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8 1 1 virtue of an Order of the Orphans'Court
'Of Adauts county, the undersigned, Ad
tninititrator of the Estate of Content's McCall.
ion ? . late of Liberty township, Adams county,
,r4. o 4eceased, will sell atPublio Sale on Sat
urility the I3a day of September mud, at 1
Voltick P. M., on the prwtiises , the valuable
"'` • REAL M1114171E1
laid deceased, Situate in said township, , a
moot-one mile from Sitimittehurg, containing
ta , Acres, more or less, adjoining lauds of
Uersivell Shields, James Bowoy, Samuel Dup ,
'rn and others. The improvements consist
* 'two' and a•half story
. :ikon . HOUSE,
Stone Spring.. House, with two,
4 1 4rtngs 0, never failing water near the dwell
ing,a good Log Stable, and other out buildings.
'About 1$ Acres 'ire in good ,
aril the balance cleared and under good cul
tivation, with a fair proportion of meadow.
Persons wishing to view the premises) can
,call,ou Joseph McCallion, residing on the
same, or ou the subscriber, residing in Gettys
, burg.
' 'Attendance will be given and terms made
'known on day of sale by
August 1, 11156.—td`,
WILL be sold at Public Sale, on the prem.
Y• ices, en Saturday lhe2Oth clay of St'pteni
lier next, the Farm late of Joseph Coshun,
;deceased, situate in Moo ntpleasunt township,
Adams county. on the public road leading
front the Two Taversts to Oxford, 'five miles
from 'Gettysburg, and 10 from Hanover, con
•taining 227 Acres and 140 Perches.
Theimprovements consist du TWO
STOnvs•roNE llOUSEttliti Stone ":•,41? , .;;
Bank Barn, Wagon Shed,Corn Crib, • •
.niul all necessary out buildings. A
'Yoting Orchard of choice fruit trees of all
'kinds, a finn rate well of water at the House
stud ut the Ilarolurd. The land has all been
limed and in good repair. Any information
respecting the farm can be had ofiJOSEPII
'COSITUS, residing thereon.
August 8, 1856.-10
Rale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., when
attendance will begiveu and terms made known.
THE undersigned, Executors of the last will
and testament of the Rev. JOHN E.
'ALBERT, late of Latimore township, Adams
county, Pa. , will sell at Public Sale, On Fri
dayilitad ay of October next, his well known
. farms. The Mansion. Farm, containing about
160 Acre's of Patented Land, situate in
, said Latirinire township, on the road that leads
ifeciaajseardogns•Mill to Carlisle, ,adjoining
l lamas of jolui A. Zeigler, Jacob Stitzel, John
Martin, and' others ; the north branch of Lati
'inure Creels passes through this tract.
There is a well finished two-Story
STONE HOUSE, with a basement
; Story and cellar, a large STONE
BANK BARN, Dry House., Wash
llonso,.Work Shops, Spring House, Wagon
Shed and Corn Cribs. A. never failing Spring
of excellent water near the kitchen door. Au
'excellent Orchard of choice fruit, about 10
acres of good meadow.
The other &rut adjoins the above tract.—
Erected theren are a TWOSTORY WEATH
ER HOARDED HOUSE nearly new, a dolt•
ide log barn and other Out Houses, an Or
chard of good fruit. Some meadow, and more
could be made. This farm contains about 100
ACRES of Patented land. alese farms are
tinder good Chesnut fence, and there is a full
proportion of Timber such as Chesnut, Oak,
. and Hickory, and well watered by Springs,'and
the:Arable ground is in a good state of culiva.
tion s roduces Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Clover
and Timothy, in abundance. Sale to com
mence at 10 o'iluek,. A. M., when terms of
Sale will be niadu known by
August, 15, 1856.—td
ripHE above Farm is situated about three
fourths of a mile south of Gettysburg, and
contains about 44 acres of land. The
improvements are a double log and
a a a a frame H 0 U BE, weather-boarded,
and a large brick bank BARN, and
other oat-buildings two wells of water near
the house, with' pumps in. There is an excel.
leatthriviog ORCHARD, with dlioice fruit, and
a Variety of other fruit, consisting of Peaches,
• 'Cherries, &c. For further particulars apply
to,ftie subscriberia Gettysburg.
Lir There are also Fifty Acres of Land ad
join ngthe above property, , that can be bought
at' fair price.
Aug. 15.-6 t A. COBEAN.
tiette H t AT, 20 S per CAPS, B 0
Ceth o TS &
eaper tha n
a ever bought before, remember it is nt CO
BEAN S pAyroN's, where Amy are to be
hud in great variety, consisting of Gent's and
Boy's lee Sin, Fur and Slouch Hats, of the
quest style, all colors and sizes, White, Black
'Tan, Dice, Drab, Fawn, Sc. Also, a large
assortment of Men's and Boy's Fine Calf, Kip
and Grain Boots and Shoes, Genes Fine CI Ai
and rafeut Leather Gaiters.
• careful,:.:Ladies, if you want Walking and
Fine Dross Shoes, such as Jenny Lind, Bus
kins andlties '
Kid and Morocco Slippers—al
en a bertifu l assortment of Ladies' Dress
Gaitors, with a large stock of Misses' and
ChatitemiNfancy Gaiters and Shoes —that yon
ofirid COBE.ANA PAXTON'S, at the South
eauCorner of Centre Square, before purcluor
, ingolsewhare, as they have by far t h e howtst
Attack . Of Seisionible Goods in town, and are
tsiebtrinined elo sell very cheap. Take . core
)-looloont thatlou do not mistake thoplece.—
~ :ROotombor 00. BEAN S. PAXTON'S New
at the AMA Stand . of Keller Kurt&
asupborft, ?larch 4, 1856.--tf
-4 1 ' Ladies,
vtra Arent cheap , and -fabhionible
*MBES.? Ban call at .
TIDAIUSALS, •Unibrollos, Pane—stacka of
ptionearticle just received
L - " quit"' ' SAMSOI!'S.
VlGlirßED.l'lairCturi Belt ifereeillee net
In low at , , GEO:ARSOLD'S,
BY virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court
of Adams County, the subscriber, Admin
istrator of the Potato of G. W. D. IRVIN, late
of said Couuty,)deceased, 1,111 , - offer at Public
on the premises on, Saturday the 13 1 h
day of September next, at 1 dctock, P. Id. of
said day,
of avid deceased situate partly in Hamiltonban
and partly in Freedom Township, in Adams
Containing 218 acres
more or less, of which 40 acres are heavily tim
bered and the residue is good arable -land,
with a good proportion of meadow—said
Tract adjoining lands of' William Wilson,
Henry Wintrode, - Abraham Flenner; DiVid
Bossorman and others. This farm lies ou the
public road lefiding from Gettysburg to Fair
held. 6 miles from the former and about 2}
miles from the latter plaCe—Marsh Creek ne
ing within two miles and Middle Creek within
one mile of said farm, and the "Company's
Mills" being within one mile of it. The soil
is of good quality and in a high state of culti
vation. The improvements consist of a large
and convenient
40 feet front by 35 feet deep, with a
roughcast one story kitchen attached. Stone
double bank barn, 72 by 42 feet, with sheds.
Also, a corn crib and wagon shed and carriage
house attached. Stone spring house and stone
smoke house and dry house. There is a never
thiling spring of water on said farm, with
springs near the house, and several springs in
the fields, and a large orchard of Apples,
Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Nectarines and
other choice fruits—there being from 600 to
610 bearing trees.
38... Although the deceased did not hold the
entire title to the above tract, yet such ar
rangements have been made with the parties
holding the other undivided interests, as that
conveyance of the whole estate will be made
with complete title.
Attendance will be given and terms made
known ou day of sale by
July 11, 1856.—td
WISHING to retire from the farming and
V milling, 1 will sell at Private
Sole the following valuable Real Estate,
known as
situate about one and ahalf mile S. Wed front
Ltleetown, Adams couuty o Penn'a.
. - `l'NTo7is - - 5 Acres o Mead::
ow bottom of a superior quality of red gravel.
soil, well adapted to timothy, 2000 bushels o
lime having been put on it. The improve
er Shop, two Dwelling Houses, a _
Store Room, two Bake Ovens, two
Stables, three Hog Pena, Lime-kiln, ; s ;
and all necessary out-buildings. The
Mill is built upon the most modern and impro
ved plan. The dam and race are not surf
passed by auy. Four County roads centre at
this Mill.
No. 2.-37 Acres of Slate Land,
very susceptible of a high state of c ultivation
8 or 10 acres of which are heavily timbered,
with about 10 acres of meadow. The
improvements arc a large and very
complete GRIST MILL and Dwel
ling House. This property ad
joins No. 1.
No. 3.—A Farm Containing
156 Acres mostly the red gravel soil, and pro
duces well, 40 to 50 Acres of which are heavi
ly timbeied and about 20 Acres of meadow
bottom. 10,000 to 12,000 bushels of lime
have heeu put upon the land. An abundance
of fruit trees upon the premises. The.
imp.ovemonts are a Stone Dwelling .
House and Kitchen, Smoke House, ;
a large Bank Barn, with Wagon .
Sheds, Corn Crib, Hog Pen, and all necessary
outbuildings. This property is also a part of
No. 1, and know,,. as above. There is nova
more desirable property in the county than
LOCUST GRO VII either separately or to
gether. Call and see it. These properties
will be sold separately or together, as may best
suit purchasers. I 'will sell on accommoda
ting terms. Any person wishing to view the
property will please call on Edward Stable liv
ing on the premises, or myself in "Gettys
Aug. 15, 1836.-$5
Oa Thursday flu! 18th day of September next,
al 1 o'clock, P. M,
THE undersigned, Executors of the Will of
ROBERT M'ILHENNY, deceased, will
offer at Public Sale, upon the premises,
The Valuable Farm
late of said deceased, situate in Strahan town
' ship, Adams county, Pa., and adjoining lands
of Isaac Monfort, Robert P. Millienny, the
heirs of Robert King, and others. The tract
contains 200 Acres, more or less, of which
50 acres are well timbered, and a good pre
portion is natural meadow. Thesoil is of good
quality, lnd is at present in a good state of
cultivation i it lies near the public road lead
ing from Gettysburg to Hunterstown '
four miles of the former,. and one and a half
miles of the- latter place. . It, is also, within
ne and &half miles of the railroad now being
constructed from Hanover to Gettys
burg. The improvements area good
two•story Log DWELLING HOUSE, ; ;
with a Kitchen 'attached, a double - •
log Barn. With sheds, a Wagon Shed. Corn
Crib, stone Spring House. and other out•build•
legs. There is a nevei , failing spring of ex
cellent Water convenient to the house, and a
constant stream from the same
several of tho fields. There is an ORCHARD
of Apple, Peach, Plumb, and a variety of oth ,
er fruits trees upon the . promisee. •
'll9..Atty person &suing to view . the prop.
eity'eart . car upon either of the undersigned,.
or upon the tenant in possession. Attendance
will be given and terms made known on day of
sale by
Aug. 22, 18560.—M
Pr HIE -cheapest , best assoOment .of
clothe fol. aide at
* '
JOHN Itoßk's
4 -ar
N pursuance Of orders from the Orphans'
Courts of Adams and Cumberland Counties,
will, be sold at public vendee upon the premi.
see;on Wednaday th e B th day of October
na, the following described Real estate, late
ofJacob B. Smyers, deceased, to wit: A tract
of land situate in and - ol:nog the village of
iVhiteatown, in Hunti ngd on. township, Adams
County, , adjoining lan of John ,B. Groop,
William B. Smyers, the Chesnut Grove Fur- i
name property, and others, containing
80' .11 errs more or legs *
car• ROUSE, Bank Barn, and other iin
ovementa thereon. The land is of
; a l t pr o m oti edq, u it a i l s ity we a i n t d su h p i p s i be ied en w e i x th te e n x si e v e e l - .
lept,,water; and has, ix. young orchard of, choice
fruit planted thereon. Also a tract of
situate about two miles from Whitestown, in
upper Dickinson township, Cumberland Conn.
ty, adjoining lands of Nicholas Mullen. John
Hunter and others, containing 10 Acivu
more or less—this tract is about mile from
the Dendersville road.
Also, a tract of WOODLAND in Dicken
son township, Cumberland County, about on:
mile from Whitestown, Containing S-ACRF..
more or less, adjoining lands of Simon Yetts
and others; his lot is well timbered with Ches
nut and is convenient to the Mansion Farm.
On -Thursday the 9th day of October next, a
'tract of Woodland sit ante in Menallen tow itship
about: 1} miles front Dendersville. adjoining
lands of Elijah Penrose, George Adams, Jacob
Re,bert and others, containing 10 Amos more
or less, _There is tk, public, road within '2OO
yards of this lot. • I
Also, a tract of Woodland in Tyrone town
ship, Adams County, about 11 miles from
\V hi testown, adjoining lands of Solomon Star.
ner, George Harman, Daniel Slosser and oth
ers, containing 47 Acres more or less. - Then"
is a public road running through this tract
making it very easy of access It is intended
to divide this tract into several lota which will
be sold separately for the convenience of pur
The Sala§ will commence at. 10 o'clock up
on each day, when attendance will be given
and terms mad. known by
Aug. 29, leso.—ta
at "Carlisle Volunteer" copy, and send bill
to thin Office fur collection.
AZAD Ir-retuum CLOT/WM
*IF you want a suit of READY-MADE
CLOTHING, complete in every respect,
of the latest style, and chenper than they can
be purchased at any establishment' in the
County—call nt MARCUS SAMSON'S, op
posite the DNA, in York street. I have just
TecetVed - from the' 'Eastern 'Mimi the 'largest
and best assortment of Goods ever offered in
Gettysburg. In offering to sell Geller Goods at
lower prices than other dealers, I simply re
quest purchasers to call and satify themselves
of the truth of my offer, by a personal exnmi
nation of my Goods and prices. Buying exclu
aively for cash, I can buy cheaper and sett
cheaper than any other person in the County.
My Goods are made up in the beat style by ex
perienced workmen, and can't be excelled by
any customer Tailor. My stock consists, in
part, of
Coats of all Slzs,
prices, colors, and kinds, made up i n a supe
rior manner. Also PANT,B ANL) VESTS, of
the latest and most fashionable styles . and
every kind of goods suitable for Spring and
Summer wear; also
and a large assortment of Gentlemen's and
Buys' Furnishing .Goods,• consisting of ex
tra quality linen bosom Shirts, Suspenders,
Gloves, half Hose, Collars, neck ruin pock
et Handkerchiefs, and P an. extraordinary as.
sortment of „Black Satin and fancy Self ad
justing STOCKS, and various otliiir tlineyar
tides together„ with Umbrellas, Trunks, Car
pet Rags, Hats, caps, Boots and Shoes.
11%.1 . AM also prepared to sell 'wholesale to
country merchants desiring tosell again, Ready
BOUGHT IN THE CITIES. If you doubt it, call
arid examine for yourselves.
N.. 11. All Goods bought of me will be ex
changed if they do not prove satisfactory.
Gettysburg, April . ll; 1856.
• AT !rut
NOW reed red and for sele the largest, pret
tiest, and cheapest stock of
but has been offered in this place at any time.
l'tiey are all our own make, manufactured out
of our own Clot hs, Cassinters. &c., Sc. We
save Coats from $1 to $2O; Pants from
521 cents to $lO ; Vests from 62i cents
tt $6 00. •
Boys' Clothing In Great Variety.
Onr stock of Cloths consist of Blue, Black,
)live, Brown, Green, Drab, Claret, and all
other colors. Our Castimers consist of Black,
frown, Steel mired, and every variety of
Shade of fancy colours. Also Marine ell:381.
:Peres, iu great variety, Plain, Plaidoutd Figur
, Id Cashmervtts, Tweeds, Jeans, Drab Detates
3111 f Warp, Alpaccas, Black Satin, Buff
White, I'laid and Fancy Mar , cillvts Vesting.
Call and see us, if we cannot fit you we will
sake your measure, and in ake_you a garment
)n the very shortest notice. Arraying the very
13st Tailors constantly at work cutting out
tod making up, wo do things -up, *tile' neat.:
mt and best manner at the SAND-STONE
FRONT—and are hard to beat;
April 4. 1856.
Sabuegtotit 33votbero
AVE - received and are now opening a very
large end' handsome steek •of 'NEW
GOODS, of every variety. Give them aat6.-
ly call if you want bargains. • , ,
April 11,. 1856. , •
CORN .1)11Y ER&
fMILLERS is inyited s to,
supperior 'article for dTag
to 'et" veiy etipenor
CORM, which ean be bad !fi/1 •
atin, II ) 1856.
You want a fine article of Dreas Shoes Or
.L Gaiters, for Gentlemen or Ladies, call it
th e g ore o f W. W. PAXTOL '
OUR.stoele of HARDWARE has been ITrY
much. increased and persons bnijsiingP
or requiring 'anything in this departMent,
Should first, mar , and see FAHNESTOCER,
cheap stock.. : • '
, 'P mit
IN pursuance`of an . .er of the Orphans'
Court of Adams co. . ty, will be offered at
1 Public Sale, upon t 1). premises, on Friday
the ard day of be , , wit, the Real Estate
of Nicholas Rushey,LE ; 4 deceased, consisting
ofa,Plantation or tract if land situate in But
; ler township Adams t .nnty, and adjoining
lands of Abilthani. Fishi.e • , Daniel D. Gitt,
John.Steinouri JacobEturk, and others, con
taining 240 AgßE f s, mote or less, of paterited,
land. The iniproirenienill'are a ,
large Frame and Rouglr.Calt . •
1 DIVELLING,HOU ~,149,5t0- 1 iliabli
on ,
1, ries high, large Bar eto and -
frame, frame spring On ; ith a never fail
ing spring, wagon Sh 'corncrib, log shot,.
There ,are several rigkii of water on the
' farm, two (notified. ' tftOriely of good fruit
There is a sulEcietie .ofigood timber, and a
portion in meadow., le buildings are situate
, on the Menalleu roa and• mile east
of Arcndtsville, and i it'pleasant and eligible
ueighboebbod. . t 'I „
Sale to commence .I'O'clock, P. M. At
tendance will be given ml termsmade known
,ky the Court—J.J. B. ., Clerk.
'`,.. Aug. 22, 1856—td
Grand Jesty Report.
To Me Honorable Me .Fudgesif the Court of
. Quarter Sessions cy:llte , Peae.e for the Coun
ty qt . Adams: ! I,;'
s .
THE Grand. Jury beg eave to report to your
honorable Court di they have visited the
Jail and Alms House, at that it affords them
much pleasure to bear s *mony to the
condition in 'Wlife.Viiii tuiii'd , tlici - ifinie, Mid --
the evidence afforded/ ,:of the diligent and
faithful care of the, Sh o,'Henry. Thomas,
Esq., and his family, of r the prisoners ; and
of the Steward, John 8 °it, and family, over 1
the various buildinis fdr the Om and sick un
der their charge. At we were much
gratified in observing dur-miptnlinees of the
beds, and the careful)/i
ntilation of the apart
ments. Everything th t.,eanio under our, ob
servation at both place 'evinces the prudence
and kindness of then: r , peetive *officers. We
would also hereby ex ress our acknowlede
meats for the pentanes and attention of the
the Sheriff and Stew in their receptitin
of us. '
. .
Samuel Swope, son., . :Jacob Bushey,
A. F. Besser, C. E. Myers,
. John Sheffer, David Sandoe, . •
Phineas Rogers, , John A. Dicks,
Samuel Euhrman, Lewis. S.. Wortz,
Edward M'lntire, l John Ml'bonny,
Wm. Van Grade!, 4 Uriall Gardner,
Samuel Wolf, rlttn.F. Crouse,
Jacob George. , ' jae ,b'CrisWell,
Wm. L. Thomas, Jahn blaring, •
C. Daugherty,
Aug. 22, 1856.
• • • •-• . ... .... . .
, S
DRUGS iiiAtkiiiciNES...
Increastir flosortment.
A D. BUEHLER has added to his former
• stuck of Goods an unusually large as.
ortment of Classical, School and Miocene'.
cons .47 f•
embracing all the text Books used in the Col
lege, Common Schools, and standard Classic
authors, with the 'recent popular publications,
conlitituting a larger assortment than ever be.
fore openedin Gettysburg. Also.
It t.l l ciP 2i21 LOT
of all ; Cap, Letter and Xote Paper, of
the best quality,. Envelopes, Gold Pens. and
Pencils, Pen-limvea, &c., with IL large assort
ment of
Pips cu . 'Gtiodui
to which hi invites attention, biifig prepared
to sell at unusually low prices. • •
Vel-He has also largely
.incresse4 his
stock or—
Drug" mid dildfeiners,".
which can be rolled upon as the best M th
market. . ,
&al-Arrangements have been effected' by
which any article in his line of business can be
promptly ordered fronttbe city.
Gettysburg, Nov. 2, 1855.
- •
Tegelters Wanted. '
THE School Directors of Oxford
will meet at the School house in New Ox
ford on Saturday the 13th day: of•Seplember
11421,. at 2 o'clock, P. M., to appoint three
Teachers for the Public Schools of said dis
trict. The Schools will be open for six
months. Liberal Salaries will be given to
competent Teachers. None need apply unless
they have certificates from the County Super
Aug. 22, 1556.-3 t
7 ETTER of Administration on the Estate
11 of GEORGE HELLLER, late of Me.
nano') township, Adams comity, Penna., de
ceased, haying been granted to the subscri
ber, residing in esme township, he here
-1.7 gives notice to persons indebted to said
Estate, to cull and settle the same ; and
those having claims are requested to present
the same, properly authenticated, for settle
lAGO DOYLE, .Adner
Aug• 22. 1856.-60 ,
rattan 10100108
JOHN 1101iX hats jesti•eceived,a fresh sup;
ply of SUMMER GOODS, - to which ho
calls the attention. of, the pubiic. By "quick
sales and tonsil' profits" be is enabled to for
nish'GOOthi te the satisfaction cif all•who call''
June 20. 185 e. ' , • ' • „ „ •
Thfrieeii Teacheritilmanted.
TSchool Directors of Paradise District
in this county, will meet at the Public
,house of, Jacob ,ptimbaugb. on Monday,
September; 1856, at 10 o'clock in the
wonting. for the purpose of selecting thirteen
teachers, of the common schools in their dis-'
kriCt.' The teini will be five months, and the
'ealarytwenty dollars per month. ' The Cou n ty
Superintendent -will attend for the purpose of .
~ e xammingapplicanta for appointments.
August 15. 1856.—td
AN extensive asses
NAILS just recej
- • ----
ment 'of IRON and
ed at •
VALI,' and ' Dee "the ' aka style of Black,
Brown; Lilaiked Pearl Hats at . .. •
, „., W. W. PAATON'S,
. .
SEPTE . MBERat.ised,
SallE. •
. . . .
. , .
- ,Y:e?.' ~..
• . .... •T•x4 4 ,!- v -:••t‘. ' • • ••••'" •"
al eg t ,.
• '",'"" Al' )i
. d...-.. , ,; 4 9 1 4 1 . 0 f r. ... ' • I .., ..
-,.--,.."-:-',.. '•• . - - ". - ..s\:; ...-
• - 'VETT'IS@ERC..
Friday Eveuing, Sept. 12, 1856.
The San Francisco Vigilance Committee-
A correspondent of the New York ,lour
nal of Commerce. writing from Ban Frincia
,underdate of the 25th ult., Oyes an in-
tereeting meow:del t he Vigilance Commit
tee, of which, it may be, he la isinetuber.—
After Mating that the Committee is a secret
body—hvery inember being sworn to soreey—the writer proceeds . : ..
The Executive Committee it composed of
about forty, mehtlers t ,bisides two, secreta
ries. The president of flit . , &l l y is nu
derstood to he Wm. T. Coleman, EN., a
merchant o f high and honorable standing
here and elsewhere. The others are taken
from all classes and conditions of men—
merchants, doctors, lanyerd, ship-carpenters,
&c ,—perbaps two-thirls Of the whole are
composed of mercantile jobbing houses of
our city. There are two dr ' three French
and Germans in the executive body.
The General Comtnittee is composed of
about 6,000 members, whose names, resi
dower and places of business; are-'duly en--
rolled, and signed to the constitution. The
committee is divided into about, 85 divisions
or companies—three of cavalry, two of ar
tillery, and the remainder of infantry.—
These are commanded by proper officers,
and are weekly drilled, and each company
I take their turns for guard and garrison du : .
ty. The whole is divided into battalions,
and duly commanded by a Grand Marshal,
his aids, Ate. In fact it is one grand army,
composed of our best'and most highly es
teemed citizens.
There are about 100 mon constantly on
duty, day and night, in and about the gar
rison, without pay, fee or reward ; all vol
untary ; four boure off and on during the
124 hours—one eompany, on during the day,
another at night. The police is governed
by a captain and biz aids, all under pay.—
Rations aro fdrnished to all' on duty in the
partition : The executive committee is sib
divided into committees, who have their
teerotaries. The latter on are paid.—
There is also the "Commissary Department,"
"Quartermaster's" office, &c
The armory and 16*ga - sines are all id pet-,
feet order, and every thing is ready for ao
tion.' The moment the alarm , bell is pound
cd—two taps of the cotimittee boll would
in 80 minutes, call out ten theusaud men,
night or day, half of the nuinber armed and
equipped, "as the law direets."
I should have stated previously that the ,
various sub-committees are "designated .asl
follows :—Evidence Committee, Qualifica
tion Committee, Investigating Committee,
Military Cotnmittee, Prisoh Committee,
Finance Committee. '
• The expenses of the,General Committee
are all paid by, vuluntary contributions by
our citizens. The total and entire expen
sea up to this time probably exceed 640,000.
The present expensortif rent;;cieri hire,
&c., probublyitt not exceed
fire hundred dollars per day, , though,they
bave,run up _ to. $7OO . veryfliin g done
on the cash system. Bills are paid off dais
' ly froth' 11 to le2—elerk hire, cued a week,
(evdy 'Saturday.) "'rho garrison in all
respects,in good military order. Barracks
for 150 ,men, (relief guard) ,with, blankets
and matresses,,euttlene quarters, &o.
The establishment is even provided with
horses', everything ready and on the pretti
ises fora campaign. To' Show the true
feeling of the people, .I have seen frequently
men on duty, with their white locks,. over
60, and others 65 and 67 years of age.-,-r
Probably a score of theao old gentlemen do
guard duty night and' day;' watch' their
posts, in or out'of doors, or wherever duty
wills, and these too are ,men ,ocoupying Abe
high and honorable calling of merchants,
mechanics, &o. These men shoulder the'
musket, and drill as good us soldiers, attend
the reviews, &e.
1 have said previously that there were
clergymen in the committee, probably 20
in number, mostly Methodists, but a few of
other denominations. In nearly ail of our
churches (Protestant), pastors have spoken
and preached approvingly of the committee
and their acts. I may enumerate the
Right Rev. Bishop Kip, of the Episcopal,
Church ; Rev. Messrs. Brine and Themes'
of the Methodist churches, Rev. Mr. Cutler
of the Unitarian, Rev. Mr. Willy of the N.
School Presbyterian, Rev. Mr. Lacy of the
Congregational, and Rev. Dr. Aoderdbn= of
the Presbyterian Old School, and many
others whose Dame, 1 do, not now recollect.
The Rev. Dr. BCiitt, I believe,' Lithe cleigy
man who has refrained 'fiput - illuditig to
the subject in bis . pulpit.: ' Ile isilowevei,
not friendly to the, ants , of the committee,
and, the riders and i trustees of . Calvary
Church - ,made a formal request that he
should not bring the matter before the eon'.
gregatioti-- , but simply preach Christ' and
Rim crucified to his hearen„ I .have •no
doubt that bad Dr, Scott been in the city
at the time of the organization of ,the com
mittee 'he would have spoken oat boldly
against it. At all events, the laW and or
der , men claim him as their friend and ad
' In regard to the public press of this city,
all are in favor and strongly enders* the
acts of the committee, save except the Sun
and Herald, whose circulation combined is
not, probably, more than iwo•thirds of that
of the Lkilletin, while the Alta, Chronicle,
True Californian, Town Talk, Globe, and
some three French pitpers, and all dailies,
fully endorie the committee. So also do
all the weeklies, not excepting the Christian
Advoeate,•the organ of the Methodists, and
the ".Pacific" (new school.) The press
throughout the State,_ and so also of the
large majority of the *Wiens of the supra
State, are "vigilautea,". And in Can
. 0 //eed
,The writer says that party. polities has
nothing to lb with the organization, and
that leading members buys beet( compelled
to Withdraw, ; in consequence of having
broached du subject of party. He states,
however, •,thitt the strongest opponents
of the tommittee are the southern demo
crats, This would seem to leave the infer
ence that the subject of gaiety was in some
Way, involved, but the correspondent says
the object of ' the committee is to rid the
city and State of the murderers, rowdies
and stuffers.
, - Sad Affair in Lowell: ,
We learn from the Lowell Courier that
onFriday last nielaucholy, affray occur
-fa in that 64 - between Dlr :Tabu Oi Tread.
well, a well known citizen; put his son
Williaai, a young man of twenty . five years,
in, which the father received a blow which
fractured his skull, and ono amount says
he sustained other injuries, uf so serious a
nature that fin a time his life'was diapaired
of. -Theinjurnd man is now doing well,
however,,, and it is the opinion of his moth
advisors that if inflammation does not set
in be' will recover.
Mr. 7'read.well is o very passionate min,
with vet* little 'dPortstion or control of his
feelings. 'lt Ppears , that a 'niece of Mr.
Treadwell's was visiting the family with
her busband,,aud that. Treadwell in the
early. part of the day cautioned his son
against making use of vulgar or 'Profane
language in the presages of 'his visitors,
cud- so-fetrful--maa hit caution had
not been kecded that when the family to
getherwiek the.visiterit were' seated at the
supper table, ho said. to his 800,
you.used suy, profane language to
day r , The reply was, "I don't know that
I havo. l ' The father then asked the 'hue
hand of the niece •if he had - heard him (the
son) use any. profane :language', his reply
wan, in. substance, "I don't know that
have much." Thereupon `the father : pro
iateded'tti sidMiaister to the' son a' homily
updit title ' . cintirmitY •of the btu - of Sweating,
greatly to hie mortification. The sequel is
told as follows-':
"The mother attempted to change the
conversation, and incidentally the name of
a little daughter of her's, who bud died some
two or three weeks previous, rod who was
a great favorite of the at m, with , mentioned,
when be (the. son) exclaimed, ‘tor God's
sake, mother, don't mention her holy Daum
here.' In a moment the father aruse;fr,otti
the table, seised the son by the collar, pul
led him into 'another room, exclaiming, '1
will cot have such language used in my
' house,!: , 'end - vlosed , tthe. door after- Mtn.—
Loud,and, angry . words opened ; orintination
and re-orintioandu followed ;, a blow was
heard,' and atilt another,; the son was beard '
to eitolaini . ,' 'for God's alike, father, do not
strike' toe The parties thou entered
the romm; the son was in the act of rejoin
himself from .the • floor, and the fatlierin the
ac t. of ,inflicting another blow, which was
war ded off by toe son, sad he then arose
tali struck father ono blow with his
clitiohell'hatod upon the head, and the con
sequence vrtui a fractured 5ku11." , . .
young Treed well was, arreamd, but been
been admitte d, to bail in the sum of 86000.
• • • it0118.11314E AYNAIR IN 11,LINO1 a. Lynch,
Lutire-r‘The. Marion (III.) Intellig,encer re
lates a shocking affair that took , place in
Pope county, in that State, a few days ago.
It iippeure that a runaway slave from Ken.
tug 3, a rie c omm it t in g var i ous outrages,
brike into the house of Daniel Threldkell,
in his absence, and violated his wife. He
then prooeeded to the house Ole man nailed
Jackson, broke in, and attempted an outrage
on' Mrs: J. ' The next day he wits arrested,
an 'excited'orowd assembled, and the prison
ar'taken out of the bands of the Sheriff and
tied .up to a tree. We hero quote from the
In tel I igenper.
Mrs. Tbreldkell 'Was then sent for, <who
fully identified bini as the one Who had vi
olated her'perion,on the night previous.—
,tiew co rn ea the tragical part of the
perforinaneel." Otir informant' states that
an old sword,' iii 'the pessassion 'of 'one of
the crowd, - was' procured and placed in the
hands of Milt. T., who thereupon•proceeded
to slash; jeo, and out him iu tbe most ter
rible manner. After her vengeance wus
fully satiated, the brothers and husband pf
Mrs. T. shot'the flap) six or seven times
in different parts'of his body—one of her
brothers finally putting an end to bleier
menta by aboeiting him ilirmigh the bead.
Tbe brutal exhibition was filially wound "up
by actually scalping biru, and hia remains
were tlirown'into a gully'i few rods from
the place of execution •
The' coioner of Pope '66entiy 'bold an in
quest over the mutilated remains next day,
and rendered verdict accordance with
the foots. We learn that there is a strong
feeling ; throughout . Pope.county condemna
tory of the insulter 'of the negro's death.
'AStother Stitt* le, in Curfide Prison.--
The Carlisle Mumma of Thrirsday last
says : "Otir town wai again thrown into
comniotien,on Tuesday morning last, by the
announcement that another suicide bad been
committed in the jail. AbrabasAdiller,
who was committed last week, charged with
ihe murder of John Kissel, in East Penns
borough township, was found suspended by
the neck and dead in his cell. He accom
plished the aot of self-destruotion by tying
his handkerchief around his neck and fas
tening it to the grated ir'n door of his cell
and then letting his body sink to the floor.
Ho leftpo confession. but it is generally
believed That , he was guilty of the charge
made against him.
Singular Accident.— A, child 4 months
old, of respectable French Canadian punts,
met with a singular death on Monday night.
It fell friitn -its mother's arms 'during her
sleep, and the string of his nap catching
upon the peat of a cot at the side of the bed,
it was suspended and strangled, When the
Mother awoke in' the morning she missa
the oblid i aald looking for it lona it hang.
ing dead. Itissi an oily obild:—.Ventresi
• MirTbe stet great duty baron tinv
the Harrisbutg Telegraph, is to secure t
Weenie° Of . our County and State %kite to
October, and a triumphant victory iu
vember is a fixed , fact. That election stip.
ed is more than half the battle won. Hut
should we be defeated, the effect would ba
depressing and discouraging to the friends
of Freedom throughout theState,ind render
success at the. Presidential election al. knit
doubtful. ,
Front every part of the State we hare**
most gratifying and cheering inteligencla
of the union and harmony of the Oppoeidon
,to kluoniateN on the local and State-nomi
nees. This, with proper attention and ex
ertion on the part of our friend*, will mare
a large majority of members of Congress
opposed to Fillibusteriam and Slavery-Ex
tension, a majority of good and Into men
in our State Legislature, u a result,
the election of a United States Senator, who,
unlike rpooney Motu, will not be the
crouching, cringing cats-paw of the Slave
ocracy ; and the election,, also, of our &eta
Ticket by a majority of at least twenty-five
thousand. Thu moral force of, yeah ,a
tory, nut only in our own State, but through
out, the Union, would be immense. Ato
would scatter such horror and dismay
through the cohorts of border-ruffianism an
would paralise and, appall them, and. hin
der Ahem incapable of rallying their diveotu.
filed 'myrmidons fur a renpretable fight-in
Thia it all within ynor power if youwill
go to work like men deterndued to deserve.
and obtain euceets. Spare no pains—abate
no effort—bring every Tater tcritbe polls;
and victory is certain—defeat ifortossible,!
Explosion and. Loos of Life:
We learn from the tie !ambits Spy, that
on Thursday morning last, the engine draw
ing the night express train West,. on the
Ventral Railroad, exploded ahem a -half"
.wile west of Millerstown, killing instantly
the engineer Mr. Moses Adams, of Oakland,
ohester Co., and a young man,,Mr. Nelson.
Bennett, fireman, of that place. The cause!
of the explosion, we understand, was, the
safety valve having been screwed down tea
tightly. The engineer had part of his bead,
blown off and his body was othernise mutat
mutilated. Mr. Bennett'a legs were both
broken and horribly mashed and he mural
so injured in the head. At the explosion.
the 'engine was separated from the tank, lit.
ted from the track and 'precipitated to , she
distance of, one hundred yards, lodging on a
bank some eight feet above tho track.
ar'Tbe St. Louis Intelligencer.'in re
viewing the proepects of Buchanan, ea*.:
s'Buchartan is adoorned and defeated Man.
As surely as Cass was borne down and-de
feated in 1848; so will Buchanan be' de•
kilted now He will never sit in the has
idential chair. Buohrman will not get a.
single New England State. He will keel
New York and Ohio by nearly 100',000.
His strong hold of Pennsylvania is torn (iota
him, and nothing is more certaih than 'an
inglorious defeat in his own State. ' In alt
the Northwest Buchanan is as dead as ip
Egyptian muniwy buried a thonaind years
ago. He will not get a single State Noith
of the Ohio river or West of the lakes. He
will be overwhelmingly defeated in the
Northwest. His own partisans there feel
and know it."
f or Geo. T. Davis declines the. Fillmore
nomination for Attorney. General of Massa
chnsetts. Ile thanks the Convention for
' the honor, and adds : have great personal
regard and respect. for , Fillmore, and great
confidence in the national and harmonising
influence which, if elected, he would be
likely to bring around Lim. But I cannot
resist the conviction that the practical hone
of this election lies between the supporMre
of Mr. Buchanan and the supporters
of Mr. Fremont. In this situation of
things, . I would especially avoid the rink of
(lasting an ineffective vote. • I will not. by
word or sot, obstruct the expression of that
sentiment which should assert itself with un
divided force against the, breach of. a time
hallowed national compromise, and the. at
tempt to force the institution of Slavery
into free territory at the point of the,bayo
net. ' '
Buratingof a JIM Stone —Oa the 28th
ult, at New Albany, Ind. ' terrible, acci
dent occurred at the City MillsM, by which
G. W. Turner, of the firm' of Turner & Da.
vie, lost his life and W. P. 3lcßroom and
John McFJue %rare , wounded. but not seri
ously.' The Ledger says
,It appears, that the miller, Mr. Bonner,
was just preparing to start the mill, and
before the upper mill stone was adjusted to
its plaoe it had acquired too great a reloci.
ty, and burst with a terrible erseb: Mr.
Turner was within two feet of the stone,
and was just walking • away when he watt
struck about the middle of his boot by ,a
piece.of iron connected with the, slope.—
One leg, was broken sod the other horribly
mutilated. The boot was torn in pieces.—
SO great watt the force, of the stone and iron
that they were buried to a considerabledis.
twice in the brick Wall in the side of the
house. ,
YOUNG MEN, are you doing yotil du ,
ty in this contest !C not GO TO
WORK You, aye, you, can meow
lish wonders, if you labor diligently. 9i)
to'work...—Canuten [Jeweled.
Who'lt thunder's going to work roi
news a day, whila'buiter t a 20 oats per
pound t
*An ' , intelligent and reliable" inr•
respondent of the Basu:tab Georgianssys
that the bachelor of Wheatland will carry;
Georgia by 20,000 majorit y . U. B. Job*"
eon, late President of the ittuerican
ell which met at Lafayette, hag come at
for Buchanan. Johnson sa3nl that whets
the 12th section was ahem ant of Mai Am.
platioras, ho slipped tbrangh ,
10"Tha ant Km**
itacit la the Tacitoryy Pull* imi••# l 7-
Outobot,' • '.• '
. ,