,13, , g5 r ir.::,,
ceedings wan, by some Ineann or other; listening with: breathless intereet to hear
_,_• . , a ',: imy ' hi;"l:oa7iP;'s'oab`a"p'putined' Ist the
eon e eyed to the English campeaud the de- if art e xplosion" follaweel. "
~ ,,
~ . "a•Y
in , the seheol, to which 11 won emit, my
tachuieut of which I hie° sPoken wax sent Whilu'flih tennbeednient ' onntitosed, IC I
reatiwi4 next a hal named To .
back to release the prisoners and seize De. was su ffi ere4pretiftliktehe PO'rt lied
'114,4 1 er. ~ %Vliett I found lie lived in a small ,
Bounce. They did not tweet to regard him, been serrendered. 'But it suddeulYedused, i h oua - 0 behind th e
aoadamy,. I began to e,
and certainly did not _treat him as a rife some time before thiy-tuil tie they d
in ` 1 strut a little. and talk about what my Nth
utter of hir, but as one who bad deceived no eominunieatiou . with any owe of, th
_ Cr wee f • h ut as he Wan a capitel seholar.
tied brifireu hiti faith with them. e.• • enemy's ehipsi they,did not knovrjwlitulterl .
vatv. ,
smilth Ilimiglit of by
.the Nivel, we
Mr. ni t s:ej readily agreed to undertake the font bad mutt:mimed or the attack up
on it been übintileued They paced' tots '. . r .• . .„ ,
the misemu in his favor, and the President suit
..W e ‘ '.. e _.`". n . ,T . " . .n_p r u n __" 3 ::fi.." . `t d . te.t'inir,i__i awhi le
promptly gave his ienetiou to it. ,Orders `deck for the re. hlue of the hi art to i out: Pe,,;' 0o ;:"; e " / ;: nv ' s "
i ' ll "I nly . : l " amp ';: o r d 1 7 1 ; 1 7 h,
were immediately issued to• the vositel ne.,efjel euepouse, watching with imetiee.anxiee
~, the rest. gos e lnto a dif fi ctulty with one • 01,, ,
nally employed us a cartel ir e the permute: Ity for the refuel' oftlny, and looking every is ,
, tee ileac re. and seine how Of the other!
snicitiotis with the flout in 'the Chesapeake I few' minutmeat their watuliesnutrdt
.19; 1 ieauitioWit'.
a w i n ti g,f t b l o h t e tn n s : ti Z n it thi " Tti
to be made ready witboue delay ; and Mr, I Mug they Meet wait fur , it ; in T:ueker- iva i s• ".,,,,
".fehri,S. Skineer, "who wan "agent lot' the Ina it dawned,'sed before it wee light , e- ' '''
!' "Vein ticker ! who is he 1 ' I eried.,
government fur flegs•ef truce aimml exchange : l'°uOi t° Vile ; °! 2 :i° 6l,l ` at a di'elaiiee; 'their '.„, y. 4.111, 1 h ut , k now w h o 1 nto r , ,
of 4irieoneri, and, who was '.well known us felleitiueWero ilirlied to the f " rt s: in e ernin 'l ;lid " I went nee pension to Tom. and twirl. .'
euell'to the officers of the fleet, was, diree- whether they ehttuld,•see 'there, • the„ grans km •
you •to [elk, about. me in this
tad to accompany Mr. Key. And as soon land stripeteur the flag of the enemy.' Aij way R eac h ßut be never winced or seemed; ••
iii the arrangements were wade he Inietett-'• I u Itheligh t
I e g l '
ed to Baltimore, Where' the vessel was, to loom. flag was still there." 1 us h
di,, , a ,„,,,,1 1 : I ,f ram : ha l
i l u t e m s k a ing . at me mute tut a lamb. 4Cherleste' , •
taubark ; cud Mre. Key and the children) day'edvauctel they
id vim may strike we as much as '
went with :no to Frederialt;und thence to ttimentients of ilie,hoata between:the shore ' '
yeti please ; but I elinn't strike beck A.
Iris father's, on Pipe creek, where she re- and the flate, diet time mope had been gain ; fighting is a
.way to
unlined until•he returned- ~ , . , roughly handled. and thet, many tvoutidetl i rioulues. rim siuokiaa
whoa you
• Wetheard ' nothiug from him until, the 'mut, ited ,brow awr:hat to the Siii i ki ! ' At I Clierbta Everett, I'll lolk to Yon!'
ej le tey retreated ' tram -Baltimere, whiele ' leligell•helWits'infarneell that tile'' o43 °°k • °l!l' ..(')' w l ifi an l d swer , was that II Hate/ e
as %Veil as I eau 'now recollect, wits a week; Baltimore' huil felled, and that the 13ritinh .
it etniteu me down! Ng firm, and ri vi n g .
or tee days after lie left' us ; and wo were-: army ova,, rd e emberking, and' t h at .
"no end'
beconlitig uucasy.about liiim, whoa to etre?, Mr. Skin n er and Dr., 'Bounce. wetildi,le I telt there wee no (mein •
i n h l e iki l l i i ght on one side. I wee . e th ernet, 0,
grea t joy, he made
s his appeeranee tie , toy !permitteel 0 !cue° thet,eand lee;al!0U i.'ef-1 my se lf, my temper,,llllll,verything shunt
tiouse, &twills way to joie his tewily.• I -;
. i tecusi.„,_AS 11;,,00 as ilk trump~ , Were ,UU me. di longed to
gel out of his
Ile told ore that he found t :Britieh••••.board undthe fleets Ready to sad,'
pli‘i , what a Ooor, foolish way,mv .otyle
fleet,' at, the ihnuth of the Potom 0, prepay - i I lie tithe the ,thet wider thfeeeeiteritent ofini doing things wee. ' I felt that Tem had
tug ;fur the expedition aga i nst ,titimore. ':thd finite Ittihad wilittelea'imig, am) hand• cope pletelY, goi, the' better of Otte; that
110 was ootirteouid.y received' f:rlAntirel !d me a pritife,d copy of the '.eSeiteeSpag• A m wno, ppwer . in' HS principles ginner'
COeeane nod the officers of tho artfiV. nv ::gltql Ifanner." , 11,Iteti,..tread 4 ,Itii.d,..ttF- inr; to emything I had ever teen, before;
well; as the nut Se But when ;he made •,•preetiecl soy adiniratiou.lusked hint hotr .and front that hour Tom A i tteiter hsd an,
kuuteu his husiuess, • hie application ,was ;he foetid timeeiu the scenes he. had been -influence over me - nobody ever• had biforo
redeived sis coldly that lie feared ii would ; I.„,, s t ug t h f / ug h to ~ ,y„l p o se such a song., nr sines; n lise been for good i 'mo. Thai,'
fail. 'Gen.' ii° 4 ° a" Admirals Ceekhurni I He said lee etnenietteed it , . on the deck'
,of - ou see, is the"power, the Moral- ower,
w n
ho tieempunied due expedition to Vasli- tiro i.,,,, s ' e r 1 1 0e,••:/ er ,,;„' ri et the litodeYet o f a soft ensofer.'! •' ''" ' '''' p ''" ' 1
i"ei!°U - 7...ref;ia! 41 45 1 3,..' ; ...11a tutor--spike ee? l ° 3 e! . , I _ w lieu ipi i'.i. - i 1 i u e),lsuLy' "liriat j lyalAki at i tut ' ' _. -'• • '
led at first not - disposed. to rel e ase him, lt, j had w 'leliedlor ho,aoxioully ue the mere
however happened, fortiniutely, that Mr. th ug 01 , 1 ,6,1 1 i h" , 1,, h a d , wr i tten • stun ,
I Skiundr carrell letters from tie wounded' lines or brief notes that would aid. hi hi
British officers left at Bladensburg, and iu I calling i.l4:ii id'iiiiitd, Urriti:tho'' hack of 'o.
these i+ deia . to their friehils on,boardl the i 10 ,4, e o ,:hfo r l io liA v o t i o d: to . h„ 1 4 4 ..ii,o bits''
II 'et they all spoke or the hnuuttrir)t'turd 1 , o,,,e nt „ ; , ank,f l irs t nee Of , the' lines' as fie
kiteltiess witii.Ahieli they had bead treated
.priteeeded, l he was ohli4sid to , rely alto,,
after" Levy huelTullen inteette hands.' Ar e .
. ger on hie uteutory ; cud. Abet he. fine
after ler reuiel , duel of , eetivereeliunt and jilted it •in'elhe ,l •lipat -MI f'hie t W,:ly r'ito. rho'
strong repreeentat ions from , Mr Key, as shun!; 'arid wroni , it out an •it `tiow omoili l
o the character and etanding of De. Bmpa., , et i bp
~ ,h etel , 1 lit lif f 4 t i f i g ! it ; l i!v ru gl jk.. .
and"ilit dealt hat:rest Which the coniatiei. i e a; italequere, ?Ifni linerelijtofr - jatter'll , O,l
ty'in Which he hued took ia his fate; Ilen e ! i tt ik. o ,, l, ,
~ •1 1( 1,, l ai d:t h at ,!; „t th „:„„i i . i ,,„! rh .,1
en& 'ltuss said . that Dr.' Bermes desureed i ;,,•14, Ile took it to j„,i ge, 4 1,,1, 4 1 m , ki1, . Lu, 4 „i i
'much 44,1mpojiishateut. gi m p. h o had roe •', him what he thought of it ;, teat ,be , wits
eeleed i hut !het he' reit himself hueud• 19 i MO moult pleased With it, that' lie , iiiintede ,
makei returu fute:the iciuduces which had ,n,,,Ay o , fri o, t .wf . ,, al}th,,ter, fund Uireete,l „op.
betei shown - to hie wouudeti officers, whom li es tbe street: oir in , hinfribill.'enen rind
he:laid : been eepiepeiledte leave el•thudeue• ' that he (Mr . .Klt.i' by Ilid4j‘if, lo'llOfe beta
bilifi ;;itni !yule that groutid. Mei teat OLI• 1 fe,..00011,, rceevu ti h, t hoe„lo,'„„r d, „„h_ ,
ly, no %:o1.11(1, faense [UM., liut Alr', Key 1 1;,.
~,, '",
~ , ~,,,, ";', ' [--
wus at ilia :lama 'Lima informed that.ocithee I , , J u d g u,,Nishoi son . tou t, ears ~. K e y were
IN ; or any 000 else "'"u hl ha Permit ted
, 4" ; hearty- cotineetell : by ilia...lege,' Mrs ; Key
l eo ` e the,el e ct fur bottle tiyo; mtu tenet. i„,,;•, Mre.' Nit:hide/on' being sisters. I The,
'be detained until the attuck ,ou Bultieleree e Judge wits a min. el' cultivated•taite; and
whiefe , wes their about:to , be made. ' wee., had at n n, t iM, b e k o )ll, t tin g e t i s ine f m ite ng
OfnC. ! But lie Ives assuitel that they would! ! Ilia ieue i ng mg , h,
~ o u i w om, hatiw,a,,4 tat
teed:Older and Mr. Ski:neer as online tan , le 1,1,, period of teltiehei ant speak tug eUlekefij
aeeh,edile,„while they detained' i . .
Lwow , 0 a 1
flu. i ,
lid 1
' 3 " 1 ": 1.1 ' ' fil Win re mid o if the -I ,
id liliell auellr•lalet!fitU ol'he•u they dlleeel , ', poi or the iluttit;or Apistsiz..; of M afyltinil.:l
ou, the day 44' their , arrival, analogized fit' ,N . nievitlientuding lii.4' •judieial i ehariteter, 1
nut acteimmlating thou w ith.tiie ewe ship, , , t .heer, exeu 4„,,ll,l,,e•re,„l„,„,,i i i, ary
~t ti e,, l ,
..aying thut it was. orowlied. already„witii
l ie acce p te d th s A:Niemand '/if LI VIOUll(LW 1
(*Meta of 'elm unity ; bdi they would-be 0 ,i,,,p,,,, y m e, a r . telery. And when tie i tee,,
well taken ' cure of fa eke. erigauedurpriecti*; Mite approtieleal, mid so mock cu the haf t
emu leStehei by lekeens I rli ( nnue C t ''ehrae ' el ;wee expected, he and hie , company offered
~aid to 0 ; 6 frigeth "'V war o ee9 6 l i diniAt', their service to the goverument to useicir
trensfurretle, •• •., , , • ~, ~ ,iii'etsd
refetice. . They 'were "accepted, rind
Mr. Key hitd,,,an interview ,:with 1A , %
formed rtpart of the - garrisini ' during the
Ileaniet beldie Gen: 'Koss tionsented to re , , hulur,e,,,le,„„l: The Vieille_ I; had been re •
lease hint; J 1: de utu, recolluot whether ha ': !loved' tied' duty, ' and returodd to his fano,
was iin jaard' die Admitsti'm ship 'or the' i ly, 9 - 4 . , , ,' tiiii...-.ideit,,, before Mr. K ey ha d
Surlitiiethui. r halie , Vd_,'“ w" thu fernier:' ' showed liitu his sting. . And you way entd
, te e feundjhitu lei the ferward part , of the'l ly imagine theleolinge with which, at such
ie itip, "uuie.ig the leillore' mid' 4 ; t h u i a moineut, he read i t ,: and gave it to the
had nut had a change et• c h whea frualz the •; pilblite.e •It was, em_,:doub l , as Mr. Key
time be was siezed; was constantly treated, 1 mo dbm,l, 7 , ex p roi vi . e d it, favorably receieed.
with indignity by thoso around liiin, amid :+ r n
, 1 0 . s thee ,ill l it ter after he had left it lit
no officer would' speak In hinii lie we trio, ban aw , io a ka r i t i t 4.. ; t was M I tivo .
Iffatud as a culprit; arid nut ue' a prliquer j town, and ,hailed . with" eniliesiestu, and
of war. And this harsh and hullrili 3lll % i took•its7placeat once as a natiolial •son t e. .
treatment continued uutil he'rvatt•Pleced 'uy 1 I have math) this acenunt, of "The Star
board the Cartel; •le , :'• •e,• , ~ Spitugled , Banner" longer than,f inteuded,
• Smoothing must have' paned, when l 'hn and find thut'l have introduced incitlet.ts
officers were quartered nehis honey, Pt! 'he - andpeesoire outside ofthe subject f aura i•
mincleto'Washington, which, • in the jedgs „„Il y con t em , pluq•d. But I have felt a
meet of Geo. nese, bound hid not ',retake melancholy , pleasure, in recalling eventsl
, u P n r . l o agninet'he English farces until counected in any degree with the life efl
j the troops had, renubarketi; :leis inlPee• mute With whine ',wee so long and vii, chant-
I sible, on auy.otlier,grourld to a° o °l.Mt ruir ly .uniteil in•filiandship and affection ; and
ithe milliner. in which*he was a l kdi e n "f` a nd-IVllline I no mime admired for his brilliant,
treated. I
But' whatever_ (ice... Boss and
aura,and for . his many virtues. lum the ether officers tufty have thouglit,4 aui however,' that H al t er you or ally of
1 ettite pure that ''Dr Beeuee. did not thick . liii' child ren or decenduetti will ,iLiule the ite
that he was in May way pledged ee' übstai u i count - I
linielli;ii . u;keku too l ong.. • With
from active hoetiliiies,againet ate pnulio great regard, sir,' • ~ •• , ,
jauntily. And w!ten he awls prisuuery or.
1-tho strugglers, lie did hoc think himself a .
• ''. • ' .Your friend, truly,
iprieorior on purole, nor suppose himielf to ;
be violating - any obligatiou he bad iuourriel.,
Fur he was a guatlowan of uuetaiued cher
rioter and u 11100 souse of honor, atid*itica
pride of doing anything that, could hav'e
Justified such treetureut. Mr. Key iinpu e
ted the ill-usage he had•received to Adinie
rat Conkbuiti, who, it is Null, remembered,
while he commanded in the Chesapeake,
carried on hostilities in a vindictive temper,
assailing and plundering defenseless villa.
gee,' or countenancing such preceediuge by
those under his command. '
911 W 11411113
Mr... Key and Mr. Skinner continued on
board of the Surprise, Where , , they were
very kindly treated by Sir Thomas Cochran,.
'until• the (feet` reached the Patapsco, and
preparations were 'Waking for landing the
troops. Admiral Cochrane then elated
his ilag to the frigate, in order that he taioht
A 'PLEA 1011 SIA
Thelonuntin minglee with the river, , • •
• I'M, riser with the otienn, ,• • . .
•The wiud.s heaveu mix forever,
With a sweet twunnotion. -.
Nothing on the earth is single, ' • .;•
All things bZ a law ditiec, , •
•In another hung lui?gle ! --.• • • ••
Why not 1 with mine 1 , . •
See'the - monntain kiss high heaven,
And the, wares clasp one another •
• No !eater tlower - would - he forgiven, .•
If it disdained to kiss its btother
And the entrulight clasps the earth,
And the'moonheamikisa the sen,
Sat what litl3 all the* klasiuga woith 14 -
' If thou kia'not she?' ' l• • '
P. T. Barnum luta gone to sEdrope tut
the bluffness agent, of' "liittle • Cordell*
wartl"aild her parents!' •
. ,
.;•„; 4
1 11V,Ci t ' DOLTJAILS: PER; , AN1411.31#
...." ...... r .....-,-. • - t.r . r... -- .-- , .-..,'-' ....,-
1 Journal.tle Frankfurt relate, the fitilarring ..,
I story. t,--.tA lew. days . einee - a foreitner:
prCeentkl nitneell at the face of alnereh. ,
ant et' lienaturgh th', receive:6l'6h lot' a bill
MI; 1.,0p0 ',',l,,,ibit: : (Amin. end ipti,i.lo,oi)l)"
, • franee itio !Mir It.' lie' didLitui peiceire' '
;the., mistake , until 6i, :reached his hund ' •
when. hef z returned to the °Tien anti. men. „.,
}'tinned the fart. i The merchant, looked at.
itint', , and then ealti, - .lt 'it imposeible.ii.u,'l
, I Thi l'Oreigrier'persiN till, end.eehl, ..Your'
[aartil l itirylkai certithilv"Madii a miinthe.P.-2:
lliaTis, neiitit,;,thie', l , itt pi tell ' the. Merck.
,ent, in n. rlet;itletkpinet, , .741,.*you ri np l i gt ,
--mu utibrikes. are ever amide et my lane., ,
l'ini .itratteer then pocketed, the money ,
and, lest ilea' 'piece, wltest , the merchant'
turnitig to thetunk 'keeper :Old' him to 'e,i.,, ,
lug I 0;001i franc to' the acionin 'of ' ornl4,
and josq, iiitltlih s ir that the castitt r, would
Inqum !war 0 word, 1 0 r i !Pr'' ll ' ll . l 4 ll !!i!lC.,
one alMjcele hilk , that, he, yr , ntitl link e1.,', 1
lOW 611)111 61113 to .inuigitte that it mietake,.
' (mold oecurlit 'hie ulliee. ... ~. . . , ~;:t
—lii a etittipiny:' of our fast young rued'.''
', wolf Itu'4:y Over illi'6id table a fete client.;
p tags ttitteuu singultir ; noise attraeted their , ,.
t atieutilw.,
.3.t Ivar t iof•so„ untnsid.n nature:,
1 that they. itewediaiely.begat,tolook.aboui ;
for its cause. : It *as repeated iii another •
direction. Soniidlling mormtbatt cuiioyity,t
was ni;ly exeitA s Aiiiii 0,444 was stpipeu-1
deil:. „'ll'atuegiqdaty i one of the company t
drOpped Mtg)wh„it is' called a tr:ince, and
I proceeded to,ut ter, as if from his deceased
I father, a•houtilyagainst .gattilding and Its
associate %ices. 'nib was followed by nn
admonition.purporting tn COtile front a de;: ,
ceased si.ter ornne of the compsey,ernach suet Mruts, and uttered with' audit` '
sisterly' feOling, that 'the whole 'group Was„
irrosibtihly moved to tears. There was
no more eard.playing that MOIL None or,
those prevent. were believers in •spiritust •
tnailifastataiions and tie scene wits Wholly'
unexpected to all. ' Whether it was indeed
spiritanl,, or is capable of Emilie other 'en.. ,
letinu, in A.(00140011.-- Sp:lab:field i t iViesti 7
It".7"Virirjuia, as KIS of the States or,
the Republic . theoretically admits. 'miter-.
mil suffrage. .th practice, however, it ap
pears that the right, utast be exercised se
cording to the prevatiliug State sentiment;
bra man is in danger of his life. A, Air.,
Tinththy Brouillard, recently, at Norfolk,'
gave i'vote fur Prep:loot, which, when pro
elaitaed:by the inspets(nr, as is the custom
lot that State, was refused by that of f icers
and the voter had to leave the State.for.
fear of mob violence: •
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a siege, Ike eonsiatit Ire
tit Kl4rdy bei.weeii Iwo
. la;;lietii, (Tee al,
last kindly inquired if tile eimieniatinn
tlidn;l'alike his bead .
,ache 1 ,ate: replied,
, 'Nn _madam ; I have been iiiirried up.
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sira4lit from Laidott,' replied he, 'onat!
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