Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, October 10, 1856, Image 1

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AT a ineetin ming ts of the Atliftrui
county:lanais] Fire lioutrance etaiiptiay,
Seta, !tc,185(14 folio wii4 Report, of 0417 op.
m die gnat year,
was submitted y tho , Executive Comitteii,
iidiipteb`by Ito IttiariVatici l iirdered to bo pub..
ou aunt of Cash and Notes on, hands ,
- at last pettlettlentlS9t. 1;1855, 11115 851
Cash Premiuti received the
, 745 28
Cesh Interest received lin Notes, ! , 84 49,1
„r !.„,. $2 . 546 IN
Ctrs!' year; tut per - 1
•'l'reaearer's Report' ;: ;- $7B
Cash paid,Treasurer ,Snlary,,
John Knopp, for loss by fire., 1
" U Joh nein hartc " " 3
Ntites ontstanding, bennng interest, 1938
teshin hands of l'ritasurer, 509
Amount of Property insured as
, . per. last Itepott, $664,126 66
Amount of Property insured du
ing the your,
Surrendered during the
Year, • 511,967 00
14pired during yw, 50,023 31-70,090 31
Ammons, of Preolium Notee as per
last iteport, $38,551 48
iwoun(orPlenlium Notes token
duriiig'the year,
14,988 96
453,540 44
Surrendered during the
year,l67o 74
Espired during year, 1,525 21 2,195 95
Number Polieiesaa per lam Report, 525
" " issued during yeur, 152
But:rendered and' Expired,
Policies now in force, ,
invctted, {dotes,)
in llu& tifTrco-surei
Premium' Notes uncollected,
. _
Sop:. 414418.56.-U
FIR 11.
The lasaa . elts le Nut 86604
.• ..7 . - 1 fir'•When'ihe rriiiiii, of Buchanan, save
'reflaunilersigned, having entered into . , ; .. •., . :. .. =, .:,.. •-•.-
. • , •
~ ~,,, . •,R,‘,,,, i c y b . ; the Beetling Journal,- call . she uppontniu
i piquirithip to divvy 0 the . Ont it !
:gismos .tinder , the firin.of , WARREN &.- l of ,Slavery Ex tension, "Abolitionish."'
SONS, thereby iniake'•known 'to the ciii- I .thev LIE, and they know it. The time
• 1.
acme el Adams and Adjointog counties, , has,gone by when the cry of ' , mad dog"
W are' repared to make every thing !
can be used to keep rogues in office. The!
in our line of business., We have con- •
stmitly on hand; the 'HATHAWAY and / opponeide of Buchanan are no Abolition
.other • ists. That faction has its candidate for
COOKING %TOITE%, I the Presidency—Gorritt Smith—and they
the Parlor airtight, end nine plate Stoves. , will Hopper!, him, or Mr. Buchanan. fre
of various styles end sizes, .Pula, Kettles'
ale willing to let Slavery remain where
and Pans. , and all other Iron. Cooking . . •
Uteneils,. Wattle irons, W ash ing IVlkehilies, ti es. We seek, not to disturb it. We
Ash : Owes, Boot scrapers, •itc. Citstines :say to the South, you shall bo protected in
for Mills, and other Madhinery:'PLOUGH , the rights which the Constitution, gives
CASTINGS of every description; k-c'. , you, and breed, and buy. and sell slaves'
'We make the Seylor, Blocher, and differ- ; as you please. But when your ruffians'
. .
en{; kinds el Wltherore Ploughs. We
litivelilte got different patterns of .
i att em pt to force elavety' into Kansas ; 1
i '
i when they determine to extend it over the
for Cemeteries, Yards and Porches, which whole unocupied territory' of the country,
. .
, cen't 'he beat'forheauty or cheapness. . and thus crowd out free labor, that is a
' 111Cekli this above article"' will be •solili nother matter, and a lt houg h the so-culle d
cheep for Cash tr. Country P I
- r " c° ' i Deniecratic party of th e North are willing
1r. ,,, reLACKSMITHING atilt con-1 .
inuedc. • to do your dirty work to gain your votes ,
BRASS CASTINGS and every thing ; there are free men in the North who will ,
in, our line made to order. ' ; not c i,, i t.
ed at shortest ' , Ace'. Being , Moulders
(minivan, west AI 'do our work Kuntz.
• • •,, - • '. MA RTIN .WARREN,
' ' •,. , GlitAM WARRIW,
, I
• Gettysburg, May I, 1855....:41
..._ _.
Geltysbarg Female Seminary,
TillUS Institution having now passed 'into
the hands or Mrs. R. R. EYffiER,
ed bj• her htlaband, the Rev. D. - lilYits'Ett, A. M.,
will comfitencelho Full term on the /burth
Monday of Scuternber iSept. 22, , 1856.)
The stadiee pursued ut, this Institution eitc
brace all those bianehei of tbe Mental, Moral
and Natural eieuces usually taught in any of
oar Female Academies or Collegeaof Ihe first
.'order, together, with the, Latin , . French 'llBd
Ciermatrl.tnguages, Music and Bra:wing:
As the Institution is designed tcitie s. Board
ing as well as a Day Rchool,' the' , Priueipals
are propel:ell to receive Young luulies from a
distance inte'Llidhilutaily4i aid parents and
~guattliaue; assured that „every ar
rangement WAI be made['dr; dicii`d6taroft.
" The' RA" refi dere oit 4 , and ibtelligen re
of the.cotnmunity, together with the reanarktv
/de sula,brity, ot:ita.,liftttr,contriliutto mike
(104114jorg a locahoia peculiarly well adapted
for an ,Ito4iiittrini '
stediem, and
seta euopa r see circular, or inquirer Oldie Frill
• ;". : • • • .
4431 1 ..raick4; )551.,=-4f
'' '' ''loght• TeectsfersiWanted.
gg s F Y;ool.D.fivi 'dili.. of butnberland town.
• ''.' : 'lthip.itill , ineef.a.'lhe hOuse of Bot.touV
, litttVi:it,' (Atty.lborg, ',bre Saructitty the 184
da!PotOctittft n.l x V.' he 10 tAlaelc, , A. Af.,10
•employ l'eachers for the Schools ofsaids twill
(4hiltr ti I • 11. , ', t a •• , . 1 • • • ,
' E ts he Ciionty Stiperitiie'rUlent'aill' be pre
•!}h'iletWeittuiiii`ta6plictinti. ,‘: .. ,'; ; .1 I.
etsl.:449w.r tul • ..- ~1,401;P813.441V.4,
3.1 EPPR 4 . 4';'.•771. . ~... . . , . ;
:aiatzemou , s wear ! .
CLOTHS, gassiTera,'Veatings, arid Abairla,
vv $ largo aupplry,:to whirl the attrntlarCof
ii , itiPitpdav•ifyotrdasira to ave, monist buy
*stilt ADIXd,,-.-DO you wani apretty dress, lofn•
XI acme shail, or any new atyle ribbOne, ar
ticles in our final' it eb'yolienn' fid..the ia•
vitratiftt miIf 4 IPV:i.ZIPEaMPs. 9 .7
• !.
•." . - 0
Fri ay, +venn 77 & Oc t 11, IF
hope we tnay find soma means 'in future
tf shielding ourselves froM Foreign-influence,
political, commercial, or in whatever form it
ay be attempted. wish there, wero an
eean of fire between this and the old world.—
FOR rrasuanr.
$2546 62'
200,1;07 98
$864,734 54
Vulva Stale autitCounly Ticket.
THOMAS E. CuCIIRA.N of York, (Whig.)
DARWIN PHELP of nrinstrong, (Amer.)
Sußvritoit UENBRAL
li. LAPORTE, of Bradford, (Republican.)
PETER M ICKEE 1 7 ; (of Daniel.)
$793,744 23
551,344 49
' 027
509 901
48,805 77
Southern tricolor° Sentiment.
ii r' Hon. Letvrenee 31. Keitt, a mem
o( Congress from South Carolina, and a
warm tupporter'of James Buchanan,' de:
livered a speeth week before last in Lynch. ,
burg., Va., in which this passage occorti :
"I am as much a lover of the Constitu
tion at any man, but when you, ask me to
luve,tbe Unioti, when my constituents are
not equal to the men who catch—
when you ask we to love the Milo° in
Which the gallant sons of Virginia, the' de-1
soenclants of Washington ,Jefferson Mad
iiton,!Alonroop and other distinguished men
of the old school—when the gallant eons
of Virginia are.tict the pour, crasy constit
uencies of Giddings and others of that
instep, God help me, I am against the
Union. I want no grappling at the same
cards with those fellows whose hands are
•gieased with black:grease. 1 been
as much it friend to the Union as any man.
I atu now ; 'out I never will admit that
they aro lour superiors. I love the Union
to rireasouublo extent ; trust none of
you,lnve it any .ttiore f" but, when I am
caked to. put my constituents, under ;he
feul i tlemination of, 'such net of Meek
r i rrne4 l . l l B Greely,,Suinner, Seward, Wil
son Chase 'anti Giddings , all, , 1 have to
say in, constituenta'subm it, lei
Thfs is, the tone Southern ionsofoon:lead:
era assume notof devotion to the•gnion,"
or of . tlitinetsumity of , its preservation; bUt
of deep attachment, to. ' , Southern.,
and to the, Oonstitution as they under
stand it. Southern Looofocus love the
Union to a reaspeable.exient"—no more.
How them citn„the.triumph of the, South
ern sectional candidate,' Buckauliu,st rength.
en tbs.:Union f Ititruth it , would great.
, ly weaken it ;.• foi it would keep hi power
and placer and countenance such
, fellows
ab Kehl; 'QuttruM 'Davis, Soule
• and Rhea, velto" are doing all 'in their
power to create an intense Southern feel
ing antagonistic to that: inform ~ U nion"
feeling which patriots Oosid have, but
to which Southern Buetuuma =Et lay no
E T TYS R F 1D: E B (.1 CI 0 IkEsil-iti0.,18443.,1
I claim witalever. Let the people iIN It lie , tense people
how they give encouragement, to Southern ..,. I. In — l 330, Mr. Such/man iMiiporlell it'
... , ..
plotters by electing theirlaviitite candidate. . bill to prohibit the greelation,ot Abolition
James 'lluchana n* ,:tti,. :the Itigitest officol . 2; In the al . aitte
noiiers thrnogh the inaili. ,: • , •• ~
ear he proposed and I
- within their gift: ,- ', . . '.. voted liietho atheist on tit Arktmeas. , - '
Mr lFlllmpregio ?million. 3. In 1330-1. h &Unuttered and voted
KrFor•)ii. l lhlinteiti w e s 4 ei 'l. 0 -
y • ever)
', •
respect and cannot behave he wih tend
liituselfah r aidlin bird He is,
we think, too honest to4.'et candidate fee
an office not with a hope otsuceess but io
defiiat a rival. This is the position, how
ever, that is assigned him by the Wash
ington Organ the loading. Fillmore. or
"Were the conservative national Amer
ican party to withdraw from the contest, a
schuotboy, who has learned addition and
subtractiou, could in one moment deduct
120 from 206, and show' Fremont!is vote
to be 176, and his majority over Buchan
an to be fifiy-six votes."
Now we ask any candid friend of Mr.
Fillmore in the North if hi
iolorth to is aware of
the position assigned him by this Sopth 7
ern Fillmore organ, and if he is a friend
of freedom will he nor consider it his 'duty
to oppose Inch a pioject. If, however,
you support Mr. Fillmore in the belief that
he will ho elected, then we can justify your
course as limiest citizens, but, for free
dom's rake, don't lend your votes to di.
vide and distract . the Northern majority iu
favor of tree soil and free homes, and elect
James Buchanan, with slavery, war and
eztravagam* in his train. •
OZ7' The religious sentiment of this (-pun
try was never called out in any political
conteSt. as it is in the one now before . ;the
people. It is making itself felt; sod there
are irresistible reasons why it should. Flo
so. There never was a time, perhaps..iu
any country, when so' bold an attempt rte
made to ignore the plainest teachings; of
the Christian religion, as is done at this
titan hy : the party supportiniMr. Buchan
au and Mr. Buchanan himself has avroW•
I ad doctrines which strike at the very foUn-
Alation of Christian itintitutienn. We qan
well see, with IlMse facts before lIA, why
the Christian - ieritinnut. of the -country
should bo opposed to Mr. Buchumni ; but
we ennuot reO how ,any, rum prples4ing to .
1 be.,soiowii•d ;ej'= tiese tAiiiilielV I religiuni
awl ipCCI:I:t 11), his inrfessirms, car! give-his
I support to the piratical, slarcry.extending, '
polygamy encouragiug; policy which looms 1
up like a mountain in the political position
of Mr. BUchanan. We would like to see
the man wh.i suppqris these principles,
kneel before his tnaker)io ask a hlessingon
his efforts. It seems to us that the con.
sciousuess of his own hypocrisy would
strike Lim dumb.
Pa The "popular so vercipty" doelvin e
some time since bald by the Locos, but
not non' advanced any more by their lend
era, we have frequently shown to be a "de
lusion and a snare." Gov Hetulin, in a
speech at Philadelphia, on Alonday, in re
viewing the Cincinnati platform, put t h e
absurdity of this doctrine iu a very strons ,
light. Ho said
"The next resolution says, the people of
the territory may permit or reject slavery
when they shall inve a ' , efficient number
of settlers, and meet to form a constitution.
This appears very plausible, but what, be
comes of the territory before these events
take place—it may bo 'filled with slavesand•
foluveholders. Well, you are in favor of
die Kansas-Nebratka 'bill, because you
here been told that it will give to the peo
ple the right to govern themselves. "You
belong to the territories? how do you like
' your governor ? In what manner did you
elect hint ?" "Well, to tell the truth, we
did not elect him at all ; Mr. Pierce op.
pointed Mr. Reeder to.govern ue, but be
soon left." "Ali ! yes, he had a little too
much of the old Jefferson. Democracy in
hitn: You elected then Mr. Shannon
"No, I sintet know that we elected hint ; he
alto was sent to us." " Well. you elected
your judges ?" "No. not exactly; M.
Pierce was 'kind enough to amid us our
judges, and among them a Chief JUstice
almost as good us Jeffries."" Well, you
have elected your Marshall and other. 'air
ihorities of coarse ?" "No, to tell you the
truth we had nothing to do with the elec
tion of any of the officers, nor with the
management of any of our affairs."
Approving: orlhe
• gePt
The Ciiminnati Convention which nom
inated James Buchanan for . the : 'Preside&
cy, edepted . the following resell:lien: thus
approving of the scenes of violence, rob
beryv rapine, and murder in Kansas, which
Pier*, has sanctioned and aplioVed by
redoing ittAdanything eo auppress tbetn,•
or to bring any of the'perpetrateis to jus'
tich'; and by his din declaratioite:
Beiolved,, Thai t h e AdMinistration of
Fraititliti Pierce has been true tothe
Democratic principle', and therefore true
to the great interests of the country ; in
the faco ni violent opposition he has main
tained the laws at home, and therefore
we proclaiin fcrOUß' UNQALIFIED
John M. Botta and Henry Winter
Davis ere bath boldly advociatiog free
speech in Virginia. - They exerriae the
Buebonen men terribly. and . the Rzylnif
ntr. the Buchanan organ. think64lo4a
should be Indictedflor treason
very in the Distrlipt fJntumina. ,
4,; In 1839 !mann for 4r. Calhoun',
Ninon' Reaolutiona,: , pfitting tho rights of
the States and the 1141 co Fedraf authoc,
ity; and spitting it Ai bethe duty of the
Gooempyruipprotecti, cuitimhofa the in.
apiutioni ilAe .5 4 (haft,"
6,' 10,1838—i6 iinl,4o" e • invariaily
voted' with Southern Seniors, :.against .
the consideration olanti-shoOry petitions.)
8. In 1844. 7 -5 hp asiv•anaads and v°tea
. . I
for. Telse i• the anneisti of
7. In 1847, he austainet:the Clayton
Compromise. - r.,::,.' • 1
-- 8. In I - 850, he proPoietl id lurged t he
extension sit the Mussouii Cloprosnis e 1 0
oho Pacific Ocean. ' ' i - ' •
• •-, •
1). But he proinpily actin seed in the I
Compromise of '5O,
.and,ent ityrthill his'
. . .
influenee in favor of ilmfaitl ul executim
Di the Fugitive Slave low. 1
10. In 1851, he renionstii l d against an
enactment of the Penh;; Legisla
nue fur obstructing the arre4 and return
of Fugitive Slaves.
11. 1854, he negntiatB6 pr the aequi.
anion of Ohba 7 -(till'ormg•,ooo
for it.—Ed of O. B.) -
12'. In 1856, lie approties If .the repeal
of the Allissoari resirtetion. Ind sapporr.r .
the 'principles of Me.. Viii:sits! Nebraska
13. Ho never g‘ve a we against the
interests of slavery, and sue r uttered a
word which could piiiir . iie oat yeniiitive
Southern heart.--Thch. Eft I
liter, Buck
amass Paper. - $ , 1i - 1 ,
The Dltrerehte•
serMr. Buohinnues file:i. of nation; I
govornmout are as fpilewe ;.
"Gentlemen, two weektoinee I shnul 1
have niade you a longer Spech, but now a
have been'Oaced upon 'pliform of wliftA
I most heartily Sp '
ero e od that I•en
ppenk for we. ug be opresentelixe
of the great Demforatie ar • AND' NO'l`
.TIIA.T PARTY. jimi'l dr l Io new plank,
nor joke One from l. 1 , f, piscluiin 1 ;s
loOpieolly,'brpsd, aptli,i !appal for ; rtlto
wii Il) - -
._ ~, e. tnocrayhipartYl'
~. : t• -,,, •,,. ~,?%; r::'
Mi.. Preinont days
l ''''';'6tititteure,, I -th liii. i ii:tiii.L'4 ln! ,,
('friendly call, itied ant le o iceeffic ibis
1 1,,
Y t
~ , .
enthumeastie expreseeio4 0 your' fie nitwit to
the cause fu which ie eng,tged.: ,Thu
entleusiteaue ,youleacquenifeatN, itc . d, i 41 , 0 .
k so ‘ undneel of the,caeleo i whieit it„isde
reeted, give nia
,grew cafedeoce . .i ''' "your
final add complete sueeci. 'lf I . ithe'Clec
ted to the high office toe wheelie your-par
thility has nowileated is I :will .endeavor
to adoieeister the Govelowat, AC'COlt,-
THE 1 ONSTITUTIthi as it wasietter
preted by the greets enetwie a framed 'and
adopted it, and in such i wily nit to pre.
serve both Liberty and XII ion."
The Columbia AS'ouili Carolinian pub
lished a *perch by din from which
we, make .the following at.rants as indica
tive of the treasonable. ail
Ll.PV.fig p ro .
penalties of " tun cent J iipty's" suppor
ters :
'• As to,my ptwitinn..lo.7 . How as wait
en 1851. a co.;operglatii DISUN/102V
-IST I I think it' bestio dies.ilve the
Government tinder whin we now live.
Hut in doing this there f a difference of
opinion as io the merman) be' employed.
I believe that something (s due mar sister
Southern States, who awe the same in.
terests at stake as we—';nit we rfilionld be
prepared to :lei with dna and wait .on
them. an that we may et4iptrate in the
disenlimon of this .1/AVIDLY diCCV;II-
" Mr. Buchanan. our e‘ii.lifiate, is an
able, dignified and conatirialive.atatesunirti,
and 1 am assured that. it!. cried, he will
be Thithful to .the South Moreover. we
should• support, him, bet. um be, stands
pledged to a platforM ineiplea which
commands the approbsiis •oI every, t,rrus
'Sottikerner: ' '• ' "•'
**Soon the 'great gueiti
deney will be settled, mad
Alnatil.ty 'l. November
found that Fremont is el 4
is plate. It is my delibe
we Mewl() 'on. thi! .4th•'
march to Washington, et
ni. the , Governuum RO
URY, and leave the coney
... , .
Ifir•The loot loteofoco rick, to get op
lan American demonewar n,` in ehiladel
phia, against the Union § to Ticket haa
proved a most disastro failure. Tne
thing wall'.‘tempteil on 'i i iieriday evening
of fast week. . lion Lew} G. *Levin be
ing Abe. tool or infant ineniof 'the: finche
iiiers2,tooccomplish the esilt. .T 9 the'
honor of the American party- be it said
that theyl set, their ;faces- povnimously.. •a
gainst the movement. , end , his co--
ailjui ors i 'uferes hooted - if I P In , r the hail,—
They were not permited tease the Amer
jean party for rot base e•purpose,, ...The
lmeolocos were beatilqulb? Ifoils4-:. , -.. •.
'twat Pioarrk.--Tkere is a' lawyei
doive East: tier'excessivell homitat• that- he
puta all him. tioweritota cut every
59 dotyruipqd is he that evemthing shalt,
have its ileto
Education is the 'AIM of civilisation; and u
its liB>ii PeauWes iho dark reue4Bo of barba
rism the scales fall from the eyes of the idols=
ter.and he throw s
.cy aw ay his idols,and arias' lip
thAlioNfta! -9fartan• • •
1 1 IA 1.1
Samuel. D. Ingham .fur,Frumont.4
LOtiter &One' tiltstsillsor ,Jcillek—
, • , ston'sCablissit.
110°'3 very large Fe# enthusiast le mini; i
iog cone off at the RePublicau 1 4 12( . 1 31 1 °r
ters'in Philedelpbia, qn Illoeosy
lleutynsimmu "as 0e11461,t0
~Chaird ; , ; 1 3 . 4
lion, Charles Oihboel owed to All. ,
mooting cunt. Hop, Samuel . 1).1,14101tim,1
formerly p. tueober of Gott. 7 feeketeee,Cabt
moot, who had betill itivitett to, mhiress, them,
Lied replie*tecl,hatjevitadoti 'otter Ye.
pecliating.the false peen/et:soy
and musteinieg ;the plinuiptcs Aucl coth
dates of thu pttrty. The, gun
of air._ foghere read the ;letter, as followaq
TRENTON, Sophouher 24186 k
Chakinati•Riintblicim:l3tate anttniitte.
DEAR 'Silt have' duly 'reeetVed
pure Of the 'l7th lost.; inviting my :Alen*,
dance et a, Kepuhliean, meeting ill ^Hi J r
delphia ou Mooday evening next, or,if
cannot, be present, tenant! you ntior WOrds
°ten eon ragemeht. to t 1 71 W Who are' litatir:
lug to promote the return .of:the Federal,
Goveroment to the principles of Washiug e .l
ton and'Jefferwin. inflrmitiiia - of lige
will prevent My!'enttiplialieo.with' the:for
mer part of ; the :retittest.r.und • b o,tioub t
weaken the force, of uny notnply I
wnh the latter.
I have long
ceased' to take any atitiie pfri't to political
affairs, yeti ur the 'momentous issues 'now
presented, I should be unfaithful to:the
dictates of my judgment,.and tho conscien.
LiOUS Coal9 , lCtlepa of q , , soietttl- , +duty, if I
withheld my aid that, be , thought
11.4eful in the trial of tire great cause pow
beforellie :Ode' atleis.
tore termed'and ltrstiituitio'l to Aid . litie of
the beat govern tnetits iknovitt• the'werld,
and it has:pleased' Alatiglity,(„inci to 'bless
,this uutiouapparonily more ? than soy oth
er ; !‘ we aretharefOrtr''b'outitl the meet
t ions AA they.ltave*4nen hooded to
us, and resist, on the threshold ov ary, tat-
tempt to interpolate on the setthAl consti
tution, of our-political charter false! or oor
ruptir.g doctrines and
Ou ore side, of tbegreitt isstiebeforo Ile
,the'rlght - to slaves in all the mint°.
ries o ftire United States is elitithed hy vir
tue of :the , lOotratitutiotr.'ilf , ' the'United
:Oates. This elide' 'Slag IS 'OOIIStrIRII4VO
•ppWSC7ApPIOSSiki lO-o',Thttowitis,
an incidental powers nor in , the , ; ohnis;
those necessary and proper for the °semi.
tion.or the graotbd'poWer, tier' hive Ifs
focates perstanid in - ati•atterupt to 'derive it
from •an expressed;'
moaning of, the coostiturion. r: They SAW
clearly-that .this would ba impossible, ,and
have flow 'rested their claim! on: a alrigei
Inw," , eiidt;avoring - to' prove that "Slavery
is lite Into-mei . of the kibbrink,
mon, strhether ,whitc or black t'' and us is
tieeetry ,cori!lary from th probletn,they
deduce . .that the great erd of, Ntlrtherti
free Society, is that it is burdened with
rerbile - aet. of -mechanic/ cud `laboriis; un.
fit.for self-government matter and slave
their , relation in 'society,. as fleetetearY de
that o( parent and ehtid, pod the . Northern
States wilt yet have to , introduce ; their
theory Of self-goye'rnincht is a 4.leitt•
Such are'the doctrines and !prin.
eiplea sow at work undermining the very
foundation of a political system devised by
some of the ,hest
,and wisest , wren the
world has ever seen . ; in promote and se.
cure' the happiness, of all witbiu its dutuial
will. not insult yt)isr understandinglby
intimating dm other Fide of, i chu, nrouniont
in this great cause ; it is familiar to
The whole doctrine crf frsedmit, is de'di t ed
in the poliiicutlitt•tittetions of-free States,
ialninlee•on a sentiment tact cc4turnstio
argumeat to suppwrt ; but tlsere.are nth.
er Meatiest:al fssues which are el Mit loss
priciirtdimporiance than the *hairnet. &ie=
winos above referred to. Itafiwo Nib el6o.
non otPresideurPierco, the great viumnion
which hati so arm' threatened- to disturb
the harunirly. ottito 4tnericna, people, was
nettled satisfainurily to a largo majority hi,
them. North arid 'South. Nathan:a Can:
ventiuna of. both the great ' didip
couvenciltbeforn.:that elrotion, Ihad
solemnly pledged theirvoustituoncvngaittvt I
all fin erre agitation of the slavery questinn,
The Presidential
,elcutian of 1.85i-mut
'placed on this foutidatiMi by both'iniities'i
and thirpresent Chief Igagititrate-tista'sie
cially, chosen .uuder: , itillyenco of this
.iinpsoie*eolopact, 9uil acovraance , ther,e,
with, when about, to. nialto his appoot. to'
GOil, is a witness to the sinettrity,r this
'Oa% 'of 'fide li ty 'ilia ^trust; lie pledged
himself to the whole American people that
his power wetild,a'ertind tolirevent
further agitatiiia on this diatrectia.g and
dangerousleeetiOn. Catiany one•conceire
ittu •pleage' snore 'sokintn. or that • could
klitive been , lands woreirteveeably binding
.4 ban this, voluntarily sgresid tupost lay sit
,perkiesottnj nuiveraally approved tits great
tneasuse of pul'aits.gotalhuil a greattiation
it lileining.
I if the Prest
on the *elicited
xi it *ball be
Jed, our zourke
to 'opinion Ali
'Diareh next,
ze th?•arelvires
Me TR Ed S
tienceit to• God.
The -prialiimi of . .. Charles the ',First to
-vhaintain the right of:Petition,- the , vinla.
• -
htton of which cost Iltwitis , hoad..could.vitit
compare in imposing th that
which I'Vesident itiatter on the •Ith,
of 'gar" ' 185 g
Can the history be erttlited which will
(record the fact that, ie . less than nice
months (rout that tiute,, lie ,ha,cingageil,
a conspiracy ..g? accomplish in it's most ob.
noxious form whatliy had thus promised'
! - to resistl- That he -not only used his 'of--I
power'to effeot the repeal of the LAlts
.tolltriCompromise, and curry slavery into
.Iswless violence, but that Ito
Catered into u conspiracy for that purpose,
is su,ceptitile of incontrovertible proof.
• • Paw ti Aid:Waco -vas P.resiiteitt• of - the
'Senatc,-78: At Pipgla4
'the Lou: matzo on aerr4ories. Who int
. 1 ; ,:e ,t
I 'bill' leporied ( for the organization of NO
beaska ents.sileur as tciAlio iVliossodri Corn
promise. . The ennapireey, Was not then.or
ganixed.. , The : second,, hill contained , a
rlechiretory clause 1111/1 the Missouri Dom.
1 Piotaise had, lay tueants of some provioas
i legislation, become inoperative. 'This fri v
' °loud disguise •wa.s, tin thinbt. the ati g ges ,
lion of *owe timid member of the conspi
,probably (.leveret
,Pierce. "Con?
science mekes, cowards of ` us all." But, it .
WllOllOOll eiptistl, und t h e tuning manager
--Douglas ,-- was obligedit to give the off "
a new dress. • -'' ; •-
Then, fur the first time, the doctrine' of.
rale It ter,sor,oreiguty Was introduced, and
anew clitu.e repealing the Aliesouri Coto-,
promise, sae clothed in a unneiog phrase . -
ology, full 'of effeetutiou . , of great regard
for,the right of the inhabitants. of
rite to make their own institutions. '
• , Tint plans w.
.of the conePireters seem now_
in" have been . settled, and, they' three , off
'the mask. A Wiliam, having
,Ileft his seat
lip the, Senate t was busily .. couiPli:iing his
,organization of Blue Lod ges of Brigands in
Itfieseuri, to, fermi slavery upon Kansas 14
Tito l'reildent of the United'States was '
exerting all his power to aid Douglas and 1
'his associetee iii' repealing the Missouri
Cmnproix.in4 With it prefessed desire to es.
fablielt itiptittereevereigniy iu'all the ter
ritories.' 'The, liove'rectint of Afehisen,- so
'Arita 'the truth could ho drawn 'out'of the
reluctant' witeeseess 41,r0" 'fully 'detailed in
therrepert of IlteCongreseiotel committee
sent to Kennels: • ' ; -
• .'but if well to notice - some of the
tiokineetnig 'Hoke between the movemente
in Missonri.ond those in IVaenitigton.—
The linvernor of K 311141114, true to hg trusti
denohneed tho inbasion of ECnian - byr At
ohitiott Inn! , iris banditti, driving:off b; 'vie.
tem:twilit: judges of eleetion, taking pokses:
Bind of the polls; tniiking uew frutichise
Iniei to trtiit, 'non.resideuts; and bringing
, .- .
voteni from a foreign State -toolioose legis
littera for Kansas. - - - - •
"AM/dean- du turn denounced the Herrero
or *the Pret4tleut, 'tied demanded' his Te•
moval. The Prosidetity,peiliEllii mill trent'.
blimiiinder the -burden of Iris , pledge, -or
*deemed by A tollisonte .Pieetical illugtration
of the Senatorial pauattea,,••Squatter Sost
erelgtity..." hesitated and sough t 'to -atloid
thooresposibility of air act so bold, -by. -get
thig clear of'diteGoveitior by other menr.
die•flattered,' coated. tried to -hitt mid rte,
end -filially 'to buy him off with a betittr-of , '
heel but all in vain.; his integrity wtreibi
'flexible. but Ambisou lmust bo ,obtstoti,
'cud m frivoldue pretence was sit-zed Mean
to lati'r.C,Stai.the plan.of the grand conspil•
ritfOri.-,....wit",.Colreet. emoperanutt ' last,,fie,!
'Weibingtort <,' efidtowmritsuttnitaeirxestriedt
and' Vice President Ateliitiontitl. not
'atop' here. Work bad been. prepared in
Kansas fur •tite coitus. Tito territorial
jedge Ives suspected of being , too high
leinded and independent fort the -bittiness
Atchison required, and was also ''removed
and untitheruppotnted, Who fully answered
tthopurposeithr, which he waarchosen, and
'whose name "will'li'll '.a niche in , Anutrieun that-beet:tided by the. um
teriinisJeffri-ye in English history: '" '.•
' • Laws had - (melt -passed - which' • like
Musa Of ' - Orton, might be said to 'have
been- writtetrin blond. To, beguile;- pith.
lie opiniomP the- hue 'entlery of law.' and
order was raised by:the same bands , Wlni
lied tikere possession: of dm ballot -,•h0x,,,
ofKonsas, driven off: the .4hr-ere-anti legal ,
'veleta with revolvere and-bewittlitives.„ 0 I
`''fit., , . d
ncoinpasse by - the se dultagesi. the I
eimls're; in- puretinitte Of `a general 'notice,
toiseitibleil :logeilier to : devise . the 'best
mode of relitiL . 'l'hey proposed a-form of
government its ' tini;formity- with Il ;1119i10 1
Silligplid'by'tlre people 'of Mee Torrittliies,-
Mine "'organized' as Klima '' ' Provident
d'ieree. in thefaeeol these 4riiiteetlents, and i
theTtinatitution of the Hotted States. its:
oraireedihni Voreeniblege,i.convetiedlor a
redt ess of gri;eaticitii;ltts treitionable. 'His
Ji-ffreysian ; judge now cangtr, the , sound,
charged hie grand,jury ~eactirdingly. and ;
had. a number of respechtble inhabitants ,
of kitties indicted for treason.' JIIJ UK oil
Itiloili Were eiresMtl, and ilta've been' Ina- I
priptieed.' . under '. a military - guard. 'for I
menthe. but now released -mi.hail—tlitm
'llPklloWledging the falsity, ef the charge, as,
treason is not a ,bailsblelll4llll.44:
' 'A i•-i..iiloiti lfeets wanted it) prove th e'
cones/Vett anion between' the Prettidenf '
entldtie comumspirator ? . Ilannk at,sherif
tit:Ml proclemetions fror.o, Witeltiogion,
their, thinly sliegnised -but pa,pidi, , M ale
sign to deter ib. people Of, . Kansas ;from
' tlue earertteh inn - their rights. 'l'ilti' Beth
444 -gives, io -Gov. "811entoitt to direct, the
military forms of the IMMO Sistea`4i, l l 'a
discretion,--Tbeiremployment 40, Make'
arbitrary.arreets alter ilia lumpier of, those ;
i:liteli ilited'iitidti 'the Ilikliie of Pselic—
'Phe eitiptoyinio`t tiflereigii" - br4ands, uo
der die . trixsk title Ol - smelled toihin. to
Wee/aide-the great- high wey of: the 'West
, strobou the , transit at umigrap te .seeking
41110 UV on /Jotted . Suites land. ` in with
;44; w .these shinige, the ihdietinent ',if . lil
4triniing'l4lice situ hotel by a ghtutl Juty,l
and alit). seminary punislintettu 01. bum I
by burning withotit a
_trial. , Wutiltl. you' l l
yet ede to ca t ty, of those iiidiet-,
mothsl l'lii3i set inti-.)t titan have' !Mee
'Mute in - imitation of •thaco; who ' seideo-
I ced a- swum.- to be. iranielied Mr-towing
htliett upon 1r aim. At the tttea..sitoe;
, lion, the,tt intlicto k ente verrd exeddlolt the
• Sown vf La ortdoen ut a sailed, 81111 the
pettplet ruitWti Icy nklett faincitto police ex.
eronotterv. .: Notlionieltt with' their. Out
regrs,• prowling bregunds Iroot , the Blue.
Lodges and froindistant „§teles „Nam in. ,l
cielgentry ericoursged to ,s-sti*e through
the 'territory, robbiitg, linnititttig,e:t . in lour
, tiering in cold blerid; . torpeacdhle Inabit.:
ants, avowedly to exterminate theta front
the and. underthe hue, awl grief abedi.
foto of "law and, order," ditty, t h e / au ,
at order of Missouri invaders
,adioinie- ,
toted by Judge LticoMpte Sod' executed
by Atchison. -Appeals iti tine President
Were lissWniroa by aeletwitee lo , iiseprotee. ,
I hum of tit ote, .*Werc,. li: hi Wa...llltt. eorlllY--00,1
gravely referred to as tie , y, nf t nSwAsn 4441,4
PitIMB L 3l,
Onion coder' When under din 41:lenses
the last invasion from Miawnuri, the people,
of Kansas seurti special deputation to the
President of the United litates,ihe not only
!peremptorily refused them any relidf, hot
!illiquid them by reproach, lov having med. ,
died too much with their in @dnjons it,
stead of minding their own bitsintiai,niean
ing evidently, that he had proVidid for
their institutions., through his confidential
ifhnd, Gen: Atchison, and it a ease
offence for them to interfere - yritirhin4 atui
gr0"1.9 .Pre 6 9 l nPti9"e fur, melif!R,ltPd9
their own drudgery",to attempt to fentii
et'itutii society
in its °natural and tio:mal condition/ 1 "i
When the. Presulont•matle'this rtiply to
the .Kansair deputies, he tiinet have
so absorbed in the linings of the eonspiratiy
as to have lost 'all compCnct;,ons reinizis•
conceit; fie was eo determined upon the
ezeointon of their_laws, that hopreferredto
jeopardize the whole military appropriation
for the rear, rather than forego the employ.
memo of the army ; to , establish the Atchi
sion,cnile. The facts i !nide thuiiiihrerted
to constitute I.ut 8114101 part lit , the
potable 'evidence t hot might be aidducedii?
toilablish the chirge,uf • ce.nspiracyrimong
certain WO (win two iietes of
,our national
prominent, to interpolate n'titlial isod diti;e
eonstriietiiht of; the federal eotieiltutieni.
upon a point ob foiirful. and vita/ ititarest;
to Accomplish which soleine4iledge• Isere
been o, 'yioloted, ,; und , mea n , employed j 4
which the:reat 'pritwiplea of demorratin i
goverostreni ;g hare been •Wholly'eM retuned
and disregarded, and an' actual camp tlt4tat
atientotetl, snore abhorrentio dreftoen than
anything ,ave have been from , infancy
taught to comlettin in the imitievenienia of
the old Wbrld, '.• ' • ;
To those who have been. Iraland,'is I
(have been
,fr nap Iry ; youth, in fl
~( 10!CintiOU
10 , IfeU/ACTAtie , principles , m the enet:rem X
have thaw .oerenrilv 'fircsioted to view
'meat .cause Qdt141101Tal : pain, 'at , well el
alarm, from tbeioudhe•exclushre deviate/ cif
high public .itinrrtionaries, placed in power '
by, and 'reputed an represent, the Dcanoe.
racy '.ef'dhe United States. We haite
cherished with artlettorlevotion the beady-
I.oleut sertiiarting in dile tern),
iliac deeignalds a graverrimene goad° ;by die
gietiplOifur . ..their Own good ;!.but how
writing 'hi ver.y siticere, ardent, ;patriotic .
Berpocra t,, to he cortapelled in See his duno.
honored.patrity mic,firrarithoted, , vot only
uu itttf, ;(febfrUction of, s3cred` ,
triglits. • but to the egiablialtoritntt of tine.
Irtnen'autiveisire of a' democrat'ic eharfer
'itself. There are caucy datioiples,uf,eor.
men en who, relying on the ;prestige of
au imposing . powder name, have used t. -
AN C i i et i tle . prpietei iberp,llllllllEpUrpe•
could have hue toned t e
that the paint *
DentataideY could he 'Jibes - effectively a.
. , .
befiell-before ite'Model keptiblie, abound.,
ing with every 'thing necessary in 'human
happipess, ,vves eighty, years old ;!•
But, all is not 'yet lest. If itigh.a
ills have prirtnituted niaiiie and by vile
ninelotirifitote betrayed gas,' We" have' Hill
princiPlue to stand upon, • !rem 'whieh: we
eon:make battle at the, bollot<box, and re.,
Al,tke back the ennspirahrrelo n , harntlese
.lettretpeitt. iOf -the catulithatea , hoftare the
people, I have little:to gay. Trip treat
rqbestiel' a . . to , he ilecitled•li4vitie of prineiple
may. ' Mr.; filuehanrin .atantlii upon the
easpeplettorin with Franklin. Pierce. anti
is so pletigell 'fay,
hi, suatpuntere : te
,•carry ,
' out mediures, aitti imperially. the 'Plot
of the emispirators, In are the thotstott.
tiou'of the Unitell'istriterte carry slavery
allot.; anil.tlrive free labor . out nf ell their ,
territories, ihat,un testi he possess
rrtic nature.el Beattie., he ennunt ; rem :
pond to the ~i lertiatulti of a free , beiatocra..
Mr. Fillmore iv, .probably, n'. welt dim.
posed gentleman.: 1 know Tufting against.
him, ex , ;(nu,iiii reengoiiinn of the right of
certain' State' 40, revolt if they shotild,he
th4ealed at the
. polls: or if he did not
mean to reveh,':is he did not say the word:
he must Irave thought of a soap treat, se'
halt, since 'been suggested •by : Chews:
her • Brooks of South , Carolina. Romt,
I of, hi.' friends seem to have
. a vague
ideit of this powers (if ronipromise.. but,
has nurime ventured to Fit gge•it the - terms?
Will they give part of Kansas up foe's'
slave mislay°, and reserve the rest for free,;
•nom ? Neither side will. commute ono
•iiieli In'auch terms, ft Is A settled point't
flint 'Kansas must he given, up' either in
shivery or , freedom. end who pretends to
guess, what:-Mr....Fillmore would do ,on
wueh a question., , ; • • .. '
Ur. Col. Fremont I have will lOC, in NW.,
It i. apaerted that he is too, young anti lay ;
exi-erieheed. As . to Ant flrai ohjeetimi.
be ,ta even, ,heyonti the are when.ribe ablesk
eturinnst suceessful' men the wail& hie
en r sects began 01.4 1 achievements. As
to.the errand:be will require,oply a clear.
bead, a tliseiplined mhiq, a . steadrliettil,,.
eif hones. a pu l 'stout heart, to An el ! - the
,t,,i twit 'she nniton rail deiti.”i d of him. 'AR .
illes%titualiiies have/it : pen tieptirtfed In
by sinoparti.o now:news. • We bi l is' Chi
, folittst irlirsnre in hi h,iatnyy, of theta
iesiity. Thus armed, s
And, standing on a
platforni of,simple construction, ' founded
on it rock; unencumbered . by any' deii .
sine toylike:twat abstractions; .a n d' pup.
purled by' an unflintiting , phalanx of frs
Democ..ucy and staunch RePublieanislow
&I have any judgement, of the causes that
enlist Pffociivel'y operate on the minds nr
AntriVette: he will be trinmphandi eilet4:
ltd; Intl tia.triampbuttily lesd this Repub.
lie tutwerd to its glorious destiny.. '.:
With great coheideratiuu, ,
s. D. IN(MAS I ..
The reeding ,of Mr, ,Ingitain't, , letter ,
was fr'ellner.U.Y PIWPIPIe4, Pr ,IPPlmase . , „I ,
tid,at its close, thrre entintstattlk ithoofs
""P,giveil for 14 ilimr,
, .
' Xhirfui 'ti l e
k r
otl i hiiii t tired iii64";e , sit wt r ti 4ippoli .
(told .4 Reins . u .
. ._ 1 - i ii : I .o u
aiii 4 , it iii i i i . ;