Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, October 24, 1856, Image 1

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; .., [From Me Effeigiplai Era.
1111,011,1111111?4,11d4t Mishit.
—.- h.SY airrit;Littima. ,",
.1 It is "th e passing ball f,P',
ost& t hrisiiiptire.nterey shield de well I , the ta19.1 hairs to' tell.
4ifistase 4
irY44l blitodohie bhuilell . ,o',er all ;
Alo tlitlestokteta broken;fall ..,
!,'L. IftWatilnvorchituingkirtuathat.:,
I .
6; '5 - '4'4 4:l ' : I,.vitiro iftitirs the old thorri,tree, „r 7
IP--- "quick all its gentle gleci..
i Sullen itgruyip, ftpf.l (i t t s l l ur byv
• liiii,cid Alldi:'rilials, blacke n ing whore •
The blasted elms stand 1:44 , and here i , 1
, / Oiled It'atitial' a eaaile .fair. u . .
„ ,. rohtu.,lls Stalls dweltmardetisthrife ; ,
'Twain veto smart and ill to ,
~s eet
1.,.. :‘,3'he.t,hird wax Writs dueler n& -, • ' •
l• ' 1 o'"7'iitif iit hchawlti and a dove, in Booth, -
1,,, i. P , P - Fif,t o SW to wirli'llihiii,.iifild void Of ruth ;
1 ,
:.. " . 'f Tlitih td;'alr 4 , Otitleiiciri and trut h .
~. : • i .. 1 ; ,•s' q••
. ; • 1,4 4ltik, hal and .valley, fur and . near,
ltroad tlowink stream, and lovely mere,
-.r •,:. li#94,4ns4 l lPrifivh and' tualertal deer,: ~
IVere that end innitlan's birthright fair;
• z Witmd.4lto *se:dowered past. I.:on, pure . •
In womanhood and hammy rare.
1 ,::11.11dillietlio:aiigell t eke trot pure. '
• Aida'. timid' wlie ,iltlf tu the poor,
i.cautitig herself but hili bestower.
• ' '' - 'TIM titiattetiralti Were Envy's thrall.
Where &Al :reigns, she spreads a pall
. tlf tudebus bluiektiess:Over all.
' ' Ala . :Shupe:, lboaghts grew in their bruin,
.I.lke beasts of prey iii,noisome den, '
• • I
Or knelled siiilliss it, caves unseen.
rnmeet it were to? , tell cach, wile
They practiced, wearing hollow smile,
Crteriag 4U4, feigning words the while. '
'Ehere.cante a day of festive glee, ;
With guests ut high and low degree,
Clad all iu minima fair , us lee.
"r.N ha . Many 'tut bye worii - ,.sottetted
To see that. lovely lady bright;
tri } tyre !ter white,;
• 4. / eioid‘tt&talti 'annual her waitii;
And wreutlis t of.plarl upon it traced ;
But lovelier** thislurni it graced.
And in Ifigthirk folde of her hair,
White Provence roses drooping rare ;
Deleit Ruth brow were hsr wore inir
t; ,r !
greeted all with guatle grace,
...tad moved aiuttugtheut hi her place,
'The light of beauty uu her lace.
And gathered round theTemal beard,
. • .The ruby wiue itt chalice poured,
it.he.pledged thew 'lair with courteous word!
" ttO n6ver wore she spoke ;
Death:T efei her white twee estesbroke.
1:11:dn end •Iprose the funeral wail.
'Dme other twain, all gui!ti little, .
1 4,
Sild";ht , thnstf r iei i r ghtl3l`l: 4 4 p:psrq:,
11 r tPillit "jag qt.stinvA oirgold,
'li 'liroaa .. ulatiikt: an& rustle bold,
. - Which olive thematilvq*.were none twhold,
.Itlua teleetietli not. Ere W I titer m snow
• •.:11 . 1itetiod the vales that ia'y hel-or,
', lie towed au amity thAtt liii bow. '
flit: coining 'doom a fiery pull
; Wrapped tower 40 jt..tle,:ucititpd wall,
''.1112,11 AMC Ili tipicfq4llOhltiud tall.
AM! iithiAliose shapeless heaps of stone,
il tlonider-seathed, rumililiell alone,
—Attesters of the guilt foregone.
stVgalliitillfg ile'rai4 night,
liOyer,ifig,lo4ollt. AO. 1 , 1111, ' S height,
fats s ury seen vf)tiviti•li , lit..
And then thestursgxow tiltullutyy pule,
The leaves all shudder through the vale,
A lid soma's go by, of fearful wail.
• 'No twin' beeline Wilt/ hilS teen nailed to
aiiiiiiiiflite hois tvf ii'ilear and hatiived coin
, /violin' ean folic lippreetatti the twenty and
• uutinolifeas oil he hillii - wing 'allele, which
.. ,, we , copy from an , exchange, ,
iiii.comperisiiii with the loss of a wife.
.all loiter:bereavements are trifling. The
wile,! ,alto who fill, so 'large a spans in
tiile,dpniesiic heavens alio who bested her. aneweavily for the precious ones a
, iroundilier ; bitter,,dsdot warlike fall. upon
.Is.ii sold slay.!, Yon stand • litn.ide her col
} lieli t iiir thank' of :he . I.ast. Ii series all
/.ainf4r.:Cof.;red l Oailp'S , liy, where the fun
'' Adioinf •iii'Lii.atiiilul flowers ! and the stars
• thi* binititiful oirerhesil. Fain *you'd the
Idiot ;linger -there-L.4)0 th haw are 'minim
. ibetedativelliose yOung•hatids 'nay unwil•
. Jinply.lnoteipianied..-,.• .
,i.bitu'Atflitiß, tender heart lies open to your
7 41.tincf,t,e,igitf., I Yott,think ,of her now as
r ail 411'5 1 °!!''L 1!4 aiii'clukY, a ll . purity..,but
. .Afieds i ff i e j a9 1 ~ llte:tleurhand. that hus lain
Aillittifuur bosom,'!eats it, the still dark
lila' VP 6 ii"i'EAllilsv'brd,Y.,,- The kande
'lli'l ha l firthindifeil in nniirnigly;are (eV-
.ettio *Milt itilityle8111:( Ueukkili the'glooiny
, 1 poviiiist nTltiv 'ttekfil *Wel' ''every 'beit
eitisitstire&lnl eternity , of love; lies under
,yoirt,ter4 .. 'rite floWars 'she bent over in
-0 5 All*IP , artli, kens now above 'her ,in teara,
ettleting„,delir frotn„Aliair petals, that-the.
!erdoro„proutigilier !nay, ka kept.greelland
3,-frilici , QUMFMao4-it. is said that .int poi
tl,th itinifigoicare,,An, progress :among the
.I‘9?qiff,l l , , vtifie,k l timaten; to, clo,a way with
!IIRVI r • !.!,, 1 '11itt 1 .4 31 14 wicil junk:o o ' l °F
satiate theastt ; ,, Tiw i fiDh yp!rlylmeole,
i ' 'ra j :lll4lliter Pi." ikcia t inted;apteatimol
if fi liiiiihiti,g4 oYliCil"tie4s itit,ith?
dliotiMis'o qivaketiiiiii t :' ti Anien4:i:
bainitittr i f 6 fhttillitliffirdfitiHilfa"tio . ' fit ii.9.:'
conii*Od ittildll - 144tilkhl, iifd' t 4tofds'
impaikoencolitscritgurt trid,ittatitin 'the'
44 4 ,,erh0r bills' ifti;rlafti'
lietleing parties..bu.reentnend the . c.iiltivs:
4 1 0( 1, 941buth. 94111isk and .danaing , se home
Pl.qfPfrrt ,,. t ; ..,, ' • ' •
.4rikiiiii.'igho'rani 'but well meaning man
haviVig Mita; Ohtani!' tin the' 'entriirtiviion'''6l'
ilteLpenailit a rural di'vericiti in England.
klealare,thi osi: teking hie'aeat to' a inagiv
-74110.4ihni,,it, would-, indeed ter hiti , tuoat
stliciOmitityltiaa.vor to>do justice without
afivotian— , 'Muni"
. Ao l l o4,ll,lghilli , q 4ll Yi.." l will. ,take care,,
Jtufi tilt ;Sill bench,' will never be either
At impartial,
irrithe far Wes t 'had riot
IlliglinialLitiebbideli it. single , beroniet
lutillieibigefore lan "wesiber•Alid% wbrti it
• A. Hiaota 'pansengez:
board- the.Northein .Lndhinai ,, which was
recently, burned on Lake Eriejltives an 'a6-
. count.of the narrow esespeof Cicero Foe
lar, and, ,wile. of, Tully;tl There was .but
one life preservertforbirs.) F. and her hue !
hand; he:insisted imperatively 'that she
.Bh:wild:put, Won; •she perediptorly refused. l
oiling , that she was:poor; in .health; end - his
life wee worth fat...inure ,than here. The 6
,PrVierver, strap, lore the
hentlrom her tiress.andp fastened* loth er
hosband,, whona,she continued to.••enecnt
,agootay,ing that ,, ,she:coold.hold.on to lam',
andif the preserver would , not hold both
,she would be •the one to largo, andleave
lum,to save himself. The fire' WAS , get.
.ting .hotter •and hotter, The water. , was
thick with human beings struggling for
lite; ro4e ,pre onnet„.4lready on , fire-'
from.,lter bead, and handlit hand! with 'the
nne 'trite Joved hatterlilali herself: - took the
datigeroue.leap. ~As they rose from the
water, Mr. Fowler. twinned his r wife in'
pkocuring a good. holster him on' or'idatint
.She.wiped the water tromi
his eyes and nioutit.and etiiiituraged him to 1 ,
retain„ his hope of being saved.. He cm: ,
Butted to,struggle, with the .waves. • Ha'
.an hour elapsed, and therewaa - nu•signa!' Said
,he, .1 knew he was, able
of assistance, His strength was rapid- to pay, and 1 *as determined to make
ly (ailipg; 'his, wife observing hb , . tried 1 him. That's the long and shiirt of it."
anew, to cheer him. Ho said he could boil said the lawyer; "he's always
etanditany longer; it seemed as -though i bean a good customer to you ; I think
lie must give it up. At this moment she you acted too hastily. . There's a trifle to
.11pard a steamer coming rapidly through t pity on account of your proceedings, butt,
the water. She says, "My dear bushel:d i ll think yon had bolter take these five dul
, a law momenta inure and we•are safe.— ars and call it square."
Don't. you hear a boat coming 1" He I "Certainly, Squire; if you say so, and,
said he did,,atid immediatidy.revived, and , glad to get it," wits the answer.
made all, the efforts in his power, and! So the lawyer forked over the V and
struggled for himself and his heroic wife) kept the - other..Au a few dAys his client
wain the Mississippi took them, with came Meng and 'SAO him low he got ou
sgorei of where, cm her commodious decks. l with his case.
—Syracuee Journal.
I "Raphily,".oried the lawyer; "we've
non-suited him I He'll never trouble
you. 7
• "Ji.rUsalem I that's great I I'd' rather
gin .fifty dollars • than had hirri giSt the
money for them boots'" •
MUSICAL FISII.—A writer in the Born
shay 'limp states Out while sailing in a
beat on u stream near Bombay, the party
utvillich he was , . one were amrtled by the,
sound of mask, wblch they believed topro
aced from the near shore, but which proved
sulisettnviilly to . conte• from thu.vurlace of
tl,l,eWater•ellaround the teasel. The sound
was like a' inuaioal bell . or the .strain-uf un
.lE:dian 'harp.
.The boatman at, once anti
waked that. the sounds were
'fi'sh ato;tiiitling' iu the muddy r, elia and
I:lqtebay and Salsoftc, per-,
Melly well known and very often beard.-H
Iceordingly, , on inclining the oar toward
water--or'hy placing it clime to the
planks of the.ymiselilio. notes appeared
nod followed- each Other
in sioneitant succession. •'rlietioutman next
day prodUced specimens of the 6+h—n crea
ture ele,ely resenibling in' size and shape'
the fresh Water perch ol rhe , north of Eu
rope—spoke of them as plentiful aud per
fectly well known. Ilia hoped that they,
may he procured alive, and the means af
forded of determining how the musical
s ounds are produced and emitted, with o:h.
er partiettlars,of interest supposed oew in!
ichthyolOgy. ' Of the perfect accuracy with.,
which, the singular facts above related have
fees given, no doubt will be entertained.
whea it is mentioned that the writer of the'
account was one of a party of five
golt . poisohs, by all';.tf whom they were
most r carefully .obsertted, end the intpi-es-,
siou in regard to them was uniform'. •• It
iasupposcd that. the fish are confined to,
. incellties--shallows, estuaries
aad muddy creeks,, rarely visited by Eu•
ropeins '; and that is the rerinin why
Otto iv,wention, On faeas'We 'Yuen, has
been,tuadelof the peculiarity in 'any work
on natural history. • '
—The house occupied. by Win.. Peen still
stands. It is two stories high, about for
ty tent front, with projecting wings, but
thiceetitte is boarded out to the 'latter.—
It is vury venerable atid very' dirty. A
earl of old Jewry—a locksmith shop, re
tail fruit stalls, ttc. ? distinguish the once
gubernatorial preeincts. 'not walls are
honestly built of old-fashioned thickness,
and so the tittle squat old Concern is tough,
nett if cleaned up it would lait a ,lot of
lustera to come as a Quaker till/11113SW of
early times. But the, whole ,with other
property adjoining, ,
will soon be offered
fur 'sale ; and thtiti--aud then—where will
it go 7 It will be improved away unless
pi?us, antiquarian aentitueut buy it and
nonSecrste Wm coloidil, inemoiies and the
ipirit!Otthq pass.'' The late' Elliott Cres
cent Ica: 810,000 towards 'buying it • foir
pivie,acquisition aud.preservatiou, but it
will take much larger sum to ; save,thb
veherable'relie of 'Lent Lenape Sienna:, 7
The itidiffeirenee of imeliOans to atickacts
of Mid 'retrospection 'and - pinunfichition
is iu,wide contrast with the 'existence •of 1
the opposite sentiment in, Europe, where i i
liudi lat;e Some ire. affectionately ; spout I
1W the conservation of things of the olden ' !
PxB.--411e, projebt of erecting o !nun 'tomtit.
tb I,llB'' filtifritii ' Vailliiii;'ai'Elyiboutb,
1 .
stated io beyprogresstig with' . 464' ''A.-
tois, *amp° : heti , beeni misted et'' thlt 1
AQNoo,o.oquiced• d ,..Tho •:legiidattirowor
t3laeitaptineette, nog Connecticut . hayp, each
4iirtipiieloitehe 'bin of 68,000 . .. ~
SVAAItt;9?! ,rtiE., Rap Su.7—The' Wm
roy of Egypt hae l detoirmice,cl to . ., eatahlish
stead' communication between Tarioul
poiet* 'an Elie abates iff 'the lied Litt? and
ha* chartered it *Wiwi tlitvigittleo ceinpaki.•
with, a eapiial of. tea millions, of Achill,'
the Govern inept will furnish : 'brie m Wiwi&
The eaterprine'wiltij)e under . the directing
of 'Ptiestapiti'• Boy, the 'nephew I, of the
that Paul Stillmatii'anligitOloyee in the
New M
'York Novelty orke, died list
trom;:the °Rm of vreartiig tight
boots, He [tad Omit, on his. ; (set only
two tioure. Mollification set lin,
and utter.
procration of the sysMit . followed."',
i.' - ..?,..,, p E,T I`, y5'...0.13,*,..',., P k..,....F, 4•:1..•1),, ; , .•.-..i4:' , i,'':., , :: 5: , 1",.i.ti".6..i;.'t:r0.:1i44:-;.it . 8t,., 4..8 ".
5 ' :i..
, .
, - , i, : • - • . . , : , J l ,
Non-Suiting a Creditor. ' NoGl oo m at, ote.
There was a - lawyer in Ca pe. I
Cod, a long Above all things • the hould, , be no
iime'ago, a man 'Well to do in the world, ' gloom: in. the home. Thu: iiws of dark
and, what webit/Trish*, &vette to incur I discontent and wasteful fulness should
litigation. ,; One day a elient eama to him ',oevar cross the threshold 'throwing their
is a Atiolent rage ;,. •,; . . , , ,;, • 1 long black Shapes, like f tieral palls, icier
"Look a hero, Squire." , said he ,_,"that ' the happy ibung•apirite gifiered therti.--:
alieetnaker dOwn to the Pigeon Grove has, If you will, yOur,hotuti Oil be,a, , heaven„
gone suud'aned 'Me fiir the money for a and, every inmate an angel there. If PTO 1
pair of boom I owed bim." '" " will, you shall sit on.a,thrjitie.and he the
.• "Did the boots suit you 7" . presiding household deit,t.f a!, faithful
,i4oh yea." , , , . , . • 1 wifeewhat privileges, What iisistire•greator
' "Weil, then you owe him the money i than thine i ' '' ; '' , '.-
honestly." ;' .. -'' ' And let the Inisband 'atedi in ,
forget his 1 j
..course.": • ' •.' . ' cares as he winds around
,it narrow street,{
dcile'', why don't you pay ' hint ?" aud'AltfiliY, the soft . ; fig i t illumining his;
"Why, 'eause•the snob wont •and sued , iitilelparlor, aproading•its 'Ptsoious beaMs
me, and I want to keep him cut of his . on the: red" pavement befoligit. -The night
money if I'kin." ' is cold and &tearless, reed,( ',And the Du.
"It will °bat Yon''Roirtathing." • j °ember gust batilee with th kern skirts of i
01 don't , care for thit. ` How much do . his old overcoat.; and Matt ' )411h if rude I
you want to:goon with it.r, l hand and wailing cry, at ill ruin! hat that
"Oh, ten dollars will do.". . has served him , alloy a am' no his
,Ii ghta, ' a il ? woi 1, 0 , , ,, at , x to go been' harraseed, perplexo per secuted,
.• . ,
shag' and - the client went off , very well HO - haa borne many a 'cruel nne,, many- a,
Satisfied. with the beginning. ~ c old word, and nerved hflittelf utile an, '
,to ur lawyer next 'culled on the' hoe- energy so, desperate the his frame and
maker and *eked him what he meant by 1 spirits are weakened and pressed
inatitutinf legal proceedings against DI. I now his litobe oho wit! / eariness, his
Ell'ecti4 of Clyllitntlon on Heathen
In 1777,. Captain, Cimk found 200,00Q'
people itihabiking Hs declared his
eltfirtiate rather tinder than over the
acierk Theie were the 'days of wars, hu
tune sacrifieei, infanticide, and that ordina
ry recklesanuai of life which the in's:sigma.
ries profess "
to have, generally speaking,
cured. Aged natives at that time retinue
tier the high priest Tutiarinnor, who utter
ed the prophecy which the people caught at faro, mid ropput
now for its dread' pathos. It is ut this day
sung in . the depth of retreat, where the
missionaries can not overhear.
palm tree shall grow,
'The coral shall spread,'
But With shall cease.''
A cl ndet. taken just befurc'the American
Exploring Expedition was there. showed
the indigenous population to be 9,000.-
1 The MissiMtaries called it 'B,OOO. In .the
I Sandwich Islands, the decline of the perm.
latioit is such as history oan scarcely Paral
lel, and us every hearer at Eater Hall May
meSting Should be ',donned of, We are
told; not only by native . tradition, ut,by
.early navigators of the Pe • • that !
there were once bonito abinies Wherever
tliere was , good soil and water, and shut
the population of this gruup was tint less !
than 500,000, isior 4, under 05,000.1
Tiventy-five ago- r -withio the period
of strenuous tnissionary effort—it wits dou
ble this. —Wksntististsa lisviEW•
• Illaultkid his Attributes.
The horse has .
eight times the strength
of a man. Yet man holds the horse in
subjeminii. The bull can toss' the stoutest
Goliath on his horns. Yet the whole be.
vine race bows its neck so the yoke
which man imposes. Air, water, heat, colt!,
and lightuingull seem to be his masters.
Yet, be makes the wind his ministers, the
ocean becomes his play-ground, the sent
mer sun ripens all his harvest, the' cold
builds for him bridges and bigh-livays with
out cost, and' the very lightning meekly
travels along the wires, bearing his message
of business or love. Willy marl id weak,
but twith what sin opulence of dignity, and
power is his weakneeseountarpoised I Ae
the.radiance sun gleams in a drop of
dew, so in, the man's soul shines the re
spondence of the God in whose image he
was made. , •
A good Story is told by t h e New Haven
REGISTER of "Bishop ; ' who. WAS ' soot
down to New York with one of his patent
flytrap machines,' which makbli• the fly
catch himself by a revolving byhnder. 'A
butcher was very desirous he shonld let it I
going in bis'sliop, add in the course'or I . ilf
tin hour something lesg than a peck oflies I
had beeu “hived. 7. , The ;butcher weal
pleased, Gut concluded, as -. his •,, flies'
were all ..trapped,".:he :didn't wint'4hel
machine. '.'Very well.eaid - Biehdp ;' 44' tie
a Yankee, and.l.wen:t take att a r titrvantage:
of you by curiying'Off„'ybtir."o4,7r"Prid,
drawing the slidii iniclibelatiti Ishe,whoiev
Ini '9 - 4,1 1 ' - '
warm about the, tob c, ...lazes and,4 beat
retreat under, eeenr,efit little .the loudest:
, uzzing ever heard in that..siiiiiiity;!%' • , 5 • 1
~ . - V..-I
,r ,,, , • Vi , A ',..Wfalgt.d. J.)
brig Platter, just -.iniiied ' Veit' "Afr . es';
brought to Sale.ildasit:, several Vrinnster
analtes r -auttocadas ; . one , eighteen Meet
loug ! anti another . twenty•flre ~ feet, in I. '. A.- The szolVir7ertny:—The" old
length.; These snakes' when at liblriy i arei Lutheran Tennessee syntd, by' its dele
ritieutotis'and 'ilanierntis,', and Will sentC' gem, Hev.,..11. r-lgoirer, intimated., to- the
t ti '
animals of large size, and a fter or a s h`t; g lastMisetitiri synod, the all momentous
theen . Bo at to, break , all, their bones, will; inquiry. Whether the breid, at the coin
ewallow.them ..whole. The crew of Ifni:" munion ',able, Must be rot or br0ke0......,
Planet :report. that. the larger She of these F. The ronchismit they , finally. (alter, soleinn
euakes.h.a devoured a•woman ., and a child
,consultation and ail auipleand. impreseive
before it wps taken. :: On Saturday , last exeliange'ef opinion) arrited at, was .tlioi
they`were preparing to reedit with a good it was 'llerinstlox to break the "bread, tad'
sized. dog. , . • ' ' - '
' that irinust be cut. ''
avney said in reference , to several . ,, ; An Trial paper, descr i bing the, result
persona iil relations to each, other.l but. of 'a duel, rays, i , The 'one• 'party 'wee,
who' liaciftird :AG, Aitive„,quAescendimut • ,wounded in. the eitest,;ani the' 'bther fired '
Illtailit.eerttedltAttbUredileryAnllitsirfanz: in the air." (nit must have.been a id.
ily•te'hive'llii Children. I ' 1 angular dile].) . • .
I tl /
. .
temples throb with the Mu • at caused by
a too constant appliestio 4'lM - ileum:lig.
knows how to meet his W flwitli-a pleas-
Ant smile, or hit down eh ully. to their
meal which she has- provi much
But the door is opeM
thrown hastily off. A i
upon his ear, and the tone
glad that hope, like a Wifl
right into his-bosom an
his heat t. '
The latch Is lifted; and * * Smiling face
of his wife gives au mimes welcome. The
shining . Lair is smooth- , ,over "ter .fttir
brow ; indeed, she stolee 1 Iktle coquottii4
glance et the mirror hang tt in its narreit
frame just to see if the Iti ked,iiest and.
pretty before she, came 'titt,.' Her eye.,
Imam with love, her llressii:tastful-e-and
—what ? Why lie I:orgeVill4d . trials of,
that long, long day as •lie ' kis her . to his
.arms and imprints a kies ti i ; ller brow.
'' • A home where gloom is; . elsbeil,'presi
ded over by one who has aimed to rule
herself and her hiiiisehold, C,rititiMiiiyl-'-
oh rhe is thrice eiiusoled,fdit his trials.—
Re can not be 'unhappy, thatoweetest, best,
dearest solace his—a eheerfi'l home. - ' Do
you wonder that the:tuau iii! - strengthened.
anew for to-morrow's cared.) . ,
A Few Short Yeato--- , ASS Then
• •
A. few short years -'.‘tulti . *lt
• -Thu dm - 41 a life Lille
ilhaiiiiWOTit'ino IA WIIItiC
lu its milky I
A few short years—and then ,•
The . idol. lured tie best
Will pass in all their pride away,
• As sinks the 84 to rest I
A few short year~—and then
Our young holds may be raft;, •
Of every hope, and lied no gleam
Of ehildhoopl's sunshine Nil I '
A few short years—uud then
Impatient of itti
The .weary soul.shall seek on high
A better home than this
Effects of Worship on the In.
One of our etchaliges'it:iyi.'ini the
thorlty of Miss Diic, the philauthrepiet,
that atnong the bundreds•of crazy people
with whom her sacred missions - brought
her into companionship, she has not
Ittund one ititlividual, however_ fierce.. and
turbulent, that could not be calmed, by
Scriptureand prdver.. tittered in low and
gentle trues. The power of ‘ religions
sentiments over those,. shuttered .Soule
seems nitractilous. The airship of a
quiet, loving heati, affects them like
voice (rum heaven. Tenring and rending,
yelping and Stamping. singing and groan
ing. gradually subside Mtn •silence, and
they lull on their knees, or gaze upward.
with clasped hands, as if they sae, through
the opening darkness, a golden, glentit
Irons their Fathered throne Jr love.
• '
John Adona's Religion.
In Ow new hie of the secoml Preaident
of the United Stites, %Settle° by his gram].
son, Charlie% Francis 4datiis„ we are told
that ifohnldams devoted,hittisolf to a very
elaborate toommation,of the religion of all
ages and nations, the result of-.which he
i,umitted to paper in a desultory man
ner. “The tante of it vv,138 the forination
of his theological opinions very
,tituch in
the uniuld adopted by , Unitarians of
New England. Rejectini. with,the hide
pendent spirit which. in Bally ,life, had driv
en him trom the ministry, .the 'prominent ]
doctrines of Calvanism,, (he trinity, the t
atonement.' and election,'lte was — Content'
to settle' do wn . upon die. Simian itpan , the
Mount as a perfect code 'resettled to' man
by colors, thou mortal necliet t Further
he declined to analyze Oh mysterious na
ture:o( b id i n kos i on , lit faith'lle" lived
wttli ] iminterrupted, NMI! , .4ti it he
died with perfect resiglialen "
- ;'liessui; ,•woLyi—Thi, :Jut Antonio
(:ffxa!)„iferaid s a ys,thatal ge ntl e A t in co.',
indnig s oin al
,thirty.niilia, y leti t. n i,,, 8 411: 1
Aiiionick," hits ii, ' "liye" kid' some ei g ht
itiiiiti ripid.'Aihieit • itle'rnasl•lia'titoCk' tif I
heep in the same manna. as a.'elleperd's{
o g , g oin g nut• l ith-thenilts
. !lie 'intor n ii, g
nd ,returnin g ' with the at , ni g ht., : ,,,i,fi s
irolfship•;was eaptared *ion- young, lOW
fian been tin ined Olitirtheltsep." ~, ', - ,
..~7 - .~ i 2 ~~
I' !Emmett Stettfaatgl3,=-4110' Itegiatrari
General estimates that there are nearly .fnir
ty thtenand.different autoaraec iitlngland.
It is ditituated that among these 'hare aro
1 p3:0124 tirades bearing the nante,ofliali9 i ,
) ittid' 151.000 bearing the name of ,Toudi.--
t Tito Braiiths audjoneseii iildie'aro aupginr•
ed to include ahmat , ,half a tuilliira'of the
populOpa,,. 110 an , average it emelliti 0 1 / 1 1 ,
1 pprll9tl4l ;73 , is M,Spilll, 1,1e,,111 a J once.
I in 'lll e' Wilgarov, I iu 148 a,'Paylor".. 1
in' IB2ii:=Daiiies, and , 1
in/ a
l e l4 Brown:"
. A tivitig ' thti liit of neculiltr iiairt4s)iin 'tvej
P °tic* dm: fell exile g c-- , Alfeet ion,' A tubas.; I
tor, Allbencta, Awkward, liaby, Bolster,
By;: - (4fie 'talent° , t ;English r.angi.), Quinn%
mile; :Qpipsci, , 7 ,Baggey r, Eighteen, Entil;l l
Finieyi..Giti; l Eingflesh;lilltir' Jolly, KiCs,
L4Utu ber, flgutitile,.NutbfewtiotßeerpPeek/
et. Quince. Bubbit; Sautuary,.Totubs, Unit,
Vulgar, Waddle, Yellow, and Zual.—Cri
LOOK TO . Yous,.Ex.ANPLILL-417ery men
ought ,t? ttrit c .whut thp.iufluonee of toy,
exeinOtti ? Do
.you lentl A nien
~te ,reepept
the efaiiiatidri)ente tit 40d,?,
- The late Dr. Dtiekhurt, of the 'Onll ege
Chu relt,,Gleigow, Seot-land, w hen trivelieK
in,Euglund, • wag, enjuurning,in :utt .ittri,
When the pabbuth °line ~ round.. •Da en
tering the 'public room, and -ebeut . to set
out to church,- he 'fon .d two, ientldulen
preparing for 'mime of - el:legs. in li d.
dremed thew in worths to thiweffeet
Acientleurn..huve you looked•,up your
portwauteune carefully
.410. I\rhut uru there ihlevos in *him
the nverooa
Ot 'voice 'talk
rate so'i4al rind
*titles againat
Aouwer.—,l did not nay that ; only
wan thinking that if, the waiter eoinenin
and finds you waking frau with tho 'fourth
donitnandnient,'he way elitnk, qf flaking
free with 'eighth coin'nand won t.
~.Upon this , the gentionteri4,iiid; ierliete
aornethingin that," and an laid asidelhoir'
That wail deeidtidlra golierotni•hearted
young maw who, divided lUbeillUll or
ange bmween his sweetheart and tier
mother, and`on, being,advieed at thq
not 'to he so free' wish hie fruit, or he
would rob himself, replied in a dra wliiie
ione_—..o, no: thankee hrike a whole (Mir
each of you? it does me good ,to:eeel your
eat and enjoy it so well—and lissitles. it_
ete t robbitt thyself, Midler, for 4 love „go;
three niorein Foy coat•till piniket 1"
"Vv „.
did ytin !save °lt! onao Smith's,
so ehrly lasi night ' was the quostiun.
Why you see . ; I &Ilk( to see "Miss
Nahev.nod she wouldn't; Intvil'
to ' ln me. §ll , l
old mail I' ' ld n.e I lied heifer, grl. :And
silt onger. and (pen l one of !he
boys eatne'und took Ole to' the, dour, and.
gave we's posh; and thsti I 'thought' only
be my company. W. 181 1 .1 wnnted, and so—
I inn I" . • , • •
MOTH. -The we of a sainll r cluu nt it y , of
the hest spirits of itiepelitias,ie goof' ittfp
moving stain's' from elotC‘of all
,deseriptiune, umlauts also. li , a , itustr nyer
of . rumh. scraps of, silk •silturaleil
with the turpentine and planeli, ,wI4TO.
robes, CileSti br trunki, 'anil Wrapped up
among tifillen gemirally, is aiso
good guard against these 'Agues,
TOLEUATION IN Tuttittc.r-Since,, the
publication of the new law in Turkey. one
liundredluttl.•sis iOltriiititni , .'nfiurces here
hnen.yeliaired or constructed:- The) Sultan
algae cOßtributetl $5,000 to: one, building .
iii the 111und of thindia. in fact,..every
thingi is done 'hy hint uuditim.Onverninent
to conciliate' bid Christiati subject ; and to
improve the 'condition of thO empire'
Tit..ippED Hist.—M. George W. Stoll.
midis% near Puterahurg, caught
neighbor in a beaver trap it few intapinica
since. Mr. 8. had 'experieifeed ?madder.
able difficulty in keeping his waterinalonk•
gitiotly.ut.lioute u' uigloa t r end la (Ten
peaver truple solve th? inytitet7 of yhgir
tilsapriverance. Accordingly ho, net one,
upon the 'plan °fit tlnitigh
without teeth. In tile' 'tniwniug, ' instead'
of a thieving negro', be fiPtud l up 1101ileST ,
neiglbor,.feurfully, crouelpug over it—h is t, I
Imagine that neighbar'a feeling: I
Al 4 INOENIOUt tontiS,
artist wade u puitititig,its whictrati the ail.'
6 1' 01 0 outiuua of the earth were repret s eut e d'
to the peuuliur dyes, of their. country. 'ID',
stead. however, clothiug the Fr,etiuttitiati;
he' drew hitti iu hie . Shirt, With at bitioll;;of
cloth under big tirto. Beittj'at.lktitl itife
reusett,,hoyepliud, 't Tit o,Fruttob divas:Thetis:
selves so taauy Oiffpreut-wOr t ttud Amigo!
their flothious so ()lieu, that whatever dress
1 ittiouttl put on him; in short:tinie;',lie
would Hot j)e known ;.quvitig,thp ;stuff, iit;
way cut it to higilikini"
A WilliblNG. , -Z:A"We4diiig - iniiiiii Off at
the i ilout.howas.ohe day
, t ha, byi 454 w . sEi fou r tan autl;t het br in e.;
Artiout •soycn Dr, odd i years i cif.nge,“
Ikw ei43 ' both Clio one to ht r Gray;
Aiattlprerimnif at' !lie , ' nuptual heerettiOny
Ilnughter of thu poldgein lenian'! III: old fiti
the britka, yothur,-,-t.tjavatits (III.) fler-
Ani)TiiNa•—*wf4lingl94,pliteo, last
ivotilf;ai the Cotirt:li.)Use iu mie of the db,-
, tricts of this State, in which the bride *as
mil hundred aid , iweittje' 'ana 'the biide:
groom twelve , , years WC Both 'were iii
the prime of life. There iran . present artlic
- nuptial ceremony a son of the bride older
than the bridroom's fat her. --Churlea
town (S. C. ) Standard,
• : ri
• Tlie Irish giirdneili•deseribed 'es Ile.
ing requested to ,set :his inasteefr Watch
.hy Ant !inn-dial; when he forthwith. , •platui.
ed" it in tits ground close to it. • •
st, fo°twanOte 6 Pftleile.s l on a like-nr
rand, waSitnzzleti how t r itmoute his
colitmisslunl and li( ' ils
Pedestal btought it to him' sinister" Itai , itti
km could do it beet.,
The Comalei.
BY 1011:i o warrriot.
When Preedam, on her natal day, • .
...IVithiti her warroched cradle lay,
, n icon race aroma ber stood,
'lluPtized, her infant brOw with blend. •
'And ''thrinigli . the stenos 'that - round her
! swept, . • • '
Their. eutibtunt ward and watching kept..
, Theo, where thotiniet herds repose,..
The baneful roar of battle rose,
1. A lid' breth rim of a common tongue
To Inert . . !strife' at. tires sprung,
And every gift on Freedom's shrine
• Wn's moil for beast and blood for
Our fathers to their gntves are gone,
:•Thoir striftri are o'er, their triumphs won ;
; lint nobler conflicts wait the race
That rises. in their honored place;
"'A moral Warfsie with the crime
HAnd tblly of an eriljime. • -
So let it be. in anti*S . own might; •
• IV, e:gird us for the coming tight; • ,
: And, strong • Hitn whose cause is CIUIDN
111011/114 With Unholy Powers,
Writgrusp the weapons He has given
Thelight, the love, the truth of Heaven:
The adminiatnition border ruffians bad a
willing; but a very pone instrument, in Gov.
ernor Shaheen. His late long•winiled man
ifesto is a precious confessiou of imbeeility,
indecision, perplexity and inootopeteney.—
.1f it proves more than, big. it.proves that
poor Pierce atteinpted to shelter himself un
der the Wings of Shannon, while "Shannon
I considered himselfentitled to the sheltering
wings of Pierce. Gov. Geary,"uu the 'oth
er baud, Loving received his orders,' has
gone out to Kansas to fulfill them, and with
lout any squeamish fears of publio opinion
The Pitishitig Express fishes up the flie semis to heie entered boldly upon the
following Ottritentiolt fries a paper pub- 3 task of, making Kansas substantially a ilave
lisped in 1797,: . • 1. • t State before the Presidential election.'
On at psseagn to Jamaica, with troops I Our latest advioes from Kansas show
on board, a little boy. who was a fifer, sit- that Governor Geary is a perfect, Napoleon .
titt . g . ott egrittervin, by a.eudilea roll-of the in the modern democratic art of making a
rhtp, overboard and wus_directly swat- slave State of free territory. First, With
LlWed by n sharp. , 1 hook was baited.- the United States dragnons at his service,
pieeit'of beef and`thrown' over the he the armed border ruffiansiwith
stern, which was Belted by the *nark, aud the complimentary discharge of a volunteer
11,11e,11.4.4 presently hauled. on board. On • militia force, no lotteer needed ; then with
,the - shark. . , the boy was found !his drab roar Le forcibly expels Gen. Lane
witigiy seated between two ribs, and utt- ; and his armed defenders of the free State
eoneerned.'playttig a tune on the fife. 'settlements; and thirdly, he proceeds to ar
„ rest the unarmed free State settlers remain.
A Si - - itt. GIRIA.4. fellow wend
ago; thsooth lite in the Territory on charges of high tree
hin way short time
atin. Oar readers understand very well
some - birrnw passage. When be meta
r ye what constitutes high treason in Kansai.---
ty, modest gist:
~ . otat do . ou ; A fraudulent Legislature has enacted a cede
call trio, to _
tissr ~
~4 , ,,c ?” 7 .-- " 7 of laws of the must infamous, bloody, cruel,
savage, shameless and lawless oharaoter—a
t‘j3ti - uulii•e:pattage," replied the girl. ,
'code full of unconstitutional oaths; pains
am like then; " ' continued the- puppy.
R _;_
i l uain i mpped by an angel. .. and penalties; and the free bore Atnetroan
white citizens of that TerritorYweelp.efer
"And rejoined the. girL as she push.: , , .
post him.
~ ,o to..litsobe
angst...mopped the constitution and their rights un er.
li to thse, spuriousatrocious laira,. are
1 1 13 . asit!" - else-steered or denounced hunted
_ ....... ... eeueuncesi, huge..., arrinted
T,,, , ,,,, cc0 . o„,„•i ii i. in 0 0 ,6 . _,:wi i i iki and imprisoned en these administration '
,a, once it of same eitity'• or seventy miles ehargra of high treason . The frei . .State
'l e '
~ chi n , 1 eqo mutpsi e n d s • o ri a l wh im .. setders eay;•like Patrick Henry, • o lf this
. i. , t ! , C
make the' nin . ht of it,"' . and G9v.
eieure, raised aenually. and ofi" this 2.3 00 he "'"u•
l• "-- - ' ... t • ;•... -i 1 emelt- Gsmry a man of gentle is liking
tiO.ll ' were tient to e.ou.erthe last year, • • • 0 e,
while - somte -9 .100 tuns went to ch ic h i _ them at :heir word.
nett .„, .. , • ; _ . -- ' According to 'the lateat account* from
• Kansas; (in addition to' wholesale an:eats
for high treason,) a hundred free State Men
were confined at LOOOMpLOO OD still another
trumpery charge, the charge of morder;',
haring defended theratedves, their families
',and their property against our 'democratic
Preoiden t's robbing m a raw de re. These pris
e ' - oners were strictly gairded 1. by. United
eei„ln (me otthe !Orel tliftrseta a small
States troops, in a small log house, with a
grocery store hears,a sign with the "ow' bade(' field - near:the dont ter serve as
Mg inscription._.; • : 's reminder that they must net rile ageinstx
"Hot copy tee ginger and spentiabeer i their masters. Of course the• wives add
pied donuts biles' Egtepiipe
,fetes ;children of these primeners must take, cure
• 'alai aarsailea .lol6l,l Lair.' l 4 thenatelvis. At the aatuu time we , learn
Abet fresh eikd skimmed trinket -
;fret° the St- Lillis (Mo.) Democret c tii n g
r., r , • t ur " t 'e4 Pull? ajlh-, no nater._ . , _
Gnu: Lane, who won't stay put out, has b rat
rbken glue au' Chauatakm ,
•another brush with the border ruffian at.
. 1. in- puirt ease ' '' •' - r
• No ardent ticker kept hear." -' • 0, Hickory Point, where the ruffians &etre Owl.
.„• ---- tered in a log fort, with a Week flag raying
4,t - snat Tlth 'GREAT AS WZOII.--The
firm Roesiau news Over which which thee were soon compelled to
paper was published in change to a white flag, and that thil
1704. mid Pt ntr„,the Great eras its limier were only save d from a forcibl e eleputee d i e
senor •• The Imp e rial Amoevat co t !Hai • from the Territory by the intervention of
reek 'ptirt personally in its editorial cent - ;Ga. . 'Geary and a, iurtie body . 9f United,
' P"aillua• la”' ill correcting proofs„ " 41 P -- i St&has troops. A compromise was ihen of 'trent skeins- still'ilts existence on felted, the manta agreeing to diebend and
which are wares and uktiratioas in his own `go holm& .
•• • • :: • ' -• ' ..-- ''. ' 1 Hut this disbanding, lt further' app ears,
, ,
SYLLOOISTIC REiSONIIOI.-A writer in iis all alba"- The ruffians remain to the
the IV,,esttuiueter, Items-. for' last July, Territory - some of them vegaboudiaing
takes the poeittop ,that.,..denhee is. teed,
..'-and - plandering what little 8111,8race/two of
and offers the fullettriug legit in proof, the people kis been left by the United
of it: ' '• ' ' , ;States army — others, enlisting_ ac.three
sses„„diiie,,,,,, ~' ' '''' - '' •"- '" — fiiiinitlis' rolnuteers in the United Sta tes
.Alcultol id.ieree, l .:-. • ' 'L' '.• • .• •-- ••[ service. Mader ti th e jiressnre 'numbers ,
Therefure ateithel it food.'" • ••.• .I I the free State settlers, front impending star.
Alt. Muscly h e
_r e pj„yj eg .„ to _ ehh, g i ce , i ,:vatie m, are leaving the Territory; cud . Many
ileoshercsijkh ice _ e e„ e k tot o c ewe l engi h . , of Awe that remain—men,. women and
es follows ; '- -
bare /subsisted for weeks upou
41 fi„,,,i ..reua to pros .
' '• ' ' • 1 green curt and squashes -= neither flour,
__whi pp i ng ,„ h orde f ; r0 ,„ 4.; ....; -.- . • . i meal nor meat ()lane , kind being•left them.
, Therefore whippiug.a•hor ec h i br oi c e e ee rs IT') the settlenrof a new country their bor.
' '"
A aEPOWL:-.-"ile 1 eeesee invaluable. It is raking away the' aut ir. --- nothfia l' %Li right
boat of a frontier rob him of
given to alauder!".eaid a maiden lady tilanrf he. bo tie is rebbedeettler to
at once of . the
ill 'lg l i si ,i.„ l3l llaluall-' "Call Sour - 1- i; i lh•hiFOthittiful servant upon whnse serrioea. he
bol iota it Atone of malicious "lluaiall had depended for raising the necessarie s of '
ences report that l' hail twine- " • '.clad- i life. The admitiistration rultiaila in Kan
san," replied liis " lmilship,what Ir 11'44' wake it a sm, unden•land thig well; and accordingly,
rule to b elte •unlY• hall ui - what I, a - prinninent feature of their system of op-
Eali iadY.eQ•asiderthlY collfllatied.:- f emsione has been the wholesale steeling or
. --- .7 -- „, • , , t • .. : -•
Taking of the horses of the free State , set.-
4 i. not iseiy gathint writer of the prevail s tiers. accordiug to the official democratic
shay lsays that'ernihkee work is the an of '
- doctrine. of the Ostend manifesto. The.
g eenting' tiil be'elalilaYkal 14 r a long time. i .lissouri border ruffians have only applied .
00114 . 0 •PloduaiaitA i na'lll 4.l. 16 ' 'lea la: 1 *-,, to the horses Sit their free neighbors of,
ai llle•l'Or•ieikV.l.YlaYti'ili by: which Soling Kan -as the identical doctriue which Mr.
I'girls, hot!) , log
, 1119 r, art! doing romsthing 1 Beelin at i is pledged to apply to the. iellind
m's - Stull and elegant. are indheed •t.
..fritttr Pof Cul - a—the goini. old, buccaneering Idne•
hinny all the 'Mute ilav t Might geriere to_ , ,in xc -4 Fint i a ., i t from Silain . if we have the
:improving their ) tulnlll,.dhd leaking thew- - power?' - c.
- ,
setvet agreeable etnitipattrons.`l Utak this'prePitiensi Conjuncture of p k :
, i
- --z-------,-- '. - ...ratrme':thlik-"ifik-Itua-ii g h t pence y•ots rerable eircumistances for the slave State ,
idive, 'Auft,l ll t.•itiulruoisey," said a viltage !dentleraey of Kansas, : executive officials,-
attoritte,,,,(der,:, dte opinion rou had %di United Statile regulars and Missouri militia,
'"iiie." ••Fitith, I Hover had any opinion of; the fietober Teintorial elects to took pike.;
you in all my laic • " • , be d eace, as wee learn, the free Suite piny
. at Lawrence bad resolved to take uo part
in the bogus experiment of popular eov.
1 reiguty, .0 that by the and awonl, tied by
ribose other elpejlitig agencies_ of rubbery
;and starvation, e aesand inspriaeuwente, L.,
IsodAst: . tallot eteffiug and..perjured votero,
this Kansas Octu• ! er eleethal has gone phi. '''...
slavery almost utiaultuoudly. There : • is' •
nothing, therefore, retuaiutug to, prevent.,
the erection of liatibio4 iota a slave. Stain
ithrough the system of terroriiincblood, rah- .
helT and flwala -4 4" 1 •ILI , Pier/4.14d the'
rotten democracy, except the Aleetion
I • '
Plant - Mt' al our next Presideut.e„Hie,olol%,,
ttion, honorer, will pat a "Oeiemp . troy i op , •
to this policy of Ore:triode, ad iegosi awl 1 .
cootttitatign,.A.•..6llo:nild• t tintlaniWW l l
tights of the people to KUM* - sad 0 0 0. 4 "
iSotith, wbere the ptinstitalkin is eilwelte,llll . :.
mesh a deed ktier ae iv Kiwis. " ".._.
_. .
FEVALB 11 06 . 111i6.—There are ,at pres
tbt tihirty4 , i4ht female students is the
' CS: lige.
while,nftg ars have been mete& Ili
phmias li, practice as physicians . . and'
'hair Se'rvires are in great demand.
• •
autief , Was .remarkablv " Aare':
that haxiug, :stai•rrisett his skill un a Yery
slessf Whill had been hisbrrits .
ins.inisitile tp the nessrust and loudest unia
its2.sliii." "bag' tine liapioness beat slay of
herring from -per•husband in Saudi Aus
' Money seeliii to have a soixitifio hit:hence
end the inatiotiVe factiiiiiee. During the
loogi.yeara that. our patent office has been
wily live Labor Saaitigata.
ehitie.s have, been produced by men
'Weafth, atilt of these fire, or4 - is devoted to
fftt new . !node otamoking iobaceg"allif the
ocher toyr to.eany &airs.
A 110 Y, on beleg . told to . deelief the
cord "boil," boll, ctiose=
parativo boikjr, superlative bust."
. IA; '4"1.711
Ocrvernef - Geary Hurrying up the Wort
of Xaking Kansas a Slave
Mr. John W. Geary, the New Governor
appointed under the direction of Jeferson
Ikavis for Kansas, is pushing on his work
of making that Territory a Slave State with
great energy., He does not winceduatters.
He make* no pretenses to nentralitylepreen
the claims of conflicting border ratline and
free State settlers. He understand; his in
structions and knows wind he is .expeoted