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vitum xxvii.i,
. .
WISHING to retire from the farming and
V , V milling business, I will sell at Private
Sale the following valuable Real Estate,
known as : • ,
situate about one and tiltalfinito S. West from
Ltlestown, Adams county, l'enn'a. •
No. 1.;--3 4 2' Acres. of Mead
ow bottom . of a superior quality of red gravel
soil, well adapted to timothy, 2000 bushels o
litne'havitti been put -on it. The improve
inctitit ate - a LAHOH -- AND VHBY•. HHAU
MERCHANT,MILL, Saw Mill, Coop'.
et. Shop two Dwelling Houses, n.
Store R6ont, two Bake Ovens, two
Stables, three 'Hog Pena, Lime-kiln, ; I ;
and all necessary out-buildings. The
Mill is built upon the most modern and impro
ved phut. The dam and race lire not our
ranged by any. Four County roads centre ut
thiis 'Mill. •
No. 2.-37 Acres of Slate Land,
very susceptible of a high state of c,ultivatiou
8 or 10 aeres of which are hearlfy timbered,
with about 10 acres of meadow. The
improvements are a large nod very s s s.
complete GRIST MILL and Dwel- 1 1 ; 1 1
ling House.' This property ad
joins No. 1.
No. 3.—A Farm Containino
-150 Acres mostly the red gravel soil, and pro
duces well, .10 to 50 Acres of which are heavi
ly iiinboted and about 20 Acres of meadow.
bottom. 10,000 to 12,000 bushels of lime
have been put upon the land. An abundance
of fruit trees upon the premises. The
impiorements are a Stone Dwelling g
House and Kitchen, Smoke House,
a large Bank Barn, with Wagon
Sheds, Corn Crib, [log Pen, and all necessary
out-buildings. This property is alio a port of
No. I,.ttndl known us above. There is not a
more desirable' property in the county than
LOCUST GROVE, either separately or to
g* t ier. Call and see it. These properties
will be sold separately• or together, as may best
suit. purchasers. 1 will sell on accommoda
ting ternis. Any person wishing to view the
property will please call on Edward Stable Ik
mg en the premises, or myself in Gettys
Aug. IS, I 856.—53
N . pursuance of orders from the Orphans
1. Courts of Adams and Cumberland Counties,
will be sold at public %Twine upon the premi
ics, 1111 Ifetliaosday Me 81/1 day ff October
urxl, the following described Real estate, late
ttaactilu S.T. , •”+. de c 1 1, to'vrit • A true
of land.situate nu and adjoining the village ot
'Whitestown. Iluntingdoti -tlwnship, Adams
Colinty, adjoining' lauds of John B, Group,
B. Slivers, the Chestnut Grove Fur
nace ptoperty, and others, containing
140..)cres more or Irmo,.
HoUst:, Malik Baru, and other ha-
Ciprovetnent.4 thereon. • The land is tir l
goisl quality stnd has been extensive•
limed, it is well supplied with excel
lnt Itater, Lid has a young orchard of choice
'fruit planted thereon. also a tract of
sittutte-abont two miles from Whitestown, in
upper Dickinson tOwnship, Cumberland Coun
ty, ndjuining lambi 'tte Nieholus Mullen. John
limner "end ntherit, containing 10- Acre!!
Inure or less—this troct is about wile from
the Ilendersville rontl.
Mao, a tract or WOODLAND in Dicken
son township, Cninberlund Cottuty r about one
mile from; White4town, COntaining fi ACRES
Inure or less, adjoining lands of Simon Yetts
and others; this lot is well timbered with Ches
nut and is convenient to the MaCISLCIII Farm.
On Thursday fheUth daY'ij' . October next, a
tract of Woodland situate in Nienullentownship
about 11 miles from Bendeisville. adjoining
lands of Elijah l'enruse, George Adonis, Jacob
Rebore null others, containing- 1.0 - Aert4 more
or less. There is public road within 200
yards of this lot.
Also . , a tract of Woodland in Tyrone town
. Ship,. Adams County, about 1/' miles from
IVbitesiown, adjoining lands of Solomon Star
ner, George Harmon, Daniel Slosiar and oth
. era, containing 47 Acres more or less. There
is a public road :twilling . through this tract
making it very easy . ofaccess It is intended
to divide this tract new:Several lots which will
bo sold separately for the convenience of pur
chasers. _
The. Sales will commence at 10 o'clock Up-
On:mich day, When attendance will be given
and terms made known by
Aug. 29,
-rar"Carlisle Volunteer" copy, and send bill
to this 01E0 for collect ion.
purauanco of ariortfer of . the Orphan&
COuriof Adams connty, will be offered at
,;Public Salo, upon the premises, on Friday
the 3rd. day of October Nom. the Real. Estate I
of Nicholas Bushey, F.sq., deceased, consiSti rig
'of a Plantation of tract of land situate in' But
townshiP, Adonis county, and adjoining
lauds; of Abraham. Fisher, lianiel D. Vitt,
John Stiiinour, Jacob Shank , Ma - others. con
'taitting'2.lo ACRES, mote or less, of patented,
land. The improvemeata are a
large Frame and I?,ough Cast •.-
DWELLING E, two sto- i s :
ries high, large Barn;stone and - • _
'frame, frameepring house, with a never fail
; • ing apring, wagon ailed and corn crib, log shop.
• There are several. eprings of water on the i
,•farm, two orchards -with a variety of good fruit.l
-There is a sufficiency) of good timber, and ai
portion in meadow. ho lmildings are situate,
0..0n the Napalm re and about one mile cast
. • of.Arendtsville, and in a pleasant and eligible I
Sale t o commence at 1 o'clock, P. M. At-
stendance will be given and terms made known'
- A.B4AJ3AII MICKLEY, Trustet‘
-By the Court—J. J. Bammts, Clerk.
Aug 2 2 2 w 1856.---4 d . '
J 3 p •
of 'Mitt ERS is invited to
_le to a , very auperitor • artier. for drying
which can be bad at til . times at;
Jaw rii 18543:
" 31 ! WM
VLL be sold at Public. Sale; on the pretro
ises, on Saturday Me 20th day of &plow
IrE'r next, the Foil= late of -- Joseph Coshun,
deceased, situate in Mountpleasint township,
Adams county. on, the public toad leading
from the Two Taverns to Oxford, five miles
from Gettysburg, and 10 from lisnover, con
taining 221 Acres and 140 Perches.
Theimprove ;punts consist of a TWO
Bank Bain, Wagon Shed,Corn Crib, I ;
and all necessary out buildings. A"
Young Orchard of choice' fruit, trees of all
kinds, a first rote well, of water at the Rouse.
and at the Barn-yard. The land has all been
limed and in good repaii. Any information
respecting the farm can be had of4OSEPH
COSITUN residiror thereon.
, •
August 8,"1850._4t'1.:..::.-
Salo to commence nt 1 oh:lock, P. M., when
attendance will be given and terms made known.
TIM undersigned; Executors of the lest will
and testament of the Rev. JOHN E.
ALBERT, late of Lritimore.tOwnship, Adams
county, Pa., will sell at Public Sale, On Fri
Ply ihe 3d day of Wokr next, his well known
farms. The Mansion Penn, containing about
' Acres ,of Patented Land, situate in
said Latimore township, on the road that lends
from Deardorff's Mill to Carlisle, adjoining
lands of John. A. Zeigler, Jacob Stitzel, Jolla
Martin, and others ; the north branch of Lati•
more Creek passes through this tract.
There is a well finished two• Story
STONE HOUSE, with a basement
j 1 1 ; 11 Story and cellar, a large STONE
• BANK BARN, Dry House, Wash
House, Work Shops, Spring House, Wagon
Shed and Corn Cribs. A never failing Spring
of excellent waternear the kit Chen door. An
excellent . Orchard of choice fruit, about 10
acres of good meadow.
TIM other farm adjoins. the above tract.—
Erected thereon are a TWO STORY WEATH
ER BOARDED HOUSE nearly now, !viten
ble log barn and other Out Houses, an Or
chard of good fruit. Some meadow, and mere
could be made. This farm contains about 100
ACRES of Patented- laud. These farms- are
under good Chesnut fence, and there is a full
proportion of Timber such as Chesnut, Oak,
and Hickory, and well watered by Springs, and
the arable ground is in a good state of cultiva
tion, produces Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Clover
and Timothy, in abundance. Stile to com
mence at 10 o'clock, A. ',L., when terms of
Sale will be made known by
.TOSIA H A LBERT, 1 Executors.
August, 15, 1856.—td
Irrt HE above Farm situated about three
nrUtUM au
contains about 44 - aercs
improvements arc a double log and
a a a frame II 0 U S E, weather-boarded,
" and a large brick bank PARN, and
other out-buildings ; two wells of water near
the house, with pumps in. There is an excel
lent thriving ORCHARD, with choice fruit, and
a variety of other fruit, consisting of Peaches,
Cherries, &c. For further particulars apply
to the subscriber in Gettysburg.
reThere are also Fitly Acres of Land ad
joining the above property, that can be bought
at a titir price. •
Aug. 15.—tit. A. COIIEAN.
at least 20 per cent, cheaper than you
ever bought' before, rithember It is at CO•
BEAN & PAXTON'S, *here they are:, to be
had in great variety, consisting of Gent's and
Boy's fine Silk, Fur and Slouch Hats, of the
latest style, all, colors and sizes, White, Black
Tan . , Blue, Drab, Fawn, &c. Also, a lam
assortment of Men's and Boy's Emu Calf, hip
au' Grain BOWS and Shoes, Gent's FiuoCIA
and Patent Leather Gaiters.
careful, Ladies, if -you want Walking and
Yinti Dress Shoes,Such as Jenny Lind, Bus
kins and Ties, Ki and Morocco Slippers— al-.
beautiful assortment of Ladies' Dress
Gaiters, with a large stock of Misses' and
Childrens' fancy Gaiters and Shoes —that you
find COBBAN &,PAXTOWS, at the
east Corner Centre Square, before purchas
ing elsewhere, as they have by far the largest
stock of Seasonable Goods iu town, and are
determined to sell very cheap. Take cars
and keep a
lookout that you do not mistake . the plate.—
Remember COMAN A; PAXTON'S New
Store, at the Old Stood of Keller Kurtz.
Gettysburg, March 4, lSs6.—ti
W received ItTl for sale the largest, prct
tied, and ch ea p k of
- -
;hat has been offered in this place atany time;
May are all our own make, manufactured out
of our own CMG's, Caseimers, &c., &c. We
*save Coats' from $1 to $2O; Pants from
58i cents to $lO4 Vests front 62i cents
86:00. . -
Boyle Clothing in Great Variety.
Clnr stock of Cloths • consistiaf Blue, .Black;
Olive, Brown, Green, Drab, Claret, and all
- other anima Our Cassimers consist of Black,
Brown, Steel mixed, and 'every variety of
Shade of fancy colours. Also -Marine Cassi
mores, in great variety, Plain, Plaid,and Figov
ad Cashmeretlo, Tweeds, Jeans, Drab Detates
Silk Warp,. Alpaccas, Black Satin, :Buff
White '
Plaid and Fancy Marseilles Vesting.
Call and ape us, if we cannot fit you we will
)like your measure, and make you a garment
m the very shortest notice'. /faxing the very
- hest Tailors constantly at, work cutting , out
- Ind making up, we do things up in the neat
'33t and best manner at the SANDSTONE
FRONT—and are hard to beat. •
April 4,.1856.
• ETTER of Administration on , the,Estate
I 4 of GEORGE lIELLLER; late of Ide‘
/ellen township, Adams,county, Penna., de•
ceased, having been granted to the Subscri
ber; residing in same township - , he here
by gives notice •to parsons indebted to said
Esmte, to call and settle the same ; and
those having elaitns are requested to '.present
Otte* properly authenticated, for. settle.
•,: 'JAG() DifkLE, ..4dtter.•
Atir. 22. 111511.—Hi;
• •
Entircitot4 Xmortnttitt.
AD.. BITEIILER has added to his former
• stock of Goods an unusually large as
sortment of Classical, School. and Miseella•
li eeus 17s ,
embracing all the text 'looks used in the Col
lege Common Schools, and standard Classic
anti:ors, with tbe recent popular publications,
constituting a larger assortment than ever be
fore opened in Gettysburg. Also
of hlTkindii ; Cap, Letter and Now -- Parr, of
the best quality, Envelopes, Gold rens and
Pencils, rezelit . tires, Jse., with a large ausort
went of
Fancy Good*,
to which he invites attention, being prepared
to sell at unusually.low prices:„ - -
111$11-I.le has also largely, increased his
stock of—
• -
Drugs and 41/11dicineii 7
which can be relied upon as the 'beat an die
Stir Arrangetnents have been of 'by
which any article in his lino of business can be
promptly oidcred from the city.
Gettysburg, Nov. 2, 1855.
AT BA M 8 0 ;etti
IF you want a . suit of READY-MADE
CLOTHING, complete in every respect,
of the lanttstyle, and cheaper than they aim
be purchased at any establishment in the
County,—call at MARCUS SAMSON'S, op
posite the Bank, in York street. I have just
received from the Eastern Cities the largest
and best assortment of Goods ever, offered in
Gettysburg. hi offering to sell better Goods ut
lower prices than other dealers,l simply re
quest purchasers to cull and sway themselves
of the truth of my offer, by a personal * exami
nation of my Goods and prices. Buying exeltt
sively fur cash, I can buy cheaper and soli
cheaper than any other person in the County..
My Goods are made up in the best style by ex
perienced workmen, and cuu't be excelled by
any customer Tailor. My stock consists, in
part, of
Coats of WI Sizes, •
prices, colors, end kinds, made up in a supe
rior 14innner. Also PANTS A:si'D VESTS, of
the %test and most fashionable styles and
every kind of good , : suitable for Spring uud
Summer wear; also , ' .
al CAD (1P01:109
and a largo assortment of Gerd/meth. and
Boys' Enraging Goods, consisting of ex
tra quality linen bosom Shirts, Suspenders,
Gloves, half Hose, Collars, neck and peck
sortilieta.Or Ceir
justing STOCKS, and various other fancy ar
ticles, together with Umbrellas, Trunks, Cur.
pet Bags. Hats, Cups, Boots anti Shoes.
DM./ nut also prepared to sell wholesale to
country merchants desiring to sell again, Ready
Made Clothiugakt en es mat SATES THAN CAN BE
SOUGHT IN THE CITIES. If you doubt it, call
and examinefor yourselves.
N. 11.• All'Hoods bought of .me will be ex
changed if they donut prove satisfactory.
Gettysburg, April 11, 1836.. •
Don't Condemn it but.try ti, it cannot fail
Foi7 Man and Horse.
'Copy right secured according to lnw.l
THE ELECTRIC PASTE acts upon the
JL Muscles Tendons and upon the whole
nervous system, removing torpidity and pro.
ducing a ficaltliv!action of the. blood. There
being nu volatile matter in its composition, it
remains inaction until it accomplishes its
work. It cannot lose its strength . , and is al-1
ogether harmless, its constituent parts being
entirely vegetable. , . ,
What will it cure ? Ke answer--Rhea
rustic Pains, when everything. else'"fails,
!Cramps, .Cholic, Chilblains,, Burns, Scalds,
Sprains, 'Lead-Ache, Tooth-Ache,. Swellings,
Bruises, Sores, Ring-Worm, Tetter,StiffJeints,
Contracted Cords; Fresh Cuts,DlceratedSores,
and all Semfitious Diseases 'where: external
remedies can be used, Sore Throats * - Stiff
Necks, &e.
What•il will eure for Horses and Cattle.—
' Sweeny, Spaviu, Fissulas, Poll Evil, Wind
! galls, ulcers, Chelic,Sprains,, Collar and dad
! dle Galls, Stone Braises, Stiff Joints, Yerdige,
Splints, and Running Sores.
tel. Fur calii - at the Patent Medicine Stine
of li. A. ltockafield *b Co., General Agents,
Lancaster, Pa., and by A. D. BUEHLER, Get
tysburg-, Pa.
Var None genuine but those' bottles having
the words''E..C. Allen'e Concentrated Elea:
tric Paste, or Arabian Pain Extractor; Lan
caster, Pa." blown on the - bottles.
ipar•Lool out Or Counterfeits. Don't for
get to askfor .ALLEPt.`..
`April 25, 1856:—1y
1 1 >S8 GOODS
TORN HOKE has just received a fresh Sup.
0 ply of SUMMER. GOODS, to which , Ite
cults the attention of the public. • 13q "quick
sales.autlsinell profits" he is enabled to fur'
nish Goods to'tho satisfaction of all who call.
June 20, 1656.'' •
- - .
Tilkl cheapest aud best assortment.
cloths fur sale at
Diputr;luEsw?ant ifi : o he c al a
a s:l2d fashionable
April 18. •
CALL. au& see the . neiv style of Black,
Brown s Lilac and Pearl Etats at
• ' ' IYi W. PAXTON'S'. •
EWSTOCE of Ready-mude Clothing, and
I.N a great variety or Fancy'rticles at
N extensive assortrnent of IRON and
Ilk. 'NAILS just receiued at
DARISOLS, Vulbrellas, • Fans- - -stialcs .of
titan---64 ,
Is there anything in life so by
golden sunlight, as it falls like
on our paths? Is it not a joy
that when in two young and, .
gleams the glow of fond affection
der, is a fautasie--take it, it is yo
Through the gothic easemen
Through the windows old,
Gleams the light of Heaven—
. Beams the sun of gold ;
Bettina the glow of summer,
Dancing on the floor
On the autique chamber's ;
Te saelated floor.
Sitting in the sunshine,
Neer a cloud °fa
Is u little maiden , ,
Full of grace andlikir..;__
But.she 'waits a — footstep--
Waits to see a shadow
in that golden light.
Hark I there is a foot-fill(
On' the chamber floor, '•
And there flits a shadow
Through the open door;
Waiting heart is beatiag " •
With a wild unrest—
, •
ones are meeting--
Reader guess the, rest.
Sitting in , the sunshine,
Iu the glowing light,
Would you wonder, reader,
If their Imam were bright;
Sitting in the sunshine,
At the chamber door,—
Two young hearts were happy,
Would you wish them more.
Speak Eury,Vath
Charles run to his father,'‘ .
lily engaged iu a vexatious pie
and without thinking of the p
his father's mind, naked him
doing. The father, more t
with aloud voice which had a t
sion,svplied : . '
"No matter, go away, usy sox"
Charles recoiled !rout the ettited pa
rent, and-with falteriug accents
"Speak easy, father," and ;eft Pie
father with a tear in his eyo.
— now often is this rebuke needs:din -the
domestic circle, where emphatically, "a
soft answer turned' away wrath, but griev
ous words stir up anger "
Not unfrequently are.parentsatortified
and sorrowful, •beettatio passionate words
and deed, are dieplayed by child:oh anti
U7Olll itt inaturer life, bring these to the (ISt.
grace uf, the Tebbe critninal,. whoa this
developtueut uf depravity was only 'the
fruit of seeds sowu iu young' hearts by
"grievous words." '
",peak easy, father," and mother also,
soul, or the discord oft — a" heart unstrung
lerever.--fimerican Messenger.
Ilerjainin Franklin lit his Gig.
It is now but a century ailiCe Benjamin
Franklin, Postmaster General of the A
merican colonies, by appointment of the
crown, set out in his gig to make) an of
fieisl inspection of the principal !mites.
It is about eighty years since lie held the
same office under the authority of Cong.
MI, when a small folio, (now preserved
it the - department at Washington,) core
tabling but three quires of paper, lasted
an account book for tWo years. These
Eimple facts bring before us, more forci
bly than au elaborate .ueteciiption,.. the vast
increase in,post-uffice facilities
,within a
}e. • if a Postmaster
Gebeilil Were to undertake to pass all
over the routes at present ezistingot would
require six years of hiressant railroad
travel at the rate of 125 miles. daily ;
while,if,he were to undertake the job lii
t an'.old gig," lie would require a lite-elute'
for itspertormace. Instead of a Small fo
lio, with , its three quires. of. paper, the office accounts-consume every two
Beare 2,000 of the la:gest sized ledgers,
keeping not less than one hundred
, elerks
constantly, employed in recording trans•
actions with 30,000 contrac tors. and other
Fifty cents
One Dollar.
A PILLAR oti It'utz.—At *Couch the
following uaturat phenomenon is described.
.resideuce was a stone's throw from
the sea. Conceive tuy astonishment and
surprise on repuiriug thither to gaze on
the beauty of the waves; and to watch, the
sun' which was emerging from the bosom
of the water, to see the latter, iustead of
rising in its usual circular form; assume
that of a pillar of fire I 1 doubted the ev.
idence of my scones. and I should searcoly
nope to ho believed, bat . thou I Owl the
ancients and Agatitachides in particular,
have mentioned the same phenomenon on
these coasts, where they observe, "the sun
rises like a pilar of fire." JJord 'Valutia
also Peaked a similar appearance at Mocha,
where lie saw it set in like wanner.. We
subsequently saw it assume an elongated,
but never agate so completely whitener 'a
figure. We could not but think of the pil
lar of fire which forty years gave light to
the Israelites in the wilderness. _ ,--English
rrarizz . Goon.—"Freitiont ran off with
a respectable umit's tlaughter—he is a
thief !" Spunky' 14011110 m iu reply—
"He bud. Utter steal a wife thou live a
bachelor !" Slave Democrat iu re-joinder
--"1f 'you wean to insinuate that Buchan
an Mut married, I can,tell you that he
married his Country over forty, years ago,
and has taken gooticare of her ever since."
Republican, iu magnifieent sur-rejoitider—
"Fremont did run MI pith Tom Beutou's
daughter, and nest November be will run
off with Jim Bucha n an e , wife, old as she
is V' ,
If a Vrell•breil woman, is i mitated in care
lees costume, she does nor try to rdodge
behind the door to tonceal deficiencies.
itinilwei else nun red sad statimer cot
failed viettees.She remains . calm and
se4ottesseA, and Makes up in dignity
what she may Want ia decoration:
1% is asked, how can the )aboting man
find titan lot self culture'? ..I answer, that
an ettruestpurguie findtrume.
~ . .
11 SV4' T BE 11 19, 1866.
In the-Sunsht
,'MI as the
leasing up-
Fly akin to
ent hearts
lere, rea-
.re 00
4i-he wee
tie of pus-
. Jones.” .
The Nev6.lliinipshire Statesman says
"there has Win no time since the struggle ,
with Britain tregin, 1776, when the cler
gy and religious people of thin State were
so aroused es now. It is unnecessary to
say in which direction their sympathies
tend.' Of coarse it is knintiecessu.ry to
say," for every body full well knows that
this largo class• are not office holders or of
fice seekers. The y are peace'-loving, in
dustrious; intelligent; law.abiding citizens.
Very many of them have been identified,
and have rendered valuable service to the
Democratio . party ; but that party, having
ignored the democracy• of Washington,
Jefferson, Monis/patted Jackion, they have
repudiated If. and are among its strongest
opponents. Inillustratiou of thii, a capi.
tin anecdote is told of one Idaho& Jones.
Ichabod was a piobeer in one of the now
settlements in the Westsru country. , He
built a log cebie, and "tura a penny"
and live'easy, he put a sign, "Tavern
kept by Ichiboti Jona: A traveller,' fa-,
tigued by ..a long dare journey, reached at
night fall !this 'plate of entertaiument. 7 -
Ichabod was at the door waiting for custo
mers. • The Traveller accosted hith and',
said "Litedlord, my horse very tired
and very hungry ;prearielegive him eight:
'quarts of oats. "Oats,' said. ; foliated,
"oats ; I don't keep' oats." "Weft , " said
the travellet,"if you. have got no o ats, give I
him a. good bundle of hay." rep
plied lambed, "hay; I don't keep
"What do you keekl," said the traveller.
"Why, u.
.don't y0..50c," pointing to, the ,
sign, 4 Tavern kept by fellation Jones.—
/ kei p tavern" The traveller iliotighe
there was a stint chance for•his horee . ' and
lie inipilred bow his own wawa could be
supplied. ..! , Latidlorn," said tud
weary and hungry. I, will take. for, my I
supper corn bread and common 'doing4.l
with heat and eggs. "Him said eggs"
rejoined Ichabod, "I don't keep him ,and•
eggs." The traveller, noulllitso,
angrily, "what do putkeep ?" 4.KeeP,sii;
keep; I told you I )Keep tavern. . Sly Pi&
says-T avern kept by lehithier John; Z.'
So there are hosts of ur NeW Hanip
attire and other States, who Alive all their
lives noted with , the Deumeriits, who how
say, that the' Democratic party ,is lilfo
the .tavern kept -by rehabod,
Ask thew to allow, 'be prineipli of .Uf
forson' teJacksoti, arid they reply we don't
keep them:now. Well, what do you keep? ,
I)on't you see the sign.? We keep De- -
tuoerneY, We keg! the love of the ePeils;
the Inv* of office, and the love of the rieli
pickings, but the mincipleis 'of tium•honcir:
gtlDennieracY we ignore-and repudiate.
. rio ,thieds,the true and only; roc;
all quarters from ihellenitie - ra`firiiiiMi
Honest deinocrats'say: the name of the par
ty ()idyls left. noble 'principles. of
the party 'are absorbed-in slatlry
Sioll, in sectionalism, and in a ripacious,
unscrupulous. semeibliog for office. Is it
not so r We.put to Oilr , honest .ffeuto
eratic friends, whether the .presont Demo.
cratic party have not repudiated. the priis ,
eiplei and the' polity.' of the . party under
the lead of Jll4/19011? It is etioftessisilit tic;
and it winos be Awned. What
then, has ,this bogus-pasty te \ tho,support
of honest Dennem.ts
, ,
EtwaitnEascre.--rerhape :there
is utigreater oor more eloquent, orator, in,
this country than Edward Everett. At
the dedication of the 'Dudley' ObservitotY,
on Tlimisday laat, at -Albany. - he made the
dedicatory orations, in which the folletving
eloquent passage occura
"'Such ia Florence. , But among, alt Its
fascinations uddretoed to the tense, 'the
memory, and the heart, there was none
to which I wore frequently gave a medtta
tative hour during a- year's residlhoe,
than: to the ,epot whetre Galileo",cheeps
beneath the wnrbre fleer of. Saute Croce ;
no building on which I gated with greater
rentrettee. than I did upon the modeat
mansion at Areetri, at once a villa -and
prison, ill wilich that venerable, wage, by
.conituand of the loqtrisition, passed„ the
sod closing pons of, his life. That was
the house 'whale, says. Milton; (another
of those Of whom tbo werld 'Was not'Wor
thy,) found and visited ;he famous
Galileo, grown old---a prisoner to the TAP
quisitien, for thinking ou astrououoy oth
erwio than as the Dominican. , and Fran
ciscan license..s thought.' Great Heav
ens!: what . F tribunal : what a culprit,
what a crime! La Uri thank God, toy
friends, that we live 'iti the nineteenth•
century. Of all the •wonders of. ancient
and modern.; un--suttees and paiutiogs,
and jewela.and manuscripts, the infanta
tion and 1113 'deli,ght of agcii---thure was
nothing which 'I uclieht with more nfree-'
tionate awe thou that poor rough- tube; a
feW feet in length—the work of hit town
bands—that very" gla”". through
which the TlltflAll artist ytenda the
'At evening, front the top of Fable,
Oe ih Voltlarnu r to descry new huithi,
lavers or utounaaius, in hbr sitooy
that poor little spy-glass (for • it is tituree
ly wore) through whieh the human eye"
first distinettir beheld the malice of the
Ul6'oll—first aiscovered the phit.vde - ' Of 'Ve
nus, the satellites nf Jupiter mid the stimu
li% handles, of• Saturn—fin.' penetrated
the dusky depths el, the hea%eue—firei
pierced the clouds of visual error, witiat,
trout die creation 'of the world iuvolved
Iht: system of the universe." •
. .
A ehaplin was one a class
of collegians shoat the lormatiOn of bad
habits. "Gentlemen." said he. '"olnse
your ears against bad , discourses." , 'ri t e
schalsra immediately clapped their 'sande'
to theirears, and the chaplin Immon rath
er funny iti bu piactieal a demonstration'.
The celebrated artist Who cwiwed so,
naturally that tho eau rose three Trouts
before its time. has recently► finished. a
picture of the moue ; that ie• painted . . with
'such wonderful fidelity to natUre. i *heti it
can't be seen itt.tiay nOlO4
• •
, • 4111,- ; ‘1ilLI. 711KX )111*3 MS.
0, why should vra vote for Auchouan,
Ii & Breckenridge why should we gu .
'Are tfiey any better than Douglas,
• Or Pierce and his Stringfellow crew?
No y therople in triumph will thunder--
Froth inountaius and pruiries t to sea
-our Platform is .Precdom for Nuns a :!.! ;...
Our motto "FREE 11011 ES FOIC,T4E .
Ofd Ifuck's an old fogy, a blue light,
Federalist yrt he remains,.
All the Democratic blood in his body,
ton 4 ago run out of his 'reins
,Will Democrats tutu to be Bud:Mils;
A iarty of tacktails we'll sec,
Our Platform is Previous forgansas 1 •
Can.poor men forget to rememuer, .;._
Wltti.old Duck was willing tit greet
The s t:y, when Mechanics Auuld• labor
, r !
Ft. 4 ten cents a day, unit no meat ?
Ho may take in his horn nod forswear it. ,•
Can lie blot out the ? Not he,;.
Our Plattbrui is.Frealom.,ihr Kutisus - •
Ohr Motto,' "FREE 11.0.11 ES FOR ; filE
FI.fEE f' ' '
0 l the free working men of rho lintion,
eau think dutlwill act for thunishltres!
They slaughteilild Buck for his
And let them . DRY UP on the'sbelves:: . •
And thu Break in' bridge soon will bu broken
A . 'Kentucky. ruito 'twill bh I
Our Platform is l'reedom jor Pivot 1.
inotio, "FREE 1105-tES . FOR* THE.
FRED. I" •
0 who lais forgotten the sYanderi,
Tho.libels of Adams' day—
Of bargedo, intrigue and corruption -
Set afloat by , old ;114tiptiii.Clayl,
Then hoW can pin 'Tow fur But:lnman—.
Old Whigs can, you riiswei: it ? Say , f
Our Plattbrin is Freedom ftir Album, 1: •
. Our thaw, ‘, 4 FREE HOMES` FOR THE
b'REEr • *
, .
. COL. Firetnosill
The Charleston Couriet lately ottil s
ell the following conclusive ittitctimuce
, c • • k_
Groin the rector of ati Epitieppr:l Church
in that city
' 6l
?lr Preiititi''si
religious proleasion is, a matter oi
anal Juive been 'questioned by iudividuahr
both et thetititti Whether the
reeiirtle ol Epiet;u•
pal,thiurch - tic tine city , contaitimi any
on this 'Mint, 1 lkitiby state,
that upon ;14 examinatiod of tie register
do not tint! any record alit; 4ptienii ;
but I found the thilownig fact; recorded; 1
believe, in the; hantiwtoting of the late
Itishop Gatitideit. the latit rector of the
leant' church.
"On . the 27th of 'June ; 1827, of St.
phAili!s Guligregatiol..wa6..
aw tOttleAp t i
u i wel ; " i ire *
outi-e,taitnuitivaat." , .
tether Mt. Ftbsiont eae becnitil a
conoilinticant in the edict Episcopal
Ohara 1 aiu Uhablit tpasyi• Kit it malts
reinemberiid that.lii iiiity-niitti. years hair
elapied since peiied confirma
,Witia the vieWs of Mr.
Freinolit I do' in coincide; hurt with Mr: i
NelSini I am uthiciftuanted ; but if ilatt
aboie fact is of any plolittcsit value as sititlit
ytiti,itiay publish the !moo without tletj,i:
went. atitl iojastike to all parties soncitN
"J. IlittNiSntdsmiiiiSt.C.
' , "Rector 01 . Prot. Epia6ci.
pal i:htitch.' tilistiestou. S. • 1
WitiVr WEntrraa CALHOUN. 61,0 •
towing testiwouy of woe, of our.great
btatestnau : •
, ,
'1 have acquaintance tiith the Colonel,
end taill soludarably iuipiessed us. I& Mut
would •d& > euaily /rust him as a
ny-ether iudivislual. lift INTFulant•
is- inxotip busittauni.--Ahn C. ,Cal
pilL Fremont is a young M oo r of great
Morit--otie wlindesarresWell of hie coma
try. for the bravery and ability with whi-M
Ito discharged , ' his important end deticiate
duties ifor Mal. iJatt if - choir.
”Col. Fro/tout exhibited a combination
of energy, promptitude, sagacity and priz.
deuce; which itidicams the tit9nEst CA
rierry FOR q.V.1.1. AND , MILITARY. UDM
"COL Freiliont, in my opinion,. it the
too St. Meritorious, Atnerieart of hit ego,
now ist.oxistinact."—;Senater .14ets, of
regard Col. Fremont as one , ot,tho
most heroic and iiitCreaSfuloffraera in our
tirmy=tiii army of Which any hatintrulight
be . proud. "--: Senator - Rusk, of Ti*.d.w.
We are authorized, says the 'An
guess f s Ga ) Chronicle. to offer a liberal re
bard to-any ttian who eau tint' the fisllow
ins paragrspli fief Btretin3tArt's letter'. to
Suutlford published iu any Southern Dem-
Ocratic journal :
.!.Any other construction of the : letter
would render it. entitely inconsisten4 with
itself. 'laving urged the adoption of the
Missouri CoMproutise theiuference
'that Congreest in
tamseesei the politer to tegi.late upon the
sub.ieciOf slavery in the Territories - .11fliat
au asteadity it would tlron be. if. whilos as
sorting this sovereign power its. Congress.
power, from its notary., must be ex-
elusive, Y shouftl, in, the very moue Lreath,
also clalui this identical pc/4er for the pop/.
tailors of a Tertitory in an ouurganiztal ca.
pacity. , •.
The Cincinnati Platform is difqiattiexitfy
opppaita to this, and yeir ,not only
stands upon this .PWRoienibit,lttm! togrgui
hiaktollif—bead, body,"olio* anti,
rigid into its What will ! , ant ao,uldo.iiro•
scrupulOrts.'Politicirtih soh ate ll A. • b 6.
ta, teach ,tlie-rat of *=Utica:
TWO' ISOLL'AItB ; atiiiii•at!
t Nal):
In a i;illage "devynFluyth," there liver
a quiet; unobertisfre young A!•
modest fellow (M'eri't it. always WO.
tlest,) byt. he knows his f
ing Uares maiuteiti them." I,llfp a geese
Many Others; lie is g r olle'viing the.peactice,"
and anticipates 4.a glorious time" when be
'Overtalies .A.telille litrniyg ,beip
retained in sere° small Mised, h i e tnade bisl
appearance before thitt , atiguit dignitaryrro
an Alabama justice of the h
, peace. ills,
honor" evidently
,Post initti in Al—Att ;
first eight . tor ono after' another. his 1518 , 011
..collapsed" ander hie • .'‘stue r riiiig" Ohargoi
delivered by the court. w
The lavi ittuf,the tesumedy wore alike
, cases ere ete boned to
go._ At last human nature eaUlif bear y 0
Wore, tieing ironl Gie 'seat, de:,
livetetl himself in JO usual irow
measured pianic4.-. o llle'c'etitt, cal fine ter
Ove " "
' ?" lie juilice
h t "
4olciew 4utynee n !.,
For e . oliCll3it of Ocierf,". 000lfrt Mein
gain '! aid fbe
touit...of your haviui Vega, tly orany,
ibiug that miet. be eensideied Cootempi
..1 batik vat aware:lir'
sail 1-2-- ; "but 1 euteiutin a 'gait, cod;
tempt for Ibiel 0oUtt:"
' . kfintin . •
Or:rThe Richmond Whig, lie l a s k; 2516;
iropo;ei ilill4jhmTirgintit Whigti
limner:bits utilte, lave iinket
tight .Dentoereiti and Avon #hithst•nitli
Americans, to be supported by all parties `.
intVirsi , pio? 441111 thb dietiraet
inp ;sllgAgiOliteli I, Aar t is &het, eleltpfal
~~otas of 1 ? igt>tiia sk:111 be oast for Mr., Brit
bitiiisali if fib gets More Northern bie6tiinit
vines than Mi. rillninre; or flit Aft:
inure; if fib gete uline Won Mr. '
;Thisillin will insure the vote bi
ginia to the eandidlte most' to doz .=
feat Freniont: ihe rieui‘;'etitoy itti)
corn in itiei4iefeidelli of ilia liellet
iiiiongey 'Candid*"
of the two; we can see , piesainle
lion to' tine plan, far itwilluturo 14 limit' .
benefit, if their belief be well
Virginia Will thdi iltesent
frinitio the Free golfers ' and
vieigtat be bisi iu tle4 Setthi , bl , the
wrge-i&i dint chiit iveudtef. or gairig*,
tgai*itafstil4skaos- 1
der or cnetm agituurtail Statesnieu Ono,
its la titre!: beau ti44titly
Abolitions& by tblii% lastitititticitkik • .grat,
sulogibil ilium chili aro ibtirofoto to
th'oh: trio friends., itus boot:,
very. 4ptig ictuarked by au Antorittatt ,00. ;
tor,,tbatt a.%dose of iikiSeito or lislif plot o 1
tobadco juice"
il'ectrrleu iii oner.
ally wealthy: A tiuguan.. k
tiwuth dud pug miss-generally lfatt .a fear'
htuldrttfi ulleil:upatl kW SY tifiin - 6111:
stocking. Wei cßeeks%
polido i h t and sn it go imod i hi bin&
in all clay an . the soli, afid Petiltlit# yullaii
etrierbill French literatilre; *set. ,
upe"the limbe.'otgive a Iteellliy tutPditutsur;
lb the countettli /rte. Riliiititig in — the
fields; or trotting afiutit iii the kitchen: kei t
ling up', the edihlbs; or titamiUg' love Or::
er the back fence; after tturk;'ttr mare apt
THE 111.makrif*of a beatiiitilf Wife; totionl
reterhing home,. Wag Mee .nir ! st liii4
all ditrilea;.,l•lapping his 446.114
and exclaiming, "'Ph. Joh6l jaw:Amma r
here—he'u uttah a eran—he
us all round, and rtiolhef leo!".
• • .
Un tlik; 19th
Cation of a faShionable ft& in OnlOas and
plume, Willi, a hoOpeii 'sitting 'oaents'-
iitie legit in eiretutderitneei ntonfnfetr wpm,
a horse in inuitaleßel v►ith. tare points,
was paraded abdui. Pa. e na dna
iuHditd anniiseinnilt of ;hit cithionr.
of tenni,.
proof cloth; a ualatatt sollniinl of.:water,
sugar of lest!, luta .alutn being prepared,.
ote cloth illwiiltt fre htisttersetf jft Owe fluid.
for r, reef Muds; ,fn Wittidrairrinst ill. 'and:
illdoting it' to dry; it will be ntrpervinUa•
to tee: Tire oldtl* steroid Ititerwonlo bit
hot p►eeuetk .
, .
tides - lean et genet iN hewn
A hater frontAlnvitatn, N. H.. ut 1114,127 th
of liaghsti ingest thai snow II) the depth of
'three inches was thetven 3lettao Wai.sing
t-it add tt:her peaks in that vicinity. Ow
Tueklay ihe therturYo Monett Washing..
tun wait( sit degn4*.
One Itto's 2—An orploinicirP ef.twem•
ty ssting a yeas, `iitlvertesna in , a.
Ni 4 York paper lire a hatidiime. teepee.
tablet man, in marriage. She paint* lltr
pietereoind it is pretty.--iline then,
look oui for "a 'tartar.
An "intense itati+te' r etereethie ke
tfn dotiht . that' the tat her 'of etittO_ e lOgr
was' a ilcatren•Catholie, fr om ficr'imsz
ite.teusettel the beintvere.
otutny in parsing flit 00
enes. "Tile 'cosi gives milk," 'Sidi' 44 41*
is s oliiith'eause it's name; prcireior
it gives
Seek the gond of ntbor tuen lint be arta
in bondage to ,belt Aurelia : - ..fort that islitia
faiiiity' or saftneas,which takes ati 'hcitifit;
wind priaoner , • • - -
• kk.
nt 111010.1
1 "r
1 7 4
1 00
A Freackl i f ite r sal a' • ow , Atok
Lon4elit stlit .godly 41 ; .i.
s, '` 14,1 00
Nil itiontli• NW" Or
Amami ,
.....,yr,- 4, t ,''
~,*, . t 5i,, , , , ,t 4.iii.:4,0. • •-.
-,N- , •r- 1 . - .... - 1 , 1....11..-,.4.,:; , . 4 , . .11-,,,......c,. & , :.- . .- .