Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, November 14, 1856, Image 1

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Igl,lfirik 1)
Virtue, gime, Ike . a rest oflEartli !!
Wlit; 1041%3'f/tight:yr 'ling, .
71fivetiii& 151 old tenowii. •
On smile red field ,wfur.vrutr the .victorls crown,
Of teare i watl tzinmphing?. • -• • .•
.rklA.:N(l3t4 2ll 'ff. l , l tfAdt, W l 9 fiTs • O'er •litc'
Seit aown tie ,/trtiVenft b 4
nneelin the breeze
' '" 'N'tit thriaiv- , --0; 1 1161-4nof these I
W u are the great of earth—' • • ,
Thq . mlg4y hunters? kings of'antient
Fhr ageli half fabl9,' fluff divine,
litinittaard in heathen
.• : .) I
iter ti.nith-like palates where now we read, •
Thep lived„shad•reipined i apd died 1 ; , .•
W-1 1 4411 0 kilAtia.•ifklitioWs •r•Wil?eo . 14 toil, find
to fn
! , Nptith ae nM these indeed I
Who.are. the Mighty ? they
of,Egyptiaa plrimidet ? „
Who unknown kiags, 9a whose iwne coffin ,
hrls' fitiMage' reit:se 'ate acrcilled'?" or inert whose
dWluf lily • . • •
iWeought.the . rock temple, reared the cram
loch: •gray i • • t:
'Whose, smoke, and &re, And incense darkened
they-0, no I.—not they
illt.ho arc the great of earth ?
Mark, whurejnn prophet stands,
The loid-stae twedle tregibles in his hands,
Ver western sees he finds for Mind a throne—
Or he on' 'Whose wr'apt sight now 'wonders
Whsie 'heavenwnrd . turned, his glass made
worlds his owu--
Not he—not these alone 1
Who ete . the mighty? see,
Where tires a Wiziard ; where the marble
With grace and beauty qMelcous into life—
Ur as danger's waves beat wild and
Same "glorious arm" like . Moses' parts 40
That a vexed people yet redeemed may be—
The statesman ?—sage—in't he ?
O no—not these the nohtekt triumphs prove.
Go '4 here forgiterlest turning like a.dove
Alights o'er life's dark flood on some lone
heart— ,
Where itteuie men, truth, justice, peace, he-
As bait interpreters of GodlPie lore—
Itiltere ill lilt a 'noblest eharidea hare birth ;'
There dwell %lie 'great, the Wogs of peerless
They shall subdue the earth I
1)e JoienmonN
i,a■t suinumc I mule en exnureion In
Stunland, with, the itnention glco.npleting
views. and went, over the aatneground
.• dosafitt the. learned. tourists. Dr,
4nlwartst-and . Mtavvtil ? I inn 'ln the habit
of talthig v,ery long walks on these (K e tt
sloes.; and lierceiving it storm threaten.
laade Aile best (Amy wry tp a small build•
ing. i t arrived, in time at a nesi little
soaves received by a respoctanle looking
matt. and Its wile. who did all, in their
power make tue comfortable. After
eating snow excellent fried mutton chops,
pad, drinking a quart of ale, . I asked, the at down an a l partake•of a bowl
sit whiskey I fintod him as the
4ar m ich, geomilly are, very intelligentoind
full nl attenetnes. of which, the following
“eriayreerve as a specimen :
•ioSir " said, the landlord "this inn was
fomterlv kept by Andrew, 31..egregor. a
• reialtrc of mine ;,atid these h.fd bottomed
•chairs,(in, which we are now sitting) were
yearcago filled by the great tourists, tray.
cllang , •like the 'lion and jackal., Boswell
'preceeded she,Doctr f r in search, of food.
and befog mucli pleased with the louts of
ute bouse.followed his noseinto the far
der, ,teltere, luksaw, a #oe lag of mutton.—
lie ordered it. to be roasted with the ut
-40....A expedition, and particular orders for
a Oirq PPiddeog. ,"Now;,' says oinake
the,hitat ,of all , puddings.' Elated with
in„ genii h ir ir,; he immediately, went out
in earelt of his friend, and saw the, giant
of learning slowly advancing on a pony. dear. sir,", said Doswell, out of
breath with joy...goodnews ! [have just be
spoke, aCtieutitiortable and clean, inn. here.
;It delicious leg, of nietteq ;, , it is now get-
Ain featly, and I flatter mvself that we
shall make an excellent me/1.7 Johntion
iPikeOlP l elPee 4 .. "And I ,‘"Te." sail lie.
,hare,,beeppkett a, pudding." "Sir
diedyeor ,favoriteg e m4din
the ot,bFr.
I '4ObTion, otr the. PfIOYI and:the Poor
,sinimsl, relieved from the giant, emelt his
tvrity,l;Ato the stahhr.,Boswell Inhered the
thictor into the house, and lef4 him to
prepare fur his dlicious treat. Johnson
feeling his coat r ather damp, from the mist
of the niiilifiesiio4l4tir 'itint'the kitchen
and threw; •his upper garment On a
before the fire ; he sat on a ,hob near,a lit-
tle boy who was• ,attending the meat.
Johnson occasionally peeped from behind
his coat, while the buy kept basting the
mutton. Johnson did not like the appear
ance; of his head ; when he, shifted the
basting ladle (ruin one baud; =the other
was never Pie t and the Doctor Mit tight at
the same time he aim somithitig falll
the meat, upon which he delerMined 'to
•eat no mutton on that day• .dinnkr
•announced. noswell.exelaimed: dear
Darter nere comes• the mutton:—vvrltat a
, pima; done to a Mtn, and louks , llo beau.
tifully brosot !' The Bomar tittered:—
Alai a short grace.tfoswell said t '
'.l. suppose I am , to carve, as nstua ;
what part shall' I help you to ! The Doe
;tor •teplied.:
"illy dear - Bozy. I did not like to tell
yoti before. - but lam determined to abstai' u
Ifrom meat
.4 dear:l this is a greatdisappointmen
(*Nay no more ;t' shall•make myself
.ample amends witlrthe pudding. •
Boswell commenced the attack, and
made the first cut at the mutton. "flow
.the gravy runs ; *hit - fine flavored fat, an
mice And brown, too. Oh, sir you would
oeliihed this prime piece of mutton."
*ens meat being removed, in came the
OW 1040 fur pudding. ,The,,,Doctor •
11 1 0 44 0 Yonailelittegilliy to, and in a few
'amulente nearly finished the ,puddiug.—
The , mble-was cleared and Boswell said
whII twos ea ting the mutton
:t , 71 I;'` .)
:11, , •,„v;-drk, 1 .n.,, ;( a,77
. . ,
• . .
r; yoti siiemeilgrelluntqly irieljned,to leugh,i I, 'A' fidori- I firstat:Wii itte 'kindly per-
I pre . ) , Wive what tickled pour fancy 1" ' mitred to coprthe following good: anecdote
The Doctor theh ' litirily told him ' all' from a private .; letter . juin a , gou
th i
at' had passed t ' the k When fire/, shunt demon . of, this city, from. a hrother, ,now,
..the boy' and the. basting. • ,Rnswell turned :in Nebraika. This 'Yankee referred to Ili
as pale as a, parsnip, sod. sick.ol ttimaelf,„ths' right kiiid 'of i'maete ditil . with the'
,and the company, darted nut of the rotim,.Viborder ruffians"' in /Unitas. -' We do not
SOineti`fiefrelieved on reinrning, lie ineis. I remember to base Beau:this story in, print.
ted aniiCeing the' dirty little rascally boy, l'Here it. is : , ~
whom lie severely 'reprimanded before I. You know,the test,the Missourians auk.
Johnson. The , poor boy cried—the Doe. I jeet all iiiveleri, to who ' malie 'their s p .
tor laughed.' ' ' ' ' I parolee at sato'? their 'feeries."'Atid . ask
""You little, filthy, gravelling hound ,"! tribe crusied into , Kansaio- Some days
'Aid Doswell,t.whrin you ,basted the meat, since altilab,sided,Yaokee ,arrivedi,atponel
why .did ynonot,put,on the cap Isaw you of ~the Northern„ltli 4 apari Impugn, wi(l4 a..
in this morning'? long, train of glitttder of various sorts.—
" . .II entildn't, Ai," said ih'e boy. ' • By wily of taking liiiii; the ferryntiati ask
'. 4, 1V0 1 Why couldn't you? " said 800 ed him tibatistoek bC hid ' r - ' ' •' 1
• , ii ' • • , 'Meal," , says the—Yankee,. • 0 4 1've got
”Ilecatinfr my, mammy 4gok it from me
to boil ifte,pudiling in i'
"..'rfie'DOcitu' t gathered up his herculean .
frame, etoitif totielted the ceiling
with hie:wig, starednr ;
looked aoy . way_but, the right way. ;At
last, with mouth wide open (mine of the
emalleat) and . stoinieli heaving, he with
some difficulty recovered hie breath. 'sod.
looking at - Boswell with thiptifird con•
tempt, he:routed out with the lungs of a
"Mr. !Insure% air, leave oft latighil.g,
and mkt' pane of my eternal diVidearbre.
,tatter a single MIN*, of
,thia , ahotni•
sable adrentUre to any sold living vihile
yini bret'athe." .'and each;' said lition
hoed. have the iMsilive fart from the
mouth of, your humble servant."—Atge
lo's Reminiscences.
Don'T WonnY.—When llelstrode White.
lock was to embark as Cromwell's envoy
Ito Sweden, in 1753, he was much distur•
bed in mind as he rusted in liarvitieli on
the preceding night. which was very %tor
' my, while he reflected on the distracted
stain of the nation. It happened that a
confldentisl servant slept in an adjacent
bed', who,'finding that his master could nut.
sleep, :
"Pray, sir, will yeti give me leave to ask,
you a qus• t tien ("
"Prziy, sir, don't you thinl?Goi govern
ed the world very well before you Quo
into it 1"
"Undoubtedly." • ' •
“And pray; sir, dan't you think that Ito
will govern it quite as well when you are
gone nut of it ?'
"Than; prai. Oi s etiPt. nc I •)+lll
ynartilinir you may as welt treat Him to
govern it as long it" you livei t''
,„ To this question Whitelook had nothing
to reply ;
but turning about, soon fell
asleep, till he tral tuturnoued to ttinbArk.
Tur, Two FORTUNES.-A., few days
since the writer was in company with a
worthy Vlirintinu minister, who remarked,
that a; friend of hi. 4; rinhapa a millege
anciate, , was making his eight or ten thous.
and a year in his chosen prof.tssinti, while
he. himself, a poor minister, received .for
his labors scarcely More than half as many
They may call theta theirs until some
providential disarrangement of their plans
shall scatter thew, or until the baud of the
"gzitu mossenger",shull drag the possessors
from their galden gods. Then, whose ihal!
these things be ?
But he who can say with humble, and
well founded o.Mfidence—"mi Redeemer is
mine"—lam a fortune within his'own soul
which' ito fire 'nor floor nor thief can der
troy.. Ho can :urn , with the spirit.of calm
and triumphant faith to his friend, "tn.
creased in goods," and repeat the words of
the hymn,
"Your heaps of glittering dust are yours,
And my liedeemeez mine •
Toe Oldest Negro Yet.
We have at last got hold ota particular.
old negro. There have been countless
cases of tolerably advanced blaoks, but
the ease below, whieb we copy from an
exchange, is said to be perfeotly anther'.
tie, and finishes the list. She ought
be show around: r
Sometime ago I sent you an account of
atold negro man; who died Charleston
at the advanced ag3 0( 118 ye irs. "Since l
then I have seen 'a statement of a negro,
women, who died in•Fauquiermounty, Va..l
aged. 140, years, friend, . , who
,vras fur
welly an officer in tho United States
relutei that When he Was ittatiotied at
Pea Christian, in Lorelei ina,"'he wee in the I
habit., with' his brother officers, of visiting
en aged indent Who hold truiterofilk.—
On one emotion . the following 'conversa
tion look pito
• 01t1 wowan, how old , ere you 1"
'41.4 Wig have you lived about here?"
.4), 'long tint% long lime,' inassa."..*
She then went on MI relate circumstances
In -connection:, with the history of the
country. which Proved that sl,e must have
arrived at' a very advanced ago.
ItWell, can't you refer any eircure•
stature by which you may' come at your
age .P .
"Well mosso I'se had nineteen chil
dren, and that gal, (pointing to an 0 sro.
man.) is the yeauguei ; and klititt! she
it 'natty " ' •
The old •woman ties quite: active: when
our informant saW,' her, lasi,,. end attended
to.; he sale of her
,hut tormilic ~Irraelf in
r r
pril u nue cullivg
he'r," whist; she
l • 711. r ; . reprehntrid to Ittii"rooto011 tni•thet:'?"‘'
A iaOBALIBLII zardrlt.r-- ue . towa „ne-
*oder' glitch ati 'aocon nt of a murder cam- EkrECT9r .dilTere.
juioweebllk county , mespingt , that may be .given by emphasis
is' shoWtrin LeidElWard Fitzgerald 's
"Some two weeks" ago farmer of that 00.0 the British is
enntltY; nu :Ping into nm'Ofi'd'it whore 1 16 a • motueut of great excitement , Lord
the corn had been'sheeked Ado!, a week want
previoeAlY,'itotiood'a'very 'offetnimithell, 1
and looking , to , entertain whence it. probe- I do think that the Lord Lien.
' tern:tit and' hv maja'rity thiS trodie are
dad, removed's cern ahook.aud discovered :„ the
r t sultiects' theling has." •
under it the body of a young womair,with ;
Thiel Was‘ loud cries of ' "To
shirt wounds and marks of violence.' In . the bar," and ',Take, d own hi s mor d„,“
prosecut ing inn, 7torri
curvli, m an g led, wasersenanrchlthebn fodYµtp.l and three hours were 'spew in ineffectual
young n
attempts to iriduce,hint .1P,WP149/tiee- f.' At
under another shook. , Sz t s o pie l i t o ta n
!O pa o ce n e ce d s 4 'a u st m h;:r reported todutYo . - SOO With Borne
rested , upon ' two men
through there a short tithe sinoe i - amine ,
,their ,oettrse,strouit "I mace a mied haviiiiiklared that I
erikhros • 4. thi6k the'Lord 'Lieotenint tend the' toßjor•
gainat them wore found. They, bad
ity of the, House the worse subjects of the
pad or stopped to feed their horsea.
king ; IWO, to .; ;rue, ottir. rein „ ,
mong other things was an ear-drop found natio ,MENTgNCE..- Ahoy 14 rears
in the bottom of the creek, corresponding % ,; , lwrage was 'recently ot t o at Re i waii,
with Pee remaining le the murdered ledy'et ?dothodiat merchaot in Phila.. EOgland. fra• merlin n ego valued ova
ear. life believe that measure* have beeti v delphia : hitsmacht; himself - respo k itsilde halfpenny', died. eontAr . t ette, sentenced
taketrfor the' Of their min, whose . ' the regolarseFvrt of one, miesirttr)', to; to lout' Jaya '
, a? to be once
route has bon P.;ittYr' aitertatned. !the aniotthf '
o f"6730 Per yeir. Veritippetl. •
Which of tho two fortunes has the tar
ger subsientiel wane t Which should'en
cy the other f--Maine Evangdist..
Saw WanTaous.--It is no uncommon
tbing , for mou to flatter themselves that
God eannet be displeased; with thein bd•
cause` they have omitted to do great ma
, ny bad deeds' which they would have done,
had they not been restrained by the fear of
the law or, of public opinion. The snood
nes* °raw+ morality issvery well exhibi.
Jed in Lessing's parable of "The ;wolf en,
his (tooth bed."
'IA wolf lay at his lasi gasp, and was
reviewing his past life. "It is true," said
he; "I am a sinner, but yet, I hope not
ono Otthe greatest. .1 have done evil but
I have also done touch good. .Once, .I ro
kultß t e tero bleatiog,lainb, that bad strayed
frotn the' flock, came so near me, that I
iitight'e have tlfrotth3d. it, bat I did it
no ;harm.'.' •
"I can testify to allthat," asid,his friend
the fox, who was helping him to . prepare
'for death. "I - remeber Perfeettit 01 the
eireumstenees. ' It trias
,jost at the lime
ahel,yqa tor e,so glreattfully choked toith
that 'llene, in your •
twp how, a yoke :of (: OWN/ wed ..t.WP
"That. ; ienou h re Ve a
ttthe ferrytin
. . g?" P„
"you can't crone here. • '
..Why not," inquired the Yankee, , r,
The ferryman told hun'that his intorno
flow; were, not ,to crone,that
couldn't pronounce the word cow
But reahl xsoiv," pen:dated t an..l
s itrytt r
kol: ' ' ' ' ' • 1
.•Wcll. you can't-oross here;" 'rather
gruffly replied Charon.
"lint I have got tickets entitling me to
cream, urged:lbw raokoo.:r;
The furr,yrnati replied that he .did:got
know of anybody who had, a right,to
him tickets
"Bui I've gni theni;'anyi why." '
The ferryman deinandedis r.ight 'of the
tickets, whereupon Mr. Yankee stepped
back hauled tort.a revolver in each
4nd, 9rying-. 7 "Ttions's the tickets, and, f.
amirmind to crops this ferry, xxow niVllO
XEow 1 ." And he iirossed.*MAttalvao
Nashville (Tenn );13.tisner sip: • , Wri hive
the pletsure of putting an rucerd probably
the best sale overknown in this enttry,
Lamairllnetot Opinion of Women.f to
Woman with weaker passious
than' and that, too, of Tennesse fruit. , The rile
man is superior to, him by the
soul. Thecimons of apples fildbited at the fair, t y
I)fulp, artist, ritised ou Koh l
Gauls , attribnuel tp. her Bp ad•litiuttel ;
a e „, e, , h ,, , di v i ne „„„. They • were farm, in Cumberland eautny,son the moan. '
riuhr. , minim . , ha . 41 ,,,,w wii , haw iwn i; mini wore sold AV auction an .Weloosday
painfal hut IteaVettiv gifts wltteh' distill- i n ight" •ThOY 4 Ozt auld k.Y•tho half dozen,
gulp!, them. sod .often, 'raise:them ;those , unr l *zq !deli tis
..,•fiys dallers and moray ,
humps' patuce—compassipo - s od,, amhn „i. , Cents per half dozonpaid. The Wild kr
aPin. By compsosion I they devote them.: il/Iti, ' anintilltin a 'ln' about 4 beerul end a•
half, 'of seven'diffithent • varieties, • brought
pelves ; hv. ctitinisiaton they exalt them ;
selvei.' Whet'' more ders h or „•;„,„ , re . , one hundred and`eleven dollars. .If any
quire ? They.' bete more heart 'and of roue fiatieuis fruit growing ptates, in any,
:sure ioingion'ioo.than men.. .Etiiliqaisstn. seet i nb Pr th° Er":!ion cnn !qual ; this, we
apriomy -front the„ imagination. , imagination., Ilc t tt . tIII, I filleted' like' to licttsfine
t 'th em”
sacrifice from, the ,peart ,W. ,m e n , ar e,„!
~,NoT.Serit,ep,•44,' ',„ .N.,.., W. e5 4,„,,, rw .;
niti*t;;;.. l :4.pifr.. 4 4 4l 4: ll : l "ini"" 4 ".°'''' ag6, — , aide' viss - a good 'old - eriirei'• by ;ilte -
Alreations have A its their allnels-some of name or v ery, re , iih ih ig , hi i i ii.,•rie4i lawn
those muscles apalrintiorn of which wis: in ma„,,,,,.hheene,,, Ile' being'en' itiners:
tmin is the mstrumers in the !muds of God. a ro ; d ol l'. eommodj, was much annoy .
rd by , fame of his neighbors. who persist,-
When all is desperate in a national cause, i
we need ; not yet despair while their re.; ed in %stoking on Sundays.' One day. as
mains a spark of ,resistance in a , woman'a! 'lie good mien wee vino, meeting. hid
heart, whether she is called Judith, Celia.' Sabbatli-breaking neighbors ' eelletLout io
Juan of it
Are, Vitioria Colona in I t aly. or' him tiom the - h a y=field ; p wen. fattier Charlotte Corday in our own day. ' Grid ; Very, we have , clicated the Lord not of
forbid • That I 'campers those I cite ! Jo. iwo Suiplays. any way.” '' 4 •I don',ll know i
doh and Chatham? Corday zaczifirod , that," replied the old gentleman ;"I don
themselves, but their sacrifice,did not re-1 k now ; the "account h, „, n ' wiled y et"
coil at crime, 'their, inspiration was he- 1 • •
reic, but their herniim mistook its Mtn p
tt took On poniard of iftet , 'asinuisin in.
stesd'of dm sword of the hero. • Juan of
Arc used ooly . •the serest! 01 defense ; •he
was not merely inspired by . baruistn, but
was bispired by God.
lf; tffir, ‘,f)
' •
Re won 64 years old rhea ho died.
• 'The Wllsiellilises.
Who bath woe f' irltO hath fiorrowr .'
Who , bath- Coatrntions; F., Who. •; ,
, . .bath wouuds v,ithout• cause ? ,
.. Who bath rOliteai 'of - eyea ? ' '
• They that tare long at the ' ' •
, ,wine I , ; .They tl et gct ~ to .
• seek mixed wide;
. look
ricit ' thou kinty die - •
• - • • wins whitr nit red .1
.- when itrettios
coloar ;n be
err; i • -
whet it
trioveth itsif
arluitt. -- .
the lest •
' • ' • •lt tired% li a , '
` serperq and' sib:goat Ike ail alatir: . 7
I .iltiN'aris...—li.l.4 'iotict nit `nithrid the
ik nialltigt or till) Cregra rei; aim by int I tit&
I bi a'thilip 'climatal' ;Iffir.i't itti been. coin pu
1 tedi that' within ibis ; steal space fivtr Awn
draft, 143:!1iii.p)4 , Cpl.% lti be ; , toprisßd,,, Thr
; too:loci to nevlkr found tp,attain a length ,
gitiater - then th\ tWelveitlitiiandth part of
'an iniih 'a Coble limb fa ciiiitin kind
of inoukt, con'sist ag.eotirily of onitealeu•
;he, wore than lot -One millions of dishiest 1
boisgs,were estiutstr, by ghreObers, to
I exist.
I• • ._\
I . 738LE,YAN.BENZ LiNcts.; The .o
glut!' Wesleyan deou,kiuutiott . contributed
last year $600,000 folthe C 411130 of foreign
mi4ious ; home miser s 860,000 ; chapel
debts grid oetv'elispels koo,ooo I the the.
°logical training of studios 811,000 ; ed
, uca ti on „ ef, toinisierte culdren 815,000 ;
tbsy.sebools for th e pooy tp,ooo ; Sabba th
Schools 840,000; tract t!eiety $18;000;
besides contributions for nsior objects.
, wtfi irt 'fit U
Gon ocirrp,lA brother and avrter
wir'ai44i7ing - 'in 04 'dining • loom, when'
a•nrotherqies airjdiist, of cakes on• tho , ,tes'
tibia Andlientioint. •
. . .
"How Aim? : ;bey look." said the boy
[ reach i ng to take one,. -.pis Bigler eaine 0-
ii . "nbleoted, and l iveb drew book his !lava.
repea't(tig3that - is' iiiiiiagainst his'inather's
direction. , —i l' ~ - • ~;.. :44 . 4
,"She didnotilOnnt, Ahem," asid be: t ,
"But perhaps,;qod did," answered the
sister. .
So he iiitil d t* from the ' leiniitatitt o .
and sitting d ' learned to , be meditte-'
, 1 ,‘ •, I ' i I'
p, , Totuare:r£ol ' sePlied 11% ,InokiPe 'ILL
her with , a ghee, .
,yotcseriona air, "God
does count. he 'Bible says ie ha ire
of our bead i;VO' Aniberet" ' ' ' '
1 pIEAT 14 X (t? , 4 ` f;: BITE Or
A ynung unin• n ed,Villiam 'Fiaughim 1 .- :
mittAn'yed inY Wit eit . iiiit' gontratnre, WI ut
taken to. Dr: FrOman% °Mae yesterday , in ,
1 ,
a state 'of greauslferitukCllllllffli by ,aapi-
der's bite, near
,t q nhoinm, , received .a,
few hours bef . we 4 The. case was treated
by Dr. Freimin4tiro or three' niher -Phy 1 '
Meant 'were',calhul in during "the afternonn . :'
but no the patientlorss very low, ttirid thev•
belonged to • a .diloreq,,sohool from Dr ;
Freeman, they die not act in the matter.-- I
The sufferings of 'fl ~11, Continued ' tn'Tfl.
cred.o until late'irttiii! drtertWion,'whei; he
di,ii,' animal:tit fritui it lie effects of the him.
Thema*. hatenlready .oxeited con .idere..,
blo attention 'in Pm ,ttwiiizn!, profe . tcliou, - ,
and our phyAiebitis of long practice, stale,
tliai it is the onli - afiliir nettle kind which
Its% ever come within their knowledgiv.-' . .
Ciao. sax., Oct. at: , •
CURIOUS , OTATtartua friend has
handeirms lite following envious atntistie*
in relation; to.the reigning' fatnilyln Rua,
sir, translated from a.Goritinn War : I
Emperor Alexquier was bore. in the
year 171 9 Trittese far figura' added' up
nuke, • •,' , 122
lie ascended the *one 1804 i l9
He died in 1826, ' 16
. Total, • 48
He was 48 years old wbettledied.
Empertir Nicholas was born 1795 those
four figenta added up rake, 23
He Ascended the theme /823, • ' 16
He died 1855, 19
Einpreas Cotharite
.wata 84, yearn old
when mho ascended i?eihrnue, And; reign.
ed 84 year Eiiiiiikor Alexander L. was
24 'years old. teberi hi aaeinded 'the throne
and reigned 24 yeans.l Emperor Nit:hides
Ares 29 years old whin he, ascended. the
throne and , reignetl49 years..
~, '''r.. 7,~,eq .rir ...
Great Forgery In New Terk.
tine of ihe boldest and meat 'successful
swindlifs of the times has come to light in
New , York. 13, B. Huntington, a note
broker on Wall Street, acquainted himself
srth whaipaper various, houses ',ma'am,
: ;
atpl , has tiontrisfed counterfeit. . largO per.
j rhe amount 'of his iorgeties.'a's far
*4Ol have been fleseloped,exCeeda the
sum ph half a million Of dollars, with a
fair`prospet or in increase...' Wall Wtreel .
i sell to be in a high statE el excitein)ent.l
We!fla Inas the followini(frOut the Herald,
regaLU to Huntington
!Tar ;weer of Huntington hits been
like i disi,lay of firework,—hrillint, but,
eishesetsbt. For a little WNW he spent
illetkrrlifte water. He had six
t or . ,eight
herself. two pairs for,,estrihies,ferlitenfolf
tintetfilif, and erferalz "trfneffrs'.' - Ills
ratleho,rd was MrillaittZwilit inre.ssiief Plate.
kle—was-.lllreat usan at Ssramga. NiVire
and where his wife had, more
think/. end iliamende doin any one
else pied, its town, -he , • kept, up;two mind.
,eatehlialurytuts..ime regfdar and
gtte iriettillilajortiilt!phii , tian 'home. the
(other M ho 11110 11 esisigli4-44Sint neenrd ,
lug to the Isups of New Y,fok, and the toll,.
er cafdrdini r ifV lit (41140114 ) 114
Mormons= within it' Poo• - 11.4iff of earls
[ other. FP tfints-it Prieffis' ffirlan hour.—
People ate at hit dinners. , firevei his hors.
Its. &Anti; his wino. burrowed his money,
nd wondered how, he got it nll. , pot
Ihe crash Came at last. and what are a'l
Of, former tylenders rompared with his
r•treen position I . hought his luxuries
at-41 trementliously high price." ~
. T.D. SLAVIt TgAtilf,.:—...The Outdid Were
*Carded a few ileye'sinel9, bythe - appear.
:tiler of "at' 'article in ri'SOutliern jOriiiiel
'ad vocaltrig the revival a - ' fit, e.ivirTrsitlt;:
It hoe been esp
rcinded to by the`' "ar'.
... ~...... . ,•.... 1 ...
..olitne TIMES; whiell:alittling to the 'daereu
, 'mimed by Gen: toe
Walker; eatribliith eta
ste'ry in Nlearimitili, (Hilda ihie reinerkble j
lameonge:.— ' ' ' , ' ' '
For nor own part we wereliighly , pleries
~ ed with , the Ileciree, tortw
w . gre` decidedly
to favor of..reopeniug +1114! Olive Afutle. in
or der that the prAce of otgroer may he re- 1
lln tied to Loch .tiguree that / l every indite.
, tri Dim quiiir• 'nolo' 'nay 'Purchase ehil he
.ctol,lo 'lt elafetire6 , ~' Vi,e ur Aglird- he
- ..cotorte.porated , y ether i ..1 er. %teimt
ly ctirreol,.hot efaellengea the'arpoiil
the attire mass of people inhahning the
loftier(' Snes. and we hnlieie that 'her,
S. I
Ilitistain him in the itooition he has as
!Mated. ' Hoping and believing. that the
.co:pfdtkirary. iney known Be the U, ited
.States 01 North 'l l kmrriest will anon be d!e..
aii•lsied: we 'kink 'upon tide 'Movement Of
General mis'that of a mtatinim
asiill'WO hope that the day ii , not far distant :
. Central Atintrioc, , embracing the,
ialand Colo', will form part . the
suthertic onfederacy.',
We hear it. stated -upout..prelty good
authority that tt.,wild
rgs Em m blaek,ttearwas seen
Wet:ey, a short distance a=
bore our Borough, on Friday last A par.
ty of our sportsmen lett town on Saturday
lor.thst locality *Mt •ti view wt-vepturing
ow stranger, but, wchave not, learned the
result of the-,Opedition, oßtnins"
ap pear to be dimsually thick in Ate neigh
fiollond of populhuelsettleinente this fall:
Bear *Gap, in our county, (hey have
he, on ihTghtereo,hV the. dozede - ..- Befite
tiro.. , since we meat! mention „
of bear
hsvfnig been seen by a party' nrspiirh.
mein 1,016 Mir" 'theta at •the "Five •Mtle
Mountain," •near the'eanal. ,
Pi 8 —Since- writing the shave. : we
Martz, ,that the hear neon in Wetzel's
nwaonp was stint hy a young ninti Of nor
B.nintigh;' and the circuit Btit:
it rota?' tint tett - ar Ninohartnater .11n.
tel. font of Market street., There Will,*
pf, s aerong lwar having heen even
in, the twang); anti that i'party a quirts
"l' w re. n I "'
Ten nun I ear e pursui u n.,
Haiiisburg 'tiered.
A ettico Bunn) Aravz—;-A SENdin4te
WednekdaV attenuant a'. watt
who'ints employed to clean a quantity of
ashes ont'of the caller of n house in W
Jey'a cnuet, near Eleventh 1111 d Race streets
Philadelphia, found in the 0.11 pile a newly
horn infant female child. The litter bed
lied about its neck,' and it 'Was
wrapped , in an old .Thn child ,sass
essuiplately, buried its the ashes, and, sitting°
to pie., ,sithon . gli it had hien there three
Inms, at tbei elms it' 17413 di;il/%41 : 13(1 it Was
`still alive ' 'Thuisduy worsting it wits doing
W e ll, Vie , nu - silser, who is -aL.suttoarried
woman, eighteen ye.ara of age, was. a .hniger
wax aryeated, on the
c hi r p of attetitpting ilestioi her eft
epilog; • •
Ira !'I3F4F 4 , I
,y . flu COUUtI-
Julius, succeed IN'Opeu' for the
ciu6stion. • , • •
• -! , Can you tell me wbylis art of selfols,
lexica ent like u ribber at low tide •
PI4o Julius, I tiosetet sue no
in do two 'subjects, so, 'darfor,'l: guru- it
"Well, den, .1111411„pin. It is simply
beeauseit - ,dutelopai l dn :inusalea Arnu it.
the wen ignoinous pigger I nebber, seed.".
"Yal,)ah I I kuow all tie tline . ihat duc
was, I didn't want "to' say nuiliu' I Jis az
we again and eft if I edrwrold- you."
Tat Muox thrt,Bo---A utefaiichnly
proof of the great distattee,a Miele rifle
will carry a ball ha. be_et at Neg.
debtog. Slne - soldiere were - Ping at a
target at 'lOOO -wee.- Laborers-were at
work , 700 latctis befuntl—that vose thought
to b e a safe Ottumwa ; but une of the pour
fc:lool,wat nturiolly wounded by a bul
let. ( A sheep *
has been Ole/natty kill,
eil ngland with' th Enfield rifle froN
I 'distance 01.21500 yard.:)'' , •
1 ,
'Result , About.
TUE END #3l? A' FUDDLING coi)3,-;.A
ealtilireted drinking %dub, in s largo tnin
intim viert of Scotland, which had fortner.
It -greet influence ut the local . .elecitin,r it
fireken up Two. ofita utetubers liqra
tea lutuoie aryium ; one jumped , • from a
window and. killed binasell i otte.„‘tulltpti
or f e ll into,the 'Water ei':uight.ti d,,was
drowned , , one wee fLitiod'de4tu t a Pub
hoeite3 eve died tf delirium treinens
'Upwards of niti 'li/senile buil44li • four
died ere they had lived halt' their . dale:.-;:
Ono who wits u bailie When ootiniviled with
The club, is at present keipist avivar'pub
lie Inure. , -Such any - 'tew fitctv well
known so thou living in ilut
~~ 4
... - .-i3.._~~
Voris Boum
BY J. a. wart-Tits.
Heap high the farmer's wintry board,l. ,
Ilea high the gulden corn!
Nd richer gift has autumn poured . •
From out her golden horn I
Let other lands,'exultimg, glean •
The apple from the pine, ,
The orange fienults glossy green,
The cluster from the vine.
We bettor love the hardy gift
Our rugged vales bestow, • ,
To cheer us when the storm shall drift
Our harVest fields with' situ*. '
Through vales of grass, and r indade of Foweri,
Our ploughs their furrows niade, • •
While.on the hills the suns and shower; •
Of changeful April played.
We dropped the seed o'er bill and
Beneath' the sun Of May, • ' '
'And fri,ghtened frtim our aprontiug genie
„Tile robber crows away,
All through the' long, bright days of Awe.'
Its leaves grew, blight and,fair,
And waved in hot meastntner's noon', •
Its soft and , yellow heir.. • • -.
And now with antninn's moonlit eyes, / •
Its harvest time has come.,
We pluck away its frosted leaves,
• 'And bear the treasure home. •
There, richer than the fabled gifts,
•:.Appollo sht.wered of old, . • ,
Fair bands the gulden groin shaft
".In'd'kuesid its meal ufguld.
Lit vapid idlers 101 l in silk,
A roulid their costly board ; ' •
Give us the bowl of samp' and mtlkt
I3y homespun beauty poured.
• •
Whena'qr, the wild bear*
Sends up its smoky curls, •
Who will not thank de kindly earth, •
,AntUiless the fanner girls. •
Then shame on ad the proud and vain,
Ny hose rullylaughe ,to
The blessings of our hardy grain,
' One wealth of golden corn. •
Let earth Withhold lielugdOdlyroot,'' " •
Let mildew blight the rye,
Give to the worm the orchard's fruit,
The wheatfield lo the fly. -
Itut let the goo.; old crop admix
"'The hills our fathers trod ;.- •
Still,let us, for his golden corn,
Send up oar thanks to God.
olt„Sorr RILLow,-..Whitfield , and a com,
pattion, were touch annoyed one night., at a
public) house, ; set, ofgamblers in Om
room adjoittiug, where they slept. Their
noisY ‘ rlambi'iitid horrid blitsPhenty 'so ex
tiled: 'Whitfield's tabborrenue 1 Ind: pious
.vrill go to l them and reprove. their,,
I wickedßessp said!"). , • ; Alruir Poore Ana Poon a-- Resent:' l Ills compadion remonstrated ,ly I had an interview with the, mintater
went. His words•of reproof were ap. •
a parish in tao an —an may observe
pareutly powerless , upon them.- Return.. h o woe not 'ah abstainer—When - he said,
ing, he laid down to sleep. • His co mpan - a+n t rustee fm: some money' which is
ion asked him, rather abruptly , for the virtuous poor. Two thlnge, in my
"What did yoneiti by it !" 'opinion, are essential to .virtue. First, hi.
.4A .oft, pillow, he :aid patiently, and dustry ; Second, sobriety. The result
soon fell asleep. ' • ' said the winkter "1 cannott
aboutuit of
Yes, a msoft pillow' is the reword of ; t h e mow/, for the needy p oo r
•fidelity---Ahe companion of a clear con. here tire ckher drunken or idle." •
'mimic°. Isis a soffit:Jetts remuntretion for;
doing Ili; in the absence of all' o:her re. Or Tile TRIBS or Jastsin.--Ons shr
ward: hay know wine tray the value of prettiest itetum'of the recent Frame:at pro.
a soft pillow than those , parents whose cession at Sandusky, wait over one hundred
anxiety for wayward children is enhanced girls, in au immense carriage, drawri •by'
by a consoiousueos of ueglrct. Those who forty horses. Tho girlswere all its white,
faithfully rebuke, and properly restrain dresses, with blue sashes, and they carried
them by their Christiab deporttnent and
a" banner with the iuseription "Of the
religious &runnels can sleep quietly in the Tribe of Jessie.
day of trial,. •
!noMan etirouicle states that a colored melt
named Butler; belonging to New•llielfdra,
wane from California, by the last ateatuer,',
on purpose to vote in the pending election;
; Ascortaioing that ha wad not rote itt
ifornia, be has mine four thousand miles,
at a groat sacrifice ni time and money, to
cast his vote for Fremont and Freedom f
AN . ARAIIIAN Wtoow.--Whin an 'Arab'
Woman intends' to Marry' quits' alter the
death of her first Witham!, site comes, in
th e night , before her „serionl marriage to
the grave of berdeul 'mobil'''. Here site ;
knee.s, pray, to him, and entreats him
"not to be failintled:—nnt to he jealous."
AN, however. hue fears ha will he jealous
and.angry. .ihr willow brings with her a
donkey. linletted with two goat skins of I ggh-"Whet are you doing With tb;t low.
water. Her rs itrlye and entreaties being' ber ?" cried a ctcsmbeet captain to aa
done. she Proneeds to Poor on the • grave irisianni who was staggering Inwards the
thd water to keep the 'first linithainl cool host, beneath the *eight of a huge plank,
ouddt the irritating eireumstatires ahoutlis jn"tea the hell wss rinignif for .the-last
take. plaln, end having well sa t u r ate d him ; time. "WIH4 am I doin g -7 ' 4 r ° walu.ll s'
ihe depart.. !yourself an said, all pia as is going 'get
'a board, and Imo t dna an illegant one its•
tirely r. cciii the 'libation triumphantly,
amid the laughter 4 thin speetators. The
captain guvo him his "board" and passage
that trip. •
' • • TWrliallni B,TalMf.
When a twister- a twisting; will twist bum aL
Fditlie twisting hii twisi, b Three thee' dad'
But If one of the twines of the twiewtio
The twine that uneweiteilt 7 the'
Untraietiug. the , twine. .tiat , entwieted between;
fie twit! with his twieter the ,two in twano
Then twice lowing' bated the twines Otthe
•Heprieteth•the twine he hed,vrieed ie,tetine,
The tweit‘tgat in.twining befqce iu ,the ttyl k e,
twieee were inS,winted,tie 1104 doth entwinet
'Titbit 'the 'twate"fitteitwistitig h twine teem'
• ,tlemeeit, • • •• r •i i l , • , •
He twirling hts twieter t makes ti t,riet of the
An Atbkren people from
the Free State toil - micro now in confine.
tohe 1 . 4 nititiltirrby pro..
sittre"ey cOurior'fif 'Kanana; appears in the
Cincinnati Commercial of bittqay. flitt
ed by ititroy:rlit of thiflitifortuifitio men.—
They Hearth' id teiiitiltPpieturo of their
rinnfitiotc...tbeirpiistni open awl ttlipOstd.
the ptitionore l: eovorcd ..wyft. , iermin.sot.;
T. 12 1 ,041 w ith fiNfo.o l ol4 tliNeplie Prevailing;
in fatal forms. Among file ,priaonori.we j
am from Pennsylvania.
,svo rkiLDAgs: 7: flThI
, „ 30/10E,F6" 36,
t figelonsll !Prurient.
spite of lho . ed verse, reulte no peel
eV* had Melia Salient art:dote ezeollintt
candidate than Col. - Fremont. No 'matt
under snob eireumatances ever lant-bimt
self,tnorenobly, more prudently, or , tame
discreetly through such a- contest= Al f
thnigh he his been astailed "with a Mang.
nity and a licenie of nalumny seldoth ;am
alleled in the history of the (loaner', ill
this storm ottletrection has never • moved
hirn.for a moment from his propriety, of
led to a single sot unworthy his ebaraetet
or his cause.
Nor Was there anothot mann': the Vat•
ted Stake Who could hays; &routed so need
enthusiasm, end brought Ito large e tote
to the Republican Party as he bay clone.
Nowtin ago charge upnn,hini out porthole
of thit ersponalbility for the' disastrous »-
cult t 'any other clndidate the dilate.
ter would have Feet much greater:
„ ,
j Nein A patent. say, the Wirral ,
Courier. hie been recently granted for a
remarkiible•discovery, Whereby etone, afe
ter undergoing it certain root's. may b.(
converted seta paper. public and'
the primp will ere lung he furnished with
paper, the principle materiel of which is
stone, superior lit •quality mid texture to
that which is cow in opt. and et amuck
cheepr,r. rain. yhe pai..!titce is Mr. Ed.,
ward rm tlleie , the eitterpriaing and tn !
geliiims'nwhle center of Glitegow: who. .
no iletibietehp igeldeit harvest from
the diirovery.
dorktrytico.—.The Nett York
biota rimming, the arrest of a French wont•
an, named Moll. Leon, in that eityi Int
shoplifting. and the recovery of a lugs a.
mount of valuable goods. t ,The prince
found lier a t fitted tip in en *lr.
gent 'Ogle; and in them they disetivered a
large tin box of jeweled gold witches, di.
mond plue, ring., broottrea. etude end
brlettleta, !metal's gold and silver • veletle.
pieette of alike. velvet,. she was
entinnitterd the' tombs for trattatina•
lion. ' "
small ripe imnatnea, pick id the stems,
, put ahem Into a basketor tub, wash Apin g
I then, mesh welt, and strain throngh a linen'
rag, (a buenal will make five gallon , pona,)
then add two and a half to three, ?tweak
or brown sugar to each'gallon I then Out
inio a cask and ferment, end' finish Is foe
raapberry wine. If two gallons •Of wants;
be added to each bushel of tomatoes lisis
wine will be as good.
4•workman demanding his salary from
his radtai unprompt employer, declarad
that ho'srai iu danger of dying of hoar...
fhe master who saw that his face was full
and ruddy, told' him that his face count
dieted his outtetnent: I .ih, sit'," said he;
"dim% trust to that ; this face is not mine ; •
it. belongs to tu), landlord, who4as sits*
me credit for a long time past."
Infiuite toil would eot eneble yea to
sweep away a mist; but by amending 4
little, you may often look over It altoptb=
or. So it is odd) our moral improvement
we wrestle fiereely with a vicious habit„
which would have no hold mien es if we
mewled into a higher moral 4 1 / 4 04* ;
Oa Friday kat, a young bed
45 iu Albany, N. Ir., for spitting ia,.***-
ode ladyin fate. Suooks want* to, kraGir
if she Can expacito•ruts ra a lad' gift
such a iurgar aotlon..
, • .
Oto7";1 ), r) you bave 'lilted year Pettit
neiely a week. 'iliiad: lc is not so kis hi
thu tutitatit •by otio week, you spl.
peen." ' ' , ' •
, Troth.. boy, indede an" ita jiat **Mt
whet in wantin! swat* Ktoblees to Net Is ,
ip atlianoe of the rniil. Sere 11/ eel
care If she gite three tinya Ink.
ten, me derlipt.'
lards' M 4OOO orturelh* .rd physicists
frnut all ei,intriet irtespeeittil to 01,104
411o,Congrear, bur laid is KiarriMt Mwt
Ilse laits ‘he 22*1 olio 11 •
*6 Aurserkii 44)1. 4irshroldi
presl. e.
IriikapictereAll oulimmt limmWegi . "
!vivo 1.414 . nr °Nu, •604 .00 *Wit
. -
, .. ,
, :s....';:=i-...,....Y
;0t., 4
~ .•...:, ' ,',.,.::, ; 11,t- ' ,7;!. .
':7.•.'"!;.7!..i:..•,.?.•.;.•. , i.